Glenn: Beware! Times are changing

Glenn has been talking about some major changes that have been underway in both his personal and professional life. Those changes, in many cases, have carried over to his radio and television programs and his outlook in general. On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to some of the messages he has been receiving from viewers and listeners about the new direction of his programming and message, and he explained why “times are changing.”

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Below is a rough transcript of the monologue:

You know, I want to change the subject just real quick. Tonight is an important show on the TV show because we’re getting a lot of complaints on some things that we have done, and I’m going to explain why we’ve done them. We’ve moved really fast, and for the very first time in my career, we are sloppy. We’re very sloppy. And it is not the fault of my staff by any stretch of the imagination. I called them on Friday and said, we’re beginning this on Monday. They had expected to do this about nine months to 12 months out. And I said, it begins Monday. I have the best staff in the world. And they are doing everything they can to make it happen.

But I will tell you that, um, we’re killing ourselves. We’re killing ourselves working, and we’re killing ourselves and tearing our hair out, um, trying to get all of it done and trying to figure out the path. We, we have to recognize that the world is changing rapidly. And I have a very different point of view on the direction that we have to go. It is, it is not about abandoning the fight. It is the same argument. Please, I beg you, read the words of Martin Luther King. I’ve got like four of his books I’m reading at the same time… Read these books, and you will understand because you will see the time period is the same. History is repeating itself.

And it is going to, do you remember Stu when we were on CNN, and there was a speech given by Condoleeza Rice and she just the word ‘birth pangs.’ And I stopped the video and I said, ‘Listen to what she’s saying. She’s saying these are birth pangs. You’re seeing the beginning of birth pangs.’ And it bothered me. And I stood on that for about two weeks and said, ‘Listen to what she’s saying. Birth pangs become stronger and closer together. Beyond that, it implies we’re giving birth to something. What is it we are going to be cradling in our arms? What is it that we’re giving birth to? No one will answer that question.’

Well, I think we all know what we’re giving birth to now. We’re giving birth to something that does not look at all like the America that you’ve ever understood. It does not look at all like a place where you are free to express yourself, and we’re running out of time. There are those supposedly on our side who are actually calling now, for an American Spring. This is what I warned you of when I held up that little blue book on Fox five years ago and said, ‘Look, this is going to happen. These people want revolution.’ And it is coming from our side. Do not participate in the American spring. Don’t. Please.

Look up the root of that. Look up the Spring of Nations. Find out who started the Spring of Nations. Not the Arab Spring, not the American Spring but the Spring of Nations. I’ll give you a hint. It happened around 1860. What else was going on? And what spurred that on? That is darkness, it is chaos, and it is evil. Stay away from it. It’s poison.

But things are going to start birth pangs again, start to move rapidly again. They are going to start coming at you so fast. This is the beginning now of a time that I have said they are going to come at you so fast, you’re going to be overwhelmed. You have to make your decision of who you are before you get there… It is the road map. And if we don’t get back onto that road map, we’re toast.

And so we’re making changes because we are doing a lot of things behind the scenes that I wish I could tell you about, but I can’t tell you about. There are two huge things that are happening in my life that I cannot talk to you about right now. But if you’re smart, if you listen to this program, you have a pretty good guess. There’s two things that some day we’ll talk, but I’m telling you, I’m begging you, please, please, I’ve never been here before. You and I and our relationship has never been here before.

I remember right before the crash of 2008, I put my head against the wall of the studios at Radio City. Do you remember that day, Stu? And somebody called me and said, what the hell you doing? Why are you even talking about the economic crash? It was like September 2008. It was right before the crash. And somebody called up and yelled at me, and I hung up the phone and I called my wife and I said, ‘I can’t do it another day.’ And I put my head up against the studio wall, and I just banged my head against the wall and I said, ‘I give up. I surrender. I can’t do it anymore, Lord. I can’t do it anymore because I remember begging you, please, it’s just around the corner. Please.’ And I have heard from so many people, so many people, that called me after that, and said, ‘Glenn, I can’t thank you enough. I heard you that day. And I pulled my money out of the stock market. And three weeks later, it collapsed. Thank you.’

There are things that I know, and then there are things that I believe, you may not, and that’s fine. Mock me. I don’t care. There are things that I believe I have been sent to do and to warn and to encourage and I am at that point in our relationship again. Please, I beg you, if you are a pastor, I beg you, the universal and everlasting truths are the only salvation. They are the only things that will work. If you are told, you must comply, violence is not the answer, hatred, envy, pushing people, calling people names, and I am the worst example. I can’t tell you how many nights I have been at home and said to the Lord, ‘How many people have you gone through before you got to me? I’m the last guy that should be delivering this.’ I know.

Please, please, be aware. Times are changing. Courage is contagious, but so is violence and hate and rage. One comes from darkness, one comes from the light. Only the light will stand. Only the light wins. Anything that makes you enraged, anything that says, ‘Go get em,’ is wrong. We are not looking for a win. We are looking for reconciliation. We are looking for change. We are looking for a call back to the things that have been true since the beginning of time. We are looking for just ten things. Just ten things.

I won’t have another God. I don’t care if that’s money. I don’t care what that is. If you are in a business right now, and you are compromising your values because of money, stop. Stop right now. Stop. I will not use the Lord God’s name in vane. Look it up. Look it up. Who does he say that to? Moses. Who shall I say sent me? I am that I am. When somebody tells you you’re nothing, when somebody tells you your worthless, you’ll never make it, you need to use the power of God and use it in the proper way. I am worthy. I am capable. When you say those words, you have the power of all creation behind you. I am capable. I am strong. I am courageous. I am much more than I have been led to believe. Say those words. Don’t commit adultery. Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t covet. Don’t steal.

