The Daily Briefing: Macklemore’s unbelievably offensive anti-Semitic costume

  • fire lion

    So glenn that means you support the washington redskins to change their name?

    • Anonymous

      Why would he support something as dumb as that? “In the only recent poll to ask native people about the subject, 90 percent of respondents did not consider the term offensive…” Source:
      Should the state of Oklahoma change its name since it’s Choctaw (a native American language) for “red person.” Besides the fact that you’ve presented a moronic supposition here, you’ve also done a non-sequitur. What Macklemore did was offensive and it has nothing to do with Glenn or the Redskins and you know it. Go back to the subject at hand and try and defend Macklemore’s actions as an isolated incident. It’s really not cool to hate Jews. Are you prepared to defend an anti-Semitic action? How do you personally feel about Jews?

    • Crassus

      Soros Lib Troll Rule #17: When you have no argument, change the subject completely.

    • landofaahs

      Yes, to the DC foreskins. The mascot could be any DC politician.

    • landofaahs

      Did you know that many native americans believe it is a compliment? I wouldn’t care if someone called me white skin. But then I’m proud of my race and maybe some people are not proud of theirs.

      • Satisfied Customer

        Good point. I’m not offended by things like being called a “cracker” either. For one it just sounds stupid, and secondly there is nothing about my heritage that makes me feel ashamed.

    • Satisfied Customer

      I don’t really get why Washington wants to keep the name so bad in the first place. I don’t think it was ever meant in a derogatory manner having read the history behind it, but they could also just change to a more benign name out of repsect for the people that say it mocks their culture. It kinda makes me sick to think that being a conservative means I am expected to defend a name to people who are telling me that they find it flat out offensive to their very being. Would I force a name change? No, but i expect people with common sense to understand society evolves and sometimes you lose in the court of public opinion even though you haven’t done anything wrong. You have to pick your battles.

      • Anonymous

        Because most American Indians don’t find the term offensive at all. So, according to your reasoning, there actually is no reason to change it.

        • Satisfied Customer

          That’s fine, still doesn’t mean we shouldn’t just give our sports teams benign names that just don’t cause any controversy at all. You never see Dolphins, bears, 49ers, or Cowboys protesting at games lol. I agree it probably not that offensive, but even you used the term “most”. That means some peole are offeneded by it and frankly there is no good reason to keep egging them on. Let’s face it “most” conservatives are against a name change just because liberals want it changed, not because they give a damn about the name. Lots of people were against integrating schools back in the day too, doesn’t make it right. Pick your battles, like I said.

          • Anonymous

            So you want zero people offended. You’re in agreement that ‘hump day’ is offensive to Muslims, that eating tacos on May 5 is insulting to Mexicans, that the word ‘bossy’ is an assault on women (even when said about a man), that using the word ‘homosexual’ is tantamount to hate speech and that calling the ACA Obamacare is racist.

            Tell me, when does the newest edition of the newspeak dictionary come out?

          • Connor Kenway

            I do not think it matters someone somewhere is going to be offended no matter what you name them. I know many Native Americans would be offended if the name Red Skins was changed. Most of the time it is from people with extreme left wing agendas pushing for it or people who just do not understand our people.

          • Anonymous

            So does that you will never claim someone ‘gyped you’ or ‘jewed you’? (For those too dense the first refers to Gypsies. Yes we do exist. I’ve had liberals tell me I can’t be Gypsy cause they don’t exist.I feel fairly real.) There is nothing in this world that will not offend some yahoo, somewhere. On another note, are pirate costumes offensive to people who’ve lost body part? Think about it.

      • Anonymous

        Something I was taught once has stuck with me for many years.
        “I changed my tie because a colleague said they didn’t like the color of it. Another colleague didn’t like the pattern on my new tie, so I changed my tie again. A third colleague didn’t think I looked good while wearing a tie. So, I stopped worrying about what my colleagues thought about my tie.”
        Think about this.
        You can’t please everyone in life, there will always be someone that is “offended” or doesn’t like what you say, do, look like, etcetera.

    • Anonymous

      What does that faux argument have to do with macklemore mocking Jews?

    • Anonymous

      You do realize that we name our sports teams after things we admire, right?

    • Connor Kenway

      So because 90% love the name Redskins which is reality will you please stop talking for my people. We have our own voices and the last time we let white people like you speak for us we got massacred and put on reservations. So please we do not want your help.

  • Anonymous

    If the guy says he didn’t mean anything by it, then why not take him at his word?

