Popular violent video game linked to the suicides of four UK teens

In the wake of the tragic killings in Santa Barbara over the weekend, Glenn questioned the role violent video games, movies, and technology might have played in the killer’s actions. While those outlets are by no means solely to blame for violence, in a 141-page manifesto detailing his plans for a “day of retribution,” the 22-year-old killer did explain violent video games filled a void in his life starting at a young age.

On radio this morning, Glenn shared a report from the UK Daily Mail in which a coroner is investigating the role the popular Call of Duty played in the suicides of four teenagers. According to the Daily Mail, coroner John Pollard expressed ‘great concerns’ after the game “figured in a number of deaths” he was investigating. Glenn looked beyond just video games to technology in general to question the adverse effect the digital age has had on our lives.

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“The thing I want to talk to you about here is the conversation we’re not having,” Glenn said. “And the conversation that we’re not having as a culture is the role of the Internet and the busyness of our lives and these video games in particular.”

In the case of the suicides in the UK, it should be noted games like Call of Duty carry a ‘mature rating,’ and the four teens who died were all under the age of 18. William Menzies was a 16-year-old “gifted” student “who suffocated himself in his bedroom, where he frequently played the war-simulation game on an Xbox.” Additionally, in February 2012, 14-year-old Callum Green was found hanged after playing Call of Duty with his stepfather. According to the coroner, the game has also been linked to the deaths of two other unnamed teenagers.

Read the full report HERE.

“What is wrong with us? What are we thinking? We are inviting this into our home and our lives. Last night, I had a conversation with Raphe… Now, he’s not playing video games at home. He’s playing video games when he goes to his friend’s house… What are you going to do? Stop seeing friends? Stop going over to people’s houses,” Glenn asked. “We get worn down, and we get tired – just like you do. And we want to believe that it’s somehow or another going to be different. Somehow or another it’s going to be okay. It’s just not our kid. I can’t tell you that. I don’t know.”

It’s not just video games though. As Glenn explained, we have become so addicted to technology, we have forgotten the basics of interpersonal relationships and a quieter life.

“It’s not just about the video games. Try to suggest to your spouse that we get rid of our cell phones. Try it… We’re so fearful that we think we can’t do it. We’re so fearful there’s going to be an email that I’m going to miss. There’s going to be something that happens,” Glenn explained. “’I’m connecting with all of these friends from Facebook – friends that I haven’t talked to in years.’ Well, you did pretty well without those friends that you haven’t talked to in years. Is it nice to reminisce? Yeah. Used to be called a reunion. You’d get together once a year.”

“Is it nice to connect to your friends? Yes. Is it required to connect to your friends? No. Is it necessary to connect to your friends? No,” he continued. “Is it required to connect to your family? Yes. Is it necessary to connect to your family? Yes. Is it necessary to have quiet time to reflect? Yes. We don’t have any.”

  • Anonymous

    If they should ban anything it should be the video games that promote violence, murder and aggression in our youth. The military use such games to desensitize them preparing them to kill. Why would we want our kids playing these violent games? Let’s hold the companies who make these games responsible as well.

    • http://www.rosabrand.net Rosa Brand

      Maybe because each of us have a choice and when we accept the notion that something outside of us can control our volition we are then subject to what others deem acceptable for us. In other words, not taking responsibility for your actions and blaming an external force allows others to justify enforcing their morality on you.

      Culpability starts with acknowledging choice. It is time to hold people responsible for their actions, not guns, video games, violent movies, peer pressure, society, internet bullies, school…the list goes on and on and on…

      • Anonymous

        These video game makers know that violence sells. They also know there are individuals that are on the edge (mentally) that could be influenced by these games.

        • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

          Speaking as an Indie dev, you can’t be expected to keep just the mentally unstable people from playing a game. And when I make games, I make a story, it’s like writing a book. You can’t have absolutely zero plot points or conflict or it is the stupidest book in the world. Video games are the same way. Violence and fiction go hand-in-hand mate, you can’t pick and choose one or another.

    • Anonymous

      Do you want to hold gun manufacturers responsible for gun crimes? Same argument has been stated multiple times: its not the game/gun, its the person. There are more copies of COD, MOH and all the other FPS’s out there than there are guns. Quit blaming people.

      • Anonymous

        No I don’t want to hold gun manufacturers responsible for gun crimes. They sell a product that is used as a weapon. People know that when they purchase them. But when you purchase a violent video game, people don’t know that it can lead to violence. It is supposed to be a game used for entertainment. I am not blaming anyone. I just want awareness on this subject. I would note that most of the mass murders that occurred, the murderers played these games prior.I don’t think that is a coincidence.

        • Anonymous

          It doesn’t lead to violence in normal people! And what awareness would you suggest? How about a warning label and age restriction on the game? They already have that. And those mass murderers that played these games; they weren’t right in the head so stop blaming the games.

        • https://twitter.com/StormRider047 Stiletto

          Murderers also breathed oxygen and drank water. Cut off the air!! Also, millions of people play these games as well. What you just used is the “Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy”. Correlation =/= Causation. One of the first things I learnt in statistics.

      • Thomas J.Stratford

        I used to play a well known game called “Duke Nukem”…Very violent, today I have graduated to even more extreme violent games, namely “Monopoly”, and “Scrabble”.

    • ThePainfulTruth

      I play games like Gears of War, The Walking Dead Game, DayZ, Silent Hill, GTA, Resident Evil, etc. . .(I also love *gasp* Horror movies!) and I’ve only been in a grand total of two fights in my entire life. I’m a Christian. I believe in violence only as a last resort. Even then, I wouldn’t take any enjoyment from it.

      I’ve witnessed video game violence, and I’ve witnessed violence in real life. . .the two cannot be compared — even with the amazingly realistic graphics we have access to today. If you think they can, either you’ve never seen the content of these “violent video games” or you’ve never actually witnessed REAL violence. =/

      • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

        I play the hell out of GTA in college, and one of my favorite missions in CoD is the MW2 level “No Russian” where you massacre innocent civilians. I’m not any more f’ed up than I was before I started playing video games. And I sure as hell don’t walk around with a gun and shooting people. At this point, Glenn’s no better than the left and their anti-gun advocacy.

        • ThePainfulTruth

          I wouldn’t go THAT far. I agree with Glenn on a lot of things, just not this particular thing. . .that doesn’t mean he’s a turncoat, just that he’s an individual with his own opinions. He’s wrong in this case, of course, but no one’s right 100% of the time.

        • ThePainfulTruth

          “No Russian” made me cringe, btw. Brutal mission, but talk about emotional impact. Good game.

    • https://twitter.com/StormRider047 Stiletto

      Too bad the source of your info is full of it.

  • http://www.rosabrand.net Rosa Brand

    So now we blame videos like others blame guns for violence? How about we start blaming people?

    To assume that something external overrides our volition is to accept that something other than you has control over your mind and body. Unless you are mentally disabled, I don’t see how anyone can claim something outside of themselves causes them to behave violently.

    I play MMOs (like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars II). There are jerks in there, to be sure, but nothing out of the ordinary when you consider the jerks that troll the internet (anonymity brings out the true nature in people). I have also met a lot of genuinely nice people, people I would befriend in real life. In essence, life is what you make it. Nothing overrides your volition…NOTHING.

    So stop blaming external forces for your behavior and accept that “the devil” making you do stuff is simply your mind rationalizing immorality.

    • Steve

      hey there i seen wow and gw2 mentioned if u got a fb hit me up always looking to play, hope to see u around.

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      Ironically enough, some games I’ve seen seem to teach people a little respect for one another. Take Dark Souls II for example, it’s shocking seeing how people act on there when playing multiplayer. When they “invade” you, they bow to you, then WAIT for you to bow back before the fight begins, quite shocking seeing the honor there. Then when they kill you, they bow again.

    • rileycarey

      Its not too often that I completely disagree with Glen, but this is one of them. video games often create a culture for people who have trouble socializing. It is always so easy to blame tragedy on something that is convenient. I hear so often people blaming their cars in a car accident, we try to put the blame on something, It has to be explained on way or another, and since so many people play video games it creates a correlation. We should all know that correlation does not imply causation.
      Watch_Dogs also does not teach people how to “Hack” in fact many people who I have met who play video games could never “Hack” in their entire lives.

    • Chase

      The only reason that he’s blaming video games instead of guns is because he is told to by the NRA, his major donors. He’s talking out of his ass this entire video. There have been countless studies that have proven time and time again that video games do not contribute to violence. But people like Glenn and the FOX network refuse to accept these studies.

      • http://www.rosabrand.net Rosa Brand

        This brings up another issue, one that is a glaring contradiction that “Conservatives” ignore–control. Both sides love to blame “X, Y, Z” for their troubles, as though their behavior is predicated on external forces. They use this excuse to force their ideologies on the populous, regardless of the implications. Ultimately, both sides are seeking to control human behavior, as though it could be regulated. All of this is done for the collective (aka “for the greater good”), whether the ideology is secular or religious in nature. Guilt is their main weapon. But here’s the thing. They can only get away with it if they have the sanction from the victims.

        We need to stop being victims.

        I say, let the individual decide his/her course. Depravity is easy to identify, so long as we compare it to what is concrete and real (i.e., integrity, compassion, intelligence, wisdom, productivity, etc.). Those who seek to control the individual ought to be ostracized at the very least.

  • Adam Jenson

    Riiiight it was the video games that made him do it, just like it was the video that caused the attack in Benghazi. *facepalm*

    • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

      I say this calls for a triple facepalm is in order because of Glenn’s words.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Glenn what in the hell is wrong with you. What type of sick insensitive B.S. is this! You blaming suicide on gaming. Really! As someone who just had a family member do this for no reason and he never played in his life. And I played many of these games and never once did I want to kill myself never once did I want to kill others. Millions play these games but in your logic we are all murders and suicidal. Glenn do not comment on something you do not understand!

    • Silent Political Yeoman

      The non-gamer will never understand. Jack Thompson was a lawyer chasing after the correlation between real-world violence and video games some years ago. He was eventually disbarred because he repeatedly ignored the fact that no such correlation exists when study after study came out disproving him.

      • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

        He never will. I think I been a bit emotional since it happen this week to begin with. It is his honest opinion anyways so maybe should of handled it a little less emotion but everything I said is true. I mean most of the gamers I know are good moral upright people who would give their coat off their own backs in order to help someone. I wish the older Conservatives could realize we are not evil. I just played black flag. I have to tell you friend you are right. It has became one of my personal favorites.

        • Silent Political Yeoman

          One of the best things I like about Black Flag is how you get so emotionally connected to Edward and the Great Pirates that you can’t help but shed a few tears when he sees the ghost of all his dead friends together one last time while Anne Bonny (Sarah Greene) sings the traditional Irish song “The Parting Glass.” Great closure to the story as Edward sails home to England with his daughter. The two saddest parts in the game for me were the deaths of Blackbeard and Mary Read (“reed”).

          • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

            Yeah it hit home for me as well. They know what they are doing and also you gotta love the message of freedom in it as well. I also love how they got the history right for the most part and made the story more believable to people like me who study history. The redemption of Edward what got to me. When he finally realized I am on the path of destruction.

          • Silent Political Yeoman

            That part towards the end when he finally realizes that freedom truly comes at great cost is what opens his eyes to The Creed’s true meaning and his decision to be an Assassin. The writing that the team did for ACIV is what I believe makes it the best story in the franchise thus far (my favorite Assassin is still Ezio, but just barely, as I also loved Edward’s character development). That and I also liked how they put you, the player, as the new protagonist in the present day since Desmond is dead.

          • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

            I am starting to wonder if he is really dead to be honest. They never showed the new protagonist face so who knows. Sorry for taking so long we buried my cousin friday and are still trying to figure out why he did it.

          • Silent Political Yeoman

            The new modern-day protagonist was meant to be the player. If you recall in the office segments, they mentioned that they recovered Desmond’s body and extracted a lot of samples for everyone in the company to use. Thus you, the player, are the new protagonist, unwittingly working for the Assassins as an inside man/woman. I thought that was a good touch for immersion.

            And my condolences. Sometimes it’s the person you least expect.

          • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

            Let’s just say I got a gut feeling. Even tho I did like the first person feel of it all. It does put you in the driver seat. I hope I am wrong tho it would be kind of weird to do it that way and like the idea like you said it makes you feel like apart of the story. Thank you. It is hard but God is working good out of it.

    • Thomas J.Stratford

      You have to understand Beck is a fraud, and a populist. His goal is $$$$$, This is the same reason he now is a big fan of Gay marriage, because the political winds have somewhat shifted in a more popular position regarding that issue. Add to that his glowing praise of Atheists like Penn Gillette, who Beck insists has a live and let live attitude and has no problem with religious folk. Of course Beck obviously never heard of Penn’s “Penn’s Sunday School” podcast where he degrades and insults Christians on a regular basis.

      • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

        I do not think he is doing it for money. I truly believe he believes his own rants. He is not an actor or anything like that. Which scares me more than him just trying to make a buck because there’s still people following him blindly without question. He needs to be to wake up.

        • http://www.rosabrand.net Rosa Brand

          There are people who follow other people and hear what they have to say as logical and rational, including those who would force us under their ideological rule.

          I don’t always agree with what Mr. Beck has to say, specifically relating to gaming and abortion, but I don’t think he has nefarious intentions. In fact, I would say the bias in most news media is far more egregious. Then again, I put reason ahead of emotion, whereas others think emotion is the means to knowledge.

    • http://www.rosabrand.net Rosa Brand

      Not sure if anyone has said this yet, but I am sorry for your loss. I lost my father to suicide when I was eight months old. I never got a chance to know my father. I wish I had.

  • http://www.family-survival-planning.com/ Jacee

    Wow, Glenn! You lost me at “video games”. Shame on you, blaming video games instead of advocating responsibility for your own actions. I’m amazed you even took the conversation in this direction. If your son is playing these games at a friend’s house and it’s not okay with you, then you need to take responsibility for your parenting. Are you afraid he might kill himself or someone else if he plays these games? Then you DO have a problem with your parenting.

  • John Parker

    Blaming video games for being anything more than a tremendous waste of time is ridiculous, Glenn. I’m amazed that you would fall for this libtard blame game.

  • https://www.facebook.com/DefiantCrime UnwantedFoe

    To answer your question as to what is wrong with us Glenn… its poor or no parenting, giving our children poor role models to follow… video games aren’t to blame the family structure failing combined with mental illness that is untreated, is to blame. Stop laying the blame on inanimate objects when it is the PEOPLE themselves that are at fault.

  • Jim

    Sorry, Glenn. You’re wrong on this one! In the 50’s they blamed Rock and Roll. Technology is not going away. Millions of people play video games. They don’t “cause” kids to become violent. Is there a limit? In my house, with my kids…yes! Chores and homework must be done first and there is a time limit. If, as a parent, you’re concerned that your kids are having issues, be a parent and take them away…from your own kids!

  • Century

    Beck has asserted that life is what you make of it too, but keep in mind that is generally not how children think. The difference between what he’s saying and gun control is that Beck’s not promoting laws to solve this problem, but for people to make better choices about how they use technology (he also is referring not just to video games but also social networking, the latter of which I do find to be even more damaging). Although I believe it comes down to the person in the end too, I do also believe that games can and do affect people negatively in other ways that should not be counted out. It might not make me a killer, but I cannot say that it has made me more responsible or better organized. As with anything people concentrate on excessively, it has to have effects on the nation and does warrant attention. Sure, I’m all for personal responsibility just as you are saying, but just like with drugs, it doesn’t mean that nothing should necessarily be done to discourage bad rappers and whatever else has influence over children. I believe Beck is just getting at the big picture, not just games alone.

    A combination of bad games, music, and movies likely do all compound into ultimately a culture that does not promote hard work, caring about other people, and other values, especially for children that aren’t supervised. Despite the rampant racism that existed on a national scale at one point, working for something greater than yourself was something that nevertheless existed in America and Beck fears that this foundation is being eroded because it’s becoming increasingly easier to turn to virtual worlds now than deal with real problems. Even though people like you and me turned out alright, a large segment of a generation of children that’s encouraged to stay in the house in front of the computer all the time with little interaction with outside people is likely going to exacerbate their own problems and, if they do turn out okay, probably not have the skills or drive necessary to start businesses, work towards hard jobs, and other vital societal pursuits. Beck’s main point is that parents are foolish for not watching and engaging their children in more productive pursuits with them.

    I know of stories of people who were able to come out of depression and other problems by connecting with people through games, and gaming is certainly not a bad thing when kept in moderation, but as a kid still myself (17-years-old), I do fear that video games are increasingly being used to replace real world experiences. I imagine it will be possible to live an entirely new life in the virtual world in twenty years. Children today could grow up being fairly apathetic to human tragedy or just not be strong enough to do vital things in society like build businesses. That does not bode well for the fate of the United States. Could computers take over all of that? Despite all of the technological change that occurred throughout our nation’s history, we still needed a strong, virtuous people to keep the nation going, so I do not believe that necessary part of human nature should ever be taken for granted.

    A fairly drastic example is that a depressed online friend of mine turned to bizarre beliefs like believing she’s an animal trapped in a human’s body and does not understand how to respect people or accept other opinions. She began drawing violent artwork and although I am the type of person that forgives people pretty fast as long as what they have done is not all that egregious, she considers me an enemy after two years because she has become a social justice warrior pretty much. I hung out on the same websites as her, so I believe the only reason that we are different is because her parents did not watch her and have not spent the time to teach her what she should know. Although excessive gaming is not the worst thing a person could do and latent problems like social anxiety, absence of parents, etc. push people towards excessive gaming rather than the other way around, this sort of conditioning is happening to thousands if not millions of children today inadvertently. I do not think Beck is crazy for viewing this as a scary development.

    • http://www.rosabrand.net Rosa Brand

      Children are still volitional creatures. Children mimic what some do to a point, but ultimately they make their own choices.
      There is a blatant hypocrisy here. Rather than pointing at external forces controlling mind and body, it’s time to put responsibility back on the individual, and yes that includes teens who indeed know right from wrong by that age.

      • Century

        What is wrong with warning parents about how technology could hurt children? A parent has the power to severely limit media use if they are willing to do so, and Beck is saying that it should be done. You cannot just fully trust millions of children to know what’s right and wrong. Ingrain certain values in a child enough, as done with Hitler Youth, and most children will come to accept it. Enough parents must enforce certain values to help ensure that there’s enough good people around to keep the nation running. I want to emphasize again that Beck is promoting more responsibility on the part of parents into looking into what these forms of entertainment are really teaching children, and he’s not just referring to video games but also to movies and social media as a whole as well. It’s true that there is no solid evidence yet that proves video games are generally harmful since a lot of studies conflict with one another, and I don’t subscribe to the theory that video games cause violence, but the act of being submerged in virtual realities versus making connections face-to-face people in sports and other pursuits is admittedly a dramatic cultural change. I don’t think this can be denied. It’s excellent to use technology to learn skills, and many success stories arise from this, but that’s simply not how many people use computers unfortunately. Beck is advocating behavior to keep it more in moderation and possibly keep games away that do nothing to help a child anyway. It’s not unreasonable for parents to be told that sitting a kid in front of the computer all day playing games that do little to improve skills might somehow hurt their child’s future. Gaming can be destructive just like any other addiction when overdone. My opinion is pretty speculative, of course, but I truly believe that there are ways modern entertainment media can affect children that might not seem all that sinister on the surface, but perhaps will have drastic consequences in the decades to come. We must keep in mind that games, social networking, all of it will become more advanced and absorbing than we can possibly imagine right now. The 2D platform games were relatively few and far between in the ’90s and could be considered as harmless as comic books. Today’s and the future’s games are going to get more absorbing, more real, more FUN than working hard someday for the majority of the population, perhaps — what to do about it? I don’t really know how much can truly be done about it, and it does come down to a child’s choice eventually, but Beck is just iterating what you’re essentially saying about personal responsibility if you ask me, but not just on the part of children, but of parents who have control over their children.

        • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

          The key to doing this, is for the bad parents to not let their children play games not suited for their age. My parents wouldn’t let me touch an ‘M’ rated game until Skyrim came out. By then, I was 17. I don’t think little kids should be playing games not meant for them. Kindergartens walking around in GTA V shirts is not right, nor do I approve of the ten year olds and younger dominating CoD’s multiplayer.

