In the wake of Sports Illustrated model and Cosmopolitan magazine cover girl Chrissy Teigen including Glenn on her “fantasy celebrity dinner party” guest list, Glenn, Pat, Stu, and Jeffy thought about who would be their dream dinner company on radio this morning. The exercise turned out to be much more difficult than anyone imagined.

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“Because one of the world’s hottest supermodels – just throwing this in as a matter fact – said on a list of people she would want to have dinner with, out of four people, I was one of them,” Glenn explained. “And I understand that that.”

“So we are trying to come up with our own list,” Pat added. “It’s harder than you think.”

“Michael Lewis… [is] going to talk to me about the stock market and flash trading. I don’t know if I think it will be a fun evening, but it would be a fun evening, interesting to learn from. He’s an interesting, smart guy,” Stu said. “I almost put Nate Silver on the list, but it seemed too douchey, so I decided not to, but I think you go to someone who’s probably smarter than you and you would learn things in different a perspective.”

“I could name a lot of people, if I’m being honest,” he continued. “I wouldn’t mind doing a dictator roundtable. I think that would be interesting. I think it would be fascinating to talk to these guy, if is they spoke to you honestly.”

Jeffy’s list was a bit more Hollywood-driven.

“I could only think of a couple. Russell Crowe. Maybe Will Smith. But we know them so well through social media,” Jeffy said. “We know what they’re like already, so you almost don’t want to have dinner with them because you know who they are.”

Glenn’s list was originally disqualified because he was naming people who he has already had extensive conversations with like Ray Kurzweil and Penn Jillette.

“This is typical, Glenn,” Stu said. “He never came up with a list, except for people he already had on the show, then he asks us to come up with a second list.”

But Glenn was actually able to come up with a list of people he is less familiar with.

“If you are not letting me pick somebody that I have met… I would like to talk to Ralph Lauren,” Glenn said. “This is a guy that brought himself up. He was working at a Brooks Brothers and designing ties… That’s how he started, but… it would be fascinating to hear him talk about America because he sees us in this idyllic sort of way.”

The next person on Glenn’s list was Daniel Boorstin, who served as the twelfth librarian of the United States Congress, but he actually passed away.

“Next one is Daniel Boorstin. I think he’s still alive. I’m not sure, but he used to be the head librarian of the Library of Congress,” Glenn said. “He’s fascinating. He’s David Barton on steroids.”

Glenn wouldn’t mind sitting down with Hollywood producer Jason Blum.

“Jason Blum [is] a guy that I don’t think we should get along with. But I think we would get along with [him],” Glenn said. “He’s disrupting all of Hollywood by giving people creative control and saying, ‘It’s not my dream. It is your dream. You do it.’ [He’s] not trying to control anybody, and he’s disrupting everything.”

Finally, Glenn chose Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, who serves as the rabbi of the Western Wall and holy sites of Israel, to round out the table.

“He’s the guy who is the chief of all of the holy places in Israel. I met a lot of religious figures, but this guy’s the real deal,” Glenn said. “There are a few people I have met that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are in the room with them and you are like, ‘That is a spiritual man, a really spiritual man.’ And Rabbi Rabinowitz is phenomenal. He doesn’t speak a word of English, so it might be a light conversation, but…”

As it turns out, Pat was a bit of a downer and only managed to muster up a couple of people.

“All I can come up with a Chris Gardner (the man whose life inspired the hit film The Pursuit of Happyness),” Pat said. “I would love to have dinner with Steve Young sometime, ask him what the deal was with his relationship with Joe Montana. That was ugly. I always wanted to know about that. As far as world leaders, maybe Tony Blair because he was liberal, really liberal, and then when 9/11 happened, he acted as though he were conservative for about five years.”