Glenn shares painful family history of abuse in response to critics

Glenn opened this morning radio’s program with an emotional monologue that touched on his own family’s dark history and why he is no longer willing to sit idly and comply.

Last week, the Wonderful World of Stu aired a segment about the inflated sexual assault statistics pushed by the White House. In the clip, Stu makes it clear that sexual assault – no matter the statistic – is unacceptable, but he also asserted that overstating the number of sexual assaults belittles those who have been assaulted. You can watch the segment HERE.

Left wing outlets like Media Matters, Salon, Slate, and Jezebel to name a few have jumped on Stu’s segment, which appeared  the Wonderful World of Stu and a portion of which aired on the Glenn Beck Program. The articles on these sites claim Stu – and Glenn by extension – are “mocking” sexual assault and harassment in a “horrifying rape sketch.”

Over the years, Glenn has learned it often best to ignore such outrage, but this morning he was inspired by the dozens of stories he has covered recently in which individuals stood up for what was right even when it wasn’t the politically correct position to take. Glenn publicly stood by Stu and his report and proceeded to share his family’s painful history with abuse and sexual assault.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

GLENN: I want to start with something rather personal. I was going to blow something off because the usual suspects are rallying around this bit that Stu did on the TV show… The producers of that segment are women, and it’s about rape and how horrible, horrible the new stats are about rape in America. It’s all a lie. They are now trying to tell the American people that rape in America [on college campuses], by American men is three times the rate of the Rwandan genocide – three times the rate of rape than was happening during the
Rwandan genocide. It’s an outrage. They do it by doctoring the questions in this poll.

STU: Yeah, they asked a bunch of questions in there – things like: If you were to pressure someone to have sex by telling them lies – so you say, ‘Hey, I’m actually a basketball player.’ If you do something like that, it’s rape. If you make promises about the future that you know are untrue —

PAT: If you say, ‘I love you. I will love you forever.’ Also, if you ask more than once?

STU: Yes. Repeatedly asking, persistence.

PAT: So you could say, ‘Please?’ ‘No.’

GLENN: This is how they are defining it. This is a war on men and on women.

STU: And the goal here – the reason why I thought it was important to take this stat on – you are talking about turning every college-age male into Genghis Khan. You can’t lie.

GLENN: I just wanted to say that everybody needs to watch this particular episode, and we’ll post it at Watch the full thing, not what the media is trying to smear with. That’s totally fine because I stand by it. I stand by it. I double down on it.

And here’s why: Rape is not a laughing matter, nor is it a matter that you lie about. You don’t cheapen the real horror of rape.

I’ve told you now for about 10 years, there were things going on in my life I would talk to you about when the time is right, and it is damn near right. I will share a little bit of something that my family and I have gone through over the course of our lifetime, generationally, because I’ve had enough, quite frankly. I have had enough. I’m tired of being accused of standing with abusers and rapists. I’m tired of being called a monster. I’m just tired of the lies. I’m tired of the lies of abusers. I have had my fill of it.

My family has experienced rape first-hand – multiple times, over multiple generations. I have worked hard in my personal life to stop the effects of this over the last 10 years. It has changed my life. It has changed the lives of my sisters.

You know that my father died two months ago. My father was my greatest teacher, and for many years, he was my best friend. But my father, for me, did not two years ago. My father died about six years ago.

My father had a very bad dad. My father was abused by my grandfather, and my father ran away from home. And when he ran away from home, he ran to Los Angeles and he stayed at the YMCA, where he was repeatedly raped.

When he was young, he was stealing golf balls at a country club in Seattle. My father didn’t know anything at all about golf, but he knew he could sell the golf balls, and so he was hiding in the woods with his friends and they would steal the golf balls, turn them in, sell them for money. And he was caught. He was caught by a man who said, ‘Really? You’re going to have to work this off. You’re going to caddy for me for the rest of this summer.’ That’s the story that I had always been told by my father. What I found out recently was that man also repeatedly raped my father.

My father found himself going to try to find God, and he went to a church. He believed in this preacher. Instead of putting his faith in God, he put his faith in a man. And things didn’t work out well.

When my father passed away, my aunt had come to visit me. We’re now beginning to explore the ramifications of abuse generationally in families. My family is a shipwreck. I’m figuring out now why I believe – or have always felt as if – I was a bad dad because I have the sickness of self-doubt. I have been passed generationally the sickness, the effects – even if they are removed directly from you – you still feel the effects of what happened. And abuse was happening in my family. I told my father 10 years ago that it would stop because it was now being passed to the grandchildren. He said it would. I said, ‘It will, Dad? Because if it doesn’t, I will end it.’

It was physical abuse, but it was not sexual abuse at that time. My father never abused any of us sexually that I know of, but my family has felt the ramifications of his abuse and has felt the sexual abuse by others in our family.

Don’t you ever preach to me about what I can say and cannot say about rape. Don’t you ever try to be an authority to me on the effects of rape. Don’t you ever try to tell me what victims should or should not feel, as I have tried to piece my family back together and to give my sisters the love that they deserve and have never had.

My family and I are standing because of the grace of God, and because we have each other, and we have the truth. And if you have the truth and the courage to pursue the truth, time will heal everything. The good news is that I, and now millions of others, are finally facing the truth, no matter where your fear or the lies are buried, and it goes far beyond sexual abuse. There are millions now willing to speak, even if it means losing everything.

I have been saying this for a while, that courage is contagious. And last night, when I saw what was being said about Stu’s segment on my program, I started to [think] I’m not going to say anything about it. But I have been inspired by those who are now standing in PTA meetings and have stood to speak their mind but violated a stupid two-minute rule and went to jail for the first time in their lives. I have been inspired for the teachers who are beginning to stand, and the TV show hosts and the football players and the peaceful group of individuals, many of whom are radically different than I am – financially, ethnically, politically, sexually – but they are all standing now, peacefully and calmly. But mark my words: Fully submitted to the truth.

I will not comply. You do not own my thoughts. A few things are very clear to me, and no amount of speech giving or bumper stickers or EPA, NSA, IRS threats will ever change the facts that are true.

These are just a few of them: My child’s fingers are not, nor will they ever be a gun. Those who survived the Holocaust did not do so because of white privilege. A Hollywood blacklist is exactly the same horror show, whether the names on that list are communists or conservatives. 2 plus 2 equals 4. Always has, always will. I don’t give a flying crap how you got there, as long as you got there, to 4. Global warming is not the same as global cooling or global climate change, which is different than global climate crisis and none of them have to do with the shootings in Chicago or the idea of regulating the very vapor that we as humans breathe out, that we all learn trees breathe in to grow. That is just as ridiculous as your straight face plan to now regulate cow farts.

I’m sorry, but I respectfully, lovingly, yet full-throated declare that is nonsense. I also declare the self-evident truth that racism is not about having high expectations. Racism is not about standards. And rape certainly is not about someone asking for sex too many times and then being sad when you turn them down.

If you had the facts on how brutal rape is, it shows how awful your peer-reviewed study questions really are. Let’s contrast and compare, shall we, America? Who is hurting women? Who is standing up for women? Who is defending them and who is using them, merely for political power?

Have you no shame? How many gay friends do we all have that are now embarrassed by the people who have use third reel fight for freedom to come out of the shadows and love who they want, just to bash, control, and destroy everything in its wake for power now?

I have quite a few gay friends, and, without exception, they all say the same thing. They are now embarrassed and horrified at what the power left has turned the real cause of each of us being treated with respect and judged for our character into a thinly veiled mechanism of threat and retribution for anybody who dares agree on everything in this ever-expanding agenda. We have begun to destroy those who were at their side the whole time, who have the audacity to say, ‘Maybe, maybe things have gone too far.’

After a break, Glenn continued:

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Those from all walks of life, color, sexual orientation and political ideology that wish to force others to think and behave the way they deem is the right way will always use every tool of their trade.  Look at what they are now defining as rape.  They are saying that threatening to hurt, threatening to smear, threatening to make afraid, lying to get their way, or pretending to be hurt or sad if you don’t get your way.  All of those things, they are now saying is rape. But look at those who are doing all of these things to our society. Look at the way they are behaving.  Are they not behaving as their own self-defined rapists?

Make no mistake, they are not rapists, at least on this program.  We will define rape and racist as it is commonly understood.  A rapist and a fascist, while both monsters, are different.  Even though fascists have throughout history used rape as a tool to gain hold over a person or a public, rape still holds a unique position in society. Yes, both rapists and fascists, left and right, both want to force someone to do as they wish, or they will humiliate, threaten, violate, beat, kill or destroy.  Similar tactics, because as all intellectual and intellectually honest people will admit, rape is not about sex. It is about power over another person, their choices, their body and their life.

