Former Florida teacher working to expose the truth about the ‘evil’ education system

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Glenn’s new book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education seeks to offer parents, teachers, and students the facts they need to take back the debate and help usher in a new era of education built around the common sense principles of choice, freedom, and accountability. On radio this morning, Glenn welcomed former Florida teacher and founder of Kathleen Jasper to the program to discuss her experience in the public education system and the work she is now doing to fight back.

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“I wanted to introduce you to somebody I think is very, very brave. Courage is contagious. It really is. And when you start seeing people stand up and doing the right thing – but doing it the right way, being peaceful, being loving, and being accurate – those people are going to change the world. They are. And we’re beginning to see those remarkable people stand,” Glenn said. “Kathleen Jasper is the founder of This is a place where you can learn about what’s happening in our educational system, and she knows because she was in a high school.”

Jasper was a high school teacher and assistant principle, and she began to grow concerned under George W. Bush’s Administration because of the volume of testing programs like No Child Left Behind required. The implementation of the Common Core standards further exacerbated the problem, and though Jasper identifies herself as a liberal, she appreciates the solutions Glenn’s book CONFORM offers parents and teachers.

“So, you describe yourself as a liberal and generally probably didn’t think we would have anything in common,” Glenn said.

“I’ve been watching you for many years on different networks, and I know all about you. When your producer contacted me, I was really excited but also, you know, trying to figure out where we had some common ground. I ran out and grabbed your book, and I flipped through it. It’s pretty conservative, but as I was flipping through it, I wrote a list of agrees and disagrees. And the disagrees list was pretty short,” Jasper explained. “There were some fundamental things that I disagreed with you on, but the agree side was exponentially longer. So I started to sticky note your book and do what educators do with publications and wrote a blog about it and got some feedback from some people. And I really think that you and I – no matter what side of the spectrum we’re on – agree on some very, very important points.”

Jasper believes the education system is sucking the souls out of our children, and the testing that supposedly measures merit and success is actually just a money making scheme.

“When I see third graders completely freaked out about a test that determines whether or not they are qualified to go onto fourth grade, you see babies, really, that don’t even know who they are yet, being measured by this one test that generates hundreds of millions of dollars for a testing company and for campaigns,” Jasper said. “You see that our students are being pawns in a very, very evil – I will say that – game. And the people who stand to benefit are those who make the test and make the money.”

Former Florida governor is gaining a lot of buzz ahead of 2016, and during is tenure as governor, Bush was known for his education policy. He is now a supporter of Common Core. Jasper explained that even though Bush is no longer governor, he is still very much involved in the Florida education system.

“Bush is a very powerful man. He still has a lot of control in the state of Florida. And Jeb Bush has a foundation – the Foundation for Excellence in Education,” she said. “And that foundation is heavily tied with Pearson, which is a test making company. It’s also a publisher. So Pearson publishes the books, they build the curriculum. They write the tests. They score the tests. And they store the data.”

As Jasper explained, these tests actually have a 30% fail rate built into them, and Pearson earns between $15 and $30 for each test administered. The more children who fail and must retake the exam, the more money Pearson makes.

“When the students do not pass those exams… because there’s a mandate under No Child Left Behind that is been also pushed through Race to the Top that if they do not pass those required tests, they have to continue to take them over and over again. And in high school – that’s my area – students are retaking tests three to five times a year depending on the test,” Jasper said. “They are literally just testing all the time, and every time that student retakes the test, the district pays for that test. So Pearson is in the business of failure because failure drives the machine.”

“It’s great that you have these students passing the test, but really where Pearson is making its money is through the failure of our students,” she continued. “And that’s where I have the biggest problem – that they are making money off the failure of our young people.”

Ultimately, as teachers grow increasingly frustrated with these standards, the children will suffer even more.

“Teachers are completely fried with these tests. Their autonomy has been stripped from the classroom. They have no choice but to a test because they want their students to be successful, because the consequence is: The student doesn’t pass the test in third grade, that student is held back. So their hands are tied,” Jasper concluded. “They have to teach exactly what is on that test. And teachers, all they want to do is the creative work that they know to be the right thing do… I think that we should have teachers and students working together to build the curriculum and assess students differently because they are all different.”

