#FreeTahmooressi: Mike Slater shows how easy it is to accidentally cross into Mexico

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TheBlaze has been following the story of Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi who was arrested in Mexico for weapons possession. Tahmooressi has said he took a wrong turn and didn’t mean to cross the border, and now faces a sentence of six to 21 years in a Mexican prison for carrying his registered AR-15 rifle, .45-caliber pistol, and 12-gauge pump shotgun in his car across the border. Mike Slater, host of TheBlaze Radio Network‘s ‘The Mike Slater Show’, joined Glenn to describe how easy it is to cross into Mexico following Tahmooressi’s path.

“It all goes so fast.  You’re driving south on the 5, and you’re going, you know, 75 miles per hour, and then you’re there.  First of all, you blow by that last exit, Exit 1A, and you’re right at the checkpoint.  It splits into six lanes.  There’s green lights for each lane, so obviously your instinct is to go,” Slater said.

“He wasn’t like speeding away from the police once he got to the border.  They pulled him into secondary, as they would anyone who had a trunkload full of stuff, and there’s video that we hear, there’s surveillance video of him at the border, not belligerent at all.  He got out of his truck, pointed to the back of his truck,” he added.

To prove how easy it was to make the same mistake Tahmooressi did, Slater made the drive himself, which you can see in the video below:

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So what can you do?

Glenn said, “Well, you’re going to have to make some noise.  There is a hearing on May 28 where the Mexican border officials will give a statement to the judge handling Tahmooressi’s case.  We need to make as much of an uproar before this hearing.  Rallies have taken place all across the country today.”

“Even sign the petition on the White House page.  They have to respond to it if it’s 100,000 people that are signing up.  Call your congressman.  Call your senator.  Call anybody that will listen.  Get your friends.  Maybe you could just do this, maybe you could just tweet a picture of yourself holding one of these.”

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  • Anonymous

    How about how easy it is to purposely cross into the United States.

  • Deckard426

    Twenty million Mexican illegals in the United States; NO PROBLEMO.
    One lost U. S. citizen in Mexico; ARRESTED, BABY!

    • Veni Vidi Vici

      1. End all aide to Mexico.
      2. No one can send money to Mexico unless it’s to another American citizen.
      3. Any Illegal Mexican caught will be locked up in jail.
      By Tomorrow Sgt. Tahmooressi will be free in a week the Mexican and Guatemalan border will be sealed.
      Texas really should consider succession…
      If President Obama doesn’t want to use National Guard. Why can’t Texas deploy there own. Isn’t the NG state controlled.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s see, illegals sliding across the border like water and no one does a thing. The obama administration/DOJ gunrunning to mexican drug thugs under the fast and furious debacle/crime and “nothing to see here,” our seat warming reps and sens in DC tout amnesty and citizenship for illegals, no problem, and most recently the obama administration released over 30,000 illegal violent criminals into our midst, big whoop! Yet no one is lifting a finger in the administration so far for this man who has served our country. Disgusting. We need a complete housecleaning in DC starting with the 2014 midterms; then on to 2016 to finish the job. These people running our country are traitors and vermin.

  • Drew Becerra

    what is the head boarder patrol agents name? i too would like to read about him

  • Kelly Bass

    Start arresting and deporting the illegals and see how fast he is released.

  • Paul DePugh

    I’ve entered Mexico hundreds of times at that spot. I’m sory but you have to b a complete idiot or you want to flirt with danger to pass a warning sign every 50 feet all the way down from San Diego

  • http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    Is the border area confusing? Yes, but I’m very familiar with this area and there is NO WAY you don’t know that you are headed into Mexico – you have AMPLE opportunity to get off the highway, you have signs every 100 yards for many miles with multiple exits telling you relentlessly, GET OFF NOW or you’ll be in Mexico. I don’t think this guy should be facing what he is in legal terms, and I totally get the hypocrisy between US and Mexican immigration policy. But how this guy ended up in Mexico so “innocently” is a bit suspicious to me.