Those currently in power in government, education, banking, even global business, should understand: your time of lies and deceit and corruption are over.  Even if the world takes this current crop of bums and throws them out, I want you to know the other side is going to use the same exact levers and tactics again.

But here’s the good news. I really, truly believe, at least 10% of the people on this planet are wide awake now, from China to Colorado, and that is more than enough to defeat anyone who wears a red tie or a blue tie or any kind of military uniform.  There are enough of us now, willing to stand just as they did in Tiananmen Square.  Stand against oppression in any form, and that number is growing.

Martin Luther King said 300 years ago enough is enough, and he’s right. Rape, racism, oppression of any kind isn’t a color.  It’s not a class. It’s not a gender problem.  It is a human problem.  It didn’t start in America.  It started with Cain and Abel and has been repeating itself for thousands of years. Contrary to what our public school teachers are now forced to teach to stave the wrath of the labor union, slave owners don’t have to at live in plantation houses.  Chains don’t have to be physical, and those who use power to silence others don’t have to be white.  They just have to see others as the means and themselves as the ends.

Just as Moses and a handful of these on the lowest rung on the ladder of political power did in Egypt and Lincoln did in America and Bonhoeffer did in Germany, Gandhi in India, Lech Walesa in Poland, we will stand – no matter the personal cost – we’ll stand with intellectual honesty, stand peacefully, we will stand as decent and caring, a mass majority of all walks of life, voting records and lifestyle choices.  And we refuse to leave the lunch counter because we actually do believe in something.

We actually do believe that we can all be different and yet we can all live side-by-side, we can all be friends, we can disagree on all kinds of thing, but we can still work together and play together and be responsible enough as humans to defend each other’s right to be different.  We don’t need a political action committee to stoke the flames of book burning, witch hunts or mob rule.  We don’t need the political action committees to tell us about blacklists.  All we need is each other and the truth.

Our black present, neighbors and families did not get beaten, go to jail and many die to win the right as a black man to have full citizenship, only now to be told to shut up and sit down at the back of the bus, because you’re not black enough.  Only now to be told sit down, shut up, sit in the back of the bus, because you’re Christian or atheist or gay or straight, liberal or conservative.  We’re humans first.  We will continue to shout the truth from the rooftops.  I am a man, and I demand to be treated as such.

Adam Corolla said this week, it’s not a crazy right wing idea.  It’s just the right idea. Raising your kids to be responsible and loving is a parent’s job.  Working hard and being able to pursue your dreams and keep your gain, helping those who can’t make it and not because of mind-set or attitude.  That’s their problem, but because of physical or mental disadvantages, helping those people, refusing to look away when you hear the cries for help, and standing up at the school yard for any bully, no matter where they’re found, or no matter what label the victim seems to be wearing.  It is our job, not as Americans, but as members of the human family.

We stand with our sisters and our mothers and our daughters, because we love them, but we also stand with our fathers and our brothers and our sons, who also have been raped as well, those who have been destroyed by the cruel and calculated accusation of rape or racist, like those who smeared the cops over Tawana Brawley or the Duke lacrosse team.  We will not cower and we will not conform.

This isn’t about white privilege or black power.  This is about power to the people, where it rightfully belongs.  It is about our duty and our honor as fellow human beings to comfort those who mourn, to heal the sick, to care about the poor and the poor in spirit, to hold those who are afraid, to stand with the meek, the humble, the real victims of rape and racism and classism or any other kind of ism.  Unlike the so-called civil rights leaders who have shamed themselves decades ago. We are not preachers, we are not politicians an we are not community organizers.  We are just people, and we like it that way.

We don’t want, we don’t need, we don’t desire any recognition for this.  We don’t want any power from it.  We certainly don’t want money, retribution or vengeance, because that makes us into the monster we’re all trying to stop.  We really even don’t want to win. We don’t want to win, because logic teaches us that for us to win, it requires someone else to lose.  I don’t need to win.  I only search for reconciliation.  Reconciliation to the truth, because we know the truth will set us free.

I have two dads, one who is far from perfect, and one who is, and the one who is perfect asked me to love the people that hate, not to excuse their actions and not to love them in a condescending way, but a real way.

The people who are perpetrating these lies are in pain. To stay alive, they have to control others, because their lives are completely out of control, and they are afraid that they are going to be found out.

It’s reconciliation, loving one’s enemies does not mean condoning their actions.  It actually means exactly the opposite.  True love means you have to speak the truth.  You’re wrong.  This is a problem. You have done things that deserve punishment, but take my hand.  I offer it to you as a sign of peace.  Walk with me, talk with me.  You do have to pay a price for your actions, but I, too, am a sinner.  I, too, am struggling just to keep my head above water, so I will walk with you, I will hold your hand, in hopes that you will have the peace inside of me, and I will feel your pain, but if you deny my hand, that’s okay.  I can’t force you to do anything, but make a choice.

Love and forgiveness or hate and destruction.  We have to stop this madness, put down our labels, put down our desire to control, put down your desire to manipulate.

The answers are easy. Look for the divine.  There’s power, peace, love, forgiveness and a chance to start all over again.  Let us humble ourselves to be even worthy to see the truth again.

  • Jeannie

    Good Word Glen!

    • Cheryl Richard


      〓〓〓 〓�〓〓 〓〓〓 〓〓〓 〓�〓〓 〓〓〓

  • Guest

    Camus said, that the new tyranny is the one of absolutes–

  • Dennis Ferguson

    Glenn Dont worry my friend there are many of us with your story. Your not alone and never will be my friend.

    • Blues Brother

      Beck is the wolf in sheeps clothing. His phony tears and fake smiles and sermonizing are designed to lull you into a deep sleep while he picks your pocket while you’re feeling oh so sorry for him.

  • Anonymous

    Glen is right on these matters. Rape is a horrible thing to go through.I know personally. Rape makes you feel less than and dirty and the feeling of no stability in your life. It causes nightmares of the hellish kind. Rape on children is so horrible, those kids have no idea what is going on. It hurts them, physically, mentally, spiritually. The sharia law is all about protecting rapist. I do not care if it’s their culture. It is not Americas culture and never will be. The rapist should all get castrated, then they couldn’t do it any more.I know I sound harsh, and mean too. But seriously, this is so bad I am writing a book on it. My life story. Rape leads to violence as well. Anyone who thinks it’s a sketch or a stretch what Glen is saying on this needs to walk in a victim of one of us in a rape’s shoes. No one has a right to belittle or berate the victims. NO one. Every woman needs to know how to protect herself. Also parents teach children early how to protect themselves and what circumstances are not right to be in. Also just because they are family makes no dam difference. Teach them always be on the look out. Use common sense when alone. We think they know, they don’t. My book is Survivor, it is still being written and putting the finishing touches on it. It has been years in writing. You can heal from this. I am.

  • Tammy

    Thanks for sharing your heart and being for being real. You are very right!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn’s experience about rape and other abuse is very sad. Glenn seems very angry about the resuts of the studies on sexual assault. But neither Glenn nor Stu seem to understand the studies very well. First, there’s a distinction to be made about the term sexual assault and rape. Glenn and Stu use the terms loosely and interchangeable while the study does not. The study reports 19% attempted or completed sexual assault, NOT rape. It further distinguishes types and percentages of sexual assault from attempted assault to physically forced rape at 3.4%. Beck says he won’t be told what rape is. It is not the point of the study to diminish the seriousness of rape. On the contrary, the point of the study is to quantify types of attempted and completed sexual assault occurring on college campuses, including physically forced rape, which is a lower percentage than the one Beck incorrectly thinks this study reports as rape. The CSA study states as an objective to “To educate students about various types of sexual assault, and how they can maximize their safety”. Is this really an objective to get angry about?

    • Karen Endersby Ross

      Your mug shot says it all.

      • Anonymous

        You’re a keen observer. What about the CSA study do you think is incorrect? Do you think their objectives are to diminish the seriousness of rape? It seems to me that Glenn should be thankful that the study raises awareness of the types of assault that occur.

