Why was healthcare the top priority once the progressives took control of Washington?

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Why did the Obama administration make healthcare their top priority after the 2008 election? Dr. Ben Carson joined The Glenn Beck Program Thursday night to explain how fundamental freedoms have come under attack by progressives.

“You know, these people who are saying that conservatives are unfair and unfeeling really are not being objective at all.  What is really unfair and unfeeling is creating systems that make large portions of the people dependent.  And interestingly enough, whenever you see a nation move to socialism and to communism, you see the same pattern.  You see a small group of elites who have all the power and all the money, a rapidly shrinking middle class, and a huge dependent class, and that’s what we’re developing in this country.  And we have to wake up and stop this,” Carson said.

“One of the first steps, and the neo-Marxists make this very clear, you don’t have to take my word for it, go out and read what they say, the first step to making the people dependent is to take control of their healthcare.  Why do you think there was this great rush as soon as President Obama was elected to get the healthcare thing done while he still had both Houses?  And why do you think that they continue to try to control our lives?”

“When we give control of the most important thing we have, our healthcare, over to government, they now have us.  If they have the most important thing, the rest of it will come along.  We have got to wake up.  We’ve got to understand what’s going on.”

Dr. Ben Carson is the author of the new book ‘One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future’.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Ben Carson for President!

  • Viking King Eleven

    Why you not doing your TV show in the studio?

  • landofaahs

    It is also about the demographics of the baby boomers retiring. Kill off the baby boomers a couple of years early by crappy health care or refusing certain treatments and you not only save on healthcare costs but you save money on nursing home care and payments from social security. Of course control is a main part of it too but democrats believe in government control. They are insecure control freaks. They can’t deal with a world that is not guaranteed. They are frightened insecure psycho’s. However, as a Christian I do not fear death. Absent from the body is present with the Lord.

    • BlueMN

      Baby boomers tend to lean Democratic http://www.gallup.com/poll/167012/baby-boomers-push-politics-years-ahead.aspx and expanding Medicare and getting more people medical insurance would help them live longer if anything. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2775760/

      • landofaahs

        Don’t assume that having insurance means you will not be denied care. rationing is coming and the VA scandal is proof of that.

      • Lorraine

        No,no,no. As you age and gain wisdom, you tend to become more conservative. More medical insurance does not translate to mean more medical care.

      • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

        So you are saying that Dems are old white people good to know.

      • MagpieSue

        spoken like a true Dem….fully indoctrinated but never having researched the economics of it all

      • Guardian

        Taking over $700 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare – I don’t see that helping boomers who are hitting Medicare now. Neither will fewer doctors, waiting lists, prescription medicine restrictions, treatment limitations etc.

  • landofaahs

    The man/woman who is free in Christ is free indeed.

  • BlueMN

    “One of the first steps, and the neo-Marxists make this very clear, you don’t have to take my word for it, go out and read what they say, the first step to making the people dependent is to take control of their healthcare.” Show us where any actual Marxist or so-called “neo-Marxist,” let alone anyone in the very capitalist Obama administration, has written anything even remotely like this.

    Making things up works fine with the Teabagger crowd, but this won’t work for long in the real world.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for this!

      I’ve heard Carson speak in other contexts where he sounded intelligent and fairly reasonable, so I suspect when he talks to Beck he’s just trying (rather clumsily) to pander to the hardcore right-wingers with this nonsense. But that doesn’t really matter … if he chooses to spew this kind of neo-Marxist conspiracy-theory idiocy, he is showing himself to be unsuited for serious, adult policy discussions. Very disappointing.

    • asybot

      @Blue and ehatt, so the smear campaign is on?? can I join?? (sarcasm)

      • Anonymous

        Who exactly is being smeared? Carson argues in the clip above that the ACA was just part of some evil Marxist conspiracy to take over everyone’s lives. As opposed to, say, an attempt (with which you may or may not agree in policy terms) to begin fixing a healthcare system (by a very loose definition of the term) which was failing and getting worse year by year.

        Having a mature policy discussion is arguing that a reform like the ACA is the wrong approach to a problem, that it won’t resolve the issues it was intended to fix. Smearing, on the other hand, is avoiding that policy discussion completely by implying the existence of secret, nefarious motives as the real reason your opponents chose some course of action. Which approach do you choose?

