New documents reveal White House contacted YouTube during Benghazi attack

Damning information regarding the Obama Administration’s priorities at the height of the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya continues to trickle out. On Thursday, ABC News reported Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) is now saying a State Department e-mail that remains classified shows, in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi attack, the White House contacted YouTube to warn of the “ramifications” of allowing the posting of an anti-Islamic video.

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“When Ambassador Chris Stevens was missing on September 11th, 2012, and Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty were fighting for their lives with military assets within a quick flight to provide aid, who did the White House call,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “Don’t say Ghost Busters.”

According to the ABC News report:

The memo suggests that even as the attack was still underway — and before the CIA began the process of compiling talking points on its analysis of what happened — the White House believed it was in retaliation for a controversial video.

The subject line of the e-mail, which was sent at 9:11 p.m. Eastern Time on the night of the attack, is “Update on Response to actions – Libya.” The e-mail was written hours before the attack was over.

Issa has asked the White House to declassify and release the document. In the meantime he has inserted a sentence from the e-mail in the Congressional Record.


Asked about the document, a senior White House official told ABC News it demonstrates that the White House genuinely believed the video sparked the attack all along, a belief that turned out to be incorrect.

“This was a setup. The new information that has come out in the last couple of weeks is that they had already deemed that and were already pushing that video story out because they knew that there were going to be uprisings. They were pushing that video as an excuse before any of this happened, so they were prepared in case something happened [to] blame it on the video,” Glenn said. “So the White House wanted YouTube, a privately owned business, to do what exactly? I mean it would have been nice if he would have called the military, call up the jets. Don’t think that they haven’t thought about what they could do if they had the military go into YouTube.”

  • Rd

    You’re losing it Glenn…sad to see. Now its like your whistling in the wind. What’s going on? I hope you surprise us, I really do.

    • Renny

      If the email exists and Issa has it we’ll find out, won’t we?

    • Anonymous

      How is Glenn whistling in the wind? It’s a report about finding documents linking the white house to youtube. The truth will get out eventually, even with obama and this obstructionist administration. I just wish that they will all be hanged for treason.

      • Anonymous

        the scandels that have come out of this administration are so much worse than Watergate,yet nothing happens to these traitors. it’s sickening.

      • Anonymous

        The administration has argued that the video prompted the mob and the eventual attack on the compound. So, someone from the administration contacted youtube when everything hit the fan. So what? This proves nothing. But you’ll never believe that. If you read all of the congressional reports, the ny times study, you won;t find much to get worked up about. But you haven’t read those, you just listen to beck and limbaugh and the rest of the conservative echo chamber telling you what you want to hear. Like during the election, when the conservative punditry class all thought it would be close–even Romney thought it would be–but had you stepped out of the chamber and looked at the polling and read what the statisticians were saying, it was going to be a blowout months before anyone went to the polls. Maybe one day you’ll be curious what the news looks like on stations other fox news and the blaze. Probably not.

        • Anonymous

          LOL you STILL buy the lies and cover ups in this administration. The video that you believe caused the attack had been on youtube for a year. A wee bit SLOW for muslim retaliation since they instantly fly off the handle whenever their “religion” is challenged. Look to the riots with 17 dead after they found out a soldier handled the koran with his left hand.

          It’s amusing that liberals ALWAYS say we watch Fox news. It must be because they get to write “fux” or “faux” and giggle at how clever they are. I can’t speak for anyone else here, but I get the majority of my information from overseas publications since the US media can’t be trusted. Oh, BTW, have YOU read all of the congressional reports, or are you reading what Mother Jones interprets from them. I’m guessing the latter. Just the fact that you cited the NYTimes as a source is laughable.

          You want to talk about an ECHO CHAMBER? The democrats have proven themselves time and again that no thought other than THEIR way of thinking is acceptable. And what’s so funny is that all of their “learned” ideas have been EPIC FAILURES.

          Democrats have the mentality of two year olds, and having them controlling Washington since 1945 (with the exception of about 15 years) has proven to be quite dangerous.

        • Anonymous

          The problem is, the Administration preconceived the notion that the video was the cause of the attack. They tried to blame the CIA for making that case, which is a lie. Susan Rice lied all over national TV. Hillary gave the stand down, because in such a situation, that was the Secretary of State’s call to make. She denies it, another LIE!
          What the election has to do with the cover up and the lies stacking up is beyond me. Romney lost, I’ve been over it for awhile. I dare you to sit down with the families of the four victims and tell them that the Republicans are making this all up.

