Listen to the tense 911 call from imprisoned Marine just moments before Mexican police arrest him

Last month, Mexican federal officers arrested Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi for weapons possession. Tahmorressi, meanwhile, says he took a wrong turn across the southern border. Tahmooressi was originally held in Tijuana’s La Mesa Penitentiary, where he was placed in general population and his life was threatened. He was then moved to solitary confinement and shackled to a bed for nearly 30 days. Last week, Tahmorressi was moved to a maximum-security prison about 40 miles outside of Tijuana. He faces a sentence of six to 21 years in a Mexican prison for carrying his registered AR-15 rifle, .45-caliber pistol, and 12-gauge pump shotgun in his car across the border.

In an interview with TheBlaze’s senior Washington correspondent Sara Carter, the 25-year-old decorated war veteran’s mother, Jill Tahmooressi, said her son was undergoing treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder after enduring numerous tours of duty and surviving several IED blasts when the arrest occurred. He had been in San Diego for 10 days when he took the wrong turn at the San Ysidro checkpoint.

Tahmorressi had all his possessions in his vehicle because he was in the process of moving to San Diego for treatment. He declared his weapons, but Mexican federal agents confiscated them at the border as they took him into custody.

Friday morning, TheBlaze received and released the last ditch 911 call placed by Tahmooressi just minutes before he was arrested. The fear in Tahmooressi’s voice is obvious as he tells the 911 operator, “The problem is I crossed the border by accident and I have three guns in my truck and they’re trying to take my guns from me.” The 911 operator replies, “There’s nothing I can help you with sir. I do apologize.”

Listen to the call below:

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the desperate phone call and condemned the lack of mainstream media attention surrounding Tahmorressi’s arrest. As Glenn has been talking about for a number of years, the treatment of veterans in the United States is simply unacceptable. This case is particularly egregious when you consider the Fast and Furious gun running scheme and the droves of Mexicans who enter this country illegally each day.

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“Who is covering this story? I know TheBlaze and Blaze Radio is covering it. Is anybody in the mainstream covering,” Glenn asked. “He’s a decorated war veteran… He was going treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. He has served numerous tours of duty. He survived several IED blasts, and… he takes a wrong turn. He’s on the highway, and all of a sudden, before he knows it, he’s in Mexico. Believe it or not, it is fairly easy to believe that this is what has happened… I know TheBlaze has really been deep into this, and they do believe that this is merely an accident.”

As Stu explained, there is a remarkable double standard when you consider Mexican government seemed perfectly fine with the Fast and Furious gun running operation to country.

“In case you’re keeping score at home, you are not allowed to cross the border with a few guns in the back of your truck. You are, however, allowed to ship tons of guns and run them down to Mexico – the chief law enforcement officer of the United States.”

Conservative radio host Mike Broomhead, the afternoon drive host at News Talk 550KFYI in Phoenix, Arizona, has a deep understanding of U.S. border crossings, and he explained the frustrating hypocrisy of this case.

“In the rural areas, you could pass through and there are signs. But how many times have you been on the freeway and missed the exit because you missed the sign,” Mike asked. “To add to the irony, a few days ago, we had a Mesa, [Arizona] police officer… killed in a wrong-way freeway accident. He was hit driving home from work by someone who was three times the legal limit of alcohol, been in the country illegally for a few years, and had a felony conviction.”

“It just seems odd to me that you cross the border in Mexico, you’re facing 21 years for bringing a gun into the country,” he continued. “And we have people in our country and there’s no enforcement.”

  • landofaahs

    So the people who allow that kind of corruption in Mexico want to come here to escape it instead of fighting against it? Or are they just here for the money? Either way, we don’t need that kind of “stinkin’ thinkin'” here. We have democrats enough here.

    • Tracy William


      ✒✒✒ �✒✒✒ ✒✒✒ ✒�✒✒ ✒✒✒

      • Anonymous

        What happened to your “buddy’s sister in law”…? Does everyone you know make $68 an hour…? Oh, no, this one makes $69 an hour… lying scam artist…

    • Anonymous

      There a third option they want to bring this corruption and violence ,gangs to U.S by making our South Westerns States part of Mexico to them it for the better for Mexico and the spanish desent people .??? P.S I cannot understand this then why are lot of Mexicans are fleeing because of corruptions,violence,gangs, thieving government of Mexico and they want bring this with them in turning over our South Western States into Mexico province in there movement to free part of Mexico from the evil United State !!!!!!???????? P.S I wouldn’t put this pass obama in giving our South Western States to the corrupt,gangs ridden,thieving government of Mexico to help bring down our great country, To me this seems to be obama number one objective divide and conquer the evil U.S ??!!!!!

      • landofaahs

        Beats me. The answer lies with the same attitude by democrats like Obama who think they can make socialism work here even though it has failed everywhere it has been tried. I guess they believe that if the host that the parasite is sucking off of is large enough like America “USED” to be, that it will work this time. They think that because they cannot conceive that they are DUMBASSES……In my humble opinion.

  • Chuck P

    And that wrong way drunk driver-his son’s tried to stop him from driving, and took his keys. He got a spare set, and drove anyway-some 30+ miles, with audio recording being broadcast trying to get all sorts of help before he killed somebody. Well….

  • Deckard426

    But it’s okay for 20 million Mexicans to wander into the United States, carrying God only knows what in their backpacks!