    • Carolyn Collins


      ▇ ▇ ▇ �▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇ �▇ ▇ ▇ ▇

    • Satisfied Customer

      Well he claimed he just threw this disguise together with no thought. I think a lot of us have a hard time believing he chose that unfortunate nose, hair, and beard at random as claimed. Besides, conservatives are never given the benefit of the doubt so why should we bother giving this guy the benefit of the doubt? They made these rules after all.

      • Tracy Campbell

        Well, I doubt he went to the library to do some anti-semitic research for inspiration before he put it together…furthermore, your argument is ‘Well if SOME people don’t get the benefit of the doubt, why should he?’ If you believe he did it maliciously, then by all means have that opinion, but don’t use partisan bull crap as the excuse.

        • Anonymous

          Ever hear the saying “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”? What you take in, you give back out. If you fill yourself up with hateful things, you will say or do something hateful. Ever hear about someone saying what they really feel when they’re drunk, or don’t have time to think about it?

    • Anonymous

      Same with Donald Sterling, right?

    • Anonymous

      Because the liberal government, and media are doing their best to make villains out of white Judeo/Christian people. They’re doing exactly the same thing that the Nazis did to Jewish people in the 1930s. This is a frightening precedent for them to be setting. The rules have to be the same for everyone. If you can’t put down one group, then you can’t put down another, or the insanity will never end.

      • Monte Montierth

        What makes you think THEY want this insanity to end?

        • Anonymous

          You’re undoubtedly right.

      • Charlie

        Exactly…Al Sharpton is anti-Jewish, an he has his own show…the reason being, he’s also anti-White, which is O.K. …

    • James Schulz

      I agree, the fact that they put together he was portraying a jew, makes them stereotyping jews.. news flash they don’t all look a like! Personally I don’t care about Stereotyping most are pretty funny and most have some truth to them for the majority of those type of people! I listen to Heavy Metal, stereotyped a head’s true.. Also stereotyped as a drug user, that’s not true but I could care less it someone thinks that! I get tested regularly.

  • R-WOOD

    The only word that comes to mind is hypocrite,

  • Jeff Lambeau

    Tea Party mentality:

    Macklemore’s costume = offensive and should be ashamed of himself

    Clive Bundy saying the N-word and blacks were better off under slavery = NATIONAL HERO

    • Greg Greenlee

      Lib mentality: Alec Baldwin beats up gay photographer = celebrated Hollywood Icon.

      CEO of Mozilla donates $1,000 to a political cause that 64% of Californians supported = Gay Hater and loses his job. Liberals are the true hypocrites and haters. It’s “Free Speech” as long as you agree with them, otherwise it’s “Hate Speech”. PS. Clive Bundy is a tired old bigot who needs to pay his federal fees.

    • Anonymous

      Lib mentality

      Democrat Senator Robert Byrd was a high ranking member of the KKK. Lib rationale? “He was a country boy from the hills and hollers of West Virginia, he was trying to get elected.” Bill Clinton’s eulogy of Robert Byrd, 7/3/2010
      So membership in an organization that terrorized and murdered black Americans is okey dokey as long as it’s to get elected.

    • Dillon

      Lol your an idiot… the only ones even screaming racism and making it a big deal are the liberals. Mainly people like Obama so they can get the blacks and mexicans and who else knows to hate the white people. Obama is a racist, many other people are racist but whats different is the way you show it, if you say something racist who cares booo hooo. Obama supports the black panthers who are just the opposite of the KKK…

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Bundy used the term “negro”, not the other one. If you look at Bundy, he is old as dirt, and that term was used when he grew up, just like saying someone is black or white today.
      Now, for your entertainment…

  • Ellie

    If someone had put on black face and gone on stage you can bet there would be a huge outcry.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, what? I just put on some self-tanning lotion and an afro wig – I was trying to disguise myself…….what’s the problem?

      • James Schulz

        Then you’re hiding from the government! How dare you!

    • Richard

      A friend of mine (white) got into trouble with the dean of our university when we were in college because he dressed up like Kobe Bryant for halloween…which included brown/black paint on his face (about the time the Kobe rape scandal was “hot”)…some pictures were posted of him on the internet wearing the costume…he was called in, chastised, and punished by the university for wearing “black face.” The dean claimed that people were offended and outraged. Ridiculous. It was obviously not meant in any way racist…but there was outcry. People need to stop being hypocrites.