          • Anonymous

            Bert, none of the investigative reports uncovered deliberate lies on the part of the administration. No one, not Rice nor Obama nor anyone else, has admitted to lying. You want to believe they lied. You do believe it. And maybe they did. But we don’t know that. You’re conflating an assumption with fact. And, as Hillary said, what difference does it make at this point? They were killed by an angry mob of people while they worked an inherently dangerous job. We know that they were killed. The families can want a better story, can hope for more clarity on a clouded subject, but if they need to hear that there was a coverup and that Obama is lying and on and on for some sort of closure, they won’t get it. And what kind of closure would that be? Political closure? The point about the election was that you all live in a bubble that’s got the same message on constant feedback loop. This story has become a right-wing media spectacle that stands in for everything you hate about obama and what you think he represents. Much like liberals made the Trayvon Martin ordeal much bigger than an unfortunate homicide. You all have a lot invested in this, this is a big chance to say, “told you so.” Fast and furious failed, birth certificate failed, the irs thingy failed, and so its left to Benghazi.

    • Gloria

      Rd, your the one who is losing it. You just keep repeating yourself. Stop it!!! You need to create your own wind and whistle into it.

  • landofaahs

    Obama lied and people died.

  • Anonymous

    When is this president and his administration going to take responsibility for or be held accountable for anything?

    • Pablo Descartes

      When We the People get fedup and demand it. Should’ve been OAS.

  • Anonymous

    When Obama’s lackey ABC News starts reporting the stories the wheels are really coming off the bus.

  • Leslie Hoops-Wallace

    No, they were checking that the video they ordered was up and running, so they could blame it, instead of Bush.

  • Connor Kenway

    Not shocking they where just looking for something to blame for their incompetence.

  • Connor Kenway

    The left call us fascist but yet you never see us demanding to cut free speech off like Obama.

    • jen

      your ‘right’ are fascist scumbags as well!! if you think it is cool to take the side of evil with a tad bit less evil side, then I pity you.

      • Anonymous

        How are the right fascist and evil? Do you have any examples to support that?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know how often you read this jen’s posts, but she can’t formulate a train of thought that would fill up so much as a bumper sticker. I don’t know why she continues to try and have a conversation with intelligent people. She would fit in better holding up a sign and yelling random insults about Tea Party people in some park.

          • Anonymous

            sam fisher switched teams

          • Anonymous


  • livefreeordiehard

    Socialists/communists/progressives/liberals/democrats are nothing but bullies. I’m sure no one reading this is the least bit surprised. Oh yeah, and liars, cheats, haters….. please fill free to add to the list.

    • Wayne Stumbo


  • Anonymous

    Eventually all this crap is going to come tumbling down on Obama’s head. Can’t happen soon enough. He really does have to go.

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t believe it was the video, they knew they were going to blame the video. And they probably knew the attack was going to happen weeks before if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

    the empirial LyinKing antiamerican islam terrorist narcisisist-crlebrity-in-chief

  • Leonard Lords
  • Anonymous

    I saw the video, it was so childish, it looked like something a grade school would produce.
    Say for instance that the video could have been a reason for any religion to get upset, I would expect whatever group got upset would have to be mentally childlike.
    No Adult could take the video serious, I don’t care what Ideology or Religion they follow, or what language they speak.
    Common sense has to come into play somewhere.
    Something serious was going on in Benghazi and The Middle East, that Our POTUS! was involved in it, and had to cover up.
    Will we ever find out???…………………..

  • BlueMN

    Beck: Knock, knock!
    Normal person (NP): Who’s there?
    Beck: Benghazi!
    NP: Benghazi who?

    Beck: Knock, knock!
    NP: Who’s there?
    Beck: Benghazi!
    NP: Benghazi who?

    Beck: Knock, knock!
    NP: Stop! You’re just going to say “Benghazi” again for no reason! There’s nothing there!

    Beck: Knock, knock!
    NP: STOP IT!
    Beck: Orange.
    NP: Okay, *sigh* Orange who?
    Beck: Orange YouTube Benghazi?

    • Pablo Descartes

      Nonsense you are.

    • Anonymous

      Proof that a liberal can’t even make a good joke. Nobody is laughing. Your beloved liar in chief let 4 people die. You can’t refute it so you tell stupid jokes. You’re not funny, you’re not clever, you’re not intelligent, and you have no life or you wouldn’t spend so much time posting on Conservative sites. Go to and hang out with your moron socialist friends. Nobody likes you here.

      • BlueMN

        That’s hardly proof, that’s anecdotal evidence at best.

        • Anonymous

          Anecdotal evidence that 4 Americans were hung out to dry and you think it’s funny. You are a shameful excuse for a human being.