Can’t we just agree on those things? Please, I’m begging you. Come with me on a very different journey. A little bit more tonight at 5 o’clock. But I want to emphasize: A little bit more at 5 o’clock.

  • landofaahs

    I don’t really think times are changing because we are in the same wash rinse and repeat cycle that nations have gone down before. America is changing for sure and not for the better. Our morals are base and we will pay the judgment decree. Count on it.

  • Cherise Poland

    I am one of those people who trusts easily. I take people and things at face value. I don’t know what is going on anymore; I thought the American Spring was a peaceful protest? I have supported the Convention of States. I support Oath Keepers and I have always been a Glenn Beck supporter. I no longer have faith in my judgment. I call myself researching information but evidently even that can be distorted. The Bible, Prayer, and the Blaze are my support or ” affirmation” if you will. I believe in the idea of “good government” as intended by our founders. I also believe in individual rights. I have a fear though; that we have become so complacent that we (and I) have been corralled to a specific agenda not of our own choosing. I am guilty of allowing my government to handle their jobs while I manage my own affairs. Seems simple. My government is not managing their own affairs but wants to manage mine more and more. I just want to live my life and enjoy the liberties and freedoms as set down in the Constitution. I don’t want to be involved in conflict and drama; it seems wasted time.

    • Jaamoose

      If you support oath keepers and Beck, if you rely on the bible, prayer, and the Blaze for your “affirmation,” then you shouldn’t have any faith in your judgement.

      • Taraveah

        Ah Jaamoose, you are always so unbiased and always have so many important things to say. LMAO

    • Julie F Klusty
  • Dan Heizinger

    Surrender… good plan Glenn

  • Dan Heizinger

    Was God not with the tribes of Israel when they smashed the Canaanites, who were as corrupt and debauched as the libs? Why would the LORD not be with us when we destroy the progressives?

    • Jaamoose

      The LOOORRD may be with you, but fairy tales won’t help you…progress is inevitable, and liberalism always wins eventually….

      • George Gilbert

        I really do not care about your position on a higher power, god, gods, etc. However, Liberalism always fails and leaves a nation devastated and steeped in poverty. The Old U.S.S.R? Russia? Greece? Every nation in the E.U. damned near? What world are you living in anyway? One that denies the reality that exists for a fantasy they want to believe. The most Liberal States in the U.S. are the ones that are worse off financially, filing state wide bankruptcy, experiencing higher crime rates, and raising taxes on the poor and middle class. Where have you been? Do your own research and stop listening to CNN, the Huff Post, and the Liberal talking heads, just stop already! Everyone in Congress and Government in general is exempt from “Obama Care”, why do you assume that is if they think it is such a great idea for the rest of us? I pay no less than 1000 dollars a month in taxes, and I am reasonably educated and I am “the” Middle Class that Obama promised to help. I have never felt the taxes on my income before in the way that I have under the Obama Administration. PROGRESS, REALLY!

        • bostonimmigrant

          this country was founded on Liberalism and we seem to be making the mistake of getting away from it

      • Anonymous

        Jaamoose: I Saw a video today about Stalins”progress” in the ukraine in 1932; He clamped down on the borders; had soldiers seize all food and fields starving the populace to death. While exporting the
        Ukraian grain to the west for capital. You “progressive” central govt “types will do the same to us.and you will not “win eventually”. You will see massive bloodshed.

  • ken.

    the revolution is coming whether glenn likes it or not. the leftists need it to finish destroying our constitution and our country so they can replace it with their own marxist dictatorship. the leftists will start it and we will have no choice but to defend ourselves, our constitution and our country. i like much of what glenn says but he can drop to his knees crying surrender if he wants, the rest of us will fight for our and his freedom.

    • John

      I agree with you, absolutely. I am a Christian and know that we must fight to save our way of life. Western Civilization depends us prevailing in this fight.

      • Shawn Cameron

        There is a difference between fighting when your back is against the wall and itching for a fight. Reading the comments here and on Becks FB page over the past few months there are a lot of people in the latter group. Those people are every bit as dangerous to the Constitution and our way of life as the leftists.

        • R-WOOD

          You are one sick dog!!

          • Shawn Cameron

            No a sick dog is someone who plots to put the women at the front line so if violence does break out the feds will shoot them first.

      • Carmen David

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        • Anonymous

          troll 2

      • bostonimmigrant

        John And you are a Christian???? What type of Christian is that ??? you are funny

    • Jaamoose

      You all talk a big talk, but in reality, most of you don’t have the guts to actually do anything but type, and those of you who do have the guts will end up shooting each other…

      • George Gilbert

        Then so be it!

      • ken.

        your so full of crap you need to take laxatives for life.

      • bostonimmigrant

        Now someone speaks the truth here LOL

    • Crassus

      You can’t beat evil by sitting in the corner and praying that it will go away. That’s what Glenn Beck seems to want to do. You’ve got to grab the devil by the horns and kick him in the groin before he does the same to you.

      • Larry Bavaro

        it will go away, come election time, we must stay cool til then.

      • Tracy William


        ✒✒✒ �✒✒✒ ✒✒✒ ✒�✒✒ ✒✒✒

        • Anonymous

          Ah we have a troll here.

          • Machulak

            I think you mean spammer

      • Machulak

        …said the commander who ordered the bombardment of Fort Sumpter.

    • Julie F Klusty

      I wrote a report about this issue. You can find it here:

      • Anonymous

        Summarize it, so we don’t needlessly give you a ton of website views because you happened to spam the comments with your website address.

        • Julie F Klusty

          you seriously think website views are important to me?? I posted it for the benefit of others – summary – evil globalists are about to drop the hammer – get to DC in a last ditch effort to stop it

    • Machulak

      Let them start it.. but don’t move an INCH until THEY start it.

      • ken.

        thats it exactly! defense is not violence, why can’t glenn and others understand that? non-violent protest to prevent violence is also defense.