        • Anonymous

          Because, when you ask questions that are ambiguous, such as, “If you were to pressure someone to have sex by telling them lies – so you say, ‘Hey, I’m actually a basketball player.’ If you do something like that, it’s rape. If you make promises about the future that you know are untrue –If you say, ‘I love you. I will love you forever.’ Also, if you ask more than once?” Stuff like this tends to blur the lines and can demean the real thing. If you want to define rape then define rape. If you are looking at defining sexual harassment, or things like that then define that but do not try and blur the lines, that really irritates me.
          I do not know any guy that has not used the line “I will love you forever”, trying to score, and if they heard no, they may keep trying but most of them stop. The ones who don’t are rapist, and that is a clear definition. So stop trying to blur the lines. I had male soldiers that worked for me who were raped by their barracks mates and we knew it was rape and there was no ambiguity about that and the soldiers who committed that act were punished to the fullest extent of the UCMJ. I had soldiers who raped female soldiers who I knew and when we caught them, they were punished to the fullest extent of the UCMJ.
          Do not try to blur the lines. Rape is clearly defined, and it is a horrible act.

          • Anonymous

            Stu completely misleads people by saying that survey questions involving lies or pressure are used to classify rape. Those types of questions are “gate questions” that lead to additional questions, including whether the respondent considered the event to be rape. The questions you mention in no way reflect the statistics reported for psychically forced rape. You’ve been mislead.

          • Anonymous

            You are right, they are gateway questions, it puts people in a “thought path” that makes it easier to guide them down the path to the answer you are after. Wow, you think that a person who has been present for interrogations would not recognize that? You see, that is just the answer I would give to “blur” the lines. That is what I meant, if you lead people by asking a set of questions to put them on the path where you want them to go, that is “blurring” the lines, no matter how good their intentions are. That is how “unbiased” poll questions get you the “slanted” answers you want and the “poll” results you want. Nice try.

          • Anonymous

            You seem to have some experience in interrogation. I’m not sure that’s the same technique used in surveys, but you seem to have expertise in questioning. What would be an unbiased question to understand whether an attempted assault took place?

          • Anonymous

            You ask them to describe the events, in their own words, and do not lead them. You ask them, if it is ok to record their statement, no pressure. Let them tell you, in their own words, what happened. If they have to write it, rather than talk about it that is fine. Then, after you review their statement, form, logical, non-leading questions, about the event, if they are ready to continue. This is not rocket science, and their is no publicity associated with their statement, it is just them and the team and anyone they want with them for support. Non-confrontational, a neutral type of questioning, just the facts, and only their feelings, not anyone else’s.

          • Anonymous

            I suppose a similar bias could be inferred in the statements by the reader. I’m not qualified to criticize the methods of the five Ph.D.s that conducted the CSA study. Even if the statistics are overestimated, the objectives of gaining greater understanding of the prevalence and nature of sexual assault on college campuses, educating students about various types of sexual assault, and recommending how they can maximize their safety does not seem detrimental to society to me. On the contrary, the information is an effort toward ending what Glenn sadly reflected on.

          • Anonymous

            You are absolutely correct, I do have biases. On this subject it is that I do not want people to try and redefine a particular subject. When we were developing questions for detained people we geared them toward a certain goal, the subject of our search. That is how you gear your questions. If you want to determine what is rape, and what is sexual harassment then you would design your questions to get answers that you want. And how you word those questions and how you guide the subject by the order of the questions, will get you the desired answer.
            If you think researchers do not have a specific goal in mind, then you are out of touch with reality. These people went into this “study” with a specific goal in mind and from the results that I have seen they have started this redefining process.

          • Anonymous

            According to the study published by English in 1997, he estimated that sexual assaults were under-reported or underestimated, by a factor of 8 to 8.5 times, but he based it entirely on anecdotal evidence (i.e. taking a sample group of self professed abuse victims, and asking them, etcetera). Even taking English’s study as gospel, both reporting and occurrence of sexual assault and rape were less than 20%, as opposed to 80-86% for most other types of crime (i.e. assault, burglary, etcetera). English also was claiming regarding uncharged, unreported, which was what he was trying to determine. This study is the basis for sex offender management and law.

          • brian tracy

            5 phd’s … 5 professors hungry for funding ,, they have to find something that requires “more” ,, more research , more funding , more interns , more office space … etc. etc. etc.

            If there is no problem there is no grant money … DUH!

          • Anonymous

            What evidence do you have that these Ph.D.s are rigging the outcome of the study? Do you think all funded research is corrupted by their very funders? If so, you should disregard most of the medical research doctors rely on.

          • Anonymous

            Good answer. Traditionally that is what a polygraph tester will do before administering a polygraph (though sometimes the questions are designed to elicit a response….).

          • Anonymous

            See my above post first, but I just thought of some unbiased questions that would allow you to gain a better understanding whether such an assault took place.
            For the accuser:
            – Did you inform the person that their advances were unwanted?
            – Did you tried to stop them once they began touching you? if so, in what way? if not, then why? (the why question is actually used in court in order to determine if they were paralyzed with fear, so to speak)?
            For the accused:
            – Did they tell you in any way, that your advances were undesired? Verbal? Non-verbal?
            – How did you determine that your advances were desired by your accuser?

            These are just a few questions.

          • Watch it

            You hit it square on.

          • AceBoog

            Damn right!!! its people like you who fully understand how people are led with questions that ultimately give the reply the interviewer wants to hear…its not complicated, but to those who have never had to deal with interrogations and what not and can be very misleading….

          • Sonia Hermanstorfer

            Landree, you seem to be approaching this issue from an intellectual perspective instead of a real life experience. I may be wrong, you might actually have experience with this issue in your family but it doesn’t sound like it. I’m not really sure that you are qualified to participate in the discussion. I have lived through sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape personally and repeatedly. Like Glenn, it has affected my family generationally. I can tell you exactly what it is and what it isn’t and what the differences are. I don’t appreciate my experiences being intellectualized.

          • Anonymous

            Indeed, I am merely thinking about the effort to understand the prevalence of assault and why such an effort would anger a person. I have no experiences of sexual assault, nor do I know anyone that has. What I don’t understand is why a study quantifying the frequency of assault on college campuses is something to be mad about. The study’s aim is not to intellectualize terrible experiences, it’s to educate people on the frequency of experiences and make recommendations for safety. You can criticize the method or analytics, but the entire point of these studies are to raise awareness and reduce assault. Maybe you can help me understand why anyone would want to condemn that effort without being very specific about their method. Mocking the study without fully communicating the study’s methods seems detrimental to Glenn’s call to stop assaults.

          • brian tracy

            The study’s aim is not to “educate on the frequency… make recommendations for safety” ,, it is indeed something to become angry about because it’s goal is to trivialize sexual assault by making it synonymous with what every male has done with every female ,, begged. made promises. pleaded for sex , and we did it for a reason ,, repetition works … she may say no 3 times and then start massaging your “manhood” on the fourth … This “study” makes all sexual contact by males out to be assault when the gatekeeper (female) doesn’t open the door at the first knock…

            This study is meant to get the government money flowing to the studies creator … truth be damned.

          • Amelia Badelia

            What every male has done with every female…lied, begged…tried to persuade her into doing what she really didn’t want to…I’m not calling it rape and neither did the study. My question is because “every male has done it”, does that make it right?

          • Anonymous

            brian didn’t say rape, he said sexual assault; as landree pointed out, they are not necessarily synonymous.

          • Anonymous

            Can you point out where in the CSA study that what you describe occurs?

          • zemla

            I might have an opinion on this topic but I just learned I am not qualified to.

          • lilolady

            Imagining is nothing compared to the real thing.

          • Anonymous

            what wmj is referring to is the Socratic line of questioning, known as leading questions. they are commonly used in both debate and the court room in order to trap or force someone to answer the question in a specific way.
            Unfortunately we live in a society that is based upon vengeance and vindictiveness, rather than justice, and the definitions of sexual offences has expanded since the laws first came into being during the 90s, not to mention the evidence threshold has been reduced from guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, to if the jury believes the uncoroberated, inconsistent testimony of the accuser, the courts will uphold the conviction under the standard set forth in Jackson vs. Virginia; the legal reasoning at both the state of NY level, and the federal level, is that it is too difficult to obtain evidence and witnesses in such cases, therefore (and if you look at many of the comments even on this site) the defendant is presumed guilty unless they somehow provide exculpatory evidence that proves their innoncense, as in the case of the Duke lacrosse players proving they were in a taxi on the other side of town. Further consider that the military is being excoriated for the number of sexual assault ALLEGATIONS, and the fact that only a small number are proven, causing Senators like Kirsten Gillibrand to push for legislation that would put said accusations in civilian hands, rather than under the UCMJ.
            As a society we focus on “reality” TV (other people’s business and lives) and getting even (hence the racial politics of people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and so on).
            Pertaining to your question for wmj below, I don’t know of the best question to ask in order to determine whether someone was sexually assaulted, other than a) were you sexually assaulted or raped (ask accuser), and b) did you force yourself on them or pursue relations after they made it clear that your advances were undesired (ask accused)?

