Democratic Congressman: We have proven communism works

Glenn has been saying for a long time that the masks were going to come of the progressive left, and they would begin to freely discuss their true feelings and intentions. But not even Glenn could have predicted the words uttered by Congressman Joe Garcia (D-FL) during a recent Google Hangout session with supporters.

During a larger discussion about the border, Garcia claimed the safest city in America is El Paso, Texas, and El Paso “happens to be across the border from the most dangerous city in the Americas, which is Juarez [Mexico].”

“Two of the safest cities in America are on the border with Mexico,” he continued. “Of course, the reason is we’ve proved that communism works. If you give everybody a good government job, there is no crime.”

Below is a video of Garcia’s remarks:

“First of all, prediction, officially, we’ve kind of danced around this one for a while,” Glenn said of Garcia’s forthrightness on radio this morning.

“Here was on an elected official outright saying it,” Pat added.

There are a lot of things wrong with Garcia’s remarks. For starters, it looks like El Paso is actually the 14th safest city in the United States, according to the FBI. Futhermore, the Miami Herald’s Mark Caputo reports San Pedro Sula and Honduras are actually more dangerous than Juarez.

It should as be noted, as Stu pointed out, that the video of Garcia’s remarks that is being circulated does not include the full context of what was said. On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu gave Garcia the benefit of the doubt by reading the full remarks as per NewsBusters:

“…It’s when you attract people that you are the dominant culture, that people want to emulate and copy what you’re doing because it works.

And in America, we are, we are doing, we are doing a huge disservice to ourselves by not understanding how powerful of a driver in the economy an immigration system that works can be — uh, and continues to be — and by not having an immigration system that works.

And let me give you an example of the kind of money we’ve poured in: So the most dangerous—sorry, the safest- city in America is El Paso, Texas. It happens to be across the border from the most dangerous city in the Americas, which is Juarez, right? And two of the safest cities in America, two of them are on the border with Mexico.

And of course, the reason is that we’ve proved that Communism works. If you give everybody a good government job, there’s no crime. But that isn’t what we should be doing on the border. The kind of money we’ve poured into it, and we’re having diminishing returns. So while we’re doing, we’re spending all this money here, we have border problems in Puerto Rico that we haven’t been able to set up a system that’s safe there. People are finding alternative routes.

The opportunity to get this right and the mistake that Republicans make — and I say Republicans because it’s Republicans right now — I’m no one to say that Democrats were also possessed by Xenophobia in 2008 and particularly after 9/11 and the economic crisis, but today we’re in a much better place as a party. And the problem that Republicans have is that they’re fighting a battle they cannot win.” 

Garcia, who is the son of Cuban immigrants, has since said he was not condoning communism. After seeing his remarks in context, however, Pat and Stu were not convinced.

“I don’t see anything in here that changes what he said. He seems to be saying we need to lighten up the border,” Stu said. “Maybe he’s critical of how we put so many resources into the border and we’ve employed everybody. And I guess maybe that shows communism works. Maybe he’s being flippant with it?”

“He didn’t sound flippant,” Pat concluded. “When you see the video, he doesn’t look flippant. He’s saying it matter of factly.”

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  • littledon

    Garcia, Your a MF and you should get your As’ back to your Country Cuba, for it sure is not America! You ‘SOB’! You take all our freedoms and you enjoy them and now want to take ours away! OH! try China or Cuba you may love it !! It may be more too your liking!

    God Bless America!

    • Rosa Brand

      I am just as angered as you are, but arguments using insults and bromides won’t get you anywhere. You want people to listen? Then start talking like an adult.

  • Anonymous

    HOW exactly has this idiot PROVED that communism works? All I read was a bunch of lip flapping nonsense. By giving EVERYONE a government job? Seriously?/ How is that working in Cuba? Venezuela? The former USSR? Former East Germany? Former name that eastern European nation. His logic (along with those that support socialism/communism) is laughable. Government creates NOTHING, it makes NOTHING. Government can only TAKE from one person/entity and give it to someone the government deems worthy (anyone that supports the regime and has proven themselves worthy). So, if everyone had a government job, there would be no one left to take it from.

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”

    Margaret Thatcher

    • Anonymous

      Visit Norway.

      • Anonymous

        LOL When will liberals get tired of using Scandinavia as an example. They aren’t as “socialist” as you think, plus the population of the entire country of Norway is 5,096,000. Not even close to the population of NYC at over 8,400,000 so it’s easier to keep track of everyone. But…if you enjoy having 90% of your earnings taken from you in order to provide for the drunkard lying on the street, or the the person who chooses not to work, please feel free to immigrate to Norway. People that hate this country shouldn’t try to change it, they should move to where they would fit in.

        • Anonymous

          Norway has an 800 billion rainy day fund run by investment. Find me any place on earth that comes even close. You cant.Their system also supports maternity leave and education and transit. It must be so bad that thousands leave …oh they dont.

          • Gdrake

            To compare the US to a tiny country with a mostly homogeneous population that has strict immigration policies is naive at best. But please move to Norway if they will have.

          • Sharon

            well then… don’t let the door hit you in the behind….

