‘This gives me hope’: Ben Sasse wins Nebraska Senate primary in convincing fashion

After a disappointing result in last Tuesday’s Republican North Carolina primary, in which Greg Brannon lost to Thom Tillis, Glenn began this morning’s radio program with the exciting news that Ben Sasse won yesterday’s Nebraska primary in convincing fashion. Sasse will now face off against Democratic challenger David Domina in the November midterm election to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by retiring Senator Mike Johanns (R-NE).

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“First, let’s start with the Ben Sasse news. It is really good news,” Glenn said. “It appears Ben Sasse has won by a landslide.”

According to POLITICO, Sasse had received approximately half of the vote with 92% of precincts reporting. It looked like Shane Osborn finished third in the race with about 21 percent of the vote. Omaha banker Sid Dinsdale placed second with 22%.

Polls leading up to the election showed Sasse enjoyed a 14-point, so his margin of victory beat expectations.

“This gives me a lot of hope for Matt Bevin next week because Matt Bevin, last we saw, was supposedly down by 17,” Pat said. “Maybe he wins by 8. I don’t know. Maybe there are [voters] just waiting in the wings, and they’re going to go out and vote.”

Regardless of how next Tuesday’s Kentucky primary shakes out, Glenn encouraged his listeners to get out and vote and show their support in any way possible.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Glenn concluded. “Whatever will be will be, and it will all be for our good. But we have to get out and do our part. We have to go out and actually vote. And wow, did the Tea Party stomp last night.”

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  • NMuchington

    Nebraskans show the way. Go Big Red!

  • Dale Putnam

    From where the nation and a large portion of the world gets food, comes a commonly accepted mandate…. commonly accepted by those who think… and accomplish thinking critically, (that’s what it takes to be a successful farmer/rancher today) and that is that this nation has been traveling down the road to destruction, and a course adjustment is at hand. Not a slight course adjustment.. but a coarse course adjustment.. you don’t keep a tractor upright on a very steep hillside, by turning the wheel slightly, and you don’t stay in the saddle of a wildly bucking suddenly bronc horse, by hanging onto your hat…. things gotta change… and Nebraska knows it better than most. Step aboard, to help, and feed the world… or prepare to be real hungry for a long long time.

    • Jaamoose

      As a real progressive, I heartily applaud when a teahadi candidate wins a primary!

    • Katie

      and Obama’s EPA has reduced are rancher to counting cow farts and belches and paying a taxes on them. This government is NUTS!!

  • Populist democrat

    “[I]t seems that Sasse, the former president of Midlands University, may not be the kind of Tea Party candidate we’re used to. Bickering with Mitch McConnell—the Senate minority leader generally considered to be the linchpin of the Republican establishment—is Sasse’s best far-right credential. Otherwise, he looks shockingly mainstream.

    After all, what kind of Tea Party candidate served as an advisor to the former Health and Human Services secretary during the early implementation of the Affordable Care Act?”

    Ohhhh, cherry picking Mr. Beck forgot to mention that.

    • Todd A Scheller

      Kind of like the source you forgot to credit for your copy and paste skills?
      Hypocrisy Much Victor?

  • Anonymous

    If the people of Kentucky vote for McConnell over Matt Bevin, then they can’t complain about what happens in congress. It would be glaringly obvious that they LIKE progressivism and believe the lies that Karl Rove and the rest of the progressive GOP members spin in order to keep their power over us.

    Another state to look at is Tennessee and Lamar Alexander who likes to vote WITH the UN, co sponsor bills with Monsanto that would make home gardens and saving heirloom seeds illegal (S-510). We don’t have much of a selection, but I’ll vote for Joe Carr over Lamar or Flynn. Both of them are close friends, and I think we’ve had enough of that BS in DC.

    • Populist democrat

      Senator McConnell is as progressive as Glenn Beck is honest, i.e., not at all!

      Over 7,100 have seen this evidence of Beck’s tendency to make things up.

      Todd Scheller = stupid hypocrite, and he’s got such horrific reading comprehension that no one in his right mind believes a word this pathological, obsessed liar and character assassin writes. Todd is just a fascist prison guard.

      • Anonymous

        LOL seriously? You REALLY think McConnell is a conservative? Don’t tell me that you actually BELIEVE McConnell when he said he voted against obamacare…he voted for cloture knowing that his “no” vote wouldn’t matter since it only took a simple majority.

