With primary season well underway, Glenn has been talking about the importance of supporting strong candidates around the country in whatever way you can. On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to Igor Birman, who is running for Congress in California’s 7th Congressional District, ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

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Glenn has spoke to Birman on both radio and television several times, and Birman has spoken candidly about his family’s plight from the Soviet Union. His parents fled the Soviet Union with little money or prospects, and yet they flourished in the United States.

“I think you are one of these guys that we would really love to have in the House and the Senate because you lived in the Soviet Union,” Glenn said. “You remember [what it was like].”

“I definitely know what it’s like,” Birman responded. “I’m taking on a former member of Congress, a very liberal Republican, and we can’t take anything for granted. So I need a lot of help to get across the finish line next week.”

Birman explained that his campaign has received a tremendous groundswell of support and because of the setup of the California primary system, he is cautiously optimistic about his chances next week.

“It’s one of the strange California deals where the top two will advance in to November – regardless of the party. But we’re in pretty good shape to advance,” Birman said. “We’re looking pretty good, very excited about where we are. We’ve moved from a very weak position. Back when I announced nine months ago, very few people thought we could succeed. But we have this avalanche of young people descend on us. You know, they’ve knocked on almost 10,000 doors. They’ve had made almost 200,000 phone calls, communicating principles of freedom, stating our positions in bold colors, and here we are.”

As Glenn explained, Birman is a guy who really understands the dangers of the path we are currently on and wants to ensure freedom survives.

“He’s a guy who’s seen the other side of this,” Pat said.

“He remembers it,” Glenn concluded. “He remembers the night before he came to the United States when he secret police, the KGB, came in and tore apart his family’s house. And when they left, and everything was in a shambles, he remembers his mother holding his younger brother and he was crying. His mother said to him, ‘Don’t worry. We’re going to America where this will never happen again.’”

You can learn more about Birman’s campaign HERE.