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Thank you Glenn!:

I am so grateful for all you’ve taught me.
Please, know that so many prayers are being said for you and
what you are doing, making!

My husband and I are far from rich, but the $10 I give you a month
is something I am so proud to pay to be a part of what you do!

Hang in there, brother!!


2014-05-09 14.22.00

My 34 y/o brother and great friend just finished dental school one year ago. He has a wife and 3 cute kiddos. He was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer his first year as a new dentist in a small town of Thatcher, AZ. They removed his testicle and found the same of type cancer on his lung. He’s now 2 weeks into chemo. He’s holding strong but just lost his hair. He posted an awesome video to our family blog showing his 3 kids pulling out his hair before he shaved it bald. That’s when I decided to shave my head in support. After shaving my head bald my four daughters came into the bathroom and… Instead of laughing at me….. one by one without anybody saying anything they shaved their heads too. It sure takes guts for girls this age to do this. Sometimes it’s the only thing you can do to show love support and some semblance of control over this cancer.

Attached is the picture of them in support of their Uncle Darren. There is something in this picture that had resonated with hundreds over the past 2 days. I’m so proud of my daughters. What a testament to me that there is hope in this coming generation.

I am sending this in hopes of raising awareness that testicular cancer is no joke but those going through it more people supporting them then they know. Feel free to disseminate this picture and later to your listeners or TV watchers. We love Darren you know he will pull through. As I show this picture to my patients it touches their heart and they tear up with me. It is that support and mutual fight that these cancer patients needs.

I am a proud listener and member of the Blaze. You do great work. Keep it up.