French Foreign Minister: ‘500 days left to avoid climate chaos’

Speaking in Washington before a meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius started the countdown to “climate chaos.”

“We have 500 days to avoid the climate chaos,” Fabius said in French.

After Kerry asked if Fabius would like to say anything in English, he spoke briefly about Iran, Syria, and Ukraine before returning to the climate change topic.

“And very important issues, issue of climate change, climate chaos,” the foreign minister said. “And we have – as I said, we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos, and I know that President Obama and John Kerry himself are committed on this subject and I’m sure that with them, with a lot of other friends, we shall be able to reach success on this very important matter.”

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to Fabius’ dire warning – explaining that we must point out the lunacy of the climate change fear mongers in order to ensure these arguments do not gain credence.

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“The French foreign minister has started the countdown Tuesday to the climate change disaster… You laugh, but your days are numbered,” Glenn said. “I want a countdown clock on the show. I want to be able to [illustrate] 499 days to climate chaos. And I mean this sincerely… We could put this up on”

As Stu pointed out, the left has spent years criticizing and mocking Glenn for what they consider to be his doomsday, apocalyptic approach, and yet you don’t see anyone poking fun at the French Foreign Minister starting a countdown to global chaos.

“This is what they used to do to you. They used to say, ‘He’s apocalyptic.’ ‘He’s doom and gloom,’” Stu explained. “When these guys can come out and say all of civilization is at an immediate risk – Al Gore was saying it’s already here. So I don’t know where this guy gets his optimistic timeline of 500 days. I would say this guy is a ‘flat earther’ compared to what Al Gore was saying the other day. He was saying it’s already here, it’s already happening.”

Glenn explained the global warming, climate change, climate chaos argument has been relatively successful over the years because the message – whether it is true or not – is constantly reinforced until people have no choice but to accept it.

“Why doesn’t anybody think that this is effective? You just keep saying it enough and people will believe it. You just keep saying it enough and people will [believe it],” Glenn said. “People don’t push back anymore. People don’t mock them… If you don’t make it into a joke, it becomes real.”

Whether it is with your children at home or your colleagues at work, people must begin to point out the insanity of this climate argument before it becomes commonplace.

“If you you don’t make it into a joke in your own home with your own kids, it will become real. They’re going to school and they are hearing this nonsense,” Glenn concluded. “Climate chaos? What are you talking about? Explain what happened to the damn dinosaurs. Explain what happened to the ice age. Climate chaos? Where was man during the ice age? Where was he? Was he in his SUV? Was he using too many fossil fuels? No. How exactly did this happen? Climate chaos? Mock them.”

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  • The Man from Scene 24

    Tomorrow is the 499th day of the rest of our lives.

  • Joe Snuffy

    I seem to recall OwlGore saying the same thing about 15 years ago…

  • landofaahs

    So if we can just hold off all the Climate change crap until the 500 days hits then it would be too late anyway and we won’t have to “Officially”worry about it.

  • Anonymous

    What crisis? Ignorant , stupid Democrat idiots!

  • Anonymous

    Is this anything like Y2K.

  • Henry Percy

    Keep painting yourself into a corner Beck. You do you and we love it.

  • ISawTheLight

    Seems as though people became more stupid everyday Casper the ghost has turned evil he is going to get us all Ahhh help me he got me good bye he got me by the balls and I will be dammed if I just have to live the rest of my life without balls .
    Come on get educated you idiots!!!

  • texastruthtweet

    Oh, brother! I live in Southeast Texas, and we just went through the coldest winter I can remember. It’s a week and a half until Memorial Day, and our local meteorologist is calling for a record low tonight! Global warming is a crock!!

    • melissa

      I’ve been here (Houston) for more than three decades. It’s NOT supposed to be this cool this time of year. We’re already supposed to be in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s every day with lots of humidity. Global warming IS a crock but hey, they’ll just say it’s climate change so as to cover their ***** and their real agenda

    • Anonymous

      Also from my research. If you look at magazines and newspapers since the 1920’s they have gone back and forth as to us warming and cooling. Remember as recent as the 70’s when they said we were headed for another ice age? That is why they call it climate change. They got tired of people remembering the 70’s and realizing the scam. That is why no matter what the weather does they say it’s climate change. So my question to them is what is normal weather? What temps are they striving for? We have only been keeping weather records since the 1870’s and there are many records still on the books from the 1890’s some warm, some cold.

