Glenn and Ben Carson debate the role of pragmatism and compromise in politics

Dr. Ben Carson visited The View on Tuesday to talk about his new book One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future, and the interview received a lot of attention because of the overwhelmingly positive response he received after explaining why he believes the current welfare system in the United States is not doing the poor any favors. Glenn knows firsthand how difficult it can be to get the ladies of The View to compromise on any issue, and on radio this morning, Glenn spoke to Carson about the role of pragmatism and compromise in politics.

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To begin, Glenn asked Carson to speak a little bit about his new book, which tackles themes like how to react to the politically correct police.

“I talk about [the politically correct police] throughout the book. But basically, their only power is the power of intimidation. And if we decide to ignore them, they have no power. We need to understand the role that they play in manipulating people who really don’t think deeply for themselves. And if we can get people to be a bit more knowledgeable, and a lot braver – because [bravery] is really the key,” Carson explained. “You know, and I mentioned before, most of the people in Nazi Germany did not believe in what Hitler was doing, but did they open their mouths? Absolutely not. Now, of course, the left said, ‘Carson says America is the same as Nazi Germany.’ Of course, they love to grab any kind of word, distort it. And this is very effective for people who don’t think for themselves.”

With that in mind, Glenn applauded Carson for earning the respect of The View hosts and having an articulate dialogue about the problems with the welfare system in this country.

“Well, you know, I’d had a chance to speak with Whoopie Goldberg before we actually went on set. At first she thought we were very much opposite,” Carson said. “But as began to talk, I said, ‘We actually want the same things, and we can’t allow ourselves to be manipulated by those who want to always remove cohesiveness and create division.’ That’s what’s happening to America right now.”

In a recent op-ed for entitled “Charting a Course Between Principle and Pragmatism,” Carson wrote about a similar theme. After endorsing Dr. Monica Wehby, who is running as a Republican from Oregon, Carson came under fire for supporting a candidate who is personally pro-life but ran as pro-choice because she “feels the government has no business interfering with the relationship between the mother, the baby, the doctor and God.”

Glenn asked Carson, who described himself as pro-life, why he chose to overlook Webby’s position.

“Here’s my point. It’s going to be a lot easier to bring someone along who agrees with you 90% of the time than somebody who opposes you 100% of the time,” Carson said. “So one of the things that conservatives have to understand is there is a pragmatic approach. We have to get a critical number of people in place so that we can move the pendulum in the correct direction. As it’s moving, it doesn’t mean that we abandon all those things that you’re talking about. We can come back and visit those. But as I said, you know, if the ship is going off of Niagara Falls, we can get the barnacles off later. Let’s turn the ship around.”

Glenn questioned, however, if conservatives are being asked to compromise too much.

“I’m willing to compromise in a million different things,” Glenn said. “But nobody is talking to us about compromising.”

“I totally understand what you’re saying. Completely 100%. If there is a way – and I’m willing to listen – to never compromise on anything and still put ourselves in position to have the power, to do what needs to be done, I’m with it,” Carson responded. “We can be purists and never get into office, or we can be pragmatic, get into office, and then bring about the change that we want.

Carson evoked former President Ronald Reagan to further illustrate his point.

“I’m more in line with what Ronald Reagan said,” he explained. “Ronald Reagan said sometimes we have to hold our nose and do something that isn’t completely in line with our value system, recognizing that it will provide us with the opportunity to bring about the change, rather than always sitting on the sideline and complaining.”

Ultimately, Glenn remains impressed with the way Carson has handled himself in spite of all the backlash he has faced. And while Carson remains mum on what the future holds for him politically, he does believe God will provide.

“The one thing I do know is that I think God still loves our country,” Carson concluded. “We still acknowledge Him, a large number of us, some of us are a little bit timid about it, but I don’t think He’s going to forsake us. And I think He’s going to give us what we need.”

  • Anonymous

    God Bless people like Dr. Ben Carson, he seems to understand the “ying and yang” of politics rather than the ideology.

    • Mike Nelson

      “Yin,” not “ying.”

      Please pardon my nitpick; having some interest in, and familiarity with, the traditional concept of Yin and Yang, it just bugs me a little to see the Westernized pop culture misuse of the term. It’s an interesting topic to look into, if you have interest in why someone would care to make a correction.

      Still, I ^ for your observation; we agree :)

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, I stand corrected and should have paid more attention to this special term, but it seems expediency won out over being more cognizant and correct.

  • landofaahs

    Ben doesn’t know enough about business and economics and he’s had no experience in getting things done in the mess that is government. He’s a good man but just not the right man to be president in my opinion.

    • polarhawk

      But the man in office now knows “enough about business and economics”?

      • landofaahs


    • Anonymous

      But he knows how to work with people, how to appoint people, and how to put together a successful team without arrogantly inserting himself.

      • landofaahs

        Perhaps you’re right but you need someone to pick the people who are not just feathering their own nest after office. Plus I don’t know how hardball he can get. That will be a must to correct all the trash our current dumbass has done. Trump would fit that bill but I don’t trust his judgment on social things.

        • Anonymous

          Disagree – while he’s not my first choice, I don’t see Dr. Carson “feathering his own next.” I believe he can get hardball through rational, calm, convincing discussion and delegation. You don’t need to yell to play hardball.

