‘I think it’s refreshing’: Glenn reacts to comedian Adam Carolla’s candid comments about political correctness

Comedian Adam Carolla is known to stir the pot a bit with his non-politically correct speak, and his recent interview with the left-leaning Salon.com was no exception. Carolla spoke candidly about race and homosexuality as he questioned the legitimacy of discrimination claims and slammed the political correctness police. On radio this morning, Glenn commended Carolla’s candidness.

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In the article entitled “Adam Carolla: The gay mafia is real,” Salon writer Daniel D’Addario asked Carolla is he feels “any obligation to help underrepresented comics climb the ladder?”

“You’re presuming I got lifted up the ladder. I don’t feel the need to lift anyone up. If they’re funny, I’ll give them a shot. If they’re not, I won’t. But I don’t have quotas to fill,” Carolla shot back. “I’m fine with the notion that there are genders and races that lean more to comedy — where are the Asian comedians? Maybe there just aren’t any! For that matter, where are all the Jewish roofers? What are female comedians doing about the lack of Jewish roofers? I demand answers!”

When it comes to the topic of racial “privilege” and “systemic disadvantages built into the system,” Carolla was even more decisive.

“How did Asians pass white people? They got lucky? Someone should look into that, perhaps,” he said. “I would go ahead and say: The Asians beat the rigged system and did better than white people. You don’t think that’d be something to look into? Do you think we decided to rig the system against certain ethnicities?”

“That’s the world, that’s how it’s always been. That’s why people try to get rich,” he continued. “As far as the left goes, for people that don’t seem to care much about money, that’s all they talk about — who has this and who doesn’t. It’s weird to say you don’t need it but also obsess about it. I try not to think about who I’m helping along or who I’m holding back. I just go to work with whoever I work with.”

Read the entire Salon article HERE.

Glenn widely agreed with Carolla’s sentiments – especially in regards to work ethic and race. More importantly, however, Glenn appreciated Carolla’s honesty.

“I just kind Adam Carolla really refreshing,” Glenn said. “You know why he has over a million downloads all the time on his podcast – because he doesn’t care… He cares about what he does. He’s a good businessman. He’s wicked, wicked smart… But he also knows the only thing that is really truly unique in America is somebody who actually says what it is, doesn’t care, is not afraid, and can state it as well as he can state it.”

Furthermore, as Pat and Stu explained, Carolla believes in America and the American people. At another time in history, Stu believes someone like Carolla would have been snuffed out, but with the outlets and resources technology provides, Carolla is able to reach a tremendous amount of people without much restriction.

“This goes to your optimism, which is hard to find sometimes on days like today… Adam Carolla would have a tough time existing at any other point in our history,” Stu said. “Here’s a guy who wants to just say whatever the hell he wants and be successful. How would he do that in another time? In another time, he’d be shut down by political pressures. He’d be targeted by the government. And he’s probably still will be targeted by the government… [But] He can do whatever the hell he wants and you can’t stop him.”

“He’s been successful because he’s been able to build a structure using technology that it doesn’t matter what you think about him,” Pat added.

Ultimately, it is that very ability to avoid the traditional gatekeepers and reach a large audience that Glenn is most optimistic about.

“This is why I’m saying: If you put correct principles together along with the latest technology, there’s no stopping man’s freedom. This is no longer about America. This is about the freedom of all mankind all around the world,” Glenn said. “Quite honestly, I’m not attached to America so much so. I do believe that we are unique. But we’re unique because we’ve understood the principles of freedom and where real freedom comes from.”

“Why don’t we talk about the principles – that’s what [Carolla is] saying,” he concluded. “He’s talking about the principles behind, you know, this nonsense of political correctness. I think it’s refreshing, and I applaud him.”

  • landofaahs

    Oh, by the way, them little green Martians still tick me off. I just want to kick their butt…if I ever see one.

  • Wulf

    Why does almost every American think it’s correct to call people “Asian” when referring to people from only East Asia? Iraq, India, and Afghanistan are all in Asia.

