Best Moments: This woman’s son wants to show Russia what a special needs person can really do

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“The moment I adopted my son Reese from a Russian orphanage. He is a triple amputee, and doomed to life in a ‘Lying Down’ room in an asylum as soon as he turned 5 years old. Fortunately, he became my son at age 4, and never had to go to that hell hole. This boy has been the biggest blessing in my entire life. There is something special about him that sets him apart, which draws people to him. He wants to work in the Russian ambassador’s office so he can garner goodwill between the countries and show the government officials that a ‘defective’ child can be somebody and does not need to be institutionalized and kept in a bed 24 hours a day until they die. His heart is gold and adopting him was MY Best Moment.”


  • Guest

    Bravo…..when our daughter was in a car accident….acquiring a brain injury….we moved her to a subacute facility….under the advise of several medical professional…where the kids simply exist…families seldom visit….she was only there thirty days…my husband and I saw her daily (we lived two hundred mile away)….the medical attention was shameful….the doctors said she would never get out of her vegetative state….we brought her home in that vegetative state…..loved her, cared for her, worked with her….and loved her some more….most of all prayed continually, today five years later….and a couple set backs later……she is almost walking, she is talking where others understand her….her mind is sharp as a tack….still more healing to go…but we will never ever stop until the good Lord tells us to stop.

    • Robert Ditzler

      We have 16 year old twin girls, one with autism. I read posts like this and my heart cries out for you. All you need is love and caring and the drive to never give up! You are blessed and God will give you the strength. Never forget: You are not alone! Our love to you and your family……

      • Lisa Tupper Potter

        I have twin boys 11 years old one of which is autistic. Id love to exchange thoughts and insights.

  • Mark

    It is very sad that Russia ended the adoption of children by Americans.

  • xr4ticlone

    God bless you both. Our two sons came from Russia…and the five weeks we spent over there was a true eye opener. We have NO idea how blessed we ALL are to be in America! When people complain about America they have no clue how good things are here vs the rest of the world. Racism, bigotry, lack of opportunity, health care, living standards…America is by far better than 99% of the world in every aspect. Take this Memorial Day and thank God and the brave men and women that helped give and protect our way of life, our freedom, and our blessings.

  • George Kato

    Know liberty. Sow liberty’s seeds. Reap the rewards:

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