Three reasons Germany just elected a neo-Nazi to the EU

For the first time, the German people have elected a member of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) to the European Parliament. The son of a Nazi SA assault division member, Udo Voigt is a member of Germany’s far-right anti-immigrant party and has faced legal action in the past for referring Hitler was “a great man” and questioning the number of Holocaust deaths. He has also demanded the return of German land lost after World War II. As Yahoo News reported, Voigt received one percent in the German vote for the EU-wide election Sunday. On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to Voigt’s election and referenced three specific conditions that he believes contributed to Voigt’s success.

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“This is all of the stuff that we said would with happen,” Glenn said. “And it’s happening because of three things.”

1. The economy

The economy sucks. The economy absolutely sucks. You know how bad food prices are getting. When the United States of America defaults – or it will never default we’ll just print the money – when we print money faster than we are, or when this catches up to us, the food prices around the world are going to go through the roof. Our food prices already are going through the roof. We’re buying things with American dollars. They can’t. We’re effecting the food of the rest of the world. So the rest of the world is going to turn on us and say, it’s the bad Americans that caused all of this.

So one, the economy and jobs – it’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

2. Immigration

The immigration policies, the same kind of policies that we have here in America. This doesn’t mean that you’re xenophobic, and it doesn’t mean you’re a nationalist. It means: Can we have the people here who are doing no harm and contributing to our society? If you want to be an American, you want to be a German, you want to be a South African, you want to be a Palestinian, or whatever, then you’ve got to fold into the society. That’s what you have to do. Otherwise, I don’t want you here.

If you can make us better, great. But do you want to be an American? Because if you want to remain an Egyptian, stay in Egypt. They’ve got lots of room for you. Most of it desert. Lots of room for you. That doesn’t make you Xenophobic. But what these nations have done overseas is they have adopted every culture is equal. I’m sorry, but… when one nation and one culture is preaching the Judeo Christian practice of love, and another culture is teaching hate and death, I’m sorry, they are different. And if you don’t like it, then go back to Pakistan where you can be surrounded by death and people saying that.

3. The European Union

This is really frightening because it’s nationalism. I don’t have a problem with loving your country. I love mine. And we are different. And I like going places. I like going to Mexico or Canada and seeing the differences. You go anywhere in America… there’s the Gap. There’s Ann Taylor. Every town is exactly the same. Now, you go overseas – you can go to Beijing, and oh, there’s the Ann Taylor. There’s KFC. Literally, there’s no difference anymore.

What happened to celebrate diversity? Now everything is the same. I like Italy being Italy, and Germany being Germany, and Spain being Spain. I like that. There’s nothing wrong with that, except the business people don’t like it as much. It makes it hard to do business. It makes it extremely difficult to gain power over a huge population.

The EU is the problem in Europe. It’s the problem with multiculturalism, and it is the problem with the Euro. It doesn’t work. And Germany is going to start to have the real problem. Germany is the one that’s doing all of the work while the people in France can say, ‘I’m just going to sit on a beach.’ ‘I’m going to work a 21-hour work week while the Germans are working to keep the Euro propped up.’

“It’s not going to last,” Glenn concluded. “And because they do not have the understanding of all men are created equal are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights – among these are rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; because they don’t have a Bill of Rights that looks at an individual, not the collective; the next Hitler or Stalin will come. And it looks like it’s beginning to happen now.”

  • Anonymous

    I knew the day would come when all of Europe said enough is enough. Europe’s socialist utopia is now hurting the natives disproportionately more than the newcomers. Just like in America, the moochers will go where the social benefits are highest, so Germany, France, UK, etc. are finally awakening. Merkel said a couple years ago that multiculturalism has been a failure. Now it seems they are finally deciding to act on that failure, instead of meaningless lip-service.

    • Anonymous

      And the biggest contributor to this socialist problem in Europe are the immigrants along with multi culturalism. Cultures will move to other countries where they want the better opportunities, but won’t abandon their own culture, hence the strife between mixed cultures. The other big problem was the creation of welfare.

  • Anonymous

    This doesn’t shock me one little bit. Anti-Semitism is on the rise, even right here in America. With the growing number of Holocaust deniers and Palestinian sympathizers (two groups who amount to the scum of the earth) it’s no wonder this happened.

  • Vince Fox

    How does a democratic nationalist equal far right? Sounds much closer to the totalitarians of the far left than it does the anti government extremists of the far right.

