Glenn reacts to Bevin’s loss in KY: Remember, only 10% changes the world

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) cruised to victory on Tuesday in Kentucky’s Republican primary – besting Matt Bevin. McConnell will now face off against Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes in November’s midterm election. McConnell and Grimes are neck and neck in the polls. Glenn was obviously disappointed with the results of the primary, but on radio this morning he took a surprisingly optimistic tone as he emphasized the power of the individual.

“There are 3,105,349 Kentuckians that are registered to vote. McConnell won with 209,829 votes total. Bevin got 124,544 votes. [209,829] people voted for Mitch McConnell out of 3,105,000. That means there are 2,770,976 people who didn’t vote for anybody,” Glenn said. “Were we too busy watching movies? Were we too busy playing on our cell phones? I’m not sure. 10% voted yesterday in Kentucky for one of these two men.”

Glenn firmly believes that everything happens for a reason, and this is not the last the world will see of Matt Bevin. While the voter turnout in Kentucky was abysmal, some 125,000 felt the need to cast their vote for change even though the polls were not in their favor.

“No real answers are going to be found in Washington. The people who created the problem will not be able to solve the problem. And now we are actively engaged and eagerly voting for our own destruction. When a people vote for their own destruction, there is nothing that can stop it,” Glenn said. “[But] there were 124,000 in Kentucky that still believe in change the right way. The rest voted, if they voted at all, for same stuff… [But] 124,000 people said, ‘You know, I’m going to vote for change.’”

The last few months Glenn has openly discussed some of the things he is praying for, and humility comes up time and time again. Glenn opened this morning about he has been struggling to figure out why the summer event he had in the works was unable to come together.

As Glenn explained, he and his staff had “a spectacular summer event planned in Pittsburgh” that would have included Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, but it feel apart not once but twice. After things fell through the second time, Glenn realized he might be getting a message – though he didn’t understand it at the time. Yesterday, Glenn believes he came to a better understanding.

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“Yesterday I think I figured out the message: Politics. Too big. Far too big. The answer is not there,” Glenn explained. “I don’t know what you will do. You might choose to give up. You might choose to be discouraged and walk away. You might choose to get mad, to get even. I urge you to remember Moses – delayed for 40 years.”

It is time to start thinking about the larger group, the collective and refocus our attention on the individual. TheBlaze is going to continue to grow and expand in different ways as Glenn refocuses his own priorities as well.

“We’re no longer capable of standing as a group. We must stand as individuals. Who you will follow, I have no idea. I know who I’m going to follow. And it’s not going to be a man. And I recommend the same thing for you,” Glenn said. “I wrote this last night about 1 o’clock in the morning. I want you to know clearly who I am and where I’m going.”

Glenn explained what he feels he is being called to do:

In my professional life, TheBlaze will continue to tell the news stories of the day. That was step one. It always has been step one. TheBlaze will continue to tell the news of the day, and we will look for ways to expand that in every possible opportunity. We will ask you and beg you to help us do that.

But I am also going into culture. I mean I didn’t really have this much white hair four years ago, five years ago. It’s white. And let me tell you something: We’re about to go into the culture in ways that I hope will turn everybody’s hair white. And it’s not about politics. And it’s not about control. It’s about the individual. We’re going to keep fighting professionally.

Political life: I’m going to continue to vote. I’m going to continue to have a strong voice on what I think people should do. In my religious life, that is a dedicated priority. That and my family, priority number one. I believe in Him and I will continue to pray to be humbled so I only rely on Him.

I’ve started praying for not the future. Can I have just my daily bread? Will You just provide enough food for me today so I can continue to rely on You. He doesn’t trust me or anybody else because we’ll do it our way. I don’t want to do it my way. I’ve done it my way over and over and over again. It doesn’t work. Please, just make sure that I’m doing Your way every step of the way.

In my personal life, I will continue, I hope, to fundamentally as transform as a man. Corrie ten Boom is one of my goals. Create light. Moses is the American story. Do we get to the Promised Land? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not.

Ultimately, Glenn believes that with each and every person humbling himself or herself and living the life he or she is supposed to live, real change can occur. It doesn’t take a lot of people. It just takes the right people.

“Remember, only 10% of the Israelites left with Moses. 10%. 90% accepted the slavery. 10% changes the world. 10%,” Glenn concluded. “But the number required? One individual. I’m dumb enough not to stop, but I’m smart enough to change tactics. No third party. It won’t work. What does? Nothing that comes from man. Find your path. Follow no man. Love one another. Vengeance is His. Quite frankly, everything is His. We don’t own any of this stuff. We’re supposed to be caretakers, and I fear we have dropped the ball on that one.”

Glenn spent much of the first hour discussing this theme. You can listen to the entire hour below:

  • Deckard426

    I’m moving to Kentucky. Think I’ll lay around the ole fishin’ hole all day, live off disability, and vote for McConnell so’s them thar-checks keeps a rollin’ in.

    • Paul Nathanael Novielli


      • Todd Clemmer


    • SNB

      Deckard, yes, very nice stereotype, you nailed it, congratulations, very original.

      But just so you know, the disability collectors are the democrats who voted for Obama…………………

      • pt1bill

        Deckard sounds like a typical democrap.

    • bd

      Me too.