  • vivalapresley

    bunch of crock since the beginning with gore. earth getting hotter my a$$! they should have came up to iowa this winter when we had weeks on end that didn’t get above zero! some days were the windchill was 55 below.

  • vivalapresley

    i don’t think even that would change their minds

  • vivalapresley

    they think they can play god and say when the next climate disaster will occur. something like that can happen tomorrow for all we know! we don’t know when mother nature can bring havoc on us.

  • zemla

    Won’t be surprised to see some nifty new UN resolutions in this time frame…

    • melissa

      Me neither.

  • Anonymous

    Dang! It’s more serious than I thought.

  • Anonymous

    Question 500 days before climate change chaos is a little before obama last term ends ??? Question is obama planning a weather modification with Harrp or some other means to have a illegal third term ???? Or this just science fiction ??????? We are lucky to get a correct weather forecast seven day ahead and now 500 days ahead ???!!!!! I vote for a daily countdown on TV . to show what lemmings they are to believe in this BS !!! How can they predict exactly in 500 days the sky will fall ???

  • Anonymous

    What is funny to me is that. You guys will believe anything in the bible with absolutely no proof. But if scientist comes to you with numbers, case studies, and proof of what is going on. You just say it’s a bunch of garbage. Why don’t you ask your religious leaders to prove what’s in the bible instead of giving you a cop out answers like just have faith. I would just think that if your gonna base your entire life on something you would do your best to find the truth about it instead of just going with no proof.

    • Equis

      I suppose you didn’t hear about the fudged scientific data that came out a while back either. Incidentally, there are scientist who also have data that doesn’t agree with the climate change money making propaganda as well. So I guess because there is a controversy within the scientific community it comes down to who and what you believe in that matters.

  • mari

    We need a HUGE countdown clock for these 500 days. I am so tired of these prophets of doom not being held accountable for their lying prophecies.

  • Derek Anderson

    September 25, 2015. Look out!

  • Rob DeThomas

    Like Glen said. We need to make fun of these people. Make their views into a joke and show them how stupid it really sounds. I made a shirt that does just that.

  • Rando

    Yes, “global warming” IS a crock… so much so that they’ve had to start referring it to “climate change”. What’s coming is far more catastrophic.
    Magnetic north is racing at over 320 miles a year to only God knows where, and getting zero news coverage. There can be little doubt that most governments of the world have been made aware of this. I would think that this 500 day forecast was the latest NASA extrapolation to the potential ‘tipping point’, and that Mr. Fabius was not supposed to let it out of the bag. I’m glad he did, though… it fits in perfectly with the last Blood Moon (September 28, 2015) of this tetrad we are now in.
    Sound crazy? I implore you to research magnetic north moving / the significance of the Blood Moon tetrads / Isaiah 24:18-23.

    • Christopher Richey

      Not sure about the NASA correlation but I will look into it. They never do or say anything without a purpose. No matter how outlandish. Of course, I could also lean towards a (mildly paranoid) HAARP threat veiled in this. We know it can make changes. We may never know exactly how large of a change in weather can be managed but it is possible…and it IS a weapon.

  • Paul Collings

    where’s Flash Gordon when you need him. Emperor Ming will surely succeed In his dastardly plan this time.

  • Anonymous

    Who is this idiot? 500 days? Sounds a lot like Chicken Little. Typical leftist; just wants everyone to move along, don’t look too deeply at the subject; just take our word for it. Settled science? Bull Crap. The climate has changed from the beginning of time. It’s no different today.

  • Deckard426

    In fewer than 500 days France will be bankrupt.

  • Murph Johnston

    Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to communicate the basics of responsibility, liberty, and prosperity to your social networks:

  • Anonymous

    If it means people will not be enslaved by the liars, Communists/Marxists/Socialists/Fascist leaders in this world, Bring it on! Ha, Ha, your ugly ways only have power in this world!

