So we all know Glenn holds no punches in his movie reviews – remember the time he called Noah a “$100 million disaster”? On Tuesday, Glenn and Tania went to see the latest blockbuster adaptation of Godzilla, and while Glenn admitted he has never considered himself a fan of the franchise, he had nothing but high praise.

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“I went to see Godzilla, and I went to see it mainly because – I’m not a fan of Godzilla – but my son is… and I said, I have to see it first,” Glenn explained. “You know, I’ve seen Godzilla movies before, and, again, I’m really not a fan of monster movies – but this is one of the best Saturday afternoon matinee movies since, I think, Indiana Jones.”

Pat and Stu haven’t seen the film yet, but both believe the trailers “look amazing.” Glenn said what made this Godzilla different than all the others was the fact that it “wasn’t campy” and the special effects “are unbelievable.”

“You’ve never seen Godzilla like this,” Glenn said. “It is a totally different feel of Godzilla.”

While the plotline and effects were enough to keep Glenn interested through the two-hour movie, the anti-global warming themes he observed served as the icing on the cake.

“At one point I think one of the scientists says something along the lines of, ‘The arrogance of man thinking that he can control nature,’” Glenn said. “I mean it is so clear about against these scientists and governments that think that they have all the answers and nature is not going to take care of itself. I didn’t need this for it to be a great movie. It’s an extra, added benefit.

Pat pointed out the film is not only enjoying critical praise but moviegoers are loving it as well. Godzilla currently has a 73% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“I’m going to go see it again with Raphe. I’m going to take him… It is scary… [but] there’s nothing inappropriate about this. There’s no language in this that I noticed. Tania and I were both on the lookout for it,” Glenn concluded. “It’s a fun movie. It’s a great escape movie… Go see the Godzilla movie.”