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Why did the Obama administration make healthcare their top priority after the 2008 election? Dr. Ben Carson joined The Glenn Beck Program Thursday night to explain how fundamental freedoms have come under attack by progressives.

“You know, these people who are saying that conservatives are unfair and unfeeling really are not being objective at all.  What is really unfair and unfeeling is creating systems that make large portions of the people dependent.  And interestingly enough, whenever you see a nation move to socialism and to communism, you see the same pattern.  You see a small group of elites who have all the power and all the money, a rapidly shrinking middle class, and a huge dependent class, and that’s what we’re developing in this country.  And we have to wake up and stop this,” Carson said.

“One of the first steps, and the neo-Marxists make this very clear, you don’t have to take my word for it, go out and read what they say, the first step to making the people dependent is to take control of their healthcare.  Why do you think there was this great rush as soon as President Obama was elected to get the healthcare thing done while he still had both Houses?  And why do you think that they continue to try to control our lives?”

“When we give control of the most important thing we have, our healthcare, over to government, they now have us.  If they have the most important thing, the rest of it will come along.  We have got to wake up.  We’ve got to understand what’s going on.”

Dr. Ben Carson is the author of the new book ‘One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future’.