          • BlueMN

            Not many things more ironic than someone with a Confederate flag avatar telling someone else, “America, love it or leave it.”

          • Jeff H

            Not many things more ironic than someone with a cartoon avatar being taken serious about anything. That flag represents a lot more than your stellarness could comprehend. Remove the slavery aspect from the picture and that flag could represent true freedom from an oppressive tyranical government such as the one taking shape now. Get over the civil war.

          • BlueMN

            Says the guy with a blank for an avatar. That flag actually represents treason (secession, if you can comprehend that) and slavery (which is tyranny and oppression). Sorry, those are the kind of stains that don’t wash out. Get used to the USA, Reb.

          • BlueMN

            They probably have no idea how repressed they are, those poor wretched Scandinavians.

          • Crassus

            That might explain why the suicide rate in Scandinavian countries is so high.

          • BlueMN

            Most Scandinavian countries have a lower suicide rate than the US.

          • Anonymous

            The average income for a Swedish citizen is lower than that of black men in America. You forget that without the omnipresence of the U.S. Navy, those countries would have to fund their own national defense to a way higher degree, thereby eating up all of the tax money. Scandinavia at large is dependent on the U.S. commercially, as they make profits manufacturing raw materials for U.S. defense contracts and transportation. Their socialism hasn’t collapsed (yet, give it a few years), because we sponsor them. Thanks to Communists like you, everybody will eventually have to submit to brain dead socialist policies that brain dead people like yourself will impose upon them. I really hate every time you talk.

          • BlueMN

            “Average income” is pretty pointless, comparing a McDonald’s employee making about $15K a year to one of the Koch bros. and saying they have an “average income” of $500M a year, doesn’t mean much. Also, Swedish exports to US only account for about 5.5% of all Swedish exports.

            97% of Swedes say they are satisfied with their lives and there have been people like you predicting the “inevitable collapse” of their social democracy since 1920.

  • landofaahs

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • GrailMaster

    Saying that communism works because when everyone has a government job there is no crime is like saying that being a gangster (i.e., in the mafia) works because you can make a good living from it. Just like illegal activities (e.g., drugs, prostitution, ex torsion, theft, etc.) can provide plenty of cash in a similar fashion, taxes paid by citizens working “real” jobs provide the funds that pay for government jobs. In both cases we are dealing with “other people’s money.” Like Margaret Thatcher said, the problem with socialism/communism is that sooner or later you run out of Other People’s money. That’s why socialism/communism has never worked in long term anywhere. That’s why the socialist/communist ship of the line, the Soviet Union, collapsed economically in 1991.
    Those who are ignorant of history are condemned to relive it.

    • Anonymous

      Well, they are very much like gangsters and the mafia.

  • Anonymous

    The democrat party was taken over long ago by the communist party of America. To gain insight and an eyewitness account read Ron Radosh’s book “Commies: The old left, the new left and the leftover left.” People like comrade Garcia are everything that is wrong with the democrat party. If these anti-Americans don’t like our country, our Constitution and our founders vision for our country they need to go to one more to their liking – like North Korea, China, Cuba, Russia or any other like country that would take their sorry behinds.

    • Rosa Brand

      Agreed. It is quite telling that these individuals remain here in what used to be a somewhat pro-capitalist country.

      The movement towards collectivism started way before our time, when philosophers like Immanuel Kant became more accepted ideology. He declared that nothing is truly knowable and that all things are subjective. When one accepts the notion that there are no absolutes (notice how this very declaration is an absolute!), that individual ceases to accept the supremacy of rational thought. Introspection no longer is a check and balance against reality. Instead, it becomes more of a mind-game, where axioms are questioned to the point of madness. In truth, what Rep. Garcia is suggesting that communism works is madness, using the collectivists’ weapon of guilt, intimidation, and blatant lies.

  • Connor Kenway

    I am sorry but we should not be listing to a guy that eats his own ear wax. That seems to me that it is a good sign that he is not smart.

  • Connor Kenway

    Communism works so well just ask Cuba North Korea China and the Soviet Union. Well not the Soviet Union you may have trouble with seeing how it died.

  • defiant1

    Well Garcia, if communism works so well, then why did your parents flee Cuba? If you think it works so well, what have your parents told you about life in Cuba; then if you like what you hear, go live in your parents homeland! American patriots do not want communism in our country, but you can live with it in Cuba. What is this jerk doing in politics, he is dangerous. These progressives (communists) are getting blatant and gutsy, and probably because Obama/Holder do as they please with the thought that they are untouchable. They are pretty much now but it is adding up and somewhere down the road it will come to a screeching halt!

    • Anonymous

      We can only hope. It’s people like the ones in the Tea Party who will probably be the ones to stop it. The liberal idiots out there want everyone to believe that the Tea Partiers are bad people because they are afraid of them and what they stand for. They are the ones who will save this country from idiots like Joe Garcia.

