‘His humility is obvious': Bitcoin expert reflects on experience with Glenn and TheBlaze

After returning from a trip to Silicon Valley last month, Glenn had a newfound interest in Bitcoin – though he admittedly understood very little about the currency/payment system. On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn welcomed three Bitcoin ‘experts’ to the program to discuss the theory behind Bitcoin, its viability, and its future. One of those guests, Jeffrey Tucker of Liberty.me, penned an article reflecting on his experience with Glenn and TheBlaze, in which he commended Glenn’s “humility, openness, and willingness to learn.”

“We think we know but then, it turns out, we don’t know. That’s the main lesson I’ve gained from watching the extraordinary rise of Bitcoin… But, to understand requires some humility,” Tucker writes. “This is why I was thrilled to be invited to be on the Glenn Beck show, along with my colleagues Elizabeth Ploshay and Kristov Atlas… It was not a debate. It was not contentious. It was about learning. He asked questions and together we worked through some of the biggest issues in the cryptocurrency space.”

While Tucker admits he has not followed Glenn closely, he palpably sensed Glenn’s understanding “that we are on the verge of something big in history, something that will end in a terrible authoritarianism or in a new manner of freedom.” Furthermore, fi we are to achieve that freedom, “it will not likely come from top-down reform.”

Tucker praised TheBlaze’s “large, modern, eccentric, super techy” headquarters that he described as “teeming with talented young people working in every aspect of production.” He also praised Glenn for his “humility” both on and off camera.

“I would like to add something about Glenn too. I’ve known many people in his position who are not nearly as appealing in person as they are on camera… I did not get this impression from Beck at all. His humility is obvious off camera,” he writes. “He could not have been more humble, self effacing, and down-to-earth… He runs an amazing media empire at this point. And yet he has maintained his personal authenticity and intellectual curiosity. That is very much to his credit, and I say that with full awareness of many disagreements we might otherwise have on many issues. I just can’t help but admire someone like this.”

Ultimately, Tucker encouraged readers to embrace the rapidness of the digital age by being opening to learning and open to adapting.

“In some important ways, Beck has furthered the discussion of Bitcoin. He opened his mind to the topic and went exploring,” he concludes. “This is what we all should do, not just on this topic but all a huge range of topics that are confronting us in this digital age. There are many things we do not understand but can, provided we have a teachable spirit.”

Read Tucker’s article in its entirety HERE, and watch the Bitcoin interview from Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program HERE.

  • landofaahs

    Glenn your self promoting self righteousness is getting sickening. Do you awake in the morning and pat yourself on the back and say to yourself how good you are. That is not humility when you promote your self-righteousness. Well not in my brand of Christianity. As Peter once said with humble truthfulness and not self promotion “Chief of sinners though I be”. But you do have a lot of good points.

    • rashadjohnson

      You are absolutely correct. Glenn makes great points, but his “I’m just a humble guy… but let me talk about myself” is getting ridiculous.

      • @AuthorJosephine

        The fact it I believe, Tucker spoke of Glenn’s humility… what I am hearing from the two of you is “judging”.. so my suggestion… you take care of your judging and let God deal with Glenn’s “humility” if it is phony.. if you are both Christians… shame on you. Pray for your brother in Christ… even as I will pray for you… 😉 :)))

        • landofaahs

          We are to judge rightly. Or is it your judgment of me that I am falsely judging others? In other words, your comment was judging me. It’s called hypocrisy.

    • Anonymous

      Do you REALLY believe that Glenn Beck, himself, wrote this piece??
      For the love of Pete, man… If you have spent any significant time listening to GB, you would to know that:
      A: Glenn is anything but self-absorbed or self-aggrandizing.
      B: When someone IS writing something about themselves, they generally don’t refer to them self in the 3rd person as in this piece.
      C: The guy has probably hundreds of employees and would not likely be taking time out to write up a little story about what someone had to say about him shortly after they just met.
      Please stop and consider before berating someone or casting them in a negative light.