  • Jeff Lambeau

    I’m glad Glenn finally realized that he-never going to get everything that he wants when it comes to politics. There’s a REASON Rand Paul put his weight behind Mitch McConnell and why that Tea-Party guy from Nebraska Ben Sasse even called McConnell to congratulate him and show his support. You gotta play the bipartisan game if you want to win. It’s a really dirty business and to get caught up in analyzing it as a lay citizen, is not only a headache, it’s a waste of time. Again, glad to see Beck is looking to put his focus into communities and other projects and inch away from political debate.

    • scouch

      McConnell is bipartisan. He runs on the republican ticket and votes with the democrat party.

      • Todd Clemmer

        You are wasting your time.

  • Anonymous

    I think GOP voters are being more cautios this go-round. It is so important to dethrone Dirty Harry. McConnell is not ideal, but 100-times better than any Demoncrat. The Tea Party has already won the debate by eliminating many of the worst RINOs. These “establishment” types that are winning this cycle are far better than past GOP candidates.

    • scouch

      Actually I believe that McConnell is cut from the same cloth as weed reid.
      He backs obama all of the time won’t go against him, although he talks a good game but when the rubber meets the road he changes his tune.

      • bd

        He’s a true professional politiker

    • Todd Clemmer

      McConnell is a progressive.

  • scouch

    2,000,000 people have no right to complain. We are giving our country away.

    • Paul Nathanael Novielli

      They didn’t vote for Bevin because he was a terrible candidate and a shady person. Good for KY

      • Shizzle My Nizzle

        you just described mcconnell.

        • Anonymous

          They’re all the same.

      • Anonymous

        Mitch McConnell isnt shady???Please!!

      • Todd Clemmer

        They voted for the other shady person with 30+ years of shady person experience.

        • pt1bill

          so grimes is you answer. if mitch didn’t win she would win this fall and republicans lose another seat in senate. I am not a big mitch fan and ALL politicians are liars but u have to make a choice of the best of the worst

    • Anonymous

      Just imagine if this kind of thing happens in November. Re-electing McConnell certainly points that way, epecially when he had a lieing opponent.

  • landofaahs

    We get the government we deserve. Garbage in, garbage out.

    • bd

      Well stated

  • Anonymous

    Of course what will happen is out of the 124,544 people who voted for Bevin, a large majority of those people will not get behind McConnell so Lundergan will win by a close majority in the mid-term election and the (R) will loose a seat from KY.

    • Paul Nathanael Novielli

      Yep, because Conservatives or Republicans or Tea Party don’t know how to suck it up after they lose. And in steps the worst thing to happen to America in someone like Obama. Way to stay classy.

      • Anonymous

        The worst thing to happen would be someone like Obama who is Republican, e.g., McCain or Romney.

        • Anonymous

          Paul is still playing the party line game…

          • Anonymous

            I thought you meant Rand Paul because he endorsed McConnell. Took me a second. Yeah, like Paul N. for years I was certain Republican and conservatives were close enough. Now pretend conservatives like McConnell disgust me even more than liberal Democrats. I know they have few principles and will abandon them for expediency without a second thought. I won’t participate in tainting the conservatism with RINOs. I’ll vote for a libertarian before I’ll vote for a RINO.


            You make it sound like Libertarians are bad. I’m a Libertarian and we will vote for a Republican if he is the best choice. The same with a Democrat. We look how they stand on issues and make a decision based on their ideology. I will say that I almost never see myself aligned with Democrats on economic issues or the size and scope of government, but I almost never agree with Republicans on social issues. I just vote Republican more often then not because I don’t do drugs and I’m not gay, so Republican puritanical views don’t effect me. Democrat’s economic views do effect me.

          • Anonymous

            I tend to be libertarian on many issues. Certainly more than the liberal issues. That’s why I vote libertarian before liberal…even if the liberal is a Republican.

          • jen

            Importantly, you left out that many dems are far better than most republicans on civil liberties – nsa/ndaa, etc…


            I assume that was a joke due to the NDAA being a creation of the Obama administration. Democrats like civil liberties, so long as they can take them away from you when you do something they don’t like. Republicans are no different. They both seek to restrict behavior they find distasteful. Did you know that public universities, which are a bastion of the left, have speech codes that restrict free speech? It seems to me that you might be able to justify that at a private university, but public universities should have to follow our country’s free speech laws.

          • Anonymous

            Dems can’t create jobs and cannot balance a checkbook – those are the 2 biggest problems in our country… give me a republican any day!

      • Pete Wood

        On the contrary, I live in Kentucky and voted for Matt Bevin, and the change that he would bring. I had grandiose images of the establishment sh*tting their pants had he won. I imagined that that shot over the bow would bend them to our principals. Bevin lost. In November I will hold my nose and vote McConnell, because giving up the seat to a radical Obamacrat is not and option that appeals to me. Don’t take my view on this as surrender, just a temporary retreat. I am not going anywhere and neither are my principals. I vow to vote to make that difference every chance that I get, and to inform as many as possible to vote with me. I may have lost in this battle, but the war in the Republican party is far from over. I have the rest of my life to fight to better this place for my kids/grandkids. In the words of Hillary Clinton……I ain’t noways tired!

        • Silent Political Yeoman

          McConnell is not much better, since he’s practically on the left side (along with Boehner). I mean, come on, you’re really gonna vote for someone who called supporters of FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund “traitors?” I happen to support FreedomWorks and what they stand for, so by McConnell’s definition, I am a traitor and enemy of the State. This is all a load of crap, and it needs to be thrown out..

