After listening to ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith excoriate the politically correct crowd, Glenn wondered what it is people want in America today. Is the goal to be coddled and spoken down to like morons? Or is the goal to be free?

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“Let me just go through one thing here on the choice that we all have to make,” Glenn said. “We all have to decide: What do you want? Do you want to be free, or do you want to be coddled? Do you want to be treated like a moron, or do you want to be treated like an adult? If you want to be treated like an adult you have to start acting like an adult.”

As you may have noticed, Mercury Studios is undergoing a major renovation of both its studio and office space. Glenn has a very unique vision for the space that included hanging a giant, 35-foot submarine over the main office space. While shopping for furniture, Glenn happened across a wooden octopus carving that would compliment the submarine nicely. Ben, head of the American Dream Labs team overseeing the renovations, agreed, and the octopus was hung as well.

Photos of the new office space at Mercury Studios:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 12.33.39 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 12.34.06 PM

The project has been underway for several months, but both the octopus and submarine were finally in place on Friday afternoon at which point at least one member of Glenn’s staff – ahem, Jeffy – raised some concerns. Apparently, the octopus hangs over the center of a table and the tentacles of the octopus are technically at eye level, though because of the placement, it would be very difficult for someone to poke their eye out as Jeffy suggested.

“I just wanted to talk to Ben about it because it looked dangerous,” Jeffy said on radio this morning.

Ben shared Jeffy’s feedback with Glenn over the weekend, to which Glenn had a very simple response.

“I said, ‘Here’s how you answer that from here on out: I didn’t realize Glenn was in the habit of hiring morons.’ Yes, Jeffy, you are the exception. But we don’t hire morons,” Glenn explained. “I mean I stood there at the tentacles of the octopus, and yes, they are at eye height. But let me tell you something: Nobody’s standing that close to the octopus. If you are, what are you doing? Are you licking their little suction cups? What are you doing?”

“So anyway, we all have to decide,” he continued. “This is not just a monologue about us here in this building. This is a monologue for all of Americans. Are you a moron?”

As Glenn explained, we have devolved into a society in which we are policing one another’s each and every move. If we truly believe people are moronic and require that kind of constant oversight, than maybe there is no hope.

“Am I the only one? Can we not have some sort of personal responsibility in our lives? I don’t want to have everything made safe for me,” Glenn concluded. “My gosh. Think of our childhood. We all survived somehow or another. We all survived.”