      • lilolady

        As you can see and read asybot the Gang of Trolls has taken over this site and the topic! Yes, indeed, the smear campaign is in full gear!! Dr. Carson has no idea what he is in for.

        • Anonymous

          I’ll ask again – how exactly is Dr Carson being “smeared”? If one chooses to espouse one’s views on policy in books, TV, radio, etc. — then others are certainly entitled to critique those views. That’s not “smearing”. It’s called debate, discussion, the free exchange of ideas.

          Implying that others are part of some evil anti-American conspiracy, as Carson does, is much closer to a “smear campaign”. Do you have a problem with his attacks on ACA supporters?

  • Anonymous

    Previous administrations have failed to address the healthcare system’s growing problems. Economic advisers warned skyrocketing healthcare costs are a top threat to our economy as our population ages. The Bush administration could have addressed the problem. Why doesn’t Ben talk about how before Obamacare those “dependents” got sick and sought free emergency room help, which is the most expensive form of care paid for in higher insurance premiums. Why doesn’t Ben talk about how pre-Obamacare, insurance pools were in a spiral of increasing risk, increasing premiums and loosing insured. Maybe Ben should mention people like my father, whose insurance company refused to pay for the only cancer treatment available to him because they called it “experimental”. Maybe Ben could discuss how, before Obamacare, people that had health conditions were refused insurance. Perhaps Ben could discuss the fact that every person in the country will get sick and should have access to insurance so that the rest of us don’t get stuck with their bills. Maybe Ben could suggests improvements to hospitals or the insurance system or the immature law instead of making the same old complaints and Marxism references. It’s this kind of language that will assure Carson doesn’t rank as a Presidential candidate. Improving the law is the only option for conservatives. I’d like to see there be market incentives and discounts for directly paying doctors. I’d like greater emphasis on health savings accounts. How about discounts for achievements in exercise programs or anything that lowers the cost of healthcare? A candidate that describes a vision for improving the law will have the ears of the masses.

    • Optimus Prime

      You should really watch a healthcare proposal summarized by Bill Whittle at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-TccVX5BBo. It’s really great.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with many of the ideas that Whittle presents. Tax free accounts, paying directly, catastrophic insurance are all things I choose to do now, and I’d like more of it. My biggest question is whether a Chapter would simply be another bureaucracy like an insurance company or even a government agency. Blue Cross is a non-profit that is a huge bureaucracy. These organizations are serving hundreds of millions of people.

        • mspatdev

          obammycare will make a lot of money and then turn around and tax us for what we have paid. obammycare is a tax, as per the Supreme Court.

          • Anonymous

            You can put money into an HSA tax free.

    • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

      So rapeing healthcare was the liberal answer? You guys took a Dodge Viper with an engine knock and decided the only way to fix it was to replace the engine with a Ford Pinto engine instead and wonder why no one wants to ride with you.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t understand from your metaphor what exactly you disagree with in the Affordable Care Act.

        • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

          Simple you replaced a small problem that could of been easy to fix in my opinion but instead you replaced it with a piece of junk that forces people to buy into and make health care cost more because you are making people buy maturity care when they are men and other useless stuff no one needs. I am 27 years old and very fit do I need health care no but I am forced to buy it under Obamacare which is money I could be using buying a new car and helping the economy.

          • Anonymous

            Please don’t take offense, but regardless of your views of the ACA as a policy solution, if you believe the condition of the U.S. healthcare system prior to 2009 was “a small problem that could have been easy to fix”, you really should do some more research into the topic. A good place to start is Jonathan Cohn’s book “Sick: The Untold Story Of America’s Health Care Crisis – And The People Who Pay The Price”. It’s from 2007 so it predates any ACA-related controversy but is a really good overview of just how bad things really were, and how bad they were likely to get without massive intervention.

