Ed Shultz tweets it was gays, not Jews, most persecuted in Nazi Germany

Ed Shultz tweeted and then quickly deleted a strange comment about the Holocaust on Tuesday, but, as we have come to learn, you can never really delete something entirely once it has been posted on the Internet. In the tweet, Shultz claimed the “gay people were really the ones being persecuted in Hitler’s Germany.” On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the “disturbing statement.”

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Below is a screenshot of the tweet:

“I would love to see if the [Anti-Defamation League] or anybody else is going to come out against this. This is a disturbing statement,” Glenn said. “[It] leads you to believe that it wasn’t the Jews… Yeah, homosexuals, alcoholics… Bible scholars… communists, capitalists – they were all rounded up. They all had a different star… So for Ed Schultz to say homosexuals were persecuted – anyone who would not play ball with that regime was persecuted.”

While the tweet was taken down shortly after, Shultz doubled down on the theory during a segment on his MSNBC show. Shultz apparently took offense to comments recently made by Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) in which he likened the intolerance of Christian views on homosexuality to Nazi intolerance.

As National Review Online reported, Shultz proceeded to cite a statistic from the United States Holocaust Museum that between 5,000 and 15,000 gays were interned in concentration camps in Nazi Germany. Schultz didn’t mention anything about the 6 million Jews who faced the same fate.

Watch the segment from The Ed Show below:

“Nobody will say anything about it,” Glenn said disgusted. “Can you imagine if I said anything like that? Can you imagine the outcry?”

“This is why I wonder. I know what I have been commanded to do in my belief. But I wonder… how is it going to do any good to document this stuff, so the American people can see it and they can see what’s going on in the world. What difference does it make,” Glenn asked. “I would ask for your prayers for clarity… because I don’t want to waste a second of time. And I don’t understand what His vision really is. I’m doing my best, and He just won’t be clearer with me… He’ll put me in the place I’m supposed to be, I know, wherever that is. But I keep looking at things saying, ‘Did I miss something?’ We’re just supposed to stand as a witness. That’s all you have to do. Stand as a witness.”

  • Anonymous

    I guess Sergeant Schultz thinks 7 million gays were killed, versus 6 million Jews. You gotta love he is consistently a buffoon. I think he is an unknown fraternal twin of Joe Biden.

    • landofaahs

      How many non-gay and non-jews were killed. I believe the figure I heard was 12 million. But I could be wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Like Uncle Joe, Ed “knows nuhsing, he sees nuhsing!

    • Libertarian

      Here’s the thing about the concentration camps. Yes 6 million Jews were killed BUT 12 million people died total. Those other 6 million were prisoners of war, gypsies, blacks, gays, political dissidents and non Christians or Christians who didn’t buy into the Nazi cult.

      I’m not trying to take anything at all away from the persecution of the Jews but the fact remains that many more people than Jews were killed in the concentration camps.

  • landofaahs

    Ed is brain dead.

  • landofaahs

    I wonder how many of the over 40 million aborted babies in the United States would have turned out to be gay in their life.

  • Anonymous

    Liberals want death to all those they disagree with, remember Hitler?

  • landofaahs

    That sounds mighty queer to me Ed. I mean really; something is odd with your thinking and your math. It must be common core logic.

  • Deckard426

    What about those Russians, killing gay Germans at Stalingrad?

  • Anonymous

    It’s a good thing that he only has 4 viewers.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    will anyone dare ask big bad ed why he deleted his tweet

  • RhettButler1

    Schultz the fool forgets that Goering was gay.

  • Anonymous

    What an ignoramus. Every regime that kills it’s people included gays in there. But face it Gays are smallest group so it is never about them. Just as Islam kills Jewish and Christians. But they also kill gays on the side. Anywhere they are in control all the gays will be killed too. But they are the minority of their victims. They just happen to be there and these tyrannical regimes always also hate perversion. And since killing is what they do . Perverts are also killed. They don’t have enough tolerance to simply disapprove. They also kill blacks. Islam has taken blacks for 14 centuries and still continues. And they castrate men. Rape the women. Amd kill any babies born of the women. And often kill slaves in anger. So blacks are also killed. But Christians and Jews are the most hated victims of Islam as Jewish were the most persecuted victims of Hitler.. The others are side interest.

  • texastruthtweet

    Ed is a moron!

  • Crassus

    Someone needs to inform Special Ed that many of the high ranking Nazis were homosexual. Deputy Fuhrer Rudolph Hess was bisexual and was accused by political opponents of being Hitler’s lover. Hitler Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach and Economics Minister Walther Funk were both gay. Perhaps the most vile Nazi of all was SA boss Ernst Rohm who was a notorious pedophile.