          • Silent Political Yeoman

            Seriously, listen to all the immature CoDfish spouting off language they picked up from older players. I swear a lot of the kids cussing online are somewhere between ten and thirteen (who shouldn’t even be playing the game in the first place due to the game rating).

          • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

            Exactly. It’s driven me away from CoD multi, that and the constantly diminishing quality. That’s why I play Dark Souls now.

  • zemla

    I remember the “good ‘ol days” when we blamed marilyn Manson for everything….my parents remember the good ‘ol days when led zepplin was satanic, and my grandparents remember the good ‘ol days when screamin jay Hawkins was the devil…guess every generation needs some witches to put on trial…

    • hobocat

      pepperidge farm remembers

      • Shawn Cameron

        Remember in the 70’s or 80’s when they tried to link teen suicide to Dungeons and Dragons? Turned out to be bullschit.

        But hey at least Dungeons and Dragons didn’t teach kids to hack into someones Ipad beside their bed. Also didn’t “rewire your brain”. I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

  • Vincent Wetzel

    and spoons make people fat….

    Video games are FANTASY.

    Example: When I play Star Wars: The Old Republic, I play as a sith lord. I am the most evil jerk in the galaxy. In real life I do my best to be a devout Catholic. Video games are ROLE-PLAYING. They are a place of make-believe.

    • Century

      As games become more realistic and better though, this perception that games are just fantasy may increasingly change. A virtual world in which an Oculus Rift can place you within the world rather than have it just on a screen is already reality and will continue to develop. Is it unreasonable to consider that more and more people may prefer such worlds to reality in the future? I think Beck is keeping the future in mind more so than what is on the market right now; although the connection between gaming and negative factors like suicidal tendencies is sketchy, that doesn’t mean that video games (and other media outlets; Beck is referring to movies and social media, not just games) can’t sap an individual’s ambition, responsibility, and interest in real world affairs. Yes, personal responsibility rests on children in the end, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t limit how much a child spends on technological activities that have no benefit to them or society compared to learning skills face-to-face with other people.

      • Gregory Perez

        Well said

      • Vincent Wetzel

        Beck isn’t talking about Occulus. You are putting words in his mouth. I love Glenn very dearly but he is flat out wrong on this one.

        Oculus isn’t escape into another reality, it is an escape into fantasy.

        Look let’s do a simple breakdown of a few things in Call of Duty that are unrealistic. The list would include:

        -respawn ability
        -guns never jam
        -concept of hitpoints in video games
        -field of vision limitations
        -only visual perception (e.g. no sense of smell)
        -countdown timers before a battle
        -the idea that a headshot is the only way to kill someone in 1 shot (aka no 1-hit shots to the heart)
        -identical animations/sounds every time you do a certain task (e.g. whistling for a dog)
        -concept that every player in the game has the same weapons
        -adjustable volume (a real battlefield is incredibly loud)

        Do I really have to continue? Video games are fun but they are completely unrealistic. Anyone who cannot distinguish between a game and reality needs some serious help.

        Video games have never been proven to sap motivation/ambition/responsibility. I find it odd that you would list ambition. Video gaming gives players an intense desire to win both inside of the game and outside of the game (that is, in real life).

        “There is nothing wrong with technology in moderation.” I hate this phrase so much because it applies to EVERYTHING we do in life. Heck, too much water will kill you.

        Being face-to-face is overrated in my personal opinion. For example, League of Legends is the most communication-intensive experience I have ever had. You have to be talking the entire time, updating your team with information otherwise you are not doing your job correctly. Professional League of Legends teams will sometimes have 5 people talking at once in an effort to communicate precise information about the battle conditions as they unfold. This level of mind-melding (Star Trek anyone?) is not present in “face-to-face” communication.

        • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

          Don’t forget half the guns. There is no such thing as an AK47 with a flamethrower attachment.

          • Vincent Wetzel

            yeah my list is woefully incomplete. I acknowledge this lol

          • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

            I studied WW2 a lot when I was a little kid, and to really add to that level of unrealism. in CoD: World at War, in the level “Vendetta”, there is a destroyed German “King” Tiger II tank…they weren’t manufactured until 1944. Yet Vendetta takes place during the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942 – 1943.

      • http://www.rosabrand.net Rosa Brand

        That’s an argument about Subjectivity, an ideology that prevails in our culture thanks to religion and secularists. The emphasis shouldn’t be to control human behavior. It should be on philosophy, specifically relating to reality (which isn’t as bad as some believe).

        Culpability first starts by acknowledging there is a reality, one of Cause and Effect. Until then, anyone can justify anything under the guise of Subjectivity.

    • Silent Political Yeoman

      In Neverwinter, I’m a straight-to-business Rogue who will also go out of his way to give people in lower level tiers a hand (or pair of daggers) when they need it.

      • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

        I went on a straight Renegade route on Mass Effect, also shot for the worst ending of Fallout 3. Does that make me a killer or an evil SOB IRL? Nope.

  • Shari520

    Again, segregation has consequences. By segregating and isolating children into social groups based upon their development we not only dramatically increase the external pressure they feel to conform, but also the internal pressure to conform to the standards established by and for the group. At the same time we hinder, impede and retard the natural development of individualism, patience, tolerance, ect. This means group identification becomes the priority, and while gang violence and mass murders and suicides make the news the real danger to society goes ignored. Those who have never been in a social group of diverse development are incapable of functioning let alone effectively starting, let alone maintaining one. When the members of our society become completely unable to raise the next generation in a family unit our society is doomed, and quickly doomed. So again folks, yes now and for at least the next several decades we will see more and more violence and blood shed, a lot more. That’s not even the really scary part. What we do now dictates whether or not we will continue or not. So engage, and end segregation!

  • lapo13

    call of duty is a great game. that is coming from someone in their late 30’s. As a parent, I would not let my kid play hour upon hour upon hour of the game.

  • Guest

    You’re dead wrong here. There has never been a study inking video games to violence. As a matter of fact, it has been proven multiple times that they increase cooperation and a persons willingness to work in a team.




    Gaming is a positive in our society. Not a negative. Stop speaking from a place of ignorance.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, please. You’re telling me millions of kids playing a murder simulator for hours on end, every day is a positive thing?
      Companies pay millions just to have 30 seconds of cleverness in the Superbowl commercials that will entice people to a certain action.
      I play COD on the Xbox, and I’m an adult. Cooperation isn’t what you find on Xbox Live.

      • Canna4Life

        What you find on Xbox Live is the same as any online multiplayer game….competition. Games are not the blame any more than cars being the blame for drunk driving, or McDonald’s being the blame for obesity. It is long past the time to start pointing the finger at the person, as that is the real source of the problem.

      • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

        I suggest you check out Dark Souls. How people act on multiplayer is astounding compared to how people act in CoD.

        • Silent Political Yeoman

          Yeah, people actually help each other clear certain areas or bosses in it by leaving messages (of course, this is after they failed and died many times).

          • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

            Even if you are invaded, they bow to me, then wait before I bow back before the fight begins. And if they kill me, they bow again before getting sent back. Talk about your concept of honor. Course there are those few that are total arses, but that’s to be expected.

    • Kelly

      Agreed. I usually agree with Glenn’s views, but this time I have to say, he’s dead wrong. I went to college for Game and Simulation programming, and it is true that even though today’s teens seem to be less socially active (noses in their smartphones and laptops), the gaming industry has definitely had an impact on the efforts of teamwork amongst teens. A heavy metal band by the name of Rammstein hates America due to the fact that many American parents blamed them for the Columbine incident since those teens listened primarily to them and Maralyn Manson. They also tried to blame the events on the Doom series. However, I listened to the same bands, played the same video games, and never once had any thoughts of going to school and blowing away my class-mates. Sorry Glenn but this time I’m unable to agree with you.

      • Canna4Life

        I started with Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, and the rest of the very first generation First Person Shooters, and yet somehow I am not a violent person. I guess I am just the miracle in the world. Wait, maybe there is another explanation….my parents knew what I was doing, when I was doing it, and how much time I spent doing it. My parents, from a very early age, instilled the value of life in me, be it a human or an animal. What is lacking in society today is parental involvement, and personal accountability. Parents are so wrapped up in their own lives, that they miss what is happening with their children, and when something bad happens, they will blame anyone/thing for what happened other than themselves or their child.

        I too have been a longtime supporter of Glenn Beck, but this is where I draw the line. He is just as bad as those that would blame guns for mass shootings. So saddened and disappointed.

  • rjmj777

    You’re dead wrong here. There has never been a study linking video games to violence. As a matter of fact, it has been proven multiple times that they increase cooperation and a persons willingness to work in a team.




    Gaming is a positive in our society, not a negative. Stop speaking from a place of ignorance and do your homework.

    • Anonymous

      Three citations from a generally progressive themed group. Let me explain before flaming away at me.

      I actually do view TED videos. Sometimes there are outstanding presenters, but I find usually not.

      I’m not a ‘kid’. My wife and I each have cell phones for emergency use.

      And they’re cheap, by the minute, Taliban toss-ways.

      We talked about getting I-phones, and immediately laughed over the thought.

      First, we have no interest in how they work (nor would we ‘intuitively’ know how to work them); Second, no interest in paying some corporation for a product a fixed fee for expanded services that we have no interest in using (generally my annual purchase of minutes is about $60–for my wife, about $90); Third, no desire to be nagged on a constant basis over what someone posted on facebook or other site; Fourth, no interest in paying exorbitant replacement costs because we’re so unconcerned over these devices that we regularly run them through the laundry (as my wife did hers earlier today, again) or drop them (me, many times), Fifth, we do not have any interest in having our every minute tracked by the phone and sold to the government and other corporate sources without our consent or royalty paid. (And for you ignorant, a royalty what you get paid when someone uses your personal resource…and your life is your primary personal resource.)

      And, finally, we see you–so self-absorbed in your device that you have become socially retarded. You’ve lost the capability to interact with real, live, people. You generally, have no conversational or negotiating skill in any sort of real, human, encounter… you’re too busy finger fucking your phones.

      And we look at you with a mix of bewilderment, horror and amusement.