          “Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.”

    • Anonymous

      Depends if those who voted Bevins were more conservative or more Republican. Conservatives won’t vote for a liberal of either party. Republicans will vote for a Republican regardless. If McConnell is to remain the Republican leader in the senate, then I pray he loses.

  • Paul Nathanael Novielli

    You just don’t get it Glenn. People didn’t vote because Bevin was a BAD candidate. He lied, he went and spoke places he shouldn’t have knowingly. He hurt people personally including my fiance and was unapologetic and said it didn’t matter. His supporters swore or name called those on the fence or not voting for him at all. That isn’t patriotism that is Liberalism at its finest. I am not a Mitch fan but I deliberately chose not to vote because I could in NO way support a man like Matt Bevin. I live here, I work here, I saw it first hand. Personally I am glad the people of Kentucky saw through him for what he was. A fraud.

    • Eleanor

      Thank you, Paul! I didn’t follow that race and I was going to do something now (email to encourage a 3rd party run or something) but I didn’t understand. You are a great comfort. I appreciate the enlightenment.

    • Anonymous

      I understand your point, but it’s not like the alternative is a decent conservative. At least Bevin would have been a new bad Republican.

    • Anonymous

      Can you please specify how Matt Bevin PERSONALLY hurt your fiancé and then refused to apologize? Your post is lacking a great deal of specificity.

      Matt Bevin supporters use foul language? All of them? Well thats a reason to distance yourself for certain. If some of his supporters cursed then he’s definitely not qualified to serve in the US Senate. (Sarc)

      • Anonymous

        His knickers are probably in a knot over the dog fighting issue. BUT I would vote for ANY candidate over a proven progressive like Mitch.

      • jen

        Paul is a democrat/rino troll – lies without facts is how they work. if you ask for facts, he will call you a conspiracy theorist or traitor or racist.

    • Anonymous

      Care to document the lies, or were they provided to you by the McConnell campaign?

      • jen

        No need to ask – trust yourself, of course there aren’t such documents out there. McConnell voters are manipulative liars.

    • Mike Nelson

      This commentary rather rubs me wrong; from what I’ve seen (which is admittedly little, being a non-Kentuckian), Bevin doesn’t fit the description you’ve given.

      Would you be able to link some sources, or give any specificity? I haven’t anything to do with state politics in Kentucky, and with “news reporting” being what it is, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. I don’t trust anyone who is of the establishment any longer.

    • Anonymous

      People need to get over themselves and stop pouting. When people stay home, like you did, they are giving the opponent TWO votes, theirs and the progressives that voted for Mitch.

      There are more issues during the primary elections besides just Mitch and Matt, and the people that decided to stay home proved to the rest of the country that they LIKE the way things are going in Washington since it’s easier to vote out a one time politician than a lifer like Mitch.

  • Caleb Sayre

    You have to remember Kentucky is a closed primary, which means people registered with the Democrat Party could not vote. Even though Kentucky is a red state, there’s a lot more people registered with the Democrats than Republicans. That 3,000,000 number is the total people registered to vote, not total Republican registered voters.

    • Edwin

      Get the facts straight. Democrats did vote yesterday in Kentucky. Voting is done on party lines in Kentucky during the primaries. The only people in Kentucky that do not have a voice on primary day is those registered with other parties outside the big two parties.

    • Josh W

      I came here to say this, Glenn is (again) lying. He knows this, he’s not stupid. He knows this will get more of a reaction and make it sound better for his ratings and to get people riled up. I’m glad that at least one other person knows this. I am not even from KY and I know it. It’s sad, but expected, that I had to literally go to the bottom and read the very last comment before I found some truth on here.

      Also, besides the closed primary preventing Dems and Independents from voting in the GOP Primary, what about Shawna Sterling, Chris Payne, or Brad Copas? There’s more people that voted, granted not a lot compared to Mitch and Matt. So if you look at the real numbers, roughly 27% of people voted. Again, lying about the numbers because he knows people will just go with it.

  • Troy votes whig

    Glen also stated violence is not an answer, but i disagree, my brother stole something from me, I whooped him, he has not been back since!

    • Paul G


  • MJR444

    Glenn’s math doesn’t take into account that in Kentucky, only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican primary. According to Wikipedia: “In 2006, 57.05% of the state’s voters were officially registered as Democrats, 36.55% registered Republican, and 6.39% registered with some other political party.” That’s a really small number of Republicans, and there were other Republicans on the ballot besides Bevin and McConnell. Glenn’s point is valid, but it’s not quite like it seems. My husband and I voted for Bevin, and I will now probably be changing my party affiliation to independent. I have been a registered Republican for 19-1/2 years tomorrow, since my 18th birthday.

    • Caleb Sayre

      I did the same thing. I actually mailed the paper to change my party affiliation on my way to vote.

    • Jason Fox Johnson

      You were assuming some on Glenn’s program does research? Wishful thinking?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it’s easy to make one’s point by playing the numbers game.Just like unemployment in the US now is at 6.6% and coming down by the month.

        • Anonymous

          You dont understand how to read unemployment data. Look at average number of hours worked, those employed full time, and those who have left the labor force for extended periods of time. “Underemployment” ever heard of the term?My father has been out of work for nearly a year and his Barnas group (bible study for unemployed men) is quite large.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be a groupie – be Independent :))

    • Anonymous

      In attempt to win you back the Republican party will move further into progressive territory.