Editor’s Note: Jasper will also be appearing on Glenn Beck Program, Thursday at 5pm ET only on TheBlaze. Not a subscriber? Start your 14-day free trial HERE.

  • Deckard426

    After the tests are scored to determine where a family keeps its guns, the Pearson Books SWAT team, is sent in to confiscate the weapons.

  • Anonymous

    Jeb “Common Core / Illegal aliens come out of love” Bush will have some ‘splaining to do during the primaries.

    • Mike Nelson

      I wonder if, indeed, he will.

      After all, Ms. Crowley outright obfuscated fact to make Romney look incompetent in some of the most publicized debates of the last election season, and Johnson wasn’t even taken seriously as a candidate, let alone interviewed by any mainstream outlets, while anyone (including Bill O’Reilly) who could have drilled 0bama, failed to do so. The fix was in long before they kept pushing the button to 50.1%.

      So, who will ask the questions Jeb will have to explain? Jeb will never be interviewed by anyone brave/informed/independent enough to either care, or be aware.

  • GatorBonBC

    Kathleen is exactly correct. She is a hero to teachers and parents for speaking up about this insanity and injustice. I hope more will follow her lead. Thank you for giving her a voice. And, thank you Kathleen!

    • Carmen David



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  • CORE Cougars

    The Graduating Class of Class of No Child Left Behind by Kathleen Jasper #commoncore #stopcommoncore

  • landofaahs

    And many of the teachers demand more money and if they don’t get it they scream “It’s for the children”. Well, maybe for their children ultimately, but what about the working man/woman who need to care for their children and are tired of bearing the taxation to pay for free-loaders.

    • Liz Benatar

      I am a hard-WORKING teacher and I resent your comment. YOU need educating on what WE do!

      • landofaahs

        I resent teacher’s unions too but that doesn’t keep them from spouting off. You need education on free speech and differing opinions. Deal with it. Frankly there should be no such thing as a government employee union. If you don’t make enough money teaching then quit. Remember this old axiom that proves itself true “MOST” of the time. “Those who can do, those who can’t, teach”.

        • Janae

          And those who actually believe your last quote are failing our country.

          • rambler

            Where is that competition then?

          • CSR

            Psych babble? Competition?

            People evolve my friend, discoveries are made, thought processes are better understood. Psychology is key to learning. Psychology has taught us better ways to connect with the mind. It’s integration into schools has done nothing but improve educational methods and learning models.

            As far as competition goes. Every state is different (problem 1). While some states in our union provide the incentives for bright, compassionate people to become teachers, most do not. Wages are poor. Workload is heavy. Freedom is limited. Most intelligent teachers reach burnout within 5 years and leave. Truly gifted individuals skip the profession all together and go straight for the private sector. The idea that unions are inherently evil is a misconception. This is not GM or Chrysler of the 1980’s. Teachers Unions try to hold on to what little they can in an age where education is the first item on a Governors chopping block. When you have such a compromised, overloaded system, the only people that stick around to work in such an environment are those few dedicated to the end people and a majority of talentless trolls..I.E. teachers that have no other place to go, that lack the ambition to make it in the corporate world, and are only in it for a paycheck. There’s no competition, because there’s no incentive to be competitive…

          • CSR

            Want to see improvement in education?…remove control from the hands of politicians and corporations.