          • BlueMN

            Oh no you don’t! You’re not getting away with that one! Anybody dying isn’t funny. Funny is Obamacare is working, the economy is recovering so… “Hey let’s try #Benghazi again! Maybe it’ll work this time around. It’s all we got.” Shameful is the GOP trying to raise campaign funds off the backs of dead Americans.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not getting away with it? Looks like I did. What are you going to do about me? Type me to death tough guy?

          • BlueMN

            Hahaha! OK, so I see you’re just a little slow on the uptake. Don’t worry Bert, my keyboard is nonlethal.

  • Glenn Coughlin

    GC is 100% correct.
    There is no way that an email by mid to low level WH communication staffers could have asked for help while the CIA, State and military advisors focused on other things!

    • Anonymous

      Fact #1, the attack did not happen because of the video…period. Fact #2, this Regime created talking points out of thin air and lied to the American people repeatedly about the cause of the attacks.

      • Glenn Coughlin

        I agree, as does everyone, including the WH, that the video did not spark the attack.
        Nothing said or done immediately following the attack will bring back those killed.
        Of course, this is not the goal of the umpteenth investigation.
        The pathetic, do nothing Republicans in the Congress do not care about this, they only want to score political points.
        And, before you label me as a progressive liberal, let it be said that I would have the same opinion with a Republican President and Democratic Congress.
        I believe we should focus on preventing this in the future instead of campaigning for money on the deaths of patriotic Americans.

        • Anonymous

          I implied nothing. I will make it clear to you though, that if I choose to have an honest debate with you about the Benghazi attack, it makes no difference to me whether you’re a progressive liberal or not. The reason is because it isn’t a political issue. The Susan Rice national TV tour and the blatant lies about blaming the video, and the lies about the coverup that has now been exposed, are insulting to my intelligence. This Regime lied to all of our faces and I will not be satisfied until this whole Communist cabinet confesses to what they did.
          Again, who cares about the political stripe, liars are my enemies, every one of them.

          • Glenn Coughlin

            I might believe you weren’t biased if you didn’t throw absurd comments like “Communist Cabinet” around.
            You have already made up your mind about the President and have closed your mind to intelligent discussions.
            Feel free to leave me alone in the future.
            I don’t have he energy to debate another bigoted birther.
            Take Care.

          • Anonymous

            Have fun living your life as an in denial communist moron. Did you think you could come to a conservative site, lie through your teeth just like the rest of the communists and not hear anything back? Come on, you’re smarter than that, I think…

          • Glenn Coughlin

            Unlike you and your Messiah Glenn Coughlin I served and fought for my country.
            Take Care coward.

          • Anonymous

            You are not my Messiah Glenn Coughlin (that’s YOUR moniker). And for your information I tried to join the Army and was turned away because I had asthma. I am not a coward. Not that you even knew anything about me or whether or not I’d served prior to making your “astute” observation.

  • Jon Johnston

    Today’s liberalism is like communism without the manifesto.

  • Anonymous

    Why would the White House want the consulate in Benghazi to be overrun? It’s one thing to accuse the President of miscalculating the risk that existed, but it’s another to accuse him of setting up a excuse for ignoring the crisis while it was occurring. It is more likely the Administration truly thought the attack was another spontaneous riot over the video like the ones in Cairo and hoped they could control how much it was inflamed by social media. If the Administration really was worried about public perception of inaction during the attack, it certainly would have thrown whatever resources were available to fight the attack. Nobody has proved there were unused resources that could have been used, and there was no stand-down order to keep such forces from responding.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody knows WHY the White House allowed the consulate to be overrun, but they did want it. The government should be sued for jailing the guy who made the video. How do liberals feel about being jailed in direct conflict with the 1st amendment?
      You see, the Ben Rhodes email proves that the CIA did not create the narrative about the video being the cause of the attack. The Administration has been caught red handed for creating the talking points. You see, Conservatives didn’t decide to go with a select committee because they were bored. This Administration has no interest in protecting its citizens abroad. This affects you if you leave this country and are kidnapped/attacked somewhere. The Republicans truly believe that we are ALL in danger, regardless of where you stand on politics.

      • Anonymous

        That the consulate was overrun does not prove the administration wanted to be overrun. You see, the Ben Rhodes email doesn’t prove that the Administration knew at the time of the attack that terrorists were the attackers. It only proves that the Administration believed it was a riot similar to those in Cairo. The Ben Rhodes email was just one of many that showed the Administration was looking at activity in the entire region, and was taking steps to protect all U.S. interests.You see, the conservatives decided to go with another committee because the previous ones didn’t yield the result they wanted: that President Obama was guilty of some crime.

