Amazing viral video shows cat saving boy from jaws of dog – but Stu isn’t buying it

It is no secret that Glenn is not a fan of cats. In fact, he absolutely hates them. But an amazing viral video featuring a cat literally saving a young boy from the jaws of an attacking dog just might have changed his opinion – ever so slightly – of the furry felines. While Stu found the video impressive, he was unwilling to believe the cat’s heroics were pure. On radio this morning, Stu concocted a conspiracy theory as to who was actually behind the video.

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“Did you see the video that was out yesterday? It’s insane. It makes me actually like cats a little bit more. Although, I think this is some sort of a ninja cat or a dog in a cat suit. But I’ve never seen a cat do this before,” Glenn said. “I didn’t even click on it because I’m like, ‘I don’t like cats. I don’t care what this cat is doing.’ And then Pat has it on an endless loop over on his computer, and he’s just fascinating by it today. There’s a reason to be fascinated by it.”’s article about the video has already been shared some 96,000 times, and the video has gained national attention. In case you haven’t seen the clip, below is the footage courtesy of YouTube:

The boy in the clip is 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo of Bakersfield, California. Though he ended up needing a few stiches in his leg, he remains none the worse for the wear. The feline that rushed to his rescue was the Triantafilo family’s cat Tara. In an interview with KERO-TV, Triantafilo described Tara as his “hero.”

While Glenn described the video as “amazing,” Stu took a slightly more cynical approach.

“There’s something wrong with this,” Stu said. “You know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking publicity stunt for a cat food. It didn’t actually happen. That’s my prediction: A publicity stunt for cat food. They’re going to come out [and say], ‘If you eat our food your cat will do this sort of stuff.’ Like one of those movie promos that leak out – you think it’s real for a few days… I’m just throwing it out there. Luckily, I have absolutely no basis for it whatsoever.”

Ultimately, Glenn believes there is a good chance the video is real because cats are, in fact, smart animals – even if they do remind him of a certain 20th century progressive.

“Cats are not stupid. You know what cats are? Cats are liberal elites. They just think they are better than you,” Glenn concluded. “‘I’m a different species than you. I don’t need you. And here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to rub up against your leg, and then you’re going to go get me food, and you’re going to give me the food I like. You’re going to put it right here, and then I’m going to lap it up. I might even sit on your head later. And you’re not going to do anything about it.’ It’s like Woodrow Wilson in fur.”

  • Willy

    I am a born and raised dog person who now has cats. I still love dogs, but cats are amazing. (Cats are like potato chips; you can’t have just one.) Each of mine are totally different in personality and not aloof or “elitist” — it all depends on the time you invest with them. I’ve known cats that would do what Tara did in a flash, but most of time they are toms.

  • Anonymous

    WHy does the Mother run towards the kid and then runs away from him! Interesting

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, can’t trust anyone who allows them self to be publicly declared to “absolutely hates them.” in regards to cats.

  • CaptKing

    She was chasing the dog away…

  • CaptKing

    I have only seen ONE cat i truly liked… He was a barn cat that needed a home, the damn thing climbed me like a tree and never used a claw….

  • SupermanIsMyHomeslice


  • AlexisJaime

    She runs toward him and then the dog runs back toward the child. She then runs after the dog. The woman was actually bitten by the dog off camera.

  • Рон Джамин

    Liberal Elites? How dare you insult cats as Liberals. If anything, they represent what is best and pure in the LIBERTARIAN, the heart of true conservatism, lol.

  • John

    There just happens to be someone videoing from both sides of the car?

  • Kevin Groenhagen

    They just happened to have cameras positioned at two different locations?

  • Joy

    I saw her on the news last night…She said that she went running after the dog!

  • Jennifer Quail

    Why does she get up and run away from the kid, leaving him to fend for himself? That’s just weird.

  • Lynn Hawkins

    She chased the dog down to it’s own yard and held it so they could identify it in case of rabies. She was bit in the process also.

  • Anonymous

    Security cameras on their house as evidenced by the date and time stamp on the footage.

  • john

    I feel bad for the kid and the stitches!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a home security system. You’re seeing cuts from the different cameras around the front.

  • Jennifer Quail

    Bull. You can’t even see the dog any more and besides, she just left the prey animal (the kid; that’s all they look like to dogs and pretty much anything bigger than a house cat, unless it’s a herding dog and then they just look like exceptionally dumb and uncooperative sheep) to run and attract the dog’s attention again. A normal person drags the kid to safely, recognizing they can’t outrun or outmaneuver a dog.

  • Joy

    I saw her on the news last night…She said that she went running after the dog…She was also bit by the dog, but not on camera!

  • Sheila May

    I love both ways – canine and feline.

  • Deb

    Thought the same thing when I watched the video…

  • Joy

    A cat like this is entirely possible…I had a cat named Kong, who used to chase cars, kids on bikes & chase after dogs…He wouldn’t hurt anyone, he just liked the chase…He was a cool cat

  • Cary Pettit

    How did they shoot video from both sides of the SUV? Two cameras???

  • Johnst

    This has got to be the most ridiculous conspiracy theory I have seen in years. Wow.

  • Nurse Debi

    I wondered about the frequent camera views. Who was filming the guilty dog’s approach? Was this “edited” in some way?

  • Divine Insurrection

    Tell Stu that when my son was born, my cat Opus would not allow a stranger NEAR him. This cat would go demonic if someone he did not know tried to touch my son. To this day Opus sleeps with my son and we have to take him in his room and shut the door to discipline him or Opus will stand between my son’s backside and my hand. lol

  • Shelby

    Cats actually will defend their “territory” and as this cats people they are the cats territory. I have seen other cats attack intruders and even a mom to protect its kid! Don’t under estimate cats :)

  • Anonymous

    I have 4 cats and like yours, they all have different personalities. If I sit down long enough all but one has a turn in my lap. The one is not a lap cat at all. The other 3 are. They follow me around the house as do my 2 dogs. It sometimes gets a bit crowded in the bathroom. I have to be careful of what I leave lying around the house. One of my cats is a thief. I lost my lower dentures awhile back and had to get a new pair to the tune of $700.00. About 3 months later I found them in a bowl on top of a cabinet in my kitchen. I had torn the house apart previously looking for those teeth and just decided my german shepherd ate them. He had before. But no, my thieving cat took them off of my bathroom vanity, ran into the kitchen and up on top of the cabinet with the teeth in her mouth(that must have looked funny)and dropped them in the bowl. That’s the only way she could have done it. Why she wanted them is still a mystery. She’s not talking. I love all of my animals. They are a lot smarter than people think.

  • Divine Insurrection

    LOL Thanks. I was wondering about that too.

  • Lani

    Hey guys…..even if you’re not a cat person, they can be just as protective as a dog. We had a 19 year old Siamese cross that jumped in the middle of a fight between our Akita/St Bernard & a stray pitbull……attacking the pitbull!!!! No joke! The fight broke up, I think out of shear surprise on the part of the pitbull. I’ve heard similar stories from friends…don’t mess with a cat’s “possessions”!

  • Micah Garcia

    Whatever loser…just enjoy the video

  • Divine Insurrection

    Well, I absolutely hate dogs. Met a few I liked alright, but would never own one. Different strokes for different folks I reckon. Can’t make blanket statements like that and be right. For the record, I have met cats I hated too, even though I am a cat person. lol

  • Lynn Hawkins

    Then Stu needs to listen to an actual news account of the story and not just the posted family surveillance camera video on youtube.