    • Anonymous

      Far right, far left, an extremist is an extremist no matter what label you give them.

      • zemla

        Right on friend

    • Anonymous

      That one had me scratching my head too. Nazi’s were/are socialists. Socialists are on the left….otherwise, why do liberals love socialism so much?

      • BlueMN

        They put socialists and communists into concentration camps and outlawed trade unions while wealthy industrialists made a fortune. Keep scratching that head of yours, maybe it’ll shake something loose.

        • Dan Heizinger

          Stalin murdered Trotsky. Does that mean he was right wing?

          • BlueMN

            ??? Burr shot Hamilton. Does that make him a Redcoat?

          • Todd A Scheller

            A duel that took place in 1804 involved a Redcoat?

        • Abba Okoro

          National socailists controlled the economy

        • Mike Nelson

          Isn’t that because those philosophies were a threat to the jingoistic, Nationalist aspect of Hitler’s Reich? When the Left gains power, do they not implement the very tactics they have accused the Right of abusing, in order to stifle opposition?

          It rather seems like you’re making a point of being anti-right in this post, but when we’re honest about the actual history, wasn’t it about cronyism, power, fear, and hate, more than actual left-wing/right-wing politics? There’s the symptom, and then there’s the root, yes?

          Hitler and Stalin used remarkably similar tactics, those tactics often ascribed exclusively to the political Right, but both were of Leftist tendencies in their appeal to “The People” and the implementation of their methods (central planning over marketplace competition – and the stick of fear over the carrot of incentive).

          Sometimes I can’t tell if you’re pointing out a lack of wholeness in others’ posts, or if you’re invested in the propaganda.

          • BlueMN

            I have to admit, I have no clue as to what point you are trying to make. You seem to be making some broad sweeping point about totalitarian politics in general and saying that ideology didn’t matter? If so you really need to read up on the history of post-WWI Germany. Ideology mattered, it was more than just stifling opposition.

            “Leftist tendencies in their appeal to “The People.'” Therefore in your mind, is an appeal to “We the People” somehow socialist?

            I’m doing neither. I’m merely setting the record straight and expressing my opinion in this otherwise far right echo chamber.

          • Mike Nelson

            le sigh.

            After WW1 Germany was hosed. Totally hosed. The French boffed the Treaty of Versaille completely, right down to not allowing the Germans even to be seated. They also took all of the industrial lands of Germany in order, supposedly, to recoup war debts while fighting that nation; in my opinion, it was more to snub their noses – as the French are wont to do – at their longtime opponents and as a last measure of the dying era of colonialism in an effort to curtail German influence abroad.

            If you’re confused by my position, it may be because I am asking for clarification of your statements, which, to me, were baffling as juxtaposed to the comment to which they were in reply.

            I don’t care to have an e-peeing contest with you and have no interest in brinksmanship, but I do have a concern that you, as a well-spoken but sometimes politically motivated poster who I sometimes agree with, may have influence over others whose own knowledge is lacking, but whose ideology is malleable to the modern day leftist perspective you often push.

            If that leaves you confused: you’re smart, but sometimes you’re full of yourself and dismissive of relevant information, and you often omit details that are crucial to the discussions you attempt to steer.


          • BlueMN

            A pretty accurate recap of the Versailles Treaty, but not what I was getting at. I was referring more to the street battles between the Freikorps/SA and the SPD and the KPD during that era.

            The straight forward statement by JoJo was that Nazis were Lefties, socialists. They were socialists like East Germany was a Democratic Republic. I pointed out that they hated everyone on the Left and embraced the German Industrialists and I thought that made it clear they were Right-wingers. I’m not trying to confuse anyone.

            Thanks for the compliment and critique, I’ll keep it in mind.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Hi Mike

            I believe a lot of confusion stems from comparing the left & right of America to Europe’s left and right, which are based on two completely different political systems. Albeit we are transgressing back into the European system that We fought to break away from.

            Politics has twisted and contorted the meaning of words where nothing is as presented. So dropping the ever variable political standards and looking at it philosophically, the generally excepted model is:

            Anarchism (Left)————(Right) Totalitarianism

            Going off that, government based socialism is totalitarian which would be a product of the right. In contrast, the Anarchists want a laissez faire society, i.e. no moral standards, anything is permissible as long as it doesn’t directly hurt or affect them. (Think of the debauchery Moses witnessed when returning with the Commandments)

            But it’s not just a matter of left vs. the right, that’s far too large of a generalization to make and is a false dilemma between two evils. Which only serves to keep us in permanent agitation with each other while the boundaries of our viable third option are being eroded.