          • rambler

            There is no competition because the inept and incompetent teachers can’t be fired and the public schools aren’t losing enough students to alternative education. In addition…. teacher training…. those ed major courses would send anyone with a brain screaming from the room.
            I’ve dealt with school systems in 3 states and they all were pathetic. Schools are being taken over by people who want to have a way to control the population. This is all driven by the control freaks in the social sciences. I’ve read many of the studies designed to see what makes individuals comply with things they don’t like. Where’s the effort going into improving methods for actual learning? Where are the better written textbook with accurate info in them? Does my child learn the incorrect answer to have it “correct” on the test or learn the incorrect answer to have it correct for life?
            No, the teachers’ union isn’t the same as a private union. The teachers’ union negotiates with the politicians who then sticks the taxpayer with the bill. The taxpayer has no say except in places where the school budgets are on the ballot. When the taxpayer doesn’t feel that the price paid in taxes is worth what the student gains from the system, watch out. How much more would a teacher make if no union dues were paid?
            I don’t really care that the teacher may have no place to go. Many in the private sector have no place else to go so they work hard to be of value to their employer and may get fired anyway. I don’t care how hard they think they work or how difficult they think the job is. Life sucks… so get over it. Other people in the private sector work harder and at more difficult jobs. So either the teachers can quit or stop whining. No one has a gun to their head to make them stay.
            I have found too many rude people working as teachers and administrators when my children attended those schools. I found many didn’t know the subject they were teaching well enough to continue teaching it.

        • Joanna

          I have noticed that those who tell teachers HOW to do the job will never DO the job themselves. I have also noticed that teachers pay for their own college education to teach the children and inspire young people, not to make money. The “old axiom” does not prove itself true in regard to teachers.

          • rambler

            I could teach, but I wouldn’t put up with the garbage administrators dish out and never would join a union. Ed went down hill when the ed major was created and time was spent on all the warm and fuzzy psych-babble stuff instead of on the subject material that the teacher would be teaching. If teachers are so good at what they do then why continue to have unions and tenure? I’m a firm believer in competition. There is no competition left in the public schools.

    • Joanna

      I, too, am tired of hearing teachers demand more money. It seems every year, every teacher is demanding more out of my pocket. I say we should just pay each teacher what they’re “worth”. For example, each teacher has, on average, 20 students for about 6 hours each day. As a responsible parent, I will presume you pay your babysitters at least $5/ hour. Based on this foundation, working 5 days a week, four weeks a month, 8 months out of the year, each teacher should be required to make, as a minimum, $96,000. Knowing that teachers make $35K- $50K, I’d say my taxes are a bargain! But these teachers don’t just ‘babysit’, do they? They teach our children! They buy school supplies for all of their 20 students; they buy, on the elementary level, gifts and awards for each student. When those dedicated teachers say, “It’s for the children,” be sure that it is truly for the children. When your child comes home with a “Good Reader” badge, thank the teacher for deciding to take her own family’s money to pay for that award your child earned.

      • rambler

        I taught my children how to read before they went to 1st grade. My son’s 1st grade teacher never bothered to read any of the info on him from his kindergarden teacher. When I went to the first parent teacher meeting his teacher and the principal were there. They told me that he couldn’t read. So I handed him a paper and he started reading. He thought the teacher was stupid and refused to read for her.

  • landofaahs

    All of the hogs are at the trough and the biggest trough of all is in DC where dem-publican politicians are feeding at.

  • rambler

    A 30% fail rate built in???? Child abuse!!!!! How can anyone help to implement this system? It a job as a teacher and those bennies so important that they won’t go on strike to get rid of this despicable program? Are school boards brain dead? Are administrators sociopaths? Clearly no one really cares about the children. No property taxes should continue to fund this.

    • Grumpy

      How can anyone implement this system is a question best asked to Jeb Bush, Barack Obama and Bill Gates..

      Very few ordinary Americans, who actually understand the scheme, support it..

      • rambler

        People who don’t have children in the system don’t bother to keep track of what’s going on. Commie core will be expensive and many districts will end up taxing people out of home ownership with the property taxes. Again…. another unsustainable lib program.