  • Amber Sonsalla

    Obviously none of you have been attacked by a dog… When they snap and get into attack mode that is all that is in their head so they need a distraction (aka the mom) and at the very last second you can also see the cat run back that way too while the kid appears to run more toward inside the garage. My dog attacked me when I was 12 and if it wasn’t for one of our others dogs risking his life to protect me, the one that attacked would not have backed down. Between the mom and the cat, that kid had plenty enough protection to run to safety.

  • Wanda W.

    Watch it again; she was running around the truck to make sure the dog was gone after she made sure her baby was ok.

  • The Man from Scene 24

    Security cams, they never moved or anything, peripheral shots only.

  • Divine Insurrection

    It’s the “fight or flight” response doing it’s thing. A possum got after my cat’s kittens awhile back and she tore off after the possum while two of her kittens lay dying. It’s just instinct and you can’t predict which response you will have. She went after the dog to eliminate the threat and it probably didn’t even occur to her that there was a choice. Instinct.

  • Divine Insurrection

    I’m thinking med change. ;)

  • Gem Mazon

    It’s home security surveillance. I live in Bakersfield. Its a fancy area where the attack happened.

  • Feathers

    “Woodrow Wilson in fur”??? hahahaha!!!!!! Funniest thing I’ve read all day!

  • Johnst

    I’ve seen Glenn let Stu say some really stupid things before, but I think this one takes the grand prize… Yes Stu, its all a setup, because you know, its SO easy to train a cat to do flying side-kicks on command like that… Right.

  • Play Righter

    The mom made sure the kid was OK, then went to check on the dog (which later bit somebody else trying to restrain it.)

    The cat did similar duty: Knocked the dog away, turned to see that the kid was OK, and then ran after the dog to make sure the threat was ended.

    No wonder Tara is an outdoor cat. Handles herself just fine.

    The new C.C.W: Cat Can Wallop.

  • Richard

    When I was in the Military, We would go to Crete every year, when you go down town they have an open market place and the cats would attack any dog that came into the market place, its a territorial thing

  • Anonymous

    So… a cat attacks a dog and that’s news? Must be a slow news day! I’ve had several cats that would attack any dog that got ‘in range’, just because. My guess is that the kid under attack ay not have been the motivating issue, unless the cat normally likes dogs.

  • Sandi Emmett-McClure

    They had different cameras because it’s a security set up their neighbor also had one. These people live where I do and it’s not a hoax or for a cat food commercial.

  • Feathers

    It’s a funny story. Quit yer whining. You sound like our mutual moniker.

  • markymarvin

    Stu is wrong.. The cat adopted the family before the son was even born.. It was a stray and followed them home from a park. After their son was born the parents were forever finding the cat sleeping next to their son in his crib and were having to sho him out. (To no avail I might add)..

    Also to note the mother is actually allergic to cats. I bet she is glad that this cat adopted them.

  • religion&politics

    Cats are liberal elites, they think they’re better than you LOL!!!!

  • markymarvin

    This film was edited from the security camera footage. But you can go out to youtube and watch the unedited version. Warning it is about 45 minutes long.

  • Lee Shoemaker

    I am not a cat person per.say, but I have seen some cats do some amazing things. Territory protection being one. My real question is did any one else notice the Mother,I believe, run away and leave the child when she thought the dog was coming back.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Glen, cats are amazing, stop being stupid. You’re only going to make enemies by dissing kitties. We cat people, take this seriously!!

  • Shakespeare’s Sister

    Wow,like a cat Guardian Angel

  • bosque

    I agree with Stu! There were 3 different camera angles in this video, apparently all on tripods (no camera movement). The boy ran off, and the mother did help him immediately. I think the whole thing was staged.

  • Cookie

    I agree I have 4 cats myself, 2 are Bengals and they are very dog like. All 4 are engaged and involved in the family. One doesn’t like strangers and is the typical “scaredy cat” and my 2 Bengals come running whenever there’s any commotion between kids or play fighting or crying. With so many people with cats it makes we wonder why “aloof” and “elitist” stereotypes still exist..they are anything but!

  • Johnst

    They are mounted security cameras, many homes have them nowadays…

    I swear Glenn Beck fans… I often wonder what rocks you people live under when you don’t understand how such basic things work….

  • markymarvin

    They are called security cameras. You know, some people actually have them in their houses now. Amazing I know.

  • rusty

    I can’t believe so many people are so braindead that they do not know that several surveillance cameras are all recorded to the same dvr simultaneously. This video is just a compilation of the different views

  • Anonymous

    GB has worn a bit thin here as well. The beef I have with him is the crap ads that he allows to be posted on his site especially the one about the electrical gizmo that you can build in your garage and save big $$ from the power company. It’s a scam with a capital S but there it is over and over again. Shame on you Glenn for putting ad dollars ahead of integrity…ok GB fans flame away…and btw I am as conservative as it gets…

  • Johnst

    This is Glenn Beck’s site.. I am no longer all that amazed when such simple things are not understood in the comments section… I’m used to it now.

  • cheryl buwalda

    The camera angle is odd, and the person filming is running from one side of the van and then shifting to the other side, focusing on the dog, Why not help the child..? It’s like someone was waiting for the dog to do something,? .?Like what.? maybe attack the child..? Why take a chance? Who was the camera person..? It’s obviously set up, or worse, someone stood by and let it happen….wow…

  • Johnst

    I’ve heard Stu say some reallllly stupid things before, but I swear this one takes the grand prize…. I mean, wow.

  • rusty

    I can’t believe so many people are so braindead that they do not know that several surveillance cameras are all recorded to the same dvr at the same time. This video is just a compilation of the different views

  • Johnst

    The stupidity of the “the cameras aren’t moving they are on tripods! fake!” comments eclipse even Stu’s stupidity in this… I can only hope these people are joking and really aren’t THAT stupid…

  • Anonymous

    the behavior exhibited by the cat isn’t atypical, they will defend their territory and families against larger intruders. however, in this case there are some oddities. they show the injuries but only show a leg, no proof it’s the kid’s leg. we are shown those injuries, requiring stitches, but in the video the kid just popped right back up, started running, and isn’t bleeding?? it’s possible, but i’m highly skeptical.

  • Dale McFarland

    I am wondering why someone witnessing the incident stands there and video tapes it instead of trying to help the boy. That makes me wonder about the authenticity of the action. If it is real then the camera person should have their butt kicked for not running to the rescue.

  • Johnst

    I swear, I see stupidity in comments on Glenn Beck’s stories all the time, but this one is amazingly high on the stupid scale.

    Have you ever heard of security cameras, being mounted and hooked to home security systems? They were invented many decades ago… I think you should have heard of them by now…


  • sharron hebert

    They said the little boy had to have stitches in his leg . Just Saying .

  • Diane

    She was interviewed on a TV show…….she was chasing the dog away again…and got bit, too. The dog has been euthanized.

  • David Bennett

    Didn’t get the catheter in the right hole this morning did you?

  • sharron hebert

    Glen ,they said the little boy had to have stitches in his leg . Sounds real .

  • Anonymous

    Who owned the cameras to splice this video together? Whomever does did a great (professional?) job. And, why does the mother leave the child after the cat chases the dog away and run into (or towards) the house, leaving him there? That doesn’t seem too motherly to me.