    • Sean

      Correction: gaming CAN be a positive, but it isn’t always. Video game addiction has caused many people to lose their jobs and their marriages to fail. Not only does the high mental stimulation of gaming cause you to abandon certain responsibilities, it also makes everything else less enjoyable.
      Of course I don’t have actual scientific data to back this up but I’ve experienced this myself and I know countless others have also.

      Btw, I do play video games — violent ones at that (COD, Battlefield, Watch Dogs, etc.). But I also think it’s important to recognize the possible consequences of placing so much emphasis on them throughout your life, especially for minors who aren’t completely developed mentally and have no business even playing such games.

      • TonyTone

        The responsibility of minors and video games rests with their parents

      • http://www.rosabrand.net Rosa Brand

        Addiction is the responsibility of the individual, not society. Just as a drunk can’t be forced into sobriety, a person addicted to video games cannot be forced to step away. Nor should it be regulated in the name of the greater good. Ultimately it leads to control of another human being, even if that human being is on a road to self immolation.

  • Russell

    So what was the excuse for suicide and all the violence BEFORE video games and all the technology? It’s been going on for thousands of years and will always go on. Quit blaming “things”, and blame humanity. It’s always been in our nature and always will be.

  • Anonymous

    If a child trains day and night for years to pitch a baseball, he will most likely choose to go in that direction in life. Many video games have crossed the line from ‘game’ to ‘training simulation’. Through “Call Of Duty”, “Grand Theft Auto” and other games, kids become extremely skilled in the art of killing others. The guns are not real, but the visuals, action, pressure and timing are all spot on. These simulations help kids to become comfortable with the idea of taking a life. Yes, few will act out on this training, but if even a small percent of the population do, we will see hundreds upon hundreds of simulation induced killings in our future.

    • ThePainfulTruth

      I’m not comfortable at all with the idea of taking a life. And I grew up playing violent video games (Bushido Blade, GTA, Halo, CoD, MoH, Doom, Duke Nukem) and watching slasher flicks. . .so, I guess your logic is invalid. Truth is, there are many factors involved in leading someone to violent acts, namely: Sin.

      So, sure, ban the violent video games. And while you’re at it, ban military-scifi novels, and slasher movies, and whatever else might speak to that inner animal all humans have hiding within. Burn the books, the games, the movies. All of it. And since this is likely to solve all violence in the world, go ahead and toss guns into the pile while you’re at it — no need for those anymore, right? Then kick back, and watch people murder one another with rocks and sticks for various other idiotic reasons. (Or sometimes for no reasons at all) Then I guess we’ll just find something/someone else to blame. We’ll keep avoiding the real issue of sin, and keep hacking at the branches, and never at the root.

      Violent video games aren’t the problem anymore than Guns are the problem. It’s humanity; we’re the problem. And without Jesus Christ that ain’t never gonna change. Sorry to tell ya. =/

    • Adam Jenson

      Playing video games is nothing like real life, not even close. I’m an amateur marksmen and an expert martial artist. Shooting a “gun” in a game is completely different then shooting a real gun, and no amount of playing a game can teach you hand-to-hand combat. Kids have been playing cowboys and Indians/cops and robbers for years with toy guns and swords (which is no different then playing a video game) and it has not lead to “simulation” killings.
      As someone who has studied martial arts for over 14 years I can say if someone were to tell me they can teach students hand to hand combat from a video game I would say that boarders on criminal negligence.

  • Katherine Sue

    I am sorry Glenn, but i have to disagree with you here. Video games are not the problem, it is people. Those poor youth did not take their lives because of a game, something else was probably going on. I play first person shooter games like Halo, Left for Dead, and Borderlands. I know these are fake worlds and they do not give the urge to harm myself or others. My partner loves these types of games and finds the strategy involved helpful in relieving his depression. They focus needs to be put on parenting and developing our youth as citizens. As for this kid, I believe that he had a lack of love and role models in his life.

  • Rachel

    Glenn, I’ve always loved your shows and I agree with so many of your beliefs but I disagree to an extent on the video games. I agree that some video games are not good, but others like COD are no different then playing with toy guns outside as a kid. There is a difference between video games where you can steal cars, commit crimes, murder people and pick up hookers or playing a war game. I believe the problem in our world is people are becoming so self absorbed that they’re losing value to other human lives. We also don’t have parents raising their own children often nowadays they’re in daycare. Parents look at children as a burden and thus don’t raise them to look out for anyone but themselves. God is shrinking in this country so we can expect an increase in incidents like this shooting. Peoples perceptions are becoming so altered. I think we need more families together actually being a family and mostly God back into our country and lives. Without God no matter what technology we limit we will always have an increase in things like this. HE is the key, not video games.

  • Jake Hutcheson

    I’m sure we wasn’t on any medication… but that aside you do realize that when people like you take away video games then you will have no choice but to start blaming books? So when you finally have tv, movies, books, and video games solely portraying self help or nothing then you will have no choice but to blame PEOPLE. PEOPLE getting the wrong meds, KIDS not being paid attention to, PEOPLE just killing people for a number of reasons. You kind of hit the mark with a lot of the points you make but this is stupid. This kind of ignorance is going to push us back to the stone age. Grow up.

  • Thomas Cila

    You guys, clearly games are to blame here. We should join in with the liberals in blaming guns for killing people! I should also sue burger king for making me fat.

    It’s not like gaming is LITERALLY one of the biggest industries out there,
    if games are to blame why isn’t EVERYONE killing each other out there?

    How many active users use steam on a daily basis? 10’s of millions of people?

    How many KIDS play CoD (Personally I don’t understand why, it’s a trash game that went downhill after MW), how many KIDS play Battlefield 4? How many KIDS play Watch Dogs? How many KIDS play CS:GO? How many KIDS are playing the games?

    Way too many. Most CoD games are FULL of 16 year old kids, yet… If GAMES are the issue, wouldn’t we see hundreds of thousands of kids killing themselves on a regular basis because of “THESE” games? That’s the logic behind this, right?

    Oh… But that’s not the case. Cause it’s not the games, it’s the people. How about instead of blaming games because it’s the easy out in the situation how about you look at the real problems.

    It’s just like anything else out there. You can give a gun, a knife, a sharp pointy stick to someone with severe mental issues and wind up with dead people. IT DOESN’T MATTER. If you have someone that doesn’t understand the value of a life, that’s the problem. If you have someone who has severe environmental stresses, family related problems, abuse, etc. You’re going to have issues. How someone deals with that is the thing. Most people have ways of dealing with their problems. Some go to extremes like shooting up schools, theaters, malls, whatever.

    If he didn’t have access to the games, for example, he was already probably pretty troubled, no one else might’ve known but he probably was. Then who’s to say that something else doesn’t trigger it? What about a violent movie? TV show? Maybe he watched CSI! OH BOY.

    You know what? We should ban anything and everything even remotely violent. Be even more extreme than Australia. That will 100% completely solve all our crimes and violence.

  • John Brandon Severio

    I read the story and I fail to see how any of the deaths were in anyway linked to gaming, he mere fact that all four victims played and enjoyed the same games does not instigate them as the causation. Its akin to trying to link their love of Burger King to their suicide based on the merits that all four enjoyed eating a Whooper. Its a argument from ignorance and nothing more. Especially in light of the fact that the very series spot-lighted in the story really has nothing in it that even discusses, looks at, or otherwise motivates a dialogue on suicide.

    Gaming is simply an form of entertainment media and nothing more, its power to persuade, motivate, demonstrate, etc is no greater than that TV, Books, Movies, Music and so forth has on display and as such, the issues intrinsic to gaming are the same intrinsic to those nodes. Will some people perhaps be swayed by them to perform actions at odds with societal norms, think subversive thoughts, etc. Of course, we always see this, you indeed Glen Beck have a TV show and Radio program focused on this avenue of approach.

    Does that mean that we should seek to ban media and demonize it? Of course not, the issue isn’t reality for the vast majority of people, its that 1% that is the issue. That 1% that due to mental inadequacies can be easily lead astray by a movie, a game, a book. And there fore the real issue is the oversight of such people and those in an capacity to do so failing at their mission. A child that kills themselves or others due to a game is a failure on the part of the parent. An adult that does the same is due to the failure of those close to him and society to identify their need and to give them the help they needed. This isn’t an debate on video games, they aren’t the issue. This is a debate on the failure of those around these victims.

  • Guest

    I remember back in the day before video games… a game called AD&D (advanced dungeons & dragons) which really is the parent of all the fantasy games made today. I played it when I was younger and my mother got so tour-up over it because one unstable kid killed himself over it. I layed it down as I grew up… and many of my friends that played did likewise. None of us killed ourselves over it… NO, I don’t suggest anyone playing AD&D, but the point is we lived because we were stable mentally. We had a life outside of it… friends… we went fishing and hiking etc… And maybe that’s it right there… we have converted our lives to this digital illusion.

  • Tracy L. K.

    When are we going to STOP blaming everything else for the violence, crime, suicides, mass shootings, school shootings, etc. Instead of the actual person or people committing these acts of violence? You cannot blame video games anymore than you can blame guns! Thousands of people die every single day due to alcohol related deaths but you don’t see people in an uproar over that! You don’t see congress wanting to make even stricter alcohol laws! People always want to blame everything else but the person because it is easier & makes everyone feel better instead of holding PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS! When somebody is texting & driving then kills someone because of it, it is not the cell phones fault or technologies fault! This blaming other things needs to stop now otherwise people will continue to use these things as an EXCUSE for their behavior! That teenager who killed 4 people & only received probation is another fine example of someone’s actions being blamed on nonsense rather than holding him accountable for drinking & driving!

  • John Evans

    I remember back in the day before video games… a game called AD&D
    (advanced dungeons & dragons) which really is the parent of all the
    fantasy games made today. I played it when I was younger and my mother
    got so tour-up over it because one unstable kid killed himself over it. I
    layed it down as I grew up… and many of my friends that played did
    likewise. None of us killed ourselves over it… NO, I don’t suggest
    anyone playing AD&D, but the point is we lived because we were
    stable mentally. We had a life outside of it… friends… we went
    fishing and hiking etc… And maybe that’s it right there… we have
    converted our lives to this digital illusion. As we’ve become more burried in our androids, Iphones etc… we are paying a price. No, it’s not the fault of the games but the seclusion of ourselves from one another… REAL facetime.