      • landofaahs

        Have you seen the numerous stories Glenn has anytime someone says something good about himself? Most people get a little embarrassed if someone is heaping praise on them. Only narcissistic people with an ego the size of Obama’s hunger to be liked. Glenn is not self-absorbed? He has to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral.

  • Andrew Hersh

    It won’t result in terrible authoritarianism or in a new manner of freedom. It will result in abject failure.

  • Rustys call

    I am so glad we are able to express what we perceive freely. Glenn Beck is a kind and gentle man, humble in spirit. Glenn is able to maintain his humble spirit while possessing exceptional talent and business success. Only a humble man would seek the guidance of our Lord through studying scripture and prayer as Glenn does. A humble man goes to a higher power before making personal and business decisions. Sad that some peoples brand of Christianity is to judge others harshly which cancels out any of their attempts for objective observations. I appreciate all that Glenn does to inform and encourage us during a very difficult time in America.

    • Tracy William

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    • Anonymous

      Yeah, most of those televangelists look so humble with their preachings too. As long as they can line their pockets with millions they will always look “humble”, read scripture lines and preach God’s word.

  • jv

    I do not agree nor support Mormonism, but there are times Glenn is right on and does care about education. Everything else he will just have to see it for what it is, including the cult of Mormonism, which isn’t even true Christianity at all. I know many who have been ridiculed, mocked and had their lives ruined from the Mormon church, so I know what I am talking about.

  • Anonymous

    We are indeed to judge righteously… I believe that means we judge situations, not people… “love the sinner but hate the sin”… only God can judge the heart. It isn’t our place to judge why or how somebody does something, We can only understand that when we see into their heart, and understand exactly where they are coming from, which we cannot possibly do, because we are not God. We are none of us perfect. Only striving to become perfect, and as long as we are on the right path, facing in the right direction, and moving forward on that path, that is all that is required of us. If Mr Tucker, who has met with Brother Beck, says he is humble, who are we who have not met him, to judge whether that is true? We believe all things, we hope all things, we endure all things… Personally, I don’t have a problem with believing this article. I like Brother Beck, and I admire the wonderful work he does. I love to read his stuff (I can’t watch it, due to our English laws, at the moment) It helps me understand a little of what is going on in the world. Brother Beck has been given a gift: a unique position and insight; I believe he is guided by the Holy Ghost in the work he does. I believe this is his mission. If you don’t believe this, or like Brother Beck, then don’t follow the articles, don’t watch the show, and don’t spoil the enjoyment of those who do.

  • Pete

    Thought this was a conversation about Bitcoin. I would not spent a dime on this questionable digital currency. The interview went well and that is because Glenn did not ask any meaningful questions. Hope this is NOT the future of Glenn’s network. ( Not Asking Important Questions ) Saw bitcoin website and payment links went offline completely for several days just a bit ago. Nothing like ‘Server Not Found’ errors on millions of website payment links for bitcoin. Get gold or at least some food … digital currency will NEVER fly … nothing and I mean nothing will ever be secure in the digital world. Every cloud service is hacked within 24 hours of going online and a currency that is managed online has no better chance.

    • Anonymous

      Guess we’ll find out very soon, whether paper money is better than Bitcoin. It’s gonna get nasty soon, I think.

    • Anonymous

      Just do not understand the way Bitcoin is used.
      Just asking — is a sum deposited (for example) to Pay-Pal and used as a saving-checking account?

  • Deckard426

    Long story, short. Bitcoins are not thin air, they’re digital thin air.

  • Cindy Kearns

    Looks like another request for more of our money to something that has no validity and no guarantees. Give it up Glenn. Go back to what you were once excellent in providing. Stop asking for our money and give us the truth about what is happening. Every time I see your latest posts, the more respect I lose for you.

  • Anonymous

    Hey NSA & FBI investigate these songs! Listen carefully!

  • Anonymous

    I would be interested in learning more and have a question. If there is power failure and/or internet crash, how would you be able to access the bitcoin?

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