  • Herbert Wheeler

    I’m disappointed that someone as intelligent as Stu and has such wisdom about so many topics has sooooo little knowledge about cats. Perhaps it is his lack of knowledge about cats that has prejudiced him against them. Too bad, cats are each uniquely crafted by God to bring joy into the lives of those who open their hearts to them.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that’s the mom…it looks more like an older sister or another child

  • Rick Pelletier

    I’m thinking that what happend was more of a taxi driver situation, the cat was mock hunting/playing with the boy and when the dog attacked his cat brain went all “oh, no he didnt” and rammed the dog

  • Sabbath

    Stu has to be the most obnoxious person on earth. Just saying.

  • Aimee Leigh Loftus

    I love cats and that cat was BOSS!! Glad all are okay and that the dog was put down. Such a random attack… crazy. Anywho, from some of the comments, it seems the humor of the ridiculous conspiracy theories and commentary was lost on a few.

  • thomas horn

    Glenn,you hate cats?i don’t like you anymore..hater!

  • Connor Kenway

    My cat attacked an 90lb dog and she was not even doing anything.

  • Gayla Recktenwald

    I have had many cats and dogs over the years and I can tell you that cats can and do attack dogs. Not hard to believe at all.

  • Shawn Ofthedead

    Front yard, driveway and front walkway are standard camera set ups. BTW, the dog was put down by animal control because it was too dangerous to have as a pet.

  • KT

    I have always loved dogs i have a Pit Bull i rescued from the neighboring drug dealing thugs . I also rescued the kittens under my house . They are .. cats and dogs what can you say . At times they get into confrontations and the cat always wins i don’t know if it is stupidity or bravery . I think Stu should do more research and find proof of the conspiracy/publicity theory . Jumping to conclusions is the liberal mentality . Cats are just that , comparing them to a political party is a conspiracy theory . Cats often bring in pests like rodents seemingly to prove their worth , i don’t see liberals who sponge for a living bring in a bookshelf and say “look what i made for you while collecting welfare” . Anyway it seems like the publicity stunt here is to anger us pet owners and leave comments . Even if it isn’t real get all the evidence first , Mahalo .

  • Shawn Ofthedead

    yes, they are kidding. That’s what makes good discussion in the chatrooms.

  • Anonymous

    Wait. Why were they filming the dog?

  • Anonymous

    LOL — “It’s like Woodrow Wilson in fur.” That’s a great quote.

  • Anonymous

    This happened.
    Three years ago we were given a black lab–great dog about one year old. Her problem, liked to chase cats. I had two cats one a few years older than the other. We walked down to our creek, dogs & cats and we lay in the hammocks. Pretty quick the dog started teasing the younger cat. The older cat went over to the other, bumped him a little & swatted him. PDQ the cats went in opposite directions around the hammocks and nailed the lab who cried out & jumped on top of me–in the hammock. I’ll never forget it. Yes, the lab still like to try to get the cats to play tag–but not too close.

  • Rabelad

    Perhaps the cat was a female and had a litter. Every female animal with a young are phenomenally protective of them.. It may have had nothing to do with protecting the boy, but everything to do with the instinct to protect their offspring.

  • Jeff Majors

    I thought dogs are liberals since they always depend on you to feed them and take care of them while cats are conservatives since they don’t give a damn about you and can take care of themselves with hunting.

  • Anonymous

    DEAD DOG!!

  • fire232

    cant fix stupid

  • CrushDrivels

    Someone needs to kill that dog before it kills someone.

  • Debbie Hamm

    Yes, but unfortunately there is not video footage of the heroic deed. Here we have solid proof from home security camera and it is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Poor cynical, jaded Stu….cats are awesome. I love cats. I am a Cat Person and have cats around me my whole life. That said, however, I am not 100% convinced that the cat’s actions were taken simply to defend the boy. I think the cat acted on natural instinct. One, it was a dog – an adversary, another predator. Two, the animal was trespassing in the cat’s territory. And okay, maybe Three, the cat loves the little boy. But however it happened…for whatever reason (discounting the cat food publicity stunt theory)…what the cat did was FANTASTIC…and Tara is a bona fide hero…heroine….whatever….

  • Jane Dunn McBride

    I’ve had cats who were elite and aloof and cats who were outrageously friendly and came when they were called like dogs. I wish people wouldn’t “hate” any animal.

  • Molly

    I thought it looked weird at first until I realized it must have been put together from security camera footage (never lived anyplace that had them). The only thing that I think is weird is how the mom ran off & left the child to follow her on his own. If he needed stitches, he must have had a gash, why wouldn’t she grab him up & run inside? I’d be thinking maybe that dog might come back so no way I’m leaving the child to run inside on his own. (My cats would only come to my rescue if I was covered in tuna, lol)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had some interesting cats over the years. One of them, all on his own without any training whatsoever, went pee in the toilet twice. After that he never did it again.
    Another one, for the most part didn’t like people (and definitely not children). However, one time I was angry with one of my children and went downstairs to yell at him when my cat attacked my leg. She didn’t like yelling. Some of my children didn’t like her too much, but I did. When teenage boys came to my house she’d attack them and run away. She was my attack cat. She wouldn’t let anyone (including me) pet her for years; but as she got older she started letting me pet her. I’d keep telling the children that if they didn’t like her they could just leave her alone. She loved to chase shadows, but I could never get her to chase her own shadow. I had a big 175 lb. mutt that was a really gentle dog. The cat would walk up to him and attack his head and he’d just look up at her and then ignore her. I liked that dog, too.

  • Nancy Bode

    We were cat-sitting for my mom, and her tomcat, who was ten times smaller than my dog (rottweiler-labrador cross) jumped on my dog and chased him into the corner of my studio. I had to put a garbage can over the cat so the dog could get out. And my dog was NOT cowardly by any means. That tomcat was just bad-a$$!!

  • Anoelg

    Couldn’t agree more. Have dogs and cats. Love them all. But I always preferred dogs until I got my first cat Damian. He is now 15 years old and most magnificent animal.

  • doggystyle

    My own cat has done this before, dogs got too close to me, and she would attack them, seems she (cat) felt as if She owned me or was protective for me. She would latch onto the dogs like a wild cat, they wanted no part of her. If I made any noise near the dogs such as Ouch, she would come out of nowhere to attack them. I also had a cat as a child that would walk me to my bus stop everyday.

  • Anonymous

    Animals are protective of their food source, and there have been many stories of animals protecting children. Somehow they know, a child from an adult. I judge a person by how their animals behave. I had a medium size dog, friendly to everyone he met, he liked people . One day I feel asleep on the couch and didn’t lock the door by the carport. The dog went crazy, I had never seen him act that way, he wanted me to follow him. I followed him and notice the door was unlocked and a man walking towards it, just as I locked the door, the man grabbed it and tried to pull it open. Animals are guided just like we are by a higher spirit to I believe, to notice when something isn’t right. The problem with hating anyone or anything is, you don’t give them enough credit or realize how smart they can be.

  • doggystyle

    my parents have security cameras setup around the house, then visible on a big monitor, and 2 other neighbors cameras are also tied into the system, remotely. Its how some these days help keep an eye out for each other.