  • Anonymous

    Take out all that Jesus magic, really Glenn You have shown many times no respect for our Lord Jesus Christ on your shows, but this comment is blasphemy. That’s what the Pharisees said about Jesus’ healings and raising the dead.

    • Really!?_Who_Cares!?

      You totally missed the point….

      • Anonymous

        No, I’m not missing the point, I fear you just take Glenn at face value and do not question anything he says. Are you a Christian?? If you are would those words he said ever pass your lips???

        • Really!?_Who_Cares!?

          Again, you are totally, missing the point….oh…and never assume…you know not I nor anything in which I believe. You are acting just like the arrogant and extremely ignorant progressive when you preach as if you know all and no one can know as much as you. God bless….

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t say I knew what you are, I asked. You never did answer my question. God bless you as well. By the way, I am a conservative, and you assume I’m a progressive, you should practice what you preach.

        • Anonymous

          He was quoting Carl Sagan, albeit, sarcastically.

    • George Gilbert

      Yes, take out all of the Jesus Magic. Jesus was God, he could raise the Dead. We, however, cannot! we are bound by the natural laws of the world in which we live. I don’t know what world you live in, but GOD doesn’t live here! This world belongs to Satan. If you don’t believe me read the Bible again, from cover to cover. Paul was one of the most effective Apostles. What did God say to him when he asked for a healing many times? No, “my grace is sufficient for you.” Even though I disagree with Glenn’s “New Perspective” on most everything, God isn’t putting a horse in this race, so you better figure out what side your on.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! I hear this kind of talk almost daily from other sources who speak from God. Glenn sounds more like those Malayian leaders who know so much about that vanished flight, but can’t tell the victims. Glenn,if you know the truth, you might as well tel it, unless, of course, there’s more to your agenda. Or, are you working on another book to fill your pockets fuller?

  • Anonymous

    Yes! And thankfully: times are changing. Stop idealizing a past riddled with confusion, hate and intolerance. Use God to look to the future, to be hopeful, to do the greatest change: learn to love everyone, and learn love is unconditional.

    • Mike

      Mr “Fine”, still snarking around eh? You and your doctrine are as subtle as someone that passes gas in a small chapel.

      Whilst all have access to this forum, your scree is like a fingernail on a blackboard. Most turn away from the screech.

      • Anonymous

        Great! I guess…

  • Anonymous

    If anyone from the Beck program monitors this discussion then please have Glenn pick up the book that I recently sent him entitled “Arc of Empires”. I believe that it will give him greater understanding of these “birth pangs” he has mentioned. There is a plan and God is in the middle of it. PLEASE HAVE GLENN READ THAT BOOK!!!!

  • Jon Galt

    I don’t believe in a violent revolution either, Glenn. However, I will not willingly surrender… I will not walk onto that cattle car pretending things can only get better. If it comes to that, then violence is the only recourse.

    Glenn you didn’t actually cover that. I hope you would agree we shouldn’t surrender to tyranny, and as a last resort violence is acceptable. Maybe not for you – they might not want you as a martyr, but us little people will be lined up, shot and buried in mass graves. Its happened too many times in history to pretend it can’t happen here.

    • Anonymous

      The ones who lay down their arms will be the first ones to go.

      • bostonimmigrant

        I hope you do not call yourself a Christian too???? LOL

  • Taraveah

    I do believe that Tytler had it correct. Sad, but true.

  • turfbarn80

    Even Sal Russo of the Tea Party is now screaming for” immigration reform” (amnesty.) All the people we thought were protecting citizens are openly advancing our representational obsolescence. Cultural rot, overwhelming immigration, and political corruption are all part of the American Spring.

    • Sharon

      The tea parties have been infiltrated by libs, I knew this would happen.

      • Crassus

        Not infiltrated. They’ve sold out. They played you and everyone else for suckers. If you put your faith in the Tea Party you were a fool.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sick of Glenn telling us to listen to the words of Martin Luther King, got to read the words of Martin Luther King or We’ve got to be more like Ghandi, Got to hear the words of Ghandi……. GLENN WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO WAKE UP?????

    • Crassus

      In the end, King and Gandhi both got their heads shot off. Glenn never mentions those facts.

      • Machulak

        A man and his ideas never die until his name is spoken for the last time.

  • Really!?_Who_Cares!?

    Anyone that desires war on American soil, whether civil or with another country, has neither seen war nor understands the turmoil it will cause. I have seen war, I have no desire to ever participate in it again. I DO NOT want my kids to ever see it. War is not what peaceful followers of Christ desire. I do not believe everything that Glenn says, nor do I place him as a spiritual figure head. I do support him 100%, though, in regards to finding peaceful resolution to the challenges that freedom loving Americans face.

    • ken.

      nobody in their right mind wants war anywhere, it’s the mentally deranged leftists who are going to start the war and it is up to us patriots to end it. there is a difference between violence and defense. there is a difference between being violent and standing up in armed protest to prevent a violent injustice.

  • Maureen Wiggam

    Was very glad to hear the monologue this evening. Glenn, you are certainly on the right track, and we as your audience need to understand the pressures, both financial and career wise you are under. People have no patience, are so demanding etc. you have my and my husbands total support and respect. Stand strong. And thank you so much for what you do.

    • Bob Kelley

      The long con continues…….this train wreck is better then any reality tv show.
      Reading these comments from people who understand they are paying for slop on TV…….the Blaze TV is the radio show nonsense repeated.
      The morning meetings are the world’s greatest circle jerk of all time.

      • Anonymous

        See ya Bob. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! How sad it is to see such an ungrateful and impatient hoard. We don’t need promoters of hate and violence in our circle, but understand that you will be welcomed back should you change your mind.