  • Anonymous

    I can handle Mcconnel winning as long as he is not voted in as majority leader

    • bd


    • pt1bill

      so u want harry reid to stay n that position?

      • Anonymous

        he means that when each congress is voted in (every 2 years, including the senate, which has a 1/3rd turnover), each house has to vote in a majority leader (i.e the speaker in the case of the house of reps). refer to the articles last month where 30+ reps were talking about ousting boehner and mcconnell from their leadership positions.

  • Ed McCay

    Having kids who will inherit this mess no RINO republicans are not better. Matt should run as n independent and we need to keep spreading the word. They hope we quit.

    • Anonymous

      I wont inherit it. Ill leave if I have to.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, how unfortunate you lost that money on what no doubt would have been a good cause. But you are correct, there is big politics involved. And not only is it coming from the left of the left but from the right of the left (RINO’s).
    And people think the IRS debacle will ever see the light of the day. Doubtful with the likes of Sen. Mitch McConnell who says they will “crush” the tea party. Even they were happy to prevent tea party groups from getting out their messages.
    But hang in there, ’cause justice will come a-calling in due course. Time, it takes time for people to see the light.
    I just hope that Mitch can win against what appears to be a tough battle with his Democratic opponent. We wouldn’t want him to get crushed now, would we.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, hoping and wishing means nothing against MONEY. Just look at Glenn today vs years ago. I’ve been listening to Glenn for over five years. I remember him telling us a lot of truth, even if it meant bashing the government and its leadership. Look at him today and he’s a different man. He’s very careful how he talks about the government, especially obama. He writes and promotes his books like he’s some real authority. He’s into promoting clothes at hugely inflated prices. He’s even become a preacher more than anything and is abusive with his audience. But, come on folks, support Glenn s he can reap in more millios.

      • Anonymous

        I hear where you are coming from. Glenn has changed and I no longer follow regularly except for his daily e-mail updates.
        We must keep in mind with all the backdoor changes the FCC is trying to implement, many news forums are coming under much self scrutiny out of fear of perhaps being targeted by the administration.

    • Anonymous

      Technically Mitch McConnell said he wanted to crush the Senate Conservative fundraising group. He did not say Tea Party. I think we are more effective if nobody can put a label on us like “Tea Party”. I have watched this movement start with concerned citizens who see their government and politicians spend our country and our children into debt. Okay, they organized into Tea Party groups all over the country. They then became a recognizable target of persecution, first by the likes of Anderson Cooper (author of the term tea baggers), then the rest of the media, and political hacks accused them of being raciest, and then the IRS denied them of the tax deductible status they sought so that they could compete with media matters and other progressive tax exempt groups. No, it is better to organize in a more benign way, get exempt status first before being a known target and then pursue the mission. We know who we are, the RINOs and progressives do not know who they are. We will always support the best possible choice and when we lose a battle we will always be gracious and persevere. Truth endures. Eventually the others will destroy themselves with the very hole they digged for others.

      • Anonymous

        It was the TARP bailout that started the movement as I recall.

  • RLee

    Politician or Statesman? We have a ton of one and none of the other. That’s the crux of how it works today. We have a generation or two that does not know there is a difference (or existence) in every sense of the word. We may have to lose it all before we decide down the road we actually want our individual pursuit of happenstance. McConnell is not the answer and Bevin was a glittery, distracted, desperate attempt to make two wrongs a right.

  • Connor Kenway

    Why Kentucky?

  • Eileen Wright

    The bigger picture is whether the R’s take the senate this year. It is a bigger issue than Mitch. If the senate is to be won, Ky has to put Mitch back in office. In 2012 7 million R’s stayed home and didn’t vote (protest vote) and look what we got. So which is more important? The SCOTUS and federal judges appointments. Reid is stacking the courts daily with life time left wing progressives because he changed the rules; he has to be stopped and the only way is to win the senate.

  • Anonymous

    Well u know what Glenn that’s awful, but it won’t be much different here in Alabama on June 3rd. To the 2,700.000 who did not vote in Kentucky I don’t want to hear the Boohoo’s went some new law gets thru and u don’t like it, U had a chance to change the tide of history to get rid of the old guard , and u didn’t did do it, but then again I guess it to much trouble to look up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We have to find earnest people to run in all the state’s?

    • Janet Prentice

      We found Mike Lee in Utah or should I say he schooled us about the loss of our freedoms & the Constitution for two years. You need the right people. Nothing against Bevin, but, Rove is on the prowl

  • Anonymous

    “The people who created the problem will not be able to solve the problem. And now we are actively engaged and eagerly voting for our own destruction. When a people vote for their own destruction, there is nothing that can stop it.”

    Well said. The apathy and ignorance of the American people is nauseating.

  • R-WOOD

    One word comes to mind, narcissist.

  • Crassus

    Here’s the bottom line in Kentucky–the voters decided not to replace a snake with a skunk. Bevin was a horrible candidate who made some blunders that would have done Sharon Angle and Todd Akin proud. Glenn is probably right when he says we haven’t seen the last of Matt Bevin. The next time we see him on the news he will be handcuffed and led off to prison.

