The wussification of America: School ‘field day’ flyer discourages competition, says all students are ‘winners’

The wussification of America has once again reared its ugly head. Students at North Hill Elementary in Rochester Hills, Michigan were sent home with a flyer informing parents that all students are “winners,” and, therefore, the “competitive ‘urge to win’ will be kept to a minimum” at the school’s annual field day event.

Below is a photo of the flyer as obtained by

North-Hill-Field-Day-announcement-crop-620x393 Image Source: Facebook/

In part, the flyer reads:

The purpose of the day is for our school to get together for an enjoyable two hours of activities and provide an opportunity for students, teachers and parents to interact cooperatively. Since we believe that all of our children are winners, the need for athletic ability and the competitive “urge to win” will be kept to a minimum. The real reward will be the enjoyment and good feelings of participation.

According to, several parents have expressed their disgust with the sentiments expressed by school. TheBlaze reached out to North Hill Elementary for comment but has yet to hear back.

“That is exactly the attitude that has made General Motors, also in Michigan, what it is today,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “It’s not about winning. We don’t need to be number one. It’s about working together.”

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  • USAonlydotUS

    WTF. First They want everybody to get a trophy, Now NO ONE gets a trophy. But I thought they are “Entitled” to their trophy?……….after all , they did show up. What is our world going to look like in 10-15 years???

  • landofaahs

    You’re special, just like everyone else.

  • Boo Radley

    Call me crazy but maybe somebody didn’t get a trophy as a kid and still has a lot of bitterness.

    Or it could just be a metaphor.

  • madman

    They are helping create a nation of whiners & complainers.

    • ken.

      they are creating a nation of slaves to the dictator.

      • Anonymous

        they, they, they: who are they? The people pulling the strings, the chem-trail sprayers, the communist-muslim brotherhood members infiltrating the state department, the cloaked men poisoning the well with fluoride, that Kenyan in the white house? The people with all the power in this world are the ones with money, education, competitive, high-paying and demanding, jobs, family wealth, land, and so on. If anyone controls anything, it is “they.” And it’s less “they” than the institutions that employ them. Global capitalism will enslave us long before namby pamby liberalism. Markets and economies, indeed nation states more generally, are beholden to the dictates of banks and multinational corporations. Soon, nations will be privately owned corporate states, we will all be renters, and when your grandkids’ I.D. badges read GEville or Comcastland, they’ll know exactly who “they” really are.

  • Wulf

    North Hill Elementary – “We strive for mediocrity”

  • Deckard426

    How come the government always has to pay so much to, “attract the best talent?” Why can’t they get by with mediocre workers who get paid nothing?

  • USAonlydotUS


    I saw the ridiculous flyer for your Field Day
    What the hell is wrong with you people?? You are training a bunch of kids
    who will never leave their parents basement, because they will have NO SKILLS for the real world. ( But we don’t want to “offend” anyone.) I call B/S on this my friend. Here’s the real world. Let’s see you apply your “Common Corpse” math skills to figure this simple problem:

    QUESTION: There is 1 job opening. 20 people apply for this job.
    How many people will be disappointed, devastated, and will
    have a damaged self esteem because they were not hired?
    ANSWER: 19
    QUESTION: And how much will each person receive when the
    person hired divides his paycheck 20 ways so the other 19 still feel like “winners”?
    ANSWER: That’s the real world that you people are NOT preparing
    our kids for.

    I’m 62. I don’t know where all of this liberal P/C crap ever got a
    foothold in the schools, but it’s wrong. COMPETITION is the Real World. Boys especially, love competition. It makes them better. the only thing that should be “Equal” in this society, is that we all have an EQUAL Opportunity to excel .
    You Dave, (your school district) are squashing the very nature of a human being
    to excel and eventually succeed …….American Exceptionalism (not a Bad Word) is what made us a super power in all fields, and the place where the rest of the world wanted to be part of.
    Your Field trip note angers me, because you only see the immediate, and
    that every kid needs to be cookie cutter. I see a future generation of
    pansies and pacifists with no drive to succeed, and somebody else will take care of them. Shame on YOU.

    • asybot

      You are so right and I wonder if they use the same system in China? Where has the “winner takes all” gone, I won some and lost some but always learned from the guys (and gals ) that came in first!

    • Anonymous

      It’s so true. My daughter was in a beauty pageant (her choice, not mine) this past weekend. She didn’t win, but felt like she walked away having learned some things that she can do better next time. She told me that one of the other contestants that also didn’t win was in the bathroom crying. My daughter’s comment on that was that the girl needed to learn how to ‘not win’ with some class and dignity. (Wow! She may actually be listening to the things we try to teach her!!)

  • Connor Kenway

    That is the rot in this country. Pat everyone on the back and hand everyone a tropthy. If they would of done this in the High School I went to we all would have mocked the living snot out of it.

  • Anonymous

    I thought to look up the definition of “field day” and went to Wikipedia. They now call it sports day and wiki says it is sometimes a competition to win. ?”Sometimes”?
    They didn’t invent the internet but, they sure did a lot of early development.
    Webster still has it pretty much spot on.

  • Evolution_It’s a Theory

    I am just trying to figure out why this is a bad thing. Don’t get me wrong here, I understand the need for competition. I understand the world is very competitive which is why I teach my kids about competition. I do not expect a school to teach my children, I demand it of myself. Those of you on here whining about what the school is doing have got to wake up and realize it is not the schools job to “prepare your kids for their future;” it is YOUR job as a parent.

  • Lister Eane

    Since we have many goals to consider pursuing, the basis for deciding which efforts are worth the risk must be estimates of useful value rather than useless merit.

  • Glenn Coughlin

    Once again, GC overreacts to simply make a splash.
    This was a simple celebratory affair to thank 6-10 year olds and tighten the school’s community.
    GC should be relieved that his shielded and sheltered 2nd set of kids don’t have to be victims of a school that promotes self confidence and individualism.

  • Joshua Raymond

    As a resident of this school district, here are my thoughts on this…

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