  • Patty Stanislas

    Thank you for your courage- it helps and encourages the rest of us as we walk together in this-

  • George Gilbert

    Glenn, what happens when we have “loved” and “peaced” our way right into totalitarianism or worse? What condition would we be in if you had piped this hippie garbage into the ears of the Patriots who gave us freedom from the tyranny of England and the corruption of that government? I’ll tell you. We would still be under the control of a Crown that taxed us into perpetual poverty and indentured servitude! You are becoming soft as you age.

    This “New” U.S. Government will not play by the rules of the civilized or bend to peaceful protests. They have maced, beat, and even shot the peaceful. So, you tell me, why should we not make them shoot us in the streets while we are fighting against tyranny instead of letting them shoot us while we sit on our hands at a college campus “peacefully” protesting? This cowardice is why America is being murdered from the inside out. Whether you agree with any of Cliven Bundy’s comments or positions or not, the Bundy Ranch incident is the perfect example of what happens when “We the People” stop sitting on our hands and take a stand against the ever-encroaching threat of an increasingly violent and brutal government.

    Did someone threaten the wealth and standing that you enjoy? It is hard for a rich man to enter into the kingdom, because they will buckle when their goods and wealth are threatened. Are you at The Blaze positioning yourselves to be the lap-dog, propaganda ministers of the “Fundamentally” Changed America? Your recent 180, with regard to your every position, is suspect, and I am not sure exactly what your angle is. Maybe you would care to explain to the people why you are, all of the sudden, wanting to “make love, not war” with the rest of the Liberal Lemmings and a handful of elitists who want to rule your every thought, moment movement, and financial transaction? Watch how close you step to the edge of that particular cliff Glenn. Once you have stepped over to the dark-side, you seldom find your way back into the light. While you are quoting scripture, they will “deceive, if possible, even the elect.” Snap out of it! At very least close your mouth so as not to deceive and lull others, willingly, into the slavery to which you also go.

    • Anonymous

      WWJD? Jesus healed Malchus’ ear.

      • bostonimmigrant

        this is a parable my good friend

    • NPC

      Excellent analysis. The same has been playing on my mind as well for some time. The sudden U-turn has left many of us puzzled.

      • George Gilbert

        Thank you. I truly believe that Glenn’s cowardice may be the key to the 180. Everyone is brave until they have decided that they are unwilling to lose those things that validate their existence, and I do not mean a clean conscience, personal dignity, or conviction. I mean the money, the accolades, the creature comforts, and the fame that he stands to give up for revealing the truth, it’s sad really.

    • Evolution_It’s a Theory

      Hahahahaha!! I am laughing simply because your arrogance is blinding of all other coherent talk. I do not believe everything Glenn says. He constantly says to not take his word for it, but with that said, I would simply suggest that Glenn is encouraging all to fight the battles in a Christ like way. The fruits of the spirit are described in Galations 5: 22-23

      “22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

      23 Meekness, temperance; against such there is no law.”

      If you fight the battles of freedom while staying in harmony with the gospel of Jesus Christ, you will not fail. You may have to endure the hardship and pain, but in the end, if you endure it well, in harmony with the spirit/gospel of Jesus Christ, you will not fail. “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Please forgive me for my rash comments at the beginning.

      • George Gilbert

        “If you fight the battles of freedom while staying in harmony with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Which part, the part where Christ tells his disciples to love one another as I have loved you, or the part where He, Christ, snapped?: John 2:15 And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers’ money, and overthrew the tables; 16 And said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not my Father’s house an house of merchandise. Or the part where Christ tells his disciples: Luke 22: 35 And He said to them, “When I sent you out without money belt and bag and sandals, you did not lack anything, did you?” They said, “No, nothing.” 36 And He said to them, “But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one. 37 “For I tell you that this which is written must be fulfilled in Me, ‘AND HE WAS NUMBERED WITH TRANSGRESSORS'; for that which refers to Me has its
        fulfillment.”…? You moron, sometimes it is commanded of a disciple, or even a simple follower of Christ, to defend oneself with force. Save your “60’s Hippie Christian Philosophies” for those, like yourself, who conveniently leave out the words that Christ spoke that are inconvenient to them and their cowardly world views. Go pray and tell God he was wrong when he ordered entire cities to be destroyed and all of the inhabitants to be killed because of the rampant corruption and incurable sexual and spiritual deviations!

      • George Gilbert

        We can kill our way out of a war you know, that is how wars are won. Ask the Israelis, they have done it more often than even we have.
        We all know the fruits of the spirit. How do you intend to kill your bomb wielding enemies when they come for your life? Are you going to Love them to death while they cut your loved ones heads off?
        God has killed more indiscriminately than any tyrant in the history of the universe. So, please sing me some more liberal hymns. The Apostle Peter was crucified and his “best bud” Jesus didn’t roll back the clouds to save him. Anyone care to continue to believe that they are above the Rock that the church was to be built upon? God isn’t winning this war for the Israelis, the Muslims, or the Christians, so everyone better figure out now what kind of world you want to be living in when the smoke clears.

    • Julie F Klusty
  • Mic68

    Glenn we understand, but it would have been nice to know before the 2 least informative infomercials with Bitcoin I have even seen and the rest of the low quality programing the past couple of months. You spoke of value tonight but please look at the other side of that value ,our subscription dollars.Our $99.95 today is 5oz of sliver, a couple boxes of ammo, a few long term meals. or extra cash to pay off dept. We placed a higher value on the information you provide than in other things. If it’s personal problems just take the time off you have a great staff and the most talent in the industry at your disposal. Use them, remember. It takes years to win a customer and only seconds to lose one. That being said I’ll stick with you because I believe in both the Blaze as a media source and in You as a messenger. Prayers out to you and yours.