        • Anonymous

          They put unwanted touch or kissing. So if I were to misread a situation and kiss a girl and she stops me, even if I stopped when asked she would then be a victim of assault. Or if we were kissing and I grabbed her breast and she told me no, and I stopped immediately, (according to the authors) I committed assault. They did a lot of things right in the study, but they weighed the definitions in a way that they would get the response they were looking for. Then when they got a finding they didn’t agree with they would assume something about the respondents to make it fit their studies findings. Example: **We have concerns about the validity of the perpetration data. We suspect that some males
          who have perhaps perpetrated sexual assault since entering college consciously answered
          our survey questions about perpetration negatively and untruthfully. We also believe,
          however, that some males answered our questions negatively and honestly in that they do
          not believe what they did fit the descriptions we used in our questions. Their accounts of
          what happened may differ considerably from that of the self-identified victim. This is not to
          say they were not perpetrators, but it helps explain why our self-reported perpetration rates
          are so much lower than our self-reported rates of sexual assault victimization. Other
          possible explanations for the discrepancy between the percentage of women who reported
          being victimized and the percentage of men who reported perpetrating sexual assaults
          include: (1) the men who participated in the CSA survey were significantly less likely to be
          perpetrators of sexual assault than men who did not participate in the CSA survey, and

          (2) relatively few men sexually assault women, but those who do sexually assault many
          women, which results in there being relatively few perpetrators and many victims.

        • Anonymous

          America has a dark history with rape hysteria…many Black men of the deep south lost their lives by being lynched by “rape hysterics”.

    • Anonymous

      No, the purpose of the study was to loosen the definition of rape, and thus change what rape truly is. It is not what some people say it is, but as you may or may not understand it is a terrible, horrible act that has long term effects on the family of the victim as well as the victim. My mother suffered from repeated rapes as she was growing up form people who she trusted and it warped her perception of herself and her self image. My sister was raped and abused by both family and friends and it tormented her till her death. Both of them and their actions and feelings about these things still affect me to this day as well as my brother and my relationships with my family. You cannot tell me what rape is either, I have seen it and it effects and what some people are trying to sell today does not meet the definition.

      • Anonymous

        The study clearly distinguishes various types of attempted assault and separates them from physical rape. Since the study is clear about the difference, why do you think their objective is to loosen the definition of rape.

    • Lisa Lillemon

      There are not different types of sexual assault! An unwanted touch from someone in any way is sexual assault! I was molested/raped as a child and recently touched in a sexual manner in the workplace. I can tell you the unwanted touch of a man felt no different than the when I was a child. I was violated again and it brought back all of those feelings. Stats say nothing about the individual.

      • Anonymous

        The CSA study does consider unwanted touch sexual assault.

        • Rose

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see anything here that says if you’re drunk or on drugs or if someone repeatedly asks for sex it’s automatically sexual assault. But you know, that’s just the DOJ’s definition… not some random study with low volunteer participation.

          “Sexual assault is any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient. Falling under the definition of sexual assault are sexual activities as forced sexual intercourse, forcible sodomy, child molestation, incest, fondling, and attempted rape.”

          • Anonymous

            I didn’t see anything in the CSA study that says if your drunk or on drugs or if someone repeatedly asks for sex it’s automatically assault either. Good observation.

          • Rose

            Don’t pretend like you didn’t watch Stu’s video where he details excerpts of the questions. I see your face in the comments section, Bean.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, I watched Stu’s video. I couldn’t find anywhere in the CSA study’s methods describing that someone saying “I’ll love you for ever” is a lie and therefor constitutes rape. I think the study’s conductors would strongly disagree with Stu’s interpretation of their method.

        • Anonymous

          The new definitions of rape, do seem to be a slap in the face to real victims.

          • Anonymous

            The study does not redefine rape. It quantifies experiences from attempted assault to physically forced rape, which only represents part of the 19% reported.

          • Anonymous

            Using semantics games to Inflame the public with rape hysteria…is leading to massive perversions to the course of justice for many college guys now facing false accusations.

      • Anonymous

        So you’re saying if someone trips into me, it’s sexual assault? I certainly didn’t want them to and they didn’t want to either, so does that mean we both sexually assaulted each other? You know I was raped as a child, but I didn’t turn into a mewling weakling over it. Feelings are for the weak, logic is for the strong.

        • Rose

          Are you seriously saying that you don’t understand that Lisa’s referring to sexual contact? Really? Grow up.

          • Anonymous

            She said any, meaning she was inaccurately describing what she intended to convey. I don’t care what was implied, the lack of proper descriptive skills, and the fact that she is still hurt by something that far in the past is what I was critiquing. If you are still holding on to past trauma, it’s because you refused to let it go, and at that point the rapist has truly defeated you. If there’s one thing in this world I despise, it’s people playing the victim years after something happens when letting go is as easy as flipping a switch if you learn to control your thoughts and emotions. I’ve been stabbed in the eye, lit on fire, raped, and beaten. Yet I manage to enjoy my days without caring about any of that. The real problem here though, is the agenda that’s being pushed through this very skewed study, to compare the risk of a girl on campus to the Rwandan genocide is absurd. Also to say the study is about sexual harassment, not rape makes it even more absurd. How many women who were victims in Rwanda at that time were merely sexually harassed and not raped? I wouldn’t think very many, hence it is an insult to compare what happened to them to a guy making a lewd comment, or a slap on the posterior (which I’m not justifying to be clear), or a guy saying he’s a celebrity so you’ll have sex with him. These women were violently, brutally raped by men infected with HIV, and even cut up with machetes. The level of suffering involved for the victims who could do nothing but lay there and pray for death as they were mutilated and abused is incomparable

            with even what I’ve previously described going through, at least I could have my attacker arrested, or go somewhere safe. In a poor Rwandan village, when it’s your fellow people and government as the aggressors you have no such luxuries.

        • Anonymous

          According to the new military S.H.A.R.P. training, yes. (I am only partly joking).
          Stay strong.

      • Angry Harry

        “There are not different types of sexual assault!”

        What a stupid statement. Of course there are different types.

        • Anonymous

          Do you think unwanted touch is as harmful as violent physically forced intercourse? Both actions are assault to much different degrees.

          • Anonymous

            Sure, but neo gender-feminists are classifying ” asking a girl out for coffee” as rape.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know what neo gender-feminists are doing, but the CSA study does not classify ” asking a girl out for coffee” as rape.

      • Anonymous

        Weird, if a woman at work grabbed my junk I’d tell her no thanks I’m married and move on. You take yourself way too seriously, you’re junk is not so special as to be untouchable.

      • Blues Brother

        Glenn and Stu and whatizzzname are only in it for the money. Glenn has the soul of a con man, raking it in and chuckling with it all the way to the bank.

    • Bridget Burton

      Glenn thanks for sharing such a personal pain As you can see by all the posts, you are not alone. I agree with Lisa. I grew up in a home with physical, sexual – molestation, verbal abuse for years. The tole that it has on everyone breeds like a cancer and destroys lives. Each abuse is significant in it’s own right but each equal the same, the shattering of lives. Thanks wmj0976 thanks for clarifying the study as loosening the definition of rape which hopefully will make the consequence to the perpetrator more severe. Thanks for sharing all your stories and your service. I appreciate all those who have posted because in each of us is a pain that has touched us in many ways. I am grateful that I have come out a stronger woman. It took a lot of years but by the grace of God, I can live life with such hope and peace.

    • Dave White

      Landree you are a true idiot. What do you do for a living?

      • Anonymous

        Landree asked intelligent, reasonable questions and made a rational, civil critique of Beck’s points. You contributed nothing of substance and instead chose to simply hurl insults. Congratulations. Are you proud of yourself?

      • Anonymous

        Do you have an opinion on something specific in the CSA study?

    • Crassus

      Congratulations, Pukeface. You’ve successfully hijacked another thread. I bet George Soros is so proud.

      • Anonymous

        Form your comment, I guess you think George Soros wants to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses. Do you have something specific to contribute about the CSA study’s methods?

        • Anonymous

          Crassus is a troll. I’ve seen him comment on both sides of the issue, and it is always a non-sequiter designed to inflame and annoy. I recommend ignoring him. Otherwise, good discussion.