    • Anonymous

      unfortunately, since no one is without flaws, our political system has devolved into mudslinging: “hey, don’t vote for the other guy because he’s bad, vote for me instead!”
      mcconnell hired photographers and PIs to follow bevin around in order to dig up dirt he could sling. i’ve only seen two specific complaints brought up about bevin (the cockfighting thing and that he supposedly supported something in 2008 that he was speaking out against… can’t remember what the topic was). two minor issues (and who gives a crud about whether he spoke at a “cockfighting” rally), and that makes bevin a skunk? are you serious!?

  • Clinton Pando

    Glenn you are right. The problem in our nation is that we need more people involved and perhaps it is time for a new mind set. I encourage everyone to take a look and make up their own opinions.

  • Guy Fleegman1

    The United States is doomed…period

  • Populist democrat

    Bevin gets creamed in his primary, and Glenn Beck, a multimillionaire, prays for enough to eat. Within two months, Glenn will likely start telling you that Alison Grimes is a Marxist “who wants to impose Sharia law so that gay marriages can take place in public schools using Common Core, officiated by abortion doctors who [will] confiscate your guns”… help re-elect Mitch McConnell. There is no smear too big for Mr. Beck when it comes to electing Republicans.

    • Anonymous


      • Populist democrat

        wrote the homophobe.

        • Bill Tilghman

          No one is afraid of you, Victor. Stop your whining and find a constructive use for your time. People have been telling you this for years, but you are impervious to wisdom.

    • Anonymous

      Poor baby are you through yet, your poor little Liberal, Fascist Dumocrats were talked bad about, shame shame.

      • Populist democrat

        If you were not so utterly baffled by liar and deceitful propagandist, you’d know that “Liberal” and “Fascist” are mutually exclusive. Shame, shame indeed! Glenn Beck fools some of the people all of the time.

        • Anonymous

          explain how “liberal” (as it is applied in the political arena of the US) and “fascist” (as per its technical definition), are mutually exclusive.

          • Populist democrat

            “Anti-individualistic, the Fascist conception of life stresses the importance of the State and
            accepts the individual only in so far as his interests coincide with those of the State, which stands for the conscience and the universal, will of man as a historic entity. It is opposed to
            classical liberalism which arose as a reaction to absolutism and exhausted its historical function when the State became the expression of the
            conscience and will of the people. Liberalism denied the State in the name of the individual; Fascism reasserts”


          • Bill Tilghman

            Again, you display the cognitive dissonance that makes you what you are – an idiot with a big hate for Beck.

        • Bill Tilghman

          You are the liar and deceitful propagandist, liberal fascist.
          Take your little hate show down the road.

          We have had enough of your stupidity.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Put a sock in it Victor. You need to figure out that your Beck hate campaign is going nowhere here. Only the terminally stupid like you can’t figure it out.

  • KJ

    I am a Kentuckian and let me tell you how hard of a vote this was. I ended up voting for MM at the last minute because as much as I wanted to vote for someone else and get MM out, Bevin could never win against Grimes. People have to remember that, unfortunately, money wins elections these days. Grimes (the liberal candidate) is being funded and campaigned for by the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, their many organizations and many other liberal PACS. We can not lose that seat & MM is the only one with the financial structure to battle the money that Grimes will have pouring in. There are already ads running here. People, please quit hating on Kentuckians that voted the way that you didn’t support. It was a very frustrating race and one of the hardest primaries I’ve ever had to decide on. It was really a no-win situation here- neither was a good candidate so it was basically about making a decision as to which republican could have a better chance against the liberal. At least those of us who voted, exercised our right!

    • Silent Political Yeoman

      McConnell may be the supposed “lesser of two evils,” but when there isn’t that much of a difference in the first place, it doesn’t matter in the end. Grimes wins, the liberals gain a stronger foothold; McConnell wins, he’ll still act as a Templar patsy by continuing to back Harry Reid. It’s a lose-lose situation because no matter who you vote for, it’s still a Templar win.

      • jen

        Right – lesser of 2 evils doesn’t matter in the end as they are both so evil that there is not much difference b/w them to care and talk about right vrs left with them.
        However, idiots like KJ who unfortunately form most of non repub/dem estab base. Hence, it is folks like KJ who keep giving us the mcconnells/reids, etc. Their excuse is always same – only rinos have a chance and the war is b/w repub/dem estab.

    • ken.

      so you threw away you principles to vote for evil because the evil one has a better chance of winning? thats the problem with america today, it about who you think can win instead of who has the principles to do whats right. you have fallen for the scam the leftists pulled on you. always vote your conscience and when everyone gets the courage to do that, your vote will be for the winner, not the lessor of two evils which is the same evil as the other one.

    • fille de lumiere

      Well said, KJ. It is easy to point fingers as you sit back and refuse to exercise your right to vote. Sometimes it is not between right and wrong. It is an unfortunate fact of life, that sometimes it is a choice between the lesser of two evils. We need to get a majority in place and then we can tweak it to a more conservative stance. Patience Grasshopper…

      • ken.

        it makes no difference which evil has the majority, it always ends up in the same place. if everyone who voted for the lessor of two evils voted for principles instead, we would not have to chose between two evils.

    • jen

      KJ – you are pathetic and a RINO baby!!
      A statist who believes fighting doesn’t work.
      Dork – of course rinos will be more funded as they have controlled gop for over 100 years. of course tea partiers will have less $ – however, truth can win over $.
      In your mind, as a good republican like rove, whoever has the dough wins and you side with $ – very corrupt thought.
      Quit acting like you were frustrated.
      Bevin lost because of sellouts like you!!!!