  • C20

    I thought E.D, was dumb but now he opened his mouth and proved it.

  • Reliquary

    Its Common Core math….. 15,000 is really a much larger number than 6,000,000 .

  • Anonymous

    You have to see what Ed was referring to before you fall in the liberal trap meant to make you sound homophobic. He did not mean to say Jews were not persecuted. He meant to acknowledge the Gay Jews who were also persecuted. You have to at least acknowledge the history here.

    This does not in any way take away what horrible hideous things that the Nazis did to the jews. There is an equally horrific history that gets overlooked. The Nazi’s hated Jews. They hated Gay Jews even more.

    The star of David was ripped off to reveal only the upside down triangle and it was colored pink to identify those who get the wrath of hitler first. There was no mercy and horrible atrocities reserved for those deemed Gay Jews. if you were Jewish and you were Gay, you were sent to the ovens first.

    So I wish people would chill, and I wish Glenn Beck would come to understand what the history is here and not pretend it did not happen. If you are going make fun of Ed, you are falling right into the liberal trap. Stop being led by the nose and learn.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, do you always make up your own facts about history?

      • Anonymous

        What did I make up? Are you refuting my claims and saying that no Gay Jews were singled out with half of the star of David pinned to their chests and tortured and killed? Or is there some other part you believe I am making up? If you are just going to be playing the pointing finger, then lets see if you can back up your claim. I know I can back up mine.

    • Abraham Collins

      To say that gay people were REALLY the ones persecuted… is to deny the holocaust altogether and he’s getting away with it thanks to imbeciles like you.

      • Anonymous

        But that is your interpretation of what he said. That is not the meaning of what he shared. It is a piece of history that is very important to the Gay community, and they acknowledge the horror of the holocaust because they were part of that community too. It is where the origin of the pink triangle comes from. Which is a symbol that is important to the Gay community.

        • Abraham Collins

          Substitute the words “gay people” with “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and watch you statist imbeciles do a complete 180. There is no question about that.

  • Anonymous

    Because when the Gay community see’s how horrible conservatives sound here, they will see conservatives as Nazis. As will other Democrats. I’m just saying.

    • Joseph Sasser

      They already do, but once again thanks for distorting the facts.

      • Anonymous

        what facts am i distorting?

  • Bill Morin

    so Schultz is next in line to get fired….awesome!!!..

  • Carrie Geren Scoggins

    The Nazi all gay regiment the “brown shirts,” harassed Christians and Jews, pushed Bible burnings, and lead the de Christianizing of ore Nazi Germany, and did so as a police force used to arrest Christians and Jews for their religious beliefs against homosexuality for violating their “good speak” laws, their version of the hate speech laws, which caused the imprisonment of the Christians and Jews, leading up to the holocaust. The homosexuals were not put in the camps until much later, after Hitler decided that the homosexuality was caused by a defective gene that was harmful to man, ending pro creation. Until they time they were the main tool bringing in the new age paganism into Germany, and used to stir up hate against the Christians and Jews, similar to what is happening against the Christians here in U.S. by pushed by them. Carrie Geren Scoggins Political Newsletter Bible Prophecy Times Edition Webcast Facebook page/ blogspot dot com

  • Carrie Geren Scoggins

    Why are my posts not being posted, Glen Beck does not moderate people off his page.

  • Carrie Geren Scoggins

    I will not let me mention the post on my fb page either

  • Carrie Geren Scoggins

    I posted my comment on my fb page about this, please go to it and read it.

  • Carrie Geren Scoggins

    @GlenBeck, get rid of the moderator.

  • http://www.rosabrand.net Rosa Brand

    Clearly, he’s desperate for ratings. Maybe Schultz should go to Germany, visit Auschwitz and stand inside one of the ovens where millions were gassed to death. Do a segment there and talk to those who survived (or find footage of interviews from those who did).

    • DaKardii

      He’ll say, “The Holocaust was Bush’s fault.”

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    yup, evil people/government rile up minorities, other/odd couples, etc., pits them against their fellow countrymen and uses that anger and vengeance to achieve their power.

    what do we think is going to happen when/if this administration is successful in getting blacks and hispanics to believe “white privilege” to the extent where they intern ‘certain’ whites? then jews, christians, gays and eventually any black or hispanic who doesn’t like that the administration is too cozy w/islam; that they stone gays, abuse women, etc. if they speak out against that, the government will intern them.