            Nothing new under the sun here, as Alexander Hamilton so eloquently put it:

            “It is impossible to read the history of the petty republics of Greece and Italy without feeling sensations of horror and disgust at the distractions with which they were continually agitated, and at the rapid succession of revolutions by which they were kept in a state of perpetual vibration between the extremes of tyranny and anarchy . . . great improvement . . . were either not known at all, or imperfectly known to the ancients.” ~The Federalist Papers Federalist No. 9 November 21, 1787

            The would-be tyrants are only using the anarchists (aka useful idiots) to achieve their goals in first tearing down the system, i.e. the U.S. Constitution. Once that happens, the anarchists are going to get a very rude awakening, as all will who live to see such a day.

            Those who love true Liberty should guard it with prudent jealousy from the left and the right since both will rob you of it.


            “It is only when the people become ignorant and corrupt, when they degenerate into a populace, that they are incapable of exercising their sovereignty. Usurpation is then an easy attainment, and an usurper soon found. The people themselves become the willing instruments of their own debasement and ruin.” ~James Monroe

            “There is a natural and necessary progression from the extreme of anarchy to the extreme of tyranny; and that arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of Liberty abused to licentiousness.” ~George Washington Maxims, Circular to the States, June 8, 1783.

            “What are those virtues? They are chiefly the same virtues, which we have already seen to be descriptive of the American character—the love of liberty, and the love of law. But law and liberty cannot rationally become the objects of our love, unless they first become the objects of our knowledge. The same course of study, properly directed, will lead us to the knowledge of both. Indeed, neither of them can be known, because neither of them can exist, without the other. Without liberty, law loses its nature and its name, and becomes oppression. Without law, liberty also loses its nature and its name, and becomes licentiousness.” ~James Wilson

          • Mike Nelson

            This is a poignant and well-advised post; not an hour ago I was considering asking Blue if (s)he found a similarity between the OWS movement of the modern era, and the Freikorps as regards their deployment and methods during the Bier Hall Putsch.

            I was considering the very points you make in regard to the differentials between Euro L/R and US L/R and for the very reasons you state:


            One thing I certainly agree with and find factually circumspect is the concept that yesterday’s liberals (in teh US) have much more in common with today’s libertarians (in the US) on the basis of opposition to authoritarianism, which is, in my view, what both Hitler and Stalin wielded once their populist-leftist movements placed them on the literal throne of their respective nations.

            Sadly, I see the same thing happening here, in the US, today: yesterday’s leftists are today’s ruling class, and they are doing everything they can to destroy the opportunity for others to displace them via their own (ab)uses of the system as a means of changing the system.

            Hence, liberals are become the authoritarians they have, in the past, opposed… and the ignorant masses have yet to catch up to the changed definitions and new reality.

            Good post, man.

            “They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety, and are destined to lose both.” ~Ben Franklin

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Good afternoon,

            Yep, we are living in a postmodern world alright.

            To get to the root of the problem, we have to look beyond ideologies and look to the persons worldview. Because it’s that view that will trump a person’s stated political ideology every time. For example, if a person doesn’t believe in universal truths (natural law), it should be understood that there is a very remote chance they will hold steadfast to the principles they claim to have when challenged. Everything is relative to the here and now so principles can be discarded at the earliest moments of inconvenience.

            Our sin nature is revealing itself again by showing how we always gravitate towards the rule of man over the rule of Law. As the old saying goes: if it were all about implementing the right laws or philosophy… then Jesus Christ died for nothing.

            Which curiously enough, brings us to the next subject.

            Re: Libertarians

            The false dilemma between anarchy and totalitarianism can be observed in today’s libertarian movement. Those two contradictory beliefs are vying for control of the libertarian movement under the guise of Voluntaryism & Theocratic Libertarianism, aka Dominionism, Christian Reconstructionism, Kingdom Now, The New Apostolic Reform. Seven Mountains Theology, etc. (Dominionists are in the GOP as well with some of the more recognizable names including David Barton, Rafael Cruz, Rick Perry, etc etc etc…).

            Here are two interesting articles on the subject if you are interested. Just for the record, I ultimately have issues with the articles themselves but find the red flags they raise important to us all.