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      Reminds me of my experience with Magic: The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Mother kept freaking out because she thought it was Satanic.

      • John Evans

        Well… looking back on those days… My parents kept me in church. I viewed it as “just a game”. Really, I would hate to think of what would have happened if that games was my soul belief.

  • Theo Workman

    As a 19 student who goes to UC Santa Barbara, and who has had Xbox games and apple products present in my home since they came out, I have to disagree. I’m a rare breed in that I am a California college student who agrees with most everything you say Glenn. I’ve been watching you since you were on Fox and have been molded by your passion and dedication and now have a profound respect for liberty, individual responsibility, and respect for the constitution. But I don’t believe the focus here should be on video games. That’s not to say that they cant have and effect on a person as they grow up, they certainly can, but I would say its the parents fault and not the games. My father let me play games, such as Halo and CoD, but always made sure that it was limited. I always had to do homework first, and couldn’t play after 7 until I reached my upper teenage years. My parents made sure that while i could enjoy these games, I also had a life outside of them in sports, friends, and family. Its not that these games inherently turn kids to mush, but that these parents allow their children to be swallowed by them and not give them any discipline or direction. People enjoy what makes them feel good whether it be sugary food, violent video games, or drugs. It is the responsibility of parents to moderate their children’s intake of these stimuli and to teach them why they should themselves be careful with how much they consume. I love Halo, but I have been raised to know when to turn the box off, and when to go out with my friends.

  • Tracy L. K.

    Disappointed that Glenn Beck would jump on this bandwagon of placing the blame on other things other than the person that is thinking & making the decisions! Now he sounds like Hillary back when she wanted to ban video games & have stricter laws! ALL THE HORRIBLE THINGS GOING ON IN THE WORLD & PEOPLE WANT TO WORRY ABOUT VIDEO GAMES & TECHNOLOGY?? What a bunch of absolute nonsense!!

  • Kayla

    It is quite amazing how everyone is so ready to lay the blame on everything but themselves…i grew up playing every video game imaginable, but my oarents taught me the difference between right and wring and what is real and not real. Lets lay the blame where it deserves.

  • Kyle B

    Watch dogs doesn’t teach kid how to hack into real life tablets, or computers or phones.
    Actually it promotes future education toward programmers which will help companies.
    Games don’t cause violence, there entertainment which some low IQ people don’t understand. Going out and shooting someone take a special kind of stupid.
    I agree we should take time away from phones and computers, but if you’re in a job that needs communication when at home, I’m not loosing my job over petty complaints about tech in my life. Welcome to the future, let Darwinism take the stupid because technology wont go way, Video games are entertainment, and the dumb will be dumb.
    A proactive solution? Maybe have a test to obtain a license for rated games (test available to everyone + age requirement) It’ll test the mature level of the gamer and the games he or she can purchase… but even that affects some rights and loopholes; however, its a possible way to somewhat reduce immature nature.
    Another would be the person. if the person wants to go out and hurt someone, he or she should be blamed not the game. really, lets blame football for the agressive nature and for it killing my son…Really??? cause thats what it sounds like..

  • thedootsman .

    I gotta say that i actually enjoy this opinion because it puts the blame back into the person’s hand. He doesn’t simply just blame the content which so many news sources due. I can’t say I agree that the content has any effect on people. But i can say that any person that has a problem with it, needs to separate themselves not try and remove it from the world.

  • Canna4Life

    Sorry Glenn, you are losing it, and losing me as a supporter. Yes, the young man said the games filled a void. The void was caused by his parents being more concerned with their personal success in life, and not being concerned enough about their son. We don’t have to worry about what fills the void if the void isn’t there. The “Void” is often filled with drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, video games, online chat, and many other things. Stop blaming the filler and point the finger where it belongs….at the parents that didn’t avoid the void.

  • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

    It is really sad, Glen, and there is so much wrong with that statement. To blame video games for violence is the EXACT SAME as what the Left is doing blaming shootings on guns. Video games do not cause violence, if anything, it’s an outlet FOR violence, instead of bashing someone’s skull in who ticked me off, I play a shooter. The thing is, that the only people who can believe that video games are a way to act IRL are mentally unstable.

    • Silent Political Yeoman

      Totally agree with you. I rage much harder at a game than at other people.

      • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

        No Russian, the infamous MW2 level is a great stress reliever.

        • Silent Political Yeoman

          I suddenly realize what level you mean. It’s actually nice that the devs even gave you an option to skip it following a disclaimer for disturbing content (shooting up the airport crowded with people). They certainly didn’t skimp on the shock factor there.

          • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

            Nope, and one of the game projects I’m wanting to build (though I know it will be strictly Indie, since its base on my 2500 page plus fanfic) will have a likewise mission…”The Shade King”. Only unskippable for the lulz.

          • Silent Political Yeoman

            You can probably get it funded on either IndieGoGo or Kickstarter and maybe showcase it on Steam Greenlight.

          • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

            Cept I can’t script (and I’m planning to use C#), can’t model or texture. It’s a fanfic and uses a HUGE variety of different characters, and I’m using existing soundtracks, since that’s what the story was built upon, and that is what will be carried over. Think of MW2, only with 40 to 50 missions per game (five games in planning), each one on average 30 to 60 minutes for completion. Definitely need a team…must find one. Game’s gonna be built on Unity.

  • Ramond Taylor

    come on beck. did u even play the game yet? u need to play the game before saying stuff like this, i cant beleave im saying this but, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. i’ve been the game now (cant any more to meany bugs and enemys r to OP)

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      Funny how he attacks video games, but doesn’t even mention the Christian based video games, like Halo and The Elder Scrolls (not Christian persay but has Christian overtones, especially Skyrim)

      • Ramond Taylor

        ok i’ve playing both i can see skyrim having some. but i dont see any in halo 😐 plus glenn u most likly never played watch dogs or halo. dont bash unlet u play them

        • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

          Bungie came out and said that Halo was based on Christian values and beliefs.

  • Tom Wells

    Here we go, how about this…Let’s ban bread…I bet you every single person who dies on a daily basis has at one point or another in their lives eaten bread…So it bread consumption MUST be causing death somehow! This is the logic that connects any death with video games, music, etc…Fact of the matter is that people are born a certain way, and that is how it is. You used to speak words coming from a place of wisdom, I NEVER would have expected to see something like this from you.

  • Guest


  • huskies2009

    I have played violent video games since I can remember. I have probably played a violent video game everyday of my life. I have never been in a fight.

  • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

    Glenn, if you’re going to attack video games, at least talk about the Christian ones, like Halo and Elder Scrolls (has Christian undertones, especially in Skyrim, with Talos being an avatar of Jesus, as the Son of Man risen to the state as a Son of God. Even going into apocalyptic literature as an evil faith (The Thalmor) want to do anything in their power to ban worship of Talos, executing any who believe in it. And with a band of faithful rising up against the oppressors (Stormcloaks)). Halo, Bungie has confirmed to be based on Christian values.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, video games are not the problem. If a person is unable to tell the difference between a game and reality he has much bigger problems. I played Cowboy and Indians when I was a kid. I have never ever thought that the American Indian is anything less that a great American. But I use to love looking around the corner of my garage and nailing the Indians in our game. Whoa, was I evil! No, I was playing a game.
    My opinion ( worth exactly what you paid for ) is people are human, and they come in an infinite variety of personalities. Glenn, you need to understand the concept of Probablity and Standard Deviation. With a pool of humans as large as we have on this planet there is NO WAY to avoid the probability that personalities 2 standard derivations from normal exist. Some will be very evil, and some will be very good. And most will be NORMAL. It’s a statistical fact. These people have always existed and always will. Video games have nothing to do with it. I love you Glenn.

  • Steve

    video games have nothing to do with it….it boils down to the parents, i guess next your going to blame the gun and the knife for the latest actions of that one spoiled kid cry baby the media has made famous. a gun a knife and a game disc and game system are all inanimate objects and have no control over our actions good or bad.we choose to shoot we choose to stab we choose to play the video games. people are the problem, stop looking for a scape goat when the answer is right in front of you.

  • Dan Coulander

    Ok, while I do agree that some video games are a little too violent, they don’t cause violence. I’ve been playing violent video games for about 10 years. When I was a kid I played them behind my parents backs, something I probably shouldn’t have done. Even though I have been playing these games I’m not a violent person in fact I’m the farthest thing from it. I wasn’t the most popular person in school and I lived in these games too, but it didn’t make me unstable or violent. You can’t blame these things on video games. If you get rid of violent video games, I guess you better get rid of violent tv shoes and movies. Heck the news is more violent than these video games half of the time so you better get rid of the news too. This would all be wrong. We can’t blame these violent events on objects, its the person who does it. It’s the devil that tempts them (not trying to force religion on you) it’s what I believe. These things will happen even if there wasn’t video games in the world. Games are a good thing, they improve eye hand coordination and some improve your brain. So don’t blame video games on this. There’s a reason why there are ratings on these games. People under the age of the rating shouldn’t be playing them. This is just my opinion and if you disagree that’s alright, but i just needed to say what I believe.

  • Adam Guthrie

    Sorry Glen, you are stepping too close to the book burners for me on this one. It’s like blaming Catcher in the Rye for the death of a Beatle. Supervision is fine, you have to know if your kid is too whacked to play video games, but outright condemnation is wrong too. Telling your kid that they can’t play a game is telling them that you don’t trust them to be a well adjusted individual. You are saying to them “Look, this stuff is out there, and I don’t think your character is strong enough to resist the negative aspects of it. You aren’t strong enough in your faith, morals, and standards to rebuff the parts of this that may further mar your character.” If that is the conversation you are having with your kid, then you have screwed up as a parent. That kid is already lost at that point. I will concede the consideration of what is age appropriate. However, if your kid is 16 and they aren’t prepared mentally to handle a video game, you should just ship them off to a monastery or Amish community, because they can’t handle the world yet. Your kids have to grow up sometime and if they have zero exposure, they will have zero immunity.

  • richard howard

    And this is where you lose me as a subscriber, Glenn… Seriously? You joined in on the “blame video games” ship? If someone says they are “trained to kill by video games” its a problem with someones brain, thought process, etc… It’s not a problem with the game. If you can’t realize its only binary and pixels then you need to not partake of it.

