As details about the scope and breadth of the VA scandal continue to emerge, concerned citizens around the United States have taken it upon themselves to help our veterans in whatever ways they can. On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to Yvonne Donnelly, chair of the 9/12 Project, about a service initiative a Phoenix-based 9/12 member kick started.

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“I was a contacted by a gentleman… out of Phoenix. I don’t know this guy. I’ve never talked to him before this morning, but I thought he had a brilliant idea,” Donnelly explained. “Many of our [9/12] groups are going out and doing things for our vets. They are going to the hospitals. They are going to the facilities in their areas. They are doing things for them. But let’s do things together with them. We want to charge 9/12 folks, your listeners, any great patriots out there to actually go to the [VA] hospitals and the facilities, and volunteer their time with those organizations.”

A website,, has been set up as a mechanism to connect those interested in severing with local VA facilities. Those interested can also reach out to their local VA outposts directly.

“What are the jobs you can do at a VA hospital,” Glenn asked. “And who do you even call?”

“Most of them do have coordinators that coordinate volunteers and special events,” Donnelly said. “And I went on my local site last night, Glenn, and found that there was a contact person. So go to your local site, whether it’s a hospital or outreach center, and there should be a person for you to contact.”

As Glenn has been discussing for quite some time, it is going to require a grassroots movement of concerned Americans to really make an impact.

“Yvonne, the reason I had you on today is I just appreciate this idea and this kind of continues the promise that – if you are a long-time listener of mine, you made with me as in the Rallies for America, that we would not treat our veterans like the Vietnam veterans were treated when they came home,” Glenn concluded. “And we’re in the throws of doing that right now.”

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