  • Romulocks

    I did vote for Bevin. Not as a show of support for Bevin, but as a statement to McConnell. I was under no illusions that Bevin would win the election.

    But seriously…Mitch McConnell is not Lindsey Graham. He’s not John McCain. And your continuous villainizing of a man who has by and large been a great senator for my state is infuriating.

    This isn’t the end of the world, and seriously…this is a time when you need to CHILL OUT.

    So long as Lundergan-Grimes loses in the general election, things will be okay.

    • Anonymous

      This is a man who stated that his aim was to “crush” the Tea Party (Conservatives). I will never support someone who has avowed to crush tradition and supporters of it. Reality check. You need to realize that there are things going on here and its bigger than party politics, its about ideals and values, differing versions of our past and visions for our future. I cant support those who have an alternate view of our history or a different vision for our future. I wont merely stand on the sideline and cheer for team elephant sorry.

  • Anonymous

    I chose not to vote for Bevin because his many, many blunders rendered him a sure loss to ALG in November. Whether I agree with Mitch 100% of the time is irrelevant. He has a better chance at defeating Obama’s female version.

    • Anonymous

      So you voted on perceived “electability” over principle.

      Remember, always support the established candidate with the largest funding. (sarc)

    • Anonymous

      please enumerate the blunders, specifically, and note how they render bevin so egregiously untasteful for you to vote for him.
      point to a flawless person….. i’m still waiting…. (only three humans had the chance, and two of them screwed up, the third is our high priest standing in God’s presence)

  • Lancey

    Lets not commit hari kari or over analyze what has happened. In a extremely diverse country you will have broad agreements and disagreements within its ranks especially in the party. The main goal is to remain a Democratic Republic where individual rights (Bill of Rights) trump group rights in most situations. We like most of the English speaking democracies should and can strengthen the legislative branch and limit the power of the courts and executive branches authoritiy. Most of the English speaking democracies have had that as their main impetus aimed in that direction for decades while ours unfortunately hasn’t always.

  • Anonymous

    McConnell had to move right and run as a total hard core conservative to win, so did the rest of the RINOS that were challenged. If they retain that conservative posturing the remainder of their term then the tea party did what it needed to do. If they do not this will be their last term.

    • MaDdD_dOGgG

      Doubt it… there’s too many voters with the attention span of a goldfish that will only remember last night’s campaign as when they’re in the voting booth.

  • MM

    but 3.1M people could not vote for these 2….3.1M is a tootal of all voters…Dems, Reps, and Independents. The actual total for for Rep voters is 30%, but considering only these 2 ran in this race it’s a non issue.

  • MaDdD_dOGgG

    Can we lose McConnell and still win the Senate?

    • Bill Tilghman

      You may be onto something there. I don’t think the gamble is worth the risk, and every non-democrat in the Senate is a positive thing. We really need to focus on taking control of the Congress, and then worry about the differences within the conservative arena. As long as we allow the democrats to make gladiators of us they will remain in control. We need to take that away from them by at least presenting a unified front against democrats, then when we have taken the majority control of Congress we can decide what the priorities are.

      All of this divisive in-fighting in the republican ranks only serves to solidify democrat power in the federal government. One thing is certain – if we want to have a shot at limiting spending and the size and power of the federal government the only way that will happen is to beat the democrats on election day.

      After that, the debate between republicans has a place, not before.

  • Michael Huck

    He never once mentioned Ky or the election in the first video. However, he did say one word that triggered in my mind what should be the response to those Democrats who try to make bickering in the Republican Party as a bad thing; “Individual.” The Republican Party is made up of a group of individuals and party leaders have no requirement that everyone speak in one voice privately or publicly. Democrats are required to tow the party line as one big happy family or they don’t get election funding.

  • R-WOOD

    Hmmmm Thats funny ! What dont the Globalists control ? OH !!! That would be a third party ! go figure….

  • D Scott Pope

    1) Not all 3.1 million can vote in Republican primary. Just registered Republicans, which is a minority here in Kentucky due to “my parents were Democrats so I am too” and unions. 2) Let’s not confuse Matt Bevin for Rand Paul. They aren’t even close. If so, then it would have been a closer race. 3) Bevin made too many “what the hell are you thinking” blunders. His final straw was the cock-fighting episode and trying to cover it up in a child-like fashion. I am more a tea party fiscal conservative social libertarian. But when it was all said and done, I had to vote for who can win in November. And Bevin had no chance.

  • Kay Lyle

    Lexington news had projected on Monday night that Mitch and Grimes would win and by the percentage. I did vote , but wanted to stay home because it was already set in stone by the news

  • David Harmon

    I too live in Kentucky and the turn out at the polls made me very sad. I live within a 5 minute walk to my polls and gladly enjoyed the weather to walk over and make my voice be heard. To bad it didn’t get what we needed.

