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Scott wrote in to share the story of his autistic son Joshua and the girl, Bridget, who accompanied him to prom.  After seeing a post on Facebook from Joshua’s mother Kathy about how bad her son wanted to go to the dance, Bridget reached out and asked to be the young man’s date.  Local TV station, WSLS10, covered the story. Scott was able to provide us with the link to the follow-up article, as well as the lovely pictures from prom.

Email to Glenn:

This is a local news story about my son with autism and the incredible girl that took him to prom Saturday night.


WSLS 10 NBC in Roanoke/Lynchburg Va

Bridget explained to WSLS10 her reasons for deciding to go with Joshua, saying, “My brother has autism also and if I knew he wanted to do something, you know, like this I would want somebody to do that for him.”

Follow-up article

In the follow-up article, WSLS10 said that local businesses took part in helping to make the night special for the two teenagers.  Makeup and hair were provided, as well as a limo for the night.  

Kathy, Joshua’s mother told WSLS10, “It’s been more, really more than I ever dreamed of.”