        So…tell us all how McConnell is a conservative, or better yet, what drugs you’re taking so we can all be delusional too.

        • Populist democrat

          I didn’t write that he is a reactionary like Beck; I wrote that he is NOT progressive in any way, shape or manner. A little reading comprehension goes a long way.

          • Anonymous

            Let’s see: Senator McConnell is as progressive as Glenn Beck is honest, i.e., not at all!

            So you have Senator McConnell is as progressive — not at all
            Glenn Beck is honest —-not at all

            So that breaks down to McConnell NOT being very progressive and Glenn Beck being dishonest.

            I can read and comprehend. It’s YOU my liberal friend that has writing issues.

          • Populist democrat

            I’m not a liberal, and you support a liar.

          • Anonymous

            Then you may wish to change your user name from populist democrat, but….that comment about “left is progressive; the right is regressive” is proof that I had it right the first time. Some day you might wake up and find out who the progressives really are.

            Oh, and McConnell is HONEST? LOL But he IS a progressive’s best candidate.

          • Populist democrat

            I know who the progressives really are; it’s Beck’s gullible and uneducated supporters that have been dumbed down and misinformed.

          • Anonymous

            LOL you’re proving that you have NO CLUE as to what a progressive is. Try studying the history of the progressive movement over the past 100+ years. What’s really amusing is that a Yale study proved that TEA party/conservatives were more knowledgeable about science and math than liberals.

            Proving that those that it’s that are the true flat earthers.

          • Populist democrat

            Unlike Beck, who dropped out of college, I graduated and have a masters degree in political theory/science. (Todd — below — has no freaking idea what courses I took, but Todd asserts his ignorance as fact.) If baggers know more about science than liberals, why do they deny climate change and evolution?

            Oh, and Glenn Beck is a liar! Only gullible and ignorant reactionaries believe “the truth lives” at BlazeTV.

          • Todd A Scheller

            Once again you get caught in a lie Victor, your Masters of Arts Degree is in SOCIAL SCIENCES.

            From your own blog:

            I earned a Master’s of Arts in the Social Sciences from Binghamton University (1984). The title of my thesis is “Quantum Rationality and The Inexhaustible Process of Peace: An Essay Exploring the Extant Structures of Peace and the Possibility for Synergistic Institutional Transformation.” It was a Cold War essay, and in many ways now obsolete.

            As a graduate student, I wrote stories for the student newspaper, Pipe Dream. In my final year I was promoted from reporter to columnist. The title of my final column is “Ronald Reagan is Not a Conservative.” By today’s Glenn Beck/Tea Party standards, President Reagan was a liberal. During his eight years, government grew even outside of the military-industrial complex, taxes were raised, regulations increased and the national debt tripled but that was not the argument I was making at the time.

            This is a Degree that Binghamton no longer offers, to the requirements cannot be listed.
            What conservatives deny evolution? They deny what evolution has been perverted to mean, not what Darwin proposed.
            When Climate Change researches stop getting their ships stuck in RECORD levels of ICE during SUMMER, then you can claim there is an issue.

          • Anonymous

            LOL so….you have a degree in political THEORY/political science. I took a great many of those BS classes too….for ELECTIVES.

            It’s too bad that you didn’t study historical geology like I did. You would find out that the earth has been warming/cooling/warming/cooling…and transforming for billions of years.
            Your use of the term “climate change” only proves that you’re a useful idiot for the left. During the 70’s “scientists” all screamed that we were going to freeze to death. When THAT didn’t work, a bunch of non scientists got together in the early 90’s to declare “global warming”. They were able to manipulate data in order to come up with a few BS charts. The problem with science is that for something to be a FACT is that the same experiments must be able to be replicated. Hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it’s because the environmentalists decided to leave out data from several weather stations in Russia and within the Arctic circle.
            Then there’s the fact that scientists that DARED to challenge the BS, were threatened with their jobs unless they complied.

            As for evolution, there are soooo many holes in the theory that even Darwin didn’t believe his own theories. I personally lean more towards Intelligent Design which is NOT creationism.

            But, you keep on drinking the koolaid. Lenin had a term for you. “Useful idiot”

          • Todd A Scheller

            No, he has a degree in SOCIAL SCIENCES, which covers a lot of territory.
            they use the term climate change because they have not learned yet that there are four season, in which the CLIMATE CHANGES.

