From the show: The graphic video that shows apartheid in the Middle East

During his interview with Jonny Daniels on tonight’s show, Glenn referenced a video put together by MidEastTruth that shows the persecution of Jews, Christians, women, and homosexuals in the Middle East. The left doesn’t like to focus on this.

Warning, the below contains very graphic imagery:

  • fire lion

    Reagan loved apartheid south africa so much that he blocked sanctions against them and kept nelson mandela on the terrorist list.

    • Anonymous

      Mandela was a terrorist. Crime has gone up exponentially since he became leader.

      • Carolyn Collins


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    • Tyler Casey


    • landofaahs

      He was a terrorist and a communist. Reagan was against both thank God.

    • Connor Kenway

      Terrorist watch list did not even exist back then. Nice try tho. Infact that started in 2003. Why is it you liberals love lies?

  • landofaahs

    Islam has so much in common with the gay activists. They show so much tolerance to those who disagree with them.

  • asybot

    seems I lost another comment, Mandela is dead (remember the Obama’s trip to funeral and the weirdo translator??). Some friends in SA do not want to leave, they were born and raised there. But they now live in gated enclaves and have been forced to arm themselves. If it was not for the white colonists in SA ( for 3-4 centuries I know this is simplified btw) there would be no SA. The other thing, SA is vital for oil shipments to the EU and those cannot be shut down because the world economy would crash. Was Mandela a terrorist, in some ways yes but his conviction was to get the native population their fair share . Could it have been done another way ? Who knows. I think it could have been but do not forget the meddling by the world powers and not only the USA, USSR, Britain etc. and China all played a huge role in that and all of Africa for that matter.( for oil, minerals and lumber and other resources).

  • Anonymous

    Why does Glenn say the left doesn’t focus on this? I’m a social liberal that thinks the violent practices of Islamist fundamentalism are really sick. Liberal papers like the New York Times have extensively reported on Christians being targeted in Egypt.

    • Connor Kenway

      But no one else on the left winged media has. Sure you guys in the trenches care but not your talking head masters.

  • Connor Kenway

    Yes and liberals want us to buy oil from them instead of building the keystone pipe line because it is more important to make oil companies here pay for being big oil than not feeding money to evil countries.

  • Fiji’s Best

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