The Daily Briefing: Has America sealed its fate?

Every morning, Glenn meets with his producers to prepare for his daily radio and TV shows and set the agenda for the news of the day. This morning, Glenn discussed in depth why Matt Bevin’s loss in the Kentucky primary has only strengthened his resolve to push more into impacting culture over politics. He also explained why Macklemore will be able to get away with his anti-Semitic costume, while Adam Carolla will continue to be attacked for saying the LGBT community has turned into a “mafia” obsessed with political correctness.

  • noproblems

    I cant understand why Glenn wont get behind a new political party.

    He loses in a rigged game (the current two party system) and does not understand that we don’t need to play this game to win

    • zemla

      Alienation of the deepest pockets in the audience

    • Tommyzax

      Glenn has decided to go only so far. He will not promote Torah, only Grace. He will not promote aggressiveness, only meekness. As the Bible says, a time to kill and a time to heal (Ecc. 3). He seems to have boundaries which hold others back in their aggregate audience.

      • Anonymous

        Torah, Torah, Torah, Our Messiah NEVER EVER did away with the TORAH. Ah, now that I said that, I feel better.

        After juggling the issues American Patriotism vs Biblical principals. I have come to the conclusion that Humpty Dumpty has fallen and all of American Patriots can’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.

        What remains is how do WE navigate our lives around the political reefs and hidden agendas that lie ahead for us.

        This is the time for the Almighty to met out punishment for abandoning His way. If we use force against those that He has put in charge for our downfall, we will be cut in pieces. It is NOT the time to fight.

  • Bill Tilghman

    We are seeing the advent of mob rule in America. The democrats are actively promoting it and have gotten behind empowering every fringe element group in America in the past 6 years more than ever before. They are actually helping any left wing organization that will cooperate with them in assuring conservative fiscal policy never gets implemented in the federal government, and we play right along with them when we fight between ourselves over who is more conservative or who is a RINO. We have to seize control of the government as a top priority, if we fail then the American way of life is lost. Tolerance of diversity in America is in peril more than ever, and it is the left that is the source of the intolerance. Once their grasp on the policy and the people who must live under those policies is cemented you can kiss this place good bye.

    • James Morrison

      Mobocracy. Read Ann Coulter’s book on the French revolution, Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America. Nothing is new under the sun.


  • Connor Kenway

    Freedom is good.

    • Tommyzax

      Except when it’s bad.

  • Anonymous

    Taking you back in history some of which is being repeated:

    From a 1934 publication on the subject of the Soviet Republic:

    “Without committing them to its statements, this book is admiringly dedicated to all those sincere fighters for American liberty and Christian principles who, because of their opposition to Red propaganda and the “new social order” of Marx and Lenin, are denounced as “professional patriots”, superpatriots”, “100 percenters”, “patrioteers”, and “Tories” by their Red opponents. Particular mention is gratefully made of those “patrioteers” who have aided and encouraged the author in her effort to bring to the sound but still sleeping portion of the American public the truth about the Communist-Socialist world conspiracy which, with its four horsemen, Atheism, Immorality, Class Hatred, and Pacifism-for-the-sake-of-Red-revolution, is boring within our churches, schools and government and is undermining America like a cancerous growth ….

    …”Concerning the Russian conditions, the U . S. Fish report on Communism says : “Documents and books presented to the committee indicate that the most terrible kinds of vice are encouraged among the young school children in order to break down their family influence which is the foundation of all religion .” Siemashko, Soviet Commissar of Health, confessed at one time that venereal disease “had reached the proportions of a terrible plague” ….

    …”disease “had reached the proportions of a terrible plague” . My friends Mr. and Mrs . George Cretors have returned from Russia, where he, an American engineer, was in charge of 475,000 acres as agricultural expert for the Soviet government . They tell of the openly free sex relations among the 700 children between the ages of 11 and 17 in the “model” cooperative children’s institution on this project, and of indecent practices taught in the school there by a Soviet official from Moscow, and of the long line of these children who waited in line to be treated for social disease when a doctor and nurse came there for that purpose.”…
    …”All of the churches our guides took us to visit had been converted into
    anti-religious museums .”

    from: (“The Red Network” – Elizabeth Dilling) available to read:

    And then “Keynes At Harvard”, Chapter IX, The Social Consequences of Moral Depravity”.

    Such Idols we’ve been taught to admire. A Quote from Keynes:
    ““When the accumulation of wealth is no longer of high social importance, there will be great changes in the code of morals. We shall be able to rid ourselves of many pseudo-moral principles which have hagridden us for two hundred years….”

    Sugar Keynes:

  • Anonymous

    Glenn has turned evangelical. He will be very popular to certain followers of his teaching, but due to his style. This does not mean that much of what he says is wrong,. He is mostly correct in his analysis, however, the packaging of the message will be limited to those who are more inclined towards an evangelical messaging style. It will be self limiting.

  • Tommyzax

    Embrace the insults and slog through. The problem with conservatives is that, intrinsically, they just want to be left alone. Individualist. That works in peacetime. We’re at war.

    • zemla

      Spot on correct

  • Anonymous

    Americans have forsaken God, the source of living water, and have dug cisterns that can hold no water – and then blame God or Tea-Party conservatives for thirst and failures.

    This proud, self-loving and entitled generation will not be instructed…because they can no longer hear sound doctrine and vote for representatives that stand for nothing morally controversial.

    Judgment has come to this mighty land because of its lukewarm-ness resulting in lack of protection of unwanted children – not only abortion of the unborn but for
    children born damaged – damaged by pedophiles, children born out of wedlock or
    abandoned by divorce and children influenced by the media and gay marriage – which codifies sodomy into law.

  • Anonymous

    So, are these ideology pep talks a common thing in Beckian Machiavellianism?

  • landofaahs

    Only Nineveh turned from it’s sin and repented. We have been warned and ignored God. Yes, we are filling our cup of sexual immorality, coveting others goods, stealing from our neighbor, bearing false witness(mainly liberals media), adultery, taking the name of the Lord in vain, pride, arrogance, lust…..

  • ken.

    only if we don’t stand up and fight, if we just beg the oppressors to be nice then we are done.

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