Glenn went to see Godzilla on Tuesday… So what’s the verdict?

So we all know Glenn holds no punches in his movie reviews – remember the time he called Noah a “$100 million disaster”? On Tuesday, Glenn and Tania went to see the latest blockbuster adaptation of Godzilla, and while Glenn admitted he has never considered himself a fan of the franchise, he had nothing but high praise.

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“I went to see Godzilla, and I went to see it mainly because – I’m not a fan of Godzilla – but my son is… and I said, I have to see it first,” Glenn explained. “You know, I’ve seen Godzilla movies before, and, again, I’m really not a fan of monster movies – but this is one of the best Saturday afternoon matinee movies since, I think, Indiana Jones.”

Pat and Stu haven’t seen the film yet, but both believe the trailers “look amazing.” Glenn said what made this Godzilla different than all the others was the fact that it “wasn’t campy” and the special effects “are unbelievable.”

“You’ve never seen Godzilla like this,” Glenn said. “It is a totally different feel of Godzilla.”

While the plotline and effects were enough to keep Glenn interested through the two-hour movie, the anti-global warming themes he observed served as the icing on the cake.

“At one point I think one of the scientists says something along the lines of, ‘The arrogance of man thinking that he can control nature,’” Glenn said. “I mean it is so clear about against these scientists and governments that think that they have all the answers and nature is not going to take care of itself. I didn’t need this for it to be a great movie. It’s an extra, added benefit.

Pat pointed out the film is not only enjoying critical praise but moviegoers are loving it as well. Godzilla currently has a 73% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

“I’m going to go see it again with Raphe. I’m going to take him… It is scary… [but] there’s nothing inappropriate about this. There’s no language in this that I noticed. Tania and I were both on the lookout for it,” Glenn concluded. “It’s a fun movie. It’s a great escape movie… Go see the Godzilla movie.”

  • Deckard426

    For a real scare put a broach-festooned horse blanket on the creature, and have it stomp through the city screaming, “What difference could it make now!”

  • Jim Coles

    426 — that’s both hysterically funny and terrifying! Good one, dude (or dudette).

  • Anonymous

    You’ll notice you never see Godzilla and Hillary in the same room?
    Godzillary? Kinda like the ending of The Dark Crystal, where the lizard and political buzzards merge?

    • Connor Kenway

      I say it is more like Godkillary.

  • Connor Kenway

    I always been a Godzilla fan but after the one the made in the 90s where he was trashing New York I was rather disappointed. From what I been hearing about this movie so far from many people I have to say I am thrilled that they did not make the same mistakes and it sounds like a great movie.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed right away why Glenn is promoting this movie. Had the movie blamed global warming on the likes of godzilla and the destruction he made, Glenn would have most definitely condemned it instead.

  • livefreeordiehard

    I was very disappointed with the movie. I’ve been a Brian Cranston fan since Malcomb in the Middle and anxiously awaited Breaking Bad to be released. They use Cranston in all the commercials that I’ve seen, but they kill him off in about 20 minutes. P’ed me off. I actually left before it was over. Still don’t know if Godzilla or Mothra won.

  • JustRuss

    I have seen it twice now and both times it was amazing. It had all the feel of the originals (including some campiness) with updated effects. The best part to me was that they paid very little lip service to How and Why and What is Godzilla other than a few brief opinions and speculation. They didn’t try to make it make sense, you just have to accept it on faith.
    Also I love when GZ is a “good guy”. I fear a bit that the next one will have him as the bad guy, I only hope when it happens that he is pissed at humanity for a good reason (nuclear testing or War of some kind could work well). GZ is always best as the misunderstood giant monster of destruction. Making him malicious always makes me lose interest. Even if he was originally a representation of the American destruction of Hiroshima, and a hit piece against nuclear weapons, I hope they do not corrupt him into an environmental champion of some sort.

  • Mike Nelson

    This was not a good movie.

    Godzilla itself was awesome… but it was a bad movie.

  • Tommyzax

    The first time I saw it, hoo boy, not good. The second time I saw it, I loved it. Why? Because I was able to get out all my venting about plot and continuity and human stupidity that looked like errors. The effects are fantastic, the monster fight scenes excellent, and the story is definitely passable. Acting, eh, pretty OK. Serizawa always looks like he needs to go to the bathroom – remember that and you will laugh. The anti-global warming message is not an intentional thing, I don’t think. It’s just not a greenie movie, which is GREAT. Nothing about mankind winning the day, it’s all Godzilla.

  • Joseph Eckert

    Lame, lame, lame. Dreadful acting and so many holes, it looked like swiss cheese. I was picking the hell out of it the whole movie. Oh yeah, just WHEN did Godzilla become the friend of mankind? I seem to remember him trying to kill everyone and everything all the time. I was sorely disappointed because I grew up with Godzilla as a kid. Best since Indiana Jones? The two are not even in the same galaxy, Glenn.

    • Indiana Clutter

      Uh, when did Godzilla become the friend of mankind? In 1964. There is a large bulk of his career where he was the super hero defender of humanity.

      • 30HomeGames

        And he befriends Charles Barkley after they fought in those commercials.

  • Chris-Zoë Pierson

    Just from a purely cinematic view, how Gareth Edwards goes about his framing, the way he repeats motifs, and so forth, this movie is top notch. Just as an example: Brian Cranston’s character, Joe Brody, gives the theme of the movie at. one point when he says, “Go to your family. Keep them safe. Whatever it takes.” It is repeated several times under different circumstances. That is what this movie is about – keeping what is yours safe. Edwards has a great future.

  • IT IT IT

    “REALIZE, we are now 100% under a PSYCHOPATHIC system.
    Hollywood is 100% owned, operated and run by PSYCHOPATHS.
    They give you a PSYCHOPATHIC ‘culture’ to follow.
    PSYCHOPATH culture is INCAPABLE of GENUINE creativity
    —even grenuine, fresh entertainment.
    ———–It can only REPEAT itself endlessly
    ————————————-and ‘evolve’ along –pre-determined– lines.”
    scholar/ researcher/ writer/ film-maker
    Informed radio

    This —-ENDLESS—- franchise slum! —run by PSYCHOPATHS.

  • IT IT IT IT 9

    MEANWHILE- – – –

    franchise slum HOLLYWOOD ‘mysteriously overlooked’

    the 200th Anniversary of Napoleon’s Defeat at Moscow

    the 100th Anniversary of the establishment of PRIVATE USURY ‘FED’

    and the 60th Anniversary of the KOREAN WAR.

  • Gloss Finnish

    In fact, the notion that liberty means “freedom from obstacles” is often cited by central planners consolidating the power to coerce others.

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