    I’ve gamed all my life. Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, Mortal Kombat, alll your “horrible evil video games.” And guess what… Nothing wrong with me. For that matter if relieves stress.

    And you complain about not having “hero-hero” goody two shoe games. There are TONS of those out there. You can be a Paladin/Crusader in Diablo 2-3.. The epitome of holy warrior.

    Or if you really want super goody games. GO play The Legend of Zelda or Mario.
    You really twisted this up. You really really stacked it up against this Watch_Dogs game…. This game actually gives you a choice – and you have to live with the consequences of it within the game.

    If you can’t get it through your head on what is a good decision or a bad one, and develop your morals because you’re so damn sensitive to games, then you need to just stay inside your house. Because you are a fragile sheltered human being. If you have such weak character, judgement, and lack of spine, lack of cognitive function to where a video game can sway you.. Then you are a sorry weak human shell. And I pity you. This “violent video games” argument is utter bull****.

    And your claim that all video gamer’s are addicts… Its laughable. I played a game for about 30 minutes today.. That’s it. And i had ALL day to myself to do it.

    I will not subscribe to this news source anymore. If you’re so weak to this stuff, you aren’t proficient enough to formulate a balanced story on any news you are covering.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he just needs to get educated on the subject. Hopefully he will look at the overall response to this and see it is not a factor.

      • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

        I’m hoping he would check out the likes of Halo,

  • Blake Andrew Hatheway

    I believe parents need to play an active role in their children’s lives. Gaming consoles and the internet aren’t sufficient substitutes for parenting. I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember. I have never harmed another human being and have no plans to do so. I reject any theory that someone cooks up to demonize games when an emotionally disturbed person plays themand acts out.

  • Micah Jones

    Yeah, how about we start blaming people for what people do… guns don’t kill people and games and what people entertain themselves with don’t kill people… PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!
    I don’t understand why no one in the media can comprehend that simple fact!

  • Dalton Reid

    Glenn. You just said something really, REALLY stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Fine, no more violent video games for the nuts. Let’s see how we enforce that.

  • goolia

    it’s horrible but there is a guy on youtube that will go on the game and pretend to be microsoft admin and tell these boys that their game is suspended..or they are cancelling their account due to cheating..some of these children start crying..it breaks my heart to hear but I bet it’s more social with the people who play and talk over the mic to each other more then the actual violence in the game. Some people are big time bullies on these games.

  • joshua

    You can’t blame video games. I have been playing call of duty since the game came out. The problem is the parents. Since I have been playing online I have came across kids from 6 years old to full adults that take the game to seriously……..it’s a game that’s all it is, it can not train you to do any nor make you do anything. Parents of killer kids or parents of kids who have been murdered look for something or someone to blame and video games and the companies they are associated with seem to be the easiest targets.
    If a game could teach you and train you how to do something than I am in the wrong career. Although I play COD a lot I also enjoy racing games. So by logic I should get out of the military and become a rally driver.
    These kids were troubled to begin with but just didn’t show the signs or people ignored them. For someone that think by playing a game and thinking it’s ok to run around killing people and stealing car etc. Are just weak minded individuals.

  • Tim

    I thought you used to be about blaming the person than blaming things like video games. Sorry, but I played watch_dogs and plenty of other games violent and non-violent and no I don’t think it’s right to hack into people’s property or shoot anyone in real life. Also no I am not anti-social or anything so it’s not melting my brain or anything.

    In addition I would like to point out the games mentioned are rated M and kids under 17 can’t buy them without a parent. So blame the parents if anything.

  • Merlot

    I like Glenn and agree with him on a lot of issues but the whole blame video games thing people always trot out is ridiculous. Its always done by people that are not gamers and really don’t have a clue. My son was playing Doom on the computer at a very early age sitting on my lap. He turned out to be a very caring, successful, non violent young man.

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      One of my friends is a devout Catholic, I mean, he follows his faith to the ‘T’, and he’s been playing GTA since he was old enough to play video games…

  • lemonade grandma

    I have to AGREE with Glen. It is not good for kids to spend hours a day ENJOYING virtually killing people. Parents need to watch these games, know what their kids are watching, and limit time. I have seen first hand how these games can be addictive.

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      Sorry mate, but videogames aren’t the cause of the troubles of today. At least for me, it’s an outlet of stress. Either I kill virtual people, or I beat the crap out of people who piss me off. But for people to say that video games cause problems is really untrue. I do believe that some games shouldn’t be played by some ages (a Kindergarten I saw walking around with a GTA V shirt blew my mind for example), but in the long run, video games are not the cause of problems. To use them as an excuse is no better than the libs using guns as an excuse for crime. Plus, look at all the Christian video games out there.

    • m310

      Virtual actions don’t equal real actions, and besides there are way worse problems than video games affecting youth in this day and age.

  • Silent Political Yeoman

    Being a gamer myself (it’s partially why I chose my logo as the way it is), I can speak from a *lot* of first-hand experience that the interpersonal communication that players make among themselves is ultimately what drives their actions, not this false claim that video games, movies, etc., had any sort of involvement. Video games are merely the medium in which people communicate with each other. In this case with Call of Doody, these kids likely killed themselves because of what some other kid told them over VOIP (the online multiplayer voice chat).

    Stop blaming video games like ex-attorney Jack Thompson and focus on the people themselves.

  • Nick Hankins

    I see Glenn’s point, but when he says Watch_Dogs is teaching us to hack… I don’t agree. If this game teaches me anything about hacking, it teaches me how to press and hold the square button to access personal feeds or security cameras. Now granted it does inhibit the concept of hacking, but come on, there will never be a central operating system that is as vulnerable as the on in the fictitious, futuristic Chicagoland. This is coming from a 17 yr old who has been playing very frequently since it’s release on May, 27.

    • Silent Political Yeoman

      Sadly, I can’t even launch it because of a stupid DX11 error. This is bogus that Ubi’s emphasizing PC gamers to use high-end computers when a large number of players don’t have the means to do so. Meanwhile, the rich ones that *do* have a high-end rig are enjoying (or in the case of many whiners on Metacritic, hating) the game. One glaring criticism I will point out is how they promised a hacking tree in E3 (which they demonstrated as a major feature) only to largely cut it altogether prior to last Tuesday’s launch.

    • Adam Jenson

      I haven’t played WD yet, but I’m a professional programmer (my masters degree was in Computer Science focusing on security) and I can pretty much guaranty that WD dose not teach or even accurately depict hacking and neither dose 99.99% of any media. Most hacking requires a fairly in depth knowledge of computers. Non-computer people would have a better chance understanding Klingon.

  • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

    Here’s what I honestly believe on the subject. Games are not bad, they do not cause trouble. But I also don’t approve of young children playing games that are not suited for their age groups. If a game is rated ‘M’ for 17+ there’s a damn good reason for it, and kids 17 or younger should not be allowed to play them. Unfortunately, some parents don’t see it the same way. There is only one exception to this view, and that is if a child is mentally mature enough to take what they experience. One of my friends is 15, and he plays God of War, BioShock, GTA, all of these. However, he is mature and responsible enough that he knows the difference between right and wrong.

  • Eric S.

    Oh come on, Glenn, not you too!?!?
    I would have figured YOU of all people, would have argued for personal responsibility. Now, I get the societal changes brought about by technology, I do. I see evidence of it all the time, but
    I play those games. My teenage boys play those games. We even play together sometimes. None of us is going to snap and off ourselves or anyone else in the real world.
    There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY a game MADE them do it! Something else was wrong somewhere, perhaps somewhere deep inside, locked away from the outside world. The only reasonable ways it might have been related, is they lost and didn’t get to feel like a winner like everyone is supposed to these days, or perhaps they were bullied, personally, by another player(s). Is it sad? Yes, nobody should have to suffer the loss of a child, but for crying out loud, DON’T BLAME GAMES or music or anything else, until you can absolutely, without a doubt, rule out every single other possibility…even then…it STILL falls back on personal responsibility. Sorry for the rant, but I could NOT believe what I was reading. Although I doubt you will personally see my post, I have a great deal of respect for you, Glenn. You do a great service to your audience and to our country…but I feel you are off base when it comes to blaming C.O.D., GTA, or any other game for these tragedies.

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      He won’t even address Halo (a notoriously Christian-rooted game) or others with Christian undertones, like Elder Scrolls.

      • m310

        He probably won’t address it, because that would undermine his argument, and besides we know that he wouldn’t actually try to play a video game because his argument would get thrown out the window. It’s just easier for him to say stuff like this and get more attention by stating false facts instead of doing research of the subject.

  • Gregory Perez

    So if all of these people with comments are saying Glenn is wrong, then I would like to see those same people prove it. Stop playing Call Of Duty or Assassin’s Creed for a month and see how many can make it. Who is willing to put it down for 30 days and read a book, ride a bike or God forbid do some charity at a local soup kitchen? Who will report back and tell us all there is no difference? Which one of you who says Glenn is wrong can even make it a week? Go on the record and say you accept and in 30 days we can all admit you were right. Post each day with one thing you did other than play your game.

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      Dude, I read books AND I WRITE books more than I play video games. I haven’t touched my PS3 or Xbox in over two months. Because I’ve been working on my novels.

    • ThePainfulTruth

      Books are my first love, I work a full time job, attend church — oh, and like The Commander, I’m a writer as well . . . I also just happen to enjoy playing video games . . .get off your high horse.

    • https://twitter.com/StormRider047 Stiletto

      False dichotomy. I play games, read, walk, listen to music. I don’t have to sit down for 24 hours every day of the week doing nothing to enjoy video games. You need to remove those monchrome-filtered glasses.

  • Shawn Cameron

    If violent movies and games make people violent. Then why has no one ever had the idea of playing Disney movies for 12 hours a day every day in maximum security prisons to rehabilitate violent felons?

  • Alan Simms

    Blaming video games because of the actions of four mentally ill individuals is exactly, EXACTLY, like blaming guns when a lunatic decides to shoot up a public place. Both groups (gun owners and gamers) have their share of crazy people, just like any other group in society. The issue isn’t the guns or the games, it’s the mentally ill people.

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      THANK YOU. Right now, Glenn sounds no better than the liberals blaming shootings on guns.