  • Anonymous

    I live in El Paso Texas. We are no more communist that the rest of the U.S. That being said. We as a nation are not a Free Republic, nor are we a Free Democracy. Please don’t get me wrong, I wish we were? Ether one (Republic or a Democracy) is much better than what we currently have, a Thugocracy.
    But El Paso being in the top 20 of safe cities, has nothing to do with a political party. It has more to do with excellent people in our community that keep our city safe. Like the Border Patrol, the County Sheriffs, the State Patrol, the DEA, the military that assist in border security, and the people that pray for a safe city and for the safety of our LEO’s.
    If you have ever watched the “Drugs Inc” show on Discovery, you will see where the drugs are being brought into the U.S. by the truck load. Well they have to come through some border crossing point at some time. Maybe the fact that people are finding kilos of cocaine in the back of their new big screen tv up in Nebraska, or Pennsylvania, has something to do with El Paso being so safe.
    The “Drug War” in Juarez, Mexico was about turf. The big export hub for Mexican and South American drugs to the north, TURF. Congressman Garcia.
    But the drugs in Detroit, or Chicago, or NYC have not stopped coming in, have they Congressman?

  • Anonymous

    They don’t even try to hide their true feelings anymore. No need to, nothing to fear. This is now an anything goes America and if you don’t agree you are either a terrorist or a racist. Maybe both if they can arrange it.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, communism worked SOOOOOoooooo… well in the countries that have embraced it. After all, everyone in the Soviet Union LOVED their jobs. They didn’t have, as their most common saying, “We’ll stop pretending to work when they stop pretending to pay us.” And that whole economic powerhouse afforded by such a workforce didn’t actually collapse, it thrived.

    How dare a man whose family lived in Cuba under the communist regime claim that particular form of government “works”? If that’s true, then what is he doing here? Why are ANY Cubans here? Why did they risk their lives in overloaded, leaking boats in shark infested waters to gain the shores of the United States, if this economic system is so much less preferable?

    This man is a blight to the Cuban/American population who sacrificed so much to bring their families here. He can claim all he wants that he wasn’t advocating communism, but there is absolutely no other way to interpret his words. He should be ashamed of himself.

  • mspatdev

    Garcia, YOU HAVE NOT PROVED THAT COMMUNISM WORKS. Since you are of Cuban immigrants, a demo from Florida, you don’t know a darn thing. You can’t even get your facts straight. Your parents did not want to live in Cuba under Communism and that is why you are in the USA. If you want to live in Communism, why don’t you go back to Cuba, other South American countries as they would welcome you. I would like to refresh your memory. El Paso, Texas is not the safest place in the USA. My friends son family just moved from El Paso area as it was so dangerous and Juarez is the same way. Communism DOES NOT WORK. If you give everyone a good government job there is no crime. If that is so, WHY IS obammy’s communist government having problems with a lot of crime in IRS, Veterans, Benghaki, ICE, Homeland Security and many other departments? If everyone worked for the government, where would you get the money to pay everyone. WE THE PEOPLE PROMOTE THE JOBS AND THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT. They are to have very limited government, they are not to steal land and property from the states or the citizens of the USA. Mr. Garcia you are in the wrong country and you need to go back to Cuba and we don’t want you here.

  • Rosa Brand

    If Communism works, explain why people are starving in Cuba, South America, China, and Russia? Why are people living in squalor? Why are people apathetic about life overall?

    This is subjectivism at its finest. We have a man here who is looking at the world filtered by his delusions instead of reality. This is what happens when you abandon reason for belief. When you put your emotions above rational thought. If there is a contradiction in an argument, it is time to check the premises based on what is concrete and real.

    The reality is that communism is the surest way to keep man suppressed and destroy the mind where creativity and productivity start. Profit has always been a four letter word to the intellectually indolent, because it requires hard work and to develop an efficacy for success. In order to achieve that success one must fail…a lot.

    What Rep. Garcia is advocating is the absolute abdication of self efficiency and fulfillment in the name of the collective, and in effect turn men into sheep.

    • Anonymous

      You are absolutely right! Isn’t it a travesty that people like this get elected. And, when they come right out and say the things that he said, he should be removed from office.

  • Anonymous

    The idiology behind this idiot is the reason we should not have Common Core in our schools. Common Core teaches everyone to be exactly the same…no individuality…hence Communism. I heard a question from a test given through Common Core that asked when there is a problem should you support the individual case or the whole group…that is teaching Communism!

  • Faye

    Communism? What beef is Garcia eating. He represents Florida not Texas!

  • Scoop Jaxson

    Each of us must reject the despot’s designs for desolation and tyranny:

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    “communism works” and apparently ear wax is delicious ..

  • Anonymous

    Anyone who continues to support the Democrat party today is a communist and should be shunned, in the traditional way. Treat them like they do not exist whenever they are in your presence. Do not acknowledge them in any way. When they see that they have become social pariahs they will either change or stay away from you and you will not have to put up with them. Garcia really ought to go back to Cuba and live under that regime for a few years, but he won’t and we will have to put up with his brand of stupidity. Which is also the stupidity of all Democrats.

  • Guardian

    Right – Communism works for the government when everyone has a government job … LMAO. Now, when you throw in all the populace that is needed to support that Communist government, the problem arises.

  • Anonymous

    That guy is either dumb or oblivious to everything.

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