          • Anonymous

            Okay, my bad; I put the forward slash in there because populist wasn’t specific as to what his degree really was…political theory or political science. Can’t imagine THAT lame subject actually being a double major, so that is why I did it. I have a Bachelor of SCIENCE degree, so his little ole Bachelor of ART along with the “Masters” doesn’t impress. I took a poly/sci course and the instructor strongly suggested I change my major and get a Master’s. I told him I didn’t want to receive a BA in BS, let alone a Master’s degree.

          • cancanjody

            Climate has ALWAYS been changin’…..

          • Todd A Scheller

            But you are an idiot. How can you support so many LIBERAL causes and not claim to be a liberal?

        • Jaamoose

          Only to reich wingers is McConnell not a conservative – you all have twisted the definition so much so that only the most rabid and hate/fear blinded candidates can even appeal to you.

          • Anonymous

            Um….what? When exactly did I write that McConnell is a conservative? I wish you would refer to my ORIGINAL post, then read the reply from populist democrat who stated that McConnell isn’t a progressive. The post you’re apparently responding to is my breaking down HIS/HER comment.

            Sometimes it pays to read an entire thread before jumping in and calling people names. I’m not a “reich winger”.

          • LibertyDwells

            You don’t know what conservative or hate or fear mean so somehow others have twisted the meanings.

            Let me see if I can help you out: Hate and fear would be the domain of the regressive left. Believe in God, speak out against infanticide, own a gun, discuss issues of race in any unapproved fashion(or simply don’t discuss race at all and the left reacts with anger and fear and lies and hate, screaming racism and intolerance and spreading fear-mongering as far as they can.

            McConnell probably is not a “progressive” as the extreme left has defined it but he’s certainly no conservative. Your inability to grasp that, and the above, is just an example of the mental illness known as leftism.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for answering this person.How sad are these people? They cannot see the handwriting on the wall.Too bad

            Daniel couldn’t come back and interpret for them.This Nation is in grave peril!

          • Populist democrat

            The left is progressive; the right is regressive.

            How often have you heard Beck state, “I hate….”? A lot! And fear?!?! Please, Beck makes a living from fear-mongering.




            Think he’s exaggerating? Think again:


          • Troy Phillips

            Coming from the morons who fear and believe in global cooling…wait – global warming – wait, climate change…

          • Anonymous

            Only baby killers like Jaamoose wear the blood from their bodies like a badge of honor.

          • Katie

            Three words Kentucky Kick Back

          • Populist democrat

            Beck’s aim is to twist reality around. He has created a following of psychotics this way.

            Obsessed child and pathological liar Todd Scheller is a stupid hypocrite!

          • Todd A Scheller

            What is your aim with all your lies Victor?

          • Todd A Scheller

            I am a hypocrite? Really?
            When you got caught lying about coining the term “Yellow propaganda” which happened to pre-date your birth by 150 years, you tried to apologize and say you made a mistake, and then claim that I could no longer use that as a lie. Using that same standard, you cannot bring up Beck’s “lie” about the First Inaugural Address by George Washington, he already addressed it.

      • Katie

        McConnell not a progressive? Guess you haven’t hear of the McConnell Harry Reid Kentucky Kick back? In case you are ignorant of McConnell’s’ behavior. Here is an example JUST ONE!”Americans are familiar with the ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ that Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson was given in exchange for his vote on Obamacare. Well now Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell has an Obamacare earmark of his own.

        “The McConnell-Reid deal not only funds Obamacare and suspends the debt limit, it also includes a provision in Section 123 that increases funding for the Olmsted Locks and Dam in Kentucky from $775 million to $2.9 billion.

        “In exchange for funding Obamacare and raising the debt limit, Mitch McConnell secured a $2 billion Kentucky kickback.

        “This is an insult to Kentucky families who don’t want to pay for Obamacare and who don’t want to shoulder any more debt.

        “Mitch McConnell is trying to blame others for this abuse, but everyone knows he negotiated this deal and everyone knows he wrote the bill. If he didn’t want the earmark included, he could have kept it out.

        “Also, this isn’t the first time he has supported funds for this project. He also requested $100 million for it in 2010.

        “This is what’s wrong with Washington and it’s what’s wrong with Mitch McConnell.”

        • Populist democrat

          Conservative politicians can be bought off. Heck, McConnell, who’s going to blow out his tea party opponent, is wholly bought and paid for by corporate America. Beck is a shill for corporations.