    • Teaching Not Testing

      Florida teachers can not strike. These are state mandated tests. The Florida Board of Education, as well as the Florida Commissioner of Education, are appointed by the governor, in Florida, and NOT voted into office. Gov. Rick Scott appointed this group and he ultimately controls their decisions in Florida.
      New mandates on high-stakes testing, similar to these mandated by George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind (NCLB), are now mandated through the Obama administration, by the mandates dictated by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This IS how public property taxes fund public education today, and NO, it is not right!
      Public education must be funded, but not with these strings attached, and not at the profit of corporations like Pearson. These assessments, provided by Pearson, are being administered in each state, by different names, under the guise of ‘accountability’, with the same detrimental damage to students, teachers, and public schools. In most states the parents are offered NO rights to opt their children out of these tests, but many parents have successfully refused in recent years. 33,000 parents refused for their children to take these high stakes standardized tests in NY city alone, this year, but unfortunately our media did not consider this national news and did not report it nationally. Parents, teachers, principals, and superintendents are standing up to demand that this testing mania stop. Our leaders are not listening.
      Congress has ignored their responsibility to update and modify No Child Left Behind (NCLB) for SEVEN (7) YEARS. We must demand that congress eliminates NCLB now. We must demand that the high stakes standardized testing of NCLB and CCSS end. Our leaders have forgotten that WE, the people, are OUR government. WE have forgotten that WE, the people, ARE OUR government. A ‘teacher’s strike’ will not correct this issue, only we can correct it. It IS about the children, and our children deserve better.
      Thank you Kathleen Jasper and Glenn Beck for sharing this issue, bringing it to the public, and working for our children!

      • rambler

        Public ed is not going to continue to be funded if it becomes more expensive than it is now and doesn’t improve. The reason why the progs got more control of ed through the no child thing was because public ed hadn’t improved and it was sold to the naive public that the feds could improve things. The quality of ed hasn’t improved since I was in school. I watched the quality decline further each year my children were in public school.
        A teacher strike won’t do anything because not enough of them have the guts to to strike or quit. It will be up to the parents who won’t continue to subject their children to abuse marketed as education and the tax payers who refuse to keep funding the astronomical cost which will occur when the fed gov drives out all competition and is the only show in town. See, the political elites don’t give a hoot if the masses really get educated because then the children of those elites won’t have any competition in the work place. So good luck getting the very people who created this ed trap to change it. There is nothing in it for them to change it.
        As for opting out of the tests…. been there and did that. I kept mine home for a week during those stupid tests. Parents need to grow a spine and not tolerate what is going on.

      • Michael

        Anyone can strike… you make the assumption of that these teachers can’t strike because it’s not the admin’s power to change anything but your wrong… the whole school system can strike, teachers, parents, facility, and students… can all just stay home. Take a cultural anthropology course and then tell me who has the ultimate authority… government? Or the People?

        • Tracie Overdorff

          Florida teachers CAN NOT strike! The teachers union bargained it away in the 80’s. It is in the Florida Constitution. If they do they can be fired on the spot (unlike other teacher unions.) So they fight in other ways – like trying to fix the system from the inside. Or like this teacher – bringing to light what is going on.

          • Michael

            Tracie, your looking at it incorrectly. Sure a piece of paper says the teachers will lose their jobs if they strike… this does not mean that they CANNOT strike, it just means there are consequences if they do. It’s like trying to ban firearms… ooooh sure a piece of paper someone wrote says you have to have a “permit” to own a gun.. (in certain parts of the country)… doesn’t mean people “have to” get a permit. It just means there are consequences if they do not get one…. Learn about reality before you try to use a legal argument against a cultural issue. The law is only the law as long as people follow it. What if for example those teachers all told the administrators no, they were not going to teach the CCS, the teachers get fired, the town gets angry and secedes from the state and hires back the teachers? Oh look… no more of YOUR legal issue here. Still just one of culture. 😉 THAT was the original point. We the People is allways stronger then We the Elect Few Who Know Best. Common Core was done by the elites to manipulate the workforce into falling in line under their power. These powermongers are everywhere in this government. Democrat, republican. Same crap different grass. People can STILL stand up tho this. The People just has to wake up.

  • Connor Kenway

    Why is it blind Obama followers still cannot see that Common Core is a money making scam.

    • mspatdev

      They probably know it is and they are pretending that it isn’t. When there is something that happens obammy looks like he doesn’t no anything. Well, I don’t believe him not knowing anything. He knows exactly what is going on.

    • Tracy Damron-Roelle

      This evil started under NCLB. This is NOT a partisan issue. CC is just another overbearing extension that started with small stuff under Reagan and Education2000. I wasn’t paying attention then, but I was when NCLB came along. I was fighting mad, and most people looked at me like I had three heads. I’m just happy now, that people are paying attention, and it’s people from all sides of politics.