          • Anonymous

            Here’s a hypothetical that’s not outside the realm of reality: You’re 27, no insurance and you don’t think you need it. You normally feel great, but then you notice you’re starting to feeling weak. It gets to the point where you need to see a doctor, but you don’t have the money so you go to the emergency room where they have to serve you by law. They find something suspicious on an x-ray and recommend a battery of tests, MRI, CT, etc. The bill is now $15,0000, more than that car you were considering. You don’t have the money, so now the hospital has a lien on your future income. They find you have lymphoma. They tell you it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for chemo, radiation, monoclonal antibodies, etc. You panic and apply for insurance. The insurance company finds out you’ve been diagnosed and calls it a pre-existing condition, so you’re not eligible for insurance. What next? If you get well, you’ll be bankrupt. The minimal amount of treatment you’ll be able to receive will be paid for through higher hospital rates and higher insurance rates and passed on to others. The insured are wondering, why should the we pay for the patient that didn’t bother to be responsible enough to get insurance? That’s the old system. Today, everyone is responsible for their own insurance. If you can’t afford it, there’s assistance like Medicaid. As a young person, an Health Savings Account high deductible plan is cheap. I’m older than you, and I have that sort of plan and it is reasonable. The point is, even though you feel great, you can get sick, hit by a car, or any number of possible acute or chronic problems could develop. Not having insurance was irresponsible, but now also illegal.

          • Anonymous

            Bravo! Beautifully said – and entirely true.

            Connor, here is another situation which is not hypothetical at all. I have a friend I’ll call Joe, who has an inherited disease — no cure, but entirely treatable. If not treated,it will almost certainly be fatal eventually. (I’m avoiding specifics out of respect for his privacy.) He has had insurance through his job but everything related to the treatment of this disease has been paid for out-of-pocket because it’s a pre-existing condition. It’s incredibly expensive.

            Joe has a son who is healthy but who may also have inherited this condition. Joe has in the past been afraid to get the kid tested to see if he has the disease, because then it would be flagged as a pre-existing condition and he’d be unable to get insurance when he turns 18. Thanks to the ACA, that fear is now gone.

            Think about that! Your child may have a disease that could kill him one day. You can’t give him the proper tests, because by doing so you could completely screw up his chances to get treatment later in life. How messed up is that? But Joe is just one person out of millions who faced similar quandaries in our insane health care system. The ACA was designed to help solve these problems. Of course it is not perfect and is not a miraculous cure-all .. but it is the first real step we’ve taken in decades towards really fixing these things. Seriously, try to look past the paranoid nonsense put out there by people like Beck and Carson, and study the details of what’s really going on. And if you have ideas on how to make it better, offer them up! People will listen.

          • Anonymous

            I understand the downward economic spiral that our healthcare system was on. Rates were increasing at an alarming rate forcing people to drop out, which makes the pool sicker and more expensive, and so on. Something had to be done. I can’t understand why Republicans waste so much time refuting the ACA when they have great opportunities to lead toward incentives for direct pay, high deductible, tax free accounts, etc. It seems they’d rather be whipped into an angry frenzy by Beck and alike rather than to devise a reasonable course forward.

          • Anonymous

            Hear, hear… it’s pretty disturbing. Sorry if it seems like i was critiquing your comment, my point about the mess we were in was directed to Connor up above.

          • Anonymous

            Not at all. I think it’s hypocritical when Conservatives say they stand for individual responsibility yet they don’t think people should be mandated responsible to insure themselves form health risk that every human will experience.

  • Anonymous

    Control of healthcare is a marxist tenet and that is the one and only reason obamascam was a top priority. The leftists/communists who seek our destruction have been salivating over this for years, thus once they saw it within their grasp they did all in their power to ram it through. Reading the law/tax/scam/takeover wasn’t necessary, to understand it’s implications wasn’t on the agenda. It was a government takeover and power grab and nothing more. All who voted for it, all who endlessly lied to the American people all recorded on national tv need to be impeached and tried for treason for dereliction of duty, failure to uphold their oaths of office to protect and defend the Constitution and barred from holding public office ever again. Period.