      • Tracy Campbell

        I agree…as an Irish person, the stereotype for my culture is seen constantly…we have a holiday dedicated to it, where people drink, dress up in green, and midgets dress up as leprachauns…but I think it’s funny, not offensive! Glen talks about how there are many people who don’t want others to be heard if you don’t believe the exact same as them, and I felt this was a bit ironic because Macklemore probably also meant to be funny, but if you believe that and not that it was offensive, then you’re prejudice against Jews.

        • Marc Howell

          My grandparents were greeted with signs stating “Help Wanted: Irish need not apply” That’s my white privilege.

    • Sunshine43

      You betcha!

  • Hulie04

    When I first saw this all I saw was a man in costume with a funny nose. That is also all my grand kids saw. It was only when it was pointed out that this, COULD BE, what some say it is, that there was any resemblance. It seems, that we have come to a point in this country, where no one can express themselves without fear of it appearing to be something it never was meant to be. It is safer now to not think, to not express, and to not do-unless you are sure it is PC. How sad.

    • Dan H

      Well thank the left for that.

    • Anonymous

      Really? So the costume and subject matter of the song didn’t cinch it that this was a case “definitely is” instead of “could be”?

  • Greg Greenlee

    Lib mentality: Alec Baldwin beats up gay photographer = celebrated Hollywood Icon.CEO
    of Mozilla donates $1,000 to a political cause that 64% of Californians
    supported = Gay Hater and loses his job. Liberals are the true
    hypocrites and haters. It’s “Free Speech” as long as you agree with
    them, otherwise it’s “Hate Speech”.

  • Ellie

    The NSA gives their information to who? They spy on the citizens of this country but the president has no idea about what is going on in the agencies that he is supposed to be responsible for. The many billions of dollars that we now borrow from other countries and turn over to the agencies that work for the tax payer are being wasted like running water pouring out of a tap!

  • Elizabeth

    I am willing to take him at his word. I accept his amends. His future actions will prove him honest or not.

    • Satisfied Customer

      I probably will too. He doesn’t come across as a bad guy and he hasn’t done something like this before. If it doesn’t happen again I can chalk it up to bad luck. Too bad liberals can’t treat conservatives the same way when they make mistakes. That makes it hard for me to give the benefit of the doubt when I know a conservative would absolutely not get the same treatment.

      • Elizabeth

        I guess part of it is that in the Seattle area you don’t have as many Orthodox Jews (read dark suit, beard) compared to many east coast cities. His explanation would be less believable coming from someone in Baltimore or New York. But in Seattle, this is not what an average Jew looks like at all. Hopefully, this will be a lesson for him.

        • Anonymous

          I grew up in a town where the only Jew was a guy who ran a clothing store. There were no Jewish kids in high school and frightfully few in college. Nonetheless, I certainly knew the stereotype image from reading about history.
          It’s next to impossible for me to see how he might have “randomly” come up with this costume, but even if you make that assumption you have to then square it against the topic of the song. If I were to don blackface and sing about life in the hood, I wouldn’t expect people to believe that I was trying to look like a coal miner.

  • Dan H

    Macklemore = puke. He pretends to support things like the ACLU and racial equality to grow his rap fan base. But now we see his true colors. I guess he figures Jews dont listen to rap so they are fair game for his bigotry since he doesn’t have to pander to them to boost sales.

  • asas

    all for gay people but F the jews – macklemore

  • Bryce

    Thank you Glenn and team

  • Dillon

    Racism is just an excuse for people with low pride and low self esteem to try and boost their power and as a way to make people hate one another over the fact of the color of the skin or their ethnic backround. lol are you kidding me? sticks and stones if I want to say ngger I should be able to if I can be called anything by any other race. If a black man can call me a albino pig or cracker then I should be able to call him a ngger without him crying racism. It’s a word, you look at it the way you want. Racism is only as big of a deal as you make it. Everyone makes fun of everyone but if whites make fun of anyone else their racist…

  • Nathan Parks

    I would like to see Lil Dicky chime in on this issue. He is a true Jewish Rapper that is very talented.

    • Elizabeth

      Matisyahu chimed in… said to forgive and let it go. Good enough for you?

  • David Barrow

    And yet nobody cares if you’re black and put on white makeup, or for that matter get a surgery done so your skin is now white instead of black.

  • Jeff

    Daily, I see postings on your threads that are far more racist than that.

    • Connor Kenway

      Most of the racist comments I got where from the left.