  • Sheila Hirepan Clark

    So sad and so true, Glenn. I know…

  • RT

    Thank you for sharing this Glen. My family and I have chosen to be transitional characters in our heritage. We have created a better world for our children through the grace of a loving God. We took our stand to protect others and were turned away, but we did our part. We did everything we knew how to do. We all still suffer the effects of rape and abuse but we will not give that burden to our children. The fight is real and more people need to take courage and face the truth of the cruelty in our world. I don’t say this because I want people to be depressed by what they see, but to spur people to action and help the children, young and old, recover from their many wounds.

    • Sonia Hermanstorfer

      A couple of us in my family have also chosen to be those transitional people. It is wonderful to see a generation free from that stain of personal experience.

  • Anonymous

    WOW oh WOW. You are so right Glenn. I grew up with a dad with was mistreated as a child because he was born illegitamate in the late 20’s. And so he was angry and mad at the world and yes his wife and children suffered because of it. To this day he will not openly admit his abuse. He thinks that he was just being a good dad, I can tell horrow stories from my childhood. I have seen the affects that it has taken on my family. So yes rape/abuse goes on for generations unless someone steps up and put an end to it. As I became an adult my dad continued to abuse my mom mentally and emotionally until after she had him arrested for hitting her and he learned that he could mentally and emotionally abuse her and not be arrested. When she lay in bed sick for years he abused her emotionally and mentally. I have listened to her cry so many times and it went on until she died. She choose to stay with him. It took me years to love my dad. I had a pastor who helped me realize that you can love someone without liking them and that you break the cycle. You are so right it destroys you and you live with it forever. I had horrible night mares for years about my dad. You have to decide to let it make you a better person or to continue the abuse. I CHOOSE TO BE A BETTER PERSON. THANKING GOD EVERYDAY FOR HELPING ME BE A BETTER PERSON. My dad is almost 86 now and he still in denial. He recently had life threating surgery and is recovering and still he chooses not to see what he did to his family…

  • Jennifer Lee

    Wow! Awesome message. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you, Mr. Beck! Our family has multi-generational sexual abuse, as well. Just know that through your transformation, your kids and grand kids will be blessed. Changing your life takes a lot of courage. So does sharing. Thank you.

    • Blues Brother

      Glenn Beck and his pals have all the sincerity of a con man. His face is smiling that hustler grin while being oh so pure, meanwhile his other hand is in your back pocket and/or purse looking for some of your hard earned money. Sad times are indeed upon us.


    Un-freaking-believable. He really just went there. He really did. I want to throw up.

  • Anonymous

    Some times God gives the words we need to hear from an article by a humble man with a talk show.

    • lilolady

      Hey, Proud 2b, you said it all, and so concisely! Perfect! :-)

  • jdog

    Stunningly good monologue. Lefties will be hating on Beck even more for this. Honesty can be a terrible thing.

    • Blues Brother

      Hi, a far left progressive liberal here.
      The only person who thinks lefties hate Glenn is you.
      No matter what most of you in your attempt to create a strawman of what you imagine a liberal is aided and abetted by Beck and his henchman. You are so wrong, so wrong. Time for you to meet a liberal. We don’t hate you or hate GB. Honest I don’t. Stop creating boogie men. I listen to Glenn and Lars and Michael and in Seattle Ben Shapiro. I don’t hate you. I just feel sorry for you. Please think about it unless you’re just too far gone.

  • Anonymous

    with you Glenn, with sorrow for your family and hope too – you are not alone — jus a small thing “MLK said 300 years ago?”… 300?

    • Anonymous

      I guess it wasn’t MLK jr..

    • Anonymous

      That caught my eye too. I thought maybe he was going to mention Martin Luther, the German Monk, but he said King, so… Maybe he was getting emotionally wrapped up in the monologue, and stumbled over the time. (hey, it happens to all of us)

    • Type 53

      3 points:-Martin Luther, seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation, died in 1546, so he didn’t say *anything* 300 years ago.-But while he was alive, he didn’t famously or otherwise say “enough is enough”.-MLK, the odd communist hero of Beck’s, was born Michael King, and later assumed the Martin Luther title. It isn’t clear what Beck is trying to say here. He got the *who, what, and when* wrong. But as usual, it doesn’t dissuade him from saying it.

  • Wulf

    Whoopi Goldberg once said that regular rape is not as bad as “rape rape”. Liberal logic…

    • lilolady

      She didn’t lose her job, though, did she?

      • Wulf

        of course not

  • Betty Lou Schwartz

    Thank you Glenn– for putting it all into words…for all of us.

  • Bob Akers
  • Bob Akers
    More information about sexual abuse by esteemed individuals….

  • lilolady

    Glenn, I think the Lord was guiding your every word and thought.
    He gave you the clarity to speak your heart. Your inspiration is a call for all of us to stand for the truth and to scape all the dirt off it from other’s attempts to let some perversion of the truth to slip on by unnoticed. Thank you so much! I am sharing this with as many people as I know. May God continue to give you a voice in the wilderness of the morass of lies perpetrated to change the meaning of our words. A tender loving touch into something salacious. Stupid women who don’t know how to say “Knock it off, Buster!” Bullies who take advantage, who go unpunished publicly. Today, Glenn, you shined a light into the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome that shining light, God willing.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. You do not elevate small things by comparing them to horrendous things. By attempting to do so you minimize the horrendous things by making them look small. When a pro-choice woman says that requiring a woman to have an ultrasound before going forward with an elective abortion is the equivalent of r ape, what people hear isn’t that such an ultrasound is as horrible as r ape, they hear that r ape is no worse than having an ultrasound.

  • Glenn Coughlin

    If true, Glenn Beck’s family story is sad.
    That being said, he and Stu should simply acknowledge that they were, once again, manipulating and cherry picking facts in the original story to try and stir up controversy.

    • jdgalt

      The Left is already using this type of lie to harm innocent people. If you’re really so out of touch as to need proof, see here and here.

      • Anonymous

        jd, you just scared the piss out of me with those articles. I checked some of the other FFF articles, and that they are pressing for the “preponderance of evidence” standard (i.e. if I think it’s possible), and to expel male students (because that is the focus of these calls to action, they target men and assume they are the perps) based upon accusation alone, with no evidence required, and no ability to confront the accuser.
        again, jd, you scared the piss out of me.

  • Anonymous

    Forgiveness is the only answer to regain power to keep one’s sanity, sobriety, peace and usefulness. Remember who said, “Forgive them father for they know not what they do.”

  • Anonymous


  • gagec1

    Glenn, God is your fortress, your hiding place, your strength, your buttress and defender. As David hid in the mountains to escape Saul and came out and stole his staff and tore his garment… also are no longer hiding tell the truth always.
    The love that you have shown is overwhelming and if people don’t understand that will be OK, because GOD will have his perfect work with them too at the White Throne Judgement. I personally LOVE you, my family LOVES you, our GOD LOVES YOU…… We stand together shoulder to shoulder with you in this.
    May the God of life, our Lord and his Father strengthen you forever….. Cynthia

    • Anonymous

      Very well said!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you.
    A very interesting conversation between Landree and Wmj0976, below.

    • lilolady

      Interesting, so long as you have never lived the experience.
      Intellectuality can be so banal, from those who have never lived.

      • Anonymous

        Interesting, yes, even if you have lived the experience. I can only speak for myself.

  • Airotnas

    Glenn… you’re dad was raped by different men his whole life? I’d hate to tell ya, but he probably invited it. He liked being a catcher.

    • defiant1

      Your words and thoughts are vile and disgusting.

    • Amelia Badelia

      I do not like Glenn Beck at all, but no one deserves to hear something like that comment.

  • Joel A. Ohmer

    just … WOW

  • Anonymous

    Well said, the bad people use to be afraid of getting caught, now the good people are afraid of getting hurt.It needs to be turned around, that the bad people need to go back into the dark and afraid to come near us.

  • Roger Rocky Scobey

    Glen, you are a brave person. Keep speaking out.

  • Anonymous

    If the study says, and people believe, that huge numbers of women are being raped or are in danger of being raped, then anyone who would prevent women from arming themselves is committing a war on women.


    Has anyone actually READ the transcript? Please explain how PTA meetings, white privilege, Gahndi, 2+2=4, black power, classism, bullying, Adam Corolla, Tiananemen Square, book burning, MLK, can’t forget Bonhoffer, Hollywood blacklists, lunch counters, ‘all my gay friends say the same thing’, fascists and broadcasting your recently deceased Father’s most personal and painful moments to the ENTIRE WORLD just so that you don’t have to apologize gives you any sort of moral authority??