  • Anonymous

    Cat’s are not my first pick for pets but Stu I am here to tell ya, when I was a kid I had both a cat and a dog for pets, the cat was midnight black and weighed at least 40 lbs, he was lord and master of the realm and would delight in attacking my neighbors unsuspecting german sheperd across the street…..I won’t tell you about his sudden demise, it might make you smile irresponsibly…..

  • Chloe Rowles

    Although unusual, cats DO sometimes protect their ‘children’, When my brother was a baby in his bassinette, my father was cleaning his nose with a q-tip and he started screaming. Our cat jumped into the bassinette, and attacked my father, scratching him. Normally a cat would be history for doing anything like that to my father, but he was so impressed that the cat fought him to protect his baby, that he just praised the cat.

  • Thomas Bonnett

    I’d like to think that if it were a hoax, people wouldn’t be dumb enough to make the premise a child being hurt. Then again, stranger things have happened. That said, I think Stu is over-analyzing. This is a pretty awesome story; certainly a nice departure from the doom and gloom that usually garners headlines.

  • Anonymous

    My cat Dax would chase dogs out of the yard.

    Cats are cool.

  • 4schitzngrins

    But to listen to most people only Pit Bulls would attack someone like that. Hmm, I guess it’s true what rational people have been saying all along–viciousness is not inherent in any one breed.

  • racindavid

    Sorry Stu, I had a cat that acted JUST like this. A vicious or mean dog would set it off like a whirling dervish. Around nice dogs and kids he was as gentle as could be. The neighbors mean german shepard (that bit people all the time…) got it’s face mauled regularly by him. That dog would come into our yard and the cat would CHARGE IT and just frickin’ destroy it.

  • racindavid

    Bengals rock ! Always gotta be right in the middle of things !

  • William Oscar Hand

    Glenn I like your show, and agree with most of your statements, but the fact that we cat lovers are owned by our felines in no way prevents us from being just as good a conservative as you. In fact I think I am going to block all your posts, and change the channel whenever I hear you on radio or TV. it may not mean anything to you that you lose one former fan, but at least I will not have to listen to your cat hating foolishness again.

  • Jeanette Appice Zeitz

    ok then

  • BuckTard

    I think its real no doubt. I just dont want to find out the kid was messing with the dog and “that part” of it never made the tape.

  • Darin

    Cats rule, Dogs Drool!

  • BuckTard

    Wrong. She checked the kid, saw he was in no immediate danger from the bite and took off after the dog. It bit her while she was pinning it down. Its on quarenteen for 10 days and then it will be put down.

  • BuckTard

    The dog hasnt been put down, Its on a 10 day hold for quarenteen. Then it will be.

  • BuckTard

    No it wasnt. Its on a 10 day quarenteen.

  • Sheila Arnold-Temple

    I would like to know why this child was playing so close to the road? He was lucky he only got bit by a dog and not hit by a car.

  • Anonymous

    I’m with Stu – way too many camera angles – and the mom runs to the house leaving her son behind? She doesn’t know if the dogs is waiting to attack again – or maybe she does. Yes, I’m with Stu.

  • Joseph

    The only problem I have with the video and the problem I thought they would bring out when I first noticed this post was that the whole incident was conveniently filmed from several different angles like it wasn’t a security camera at all. What do you think?

    I guess it could have been several security cameras and the footage combined later.

    It was a heroic save by a member of the family (the feline). I’m convinced any animal can accept another species as family and become loyal accordingly.

  • magma137 .

    Oh certain cats would definitely do something like this. Some are very VERY territorial. They chase bears up trees, chase dogs out of yards. If this cat was one of those territorial ones and that little boy was its person, it’d definitely haul off and attack a dog. No question.

  • James Beggs

    It is possible that there was more than one camera. I have multiple (6) around my property. They could have clipped the footage together and it’s not really that difficult.

  • CABorn71

    Publicity stunt for cat food.. Seriously? The thought of a company potentially putting the life of a 4 yr old in danger to promote cat food is the only thing WRONG here… Come on Stu, you have to be smarter than that…

  • Serious Truth

    Sorry Glen. You are wrong. I have personally seen our cat attack 2 dogs to protect the family dog. The cat jumped 8′ off the roof to do it. As a Conservative myself, I find it had to believe that you probably believe Jesus rose from the dead but you do not believe a cat could attack a dog. Do you want to borrow my avatar?

  • michael

    I have a step down from Bengal. Great cat, talks constantly and so much fun. Loves the water and acts like a dog most of time :)

  • Vincent Williams

    Glenn, despite the fact that I wish you were our President, don’t like people that don’t like cats.They are very good at judging character .

  • MaSulli

    The difference between a cat and a dog: If you call a dog, he will come running; if you call a cat they will take a message and get back to you later!

  • Michael DeLuigi

    The dog regained it’s composure and was coming back around the front of the vehicle and blocking the escape route. The mother jumped up and was trying to chase the dog away and the cat was gearing up to jump back in while the child ran towards the house. I have cats and dogs, dogs are not afraid of a cat if it is fleeing, but if a cat goes on offense the dog is afraid. Cat reflexes are 10X the speed of a dog and unless it can get a hold on it, the cat will tear it to pieces. Also a cat is very protective of it’s family, kind of like a lion pride.

  • Guardian

    No, it will be sent to the WH for Barry’s lunch.

  • AJ

    Hopefully, they shot that dog in the head.

  • Jackie Alnor

    Why did the mother walk away from the supposed injured child? He had to get up and chase after her — something just not right with that.

  • AlexisJaime

    it is the mom.. This was on our local news channel.

  • Joyce Fox

    Cats are far more intelligent than liberals! And if you love a cat and love ON them from the time they’re kittens they will protect you as surely as a dog will.

  • smokehill

    I’ve probably been around more cats and dogs than most people — currently have 36 rescue dogs in my home & 6 cats, usually adopt out about 20 a year & always have a dozen or so that are blind, crippled, old or otherwise not likely to ever be adopted.

    I also found this video a bit hard to believe — not impossible, just a long way toward the unlikely end of the spectrum. However, there are all kinds of dogs & all kind of cats. And since this is a female cat it moves toward the more likely end …. so I’ll buy it, as is. Just don”t expect this from your cat ordinarily. It will happen FAR more times with your dog.

    It’s unfortunate that the dog has to pay the price for having an incompetent owner, but this dog needs to get put down … and if I were a judge his owner would be banned from having pets for a long, long time.

    As someone who spends most of his time rehabilitating and fostering dogs, I know that some dogs are simply not fixable — unless you have someone with the skills of Cesar Millan, and lots of time to fix the problem. In 99.9999999% of the cases this isn’t going to happen, and the time, space & money that it would take to fix a dog with this kind of aggression could be far better used to rehab & re-home hundreds of other dogs (with NO problems) that are going to die in a shelter otherwise.

    Not the happiest answer, but we have to deal with the world as it is & save as many as we can with the limited resources in rescue .

  • Anonymous

    It disturbs me to read that “Glenn hates cats.” Statements like that only encourage sadists who perpetrate cruelty towards cats. You can be indifferent to them, but must you proclaim that you “hate” them?

  • Joyce Fox

    About as intelligent as the rest of the conversation around here. lol

  • Val Campbell

    I have known cats that attack dogs that are inside their territory. My sister used to have one and she bragged that her cat could beat up any dog… I just laughed. Neither that cat nor my sister had ever really seen a cat killing dog, this dog was obviously an opportunist, it didn’t really attack until the boy was fleeing….. this boy was very lucky.