    It should be ok to call someone Oriental, Japanese, or Chinese. Yet b/c of political corrections, folks are scared to use anything besides “Asian”.

    Glenn – if you don’t like the PC media and progressive terms, stop calling people “Asian”. No one ever asks why “Oriental” is supposedly such a terrible term. The Orient is the area which most people refer to when calling someone “Asian”.

    It’s almost as annoying as “African-American” – a term that would indicate dual citizenship, yet Americans use it to (incorrectly) indicate skin color

    • Troy votes whig

      What are we supposed to call people from ASIA then?

      • Wulf

        Do you think a Chinese person looks similar to an Indian or an Iranian? My point was that it should be ok to call someone Oriental, Japanese, or Chinese. Yet b/c of political corrections, folks are scared to use anything besides “Asian”.

        With so many countries in Asia, how can you accurately describe someone by saying they are Asian?

        • Troy votes whig

          ah, i now see your point. I am white myself, but not sure if im a cracker, redneck, honkey or okie, but i have better things to do that be sensitive to what people want to call me, But my name is troy, so just call me that.

          • Wulf

            Nothing to do with sensitivity; more about accuracy. I do agree, though, I could not care less if others want to call me a cracker. I just don’t like the double standard when it come to the media and “minorities”

          • Anonymous

            If you care about accuracy, then maybe you COULDN’T care less. If you’re going to nitpick about Asians, then expect nitpicking on your grammar.

          • Wulf

            but I could care less ; )

          • Anonymous

            Which means you DO care if others call you a cracker.

          • Wulf

            ok Mr. Syntax, I will go edit my previous post. Can we be friends now?

          • Anonymous

            Sure. You gotta be able to take it if you’re going to dish it out. I see that error so often that I have never commented on it before this. Just seemed ironic that someone worried about detail got the grammar wrong. It’s not syntax, though. Syntax deals with the arrangement of words, not the correct and incorrect use of a word.

          • Wulf

            I figured you’d comment on “syntax”- ha-ha. I did it on purpose. You are quite the stickler. Are you Asian, by chance? : )

            Would my writing style be excusable if I said John Steinbeck is my favorite author?

          • Anonymous

            East or West Asian? Sorry, incorrect grammar is never okay. ;o) I’m a writer, so I probably notice these things more than others do. As I said, though, I only picked on you because you were being a stickler for detail!

          • Wulf

            No worries – I didn’t think you were picking on me. Luckily I have editors for my professional writing.

          • Anonymous

            I never leave the editing up to the editors! I make them run every change by me because I had a bad experience once. An editor completely changed my style of writing, taking all of the informality and humor out of it. Word is I made her cry with my reaction to her first set of edits! ;o(

      • Hugh Jass


        • Troy votes whig

          LOL, love the name, IO work with a lady name Janis Hughes, but in email is comes across as Hughes Janis. HAHA

        • Anonymous

          Dude, “Chinaman” is not the preferred nomenclature . . .

  • Hugh Jass

    Carolla talks about how he gets away with stuff he says unapologetically. He’s built a “pirate ship” in which is fans support him through is podcast network and wine business. If he was still on terrestrial radio, he’d have to apologize to all the groups he’s offended non-stop.

  • Anonymous

    Too bad it’s rare to come across an entertainer who’s honest and unapologetic. Most of those in the Hollywood crowd are sheep.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    It is liberalism for you shut down free speech and then act racist.

  • Warren Wilson

    Back in 1990, a young Korean stockbroker stated in a meeting that he was proud to be number one in sales that month “especially because I’m the only Asian broker here right now” ….there was the silence he wanted so we could all bask in his greatness…. but I felt he should be treated like anyone else and that his Asian heritage was irrelevant. So I said “that’s not true. I’m a cock-Asian”. Poor baby, he got laughed at for twenty minutes. Good thing, we all got back to work and forgot about race for the day.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    chile might be that country that would find ‘freedom’ the way we’ve known it.

  • George Gaskill


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