Last month, Glenn delivered the convocation address at Liberty University in Virginia. Glenn’s speech wove together both history and faith in an attempt to illustrate how “times are changing.” Liberty has come under fire for inviting Glenn to speak, as certain outlets interpreted Glenn’s words as a “sermon” based in Mormon theology. On radio this morning, Glenn defended the school.

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“Liberty University is being smeared, absolutely smeared, and they’re being smeared by religious people, people who claim to be followers of Christ,” Glenn said. “Now, I’ve read the Bible several times, and I just can’t find the place where Jesus hates. I can’t find that where he is not embracing people. I can’t find the place where he says, ‘You’ll know a tree by the fruit.’ I just can’t find that anywhere.”

While Liberty has stood by its decision to invite Glenn to speak, telling Religious News Service “convocation is an opportunity for students to hear from people of all faiths and from all walks of life,” that has not quieted the naysayers.

“Liberty University asked me to speak, and every time they do, they get hammered… Most Christians are not like this at all. But there’s this group of people that have a problem with David Barton and me and everyone else. I really don’t care. I really don’t care,” Glenn said. “But when you take on an organization like Liberty University, I think you really should really think things through.”

Glenn has stated on several occasions that he would send his children to Liberty without hesitation because of the education it offers.

“Liberty University is one of the greatest universities in the world… It is in fact one of only two universities I would consider sending my children to because I know they will get a deep understanding of God,” Glenn said. “Now, how could Glenn Beck say he would send his child to Liberty University? He’s a Mormon. You know what… because I don’t think my children are morons. Do you think your children are morons?”

Recent news stories certainly suggest we are living in a society that is less and less tolerant of opposing points of view, and Glenn believes this outcry is just the latest iteration of intolerance.

“I want to make it really, really super clear,” Glenn said. “There is no difference between the people who are currently trying to take down Liberty University because they’re not ‘Christian enough’ or me because I’m not ‘a Christian’ – there’s no difference between you and the people who are trying to run other people out of the square,” Glenn said. “We are turning into a land of monsters. We really are.”

“I look at every single lover of light and truth as my ally, my friend, my brother. I look at everyone who is my enemy as my brother. I don’t care what you say your belief is. I don’t care what your lifestyle is,” he continued. “I invite you to join me, join others of multiple faiths, never asking anyone to change their faith, but asking you to strengthen your faith, whatever it is – unless it’s saying kill people, burn their books, shut them up, torture them, imprison them, kill them. If that’s what your faith says, I want nothing to do with you. If your faith says: Learn about love, learn about goodness, learn about the power of faith, learn about the miracles of God, don’t trust in the arm of flesh but trust in the spirit, I’d love to meet you. And I’d love to be around you.”

Ultimately, Glenn explained that he is not afraid of Liberty University, and he is glad that Liberty has proven it is not afraid to expose its students to a diversity of viewpoints.

“Here’s a Mormon that isn’t afraid of Liberty University. I would never ask them to teach anything about my theology. That’s my job. That’s my children’s job. That’s our job as an individual, to seek out truth and to find it and then to live by it,” Glenn concluded. “I’m not afraid of any man telling my children anything. My children have a good enough head on their shoulders, and they have a strong enough support group to straighten them out if they happen to go awry. And even though my kids at times have gone awry, if I have done my job as a parent, they will find their way back. I don’t look for boogiemen everywhere.”

Watch Glenn’s speech below: