‘Shocking and dangerous’: Glenn reacts to President Obama’s chilly reception at West Point

During his commencement address at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point on Wednesday, President Obama sought to lay out the key components that would define his Administration’s foreign policy goals for the remainder of his presidency. Instead, a large majority of the media coverage surrounding the speech focuses on the less than warm reception he received when taking the stage and throughout the address.

“Let’s go from Snowden to the reception at West Point for the President, which is shocking and tragically sad,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “If you look at the stadium, it is full… There’s a few people that stand up and start to give him a standing ovation – but it’s maybe 5% of the audience – and nobody follows.”

Many have described the reception the President received upon taking the stage at West Point as “icy.” Watch the entrance courtesy of Reuters:

In terms of audience response, the speech really just went downhill from there. President Obama paused several times during the address at moments that he most likely expected to be applause lines – but those in attendance largely had no response. The few points at which the audience did applaud were lackluster at best.

“He’s giving his speech, and he’s waiting for applause, and it never comes,” Glenn said. “And when it does, [it makes his entrance] seem like an outrageous ovation. It really does.”

On radio this morning, Glenn played some of the most cringe worthy moments of the speech from both a policy and audience response perspective. As Glenn explained, the lack of enthusiasm is both sad and dangerous given this was a situation in which the commander in chief was addressing the U.S. military.

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“We don’t do this with, honestly, any joy because we think this is very dangerous for the United States of America to have its commander in chief so separated from its soldiers, but we are. The soldiers are disconnecting now from the President,” Glenn said. “He didn’t address the VA scandal. He should have. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m so sick of the teleprompter. Just speak from the heart, man. Can you not just speak from the heart?”

During his speech, President Obama wandered through a weird maze of policy goals that included everything from climate change to the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention center. It was a bizarre subject matter for a speech given in the audience of servicemen and women.

“There you are talking to the military about that,” Pat said disgusted. “Listen to this.”

“It sounds like a Rotary Club meeting,” Glenn concluded. “That is absolutely incredible. I have never heard anything like this. It is extraordinarily dangerous to have our military disconnect and no longer trust and believe in the president of the United States – so sad and so dangerous.”

You can watch the President’s full speech below:

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • John Scott

    Don’t you think a lot of these grads just wanted to be somewhere else? Obama is just a lot a Bla,Bla Bla and nothing really of any substance. Your Commander in Chief is a rambler in Chief. Its no wonder Countries are walking all over us. Obama acts like we either have to go to war or do nothing. In fact has he not heard the saying “Speak softly, but carry a big stick”. Deterrent is what keeps your enemy’s from testing your will. Its just sad how far we have retracted from being feared and respected by or foes.

    • Anonymous

      I think Obama wanted to be somewhere else. Someplace where people would clap for him and blow kisses to him.

    • Tyson Litz

      Awww shucks no. Biden said he’s got a Big Stick! Hahahaaa

    • Anonymous

      This is all posturing because of the VA scandal, O is now trying to appear like he gives a s&**

  • Kevin O’Quinn

    Yes, the stadium was full. Just ask any member of the military what the phrase “rent-a-crowd” means.

    • Anonymous

      Captive would you say???

      • Anonymous

        I would call it a captive audience. The vast majority are family members and friends of the cadets as well as the usual faculty and military members who usually attend. They probably expect better speeches and went away disappointed.

  • Nick Oz

    glenn beck is a Mormon his god is elohim elohim is the fallen angels the elohim gave us Judaism and Mormonism the elohim are the demonic gray aliens that crashed at Roswell beware this is the NWO zionist mormons

    • Anonymous

      You demonstrate most clearly that you know nothing about the Mormon religion.

      • DogWithoutSlippers

        He also demonstrates he is high on mind altering drugs!~

    • Anonymous

      What does any of that have to do with this article?

    • Anonymous

      Paranoid? Seek help.

      • Wizzardly

        Double up the tinfoil hat liner;

        • Anonymous

          Better yet, double up on the lithium dosage.

    • Raphiki

      Wow! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  • DeeDeeLynn

    I tried to watch the entire speech and cut it off at 3 minutes. I don’t need to see this guy babble on thinking he is Gods gift to the world. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    • Anonymous

      really, God’s gift!!! doesn’t he think he’s God???

      • DeeDeeLynn

        Yes. Yes he does. Pretty scary huh?

    • Patriot 10

      It is so unsettling and disgusting to watch a pathological liar. It is insulting to one’s intelligence to listen to him say one thing and watch him do something totally opposite. The man is delusional and lives in a fantasy world, and this is going to be disastrous and embarrassing.

      • Anonymous

        As are his legions of adoring worshippers on bended knee.

        • Anonymous

          That is so bizarre to me…. people have literally referred to him as savior or god, I knew we were in trouble when he was running for president, and looking at some of his campaign posters, the one that stood out was the one with the halo over his head and it said savior

          • Patrick Klocek

            Before he was sworn in, I heard people talking about how they wanted to change the law to allow him a third term … CRAZY!

      • Chris G

        I’m disappointed that no one in the audience uttered any boos or hisses at Obama throughout the entire speech.

        The second he made it up to the podium, the entire crowd should have stood up & turned their backs to him.

        Why didn’t somebody yell “YOU LIE!” to him???

        • Trezore

          FEAR… that is why… fear of being arrested for disturbing/disrupting the peace.. and any other charge that could be found to throw at the person that shouts out… being escorted out and handcuffed… etc etc etc… cowards…

          • Jay Sands

            Each and EVERY serviceman and woman since 1973 is a volunteer. You wingnut. Calling them cowards. You are the coward.

          • Patrick Klocek

            Under UCMJ, they are not allowed to boo him. And I have absolutely no doubt that that their commanders reminded them of that before going out on the field.

        • Anonymous

          It probably wouldn’t be wise for new grads to be so disrespectful.

        • bmacmc

          Respect for the OFFICE, not the (man?)

          • Anonymous

            I agree with bmacmc. I didn’t see the grads clap at the beginning, nor any other time during the brief highlights that I could stomach. As an ex-service man, it would be disrespectful of the office that they have all sworn an oath to defend. Standing up against the man could have gotten them in serious hot water… Even if the man sitting in the chair is the most hated man to ever occupy it.

            I think the silent protest (no clapping or anything) was by far louder than their words would have been.

        • Sherry H

          Because his audience members are among the most honorable and classy people in the world.

        • richard scalzo

          Then they should have been dismissed form the military. they don’t have the ability to decide who they will follow. To do so would be an embarrassment to their rank.
          Maybe the graduating class in 2002 should have refused to follow the commands of the then President because they didn’t believe in his view on Iraq.

        • Patrick Klocek

          The Army is too classy for that. Remember UCMJ. He is their commander-in-chief. They can do nothing while in uniform except smile and follow orders. But their deafening silence is what was heard.

        • DeeDeeLynn

          Chris G – because we have better manners than that. I would have the same feeling as you though. I would be so tempted. I once asked a coworker how he could have had a picture taken with Bill Clinton and he stated that he was kind of stuck. I could have walked out of the situation but he, as an employee of the university, had to do his job which was to protect the visiting dignitary.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing but another self-glorifying good for me speech. It is sad to witness the depths to which the morale of our proud military has sunk and continues to sink. No matter how bad Bush’s public ratings got, he still had the overwhelming respect of the military.

      • Jay Sands

        Hell President Bush’s ratings were never as bad as the chairman’s. The damned economic failure was due to the mortgage industry’s forced home loans to those who could NOT possibly pay the mortgages.

        • richard scalzo

          Bush’s ratings went down to 25 percent Every President’s rating go up and down. totally meaningless. Bush’s average rating over his two terms were 49 percent. The job will never be one where everyone is going to say you’re doing a great job.

    • Anonymous

      DeeDee, you did a lot better than me. I cut it off after 10 seconds. I just canNOT stand looking at the man, hearing his voice spewing his overused empty rhetoric….Anymore, it’s just utter REVULSION and CONTEMPT for that Empty Suit masquerading as our so-called “president”. Just what the HELL have we gotten ourselves into?

      • Anonymous

        maybe you shouldn’t let this website and the soap opera-reality tv politics of 24-hr cable news get you so worked up over an individual politician. obama sucks, don’t get me wrong, but so have the last few presidents, and for much the same reasons. if you’re upset about the way things are, obama is way down the blame list. such passionate hatred can only be a product of the conservative-media-entertainment complex that branded–created, manufactured–obama as a canvas on which you can project all of your fears and concerns and worries and hangups about the insecurities of everyday life that are out of your control. you need someone to blame for life not turning out like “they” said it would.

        • Anonymous

          I realize it’s been hard for you to find a forum for your views since MSDNC canned Olbermann, but please, spare me your pseudo-psychobabble. You are SOOO out of place here.

          • DeeDeeLynn

            Agreed! I just read that spiel by Haymarket and chuckled.

        • Patrick Klocek

          Blah, Blah, Blah. The speech was lame, weak, and meandering. If he was trying to outline an Obama Doctrine, it was a failure. It amounts to, “hey, let’s be careful.” WOW — I bet no US President from Washington to “W” Bush never thought of that! Obama’s whole presidency has been an unmitigated failure.

    • Anonymous

      He is the great deceiver, the Anti

  • http://www.trentrenner.com Trent Renner

    Time will show that this POTUS is the worst US leader we’ve had so far. Community Organizers are shepherds, not leaders. Obama is a caring man. He is a good man. He is simply a horrible world leader. It seems that Obama does not believe that there is evil in the world. I think Obama thinks that world peace is possible. As long as evil exists, world peace is not possible. Community Organizers use the word “I” too much. Leaders use the word “we/us.” This does’t make him a better or worse person, just a not a leader. America is built on vision, passion, and an ability to lead this melting pot of people into unity. We are called The UNITED States of America. We will see the difference once his term ends as President. I hope the American population will have learned their lesson on what leadership is not and choose a leader for the US once again that brings back into balance world stability, and draws this group of states back to UNITED.

    • jesusknight

      Kings and monarchs use the royal ‘we’ as well…

    • Patriot 10

      He certainly is not a leader, but neither is he a good man. Anyone who inflicts and much pain on the population without making any changes in policies is not a good man and does not have the welfare of the people in this country as a concern. His idea of the means justifies the ends gives him the right to inflict whatever pain is necessary in order to establish a socialist/communist society. LIke many Marxists before him, it does not even matter that millions would have to die in order to transform this country into a Marxist state. His policies align perfectly with the philosophy of Marx and Lenin.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, witness his famed “World Apology Tour”. Lotta good that did us, huh?

    • Anonymous

      I just want to clarify one thing. “Time will show…” Time has already shown us that he is the worst US leader we’ve EVER had. History will show this as well short of the revisionist historians that have nothing better to do than to appease the liberal mindset.

  • Anonymous

    i see nothing wrong with a campaign(what is he campaigning for) speech, at a graduation, from potus!!! after all, what did anyone expect!!!

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps these new grads will have the courage to do what the old ones would not do. They appear to be pencil pusher, kiss a$$ leaders who worry more about their pension than saving America. The new guys may FINALLY make a move. We can only hope.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was pretty disgraceful to say to about 1000 new graduating Army officers that he wasn’t going to be using the military in any meaningful way. What a graduation gift to them.

    • Boo2

      I agree gussy! He’s going to use the United Nations?! Of course he is! The ‘blue hats’ are going to come and TAKE your guns. How? They ‘no speaka da englasa, bam! You’re dead!’
      These ARE the end times!

      • Anonymous

        No Boo………………Not in the South. The blue hats will be shot on site.

        • Boo2

          Thats true fbc! I’m sure there will be a lot of resistance!

        • Natalie Hubbard

          The blue hats are already in Texas.

          • Anonymous

            There in every state in the country

          • James Kirk Wilkinson

            Texas also has an active and well trained State militia. Texas State Guard

          • Jim Dandy

            Yea, only they are called “Illegal Aliens”. Throw them out…

        • Anonymous

          Texas is south… and there’s pics circulating on fb of UN trucks driving down the highway…

          • richard scalzo

            The same comments have been circulating since 209. Maybe people all over the world are asking why there are US troops all over their country? I guess you’ve never heard of training over here for foreign troops.

      • Anonymous

        at the German UN base in Cali above the entrance to the base the sign reads ” Expect NO Mercy”

        • baddison

          remember who provided the security for the Atlanta Olympics? German UN troops. That’s the heart of the south. Here up north, Oregon has two sheriffs who were previously UN Peacekeepers in Kosavo. Those sheriffs happen to be in the two most mineralized counties in Oregon.

          • richard scalzo

            You’re realy a tinfoil follower. Security wasn’t provided by German troops. Agencies from all over the world assisted in various areas as is the case in every major function.

          • baddison

            No, they were UN troops from Germany. “Tinfoil follower.” I always question people who come right out and pull these personal attacks. I live, follow, and report regularly on the Wildlands Project on the mineralized lands of the western US, so please don’t pretend to understand what you think I know or don’t know.

      • richard scalzo

        That idea is getting old. The NR used it as a fundraiser for years. Yet anyone who actually read the act knows it can’t do anything in that area.

    • Anonymous

      I recall hearing in one “speech” he (or is it “He”?) gave, where he referred to the U.S. Military as “My [his] military…”! His military? The arrogance is breathtaking!

      • Anonymous

        He has called them “his” military several times during “his” presidency. Arrogance on display constantly.

        • Cheryl Richard

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          • Guest

            No Cheryl, actually you have not

          • Shut up and read

            Quit spamming. If were want to work at home we will call. WE DON’T CARE!

        • Anonymous

          good call

      • Anonymous

        I remember that. Shameful.

        • Chris G

          Too bad nobody in the audience threw their shoe at him.

      • Lissa Cole

        It’s not uncommon for military leaders to refer to who they’re over as “theirs”. My husband is in the Air Force and I hear it all the time. The president is the Commander in Cheif which is technically a military ranking and the highest at that. I don’t think he’s being arrogant I just think he is doing what most military leaders do when referring to who they’re in command of.

        • Jay Sands


        • Bev

          He does by virtue of his office have this right. Although he has made a mockery of it.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, but I stand by my comment. If ANY possessive adjectives should have been used, and I think “inclusively” minded liberals would agree, it would be “our” military. But if ANY element of the government can claim “ownership” of the military, I would think it would be Congress. The CinC does not have the Constitutional right to do with the military as he pleases, without the authority of the Congress. That’s the way it’s SUPPOSED to be anyway… The military is not the “Palace Guard”; at least no yet.

        • Chad Campbell

          Usually when commanders or unit leaders are using a possessive, it’s in the sense of recognizing responsibility for their well being or showing pride in their accomplishments. I can’t stomach watching this speech so I’ll let you all decide on the context, but if he’s saying “my military” as if referring to a tool at his disposal, then that’s not good.

        • Anonymous

          The Clintons did this too. It is not a normal thing for a president to do. I have never heard another president speak this way – and it is not his right. The president is a representative of the people. He does not have ownership of an army in any sense of the word.

        • jude

          The truth of the matter is…he is no commander because a commander has received rank in the military. When was our liar in Chief in the military? And what would he even know about it, but only to degrade and not look after our men and women who put their lives in harms way…case in point…VA

      • crawfordjim@bellsouth.net

        Does it occur to anyone that he has dreams/delusions of using “his” military to retain the presidency by force of martial law??? His ego won’t allow him so see how much the military hates his guts.

    • Lissa Cole

      Just because someone doesn’t “go to war” doesn’t mean that they won’t be used in a meaningful way. Believe it or not, not everyone joins the military because they want to defend the country by going to war. There are a ton of non-combatant jobs in the military.

      • Jay Sands

        And? Having been (20+ years in uniform) I can assure that those “non-combat” jobs can and do immediately become combat arms. Idiot.

        • Anonymous


        • Elena

          Yes indeed. Ask the marine Corps cooks in HQ Bn on Tarawa how a non-combat job becomes intensely combat in a flash.

      • Sandpiper

        Read the Pledge you take when you join the Military! If you don’t want to defend the country you shouldn’t be in the Military. Yes, there are non-combatant positions but you are trained and can still be called to your duty….which is protect and defend. You do not “use” your Military in a meaningful way…that is for the Peace Corp and other organizations of their type.

        • Elena

          Defend the Constitution against ALL enemies — foreign and DOMESTIC. In his sense, the Constitution IS the country.

      • Patrick Morrissey

        I agree with Jay.. Lissa, you are an idiot.. That stupid Army commercial where the guy joined to be a graphic designer is pathetic. You join the military, not because you WANT to go to war. You join because you are WILLING to go. If you put on a uniform in the United States ARMED Forces, and you are trained to be ARMED, you might actually be expected to use that training. Grow up.

    • Anonymous

      not sending them off to die in stupid, senseless conflicts. yea, what a jerk.

  • Anonymous

    Obamanation can’t speak from the heart. He has a very dark heart, and the men in uniform know it. Sorry Glenn, it is just the way it is. When this evil man was re-elected, you probably knew it yourself that this was the end of America that so many Americans voted for a wicked, evil man.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more !!!! It is as if we are living in the Twilight Zone and the American people , a good portion of them have no flipping clue as to how he destroying their futures !!!!! Not a flipping clue . There is no sunshine in America , Obama is like a walking talking zombie with absolutely no passion whatsoever . Daily he feeds the American people a steady diet of lies , the media then regurgitates it and the Lepers of the Left clap like little seals.
      I literally see no way except one to remedy the current crisis we are

      • Anonymous


        • Laddyboy

          Period! If I may end your Comment.

    • Anonymous

      Stealthman I have to respectfully disagree. It is not that so many Americans voted for Obama. The 10 million who did not vote a second time for Obama did their part by sitting out the election. If blame is due it falls squarely on the over 4 million bible thumpers who refused to vote for Romney because of his religion. As a side note my family was in attendance to see my nephew graduate.

      • Anonymous

        agreed. A lot of Christians vowed that they never would vote for a Mormon, and that was horrible.

        But Romney made it a lot worse by refusing to take a moral stand on what happened in Benghazi, especially in that last debate. He dissuaded people who were morally outraged about what happened in Benghazi from voting for a wet noodle with a nice haircut.

        • Anonymous

          EXACTLY! That was the time for Romney to have shown some mettle…stand up against the rigged debate by Crawley and demand an answer from obummer for the Benghazi SNAFU. Maybe that would have awakened the nation in full view.

          • Anonymous

            Did you watch the debate exchange? Any honest person would have acknowledged that it was rigged. What good would it have done for him to go off on a rant like a crazy man.

            He did demand an answer from Obama. He did the one thing you don’t normally do in a debate, which is give your opponent your time to speak by asking them a question. He asked Obama if he called it a terror attack the day after the attack, which sets up the question, “Then why did Susan Rice say it was a video two or three days after the attack, if on the DAY after you knew it was a terror attack?” But that’s when Candy started butting in, claiming it was “time” to move on to another topic, and wouldn’t let him speak.

            But then you are right, he could have dug into his rant and showed YOU he had some “balls”, but then by your standards any child throwing a tantrum on the school play ground has big enough “Balls” to be president.

        • Anonymous

          Romney’s stance on Benghazi was NOTHING like what you just described.

          Stop making lame excuses for people who just simply didn’t vote for Romney because of his Religion. I’m sick of people trying to Justify their hateful, ignorant, moronic stances of not voting for Romney, by nit picking the smallest, stupidest things about Mitt Romney. He wasn’t running as all powerful, all knowing, all perfect, Savior of the world. OBAMA WAS!!!! And you IDIOTS didn’t want to vote for Romney because you think he worships the devil and by your in-action re-elected the FREAKEN ANTI-CHRIST!!! That is a new level of stupid if you ask me and the devil, who you “claim” Mormonism represents, was laughing his butt off on election night AT YOU!!!

          Bible thumping hate mongers are going to burn in hell…oh wait we are already in it. Thanks for dragging us down with you.