  • Shonnin Kuroji

    Reading this and other stories I have come to a realization. The Left cannot be defeated at this time. The problem is that the Republican Party is effectively suffering from schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. In reality the Republican Party is three distinctly separate parties: There is the Establishment Republicans (a.k.a. RINOs), the Religious Right Republicans (God n Guns!) and finely the Libertarians (who either self identify as Republican because they don’t know any better, or Libertarians who are smart enough to recognize that our system is designed to prevent the existence of a third party). The Tea Party doesn’t really count as a party as too many of the Religious Right AND Libertarians have gone over to it despite the fact that groups are fundamentally opposed to each other virtually all social issues, thus rendering the Tea Party impotent and irrelevant. Contrast this to the Left who remain a unified front in their dedication to the destruction of the the United States as Constitutional Republic. We have seen how Socialists, Extremest Feminists, Extremist Minorities, Extremist Muslim Fundamentalists, Communists, Unions and the LGBT community are able to set aside their differences in pursuit of their common goal in a way that Republicans are simply incapable of. It is for this reason that Democrats will continue to gain ground in their efforts to fundamentally change America despite being in the minority. As Lincoln once said ” A house divided cannot stand” nor does it appear a party divided.

    • Anonymous

      just remember the principles. many of those on the left are against God and the solid Biblical principles to an abundant and successful, godly life (and before anyone tries to dismiss me for that part, think about the Bible as a complete narrative and identify at least one principle, not a commandment, but a specified principle, from the Bible, and tell me how that principle is a bad thing or will bring destruction to your life), and thus those on the left promote vice and wickedness daily, therefore, despite their apparent heterogeneous viewpoints, they all come back to one source, the devil (remember Ephesians 6:12); that is why the left is a unified front.
      on the “right” you have a diverse set of viewpoints, only some of which base their thinking and decisions on Biblical principle… I’ll let all of you think about that for a moment….

      okay, thought about it? change the focus of how you live your life. many times it comes down to worrying more about what someone else is doing, than making sure our own actions are right and godly (consider how many “reality” tv shows are on, how many nitpicky laws there are to prevent other people from doing certain things just because they offend us or we don’t like them, etcetra). trust God, that even in this storm of destruction sweeping across this nation, He will take care of each of us. i see it as a “last man standing” situation, where SHTF for everyone else, but when the dust settles, us as individuals are still standing, because we trust God and follow the path of life He gave us, a proven path that allows us to prosper no matter what the situation. Joseph bin-Israel suffered the persecution of his own family, being sold to slavers, and being falsely accused of attempted rape by his master’s wife, yet he continued to rely on God and God caused him to prosper in every place he was. Job, who was renowned for his integrity and virtue, suffered complete destruction of all he had, including his physical health, yet continued to trust God, and received deliverance even when his own friends turned against him. Need I continue? with the exception of Yeshua, no human has EVER lived a sin free life, everyone has screwed up at some time (hence, take the beam out of your own eye before trying to remove the speck from your brother’s…). Joshua, son of Nun, was one of many that reminded people that God didn’t just drop us off and say good luck, He gave us a manual on how to prosper (some of which was to help people avoid dropping their guard and letting the devil take shots at them… look at Job’s example of fearing that his children were cursing God, and his words toward the end of chapter 2 or 3, that it was his fear that opened the door for the calamity).
      it is sometimes tempting to try and fight the fight in front of us, when the real fight is alot of times going on outside of our narrow view. start with, and stick to principle, and trust God to protect us and guide us, no matter what the situation looks like.

    • Poptoy1949

      In my opinion you wrote a pretty good essay. I pray you are wrong but my heart is telling me that you are more than likely correct. This is not the same America I grew up in. I remember being in college back in the late 60’s and somewhere in the Fall of 68 or Spring of 69 one of my college buddies was saying something about not liking the “Hippie movement” that was sweeping Universities in those days. I agreed with him as I did not particularly care for the radicals either. Then he made a statement that today I find profound. He said to me; “One day they might rule this country.” They sure have made a Mess of things THEN and NOW.

  • John 7:24

    As a Kentucky conservative Republican, I have diligently checked out the veracity of both campaigns over the last 4 months. I can testify to the complete fabrications of the McConnell campaign that started when Bevin was barely in the race and had little money to chase “rabbits”, as he referred to these accusations the first time I heard him speak to a small group in Kentucky. The glossy ads that frequented my mailbox either painted Bevin as the worst kind of liar or McConnell as the best hardworking conservative.

    After checking records, I discovered neither of those was true. Matt Bevin is a highly principled, hardworking, self-made, Christian businessman and employer with a wonderful family who was very happy to remain in the private sector. Over the years of serving on various boards, etc. he was often asked to get into politics. After being asked if his decision to get into the race was something like Saul on the road to Damascus, he replied that it was more like Jonah. Hopefully you understand that reference. Having seen McConnell campaigns in the past, I ask who would WANT to put themselves and their family through that and for what purpose?

    After much prayer, Matt decided to run because he was so concerned with the direction of the country, particularly the debt that he saw as destroying the future of the country where his nine children would grow up. He likes to say something like this, “Someone has to do it and this time the someone is me but the next time the someone might be you.” He was inspiring to the Youth for Bevin group that was involved in the campaign, and they were inspiring to anyone who saw or talked to them.