  • Val Campbell

    One more thought, I once had a 94 pound pit bull… a VERY tough dog, that was totally ruled by my cat. It was so funny, that cat wasn’t even the smallest bit afraid of that dog and on more than one occasion I saw that cat slide off of the couch and slap that dog when the dog was being silly. It was purely a show of the force of attitude over brute strength.

  • Anonymous

    Stu is angling to be the cats agent now I see

  • GAM41

    My friend had a pair of dog hating cats. These cats would attack any dog who entered their yard. I saw them run off a 120 pound german shepherd. I doubt the cat in this story was protecting the boy. The cat was attacking the dog and probably would have done so had the boy not been there.

  • Max Kors

    cats are more like schizophrenics. They look at you with that glazed look in their eyes and you never know how they’re gonna react. Sometimes they’re all sweet, then for no reason they’re all paranoid and wanna gouge your eyes out. They always look like they’re hearing voices. Dogs are more like retards. Friendly, silly, often endearing, love everyone, but sometimes engage in embarrassingly inappropriate behavior in public.

  • Ferrari fan

    how? my cat wants nothing to do with us until she wants food. then she meows and pesters until she gets it. if you find her on the couch and pick her up and show any affection she acts as though you are killing her and won’t come back in the house for days. absolutely ungrateful.

  • Diane

    I’ve seen a cat do this before but inly once. It was my cat who was not expecting my Aunt Rose’s dog visiting from out of town and needless to say, I felt awful for her dog (and her) and couldn’t explain it or apologize enough. Never ever saw my cat or any other cat protect her boundary or person after that one time.

  • Marilee

    When I was young I had a cat who had kittens in the house. The neighbor brought his dog over to our house outside. My cat jumped on that big hunting dog and scratched his nose. And when the dog started running away my cat jumped on his back end. The dog would never come to our house again. This incident was very surprising to us.. And it really happened.
    This same cat, at another time, jumped from my sister’s arms into a car she was standing by and fought with a huge red hunting dog. It took time to get her out of the car. So yes I believe that this could have happened.

  • Anonymous

    Remember …dogs have masters….cats have staff I LOVE THEM. We HAVE 2 now

  • Anonymous

    You know, sometimes you guys need to give the comedy and the snarky sarcasm a rest.

  • aquaroyale

    Why was this being filmed? There are two views of this , one from the left of the car, and one from the right of the car. Someone just hanging around for a dog to attack a kid, and waiting for a cat to save him..Maybe the camera operators should have done something.

  • Anonymous

    It is real. If you think having a dog ATTACK a child, is something a cat food company would do for a commercial, you have have NO COMMON SENSE AT ALL. Believe it or not, cats have an unbelievable sense of awareness, far beyond humans.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what I said, how shallow.

  • Anonymous
  • texastruthtweet


  • Anonymous

    Another cat OWNING a large dog.

  • Larry Kump

    Cat owners suck, they think they can let their felines roam the neighborhood and not give a damn what they do while dog owners keep their pets on a owners suck

  • Cameron Kuykendall

    I am jut going to say that cats are cats and dogs are dogs. But how they act is determinate on how the owner trains them. (of course there are exceptions to every rule.) This cat showed consideration for the child, it protected it family; just as a dog would.

  • Anonymous

    It is a bit suspicious that they just happened to be videotaping it, isn’t it? But then, I can’t imagine someone would set up their kid to be mauled by a dog. Plus, if they had really planned that, the dog would have been purposely walked toward the kid from the beginning and it wasn’t, it was just meandering along, then BAM decided to attack. But hnmm, that’s suspicious too – could someone had yelled “attack” in background? I don’t know. I doubt it was staged but ya never know.

  • Anonymous

    From my experience it’s the owner who largely effects a cat’s personality. I’ve raised many cats in loving homes and got loving cats. Seen more ‘liberals’ make bad cats. If you ignore your pet and/spoil them, yeah you’ll get ‘aloof’ or ‘elitist’

    Same for dogs, there are no bad ‘dogs’ just bad owners.

  • Dawna

    Why was this being filmed? First we see the dog going down the street and then the attack. Who filmed it and why?

  • Debby Blum

    We had cat’s that would chase a dog if it came near our yard. One would jump on a dog’s back and ride it down the road. Was great with our dogs but wouldn’t let a strange one near our property! Another time a cat we had started putting up a terrible fuss and ran to the bathroom where my little brother was taking a bath and had a radio sitting on the edge of the tub (it was plugged in). I love dogs but cat’s can be protective and smart, too!

  • Shawn Ofthedead

    Whats the difference dead now or dead soon? Dead is dead.

  • sstout

    STU— YOUR AN IDIOT. I’ve had my cat protect my kids many a time….even protected my small dog.. I really need to delete ALL the Glenn Beck crap off of my facebook…. Luv u guys for years to the point I was a “glenn” Glenn…. now since Glenn is backing BLM and the govt just taking land that our states spend $$$$ on keeping up…. its just a NO Brainer to me. There are hero’s out there… just go to

  • roger

    I remember a long time ago a strange dog came into our yard and tried to start a fight with my dog. No sooner than they started growling my 3 cats joined in on the fight against the other dog. The dog obviously came to the wrong house…my cats were obviously conservatives

  • Deckard426

    The cat did run to the left.

  • Suselew

    Makes me want to turn off Beck for his anti-cat comments.

  • Roxanne

    It was surveillance video.

  • mspatdev

    From what I understand by the news, the dog was the next door’s neighbors dog. When anyone has a dog bite they do a rabies test.

  • Roxanne

    sigh…it’s a surveillance video on the house.

  • mspatdev

    You ought to ask h. clinton about our 4 people in Benghaki?

  • Ruppert Baird

    I had a cat years ago when we lived way out in the woods. She would lay in the front yard in order to ambush lost hunting dogs who wandered into our yard. It was just amazing to watch a 6-lb cat chasing 80-lb dogs through the woods.

  • mspatdev

    Here lately, I have seen worse ads that has involved the cats and dogs.

  • WestNYC

    I’m a conseravative Republican and I HATE Glenn Beck.

  • mspatdev

    I prefer smaller dogs and I can have only certain breeds. I would like a cat, but I’m allergic to them.

  • studley hungwell

    my cats chase my dog all the time… dog is a P****y.

  • kelsy

    that Cat needs his own Face book! He is a hero!

  • Crystal McGuire

    Jennifer, perhaps you are not a parent. I am, & my first response upon seeing the video was that if it were my child, I would have gone after that dog with a shotgun – or beat it to death with my bare hands – as soon as I made sure my child was not going to bleed to death. Is that a rational or “normal” response? No. But it is a motherly response. Nothing is going to attack my child – or any small child, really – like that & get away with it.

  • Susie P.

    We were taking care of a cat and two dogs for my friend who was in the hospital. We also had a dog and two cats of our own. One of my friend’s dogs was a Jack Russell who was not fixed. He started snarling at my dog to start a fight. I was really scared, because the Jack Russell had already been in a fight with a dog in their neighborhood. Anyway, his cat, Isadore, went up to the Jack Russell and quadruple bopped the dog and he walked away with his stubby tail tucked down, like he knew he was bad. He never bothered my dog again after that.