  • Marka

    Glenn, your work pushes us into our hearts and into churches, but what will it do on the streets when radicals are at our doors? You preach brotherhood and self-transformation while advertising self-defense methods and urging us to watch our financial backs. You know! You know danger is upon us. In spite of all your work, it has not stopped anything. Radicals, cultural marxists, Obama’s czars (remember them?), and overbearing government selectively imposing and enforcing laws are bearing down on us even more. We are losing our freedoms.

  • kay sievers

    It sounds as though Condoleeza Rice was referring to a biblical passage found in Matthew 24:4-28. The word “pangs” is found in Matthew 24:8, specifically in the New American Standard Bible version (NASB). Birth “pangs” (pains/sorrows) are the beginning of the labor process which means there is much more to come before the actual birth. This is a very important warning and one which should be taken seriously should you choose. It’s also a good “head’s up” regarding things that are to come. It gives one preparation time.

  • Elijah Joseph

    Glenn, you are a coward, the opposite side has brazenly violated the Constitution over and over, they must be stopped, if we die, we die. Beck,you right about the Lord, but America would not exist, if you would have prevailed, in revolutionary times. Protecting the sheep, means wolves must die.

    • bostonimmigrant

      Wow Elijah you are tough ‘if we die, we die” you can make the choice to live too. While I do not like anything about Glenn he is not a coward. Did you ever build a media or be a TV person like him. I do not think so. He is no coward. Remember the violence you advocate in only a reaction to how fearful, and I am sorry to say ‘Cowardly’ you feel. When you face your fears they will just melt away and the violence you advocate will disappear too. Read your history. Remember modern America is just in its infancy no real history here yet.

  • Marka

    Glenn, Why oh why did you exonerate (undeservedly) Harry Reid to destroy Bundy? Bundy may or may not have been the right man to lead the fight, but he seemed decent and had a lot of courage. You could have been a teacher in this issue of states’ rights. You could have discussed your concerns. Instead you turned on a simple man who was not the best speaker and gave him over to Reid who will now go after him with the full force of his office.

    • Machulak

      Obama had style over substance and that got him elected. We can’t hold the same standard to our side that the liberals and low-information-voters do theirs.

  • Julie F Klusty

    time to head to DC to join the American Spring

  • Julie F Klusty

    I think Glenn has been compromised.

    I also have credible source information that Beck was handed documentation 3 months ago that would overturn the Obama administration, and he has refused to report on it.

    Word is that the bad guys have taken control of what he says – which isn’t a surprise…
    Even Beck was insistent on telling his listeners, way back when, to not
    believe everything he says, probably because he knew they would eventually get
    to him… I agree completely about the good he has accomplished – but wisdom
    dictates that we train our ears for subterfuge!

  • Julie F Klusty

    “No man escapes when freedom fails, the best men rot in filthy jails. And those who cried, “appease, appease” are hung by those they tried to please.” – Anonymous

  • MacQuarrie

    The surest way for evil to prevail is for a good man to do nothing. Glenn is not giving us ant course of action. Something MUST be done. Give us an alternative, Glenn…quit telling us you can’t say anything. I cannot, as a Christian and as a Marine blindly follow the advice of someone without evidence that is the proper way to go. I’m sorry…in this case, I must follow my own instincts.

    • Anonymous

      So what do your instincts tell you to do? Your words sound as though you are promoting violence. Ordinary people pose no threat to this government by whatever retaliatory means you favor. If we fall for their bait, we will be snuffed out in no time. They are surely hoping for this excuse. Are you honestly so impatient and ungrateful for all that Beck has done over the years that you cannot wait until Monday to hear the answers you’re after?

  • bella bari

    Glenn, just a little advice. Perhaps you are spreading yourself out too
    thin. True… your show has become a bit hum drum lately…even you can get
    burned out. Still you are
    one of a kind and we are loyal patriots. However, try as I may, I can’t
    get over your throwing C Bundy to the wolves to the advantage of Harry Reid and
    the Feds. There was no violent outcome
    and yet you continually refer to it as a violent protest. What ever happened to ‘peace through
    strength’? Didn’t the founding fathers
    say that it was our ‘duty to nullify’ unconstitutional laws? C Bundy was the last rancher standing and
    thanks to his bravery, we may actually have a chance at regaining states’ rights back from the federal government. Sadly,
    you may have fueled the fires for the Feds to go after him and the other
    ranchers…most likely they will try to destroy his life.
    also should stop harping on MLK. We are very aware of our history and
    that MLK and the civil rights movement was non violent and we all
    applaud it. Now please let it go. Really who are you?
    Confused in Denver,
    but still a loyal fan.

    • I_Prefer_Anonymity

      This is what I’m struggling with as well. It felt like he was so desperate to be right about C. Bundy that he jumped at the first thing to make himself feel that he was prophetically right. The worst part is that when it came out that the New York Times article took things Bundy said out of context (something that Glenn should be able to relate to completely and feel empathy for), he remained silent. When you allow yourself to remain silent while injustice is being done, those perpetrating the injustice win. He did not even mention in passing that C Bundy’s black bodyguard said that Bundy was not a racist. He Did not stop and think that maybe so many people had lied to C. Bundy and tried to pretend they were someone else in order to manipulate his words to make him look crazy (maybe that is why he refused to talk to Glenn’s staff, and only directly to Glenn).

      The worst part, he did not allow himself to find out that Bundy had begged everyone to leave their firearms at home. That He wanted it to be a peaceful protest. Perhaps things would not have ended the way they did, perhaps Bundy would have lost all his cattle. Maybe he was grazing there without paying federal fees, but Glenn seemed to have a certain amount of pride that prevented him to call out Harry Reid for the evil he was participating in. Bundy’s cattle needed to be taken off the land in order to move the tortoises there (which had been used as an excuse for the BLM to steal state land and make it federal). The place where the tortoises were currently had been sold by a relative of Harry’s for a discounted price to a pal of Harry’s from China (in order to build a large solar plant). In Glenn’s zeal to distance himself from someone, he distanced himself from justice being brought against Harry Reid (one of the most despicable politicians in the USA).