    To make this colossal screw up and end up in Mexico this guy had to be Naive, Inattentive, distracted, confused and poor at reading highway signs (like 50 of them over many miles). I bet we have 100 or more people who do the same thing at the border every day! Unfortunately, these are terrible traits to have if you’re carrying around a high powered firearm in your vehicle.

    If you had a high powered gun in your car, and you’re heading into Mexico accidentally, but you could stop short of the border, would you have gone in? Or would you have made it across those 5 lanes with people shouting and screaming, just so you didn’t have to risk explaining your story to the Federalies? Now don’t tell me he didn’t know about the reputation of the Federalies?

    • A!

      I haven’t seen video, what do you have to say about the video the blaze apparently made to show if it’s confusing? They said it wasn’t as obvious as you are, and note he has PTSD and is totally unfamiliar, so couldn’t he have been an idiot? That’s not a crime.

      • jj gra

        He is an idiot, which isn’t a crime. However, taking weapons into Mexico is. Furthermore, the way the story is panning out, it seems as though he violated quite a few CALIFORNIA gun laws. Read the state penal code or a summary of California’s gun laws and you’ll see that he isn’t so innocent. For example, the most benign California offense he made, proven by the pictures released by Mexico, is that he was carrying high capacity magazines. Read more about how to transfer certain weapons and importing assault rifles into California. I’m disappointed that there are national level politicians and media personalities that are fighting so hard for this guy when he’s clearly wrong – even before going to Mexico. He’s a veteran and as a veteran he should be setting the example for the rest of America in citizenship, not using that status to get free passes out of jail.

      • Anonymous

        That’s a cop-out excuse. Any marine should be intelligent enough to have awareness, even if he has PTSD. At least he did admit that HE made a mistake.

  • James
  • Anonymous

    How about trading prisoners. We’ll give them all the Mexican nationals in our prisons for Tahmooressi. 30,000:1, Can’t get a better deal than that. It’s a win win situation.

  • Anonymous

    The issue isn’t that the vet was on the highway and taking a wrong turn into Mexico, the issue sounds like he was taking a turn into Mexico with guns in his car. If it wasn’t for the firearms there might not have been any problem. If they turn illegals around who carry guns and drugs across our border then imprisoning someone who is carrying guns into Mexico should have the same deal. Even if he IS a vet. Some hero he is if he is so distracted that he misses signs telling him there is a border coming up and to get off the road and turn around Most expressways have places people can turn around at if they find themselves making a wrong turn. Seems like he wanted to get arrested. Also Memorial Day is coming up, this story seems a little too coincidental. It has all the earmarks of what Tea Party people are into talking about. Which is border patrol, veterans, immigration and guns.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah right! It’s Tea Party Black Ops. You’re to much LMAO!

      • Anonymous

        Well, you must admit ALL the topics extreme Conservative talk radio does get touched on in one story. If this was about a veteran just making a wrong turn and going somewhere he never meant to everyone no matter what politics they believe in would be talking about it. Everyone thinks vets are heros.

      • musicaljew

        ….this is random… but are you lds?

        • Anonymous

          No. I’m Protestant [Reformed]. Why do you ask?
          Just curious.

  • 13citizen13

    If 0bama wanted to get him out, he could, and in one day with one phone call. It’s a necessary distraction, people. To 0bama it is a small issue that keeps a fair amount of attention off other things. It doesn’t serve his agenda to end it.

  • Joe Mamma

    I was stationed at the Marine air station in Yuma AZ for 6 years.
    It’s only a 25 min drive to the San Luis border crossing and 10 min to the Algodonez border crossing.
    I’m sorry but you don’t just go across accidentally!!
    Before you even get to the Mexican border crossing you’ll see the American side in bright lights, if you at that time do not realize where you are you’re either drunk or on drugs.
    You’ll also have a chance to turn around just before you hit the Mexican border crossing.
    As a marine I can honestly say that this guys story doesn’t quite cut the muster.
    he probably got caught with his pants down and did not think he was going to be searched.. Mexican border police usually does not search you unless they’re tipped off or you’re acting suspicious.
    The same thing happened to me on the American side coming back from mexico with an illegal amount of alcohol in my trunk. US Border patrolled stopped when they have seldom stop anyone.
    Fortunately all they did was disposed of the alcohol and made me pay a fine.