  • Anonymous

    I had a friend who was an authority on cats and a cat lover. Even she said that most cats are the mentally retarded due to the fact they in bread so much.

  • Anonymous

    Cats will defend their territory and their owners. I have had cats for years, and have seen them do this. I have seen our cats stand up to our dog and smack her with their paws if she overstepped or tried to eat their food, etc. Cats are fascinating, intelligent creatures.

  • jbadarac

    My Mother always said you can’t trust someone who doesn’t like cats, Glenn. You lost points with me with your “hating cats” remark. I love all animals especially cats.

  • Robin Finnell

    Glenn, there’s no way you can hate cats after seeing my Jester Bowie…

  • Carmen David


    ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤�❤❤ ❤❤❤� ❤❤❤

  • Chow Boss

    I agree with you Crystal. A mother, even animal mamas, will defend her child no matter it will cost her. I’ve seen this type of events time and time again both in the human and animal world. As soon as the mom knows the threat is gone and the child is no longer in danger, the mother will charge and finish off or stop the danger with a tool or some sort or even bare hands. @sherry2310:disqus, if you observe the video again, both mom and Tara, the cat, checked the kid. once they knew he was okay, mom chased the dog and Tara stayed and waited for a bit and ONLY ran once the kid stood up and both ran towards the house. Tara was still in protective mode even after she chased the dog away. Three Cheers for all moms of ALL kinds!

  • Lulubi2012

    The ninja cat protecting his pal. Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Cats get a bad wrap. There are plenty of other videos of similar stuff. The best is a cat attacking a babysitter when he feels a baby is threatened (a dish was broken). Cats actually care a lot and have favorite humans and if you really have a connection, it’ll get very stressed when you’re away.

  • Penelope

    Stu, I’ll bet you’ve never owned a cat. Picture this: Seven week old Kitten backed into a corner by a full grown dog, wire-haired fox terrier. Dog kept barking and getting closer. When he got close enough, the kitty swatted dog’s nose and drew blood. Dog backed off, yelping. Dog found out who was boss, they made friends and played together from then on. My son asked me to get the dog. I told him to just watch. So, yes, I can believe what I saw. Felines can be fierce.

  • Maggie Taylor

    Divine your cat sounds like my big brother’s dog Bear when my brother was a kid

  • Anonymous

    Bite me one time and I’ll guarantee you he’ll die of lead poisoning.

  • I_Prefer_Anonymity

    I am pretty certain it’s real, but I can see why Stu felt a little suspicious of it. It was weird how it was almost a multi-camera directorial depiction of a heroic cat. Showing the dog creeping up on the boy, the dog savagely attacking the boy, the Cat leaping out of nowhere to save the boy, and then the cat following the dog to make sure he was gone before returning to make sure the little boy was OK.. In the end, they probably had one of those security systems with multiple cameras and viewing angles, and they pasted together the best shots to depict what happened. Animals can do amazing things to save the ones they love.

  • Amanda Parton

    Cats do seem to have a major entitlement problem.

  • John Evans

    Stus’ and idiot…. I’ve seen cats come up and slap huge border collies.

  • Bill Kenney

    Well, you have me convinced. Better click this link with no second thought what-so-ever. I could be missing out on this great opportunity to make “ten grand lass-month,” because apparently, “it’s certainly the most-financially rewarding (I think the word you were searching your algorithm for was *job*) [she's] had.” Totally not a scam or a robot. Just look at all those hearts she put at the bottom! Gotta be real, cause robots can’t love, or something like that….

  • Behning Brad

    Cats have been pets for thousands of years because they know how to survive and use humans to their benefit. They are small, soft and furry, make pleasant purring noises and kill mice. They are low maintenance animals. feed em’ and forget em.

  • Rae Brown

    Well, there’s always gotta be a conspiracy some where. If it were up to me, the conspiracy would simply to make Glenn Beck respect cats more. Hey, what can I say? I’m a cat person!

  • Sara

    I was always a dog person, but i always had a cat growing up. When I got married, My husband got me 2 kitties for xmas brother & sister. They are the most loving an unique cats I have ever met. We loved them so much we went an adopted another. The 3 of them have very different personalities. But they are all loving a friendly, an playful. My one, Timber will actually talk to you.. He will sleep on my chest for hours if I let him. I love all my kitties, an i dont know what id do without them. Cats are known for being snobby, an selfish. But not every cat is like that. My cats act like lil people, they are like my little children..:)

  • Rae Brown

    that was profound

  • Lawrence Green

    My only question is, how did the video come about? Caught the whole thing on both sides of the car. Dog’s often get the worse of a confrontation with a cat. Our Dachshund hated cats and would lay for a neighbor every day. When the cat passed by, she was after it, yelping. One day she caught up with the cat under a shrub and came home having taken a good licking.

  • Dom Vasta

    I doubt they would fake a child’s injury to sell cat food.

  • Thom Thomsen

    FOLKS, it’s spelled “Quarantine”.

  • mizzie

    I’ve to say watching this video it made me think to myself that us humans we all love animals whether it’s a cat, dog, birds, exotic pets. But all animals can sense fear, happiness, sadness, and when they know that their owner is feeling fear they can sense it and in their nature they will PROTECT their owner to fight and win or to fight and die. But this Cat does have the balls and decided to help with all their mighty to save the owner child, and what’s even more funny and amazing the dog didn’t even realize what just happened and got spooked and ran away. This cat wasn’t just a Hero, but at least the cat is a protector to the family that’s what I call an Angel. God bless to this family and to the cat.. xoxo

  • Rachel L Rondina

    What I do not understand is that if the person filming the vid did not know the dog was going to attack, how is it they have film footage of the dog approaching from behind the car. Had they not known what was going to happen, the only footage would have been of the attack.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I’m so upset that you ‘hate’ cats. I (and my entire family) love them and have since I was a child quite a long time ago…! In my opinion cats, and indeed the entire Feline species, are the Lord’s most supreme creation. God should have stopped there…but then He made His fatal mistake…He created us, the humans (and even, so He boasted, in His own image!) who have turned out to be more cruel, savage and murderous than any of his other creations, even the T-Rex dinosaur. And let me say that I guess Stu is joking (I hope so) when he claimed that this video is an Advert for cat food. Tell that to the parents of that sweet little boy who was attacked by that crazy dog and has 8 or so stitches on his leg to prove it..! Actually, making a joke out of this attack which could have proven fatal,is not really funny oand certainly not decent.

  • Jen Corbally

    Cats will do crazy things like this sometimes! A friend of mine had a very large black male cat who accidentally got outside (in the daytime) when they went to the door to see why the dog was barking like crazy. He flew out the door like a bat out of h*ll, puffed himself up to nearly twice his size and came within 5-8 feet of a very large black bear! The bear stopped in it’s tracks, had no clue what this menacing black thing was that kept coming sideways at it and making all this godawful noise, and after less then a minute, the bear turned around and jogged back from whence it came. The cat hung around for a few minutes, rubbing on the dog and looking off in the direction of the bear as if to say “Good, you better run!” Then he went back inside the house and plopped himself down on the floor with typical cat flair. Crazy.

  • Clifton Ralph Gray

    OK a little background, I am 63, disabled Vietnam veteran, with 32 years in private law enforcement. I had a male cat that if a dog came into his yard would attack the dog. On one occasion a Doberman entered the yard and the cat attacked him and chased him for a solid block. He would also when he wanted to eat he would sit and say mama as clear as a bell. I have both dogs and cats and am surprised some times at what they are willing to do for each other and their owners. Cats like dogs do have a personality and each are different.