    …for they are not being taught correct civics. they are not built like us. their presets are about as good as being from another country, i.e. canada, england, etc. they do not possess the self-evident freedoms we (you, me and anyone older than say 35/40). they are not strong AT ALL in the ability to even understand invoking, asserting a right because they have no default within which to turn to the constitution as we have. if they struggle, oh well, they’ll call their mother, a friend or just deal w/the consequences w/out any stronghold on their individual power.

    REALITY: young people today will never know the freedom we have experienced so how can we expect them to fight for it?

    an episode of LAW AND ORDER does not even have the defense lawyer. when trying their case, use the constitution as the basis for their arguments. in summations, they do not invoke any freedom of speech, thought or expression. the audience never learns!


  • Abraham Collins

    Substitute the words “Gay people” with “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and watch the Jewish community burn Shultz on a stake. Complete hypocrisy.

  • Magic_Physicist

    He got that from Jay Leno at the Beverley Hills Hotel.

  • Steve Thomas

    This guy is an idiot…what about the others…the political opponents…the clergy…the gypsies …. fraternal groups (Lions, Masons etc)…I guess none of them are the flavor of the week for this moron…

  • Anonymous

    And this is a surprise? Please, don’t get me wrong. It is demonically wrong when ANY group is perecuted. However, passing over certain groups being persecuted is equally wrong…if no criminal.

  • Guest

    Dear mister Schultz

  • Robert LaRochelle

    Dear Mister Schultz (go ahead and flag/delete, but it had to be said)

  • Marcus Rhodes

    Well, yes and no. I mean Hitler was almost certainly gay, but, when the ‘predilection’ of his ‘bosom’ buddy,Ernst Röhm, was casting him in a bad light, Hitler killed him. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up. In fact, all the ‘gay bashing’ I’ve ever witnessed has been at the hands of other gays. Those guys are brutal to each other.

  • Henry Percy

    Would you mind explaining this whole ‘bible scholars’ bit? I simply can’t find anything anywhere that remotely backs this up. Anywhere.
    Please, show me just one thing

  • 8gary8

    Schultz remains a partisan, piece of work in need of reading, comprehending & understanding both Jewish & world history.

  • John C

    The NAZIs kept great records and that is part of what helped them be convicted and sentenced to death for the Death Camps. Between 11 and 13 million people were killed in the Camps, Christians, Jews, gays, gypsies, communists, Catholic Priests and others who didn’t go along with Hitler and the Nazis or who someone high in the administration had a grip with. It is a disgrace that that hypocrite Schultz, gee I wonder who side his ancestors were on, would claim that the Homosexuals were the group which the Nazis killed more of. There weren’t that many homosexuals in German that they could kill more homosexuals than Jews, talk about revisionist history but then again Shultz never tells the truth so why would anyone expect him to tell the truth about the death camps. If he was on a network that had any viewers, he would be suspended or taken to task for his lie, but MSNBC will pretend nothing happened because they are racists and agree with Schultz. There is ample evidence that the Jews were the largest individual group which were killed during that time.

  • Kimberley Graham-Groves

    Wow. Ed Schultz is a special kind of stupid, isn’t he?

  • Sharon

    If this idiot had a brain, he would be dangerous!!

  • Wade Johnson

    the way schultz is acting, Is he a closet jew or a closet gay,

  • LovnAK

    According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, the words “stupid” and “stupidity” entered the English language in 1541. Since then, stupidity has taken place along with “fool,” “idiot,” “dumb,” “moron,” and related concepts as a pejorative appellation for human misdeeds, whether purposeful or accidental, due to absence of mental capacity.
    Schultz – you put the S in Stupid…

  • Fido Shery

    Those who preach from collectivism’s altar declare that equality of wealth must be imposed in the interests of “society” and that the “rich” must pay their “fair” share.

  • IT IT IT IT 9

    TAVISTOCK mind control FAKE media
    and its Polish Joke ‘assigned’ priorities
    continue to ‘DISS—tract’ you.

    POLISH NO JOKE 1939 meets 1945
    ——————————-unfolding on every level.

    And WHY is BECK —NOT— spotlighting
    the gargantuan exposes of EUGENICS whistleblower

  • Anonymous

    Can you imagine if Bill O’reilly said this? MSNBCGLBTNAMBLA would be all over this story with phony outrage.

  • Equis

    This guy is delusional and mentally disturbed. I can’t believe MSN employs this piece of trash.

  • Anonymous

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