    • Carissa Edwards

      Common Core was under works before Obama started. This is a result of NCLB. Common core is not, in and of itself BAD, it is the ASSESSMENTS that are bad.

  • dennis reilly

    jeb the greedy punk bush

  • ISawTheLight

    We need much more of this kind of bravery.
    Homeschool it pays off in the child we are .

  • Deckard426

    Like all the Bushes, Jeb is a globalist, New World Order, psychopath. Which is precisely why the Republican Mafia will run him.

  • Greg Harding

    It is phenomenal what she is doing and baffling that more teachers are not doing the same except that their pay is now tied to the test scores.
    Some of her information is not fully correct however. In Florida, elementary school students do not just take one test, they take two at a minimum and some take three. There is also regular testing which they call DE testing. This is free research for Pearson and others to gain information. We as parents are prohibited from seeing these tests. That test is in addition to regular 5 tests that are given each week(math, spelling, vocabulary, science, reading). I just attended the orientation for the next grade level for my children(currently in 1st and 3rd) and the teachers do not even know what curriculum they will be required to teach and they may not even be teaching the same grade as they implement “teacher roulette” where the teachers may not even teach the grade they have been specializing in. The teachers stated, because so many parents were questioning common core, that they are not permitted to bring in any of their own teaching materials or tools. They must ONLY use what has been designated and they must follow it precisely and in the order and time-frame specified. If somebody or all do not get it then you just move on. ALL of these teachers stated that they fully disagree with common core and high stakes testing but their pay is tied to it and they are closely monitored so they feel stuck. And they are fully aware of the scam the Florida Dept of Education pulled with just renaming common core to Florida State Standards and adding back in cursive writing. They also know that data mining will continue.

    • mspatdev

      It is none of there business where people keep there guns. We have a 2nd amendment of free speech and gun ownership. This is for kids to take test and not to have guns taken away from the house. What a shame.

    • rambler

      The data mining and the data junkie groups are huge supporters of this. Any way to get around those nasty privacy restrictions. The schools aren’t going to be ed centers anymore. That data will be sold to all sorts of groups, corporations and social science centers. We can thank the fed gov for that too. The census bureau created the social science industry in an effort to have the census workers employed between decennial census collection. Directors of the CB come from that industry and return to it when there term is done.

    • Ron Silianoff

      The pay is not tied to test scores because there is no money to pay for it. Please get your facts straight before you go ranting. I am trying to put food on my table for my family and pay my mortgage every month. So, I should quit my job because I don’t like every aspect of it. I am sure you don’t like everything about your job. What are you doing about it? Again, maybe in the future our pay will be tied to it, but right now, not happening.

      • Greg Harding

        That is the perfect liberal progressive common core response. It makes no sense. Historically, teachers chose that profession because they have a passion for children and education. It is not just a job. There is no more important matter in society for our children than education. The results of FCAT(or whatever AIR calls it next year) will tie to a teachers pay.

      • Guest

        And this is the exact reason why you shouldn’t be a teacher. You really don’t give a crap about the 100’s of lives you are supposed to be shaping… all you care about is you and yours. And that’s fine… care about you and yours….you absolutely should… but DON’T be a teacher…. because you morally responsible for the damage you inflict while trying to put food on the table and pay the mortgage!

      • Tracy Damron-Roelle

        Right now, 50% of Florida teacher evaluation is based on this one test. There’s a bill heading to Gov. Scott that will reduce it to 33%. Sorry, but my kids aren’t data and they will not be used to evaluate their teachers. We refuse those tests.

    • Tracy Damron-Roelle

      Kathleen knows what’s going on. She’s discussing the state mandated tests. The rest of the tests are district tests and completely unnecessary at the amount of benchmarks, screenings, on top of the tests we expect … math, reading, spelling, vocabulary. Science and Social Studies lessons are almost nil.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see someone expose the funding that public schools are scheming to get out of students with special needs. After fighting our district to get our daughter with developmental delays aka Down syndrome the most basic of needs to help her learn, it infuriates me. They exempt these children from the tests, but label them “at risk” at the same time so the district can get more funding for “at risk” programs which can be lots of things from raises, to administrative assistants for those programs. So you have a student population being manipulated to get more funding.