  • Charles Robichaud

    the german shepard ate your dentures??? that must have made for hard pass #2!!!

  • Charles Robichaud

    all my cats are rescue cats, and are all indoor cats/ scaredy cats!!! if a dog were to walk by the patio, they would run indoors to me.! the only thing they go after is lizards… they hunt them down and bring them to me, and when I can’t recatch it to release it back into the wild… well it dies a lonely death, under the dresser, tangled up and choking on cat hair! I find them days later with the vacuum cleaner, all dried up and clogging up the floor brush! I gave them some other entertainment thow… I put a bird feeder outside the patio… and then I promptly had to put vinyl lattice across the bottom of the screen enclosure to protect the screening… guess why… I got a bird brought to me… in bed from the kitten = wtf moment!!! when I rescued him he was the size of the palm of my hand(I think someone just dropped him in the bushes), and being chased by a bunch of birds up and down a hedge that dead ended at either end … they wanted to kill him! and he came running to me and leaped into my arms… and years later he got his revenge! how to kill a mocking bird? his name is Boots.! unfortunately I don’t have cameras! wait yes I do… just not back then… not that I’m paranoid like Glenn or anything!!!

  • Angela Snapp

    Another reason to dislike Glenn Beck. I don’t trust people who don’t

    like cats.

  • Moab Hale

    You probably park in a garage. Most people who park their cars outside have security cameras mounted on their homes.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    Don’t criticize Glenn and his his show TOO much or you’ll get the PENDING exclusion permanently like I did.

  • Sarah

    Also, who the heck are Summer and Clarence?

  • Anonymous

    For the second part of your comment, you almost have to look at things with a jaundiced eye these days because so much is faked. As to the first part… oh, brother!

  • Michael David Davis

    I love Glenn Beck, but I really get pissed when he so flippantly proclaims his hatred for cats. It’s out of sync with everything else he represents, IMHO. Aren’t they God’s creatures too, Glenn??

  • Barbara L. Parsons

    my theory is that the cat, being female, is probably spayed, which means all of her latent maternal instincts are probably focused on the little boy, who has autism, and she was defending her baby

  • Anonymous

    Amazing video. Camera placement perfect and the Cat did something
    incredible. The part I don’t understand is why the mother ran to the child then
    left him behind and ran back to the house. What mother would not pick up her child
    and take them with her after something traumatic just happened to their child.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    Only insecure, immature, and ignorant people don’t like cats. In every case that I’ve heard this tripe of unconditional hate toward these Divine Creatures, a question to the clod as to how much experience and exposure to cats he has results in the response: none.

    If Beck bases an opinion of something on nothing re: cats, what does that say about other opinions?

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    At age 65, I agree with the wisdom of your Mother.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    My beloved, departed Miss Kitty-a black Siamese/Tabby mix, once stood her ground at our swimming pool while a vicious dog tore at the screen to get at her. She stood there, planted her feet and readied herself for battle to defend her family and home. Luckily I saw this, went outside and chased off the mutt. Miss Kitty had put it all on the line for us. I told my neighbor that if this ever happened again, his dog would be swiss cheese with .45 cal holes. It never happened again. Miss Kitty went on to age 14, a totally loving and full family member.

    One other time, she meowed loudly and insistently at my wife in the shower to come out and follow her, because the dishwasher was overflowing in the kitchen at the beginning of the wash cycle.

    Beck’s and Stu(pid)s comments are based upon ignorance, superstition, and lack of character.

  • Kathy

    Glenn was asking if anyone ever heard of another cat doing something heroic. I wish I had better details, but, several years ago, I was watching a T.V. program about miracles, with animals possibly, can’t remember the program name, and Alan Thicke narrated. A woman was upstairs asleep in her townhome, during a break-in, and her front-paw declawed cat attacked and ripped up the face (with it’s back-claws) of the intruder, as he was trying to ascend her stairs. No telling what would have happened if her cat had not attacked the intruder! They were later able to catch the criminal because of all the cat scratches on his face!

  • Populist democrat

    “Cats are not stupid. You know what cats are? Cats are liberal elites. They just think they are better than you,” Glenn concluded.

    That has got to be the dumbest thing Beck has ever said, and he has said some incredibly stupid things over the years. Shall we begin with over-generalization since cats vary widely?

  • Anonymous

    OMG THANK YOU Kevin! I kept questioning this…it was something like out of a movie. Two cameras positioned in just the right spots to capture the whole scene. And thank you frgough for explaining that it was a home security system. I just couldn’t figure out HOW on earth they managed to capture the whole thing.

  • grandpaez

    I have a cat that attacks every dog it see’s and anything else it can eat squirrels, rabbits it doesn’t matter. It plays hide and seek with the neighbors dog.

  • Richard Travis

    and to think I actually liked you at one point…….

  • AlexisJaime

    The dog is quarantined and will be for 10 days and then it will be euthanize.

  • AlexisJaime

    I was thinking the same thing. A cat is a true individual in terms of it’s demeanor, whereas a dog is a pac animal who enjoys the benefits of the collective.

  • Sharon from South Louisiana

    Just have to jump in here. I had a cat that would jump on any dog she didn’t like! She would chase them down the road and jump on dogs that were being walked by the owner. I would see it coming and go out and yell at them to run that the cat will attack. More than once I got into a mess trying to save the dog from the cat! I felt bad for the dogs…So You guys are wrong. Cats are smart and they protect their space and owners!! Oh and my cats talk to me too!! lOL!!! So do my dogs!! I love you guys!!!! Sharon from South Louisiana

  • Anonymous

    One of my male cats attacked our neighbor’s dog right in front of all of us. The dog wasn’t doing anything and my cat jumped at the dog and batted his face a bunch of times and then ran. It was hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    They have 6 security cameras around their house.Read what the father said about that.

  • John Fung

    If the cat is a liberal, Glenn Beck is a skunk. If the cat is a conservative, Glenn Beck is still a skunk

  • Jose Elizabeth Allen Hawkins

    My cat did the same..but the dog did not fare so well…….this video is real…believe me!

  • Leo Weeks

    I will stop listening to his program now as a lifelong Conservative, Army Infantryman for over 21 years who LOVES my Kitty I’ve had for 17 years now! Shame on Glenn Beck to insult cats so horribly!!!

  • Chuck Harding

    I had a grey tabby cat named Tiger that would chase stray cats off our lawn – jump on their backs and dig his claws in – did it to a German Shepard and a mutt.

  • Peter S. Jennings

    The guy who owned the house had a Home Security System that had cameras, According to what was said on The National news. When the father got home and heard the story of what happened he checked the security footage. I have also had several cats who put dogs in their places. One of them attached itself to the face of a Rottweiler that was getting to close to my little brother back when he was about 5 years old.

  • Mary

    You are out of your flippin’ mind. Of course, proof of factual video can’t sway those who thrive on falsehoods. Keep living in your own world of make believe. The rest of us will take the truth as it is presented to us and will make up our own minds.

  • Gabi

    I had a cat when I was a kid who literally terrorized all the dogs in our neighborhood. Big, small, didn’t matter … he would go into their yard and attack the dogs. So I know cats can and will attack dogs.