          • landofaahs

            Please re-read my post. I said “you need to pick the people who are not just feathering their own nest after office”. I never said Ben would feather his own nest but those he may pick. You have to have a good enough business sense to smell those people out who have agenda’s. I really don’t like being misquoted.

    • Anonymous

      Wait a minute as a doctor with his own practice (business) gives him more experance then the man in office now.Economics’s experance comes from being able to perform the mircles he has performed while working withing the patients insurance guidelines.Doctors have been taught how to negotiate health care costs. He has demonstrated how he can reach out to anyone to effect change. I would love to see this man in office reach out and have lunch with the opposing team. He says he is to busy as a father to invite people over to dinner and get to know them on a one to one basis. The truth is Micheal and the girls are traveling all over the country and other country’s all the time. He could make the effort and that would make him more informed and he would make a better president .

    • Anonymous

      I agree, but I also believe that he knows that he doesn’t know. Therefore, unlike the current occupant of the white House, he will surround himself with well qualified people. It is not what you know, but to know that you don’t know.
      My personal dislike of Dr. Carson is his stance on the 2nd amendment.

      • Claribeth Davis

        Dr. Carson is pro 2nd amendment. He wrote an article in the Washington Times on April 22. Can’t seem to be able to copy the link here. Check it out.

  • Anonymous

    The first common denominator has to be the knowledge of the correct function of government. The following is from The Law by Frederic Bastiat

    The Proper Function of the Law
    And, in all sincerity, can anything more than the absence of plunder be required of the law? Can the law — which necessarily requires the use of force — rationally be used for anything except protecting the rights of everyone? I defy anyone to extend it beyond this purpose without perverting it and, consequently, turning might against right. This is the most fatal and most illogical social perversion that can possibly be imagined. It must be admitted that the true solution — so long searched for in the area of social relationships — is contained in these simple words: Law is organized justice.
    Now this must be said: When justice is organized by law — that is, by force — this excludes the idea of using law (force) to organize any human activity whatever, whether it be labor, charity, agriculture, commerce, industry, education, art, or religion. The organizing by law of any one of these would inevitably destroy the essential organization — justice. For truly, how can we imagine force being used against the liberty of citizens without it also being used against justice, and thus acting against its proper purpose?
    Paul rights in Romans that the government “does not bear the sword in vain”. Secular governments are God ordained so that even fallen unregenerate man may have a measure of peace and prosperity on earth.
    Romans 13:4
    But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see Dr. Ben Carson as my country’s President!

  • Populist democrat

    “Glenn knows firsthand how difficult it can be to get the ladies of The View to compromise on any issue….”

    That’s especially true when it comes to telling the truth!

    • Bill Tilghman

      You are the most truth challenged and reality challenged individual on the internet. The hypocrisy that emanates from your commentary is palpable.

  • Anonymous

    Absolute trust in this mans abilities

  • Anonymous

    I pray that Carson is right and God will wake this country up.

  • Populist democrat

    “As Chris Rodda explained back in 2010 when David Barton first made this claim on Beck’s program, this false statement is based on a 1984 study by a University of Houston professor who found that, among the documents published during the founding era, the Bible was the most frequently cited source, but that was largely because “most of these citations come from sermons reprinted as pamphlets; hundreds of sermons were reprinted during the era, amounting to at least 10% of all pamphlets published.”

    As Barton said back in 2010, 34% of the identifiable quotes from the thousands of document that were published during the founding era came from the Bible and Deuteronomy was the most frequently cited book among those quotes.

    But Beck utterly misrepresents this time and again in order to claim that a one-third of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence came directly out of the Book of Deuteronomy.

    It is entirely untrue, but Beck continues to repeat it over and over
    again while simultaneously portraying himself as a paragon of truth, honesty, and integrity.

    In fact, later in this very same segment, Beck vowed to ‘always try to be a more honest person than I was yesterday.’

    Apparently, that vow does not apply during the hours when he is broadcasting.”

    • Bill Tilghman

      More droning on about the sins of Beck, yet nothing of your own failings, like your criminal past and many bad things you have done on this site in making threats against others and your misogynist treatment of female posters here in the past. You need to stop being a lying hypocrite long enough to admit the many wrongs you have committed on this site, and own your failings.

      Admit what you have done is hate and you will be a step closer to becoming a responsible adult. Of course that is only the first step, and you have thousands of miles to go on your walk toward being a decent human being.

      You are a loud, abusive idiot with an agenda and you made that very clear on your little bugsite. You claimed to be republican for years, so you need to come clean on that issue too – you are as liberal as a person can get.

      Move your sleazy rear out of here – you don’t belong and are not welcome. You only come here to bully other posters and spread your hate.

  • Krimsen King

    yes, ‘conservatives’ are being ‘asked too much’ to compromise… probably because they are not DOING it AT ALL…..

    • Krimsen King

      you tend to get asked a lot to do things if you’re not doing them and you’re SUPPOSED TO…

  • Krimsen King

    “We still acknowledge Him”… please, ‘Christians’.. tell me what this means.. also ‘praising His name’… what, exactly, does that mean???

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised that Glenn is still talking politics since he said he hates politics and is going in a new direction. Culture and movies.

  • John King

    Best two candidates for 2016. Dr. Ben Carson and Allen West for President and Vice President respectively! Best solution for turning our country around!

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