It is truly déjà vu all over again at the White House, as Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Obama knew nothing about the long wait times and deaths at the VA until he read about it in the newspaper. You may recall Carney employed a similar excuse when it came to explaining how the President learned about the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, and the Department of Justice spying on reporters.

On radio this morning, Glenn came up with an ingenious way to save the American taxpayer a fortune: Fire the NSA and all presidential advisors. After all, they clearly are not providing the type of intelligence necessary to alert President Obama to potential problems ahead of time.

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“I figured out how we can save our country a fortune. We can actually cut the budget in a way that I think even the President will agree with, and I mean this sincerely,” Glenn said. “I believe we can now officially say that we can eliminate the entire National Security Agency and all of the presidential advisors because the President yesterday said that he only found out about the VA scandal when he heard about it on the news.”

“That’s the same way he found out, coincidentally, about the IRS scandal and Benghazi and Fast and Furious and the NSA and the problems with and the James Rosen scandal with Fox,” Pat added. “He heard about those on the news, too. Didn’t know about them.”

On Monday, TheBlaze reported VA officials alerted President Obama’s transition team in 2008 that there was a history of long wait times and scheduling inaccuracies at VA facilities.

The 2008 VA inspector general report delivered to the President’s team suggested top officials take a deeper look into the accuracy of reported VA wait times. The IG said further action would be required if officials found “questionable differences” between recorded dates on medical records and dates entered into the Veterans Health Administration’s scheduling system.

While White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was telling CBS’ Face the Nation that President Obama is “madder than hell” about the reports of poor treatment at VA hospitals around the country, it appears as though at least some members of the Administration knew about the problem well in advance. So who exactly does the President talk to all day?

“He found out the same way all Americans do, on the news… He apparently gets all of his news just like you do,” Glenn concluded. “He’s waiting for the news people to give him the news, so we should abolish all of his advisors. We should get rid of the NSA, the spying thing, there’s no reason to have all of that. He never uses it… because apparently he doesn’t listen to anything other than the news.”

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