    Matt was a fantastic candidate, crisscrossing the state, visiting every area of Kentucky and pledging to represent all Kentuckians, regardless of party, for no more than 2 terms. His grassroots campaign did what they could, visiting, calling. I didn’t get a robo call except one from Matt the night before the election reminding people to vote. Some McConnell calls seemed to come from a call center in India or somewhere. There were Bevin signs everywhere and very few Team Mitch signs. But…you couldn’t watch TV or go on the internet without hearing about “Bailout Bevin”, very clearly an untruth by “mudslinging Mitch”, which was also the website where Bevin tried to defend himself by posting explanations and documents to counteract the lies. But the millions of dollars of negative ads by McConnell and special interests such as the US Chamber of Commerce were overwhelming and sickening. It is only going to get worse for the next 6 months-I may have to give up all media until after the election…

    In Matt’s “concession” speech, he did not endorse Mitch (how could he endorse someone who campaigned based on lies?), but made it clear that conservative values could only be supported by the Republican platform. Here is the speech if anyone is curious.
    I doubt anyone will read this long post, but I felt a duty to try to portray this race for those of you who are in other states. Kentucky and the US missed out this time, but I hope we will see Matt Bevin again in the future. The country needs more like him.

  • RichGSr

    It will not be long now.
    I keep hearing a trumpet getting louder; and louder.

  • Tim Mc Carthy

    After reading this to my son we were thinking something different. 90%. didn’t want either man to represent them. So asking is something wrong with this system? At 70 years young and having seen some odd elections I have to say Yes. Should more good men run? Yes.The cost is prohibitive for anyone to run.Then there is the media who destroy’s, other than the present POUS, any and ever one they do not agree or think they do not agree with. So the answer is, I have no idea and some I have no one will like, but term limits must be instated and the persons already in can not run ever again,unless they are freshmen but some have been state level so long…

  • ItalianScallion

    The problem was sending in a David to go up against an entrenched heavy hitter Goliath. We need to pick our battles more inteligently. The Tea party didnt use their heads on this one.

  • Sherri Shepherd

    Glen, work on your civics and math. ONLY Republicans could vote for a republican candidate in the primary. Don’t be so hasty in your judgement. It makes you sound stupid.

  • Anonymous

    I did my part. In my tiny county of Webster (13,000 residents, maybe), we basically have to be a registered democrat to vote in our local elections. I switched to Republican a couple of years ago solely to be able to vote in the national primaries. I voted for Rick Santorum in the presidential primary even though he had already dropped out. I really think it is time for local elections to be completely open, and all primaries need to be held nationwide on the sane day. I am very tired of Iowa and New Hampshire choosing out candidates for us.

  • A. Tackett

    I live in Ky. and was intending on voting for Bevin in the primary but, since I had registered as “non-partisan” in the last voting session, I could not vote for him. I was very disappointed not be able to vote for whom I wanted and could only choose from 4 or 5 candidates that I knew nothing about! I was also disappointed when trying to find out what the candidates stood for that only a few had this information available. Having the right to vote, I wanted to do it responsibly, but felt I was hitting a brick wall at every turn! I was able to fill out a card to change my party preference for the November elections. I wonder how many other voters ran into the same problem and how this may have been the reason why Bevin did not win over McConnell!

  • Anonymous

    The race doesn’t have to be over unless Bevin gives up and gives in. If he hasn’t given up, there is the possibility of a November upset by waging a “write in the vote” campaign. Wouldn’t that be worth the look on McConnell’s face to learn that voters can write?

    • Humorless

      See above….in 2 weeks or less, Glenn will be convincing you to vote for McConnell to “stop the Communist atheist Sharia law-loving Common Core-supporting baby killer” Alison Grimes.

  • A Full Accounting

    For those of you who voted in Kentucky, you lost. You lost it all.

    Mitch McConnell is a horrid person and now Kentucky shows itself as a “we don’t care” state that allows the inept and liars to rule over them.

    Kentucky, you had a chance to change the political landscape and would not.

    Sadly, your taxes, your land and your laws are corrupted as you have allowed the completely clueless who don’t care about you to write your laws and lord their wills over you.

    Every state that allows people like this to go on when they see the abuse are complicit and will suffer the consequences of this ineptitude.

    • Humorless

      In less than 2 weeks, Glenn Beck will start attacking Alison Grimes….to help re-elect Mitch McConnell.

      He won’t praise McConnell or “overtly” claim to support him….but the effect will be the same.

  • A Full Accounting

    Glenn, WHEN are you going to police your own website for spammers and trolls?

    The “My mother’s brother’s aunt’s mom” ads are all over your website and it’s disgusting to see that you won’t even allow a single moderator of any kind.

    Flagging does no good… your website is a mess.

  • Humorless

    If Bevin had won….Glenn wouldn’t be complaining about the low voter turn-out.

    BTW, my bet is this IS the “last you’ll hear of Matt Bevin”…on Glenn’s show. Because Glenn quickly distances himself from losers.

    • stevesharkman

      hey pajama boy troll with 2 mommies.
      you’re bored…i know…
      you’re mommies left the house to get a vibrator and your boyfriend broke up with you…so you’re out trolling…
      just remember pajama boy troll with 2 mommies…you’re pathetic.
      all you’re trying to do is piss of folks and i see that didn’t work…you got crickets…just what you deserve.
      get out of the house pajama boy troll with 2 mommies. look for girls not guys and get a job and one day, maybe, just maybe you won’t be so pathetic…
      mmm…naa…i was wrong…you’ll always be pathetic.

  • bucketnutz

    The re-election of Mitch McConnell ,when his leadership has garnered single digit approval rating, is evidence of the “Need” for term limits, just because the people are too stupid to vote the tyrants out even after they proved that they were no good.

  • Katness Everdean

    Unfettered worship of democracy can be dangerous because democracy is often confused with liberty, may be diametrically opposed to liberty, and is often exploited by those pursuing their own egotistical agenda.

  • Jean Ashley

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