  • RJB

    This is so absurd… Video games, Glenn? I’ve been a big fan for a long time, but this is just idiotic. Life is violent. Nature is violent. People are violent. Movies are violent. Games are violent. Capitalism is violent. Socialism is violent. Violence is everywhere. People don’t suddenly turn into murderers because they’ve been playing too much call of duty. They turn into murderers because they have mental issues and do not fit into society. Love of violent games may be a SYMPTOM of an underlying issue, but it’s not what’s going to push someone over the edge. From what I have heard about this, Elliot Rodger was pushed over the edge when he got beat up by some people.

  • Gregory Perez

    Commander, I am glad you have a real life. But how many are out there that are “always” playing and don’t. Those are the one’s that eventually get rewired or become numb.

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      But once more, that is highly dependent on the parenting skills, as well as an individuals own values. Those people who don’t have lives, are ones whose parents don’t give two s**ts about them, or who could care less about what they become. It’s not the game, it’s the parenting, and the way the child is raised, as well as his own moral values. I’m a Conservative Christian man, my games and novels do have religious undertones (even if they may be overshadowed sometimes), but my parents raised me to put God first and everything else second, plus they wouldn’t let me touch an ‘M’ rated game before I was 17 and got Skyrim. I play the level “No Russian” in CoD: Modern Warfare 2, highly controversial, and I am not gonna walk out and massacre an airport of civilians, because I know the difference between right and wrong. If games would be played by their intended age groups, we’d have no problems. It’s the kids who are not even old enough to read or write and are playing Grand Theft Auto that could even REMOTELY cause a problem down the road. Or if your a young kid whose playing an ‘M’ rated game, they should at least have the maturity level and responsibility to know the difference between right and wrong.

  • Brad

    You really can’t blame video games.If you look at it, video games could be the reason why crime has been declining since the late 1990s. Glenn, please do some research. I took juvenile justice and criminology this past semester. Not once did it ever say that video games were the problem. I play video games and you don’t see me killing myself. Rather, I’m going to college and pursuing a degree in criminal justice. I believe video games keep us in check with society. I believe they could be the reason people aren’t committing crimes or committing suicide.

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      One of my favorite missions is “No Russian”, but I’m not gonna walk out with an M240 and slaughter thousands of innocent civilians in an airport.

  • Jim

    Nothing in this has said anything about Watch Dogs, stop the damn witch hunt on video games and everything else and ppl start taking blame for how they react. YES Some people should not play games but they dont hang themselves from playing the damn game, they probably already had mental problems, played online and got trolled and picked on, they got their feelings hurt and they killed themselves. Yes violence sucks and people are over doing the tech . How about you learn about the stuff before you open your mouth and start blaming it. Its same thing that you and everyone else says about guns, its not the game that kills people but the people killing people. Violence has always been around and yes we see it more now but if people cant control their kids then maybe they should be blamed as well. Oh and back to the Watch Dogs thing on FB. That had nothing to do with anything you freaking said in this article you only used its high hype to sell your page and get people to look. That is the kind of garbage i cant stand from us republicans or conservatives. Cheap tactic to make people read, and I dont agree with you this time Mr Beck.

  • Michael

    There were BOOKS with fiction way before video games! Do you ever blame books for peoples deaths? What? No? Video games are no different. People are People. Some portion of the population will enact evil on themselves or others… video games being a ‘factor’ is only an statistical outlier when looking at the population in general. Stop trying to be a Liberal Glenn, the Progressive agenda doesn’t suit you.

  • Scott Jones

    Glen, gonna be honest with you, I like you. You say the right thing that many people just don’t see in a record breaking quantity. But this is quite possibly the first time I’ve seen you as just plain wrong. Let’s make this simple since I doubt you play violent videogames and just compare two things, call of duty and paintball. If you heard a manifesto from a killer saying he learned all his combat skills from paintball would you stand out against it? As far as I can tell since you are actually in the flesh shooting people at painball it must be far worse. But here’s the thing, you don’t see anywhere near a majority of gamers or painballers killing people because they aren’t causes. Calling videogames a murder cause would be like saying “In his manifesto he said that he liked to knit a lot. And then he stabbed people. COINCIDENCE?”.

  • Shawn Cameron

    Call of Duty is an extremely popular game series, and better than 90% of teens in this country play video games. Teenagers also love pizza.

    I remember back in the 80’s when they were linking teen suicides to playing Dungeons and Dragons, turned out to be horseschit. Teenage years are tough on some kids and a lot of them choose to not make it through them. Finding a group of teens who played a popular video game and also committed suicide isn’t hard if you look, and you probably don’t have to look that hard. I wonder how many of them ate pizza not long before killing themselves as well?

    And Watchdogs is teaching people to hack???? Really? I have heard some real lunacy come out of Beck’s mouth but I think that one takes the cake. Okay I was wrong (watching the video as I write this) “These games rewire your brain.” Yeah THAT one takes the cake. But hang on, Yep did it again “So is crack cocaine.”

    Good Grief!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntLsElbW9Xo FreedomTrickle

    the SSRIs had nothing to do with it though, the good folks at Pfizer love you and would never exploit you

  • Steve Leitelt

    I’m sorry, but you can’t say that guns don’t kill people, but that people kill people. Then go ahead and video games make people kill people. Like one thing you said, that video games trained that guy to kill people. No, they did not, they trained him to press buttons. Their was clearly something else that was wrong with him, a video game seemed to be the least of his problems. Also with Watch Dogs, they aren’t teaching you to hack, you press a button and it does it. You learn how to physically hack by taking any computer security class.

  • DrS

    After reading this story and tons of the comments. I’ve decided to get on Team Fortress 2 and kill,maim dismember, burn to a crisp and backstab all those that your not blue or red considering my team. Guns don’t kill people, People kill people! And they don’t need guns or video games to do it. Just look at the 3rd world countries, No electricity = no computers = no video games, and they are still some of the worst, or (best terrorists) the world has ever known. I (sometimes) use violent video games to release stress, anything wrong with that? What do you do Glenn to relieve stress? This question could harm your family if you answer truthfully so Don’t. Video games (TRY) to steal all your ambition, time, and money from the real world but seriously, If you learned to kill from a video game you have obviously missed your calling. The military can brainwash you and let you do it for real. They always have an enemy,(cost effective) and they never let you respawn.(cost effective)

  • Reliquary

    Yes I am sure you all are right. The gory images in movies and on TV, the violent video games, the never ending electronic interaction that has replaced humanizing face-to-face interaction have nothing to do with the numbing of our emotions and morality when it comes to the value of human life. Since I don;t have a TV nor play video games I will have to take your word for it that these things have nothing at all to do with the shabby and cheap way people have all begun to treat one and other. You all must be right.

    • m310

      It’s easy to blame technology for people’s actions and how they want to be seen. It’s more of a culture/society issue that affects people’s behavior, and besides there have always been periods in history where people acted terrible and unmoral to others, so this isn’t something new. However, video games is an easy target because its only existed for 40 years, and the media loves to get people that will distort this stuff because they won’t try new things out and instead create false fearful preceptions.

  • Mark Townsend

    I recently finished Infamous: Second Son. On my first run through, I took the Good Karma path and became a True Hero. In order to get ALL the trophies, I had to do a second run through and concentrate on only Evil Karma. I agree with almost everything you say, Glenn, but I can’t agree with this. I’m your age. I’ve been playing video games since they were invented. I am a productive member of society and I harbor no ill will toward my fellow man…except maybe the current administration. Video games are entertainment for me. A chance to do things that I would not be able to do in real life. I don’t have any problem locating passages in my eReader. In fact, I did a lot of that when I was reading Miracles And Massacres. Maybe some people just aren’t wired right to begin with.

  • Dave Townsend

    a few things I agree with here but total disagree with the games being responsible for these deaths.. As you said millions of copies sold and 99.9% of those are not suicidal or homicidal maniacs… just like cig’s and boos, the govt will never ban them cause they make money on them, just like they do in sales tax and other incomes from video games and their developers…

  • William Richmond

    I really hope that tomorrow Glenn comes out and says,” now you get it, the absurd video game argument is just like the absurd anti gun argument.”

  • Thomas J.Stratford

    More goofy stupidity from Beck. Heard his nonsense on the radio, four suicides supposedly from a game that has sold millions of copies. As silly as the nutters back in the 70’s, blaming Alice Cooper, and Ozzy for suicides by those who listened to their music.

  • Mike Harvey

    I’m being generous here but lets just suppose that video games desensitize people to violence…We still know the difference between right and wrong.

  • Desar

    Typical, pathetic, illogical Liberals. Gone are the days where people are solely responsible for their own actions. Now, because a few useless PoS killed themselves over a video game, EVERYONE should suffer for it, cause it’s Politically Correct. No, this is just Evolution doing what is does. Thinning out the Herd, so the sane, rational people have more air to breath. Well Glenn Beck, you know where you can shove your PC pushing bullsh*t. If you cannot tell the difference between reality, and a fake digital world, then you SHOULD do the world a favor. Think of “the children”, and kill yourself.


  • Jake Wilde

    I play this particular game Watch Dog and CoD, but I can discern between reality and the game. I have a great moral base from good parenting and I don’t need media tempered in order to digest it. Get off your high horses you pansies and accept you haven’t raised your children with the right set of morals. Beck suggesting censorship without saying it…..fah!

  • Mike

    It’s amazing. This is as bad as all the other debates (and I use that term loosely) that are occurring today. Yes, he mentioned a study about a particular video game, but if you actually comprehend what he said rather than just reading a few select words he is not speaking specifically about video games. He simply used the report as a starting point to his discussion about the ever increasing way in which technology, while helpful in many facets of our lives, is beginning to take over those very same lives.

    People have become overly reliant on technology for everything from adding simple math with calculators to to carrying on virtual relationships with other human beings who we can’t even prove for a fact are real (i.e. bots). Beck is explaining that we are losing our humanity, our ability to reason in an irrational world, our ability to function and interact with other human beings without the assistance of an ever growing and inundating field of technology.

    At 46 I am not a wise old man, but I look around and see something that truly worries me. I see younger people (and I didn’t say all younger people, before you start throwing accusations at me) that without a calculator can’t produce change for a $20. They continue to watch television being broadcast in Swahili because they can’t find the remote and are too lazy to get up an push the button on the TV.
    I see kids that stare at the screen on their phone or their tablet or their video games and miss the world as it flows by. Life is too short and too precious to miss.

