WATCH: California mayor has a message everyone needs to hear

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  • Anonymous

    Still some common sense in CA. Thanks for having him on Glenn.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Ronald Reagan was elected governor of California.

    Not everyone has a pair and some people just can’t grow them.

    Anyone who has been bullied by the police knows that there are limits to what you have the ability to stand up to.

    Certainly there have been excesses of “zero tolerance” but is “zero tolerance” even a liberal concept? Mandatory sentences, three strikes laws and “tough on crime” legislation comes from a conservative “law and order” orientation.

    There are excesses on the right and left. Politicians enact laws to get reelected. Being “tough on crime” always resonates with conservative voters.

    • Connor Kenway

      Leave it to a liberal to demonize all police.

  • Connor Kenway

    Liberals are nothing but bullies. When ever a Black man leaves their side to join us they are called every racist name under the sun. Whenever some just disagrees with them on any subject the whole attack comes out that you are a homophobic racist child hating anti semitic and if you are another race race traitor. And you could be disagreeing on which food is better and they will devlove into a bully.

  • Anonymous

    I applaud this Mayor, he is my kind of leader. He stands out in the crowd. The sad thing here is, this once was the majority position but many won’t voice it for fear of having to deal with the screaming brat like, childish progressive liberal behavior displays that are often just uncomfortable. People just do not want to deal with that. Those behavior displays are an attempt to control society, just like the bully, Progressive Liberals have a directive to steer the culture away from what has traditionally worked, with regard to dealing with a bullying. Confrontations with a bully means overcoming fear, refusing to be a victim at the first experience, standing up for yourself almost always sets the ground rules and prevents additional situations of bullying. Best practice when dealing with bullying is to punch the perp right in the nose, so there is no question as to who is going to be the victim. Putting up a fight as an individual sets the ground rule that you will not submit and continue to be vulnerable. Like the mayor says, 1st time your a victim every time after you are a volunteer. If you join the herd. Retreat to the so called safe zone is submission. Not retreating, is counter to the progressive liberals directive, if you submit, you can be easily become part of the herd. Thus their objective is to propagate a mindset of false safety by getting the victim to become part of the herd. Herding people toward becoming submissive and non confrontational in order to have conditioned folks toward the path of least resistance. Diminishes self initiative and individualism. It’s all about the science of Progressive Control Philosophy. Thanks Glen for the interview with this leader. He is qualified for the title.

  • Nick Oz

    this guy should be president

  • MagpieSue

    My dad taught me “where my nose begins, your liberty ends!”…and how to stand up for myself. God bless strong dad’s everywhere.

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