      I don’t mind him listening to MLK. MLK said a lot of wise things, but I do mind him trying so desperately to make it seem like he (Glenn) is the only one who can help bring us to what our country was founded on. I think this might have been what caused him to seem so hateful toward Bundy. Granted, the same week he seemed to call out Mitt Romney in a petty way for not thanking him for a priceless gift. At least he was able to walk it back when he was given more info on the subject and make it seem like he was being sincere in the admiration he displayed during the election for Mitt’s character. I’m confused, it felt like he somehow is struggling with some kind of transcendental crisis. I hope he’s OK. I saw similar personality changes in my cousin who became obsessed with the self help video The Secret. It ended up that he left his religion and stated that The Secret was his new religion. Hopefully he’ll explain what is going on soon, so I don’t continue judging him as harshly as he judged Cliven Bundy and Mitt Romney.

      • I_Prefer_Anonymity

        I also forgot to mention that the fact that Bundy obviously had little formal education, which made his words easily manipulated. If you listen to the unedited version, he seems to be saying that welfare enslaves, it causes people to devalue life, and that he desperately wants them to value life. He also seemed to be saying that he wanted the illegal Mexican families who are here to have a way of being a part of this country. He said it should not be about how it helps or hurts your political party, but it should be about helping a hard working family oriented group of people. His ignorant phrasing of saying he wondered if black people were happier as slaves (he actually said Negro and Colored people, which if you read MLK Jr. Is the terminology that was popular during C Bundy’s and MLK’s time) made it sound racist, but if you stripped it down to what he was actually meaning (without first assuming since he was an uneducated rancher from the rural west that he had to be a racist), you can see the possibility that he is not a racist in his heart, he just is not eloquent. Glenn could have so easily seen this, but for some reason it felt like he felt it was taking away from his cause. I pray that this isn’t true. I think Glenn has a noble heart and mind, I’m just a little confused right now by his actions and words.

      • Anonymous

        Glenn lost me when he said that Bundy was “unhinged” and told the listeners not to get away from people like that.

        I don’t think Bundy is unhinged. Inarticulate perhaps, but not unhinged.

        He’s demonized guys like Bundy and not said a word about people like Harry Reid.

  • Brenda

    I think I understand what Glenn is trying to say, we need to stay close to God, pray for His Holy Spirit to guide us in times like these. If we are filled with the Spirit of God nothing can harm us spiritually. We need to pray for His power, His wisdom and guidance. But we have to truly repent and ask for His favor and He will expand or territory is all area’s for our life. Our faith is going to be tested more than ever before
    after all if God is for us who can be against us. His love is greater and more powerful than any government or power on this earth. Read His word, pray, trust Him and build up your faith stronger than ever before and we’ll all be fine, remember they can destroy our bodies but not our soul. We have to be strong in Him for our children and grandchildren’s sake.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for talking about this Glenn. I have been worried about this “Operation American Spring” for a little while. I posted the above article on our tea party site that has been inundated with posts (by one person) urging that we attend tomorrow.

    • Julie F Klusty

      The nature of evil is to push good people into a corner and make them shut up.

      If we can’t think without first hearing the opinions of other people, we are already enslaved…

  • Anonymous

    The following is a very good article in regard to the unconstitutionality of “Operation American Spring:” Why Operation American Spring is Unconstitutional

    Posted: 07 May 2014 06:50 PM PDT

    I may offend some good friends by posting this, but it has to be said.

    By Jude Eden, Jane of Trades

    is impossible to read the history of the petty republics of Greece and
    Italy without sensations of horror and disgust at the distractions with
    which they were continually agitated, and at the rapid succession of
    revolutions by which they were kept in a state of perpetual vibration
    between the extremes of tyranny and anarchy.” – Publius, Federalist
    Paper No. 9…/05/angry-mob-acwraith.jpg” alt=”angry-mob-acwraith” width=”300″ height=”192″ />
    those who haven’t heard, Operation American Spring is a group of
    so-called patriots led by retired Col. Harry Riley, who are planning to
    demonstrate in Washington on May 16th. Their announced aim is to oust
    politicians they deem corrupt, and to replace them with politicians they
    like. OAS is claiming the authority of the Constitution and
    Declaration, to “throw off the bonds” of an unjust government and to
    redress grievances. There’s just one problem. Transferring power by
    these methods is totally unconstitutional. If we follow this lead, we
    can forget elections and voter sovereignty.

    group of citizens can collect in public to air grievances and urge a
    course of action. They can speak to create a tension in the mind of the
    community. But OAS can’t claim to be restoring our constitutional
    republic by inviting ten million people to show up in Washington to
    throw people out of office outside the electoral process. Be they ten or
    ten million, no one voted for them to represent America; and they
    certainly do not represent the Tea Party, which has from the start been a
    constitutionalist movement. Riley and OAS represent only themselves.

    the Federalist Papers, Publius warned against exactly what OAS is, a
    faction: “…a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or
    minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common
    impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the rights of other
    citizens…” (Federalist Paper No. 10).

    Founders took great pains to create a government that would prevent the
    changeable passions of a group in frenzy from imposing their will on
    the rest of the country.

    Dr. Mickey Craig of Hillsdale College, puts it succinctly:

    Constitution, while it is a popular government, it is a form of popular
    government which recognizes the disease of popular government, and has
    put in place institutional arrangements that will make it less likely
    that a factious or tyrannical majority will form and lead to the loss of
    liberty for the country.”