    • Type 53

      I listened to this stream-of-consciousness mess today. I almost throw something at he radio. Beck is like a college kid who feels *something* deeply, and figures if he just drones on in pious tones long enough, might discover what it is. He is an utterly incoherent gasbag.

    • Amelia Badelia

      That kind of ranting works very well on the type of followers he has. He could say the moon is made of green cheese, and relate it to Moses and MLK somehow and his sheeple would all be shouting amen.

    • gregg

      GB, far more than I need to know. Not good for a male to vomit all of this family info to a national audience. Plz., keep the preaching private. Go back to the GB of your 1st book & fill your air time doing comedy, Hutch be damned. You are NOT a trained Preacher, you are a political talk show host. You are selling one thing & delivering something different. You are NOT Billy Graham! Would you spill the beans about your sex life with your wife on the air? But your dead father’s sex stuff is okay? MAN UP…and keep your personal life to yourself.

      • Type 53

        You are selling one thing & delivering something different. Bingo! Dude is morphing into a bizarre amalgam of Elmer Gantry, Lonesome Rhodes, Oprah Winfrey, and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Holy smokes this is weird.

        • Blues Brother

          He was weird before. Now he thinks he’s the second coming. Sad crazoid is Glenn and his team of mental midgets.

      • Anonymous

        Way too much sharing. He can tear up at the drop of a hat can’t he.

    • Paul Johnson

      Uhh, should be pretty obvious. It’s a CV on pain, and it’s a history of dealing with the lies and political pandering of the left.

      If two people speak about what it’s like on the moon, one who had been there and one who has not — who are you going to believe?

      And what do you mean, “just so he doesn’t have to apologize?” He doesn’t have to apologize whether he shared his family’s experience or not. There’s nothing to apologize for.

      You are an intellectual midget, but that’s not the travesty. The real travesty is that you are morally bankrupt. Neither you nor the corrupt left media are owed any kind of apology. And the purpose of the expose isn’t to give him moral authority, it’s to demonstrate the lack thereof in people like you and the left media. And he did so stunningly.

      • JOHN HUSS

        Bless your heart. I love you guys.
        Not the least of which for providing me a solid, no-fail, get rich business plan from here on out.
        and..1) I only asked if you read and made sense of that gobbedly-gook.
        2) I’m not joking about making that money.

    • WASP

      Maybe you didn’t have the proper sound recording as a back drop when you read that psycho-babble?

  • Jamie Souther

    The Truth is Freeing!

  • Anonymous

    Hope it isn’t true. But is there any human tragedy that hasn’t personally affected Glenn ? Just sayin

    • cburns4vta

      Fight the establishment and it’s power and it will throw the world at you.
      And whatever it throws is on top of what you already had suffered in this imperfect world.
      In Glens case he has overcome much and has a strong faith, God gives men like that more challenges because they are strong enough to carry the load.
      The people he is against will do anything to break you if you opposse them, he will endure more and so will I or any one who stands with him or against the powers at be on the left or the right.

      • Anonymous

        There’s that, or sympathy ploy to win back some of his followers that left in droves. If nothing else, he is a PR genius. .

  • Marieta Adams
    • Marieta Adams

      Excellent and thorough! I am thankful you always tell the truth so that all can understand its importance.

  • Connor Kenway

    It is hard for sure but you cannot let it dictate your future.

  • texastruthtweet

    I feel empathy for Glenn. At 15, I was molested by my grandfather’s stepson. It is a very painful memory for me; but I have prayed about it, asking for the strength to forgive him.

  • Amelia Badelia

    Nice words but what did he really say? Sounded like a politician speech to me, the kind that go on and on but don’t say much of anything. He fails to understand that many people are sexually assaulted but it is done in such a way that they wonder if it actually was sexual assault. They know they didn’t want it and they know they feel violated, but maybe the perp did such a good job at convincing them it was THEIR fault, and if they only hadn’t said this or done that, then the perp wouldn’t have mistakenly received a green light.The perpetrators like it that way, especially in a date rape situation. And if the victim isn’t sure, it’s even better if a jury isn’t sure. The study did not call sexual coercion the same as rape. Sexual coercion is still wrong, however. Sometimes the coercion goes as far as threatening harm to the person or someone they love. Call it what you want, it’s still taking power from someone else when you do that. The skit portrays females as being completely stupid and eager to have sex, which is just another slap in the face to those who have been violated. Victim blaming has to stop. He can claim to care about women, but actions speak louder than words. Minimizing this problem by making fun of the subject and suggesting, by the ugly man’s behavior in the skit, that if only women weren’t so stupid then they wouldn’t be taken advantage of is just another indicator of the prevalence of rape culture that is still thriving in this country, despite our claims to the contrary.

  • Jerhico Conners

    Glenn Beck, this is from a proud member of the same church and as I see it the same views of politics.

    I am, and was doubting where you stood on many issues. Video games being one of them, but that is your right to claim what you want about their harm or benefit.

    But this message was beautiful, compelling, and sad. I am sorry for the pain your family has endured, and more so I am sorry for all the comparisons of the real issue of rape being used as if it meant nothing.

    Both of my ex-girlfriends were raped, one was given a roofie while the other was conscious through the whole ordeal when abused by someone she thought was her friend. It left such deep wounds on their lives, and I prayed to god for the guidance and strength to take the pain away from them but it never goes away. Watching someone you love, break down with no idea how to stop that downward spiral is one of the most heart breaking and tragic things you can ever witness.

    Both are no longer with me, for different reasons. One perished in an accident with another vehicle, while the other I drifted with emotionally.

    Glenn even if I find some of your views on subjects to be still growing as you try to learn, once again specifically video games, I still support and will stand beside you. I don’t view you as a bad person, I view you as a patriot and don’t ever forget that in your audience, in your life, and in the presence of god, you always have someone to pick you back up.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh talk about hanging out your dirty laundry. Hanging onto that kind of trash and then telling the whole world about is voyueristic. Doesn’t make me feel sorry for anyone. Sorry, it is just a pity party from my point of view. If someone abuses you, get EVEN don’t whine about it.
    All those Sandusky and Catholic priest abuses.. bunch of fairy boys that put up with it. Those boys were old enough to do something about it, but they probably liked it.
    Otherwise, they would have found a way to get even. Actions require actions, you can only go so far with words.

    • joannes

      If you believe what you wrote, then you know nothing of being intimidated as a child by an authority figure! And it matters not if you were 6 or 16. When a kid doesn’t have the wherewithal to exist by themselves, they are afraid to confront the authority figure. Ask me….I know! And when my mother did find out what was happening and told me, and I told her my side of the story, guess who she stuck up for?? NOT ME. But I was too young to leave and take care of myself. I turned to GOD and learned forgiveness and eventually got over it……Glenn is right…..this stuff affects 3 generations as the Bible teaches too. One has to work hard to be sure they are breaking the chain.

      • Anonymous

        Woe is me, and the pity party draws out all the whiners and cowards. At some point you either stand up for yourself or you will have a very difficult life. A very small child, I can understand… a teenager No way! Jerks that will abuse a child don’t care, sure they want forgiveness and hope you get over it. I wouldn’t admit I was abused, if I were. God doesn’t say we have to continue to hang around and forgive perverts. If an authority figure, especially within your immediate family did that to you. As soon as you are able…move on and forget them. Distance yourself so far from those kinds of people as possible, never go back. You can forgive from afar, but you can’t ever change the fear and anxiety of being around them. They are not good for your life and they made their choices for your value when you were vulnerable. Yes, forgive them. Forgiveness will heal you, but it doesn’t change the perverts.
        The perverts may even ask for forgiveness. You can assure them you do, or trying…but a broken spirit is a terrible thing to have to live with. Everytime you are around them your broken spirit renews.