  • Anonymous

    Hey NSA & FBI investigate these songs! Listen carefully!

  • Anonymous

    This is a topic that really increases my blood pressure. I did a lot of research on this during the 90’s. If they want to refer to me as a “flat earthed” I will refer to them as Witch Burners. During the 15th century they burned witches for changing the weather (among other things). They had to have someone to blame for the warm weather. This warm weather resulted in a longer growth period resulting in a larger grape harvest, for instance. Europe prospered. Large churches were built. This witch superstition pervaded Europe for 70 years and this without the internet, TV or newspapers. People are so up in arms about big business making money. Why can’t they see how this superstition is a money maker and a financial ruin for everyone? Why can’t people see through this scam when every ten years we are supposed to die. And Gore is a billionaire from his carbon credits. First sign of spring: Gore comes out of one of his five mansions (one by an omg rising ocean), drives his limo to his private jet to tell us to ride our bikes to work. Weather changes, taxes are forever. Stop allowing them to scare our children into future taxation. So big business can make $$$$$ Do you realize how much this scam costs us? In Ohio alone we waste over $35 million a year on e-check. Morons say we don’t have to pay, but oh we do with increased license fees. Wake up. This is money we could spend on our schools and reduce my property taxes.

  • Anonymous

    Governments are making money off this scam. The poor will suffer the most. Remember the idiot in chief stating in January 2008. “With my cap n trade programs electric rates will necessarily skyrocket.” Some of these were implemented, snuck into legislation. Look at the EPA. And again we keep preaching to the choir instead of waking people up.

  • Climate Chaos Clock

    The countdown to climate chaos is still on. Get ready for the most dire prognostication ever made by a Frenchman! You got enough to worry about. Climate Chaos Clock will keep the nerve wracking count at

  • Climate Chaos Clock

    The countdown to climate chaos is still on. Don’t miss a day of the most dire prognostication made by a Frenchman! Let the Climate Chaos Clock keep that countdown to the ultimate doom.

  • keepin it real

    What I read so far is this is code word for something else. nothing happens fast in climate change but 500 days? It stands for something else that’s going to happen

  • Cherry Sue

    Glen, I see it in my own back yard. When a dog wood tree changes colors in AUGUST I pay attention. It IS happening and the ice storm here last year made me realize I may not be able to get out of my home! No mocking, it is real U say it isn’t real U have confused me. You will not mock the wind that is heading ur way! It will carry u away.

  • Kenneth Chin

    Just for the record folks, they quit calling it “global warming” and began calling it “climate change” because the dolts who were discussing it were hung up on the word “warming”

    Global warming doesn’t mean that the planet will become one huge, steaming jungle. It means that weather patterns will become increasingly unsettled with stronger storms instead of the occasional ass kicker, with middle strength storms (think in terms of those summer storms you used to be able to go outside and play in) becoming less and less the norm.

    Storm systems of increasing strength with fewer bouts of moderate weather, does that sound familiar to anyone?

    I have evidence, and you likely do also, of increased CO2 in the air right in my backyard. I monitor the growth of the plants around my home. Pioneer plants such as poison ivy (easiest to observe) are growing faster and larger with no changes in their surrounding environment.

    My pulmonologist has noticed that I’ve had to increase my medications over the last five years (I’m asthmatic) and put me through several rounds of tests. Just on a whim, I asked him if an increase in a gas, such as CO2, could be responsible, he said it was possible and asked if I’d moved from my residence of ten years.

    I replied ‘no’.

    He still has no answer and we may be doing more testing.

    If anyone else has an answer which addresses all three of these ‘situations’ ….. I’d be interested in hearing your hypothesis.

  • Lars gilderboorg

    This “climate chaos” is all about the ongoing and soon to be ramped up “weather wars going on between nations with atmospheric heaters, commonly known as HAARPS.

  • Crystal Calhoun

    So the time is almost up for 500 days. Any plans to bring this back up? Any new thoughts on the matter?

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