            “A Communist once told me his method. First you explain to a Christian sympathizer that Communism is compatible with Christianity. That accomplished, you explain that Christianity is not compatible with Communism.” ~Robert Conquest, historian of the Stalin era, in The New Criterion

        • horsesRLuv

          you don’t have to be insulting about it…

        • Todd A Scheller

          They WERE a trade union. So how is the scratching of your hollow head going?

      • ken.

        power and control

    • zemla

      I know it sounds weird, but they do things a bit different over there. The “left” version of the NPD is the SPD

    • Anonymous

      I hope I can explain the difference in political levels so you may understand. The Nazi Party was/is the Nationalist Socialist Party. Which means they put the nation above all else. The Mother Country, or Mother land is their god. The Socialist part means all for the nation, and the nation for all the people. A play on the commune, or communism. If you are not part of the people with a heritage dating back three or four generations, you are not a true member of the nation. Thus the Jews where considered less than people of the Rich mark. Or not the original people.
      The reason we cover or heart while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, to the Flag of the United States of America, is so, as not to put or heat below the nation, or political a party. The heart is for only God and Family. Than after God and Family our allegiance to the nation is to be considered.

      I hope that helps. For the record. I got the cover your heart info from a WW 1 Vet and Boy Scout Master.

  • Connor Kenway

    And it only took about 80 years for us to forget the evils of Nazism. Will we ever learn?

  • BlueMN

    xenophobia |ˌzēnəˈfōbēə; ˌzenə-|
    intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries

    “If you want to be an American, …then you’ve got to fold into the society. […] Otherwise, I don’t want you here.”

    “The EU is the problem in Europe. It’s the problem with multiculturalism.”

    Sounds like Beck would fit right in with the NDP, UKIP or FN crowd.

  • Anonymous

    A Warriors Plea

    SO As I think about those who
    have paid with there lives to protect our Freedom. I wonder what they
    are thinking now as they watch us throwing it away with out much of a
    fight? I know many veterans are asking themselves DO THE AMERICAN

    What would those who have
    sacrificed all say about our answer to that question?

    Why did we ask them to
    risk everything to protect those freedoms if we are so willing to
    just hand them over to buy us a few more months, or years of

    Why do we take them from
    their families to fight for freedom all over the world and give away
    like we don’t value it as much as football or what ever our love is!

    Why do we expect them to
    come home and watch their country be over run by criminals
    masquerading as government officials?

    Why do so many think we
    have the right to force our will on our fellow Americans by a
    majority vote?

    SO if I get a majority to
    vote that we all have a right to do what ever we want to the
    politicians does that make it LEGAL?

    Why do we think we have
    the power to play GOD with the lives of our fellow Americans and
    others around the world?


    So maybe we should rewrite
    the constitution to read as follows!


    Article 1 We will
    establish 75,000 laws and regulations to ensure that everyone is a
    felon and thus only has rights until we can sort out the data from
    the nsa and make a case against you if you piss us off!

    ARTICLE 2 We will
    establish the NSA, FBI, EPA, TSA, IRS, BLM, FDA, BATF, and numerous
    other agencies to Suppress and abuse the people at their will to make
    sure you don’t piss off those in power at the time.

    Article 3 Our Corporate
    partners will force their product down your throat as they desire and
    if you resist or refuse to use them we will send someone from one of
    the a fore mentioned agencies to stick a gun in your face and force
    compliance or terminate you with extreme prejudice!

    Article 4 we will
    experiment on you and you children at will in every way to make sure
    we are getting what ever we want from you while preventing any
    ability for you to resist our will!

    Article 5 We will seize
    all resources and property and give you what we determine you need to
    fulfill our will!

    Article 5 YOU WILL WORSHIP

    Well I think you get the
    picture and I wish this was a gross exaggeration of where we are in
    our nation today but it is only a mild exaggeration and one really
    major crisis away from reality!

    For those in politics who
    are conservative and fighting to stop this insanity in any meaningful
    way you had better start asking yourself. Who are you going to call
    when they come for you like they did the CONSERVATIVE GM DEALERS

    If you think they will
    give any quarter to those who they don;t like even if you betray us!
    Your a fool who has no clue about History and what these people have
    been planning for decades!


    I offer these FREE

  • Anonymous

    DO we have the courage to face what we’re doing to our children?
    Everytime we exceed the limits God ordained in the constitution others
    pay dearly and we eventually reap what we’ve Sown!

