Valerie Jarrett tells graduates she looks into everything someone does online before hiring

Commencement season is once again upon us, which means graduates will once again be treated to a never-ending stream of platitudes about their ability to change the world. While delivering the commencement address at Pomona College – a liberal arts institution in Claremont, California – President Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett took a slightly different approach – focusing primarily on the President’s work to close the so-called “pay gap” between men and women. But she also made an unintentionally eerie joke about privacy – or the lack thereof.

Check out Jarrett’s remarks below (applicable video begins around 17:25):

JARRETT: But also remember that before I hire anybody, I always check out everything that they’ve been doing online, and believe me, we have ways of finding out everything you’ve been doing online.


JARRETT: All right. So that was actually funnier than I intended it to be.

“Isn’t that chilling,” Pat asked on radio this morning. “They don’t care. She didn’t even intend it to be a funny line. She was just stating a fact that you won’t believe the methods we have to find out about you online. I do believe it.”

While Stu admitted that it would be foolish for anyone to assume employers are not looking at potential hires’ public social media accounts and other online activity, Jarrett seemed to be implying she has access to private information.

“I don’t think she was being funny,” Stu said. “Look, you’re an idiot if you don’t think your employers are looking over your publicly available Facebook and Twitter – anything that they can find.

“She was talking about non-publicly available [information],” Pat clarified. “She always checks out everything they’ve been doing online, and I do believe that [she has] amazing ways of finding out… I don’t think our kids have any concept of what they’re doing with their lives with Twitter and with Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and all these things they’re doing. They don’t have any idea how badly this is going to come back to bite them.”

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  • landofaahs

    Hey Val baby, how long do you go back on those posts. I mean would you go back as far as the time when Michael Jordan said he hated white people?

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    When Republicans get elected I hate them and when Democrats replace them I hate them too.

    The media tries to make us think there is a difference but all I see is more of the same.

    The government is a separate entity that doesn’t respond to the voters. The very wealthy own them and make sure the rules are made in their favor.

    • Connor Kenway

      You are sounding more like one of us more and more.

  • Anonymous

    But who looked into her background before she was hired? A minimum of scrutiny would have yielded that she was unfit.

  • Anonymous

    There is a bright side, They will now be able to sue Google for any embarassing
    informaion left on the Internet. How to get rich without really trying!

    • Anonymous

      sadly, only in Europe, not the US (it was the EU’s highest court)

  • bob machaffy

    and all those stupid idiots laughing and smiling behind her,

  • Anonymous

    In other words, Valerie Jarret checks out to make sure the applicant is sufficiently liberal, or a self avowed communist (like Van Jones) before she makes sure she adds them to her staff.

  • Anonymous

    Why does she keep saying “class of 2004″?? What is the matter with her???

    • TacoTact

      She’s literally a stupid person. The President’s most trusted adviser is an idiot.

      Can you imagine how the media would rip her apart if she were a Republican? But as a far-left socialist, she gets a pass.

  • Anonymous

    It’s probably how she found out what the Tea Parties did before she demanded IRS Audits of their organizations, and refusal of their requests for an approval of their 501[C] whatever…Valerie checked them all out…per order of ???

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    What kind of idiot wants an honorary degree from drugged-out, brain-dead faculty? Detached so far from reality they all all believe it is still 2004, with such marginal intelligence (it needs to look up to look down), is it any wonder they seal their actual records? But must they seal our fate as a tradeoff?

  • Equis

    Well Val read this, you’re an idiot.

  • Deckard426

    If Jarrett is so smart, she should be able to find the missing Rose Law Firm billing records of Hillary Clinton.

  • thedogwalker

    Ms. Jarrett is one creepy woman!

  • Kim S. Dunn

    She mentioned “Class of 2004″ twice in her opening statement. Asking for applause is eerie, as well. She sounds like a scolding mom. Her words ring very hollow. She is reading it, not telling it. Big difference.

  • Bozeman

    If democratic processes are to help preserve liberty, then liberty’s preservation must be the main objective of our elected representatives.

  • RS

    Right color, check. Communist party number, check, Proper contributions to GLADD, UNCF, Sharpton’s National Action Network, and the DNC, check. Never voted anything but D, check, Union member, check.

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