        Also, the guy who made the nefarious video was not arrested for making the video. He was arrested because he violated his parole from a previous check fraud conviction. Since he used the media in that previous crime, his probation required him to stay off the Internet. He used the Internet in the production of the video. If he thinks he was illegally arrested, he certainly can sue, but his arrest had nothing to do with his 1st Amendment Rights.

        • Anonymous

          The email is smoking gun evidence that the Regime fabricated talking points that were false. It’s very easy to see, all you have to do is turn your brain on, go ahead, do so at any time. The video guy has been in jail for a year for trying to get a fake ID, that is VERY unusual. Hillary said they were going to get the guy who made the video. She told the relatives of the SEAL all about it.
          I’m not going to argue with someone who is in denial (You). What exactly do you hope to gain by defending the corrupt Communist regime in the White House? Are you just going to reply to me by using a repolishing of your denial and BS, and then delude yourself into thinking that you’ve made a wise case? I totally count on it.

          • Anonymous

            Look, that they made mistakened talking points doesn’t prove that they knew the points were wrong and that they were trying to deceive anyone. The fact that Mrs. Clinton expressed that the video was the cause of the attack doesn’t prove she was lying. Also, it’s not at all that unusual for someone who violated parole to go back to prison for the rest of his original sentence. What difference does the pettiness of the things that were the violations make? I do think that Mrs. Clinton’s threatening to punish the culprit for the making of the video itself was rash, but that doesn’t make her corrupt.

          • Anonymous

            Rephrased denial yet again. I really have nothing to say to you at this point. Lies, lies, everywhere. Defend liars and see where that gets you.

          • Anonymous

            You haven’t said anything to me yet. I ask questions and you change the subject. You accuse the Administration of lying and defend your accusation with more accusations. If you see the denial of each additional unsupported accusation as paraphrasing of my initial denial, that’s your problem and not mine.

  • Anonymous

    A Warriors Plea

    SO As I think about those who
    have paid with there lives to protect our Freedom. I wonder what they
    are thinking now as they watch us throwing it away with out much of a
    fight? I know many veterans are asking themselves DO THE AMERICAN

    What would those who have
    sacrificed all say about our answer to that question?

    Why did we ask them to
    risk everything to protect those freedoms if we are so willing to
    just hand them over to buy us a few more months, or years of

    Why do we take them from
    their families to fight for freedom all over the world and give away
    like we don’t value it as much as football or what ever our love is!

    Why do we expect them to
    come home and watch their country be over run by criminals
    masquerading as government officials?

    Why do so many think we
    have the right to force our will on our fellow Americans by a
    majority vote?

    SO if I get a majority to
    vote that we all have a right to do what ever we want to the
    politicians does that make it LEGAL?

    Why do we think we have
    the power to play GOD with the lives of our fellow Americans and
    others around the world?


    So maybe we should rewrite
    the constitution to read as follows!


    Article 1 We will
    establish 75,000 laws and regulations to ensure that everyone is a
    felon and thus only has rights until we can sort out the data from
    the nsa and make a case against you if you piss us off!

    ARTICLE 2 We will
    establish the NSA, FBI, EPA, TSA, IRS, BLM, FDA, BATF, and numerous
    other agencies to Suppress and abuse the people at their will to make
    sure you don’t piss off those in power at the time.

    Article 3 Our Corporate
    partners will force their product down your throat as they desire and
    if you resist or refuse to use them we will send someone from one of
    the a fore mentioned agencies to stick a gun in your face and force
    compliance or terminate you with extreme prejudice!

    Article 4 we will
    experiment on you and you children at will in every way to make sure
    we are getting what ever we want from you while preventing any
    ability for you to resist our will!

    Article 5 We will seize
    all resources and property and give you what we determine you need to
    fulfill our will!

    Article 5 YOU WILL WORSHIP

    Well I think you get the
    picture and I wish this was a gross exaggeration of where we are in
    our nation today but it is only a mild exaggeration and one really
    major crisis away from reality!

    For those in politics who
    are conservative and fighting to stop this insanity in any meaningful
    way you had better start asking yourself. Who are you going to call
    when they come for you like they did the CONSERVATIVE GM DEALERS

    If you think they will
    give any quarter to those who they don;t like even if you betray us!
    Your a fool who has no clue about History and what these people have
    been planning for decades!


    I offer these FREE

  • Jackbooted

    I find it hard to believe. It’s more likely they planted the memo to show they are dumb but not lying manipulative scum. In the middle of all that was going on they called
    YOUTUBE? Come on!

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