Flashback: Glenn reviews GM’s hydrogen powered car

Today on radio, Glenn discussed his views on big companies becoming involved with government, using General Motors to make his point. Several years ago, GM allowed Glenn to drive a prototype hydrogen powered car for a few months. He was incredibly impressed, even taping an eight minute message for his kids about how this was the wave of the future. Unfortunately, once GM took the bailout from Washington they seemed to abandon the project, even though they had told Glenn they were almost ready for mass production.

Glenn said, “One of the reasons I was so confident in it is because I talked to the guys at GM and I said you’re not gonna get past the eco people. The eco people are going to say you’re going to destroy the planet because you’re going to make hydrogen out of water. And they’re like, no, no. We’ve already got deals with Shell. This thing is already out of the gate. Six months later they cancel that after they’ve taken the bailout. That’s the problem. When people are in bed with the government or need the government’s approval for things, then you no longer have the free market system. Then people are not free anymore.”

  • Rd

    You’re losing it Glenn…sad to see. I really enjoyed your program. You gave news that no one else would even talk about. Now its like your whistling in the wind. What’s going on? I hope you surprise us, I really do.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    I wonder what happen to that car. Oh yeah the green movement killed it.

    • Anonymous

      Funny thing is, the product of combustion of hydrogen is water. That would raise sea levels as badly as global warming. It also is not so great in winter in the northern parts of the US – all those hydrogen cars would be dripping water all over the highways, where it will freeze up and cause accidents. Ha Ha HA

  • Anonymous

    Hydrogen is a great fuel; especially when bonded with carbon like in gasoline and diesel.

  • texastruthtweet

    That could catch on.

  • Oliver Ales

    While the collectivist notion of a top-down designed society runs counter to science, the individualist conception aligns with integral calculus and atomic theory in the sense that the whole is best described through the individual parts.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Glenn has aged 12 years in the last 6.

  • lil’ will

    are you really a hooker?

  • lil’ will

    yea, call me