          Now here is where I get really personally offensive (disclaimer stop reading now if you have a weak mind):

          If your Church goes out of its way to bash the Mormon faith and anyone who is a member of it like they did to Romney, instead of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, your church is inspired and directed by SATAN himself and if you are an active, willing parishioner at that church, you show up to church in your “Sunday’s finest” and worship the Devil!!! Your pastor quotes to you scripture, just like SATAN did to Jesus when he tempted him, and convinces you to HATE, PERSECUTE, AND SLANDER sons and daughters of GOD. You are a willingly blind follower of the devil and will some day find yourself burning in hell along with all the other minions of the devil you call friends…

          Unless you repent and change your wicked dispositions and stop treating others the way the Pharisees and Sadducees treated the Savior.

          • Debra

            not all churches bash the mormon faith! there are those bad apples that put a bad name on everyone. Our church was pushing very hard for Romney and many churches around us here in the South but yes there are many that are just ignorant. There are even churches out there that bash each others faith, it is wrong. But when you read revelations it specifically states that in the last days there would be a great falling away of the church and I believe that is what is happening. But don’t include all as the same, they aren’t there are still some that preach the word and do not bash others. I had one pastor years ago during service tell us to not steel sheep from other churches that all that mattered was that they are attending church and that there were many others to spread the word to. That was such a profound statement to me and it has stuck with me till now.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the comment. Please read my comment again as I said nothing to imply my comments were directed towards EVERY church, but I specifically singled out THE churches that DO bash the Mormon Faith.

            I commend you for attending a church that teaches you to love and respect others, even if they don’t think as you do. You also appear to be able to see the good in others, even if they aren’t the same “Religion” as you.

            You are right, many churches supported Romney…4 million people didn’t vote because of his Religion. That 4 million people that normally vote GOP, but didn’t because of his religion, and all they want to do is act like there was something wrong with Romney. He isn’t the one with the problem.

            Your pastors comment about not steeling sheep is commendable, but the ignorant need to be educated and staying at their hate mongering church isn’t doing them any good AT ALL. No offence to your pastor, but I believe your interpretation of his comments for this situation is not correct.

          • Bennett Williams

            Most of us had to “hold our nose” and vote for Mitt even though we knew a Massachusetts governor (Yankee) moderate couldn’t win. It had little to do with his faith it was a lack of enthusiasm within the conservative base. Same with McCain. How many votes did all of that reaching across the aisle get him. Most of his votes were for Sarah Palin, not him!

          • Anonymous

            A respectable reason to dislike Romney. Like him, not like him, and even believing he wouldn’t win, you still voted for him. You didn’t stay home or vote for a third party candidate (that really had no shot at winning) which by their nature are the basic equivalent to casting a vote for Obama. At lease you have the true moral high ground when complaining about Obama because you didn’t help elect him.

            But to disagree with you slightly. True conservatives still voted for him. The 4 million “conservatives” that stayed home were the bible thumping haters that pretend to be conservatives, but really just vote how their pastor tells them too.

          • newyorkjetfan1@aol.com

            Even if I had misgivings about a Mormon in the White House (which I don’t), the Mormon would get my vote over a muslim. Every time.

          • Chris G

            I didn’t vote for Romney…& NOT due to his religion. I did it ‘cuz he won’t protect & defend the Constitution of the US, plain & simple.

            Would he have been better than Obama? Probably, on a few issues.

          • Anonymous

            C G, You are an Idiot and a liar. A liar because the real reason you didn’t vote for him is because the guy who convinced you that Romney would not protect & defend the constitution, but that “He” would, was not the Republican nominee and on election day you pulled a tantrum like my two year old does when he doesn’t get his way. And an idiot because your silly fit was part of a movement that guaranteed the re-election of someone who openly ATTACKS the constitution. Get off your tea party/libertarian/holier than thou high horse and take responsibility for your stupidity and ignorance.

            You traded one stupid reason for not voting for Romney (his religion) for another stupid reason for not voting for Romney and you seam to be proud of it. Two stupid reasons with the exact same results. You are no better and President Obama is your greatest fan!

          • srsanbo

            I voted for Gary Johnson. He was the one and only candidate that stood for what I think America should be. So what colorful names do you have for me?

          • Anonymous

            You already know what I think about you and your kind. It’s really funny how you and your ilk puff yourselves up as if you are some how morally superior because you helped re-elect the GREATEST EVIL TO FACE THE CONSTITUTION since it was first written. Gary Johnson is a tool who is more concerned about his own ego and smoking pot than helping the country. Obama thanks you! That is what you were referring to when you speak about “how America should be”

        • Jay Sands

          no instead they voted for a lyinkenyan muslim.

