Mercury One is a charity that Glenn founded 3 years ago with the guiding principle of “malice towards none and charity for all”

In disasters, Mercury One is many cases the first to arrive and the last to leave; they find faith based organizations and work with them because they know the neighborhoods and people who live there the best.

This weekend Mercury One is sponsoring 250 active duty troops–so they can be bused in, welcomed home and honored for their service during Memorial Weekend at the NASCAR Coca Cola at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

By donating $125 you’ll receive a car that includes a signature card signed by Doc & Skip, or Dana, or Pat & Stu (you choose) or you can donate $250 for a car and signature card signed by Glenn with your car.

Mercury One is also offering a studio visit to the Dallas Studio, where you can watch Glenn’s show and take some photos for $2,000. This also includes a replica car and a signature car signed by Doc & Skip, Dana, Pat & Stu, and Glenn.

This is for charity and goes to help good people doing good things.

Money raised goes to Mercury One’s General Fund. This helps keep the lights on, pays salaries, and stamps—but money from this fund is also used to help good people doing good things who need assistance:

-Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor Foundation $50,000

-Boot Campaign $50,000l; MEMRI $25,000; Home School Defense Fund $25,000;

It’s not just the big checks, Mercury One actively researches those churches and charities doing good that aren’t in the news—that won’t make the front page—because they are too busy serving others—and when we find them we empower them with knowledge and funding.

Go to and click on the NASCAR slide to donate or just to learn more about a great organization