  • Anonymous

    I had a cat as a child who chased off a German Shepherd just like this cat did. Of course she had kittens nearby she was protecting. I’ll never forget it.

  • Sam Plank here’s one cat would go honey badger on that dog lol

  • Dennis

    I saw the interview with the family. They commented that the cat adopted them. It followed them home from a park and they kept it. I think it may have lost some kittens when it found them and took the boy as a replacement for the lost litter. I believe maternal instinct kicked in when she saw the dog attacking the boy.

  • Holli Anne Smith

    I had a grown female cat no bigger than a kitten. One day two stray Pit bull dogs walked into my driveway, with spiked collars, and when they saw me coming down the porch steps, came toward me growling and ready to attack. Suddenly out of nowhere my tiny ball of feline fur jumped in front of me, raising her back, hissing and challenging both dogs. They didn’t know what to make of her and decided to back off and leave. Stu is a moron. Just because he hasn’t heard of it on mainstream media doesn’t mean it never happens every day someplace in America.

  • Mark

    I love both cats and dogs. I have been around them my whole life, and I have seen Cats kick a dogs but, and I have seen cats protect kids and seen dogs protect children as well. Very rare will a dog just attack a small child, unless the child has antagonized it before. I have 5 nephews and three nieces and I will kill any animal or at least try to, to protect them. The mother did the right thing. She checked her child as did the cat and the mother and the cat both made sure the dog did not attack the child again. I’m also thinking that this is not the first time the dog has attacked someone before. The dog seemed to be on the hunt here. It stalked its prey run up to it and then attacked. But what the cat did was really amazing, and is a hero in my book. Heres a shout out to all cats, and dogs to, not all dogs are like this one as we all know. Most dogs are very protective of small children like this. I just find is strange that a dog would attack a small child for no reason. That is where I have questions. Why did the dog attack the child to begin with?

  • dexter c

    Our declawed cat has attacked dogs before. She’d see a dog come into our yard, so she’d bolt off the front porch and run it down. She didn’t posture or hiss or growl. She’d just hit them like a line backer. One dog collapsed in submission. That wasn’t good enough. She just kept making strafing runs on it until it ran out of the yard. She’s very very territorial.

    Cats liberals?? Nope. Dogs are slaves to master (democrats). Cats are more libertarian (leave me alone, moron).

  • Anonymous

    Ah c’mon guys, everyone knows that dogs have masters and cats have staffs.

    As amazing as the video is, the reverse is also true. My sister took her a dog, a cocker mix (Blackie), on a camping trip. Blackie noticed a mountain lion looking down at them from some rocks above. The mountain lion not wanting any part of Blackie’s ferocious barking decided to leave for safer ground.

    For not liking cats, Glenn does nail the feline personality traits.

  • Anonymous

    There is an old phrase – tyrants hate cats. I’m not sure if it is accurate as there is a painting of Cardinal Richelieu (the power behind the French throne of one of the Louis’) with a cat, but the principle is that cats aren’t trainable.

    What is missing in all the comparisons of cats and dogs is that as domestic pets adopted into a family at an early age their owners become their family – and they learn from that family. I have had dogs (when I lived in the country) and cats (when I lived in the city). I love them both, but they are different. Come to think of it I have a son and a daughter and they are different.

    Our pets are like our children, they start with different natures from birth but they grow with nurture. That old argument among the intellectuals about the relative influence of nature versus nurture is irrelevant – both are involved in the final product. I was once given a two year old cat to care for (I was in a small NYC apartment) while the owners found her a new home (I wasn’t looking for a pet). The wife had become pregnant and developed and allergy to the cat fur (actually dander). A very aloof Siamese who wouldn’t allow me to pet her or pick her up. I ended up stuck with her, not unwillingly. It took me two years to civilize her by forcing my attentions on her (cost me a lot of bites and scratches) but she finally decided I was her family. She would come onto my bed when I was going to sleep and lie at the foot facing the door, my best interpretation was that she was guarding me – her family – as she only lay there when I was in bed.

    The previous owners were world travelers, Delilah’s carry box was plastered with airline stickers. She had no feeling of home and family, her only territory was the carry box. She found a home with me, but it took a lot of effort to convince her of that. She lived to 19 with me as a “one man cat”.

    My point is this – be it dog, cat or child the early upbringing has a great effect on the end result. There are innate differences between the species, but there are also differences within the species that come from learning and the environment of the home. And this is consistent with our conservative values that decry the liberal emphasis on the “good of the whole” over the value of the individual.

  • Coffee Fiend

    Our trust in liberty rests on the understanding that it will, in the long run, unleash much more potential for good than for evil.

  • Precambrian

    Yet, while running the dog off, it turned to the right.

  • Carla Barnes

    omg to see the cat with the dentures in her mouth would have been PRICELESS!!!

  • Populist democrat

    Stu is really stupid. No wonder Beck hired him to join his team: the Three Stooges.

  • charles culver

    We are nothing but furniture to cats …

  • Populist democrat

    Furniture that feeds them and cleans up their litter boxes.

  • Anonymous

    I lost a close friend, a schoolmate and college roommate, in November – but as he lived in Thailand and wasn’t in direct contact regularly I found out about in in February. Bill’s family had a very small cat, and an 80 lb. boxer named Major.

    Major protected the house and the family, but wasn’t overly bright. When he went into the house the cat, senior to him in age but so small that her tail barely brushed his belly, would walk around him and criss cross between his legs dragging her tail across his belly. Major stood stock still for the exercise, the demonstration of superiority.

    But all that has been said on this thread is partisan BS on cats and dogs – an perhaps we could generalize that a bit into people. Major wasn’t fixed by fear of that little cat, he was accepting her seniority. The cat wasn’t trying to “cow’ Major into submission, she was confirming her seniority. Once the ritual was over they did their respective things with the “human family”.

    I have had dogs and cats over my 78 years – dogs when I lived in the country where they could run and cats when I have lived in smaller places. Each are equally loving, they just show it in different ways. I live with a lady without benefit of clergy, we are living in sin – but as we are of an age and each have grandchildren from previous marriages (and she has great grandchildren, she started early) I doubt that our sin is venal.

    Monique is a dog, I am a cat. That is a reverse of the normal description, but I offer to you that the normal is wrong. We think of the dog as the male, and the cat the female. But as a male I like my private time, my time to make things. I like it when Monique is gone for a day. But I find the apartment empty when she is gone for more than that. I am a cat, I don’t need to talk to you – I just want to know you are there.

    Monique is a dog, she needs regular confirmation of our relationship. She pays attention to me, and expects the response. No complaint, we’ve been living this way for nearly 40 years.

    Our cat of now is a feral rescue of 11 years ago, she is family. She may spend her day on the porch, or in my closet, or in other comfort places – but there is always that “face time” that she wants. Actually Monique would prefer less – Lucky Cat tends to join her on the couch when she is lying down and make her sit up -then spend five minutes purring an go back to her porch.

    And that is my point on cats and dogs – the cat wants to know you are there and the dog wants your attention. We are the same as people, some love without demonstration and others love by demonstrating. Each loves as much, they just show it differently.

  • Norma Campbell

    I love cats. BUT I don’t care for Glenn. And cats are capable of doing some amazing things. They are far smarter than people give them credit for. I have had cats all my life, and sometimes prefer them to some people I know.