Oklahoma’s fight to repeal Common Core receives overwhelming, bipartisan support

Oklahoma is one step closer to repealing Common Core. On Friday, the Oklahoma legislature voted in overwhelming fashion to support legislation that would repeal the math and reading standards. According to Fox23.com, the House voted 71-18 to reject the Common Core standards. The Senate then passed the bill 31-10 and sent it to Gov. Mary Fallin (R). Fallin is expected to sign the bill.

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“This is the most complete removal of Common Core from any state of adoption in the nation,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “The bill repeals Common Core from state law.”

The New York Times has even reported on the unlikely allies who have coalesced around the fight to repeal Common Core:

With tensions running high over issues surrounding academic benchmarks, standardized testing and performance evaluations for educators, unlikely coalitions of teachers, lawmakers and parents from the left and right are increasingly banding together to push back against what they see as onerous changes in education policy. Some have Tea Party Republicans and teachers unions on the same side.

In Oklahoma, teachers unions gave strong support to a bill, sponsored by Republicans, that would overturn a law requiring third graders to be held back simply on the basis of the results of one standardized test. (Last week, that coalition helped the Legislature overturn Gov. Mary Fallin’s veto.)

“No one else has done it like Oklahoma has. And this is a huge, huge win,” Glenn concluded. “The New York Times is saying: It’s bringing together strange bedfellows. The left and the right are both calling for the repeal of Common Core. You’re about to win just keep going.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Anonymous

    This is astounding and exciting. FINALLY, Liberals don’t condemn a GOOD idea that some Republicans have just because it SOUNDS Conservative. I constantly argue and castigate Liberals who come to this website spouting off blatant lies. I thank the Liberal politicians of Oklahoma for what they’ve done here. For today, you are all my brothers and sisters. Let’s dwell on that and move forward towards a better America.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Well there’s that bipartisan support that Obama always wanted and they are working against him.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo! finally, at long last, common SENSE over partisanship is prevailing. May it spread across the nation.

  • Shirley Crowfoot

    Hurray for Oklahoma for showing the rest of the country how bipartisanship can really be accomplished for the good of the citizens. Judging by the comments made regarding math NoNo’s, I would say the CC standards for math could not pass the smell test for common sense. That’s probably why the only math TEACHER on the committee that wrote the standards refused to sign off on the math standards. Ditto for the only Language Arts teacher on the committee. She also refused to sign off on the LA standards. She was also forced to sign a “non-disclosure” agreement which caused her to choose her words very carefully when I attended a meeting at which she was speaking. Come on CO, quit squabbling over fracking, gun control, and RIGHTS of illegal aliens and focus on the disaster being implemented in our schools.

  • Anonymous

    SO DO we have the courage to face what we’re doing to our children?
    Everytime we exceed the limits God ordained in the constitution others
    pay dearly and we eventually reap what we’ve Sown!

  • Barnara Apon

    Ok…Georgia…find out how to get it done…call Oklahoma… Today get her done….

  • Charlotte Curry

    We are a little concerned about Fallin not signing the bill and just letting time run out. There is a movement afoot to “encourage” her to sign it. She is up for reelection this year, and her constituents aren’t happy with her or her State Superintendent of schools.

    • Jeffrey Moore

      If she doesn’t sign it, it automatically becomes law after 5 days. Any new law passed by the house and senate that isnt’t signed within 5 days automatically becomes law by our states constitution. She might not sign it to make herself look better to the big money. If she decides to veto it like she did with the reading standard test last week, both houses will have to come back since they voted to dismiss the legislative session last Friday to overide the veto.

      • Clementine

        Jeffrey, if she doesn’t sign, it fails due to a pocket veto (not signing.) It does not pass; therefore, it is imperative that she sign it.

  • Equis

    Awesome, I hope this continues to other states as well.

  • Anonymous

    I just finished reading Conform, and if progressives want to rename Common Core, I have a suggestion – Apple Core: the good has been removed and eaten. At my house the remainder goes into the garbage.

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