    American Spring is taking its cues from the populist Occupy and Arab
    Spring movements. The first brought destruction and anarchy to the
    streets of New York City and elsewhere. The second lead to the
    installation of one of the most tyrannical, fanatical leaders in Egypt’s
    recent history. This is horrifying enough. But more, they are preying
    on the well-meaning patriotism of many in the Tea Party movement,
    trusting that these same folks won’t see that OAS is completely
    antithetical to how we change power in America.

    are using the genuine and understandable frustrations of patriots who
    are fed up, citizens who see government out of control and want to do
    something to bring us back from the brink; from unsustainable debt, a
    government that won’t enforce our laws, a tyrannical health care policy
    that infringes on our liberties, and an economy and foreign policy that
    are in the toilet. They want to do something – something with faster
    results than our republican form of government allows. So here comes OAS
    with a call to action, miming Constitutionalism and encouraging the
    people to rise up and kick the corrupt bastards out via Washington

    slow, deliberative nature of our electoral process exists to temper the
    passions of just such a furious mob with its great potential for
    violence and anarchy. The constitution guarantees the peaceful transfer
    of power through the consent of the governed. It doesn’t matter how many
    papers OAS submits to Congress to get the Obama administration and John
    Boehner to resign. They can’t usurp and disregard our electoral
    process. To do so is to destroy the civil rights of the rest of the
    country who voted in 2012 and who certainly have a stake in November,

    Publius says in Federalist Paper No. 54, “This constitution will only
    work if the people choose men of wisdom and virtue to occupy the
    offices.” Where there are corrupt politicians, it is our duty as
    citizens to vote them out and vote in better representatives. Where
    there is voter or election fraud it is our duty to expose it and to stop
    it by requiring the same government-issued photo IDs we need to do
    everything else in our lives. Where millions are persuaded to vote for
    corrupt politicians and destructive policies, it is our job as citizens
    to persuade them otherwise. Where these problems are addressed we can
    begin to right the ship and save our country, no revolution needed.

    Col. Riley and OAS are totally ignorant of what they are claiming to
    represent, or they are deliberately hij****** constitutional patriotism
    to enact what comes down to a coup – and mere months before our next
    election. Isn’t it ironic that a group claiming to restore our
    constitutional republic won’t use constitutional methods to do it?

    from coast to coast should soundly reject Operation American Spring for
    exactly what it is: a tyrannical faction that is illegitimate,
    destructive, and unconstitutional.

    Eden is a Hillsdale College grad, a Jewish Marine Corps Iraq War
    Veteran, cancer survivor, musician, conservative activist and the wife
    of a legal immigrant.

  • MineHeaD

    Beck says this every other month…it’s his schtick !! like a televangelist…always more, always more disaster on the way, the time is nigh !! sos…it’s an act, he always has a secret mission that he can’t talk about ( all fake wannabe “profits” use this gag)…turn him off just the sheer HUBRIS of a person like Glenn Beck to act as if he’s God’s messenger is a self-delusional sickness…read “Common Nonsense” – GB is a huckster !! a snake oil salesman…

    • Anonymous

      Why are you here?

  • David Junah

    Glen Beck will not tell you that in 1871 (see Act of 1871) the UNITED STATES that we know today became a corporation thus we have a corporation posing as our lawful government. Don’t take my word for it; look up the fact. Beck has denied and ridiculed those that would stand for truth. If he is not a corporate shill he would not be allowed to be on TV. I don’t know if the “American Spring” is the correct thing to do but I do know that our Creator works through the minds and hearts of the people and those that have received him must be about his work. We are told that the Creator’s Kingdom will be established on earth and if we are believers and joint heirs with the Creator then the government does rest on our shoulders as well. We believers have, over these many years, bought into the NWO lie and the chickens are coming home to roost. We are admonished to “come out of her my people” thus we are instructed to so do.

  • IT IT IT IT 9

    Polish Joke ‘normalcy bias’ understatement of the century.

    RED CHINA handover is MASSIVELY consolidating.


    90’s show FAKE media necormancy —WILL NOT SAVE US!

    POLAND 1939 —meets POLAND 1945 —is barreling down
    that —-carefully planned ALBERT PIKE.


  • Robert Ditzler

    Glenn acts as if he has limited time in his life to complete what God is asking of him. (a terminal form of illness of some kind) He also seems to be working toward a doctorate of religion. (Dr. Glenn Beck) I listen to him with hope in my heart but also with sadness because I know that most will not listen. I fear that because life is in a constant state of change and change must take place, the path of least resistance in this case is revolution. To Glenn: Most people don’t want war. We are as tired as you are. We are looking for answers that never come. Life gets harder and harder with no relief in sight. Many believe that I am a good person but I always feel that I am a mediocre Christian at best. I fail God, but I try. I pry for peace but prepare to defend America and those who are weak in mind, body, and soul. I will be ridiculed here and I can take it because I have faith in humanity. Thanks for listening………

  • Larry Bavaro

    This is it…Obama is prying on us to rise up… so he can arrest and contain us and remain President,,,,Somebody finally said, thank you Glen..

  • R-WOOD

    You think too highly of yourself Glenn ! or !……… you want us to think more highly of you.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right about what happened in 1860, Glenn. This “American Spring” stuff was called the War Between The States the first time around. Thing is, even the comments on this newsletter site are part of it. If you have people on your shows who talk about staying positive and how the world gives every opportunity to everyone who wants it you get a certain amount of people who call you a Progressive. Then you backtrack to let the Tea Party side know that what they say is right along with having ads about food storage, guns, gold and other end times stuff. Which completely cancels out the optimistic talk from just a few hours or a day before. I know you have to play both sides in order to stay credible but nobody can continue on that road for very long without making themselves sick. Please take the weekend to find out whether you are the Glenn who wants to be popular with the extremist crowd or the Glenn who actually said the words “TED Talks” and impressed the heck out of us new-agers. Please????