  • Anonymous

    Mexican federal authority..?… Do we have a federal authority in the USA….yes…the Mexican Federal Authority, Washington DC…

  • Cody

    If Mexico won’t release him and the Obama regime won’t do anything, then maybe it is time We the People start giving the same treatment and then some to any illegal immigrants in this country.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure how We the People are going to jail and indefinitely detain any illegal immigrants we come across… you got an extra bedroom, and plan on feeding them for the next few years…? Good luck with that…

    • Anonymous

      AZ tried remember SB1070 and we were called racist and. Boycotted.
      Perhaps now the rest of the country will wake up.

  • Connor Kenway

    If I was president. I would be like if you want to hold him fine we will just with draw all aid to you and put bases along the border baring anyone from crossing in or out of your country through our side of the border. I bet they would be more reasonable then but Obama does not have the balls to do so.

  • Anonymous

    2 things: 1st, tell Obozo that this Marine is a kidnapped Nigerian girl. That ought to get the empty suit and the 1st Orc all over this….

    2nd. And I’ve said this for years. We are supposed to let illegals in this country all day long and if you say ONE WORD about it you are a racists homophobic misogynist that hates puppies. Try doing that in the opposite direction and you end up in some hell hole for years and years because the Mexicans do not put up with it. This poor soul got caught for making a mistake, and he is going to be savaged for that, yet we are supposed to just let anyone in and not say a darn thing.

  • Keith Pallo

    1; he is a member of the armed forces and Obama and Kerry hate them. 2; he had guns with him which Obama and Kerry hate so they are going to do absolutely nothing to help this man and his family. If Obama and Clinton didn’t give a sh%t about an Ambassador and 4 ex navy seals what makes you think they are going to lift a finger to help him?!

  • Anonymous

    No matter what has been said, I think Glenn is missing some details of this incident. The guy was in SD for 10 days already. Where was he staying those 10 days? He went through a checkpoint, which is like an official border crossing. So,obviously, the American side must have checked him out at the checkpoint. Was this some kind of a setup?

    • Anonymous

      Should there not be a U.S check point right across from the Mexican check point on the border for citizens who are ban in having a passport because of criminal courts or leaving the country with stolen goods ,cash ,diamonds etc ???????

  • Reliquary

    This administration was willing to go to war in Syria because their leader was killing his own citizens (lets not forget..citizens that would just as soon kill any of us as look at us) But it wont lift a finger to help one of our heros who made a harmless mistake? ….. I think Mexico would make a fine 51st state…..think about it …it would solve a lot of immigration problems… lol

    • Anonymous

      I say don’t give obama any more ideas in b
      ringing down our great country making Mexico the 51 state this would certainly put our country in a death spiral with all the corruption,gangs,uneducated people who don’t want to fight and take back their country to a non corrupt government with freedom and rights without gangs and corruption !!! Since you mention this obama might jump at this with his pen and telephones,regulations,executive orders to go around our congress and Supreme Court!! To me obama main objective is to bring down our great country by any means !!! P.S I know you meant well for our country and Mexicans people ,but to me obama don’t mean well for our country or our U.S citizens . I believe in the opposite from what obama says , I look at his actions,non actions,delays in actions and results which always help our enemies and to have our allies not to trust the U.S so we be alone against evil !! The end picture to me he is on purpose trying to bring down our great country because obama thinks it’s a evil free western world capital government to bring it down by any means !!!!!

  • capa760

    Is time for this US President to do his duty to make sure our soldiers are escorted home- from Mexico prison on a trumped up charge (exchange 17 million illegals that walked over the border from all countries) and the US soldiers in Afghanistan prison for killing Al Qaeda in self defense. ( trumped up charge by Al Qaeda lover).

  • Anonymous

    Hey obama you can get the corrupt Mexican government attention very easy just say that U.S will imediately deport 50,000 illegal Mexicans that be much less U.S dollars going back to Mexico ,unless they release this honorable Marine !!!! Oops I forgot obama your really not for any U.S citizens. Your for any corrupt communists dictator government who like to bring down the U.S , I never forgot when you and Chavez &,Castro try to force the Hundorus goverment to re-seat their President ,That Honduras congress & Supreme Court that legally use their powers to impeach and remove this president who was shredding their constitution,going for illegal third term, grabing more illegal powers in trying to turn their country into a third world communists dictatorship with no rights or freedom for the people that the side your on obama ,not on the side of the free western world or U.S citizens !!

  • Anonymous

    Another thing obama can do is to give the government of Mexico the bill for all medical treatments illegal Mexicans are getting in U.S . What’s going on here Mexicans illegals are here either to work, to steal, push drugs or get obama feebies and send the money home instead of paying their medical bills on their frequent visits or just come over the border for free medical treatments and at the U.S citizens expense of higher medical bills and higher taxes . This will wake up the corrupt government of Mexico to release this honorable Marine or U.S governments will start putting leans on foreign banks accounts of Mexico government, duty on their goods, take it out of our foreign aid to Mexico !!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe when the Mexico Government when they want to cash in all the U.S dollars they got from illegals sending money back to Mexico to put a lean when they want exchange these bills that they have medical charge for all the freebies medicals bills for all illegals Mexicans citizens working in U.S then return home with their U.S dollars !!

  • Anonymous

    Hey NSA & FBI investigate these songs! Listen carefully!

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