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore’s outfit is in poor taste for sure. Didn’t this guy apologize two days ago?

    • Connor Kenway

      But if a Conservative did this and apologized I bet you would not be standing up for him.

  • George A. Fernandez

    It shocks me to read some of these ignorant comments and comparisons. The reason why the custom is offensive and wrong is because those are the same images the Third Reich used and propagated to exalt the “Aryan” race and annihilate European Jewry! How can anyone think leprechauns and a Michael Jordan custom are the same thing is only a poignant reminder of the pervasive ignorance of this generation who lacks critical thinking skills and can’t discern the ill intention behind this seemingky harmless but devious act!

  • Zachary Lambe

    As a long time Macklemore fan, everyone here, including Glen Beck and his team have no idea what they are talking about. I’ve have listened and studied his songs, (including all of his older stuff, not just his new album), I have seen him live, I follow him on instagram and facebook, and I have done further research on his life and his career online. He is not only an amazing artist, but an amazing person. He loves people, culture, the world, and everything about it. He has traveled around the world to experience new cultures and appreciate them all. If you all seriously think he did this intentionally, you need to get over yourselves. He is a huge inspiration of mine for the pure fact that he is so happy and loving and accepts everyone. Just because you have heard two of his songs on the radio, (not his real rap songs, just saying), and you think you know everything about him, you are wrong and ignorant. But Thrift Shop is a song that does not talk about being cheap, it’s a song that promotes not spending way to much money on designer clothing. While Jay-Z sells plain white t-shirts for $150 each just because his logo is on the tag, Macklemore actually wants people to not waste their money and reuse clothes that work just as well. And for the live performance, his team does go to thrift shops and by the most ridiculous stuff they can find. It’s just part of the song and the show. When I saw him live he searched the audience for the most ridiculous articles of clothes he could find and asked for them to throw them to the stage so he could wear it for the song. That’s what he does, and I believe it is very possible that this was just an overlooked mistake in the rush of the show. And I like how in the video they said he didn’t even apologize, even though he said “I truly apologize to anybody that I may have offended.” But I guess they did as much research on that part as they did on Macklemore himself.

    I’ve never really found a reason to dislike you Glenn Beck, but now that I’ve seen you and your team ignorantly talk about something you had no clue about, I can’t really see myself trusting you anymore. But before I unfollow you, I will thank you for the Mike Rowe interview, I did enjoy that.

  • Jon Dykstra


    It not “shunning you” to say that Liberty shouldn’t have invited you to speak. They are a Christian institution, trying to pass on Christian beliefs. While you share some of the same values, the God you worship is not the same as the one we worship (ex. we don’t believe God the Father has a body, or that Joseph Smith was one of his prophets). And because Mormons often want to minimize those differences and confuse the issue, it was irresponsible for Liberty to add to the confusion by having you, a Mormon, speak at their specifically Christian event.

    For the same reason they should not have had a buddhist or a Jew, they shouldn’t have had you speak at this event.

    I will continue to listen to you here regularly, but on this point you are simply wrong – protesting your appearance at Liberty is not a matter of shutting you up, or shunning you – it is simply a matter of making clear the differences that exist between your religion and the one Liberty University professes.

  • Ken Cook

    I just saw a picture of a guy with a weird wig, beard and huge nose.

    The people complaining looked at the same picture and saw a “Jew”.

    Who’s the racist?

  • Connor Kenway

    I love how liberal claim that we are racist but yet give awards and forgive liberal racist. Yet here is another example of liberal racism and liberals coming to defend the racist. And another example of liberal racism.

  • Lush Rimbaugh

    Wow, SOOOO unbelievably offensive. Sometimes Glenn and the the people who comment on this page are worse than the damned liberals. “OMG I AM SO OFFENDED, BAN IT!!!” OMG!!! HE IS PERPETRATING A RACIAL STEREOTYPE!! SUE HIM!!!”
    Here is a better idea, get over it. Walk it off. Pay it no mind.

  • Micah Ben Ghazi El

    Excuse my French, but Macklemore is a raging idiot.

  • Clyde Kopeski

    Pink shirt Pat? I’m guessing your wife dressed you. LMAO. Praying…..priceless.