    The children with special needs are counted with certain multipliers when determining what funding the school will get. My daughter’s multipliers were 5 at one time. 5 times the going rate of a typical student being counted for school funding.

    But the saddest part, is as a parent you have to fight for every tiny bit of accommodation, aides, reading programs, technology like iPads or just laminated card system to help speech. Because the school’s answer is to lock them away in resource rooms strapped to wooden chairs with all skill levels being taught the same thing the same way.

    My daughter is high functioning. And under my teaching with tutors, she is reading. Placing her in Public school she shuts down because they make her match picture cards with no words, and nothing is printed in color. They treat her like an infant. Since 2007 its been the same.

    This time I said enough! Enough using my daughter to pad the pocked of school administrators while she gets none of the benefits of that funding. We are full time homeschoolers now, and she is thriving.

    But there is a whole other level of evil in the school system where the special needs children’s bodies are literally sold to the state and federal level for more funding. Inclusion is a joke. They wont include your child with their peers because that makes less money for the school to do that.

    • Autumn Moon

      I teach at a center school in Fl. A center school is for the severely intellectually disabled. Twenty of our parapros were just laid off and we lost two teaching positions. I currently have 7 students, 2.5 parapros. Not only are we required to teach 90 minutes of Literacy daily plus math, writing, social skills, independent functioning but must feed, change etc for these students. They also take the Florida Alternative Assessment. My evaluation is tied to their test scores. Yes, our district is taking the IDEA money used to hire parapros who help us in these schools. Where is this money going? Is it to pay for all these tests? Sorry I can’t push two wheelchairs at the same time and feed children who cannot feed themselves. How many students will I have next year? Rumor is 11! How many parapros will I have? Rumor-1. Since the budget has yet to be finalized this is all conjecture. Rick Scott brags about more funding for public schools yet we are seeing cuts that undermine the health, safety and welfare of my particular students. Guess all that extra money is going to the pockets of test makers….not to our most expensive and vulnerable kids who are in center schools.

    • Kathie

      In our school district they are trying to get more kids in the “at Risk” category. If it is not for educational (developmentally disabled) or English as a second language they will get them labeled as problem students. Anything to increase the amount of money they get!

  • CitizenJim

    That 30% failure rate really jumped out at me. Oklahoma recently released the test results. 32.7% of third graders in Tulsa failed the test and 28.9% failed in Oklahoma City.

  • Duddioman

    The FIRST disappointment I had after Supporting George W Bush in his first campaign for president was the fact that he let Ted Kennedy write his education reform bill, what became known as “No Child Left Behind.”

    Bush wanted to “change the tone in Washington” so he let a man with an extreme left agenda shape his education bill and students and teachers have been paying for it ever since. Even worse, though it is a liberal reform effort, it bears Bush’s name and support, giving the impression that Republicans are wrong on education. Well, the GOP and DNC are, but parents are waking up and starting to take back their schools.

    Thank God for people like this woman who are sounding the alarm and fighting the beast.

  • Robin Mitchell

    My kindergartener asked my husband to go with him to his room and talk. He told my husband that he needed to get himself straight because his teacher told him that he will have to take a test in a couple of years and if he didn’t pass it he would get kicked out of school. No I am pretty sure she did not tell him that he would get kicked out of school but that he would be held back. I am furious that our government is doing this to our children. For a 6 year old to be worried about getting held back or thrown out of school because of a “test” is atrocious!