  • chip griffin

    well glen you have thrown me for a loop on this one. the family or your family was tough, but at least you had a family to stand or try to stand with. those being born today have no family, yes a mother and everyone thinks this is all that is needed to remain a family and everyone but me has no problem with the world as it stands today. i do! i have a big problem with what is left of this once great nation that was made up of many families. now no family stands nor will one ever stand again, because the mothers, the aunts, the sisters, the women across the street see it as fine, in fact they say bring on the two mothers or two dads and all is well.

    i say our GOD was the first to make a family and he will not allow what is now normal to stand. when there is no family for a man to return to, no family to go home to, just a place to send the check. our GOD of sound mind will stop it. we have been given the leaders we have to shut this place down. as it is written, all will come to pass.
    now is the time for the end because the people refuse to return to what is right. they teach it to their children and the future is worse than what we now see. the family is gone and with that so goes the nation. if you do not believe me, read your bible. it even go so far as to say, keep your parents at home until death even if they are very hard to take care of as we build new rest homes. it is over folks, sorry, over and out,,,.plan your words to GOD for you are fixing to meet him. all of us, one at a time to account for our life’s. i was not happy,,, will not fly as to why you lied to the court and to your friends and broke up the family. GOD was there and saw all the parts even the ones you will not tell. yes women you had a share of the blame yet i have never heard one to this day say so.
    it was his fault and it cost every one but you. every one was miss-able, but you and your new man… and even that new guy was short lived. sorry GOD ant buying it. It is to the point he is shutting this place down through the leaders you elected. lairs like all of you. repent is the last hope, no stopping the shut down. enough is enough…all that is left is watching it close before your very eyes…
    i was kid napped but never raped, so i don’t understand that pain, but all the other types of pain i understand well. sorry GLEN we all were forced to take different routes to find the truth, some or most never even looked for it, to busy hunting happiness to see the wisdom of this place. i found the wisdom through all the pain. no talk show to air my pains and that worked out well for everyone…

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I think God for you and the messages you are presenting each day. Please keep listening to God and answering His call. May God bless you and your entire family. Sharing this story could not have been easy.

  • dave gessing

    Wow!! Very well said Glenn

  • Anonymous

    Most lefties still want actual rape victims thrown in front of a mob ready to stone them. They left are the ones still claiming it’s her fault, why wasn’t she wearing underwear?, Maybe he did something that was misinterpreted? Always excusing the rapist. Odd thought, Sadam Hussain had the right idea about what to do with rapists, which is probably the biggest reason the rest of the dolts in the middle east hated him, he simply had them executed. The rapists, not the victims.

    • Anonymous

      That may have been his public face, but when his son (Uday if I remember correctly) would bring home 12 year old girls to deflower them, Saddam didn’t have him executed, and he let his son execute the girls for “having sex outside of marriage”; the pig.

  • joannes

    I am going to put a different ‘take’ on this discussion. I am70 yrs old and I went to college in the early 60’s. Life was different then. The culture was base on self responsibility, doing the right thing, not telling lies, knowing right from wrong and basically living the Christian-Judeo lifestyle. We went to college get an education not to ‘hook up’. Everyone was NOT there to party and have sex. IN FACT….many people were in their 20s and virgins because they didn’t plan to have sex before marriage. There wasn’t any free birth control or abortions, and we knew how babies were made. If you didn’t want one, it was best not to ‘play’! The way this country is moving the past numbers of years, it would be good to go a little way back to those times. Having a relationship with God is a good thing. Women dressing modestly and acting like ladies is a good thing. And I am NOT saying that women ask to be raped….but there are some responsible ways to dress and act and some irresponsible ways to dress and act. Ladies choose one way and more frequently, by doing so, they avoid ‘trouble’. Men have all the hormones, and want all the ‘action’….but generally find they are happier once they settle down and marry. GOD had it right when He teaches in the Bible about marriage….and how to live.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, this is the same father that you spoke so lovingly in your broadcasts and books! Really. Now you expect everyone to believe he was a monster. Have your ratings gone down that much that you have to resort to “The National Inquire” broadcasting? Everybody has to air their families dirty laundry publicly. That’s what’s wrong with Society. I could care less about hearing about everyone’s problematic life. Especially from media people who get paid millions.

  • Melanie Huber

    AMEN!!!! I got chills just reading this. I whole heartedly agree. About 3 years ago I chose to take a stand regarding many of the items you listed here, but on rape in particular. It’s an area that I am passionate about. I could no longer allow ANYONE to speak out about how someone should feel, what actions the victims should take, could take, or what should victims have done differently. Only those who have never experienced such a horrific ordeal could minimalize the effects and aftermath in that manner. As a woman who has been a victim, I CHOOSE TO STAND UP, STAND OUT AND SPEAK FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T. THANK YOU MR. GLENN BECK FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH AS IT SHOULD BE TOLD!!!

  • ItalianScallion

    Wake up Glenn, they will lie and dog you till you give in.

  • Lyric Thompson

    Bullshit.. Sorry but no one who has either been raped OR has had rape touch their family MAKES FUN OF RAPE OR THE VICTIMS. Anyone that bothered to actually watch his skit can easily see that Beck IS making light of rape and pretty much making a joke out of it. Now we have Vicks in the eyes once more?

    • cburns4vta

      I never heard Glenn make fun of rape or it’s victims.
      That was what those questions in the survey did, by not seriously trying to find real numbers of victims but instead trying to inflate statistics for political gain. That I would say is cheapening the real suffering of true victims equating get asked more then once as the same to the dehumanize brutality rapists visit on their victims.
      How dare you make light of anyones attempt even Glenn Becks to make people aware of the effects this evil can have that stretch beyond even the original victim but into their families. I can’t even imagine the trust issues, and the damage to done to ones ability to feel self worth or raise a child who is emotionally whole after that kind of trauma. Do you know if Glenn is lying or are you just assuming? Until you know what someone really has or hasn’t been through how dare you say that someone whose family has felt the effects of rape is making a joke out of it. If any one on the right called someone discussing the effects of rape as a SKIT or making light or joke out of rape. They would be shouted down as insensitive monsters. Now you are the insensitive monster, demeaning a man you just don’t happen to like, when he opens up his personal life and tries to talk about the effects of rape, especially when the family member who experienced that violence has barely been in the ground for 2 months. And you ridicule a man who has the courage to talk about it? You are the intolerant monster that hasn’t shown a man who broke out in tears over the pain that rape has caused his family a liar. You attack him simply on bias, prejudiced you and those like you preach tolerance & understanding, but only if you approve of the person and their politics can they speak on any issue you lay claim to.
      Your hypocrisy is disgust and it is repulsive to see you make light of man discussing the effects of rape on his family. YOU ARE THE MONSTER

    • cburns4vta

      And by the way the picture you trolls all talk about of the vicks and glenn beck make himself cry was taken during a photo shoot where they where tying to get a shot. He wasn’t trying to do it for a stories credibility and all the behind the scenes shots with Glenn and the vicks were released right after making no attempt to hide it. And the pictures of him crying where not used to advance a story ever. Using bad evidence to devalue someone trying to talk about the awful effects of rape on families is something Monsters do.

  • cburns4vta

    I was one of the people wondering where the Glenn that use to fire everyone up with words so powerful they cut to the heart of any lie had gone. No one, not Glenn, not me, not you can always hit em’ out of the park into the parking lot when we speak. Even words with power at first lose their original weight when repeated, fortunately the world shifts and new fires are lit. Some fires are started by those whose intent is to have the flames consume us so they light them often close to things we care about causing us to over react drawing us in. This doesn’t mean ignore the fires those people set, just like a forest fire that in nature will burn itself out eventually but in the process if no one does anything can destroy your home a neighborhood or people you love. Glenn I hope you have realized (I think you may have) that you can be that more caring man not dividing people like you felt your time at Fox may have done. But taking the higher ground ignoring the mental arsonists setting those fires around those they wish to destroy you can no longer ignore, it took touching a painful nerve of your life to make you find that voice I heard right now that is as powerful as I can remember yours being but different because the world has shifted and one of the new fires that has been lit was inside your mind. The arsonist didn’t start it, for those who seek truth honestly this fire never goes all the way out instead it sits and smolders kept alive by truth which is eternal and objective, never ending. The arsonists can never be ignored their lies must be shown as just that untruths and their goals of trapping us in their fires isn’t going to work. We will stand back watch it burn but we will stand close enough to point out these people for who they are and call their lies out for the evil they are. But we also should get close enough so that when you stop their lies and then the flames of their own fires turn with the political wind back at them you can reach in and save them offering your hand into the fire for them to grab, feeling their pain, humbly showing them the power of truth. Glenn the voice I heard just now is the old new you that was always there smoldering just waiting for the world to shift and a wind to set your truth a-BLAZE.
    God Bless you, our nation, and any man whose fire is inside him.

    “Principles are the bones of who you are, Actions are the meat on them.”

    -Chuck Burns (2013)

  • joe michael villa

    I have about a million things I would like to say about this, but I’m going to my best to keep this brief…. here goes:

    First of all, what happened to his father was horrible. Absolutely horrible, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But there are (more than) a few issues here. To begin with, it didn’t happen to Glenn Beck. It happened to his father. His father is a rape victim. Glenn Beck is not. Now, I would think that having someone so close to you go through the trauma of rape would make you more sensitive about it and more caring about other victims — but obviously that didn’t happen. So does he realize that his skit is mocking actual rape victims? Not just people who know someone who was raped, but people who were actually raped themselves. I’m sorry, but he DOES NOT know what it feels like to be raped. He knows what it’s like when a loved one is raped — and that’s tragic — but he is not the victim here.