    The entire point behind what Glenn was saying is not video games are bad and they should be banned. His message was that the technology we all use has begun to control our lives and decisions. Do we really need cell phones? tablets? ereaders? video games? If all of those were to disappear would we all cease to exist? I know that I was 32 before I had a cell phone and I survived somehow. The only video game I grew up with was Pong and we still went out and created our own adventures in the woods down the street.

    Unplug is the message he was sending. The people and things that really matter are not on the computer or the cell phone or the video games that we stare at but they are directly around us. They are our families and friends that we deal with every day, flesh and blood, emotions and intelligence. Not wires, batteries and LCD screens.


    • Adam Jenson

      Glenn is blaming video games and is saying they are bad. He is not exclusively blaming video games but he has specifically targeted video games for months.

    • m310

      I really don’t think that’s what he was saying at all. He’s just saying that video games are bad and terrible because games like Watchdogs teach people how to ” hack” with a button, and he stupidly think that’s possible in real life. He seems to be quite invested in pushing this mantra of video games are bad, which is silly. Video games do not affect you adversely, in fact there are several benefits from regularly playing video games, and they can perfectly co-exist with other aspects of your life. I’m sorry that you are not a fan of technology, but it is somewhat required and important in the world today which is why it has to fact in decisions and lives, and you seem to be looking at all of its negative aspects of tech w/o the positives. It’s pretty much the flow of progress, and you get left behind if you can’t adapt. Don’t make this guy’s argument something it wasn’t in the first place.

  • ken.

    normal people can distinguish between reality and fantasy, a game and real life. a mentally ill person cannot and will go off on anything and everything, they don’t need any specific thing to cause them to become violent. they are already unstable and will become violent no matter what. blaming movies and video games is no different then blaming guns. this is just stupidity at it’s worst.

  • Anonymous

    Umm, I’ve played far more violent games than Call of Duty, never had the impulse to kill myself…

  • http://grenadeout.co/ True

    This is Directly to Glenn Beck:

    Sir I strongly suggest you email me at True@GrenadeOut.co You have time and time again taken it upon yourself to attack a past time you have admittedly have little to no experience with them. I would love to personally explain anything to you about gaming, games and those that play them. I have been playing them for over 2 decades, I work professionally in the industry and pride myself on my ability to view all topics of discussion with a extreme level objectivity. Please contact me and we can set something up.

    I’ll be emailing your people as well but if you are reading this and would love to have Glenn actually have someone who knows what is going on with games then share and favorite this.

  • Joy Ashbaugh

    I have two boys that play those games. With my family I watch what they play. I set down and talk to them on why they like playing those games. There are some games I won’t let my boys have. You have to be a watchdog over them. I noticed that parents give the children these games to be a babysetter in a way . I heard people say at least I know where they are at. The parents need to get involved with what your kids are doing and if it is a problem take the game away. Which I
    have done. My boys are 18 and 15 so I have heard all the excuses on why they need a curtion game. All my friends have it . Its a great game its fun. To me the games with you go out and kill people like the game san andreas I won’t let the boys have it promotes killing hookers ,cops, and stealing not good. Call of duty my boys have they don’t come out and say I like the game because I get to kill people they like the tactical challenge of the game.

  • Miller Joshua

    How in Gods’ name are video games linked to SUICIDE? Glenn this is absurd you seriously need to rethink your theory here.

  • Danielle

    For everyone saying that games shouldn’t be to blame, let’s consider what Glenn is actually saying…. that kids isolating themselves at a young age and playing violent video games might be the reason we have young adult males losing it and killing people.

  • TheFatJesus

    These games are not to blame. Long before I played any video game that could be considered violent my friends and I would run around shooting each other with toy guns. Not one of us has shot anybody or committed suicide. What is to blame here are the people playing these games, who because they are anonymous and distant say things they would never say face to face. It is not unheard of for someone to tell another person to kill themselves because the performed poorly in a game. The easiest solution is for people to mute other player and not have to listen to them. But if parents raise their children with discipline and to have respect, then there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

  • Benjamin Schubert

    1. Not all M-rated protagonist are anti-heroes. Take Master Chief from Halo, for example.
    2. M-rated games can only be purchased by adults, so if someone gets in trouble for playing an M-rated game and is a minor, some of the blame goes on the parents.
    3. If one puts videogames on a pedestal so high that he worships it, it is very easy to become depressed or suicidal. It is not the game’s fault, but the player’s fault for putting videogames way above himself

    • https://www.facebook.com/theterminatorsarmyoflegend?ref=bookmarks The Commander

      Not to mention that Bungie has come out and said that Halo was based on Christian values and beliefs.

  • john mitchell

    We have video games to do fantasies such as crime like watch dogs in which we can’t do in real life. The people that end up doing I think they are mentally unstable personally and shouldn’t be playing them. I find it pathetic that you are blaming something you have control over for the death of innocents!

  • Anonymous

    Everybody knows that every M rated game comes with a rifle and some ammo (T rated games come with just a pistol and no ammo).

  • IT IT IT IT 9

    NOT even the tip of the TAVISTOCK mind control
    ——————–FAKE CULTURE———————
    —————————————-ice ‘borg’. . .

  • Gregory Perez

    I appreciate the comments and will get off my high horse as one of you stated. I BELIEVE that Glenn is NOT talking about the well rounded individuals that read/write books, are politically and physically active AND are gamers. This really goes to the use of a product (first person shooter games) by individuals that are socially isolated, emotionally disconnected, disenfranchised and potentially depressed or suicidal. — Put this product in front of them for 10-16 hours a day. Give them the illusion of real power in the game. Then have them face real life where they perceive that they have no power or meaning and then the trap is set for them to snap. — Most people will reach a bottom and snap out of it thinking this is getting them nowhere and they will cut back on the time spent in front if the game. But for those who stew in their despair, they will eventually gain the resolve to show the world that they are important and others need to pay attention to them. —- So my question to those well rounded gamers that have friends in and out of the game… IS THERE ANYTHING IN WHAT GLENN HAD TO SAY THAT IS WORTHY OF DISCUSSION? (not yelling just wanted to make sure you saw the question )

  • brannigan brannigan

    Mr Beck, please read this. http://www.cdc.gov/VIOLENCEPREVENTION/youthviolence/stats_at-a_glance/
    In the past 20 years, youth violence had dropped almost 50%. please explain.
    And this as well.
    There is no link according to most mental heath studies.

  • Jordan Fuchs

    We humans are violent by nature. Its in our DNA you can’t change that. But saying that a video game has lead people to take there own lives is downright out of the question. Call of duty is the most popular FPS game out there. Millions soon millions of people play it a day. So you are taking somone who happens to play it regularly like millions of others. And he commited suside and you blame it on the game as his motive?

  • FXH_Reaper

    Isn’t blaming video games just as bad as the liberal left blaming guns for mass murder? Just because some committed suicide and had games like COD or any other shooter in their library doesn’t mean that the game made them do it.

    The sales numbers from the Call of Duty franchise alone breaks the theory that games are the cause of violence, that particular game is generally known to be plagued by kids 9-16 and sells on average 24 million copies with each year more being sold and breaking the previous record. Should that not lead to even more suicides and shootings if this was the cause?

    I have played games that make the Call of Duty franchise look like you are skipping through a field, and yet I have never once felt like going out and killing people. My very first “shooter” video game was 007 Golden eye for the N64, I played that when I was eight years old and have since then added so many “violent” games that it would make those who crusade against video games lose their minds once they saw the content of those games.

    Still I have never entertained the thought of loading up and going on rampage through town or a mall, I find that it actually reduces my stress and lets me vent frustration on to a bunch of pixels instead of flying off the handle and giving the person a nice hard smack in the head.

    I would also like to point out that as it stands now it is near impossible to “hack” anything from your smart phones or tablets, the tablets would be a little more feasible since they do have access to things like note pad or word. The D.O.D. got the idea to make an app shortly after the game Watch Dogs was announced a couple years ago – bit.ly/1tFLidz – but to this day it remains a pipe dream.

    I will explain why, hacking ( as Hollywood decided to call it) is done by looking at code from the terminal you wish to access. You sift through the code until you find a weak bit of code that is compromised by another set of code, you then go into a text editor (Note/ Word) and code your own virus to punch through and exploit that weak code. Once you do that you have to find a way to introduce that virus onto the terminal you wish to access, once its introduced it will attack that weak code and give you a back door into the infected terminal.

    This is known as script hacking, its literally the lowest form of hacking out there, it is also the most unreliable. Hacking the way the game portrays is a much more aggressive and labor intensive task that a smart phone or tablet just could not stand up to, compounding this problem is the fact that in the game a smart phone app is what is used to do all the hacking.

    This presents even more problems, now you have to code an app to scan for suitable connections, connect, sift through code, issue an attack, break through, and do a certain task in less than a second and at the push of a button. I am not aware of a single home computer fast enough for that, programs like 1password can cause the fastest home computer running the best password crackers to take 10+ years to crack a simple password. Hacking the streets of Chicago is nothing more than a gimmicky game mechanic that has yet to be actually created and used in the real world.

  • Josiah Danyluk

    Holy crap!!!! 100 hours! This is incredible! i have never herd of anyone who has played 100 hours. This is crazy! Also violence has gone down significantly since video games have become popular. And also comparing video games to crack? What a num-nut. Please realize that there has been no, none, studies that prove that video games cause violence. A person that know so little about video games or this generation should not be commenting on this. I am all for having opinions but people like Glenn should not be able to vocalize there opinions on this subject.


  • Jamin

    Glen, do you realize that millions of people play “Call of Duty?” It’s one of the most popular video game franchises the world over.

    If “Call of Duty” is to blame for these people committing suicide, why haven’t more people killed themselves?

    I used to listen to you, Glenn. Hell, when I was stationed at Whiteman AFB, I came to see your performance in Kansas City during your “Common Sense” tour.

    I think it’s time for you put your money where your mouth is and use a little common sense.

  • Ireland

    its not teaching us to hack into ipads/iphones/laptops literally all you have to do is click on it

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