    • Anonymous


      • leslie

        I’m going to a home school convention next week, but I’m a single mom. How do I home school? My son in 4th grade gets anxiety, stress, insomnia the days before the map tests, which are called measurements of academic progress. It’s a measurement of probability of passing staar. I’m in tx. He cries and feels dumb bc they get scores immediately upon completion. His grades are a’s and b’s and reading has been 77 both quarters, yet his map scores say he’s got a 50-69% probability of passing staar. TX didn’t adopt common core but the teacher admitted they adapted to common core. Is it true you can opt out? My son takes map 3 times a year every Tuesday that’s 12 days there. Then weekly fresh reads, which I thought were actual grades, but found out those are simply assessments as well. And he has 2 days of writing for staar, one reading and one math. the school puts so much pressure on kids for staar, I put none on map. I say I don’t care what the dumb line graph says. I care about his grades on report cards. Which two are e-u in citizenship. What are they going to do strip his citizenship if he doesn’t pass? They only get four letter grades now once a quarter, 4 times a year and not until third grade. It’s sad and pathetic the dumbing down I see Just from the level of education from when my 4th grader was in 1st grade to what my current 1st grader does. Did she say opt out? That’s actually possible? I have my letters written and rebuttal for there inevitable denial. I’m scared my son will end up with an ulcer due to staar bc of the school’s pressure. If he has this much anxiety on map days when I put zero pressure on him. Is that possible? Anyone successfully opted out of these assessments? I’d love to hear your stories

  • melissa

    `Another Brick In The Wall’. That is all I can say.

  • Lancey

    You have to introduce a curriculum that the colleges and academics agree upon in order to have a patterned academic coursework that all the states and academic institutions agree upon. Otherwise you become a “Tower of Bable” where one jurisdiction has a completely different one from another district or state thus having total chaos in our country and no coherent policy.

  • Dennis Ferguson

    Glenn have her come to texas apply in one of the small cities she will get a job realy fast also tell her to try abilene they are allways looking for goood instructors and school leaders.

  • Jen

    PrinciPAL. Remember that your principal is your pal:)

  • Tracey Hayes

    Glenn, please read this. I truly believe this common core is evil too. Common Core causes children or anyone, to think “differently” to solve the problem. It causes the brain to connect different synapsis to solve the problem. Why do you think educated adults CANNOT solve these problems? Our brains need to be retrained to think in a completely different way than it has NEVER needed to think before. In a sense, this is a form of brain-washing (for a lack of a better term). I do not know all the science behind this but, I truly believe something very evil is at play here to hijack our children’s minds to think differently. Yes, I am a Christian and I believe the spirit of anti-Christ has always been in the world, could this be a tactic to prepare the future masses to worship him? I do not know but, as you said, there is something evil about it.

  • pete

    Then there are those teachers that re-bubble the tests, like the Florida FCAT, and administrators manipulate the status of the students (eligible or ineligible for the test) for their personal financial gain as well. It is well documented. So is Pearson any different than school teachers and administrators who evilly want that A grade for their school. It’s all an evil money racket. What I know for sure is that our kids quality of education has been in decline since mainsteaming of disruptive kids in the classroom started and discipline has been removed.

  • peg mcarthur

    assistant principle?

  • Maguire Ward

    LISTEN HERE! I am a STUDENT in the state of FLORIDA! Everything she said is correct. No joke as a result of all of these tests I have missed out on total about 15 hours of instruction time in each class as a result of so many students taking tests that teachers have no choice but to hold off lessons. It is getting out of hand, we need to get rid of No Child Left Behind and fix our education system as a whole.

  • Zachary Abelardo

    Puh-leeze….please spell Principal CORRECTLY!!!!

  • Larry

    Thank you Kathleen Jasper for exposing the truth. I am currently a high school teacher in Florida of 14 years and totally agree. It is frustrating as a teacher to have your hands tied as you see more and more students each give up because of all the testing and by high school have far less skills than students had at this stage before all the standardized testing

  • Mallorie Gant

    GO MRS.JASPER GO!!!!!!:)

  • Michael Brennan

    If you’re going to pose as an education expert remember the principal is your pal.

  • Richard Travis

    I will say one thing, the biggest failures in the school system are usually the parents themselves………Just dressing a kid and putting him on the bus is not going to cut it… have to be engaged in what the kid is doing and why……and you need to know their teachers better than the guy next door…….the average parent is AWOL when it comes to educating their child.
    Some parents rise to the occasion….but they are few. A person who had it in their heart to teach when they entered college is worth ten who made the decision later.