          Oh, look: the obsessed, pathetic liar and hypocrite, Todd Scheller is on the scene proving, once again, that he is a stupid hypocrite!

          • Todd A Scheller

            Says the shill that works for a corporation.

          • Todd A Scheller

            Joseph Kern,
            Since your comment was deleted I will respond here.
            I don’t live in Kentucky, so voting for ANYONE running for election there would be ILLEGAL.
            What exactly have I written in support of McConnell? What have I written that said he was good? Maybe a course in reading comprehension would do you some good.

          • Todd A Scheller

            Progressive Politicians can’t be bought and paid for? Thus why Reid has a CHINESE company standing in line to buy the land that the Bundy’s are grazing?

            Does the name Rod Blagojevich ring a bell? The guy that put a SENATE seat up for sale?

            Ray Nagin and Patrick Cannon are in prison for accepting a BRIBE.
            Timothy Geithner- tax cheat put in charge of the Treasury Department, which the IRS answers too.
            G. Thomas Porteous- Impeached for Bribery.
            William J Jefferson- Convicted of Bribery.
            Hint: Party or political leaning does not produce a greater ability to be bought and paid for.

          • Todd A Scheller

            More like proving that you are the stupid hypocrite.

            How did calling my work to try and get me fired? You do realize that doing so was CRIMINAL HARASSMENT, what you tried to falsely claim that I was doing against you.
            Hypocrisy much?

      • Thomas Avery Haff

        I guess your as uninformed as many other American’s or you don’t know what a progressive is and wouldn’t know truth if it hit you over the head.

        • Populist democrat

          I’m informed enough to know something you have not figured out yet:

          Glenn Beck is a liar!

          There’s so much more:

          Beck lies about President Obama politics.

          Beck is a serial hypocrite

          Fact is, anyone who doesn’t understand this, is in no position to accuse someone of being “uninformed.” Unlike Beck, I attended college to study political science. You need to read Common Nonsense: Glenn Beck and the Triumph of Ignorance.

          Writing of ignorance, Todd intentionally misspelled my name.
          Todd Scheller = stupid hypocrite! You can’t make this kind of hypocrisy up.

          • Todd A Scheller

            This loon is linking to his own blog. He is so informed that he spelled beck with an l.
            You are in no way informed, you think that you apologizing for your lies makes them go away, yet hold Beck to a different standard, That makes you a HYPOCRITE.

          • cancanjody

            What is a serial hypocrite? You mean like Obama?

      • Anonymous

        Gee…. why would “populist democrat” want to keep Mitch in office

        • Populist democrat

          What makes you think I do? I’m pointing out the difference between a conservative (McConnell) and a reactionary (Bevin).

          Obsessed man/child Todd keeps showing how desperate and misinformed he is. The current reactionary Tea Party types are OPPOSED to conservatives like McConnell.

          Todd Scheller = stupid hypocrite!

          • Todd A Scheller

            And many of us keep pointing out you are an idiot. Even with a Master of Arts Degree in Social Sciences you do not understand that the original Reactionaries (from the French Revolution) OPPOSED the Conservatives. Yet, you falsely claim to be informed.

      • Todd A Scheller

        Yet Beck is far more Honest than you. Victor Scott Tiffany. 7,100 Big numbers there Victor. Compared to the MILLIONS that see Beck.

      • Todd A Scheller

        Victor, the deceitful editor, that has to link to his own blog, because he has NOTHING else to support his own idiocy.
        That is about 300 claims that I am a fascist prison guard with ZERO proof. Come on Victor back up your ignorant claim.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t trust DEMOCRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hmschoolmom

    I am disgusted with my fellow conservatives here in KY because they seem to be buying the bull that “we need McConnell” over the solid conservatism of Matt Bevin despite liking Bevin’s ideologies much better. I have been beating the bushes to convince folks that Bevin has a better chance against the Obama-esque democrat whereas McConnell is so weak he may not win in November. Pray for Kentucky’s wisdom.

    • Troy Phillips

      Facing a young, female progressive candidate in Nov – he’s toast. He’ll be so scared to use his usually violent take no prisoners race. I hope she wins (with the caveat we win enough other seats to take the Senate without him). He’s more dangerous targeting conservative candidates – the seat is not worth it for the damage he causes to conservatism.