  • The Conservative Wife

    I just sent Glenn an email….I don’t know why….He doesn’t bother to read anything other than from those who have something nice to say about him. I’ll post it here though….maybe someone from his “staff” will read it.

    I know it is ridiculous to think that you will ever read this email. You haven’t read anything before so expecting a different outcome now is foolish….yet I do it anyway. Why, you (don’t) ask? Because for some damn reason, I care about you. And I care about what you are trying to accomplish. But you have now alienated almost every true Patriot that followed you and you are left with a crazy fringe element. Is this what you want? To be followed by a bunch of lunatics who scream, “I love you, Glenn” every time you post something? If that is what you want, then you were never worth following in the first place.

    I wasn’t present in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch. But my prayers were there. They were with those who took the time to show up. To stand against big government. For most of us, we felt that perhaps Bundy could have handled everything differently, but the entire ordeal was about something more than cows and turtles. It was about tyranny and saying NO. It was nothing more than a bunch of little guys standing up against a big bully.

    There was no violence…at least not from the Patriots you so readily condemned. Even though I was not there, you condemned me as well. You condemned my family. You put us down in your righteous indignation. You acted Holier than thou in your judgment. None of us want violence. But when we say that we will not be silent when that violence comes to our door, make no mistake that we mean exactly that.

    And what have you been doing? Building your little empire? Because you think your movies are going to change the world? Who exactly do you think is going to watch, Glenn? The people you have insulted? The crazies on both sides of the aisle? Who?

    You ran with the story of Bundy being racist and when the entire video came out that proved it had been edited, you were silent. I have heard you “stand” with Bill Maher and “stand” with other liberals and atheist’s but I have not heard you “stand” with Patriots. You have only put us down and insulted us to the core. You have been acting as though you are the only one God “speaks” to. You go look in the mirror right now and tell yourself that you are the one who will save the world. And if you can do so all while looking yourself in the eye, then you are a lost cause.

    You are now struggling for money? You’ve written your last check? Will you take money from the devil? Feeling as though it will be okay if you do good with it? It doesn’t work that way. Humble yourself, Glenn….before God. Not man. That is your only hope.

    The Conservative Wife

    • Liberty For All

      Very good letter…Glenn is loosing me as well

  • the teleprompter

    Beck is a shill for the Establishment. Much like the Republican Party
    leadership, he is trying to cow-tow his followers into docile submission
    to the changes that are undoubtedly on the way, instead of trying to
    inform his listeners and rally people around principle. Just the fact
    that he tries to smear guys like Alex Jones, who is trying to get the
    truth out, tells me he is not to be trusted. Beck wants American’s to
    bend over and take what is coming without putting up a fight. He seems
    to think if you take a Gandi or MLK like approach, we will restore
    America to it’s founding principles. There are so many holes in that
    argument I don’t even know where to begin. Quite frankly, we are long
    since past the point where changes could be made through the political
    process and Rule of Law. I can agree with Beck that we need to avoid
    inciting violence, but the moment they come for or guns and try to
    infringe on the 2nd Amendment, and try to impose some sort of martial
    law scenario involving suspension of the Constitution, it is on like
    Donkey Kong. The stock market right now is at 1929 like levels, and for
    the same reasons. I expect events to accelerate quickly once the bottom
    drops out of the markets and all Hell breaks loose economically…

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    While the liberty school regards majority decisions of law as desirable, it also recognizes that majority decisions may not make good law.

  • Locked Semaphore

    Glen, they got to you didn’t they?

  • Mike

    In another section here I said this, ” is it possible that Glenn has had the “fear of god” put in him?” If I were a betting man, and based on what I am seeing from G. Beck etal, it is conceivable that Glenn has been given the “or else” by someone or some entity.

    Like many, I think we need more Thomas Paine than Mahatma Gandhi Glenn. If the message is that you are compromised, just say so. I think millions could deal with that. On the other hand, if all the Hollywood, bleached hair, bow tie, round glasses nonsense is your ultimate goal, count a lot of us out because the entertainment portion of the “fusion” is just plain boring.

  • Demo P. Seal; PouponMarks

    In a few years, Glenn Blech will be like John McCameAndWent. Gradually moving to a sanctimonious, holier-than-thou abstract purity, and behaving more like a corporation protecting its vast assests; Glenn has a lot of money invested in his enterprises. His increasing tilt toward televangelism will lead to disillusionment. His fragile ego, and inferiority complex will overwhelm him and he will collapse due to exhaustion and the realization that he became a common sell-out.

  • Anonymous

    WARNING!!!! Glenn has been bought.
    The snowden releases showed the world the monster behind the clean suit and all the things the little devil has been up to. The world is a little upset with us right now.
    American Spring 2014

  • Bonnie Somer


  • ken.

    police in colorado following a beacon from a bank robbery held dozens of american citizens at gun point including children under 10 for hours. illegally searched their vehicles without permission or a warrant. in todays world if you stand up in armed protest you have a better chance of surviving and restoring our constitution. if all you do is drop to your knees at home, you will be executed or become slaves to the government.

  • Intrepid

    Glenn, when you mentioned reading books by MLK you alienated a large portion of your audience, maybe all of them. They gave you a pass when you mentioned MLK in passing, but reading his books? Are you insane? They are not going to do that, and probably think MLK was a communist traitor. At this point the kooky Clive Bundy, Tea Party, gun nut racists types think you’ve lost your mind, and are leaving you in droves. Yes, Glenn that is (was) your audience; live with it.

    I believe in redemption, and you ARE on your way. Congratulations Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    Read the end of the book, we win.

  • Anonymous

    July 4th is a celebration of the Agreement among
    We, the People. Please take a look at . You and those who follow your efforts will
    find it very interesting and relevant to the sustainability of democracies in
    general and America in particular.

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