    • Anonymous

      You may have valid point but in this case the only person government is not pointing fingers at for a failing education system is the one most responsible; government.

  • Cathi

    I am hoping someone reading this may be able to help point me in the right direction. My friends grandson, an A/B honor roll student is being told he can not graduate with his class because he failed the FCAT by 10 points. He was just given awards Wednesday during a ceremony at school for seniors. This afternoon he was told that due to his test scores he will not be able to walk with his class May 30. Is there anywhere that the family can turn to appeal this decision? I am heart broken for this young man, he has worked so hard to get the grades he does. He just does not test well. With the FCAT not being administered after this year, is there anything that can be done?

  • Guest

    Evil Unconstitutional Department of Education. Only the States and the People may fund

  • Guest

    Evil Unconstitutional Federal Government Department of Education. Only the States and the People may fund education.

  • James Paul Albright

    Evil Unconstitutional Federal Government’s Department of Education. Only the States and the People may fund education.

  • Anonymous

    “common sense and choice? ” impossibe when you begin with the premise that the government must forcibly ‘educate’ your child. Government schools were never meant to educate but to brainwash. They are doing a swell job of it.

  • Anonymous

    Watch Leonard Cohen;s, ”The Future”

  • Anonymous

    This is SOOOO Goooood. When it comes to
    liberty there are no ‘liberals’ or ‘conservatives’ only Americans
    fighting against Corporatism. You do NOT have to follow the machine.
    Opt out of testing and raise your voice.

    School testing? – it’s
    all about $$$$. A fortune is being made by Pearson Corporation (Bush
    family links and heavy Washington lobbyists). Every time a child takes a
    test $15 – $30 goes to Pearson. In high school, it’s even higher as
    each child uses at least 7 tests and retakes the test if he fails.

    Teachers are fried…they are forced to teach to the test and no longer
    can use their creativity in the classroom. The machine wants robot

  • Richard Bohler

    Kathleen Jasper is a courageous lady. Too bad Jeb has taken the tack he hs with Common Core. If he wins the nomination, many, many conservatives will sit out the election.

  • CJ

    Teachers would love to go back to doing our jobs well. But voters need to start hitting our politicians where it hurts. They don’t care what teachers think, there are too few of us to impact their careers. But parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else who cares about educating our children well should do less complaining on social media and more complaining to lawmakers. Make it clear – change what’s going on or they’re gone.

  • CJ

    Another thought – what would happen if every parent in the U.S. exempted their children from the mandated testing? Every parent has that right, start exercising it and you will send a strong message!

  • Meg Norris

    Thank you Glen and thank you Kathleen. I too walked away from the classroom after 18 months teaching Common Core. It is nothing but abuse. I have fought for a year, spending every cent I have educating parents. In Georgia the standardized test was given a new cut score this year. That score? 48%. I child must only answer 48% correctly in order to pass the test. What does this tell us? It tells teachers nothing, but it tells me that this testing has NOTHING to do with measuring achievement. Since when was a 48% passing ANYTHING?

  • Bo Tye

    I’ve found this to be a useful lamp of liberty holding timeless truths for today’s course of human events:

  • Ewade

    Thank you Democraps! The evil scourge goes after our kids again.

  • silkee1

    Craziest subject in the world to me because no one supports bad schools except…except. Who is still in support of bad schools?! Even the teachers unions are losing steam because the examples of success are prevalent, and they are mostly charter schools (conservatives have all but won this argument already). DSST Public Schools in Denver is a hybrid marriage between public schools and charter schools that is taking the best of both worlds and removing ALL excuses.

  • elizabethhanson

    I’m pleased to announce, if you don’t know already, that the Washington State Dems passed a resolution opposing common core last month at their state party meeting, the first state Dem body in the U.S. to do so! Also, my husband and I- we helped shepherd the bill, are nearly done on our book opposing common core and its high stakes testing regime. You can read a great deal of it online here for free- We will win this battle.

  • Kathryn White Austin

    Please correct the spelling of principal. This is an education article.

  • Tracy Damron-Roelle

    Kathleen Jasper ROCKS! I’m happy to “know” her via the Florida Opt Out Groups!

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