    Also, he is conflating sexual assault/violence against women with child sexual abuse/church sexual abuse. Those are two very different issues. Both are extremely problematic, but they’re not the same. And only one of them happens to be perpetuated, minimized, and denied by the very same attitudes Glenn Beck endorses.

    Glenn Beck is not the victim. He’s just a sexist, angry old man who can’t say “I’m sorry.”

    • cburns4vta

      You are a monster. How dare you when a family experiences the traumatic effects of rape on a member and the lifelong trust issues it causes, the challenge of raising emotionally sound children when inside someone emotionally destroyed them, how dare you judge the pain of anyone in that family assessing it to be less then another members. Even if you have had it happen in your family no one is alike and some people are more sensitive then others, how dare you when someone is trying to inform on the evils of sexual predators and their depravity assume you can be the arbiter of who is entitled to feel pain or speak out. And to suggest that a act so brutal couldn’t make a victims out a whole generation of a family, that is making light of rape and the effect of it. And what kind of monster are you trying to separate rape into categories and judge them against each other, women vs. child rape WTF is that you insensitive thug to give importance to one is to lessen the seriousness of the other. What kind of human being can’t realize that rape is always evil and no matter what the gender or age of the attacker or victim is it is still rape and equally evil. And by suggesting a difference you perpetuate, minimize this evil. You monsters cheapen human life when you classify types of rape instead of just acknowledging that no human being should be robbed of their free will. And when you inflate numbers with questions meant to deceive you turn the real victims of rape into political pawns you use to shut up your enemies. But when you talk about the war on women and do studies on females rapped in college or America you don’t include children or males and it’s for the most despicable reason out there, because it’s not politically expedient and harm your opposition. YOU AND YOUR KIND ARE THE MONSTERS

      • joe michael villa

        oh give it a rest. no one and YOUR KIND are buying your cra p.
        Glenn wasn’t even born when this happened to his dad.

        My father was a civil engineer. does that make me an expert on civil engineering?


        • cburns4vta

          Being a civil engineer isn’t emotionally destructive. Your analogy is about as hollow as your personal character.
          And no one needs to buy my crap to see that how you minimize and categorize human suffering to suit your goals is repugnant.
          Give it a rest huh? Not on your life, not for all the gold in the world.
          Again your analogy sucks

          • joe michael villa

            Glenn did such a great job of turning the issue back on to himself. He is a bipolar narcissist so it’s all got to be about him. What happened to his father was tragic no doubt. But just because someone in your family had something horrible happen that doesn’t allow you to make broad declarations about what can and cannot be said.

          • Anonymous

            As any psychologist worth their salt, can tell you, whatever happened to his father, even before Glenn was born, impacted the way Glenn’s father acted and interacted with people, thus it would have an impact on Glenn’s family even while Glenn was alive. That is one of the prevailing reasons why child molestation, where the lack of consent was ONLY due to age, is still considered grotesque and damaging to the child, because it influences the way that child thinks and acts, for years.

      • Monet

        We have no way of knowing that what Beck says here is true. He’s lied before about his family ‘story’, for the exact same reason, to engender sympathy. He claims his mother committed suicide, when her actual official cause of death is recorded as accidental drowning. Given his history, you look like a fool. This sounds like a convenient story, told on his dead dad, who isn’t around to confirm it. Beck sounds more and more unhinged each day as his audience evaporates.

        • Anonymous

          Those two stories of his mother’s death, are not necessarily contradictory. For one, she could have purposefully entered or used whatever body of water she drowned in, with the intent to die (thus being suicide), but did not leave any or enough physical for the inquiry to determine it was anything other than a tragic accident (i.e. no note, nor telling anyone and being taken seriously). Perhaps his family was in denial that she would commit suicide and thus dismissed it as a possible to the investigators, who then, without evidence to the contrary, wrote it off as an accident (that does happen). No one knows the truth in a family, as well as the family members themselves (hence, family secrets…).
          Also, on a more cynical note, insurance companies generally won’t pay out on life insurance policies if the official cause of death is suicide…. Not to say that happened in his family, but it does happen.

  • Mike Ingersoll

    Thank you Glen for sharing your story with us. Words cannot adequately tell you how sorry I am that you or your family has ever had to face abuse. Thank you for sharing this.

  • joe michael villa

    If he has a family history that involves rape, why is he so tone deaf to what he puts on the air?

    I really think it’s time to question this persons sanity.

  • Dennis Markham

    Good job, Glenn. You gave those spoiled princesses a one-two punch.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes it starts when a child is raped by an adult and then that child does the same thing later on even as a child and continues when he is an adult.

  • Anonymous

    That was an amazingly powerful message. I feel the same way and frankly, I’m sick of the tactics of suppression by anyone.

  • Susie Parker

    We have a very recent history of child sexual abuse witch hunts in this country. My son was just a teen when he was falsely accused by a cousin in a bid to attend a party after she was grounded. Constitutional rights have effectively been striped from accusations of this sort, and the fall out from countless people wrongly convicted or forced to accept guilty pleas took years to over come. And that was The Right promoting sex offender hysteria. Now it’s the “left’s” turn, I see.

    • Anonymous

      I have seen those affects too close for comfort. In NY, at both the state and federal (i.e. district and 2nd circuit) courts, the inconsistent, uncorroborated testimony of the “victim” is sufficient by itself to obtain a conviction, and sustain it under the Jackson v. Virginia standard for sufficiency of evidence; the reason being: obtaining evidence and witnesses is “too hard” in sex cases.
      Yes, there are plenty of accusations that are true, but false accusations are used as a weapon to hurt other people. jdgalt’s post above, with the links, provides some horrifying statistics that I find believable because I have seen it.
      We are a vindictive culture where people want to destroy each other for the slightest perceived affront. I’ve said it myself that sex crimes are the new salem witch trials.

  • Anonymous

    Very well said, Glen.

  • ©₦@®£€$ ₣€N€¥

    Wow. Glenn’s dad was a punk. That’s gotta be tough to deal with.

  • stp

    Don’t let the haters get to you. You are right. The truth will prevail and it is the truth that sets us free. Thank you for having the courage and integrity to speak for so many.

  • Anonymous

    MR Beck, thank you sir, you are an asset to any news organisation that hires you.

  • Anonymous

    Hurt people hurt people…

  • Kevin Maginnis

    Wow, I can’t believe this, I actually agree with Glenn Beck on something.

  • Ama Zohn

    Although some complain about liberty’s negative sense of being defined as the absence of coercion, much good is defined by the lack of evil.

  • Lancey

    If we in the US or worldwide are going to rationalize our behavior in the present to what happened in the past, then we’re never going to get to the stage in our society where wars and conflict will in the US or elsewhere will never end! Hitler justified his regime by pointing to the Jews, the allies, the bankers ad infinitum! Stalin and the Communists used the justification of killing, torturing and imprisoning of millions of people with past grievances with the church, landowners and bankers!

  • Blues Brother

    I saw Glenn and Stu’s ugly ugly petty small “satire” on rape. Regardless of what anybody says, Glenn and Stu and whatzissname are only in it for the big bucks, the lean green, the $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Greed written loud and clear. And they are sucking it up. Can’t anyone summon the ability to exercise some thinking and analyze these scumbags for what they are?

  • Rae

    I’m a survivor myself of both sexual and physical abuse& it took everything I could find in myself to ensure that my children never experienced what I did. I have, for years, told people that I am NOT a victim, that I will not let them turn me into a victim — it happened, I survived and, by God, they would not take that away from me. Thank you for speaking out to those who would tell me what the impact of my childhood should be or how I should fell…how dare they presume to tell me these things!

  • IT IT 2 IT

    Quite enough of inclusion fantasy and enmeshment op ‘medea’.

    Quite enough of electronic necromancy and friendly spirits generally.

    We are in the 11th hour of RED CHINA hadover,
    —————full blown cultural debasement
    ———————-‘IN the RED’ takeover USURY TERROR
    —————————AGGRESSIVE, system embedded EUGENICS
    —————–and OPEN Globalist MAFIA USURPATION.

    TAVISTOCK mind control FAKE media’s been playin’ with
    ALLLL our PRIVATES long enough.


  • Jenn


  • WASP

    Dear God, what a bunch of psychotic babel, hey Glenn no one gives a rats ass, wash your damn laundry else where

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