    • mspatdev

      You “poundsand” has said the truth. Healthcare was #1 priority while they had the full government under one party. Did you know that the bill was signed into law in 2010 and that obammy kept working on it until Oct. 2013? He kept adding and deleting things to it. That was a No, NO. Then he was supposed to go to Congress and have it O.K.’D again, but he didn’t do that. He knew it would not have been passed again. They want everybody to be on it. obammycare will fail, but they have another insurance policy that will be even tighter as the government has all of us. You are GOTTEN. The Supreme Court has said that obammycare is a TAX and it can be change by a new prez. That didn’t work as obammy and his minions cheated on every single vote that they could. When you signed up for obammycare, you had to give all of this information about you, your spouse, children, S.S.#, money and everything about you. The government didn’t have that on you before. This other insurance is a “single payee system” and you can’t get out of it and “Welcome to Communism” lock, stock and barrel and you have no more freedoms. We don’t have a middle class any more, just the rich and the poor. The middle class fell into the rich or the poor. I have been telling people for a long time what will happen to this country if obammycare passes. They have gotten rid of a very, very good American healthcare. If people would have stopped being sue happy, then the prices of healthcare would not have been so high. Our American healthcare could have been tweeted, but no Congress decided that we needed a whole new insurance. Yes, we get a lot of TAXES to pay and things that most of us don’t even need or can use. We have the most terrible government now that the USA has ever had. I HOPE YOU THAT VOTED FOR ALL OF THESE SCUMBAGS ARE HAPPY AS A LARK. I AM NOT. BY THE WAY—–ARE YOU HAPPY THE WAY THE VETERANS ARE BEING TREATED, WELL THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO US. Except to obammy’s favorite groups such as congress, unions, muslims, brotherhood, his favorite rich people and the list is growing. Also, obammy wants SHARIA LAW. The American people won’t be to happy with that.

      • lilolady

        One thing came to mind while reading you, mispat,
        and that is that only the House can impose taxes.
        Obamacare was a creation of the Senate alone.
        Justice Roberts has labeled Obamacare a TAX. Who
        in all of Congress is protesting this, and why not?
        Everything this administration has done has been illegal, owns the Judiciary, the MSM, the House AND the Senate. A LAWLESS regime.

        • Bonnie Somer

          yes a pure violation of Art 1 Sect 7 how did the supreme court miss this blip

    • lilolady

      There is no one who knows the full implications of all the thousands and thousands of pages and the thousands of pages “regulations”added to it … so far. It is NOT all about
      ‘health’ care. Most of our Nation doesn’t know what that monstrosity means to every single American. And Illegal.

    • jen

      Control of healthcare is also a tea party tenet as it backed romneycare.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    This will go down as the worst idea in history.

  • http://www.MARVINFOX.com/ Marvin E. Fox

    The lie of ‘social justice,’ the redistribution of wealth that appears so precious with the Marxist,/Democrats/Progressives, is in observing the practice of wealth redistribution done by those claiming its necessity. They don’t do that.
    Dr. Carson nailed them. The above political loudmouths are not speaking of redistributing their own wealth, they want to redistribute our personal and national wealth to themselves. The want a smaller and more select 1%, and a real poor 99%.
    Marvin Fox

    • lilolady

      If it good enough for All of America then, by golly it has also to be good enough for the President, Congress, Unions, no waivers for anyone, no waivers for any states. We all hang together or we all hang alone … is it a LAW? Or NOT a LAW? Can some of us choose to stop at a four way stop sign or do we, for our own safety stop and take our turn?
      We would all like to be law-abiding -citizens but this regime makes it difficult. I will not obey any law that is NOT EQUALLY APPLIED TO US ALL!

  • Anonymous

    Let the government provide our honorable vetereans a VA sponsor Blue Cross and Blue Shiled card or Aetna etc insurance care of the Veterean choice for free for life to resolve this problem of base health care for them and to honor government promise to the vetereans and keep open the specialize VA Hospitals for War wounds !!

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to build the shining city: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Krimsen King

    stupid answer to a stupid question… ‘why healthcare?’… BECAUSE MILLIONS WERE SUFFERING WITH NO ACCESS TO NECESSARY HEALTHCARE… good grief, the question should be ‘why are ‘conservatives’ so convinced that our healthcare system should be based on profit the way it was (and sadly, still is..)????’

  • Liz

    He is one of the wisest people I’ve come across. So thankful he is speaking up.

  • Anonymous

    Go peddle your nonsense somewhere else.

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