What did Martin Luther King Jr. say in 1959 that has great significance today?

Glenn has been asking his listeners and viewers to familiarize themselves with the teachings and leadership of men like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi. Glenn has been advocating for a nonviolent approach to the dismay of many, but on radio this morning, Glenn read portions of King’s “A Tough Mind and A Tender Heart” sermon that articulates much of what he has been trying to convey these last few months.

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“Please, I’m begging you, please read as much Martin Luther King as you possibly can,” Glenn said. “Yesterday I was reading, and I’m tell you, this sounds exactly like the people in Washington D.C. He’s talking about the difference between, you know, be wise like serpents and tender as doves. That’s what we’re commanded to be – as wise as serpents and as tender as doves.”

In the sermon, King admits “the shape of the world today does not permit us the luxury of soft mindedness.” At the same time, however, King takes on “those hard hearted among us who feel that the only way to deal with oppression is to rise up against the oppression with physical violence and corroding hatred.”

Ultimately, King offers an alternative path that combines tough mindedness with tender heartedness:

“A third way is open in our quest for freedom, namely non-violent resistance, that combines though mindedness and tenderheartedness and avoids the complacency and do-nothingness of the soft minded and the violence and bitterness of the hardhearted.”

Read the entire sermon HERE.

After listening to Glenn highlight various aspects of King’s work, Stu could not help but draw parallels to some of the things Glenn has been talking about recently.

“Is this related to what you’ve been talking about as far as the direction of the company and the direction that you’re going in,” Stu asked Glenn. “It’s not just all politics and seats and things like that. There has to be more to it because that’s not how everyone connects. You have to also, you know, do the things that human beings do. What you’re describing is not some magical formula. It’s just being a human being.

“That’s it. That’s all it is,” Glenn responded. “Martin Luther King goes into saying, ‘What we’re being presented with is one of two choices’…We’re going to stand and we’re going to stand firm and we’re going to use our brains. We don’t use our guns. We use our brains because you win by strategy. You use your brains and then you come to the table as the only ones that also are relating to the heart and you win.”

  • Anonymous

    You’re going to be tender as a Dove to do what, exactly?

  • Anonymous

    Why the sudden obsession with MLK? Wasn’t he educated in a communist school? I want to hear the CIA tapes that have been sealed for decades in order to protect his public image. Then we’ll find out what this red commie was really all about. Right hand henchman was Jessie “Catfish” Jackson… a despicable character. Sorry, but I refuse to buy into this MLK bull crap.

    • Anonymous

      there is a big difference between MLK,jr and the Blacks like notsoSharpton, Jesse Jerkson and PrezHusseinOsama for Martin co-insided a heart with the mind. MLK wanted US to See People as people Not by The Color of the Skin. but through the heart-content of character, those others just use their skin color as a game to be played to get what they want! The Prez has No Heart. he wasn’t trained that way. The Prez was trained on Lucifers books- the Koran and RulesForRadicals. Look to MLKs niece Alveta King for an example. she preaches love/Life-ProLife no matter the color. walks hand in hand with all colors. to work with Heart and Head together is putting the Kind Back In ManKind. and following the TenCommandments. The Left Wont Do That They Want To Be In Control So They Treat People As Sheeple as Slaves as Servants for their own way not Gods…Gods Way Is The Key As Glenn Says!

    • Boo Radley

      There’s plenty of dirt on MLK.
      Beck’s deal is that his brainpower only extends so far. And by tying himself to MLK he can appropriate the good will that people have.
      MLK=Good. Hitler=Bad. Ghandi=Good, Darth Vader=Bad. Glenn Beck=Good. People who aren’t Glenn Beck=Very Bad

    • Anonymous

      The communist party(ies) in this country long ago realized they would need to tap into the black community to advance their agenda. No doubt MKL was a leader for his people whether or not he knew who was driving that agenda. There is a reason the Kennedy’s thought MLK was a communist.

  • ken.

    most of us don’t want violence, but the leftists need it to finish the job of destroying america and stepping in as the new ruling dictatorship. violence is coming our way no matter what we want and we have to be armed and ready to defend ourselves and our country. the world and the people in it today are not the same as it was in the 60’s and they are not going to allow a peaceful end. defense is not violence and neither is being ready for it. we in todays america will use our brains to be ready to defend ourselves with guns which will be the only strategy that will win in the end then we can come to the table able to relate to the heart after we win. the truth is the truth, deal with it.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    I think that is one thing progressives are never going to get. You do need both mindsets to govern fairly and just. To do one way or the other will never work on it’s own.

    • Anonymous

      yeah progressives(regressives) only look out for number one,me myself and I! that was the sixties antiAmerican hippies that are running and ruining Our Country…and the World. with his dickhatership of the NewWorldOrder One WorldGovernment They Are Creating. to become Dictator of the “Citizens of the World!” The Liberals took what worked in Every Progressive President for a hundred years and put it in their narcisisistCelebrity-in-Chief islam-brotherhood terrorist President we have Now. Hid his records and Trained him on Lucifers Two books Koran and RulesForRadicals.Trained him on international law on teleprompter reading to become the Face of Evil.for the islam-Caliphate! islam has had this vendetta since crusades, since cain/abel,since esau/jacob, since ishmael/israel or for that matter since God kicked Satan out of Heaven. and now islam has one of their own as President of US and putting his brotherhood in countries surrounding the PromisedLand-Israel!

  • Anonymous

    Science Gives US Knowledge And Religion Gives US Wisdom, Toughmindedness and Tenderhearted Go Together. strong like a serpent peaceful like a Dove. The Right Uses a Conscience The Left Uses The Con of Science! oh that is so right the President is not tenderhearted he does not see people as people. but as subjects. yeah you need to conned the heart with the head, connect head and heart not just feelings but the intelligence. use brains with the heart and you win..thanks Glenn. i guess you can say the Left tugs at the heart with PC to dumb US down. or are they trying to make US a PC-personal computer to not have a heart?! They Took The Kind Out Of Man-Kind! We Have To Put It Back and Let It Work -With The Brain!

  • Greenie Beanie

    Evidence of cultural evolution is visible in the similarities between related alphabets such as those of the Greeks and Russians.

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