  • Anonymous

    I suggest we put 10 or 20 Mexican executives or politicians in solitaire confinement until the ex marine is returned home intact!

  • racindavid

    What would happen if say…. 1000 Americans “accidentally” crossed the border and “accidentally” gathered outside the prison … and were prepared to over-run it ?

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Obama will do nothing as clear with Benghazi the VA and other scandals he can care less about vets.

  • jj gra

    There are plenty of good veterans/service members actually doing the right thing. He doesn’t deserve a free pass or all of this political lobbying.

  • Anonymous

    I can understand Glenn’s sympatheic dialogue, but the marine must take some responsibility for his actions too, his mistake. I don’t understand how one can miss a border chekpoint into another country. He should have enquired about that particular checkpoint ahead of time, especially that he was travelling at night.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about extortion. They ask for money, the family sends it and then they ask for more and more. The guys in charge are corrupt, the guards are corrupt, the attorneys are corrupt and Obama won’t do anything!

  • SAFVet

    You can’t “take a wrong turn” at that crossing. I-5 goes straight into the checkpoint. There are big signs warning you to exit before the crossing if you don’t want to go to Mexico. Been through that crossing many times.

  • Anonymous
  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    i think mike’s driving this route, showing how easy it is to make this mistake is why john kerry will ‘look’ at the soldier’s situation.

  • Lin

    Real simple . . .all this Marine has to do is claim that he’s gay and Obama will be making phone calls and sending all of the military to get him out.

  • OEF1213

    Hey Commandant of the Marine Corps, Once a Marine always a Marine, Simper Fi Never leave a man behind.

    • Anonymous

      That’s “Semper”

  • York Aptain Sidney Field

    An example of the grisly knife violence that accompanies racist illegal aliens: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/bias-puerto-ricans-led-slay-chinatown-net-cafe-cops-article-1.1525446

  • Jeff Rielley

    I think Glenn is missing an important point.

    Tahmooressi was found with three guns. The Obama administration now has the opportunity to punish an American citizen for possession of evil firearms and use the Mexican government as a proxy to do so.

    Don’t expect anyone in the current administration to help. I’m sure everyone there got the memo that Tahmooressi is to be made an example of.

    • Paulapilot

      Found with guns? Hmmm. It has been reported that he immediately declared the guns to the guards. Is that not correct?

  • harry balsagna

    Too much publicity for this guy. Marine or not, he is either very stupid or expects to be treated differently. A few factoids: Impossible to make a “wrong turn” into Mexico off the I-5. If you could actually “miss” all of the turn offs and warnings, then you have no right to drive to begin with. Ther are DOZENS of signs and warnings to motorist well before you even get close to the border. You dont end up in Mexico by accident, PERIOD. Registered Ar-15. Wrong again. It is a felony to import (from Florida in this case) an AR-15 as well as hi-cap mags. In fact ANY weapon, even non-prohibited weapons (870 shotgun and 45 pistol) must be registered with DOJ if it is from out of state. He was a felon at the least to begin with, not to mention a Marine with a mental disorder and an assault weapon…..bad idea. Finally, had I “made a wrong turn”, you still have to voluntarily drive past a VERY visable checkpoint that clearly says MEXICO. I would have exited my car and dealt with the CHP or AAA in getting my car towed than take my chances with the Frito Banditos.
    When in Rome, do as the Romans…….When in Mexico, do as the Mexicans……..leave your guns at home, or pay the price of very serious Mexican gun laws.

  • Anthony1969

    This stupid Marine was trafficking guns! It is impossible to enter Mexico by accident! IMPOSSIBLE!!! There’s flashing lights, big signs, and one U-TURN right at the border! He entered Mexico earlier that same day to set up the deal!!! Don’t be so damn blind to the facts people! Each gun can fetch up to $10,000 in Mexico!!!

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