  • djnewnewdre

    Watch the part about eazy not very 1 in hip hop is anticonservative antisemmtic flaming liberal, the game esenialy says that eazy was a Regan fan,totaly hate what maklemore did, as well as his same love song, cause I am in love with a woman with that issue and it is wrong but don’t generalize all hip hop like that Lao 50 cent’s verse of hate it or love it is a great example, because most of what he says would piss mot liberals off

  • Wolfpaw

    My first ancestor I know of came to the Colonies before the Revolutionary War. He came over on a ship with his mother, father and sister–all of whom died of disease before making it to America. My 11 yr old grandfather (5 greats?) was sold to a planter as an indentured servant (slave). As an adult he was able to enlist in Washington’s Army and fought for independence. After the British were defeated, he and many other veterans were given a land grant in the Carolinas or Georgia….(there was little/no money to pay them.) He got one, had a family, farmed. That’s my white privilege.

  • James Schulz

    hum.. hump day really…. first thing you notice about a camel is the hump… The camel in those famous commercials was clearly not from the middle east, he spoke with an American accent. Guess what day it is?, HUMP DAAAAY! Poor guy just wanted recognition that it was his day! I smoke Camels so I guess I’m in support of terrorist.. Or am I racist, because it has a camel on it.. I didn’t know camels were considered a race.. I guess we should have seen this coming when they outlawed the frito bandito… The racist cartoon that wanted to steal your frito corn chips.. I always thought there was just one race, the one to financial freedom.. People are people they should start behaving like it! We were given the ability to reason and this is how we use that gift, to point fingers and call names.. Really pretty pathetic.

  • Homer Pyle

    Oi Macklemoore looks like Andrew Dice Clay, aka Andrew Silberstein.

  • Jim

    Maybe BO is waiting for CNN to report that the economy is in the tank. He gets his news from the same place…oh wait. No one watches CNN.

  • Anonymous

    I think this blatant display of lower life forms in our midst , who think they are perfect ones with no faults, they are superior human, of the superior race at expense of people who look different so they can make themselves look bigger in eyes of others !! Many people of different races where people have the misfortune of having a large nose Italian,Scots,Jewish people etc , you don’t publicly mock,joke,horse laugh ,treat as outcast or a leper people because they are fat,short, very tall, handicapped !! But with this Jewish notation he make it ok to mock,joke about,look down as a lessor person, stares in public any one with a large nose of any race is fair game in public is ok !! Now people with large noses are not blind ,dumb deaf and stupid when people touch their noses and let out a horse laugh same goes for fat lady on beach when someone make comment beach whale !! We all our different in our own ways and we all should enjoy life,eating out and events without un call for jokes,sneers,mocks without horse laughs !!! It not the people who are little different from normal that should be shun and treated as second class citizens it’s the lower life forms who think they are perfect ones and have the rights to make people who are a little different to be unhappy in life ,they’re the ones that should be shun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just think if the shoe was on the other foot and you were on the receiving end of this BS every time you go out or meet people in back ground are sneers ,taunts that un call for from strangers I don’t think you be too happy !! Jewish people and anyone with big noses are the same as anyone else who are a little different or handicapped should not be on the receiving end of crude comments or jokes or put downs,stares !! All what they’re doing is attaching the label Jewish make it ok to mock a Jewish person or someone of any race with big nose ,both reason are blatantly wrong in doing !!!

  • Vernon Cunningham

    where is your sense of humor? Some things are just funny.

  • cady

    how bout the muslim males who wear the skirts. and the hajibs

    • Anonymous

      Where are the comedy skits about Muslims appearance ???

  • cady

    The muslim inciters who harras jews in jeruselem

  • Steve

    we’re all feeding him what he wants, PUBLICITY! If everyone ignored him (or the celebrity stunts in general) they wouldn’t get what they want. The only reason I saw this was because it was posted a million times on facebook…. Now they have all these people talking about it and defending both sides etc etc. So now instead of the few Macklemore fans seeing this, millions upon millions MORE people will see this garbage. Macklemore just won. He got what he wanted. Publicity. He disappeared after thriftshop. Now he’s a name again. Same reason Miley acts a fool on stage. Same reason any public figure exploits themselves. ATTENTION.

  • Articulas

    My confusion is whats the big deal? So what if he did pick on Jews? Why is it being treated differently than other people doing. Eddy Murphy did a skit where they made him white and he went to banks and got free money. To me Glenn your ridiculous and fake concern for antisemitism is very Nazi!

  • Articulas

    LOL just checked the stats. Alex Jones gets more hits than you.

  • White Army

    As Lenin asked: Who decides what is fair for whom? Who decides how much their relatives and political supporters should have? And on, and on.

  • Tyler Casey

    Answers his pen, lol ! probably…

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