  • Elena

    Hyper-nationalism was one of the root causes for the First World War. Hyper-ethnocentrism was a hallmark of the Second World War.

    When multiculturalism is shoved down our throats, a natural response is to cough it back up. This will lead to some right wing nutjob promoting intolerance. It’s human nature for there to be a backlash.

  • D.b. Swanson

    I’m not quite sure why Glenn skipped the biggest problem the EU is having, but I have my suspicions. Nations like France, Spain, Great Britain, etc, are being flooded by immigrants from Islamic Countries from just about EVERYWHERE around the globe, but with the largest communities being from Mid-Eastern countries. Germany has the same problem but it is to a lesser extent. Say what you may about the German people, you have to admit they are a proud and industrious people, which explains perfectly why the German people have elected someone that talks about Germany being FOR Germans. Call it Nationalism if you like, but to me it sounds almost like what Americans want their country to be. The difference only being that in the USA we want people from around the world to come here and become part of the fabric of being American, whereas the German people may not want the same. Hell, our own president doesn’t care much about being American so using him would be a lousy example. Maybe we could trade him to Germany for some good German Beer!

    • Anonymous

      I’m kind of surprised about Glenn’s lack of comment on that problem too. Islamic occupation of European and American cities, in my mind, is most serious problem we face now and for the foreseeable future. Although, I’ll have to admit, Obama’s purposeful attempt to dismantle this country is also very frightening.

      • D.b. Swanson

        Yeah, there must be something going on behind the scenes with Glenn because he’s bending over for the opposition. Hell, thanks to Glenn, he scared-off over a million people from attending OAS on the 16th. And all he needed to do was call or write Colonel Riley and he could have gotten the truth straight from the Horses mouth… so to speak.

    • Anonymous

      He has deleted two of my comments that outlined that and I think he has now aligned himself with those types. It makes sense with some other comments he has made. For me, Beck is bye bye. And I will say he is going the way of MSNBC, CNN and other medias too afraid to tell the truth.

  • nutt

    “There’s nothing wrong with that, except the business people don’t like it as much. It makes it hard to do business. It makes it extremely difficult to gain power over a huge population.” Looks to me that capitalism’s the one that’s overreached. The EU got very greedy by allowing expansion eastwards, which it did to expand markets and exploit cheaper workforces. West-European producers and manufacturers gained access to larger markets, and workforces who demanded less wages to work in the factories that the EU subsidised them to build in these countries. Rather than have a socialist approach, in which all member states and citizens would be living at the same level, the EU’s approach has always been tilted towards preserving the status-quo and feeding the businesses of its western economies. By breaking its own economic criteria set out for EU membership, the EU left itself in a stupid position when the global crisis kicked in, as it was suddenly forced to bail-out those weaker economies which should never have been its responsibility in the first place. Greedy business undermined the EU – nationalism, as always happens in times of economic crisis, is just one of the results – far easier to blame the stranger for the mess you’re in.

  • Anonymous

    The nazis are not far right. Unless European far right = our far left. There are some books out that compare islam, nazism and communism. “Fascism and Paganism: A brief comparison of Nazism, Communism and Islam”

    Here is a quick and easy chart that compares the three ideologies:

    And here are quite a number of articles and notice how similar that socialism (the current state of affairs in the EU and UK) is to nazism.

    1. Historical parallels between progressivism,
    Nazism, fascism and Marxism are not accidental

    2. Similarities between Radical Islam and Marxism – limitless
    freedom leads to total despotism

    3. Nazism And Leftism

    4. Nazism, Marxism and islam

    Their problem is immigration and islam because most of their immigrants are moslems.

    The irony of trying to infer that nazism was against islam goes against
    what the history was concerning the moslems helping the nazis to wipe
    out the Jews in the ovens and in the area of the Bosnian moslems who
    formed 2 SS Mountain Divisions (that behaved more like roaming gangs
    than a military). And we see that in moslem countries the Mein Kamf is
    their 2nd most read book, and Hitler a sort of icon. We see the nazi
    salute and style of brainwashing in moslem kids too.

    I think that the German’s problem is the immigration and they want a person who is against it and it just so happens the guy doesn’t have a good
    background. Too bad the people didn’t learn from their past history and
    sat on their proverbial butts for so long to let it get out of hand.

  • D.b. Swanson

    Cheryl… You are a liar! Just like Obama.

  • horsesRLuv

    she is a troll

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