    • Crassus

      Bevin will get trounced because he’s a smug carpetbagger who was a terrible candidate. Good grief, the man was reduced to making speeches at pro-cockfighting rallies. If that’s not a sign of stupidity I don’t know what it. Sure, McConnell is a snake but you know what you’re getting with him. You don’t with Matt Bevin. You could be getting anything.

      • Troy Phillips

        So you’ve heard him speak or you read a little leftist blog? I’ve heard him twice..one of the most focused and articulate candidates I’ve ever heard. McConnell is a sniveling snake that wont stand up for anything. You’re right. we DO KNOW exactly what we are getting with that sell out. Not to mention he can’t complete a sentence without drooling on himself. The young lady will kick his butt and I’m rooting for her. He needs to go to pasture with his protege Harry Reid.

        • Crassus

          I guess you attended that Bring Back Cockfighting rally in Corbin at which Bevin spoke. How them Redhounds gonna do this year?

          • Joseph Kerns

            Vote for McConnell and elect a democrat

      • Anonymous

        LOL and you want MORE of the same with McConnell licking obama’s boots? THIS is why we have been stuck with the SAME damned politicians being reelected time and time again.

      • Katie

        So you want MORE of the Kentucky Kick Backs and smear campaigns that make McConnell sound and act just like a liberal demo running for office?

      • Joseph Kerns

        Crassus. You think McConnell is going to do anything that is not in his own interest?

  • Take 2

    I am guessing the Blaze picks ie Tea should be at minimum squeegee winners in most bible belt states. I would than surprise Voter fraud is in play when or if historically highly rated pollsters are all off in next two major National elections.

    Americas highest office flat out lies and avoiding Congress is its highest priority – et al., Administration secrete communication system is simply a Red Flag that must be investigated.

  • FedUp

    Everyone can help Matt Bevin even if you don’t live in the state. Go to MattBevin.com to donate to him or use the email below to make calls for him. It isn’t just up to the individual states to fight back its up to all of us.

    If you haven’t signed up to be a Remote Phone From Home caller and would LIKE to, please send an email to remotecalling@gmail.com and we will get you set up and rolling.

  • Anonymous

    ““““““““““““““““““““““““““`Watch the CA primary, no one is. No one expects a Republican to take out Democrat incumbent Ca. Governor; the aging Jerry Brown. Ca is a Democrat state where Republican votes don’t matter. Home to San Francisco’s extreme millionaire Progressives and home to Hollywood which finances and grooms Progressives of their choice.
    An odd horse race is developing for the June 3rd CA primary;
    2 Republicans are contending knowing they won’t win the Governorship.
    Their 2 backgrounds and platforms have not a single similarity.

    One is Republican and former Goldman Sacs man, investment banker Neel Kashkari; pro gay marriage, pro abortion, pro relaxing legalization of more work visa’s for more immigrant’s. He is former TARP administrator bailing out Lehman Bros and claims to have saved the nation from complete devasting financial collapse; he is also a former US Treasury Dept. official. He is endorsed by Condoleezza Rice, Jeb Bush, Daryl Issa. A Liberal who is financially conservative. Kashari is not the choice of the Republican voters.

    Kashkari is the official choice of the Republican party.

    The other Republican is Tim Donnelly, a founder of a Minuteman Militia to protect our borders; Kashkari’s camp focus on his radical ( radical is relative these days ) statements to enforce immigration laws. Donnelly is from Georgia, started his own business, married a single mom, raised 5 sons, coaches soccer and is in prison ministry He is currently an elected member of the CA State Assembly. His war chest is $150,000. or 1/10th of Kashkari’s campaign funds.
    A conservative Christian who worked his way through high school and thru college.
    Donnelly is not the man the official Republican party is endorsing.

    Donnelly is the official choice of the Republican voters.

    Kashkari’s poll number is 2% on 5-14-2014 for the 6-3-2014 CA primary.
    Donnelly polls at 9% on 5-14-2014, 7% higher then the official Republican party favorite Kashkari.
    Incumbent Gov. Jerry Brown’s poll figure matches the unpopular Obama; 37%

    Considering CA is an extreme Democrat liberal to Progressive state who will support Brown again, the numbers US voters might watch are Tim Donnelly’s.
    The Republican party will be.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like the CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and NPR listeners might have stayed home where they belong.

  • Anonymous
  • Hitched

    Except in rare instances, such as military bravery in defense of liberty, merit is incompatible with liberty because merit requires that each of us be subjectively judged by those who hold coercive power over us.

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