      • Debra

        You are so right, but they failed to research and read in Obamas sick books that he wrote that he professed to be a Muslim. I had cashier ask me while she was checking was checking my groceries out during the second election she did not know how she would feel about having a Mormon for president and I had to reply back how do you feel about having a Muslim for president! People seem to have lost their common sense and can’t think for themselves anymore. I don’t know what happened but there are so many just following this idiot as if he was God, but they are like sheep to the slaughter and that will be where they end up. They don’t get it! It doesn’t register in their brains! They just enjoy worshiping this moronic delusional mentally incapable dictator we have.

        • Anonymous

          You still miss the point! Anyone’s religion shouldn’t matter!!!

          What the check stand lady should have been thinking is: Do I want Romney and his policies or Obama and his policies, PERIOD!!!

          Instead, her churches brain washing kicked in and all she could think about is Mormonism. Do you get that? She ignored all reason and deliberate thought and like a mindless drone defaulted to “Mormonism = bad” Is that freedom? The devil wants you stupid and bias so he can control you. Once he controls you, you give away your free will. This check stand lady is the product or “fruit” of a devil worshiping “Christian” church.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve never met a bible thumper. Heard about them, but no personal experience in my lifetime. I think Obama once (or more times) referred to bible thumpers, but never refers to radical Islamic terrorists who do more than thump a Quran, but prefer to slash the throat and throw real rocks at their own people. This Christian (me) did vote for Romney and glad I did. I was disappointed by the many that would not, but I understand their Christian perspective but not their logic. So here we are living through a period that may go down in history as a turning point for democracy and freedom as it goes the way of the DoDo bird and children’s innocence. I continue to hear that we need to take America back. By the elections of 2008 and 2012 we gave it away, no one took it from us. Elections have consequences and never has that been more powerful of a lesson to learn than these past two elections. Obama’s message appears to be “Changing our Hope”. And the people continue to believe the lies.

        • Anonymous

          Ok. Disagree with someone’s religious beliefs. That’s cool. No body can fault you for that. But condoning someone’s bigoted actions just because its a religious belief is like say its ok that Muslims kill people, because that’s what they “believe” their religion teaches them.

          “Christians” who hate other people because of their religious beliefs are just as confused as a Muslim that believes his religion justify killing. Christians who didnt vote for Romney because of his faith are no better than a terrorist. They dont get what they want so they make sure others cant have what they want, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      • Jane Hudson

        I know for a fact, that many “Christians” did not vote for Romney because he is a Mormon….

    • Seb Wunderlich

      I would not call him a wicked man, more like a guy who is just a good speech maker and lacks the substance to actually achieve anything.
      And has made a lot of bad decisions and policies that have doomed him to be remembered as the worst POTUS of all time

      • Sue

        He used to give a “good (you can fool some of the people all of the time) speech maker”. Listening to this choppy, disconnected, cluttered speech was embarrassing.

      • Debra

        He is extremely wicked!!!! he has purposely done what he can to screw this nation. He stated in his books that he has written before the elections that he Hates America and all that this country stands for and that he is embaressed. That is where his stinking hope and change come in at. He also stated he is a Muslim and he does not care of Israel either, most muslims don’t, Obama is the very picture perfect definition of wicked and evil! I have also wondered if he could be the antichrist and I am not the only one either thinking that.

      • Seb Wunderlich

        your right it was more than embarrassing.. watching him pause for what he clearly thought points the audience would obediently laugh or applaud at… but then he lost the plot years ago… just i would not call him wicked… just determined and I believe succeeding in his plan….. AS with probably nearly all Islamics they call the USA evil… so I would assume he also does.
        So there you have it, Islam is destroying its biggest threat from the inside, and now clearly even the armed forces know and recognise what he is up to….
        So is he wicked or just fighting a jihadist war

  • Anonymous

    And frankly it is hard to watch because you know that it spells America’s doom. And there is no way to stop it. Ted Cruz won’t be running for President in 2016 because it is likely that America as you have known it all your life won’t exist in 2016. And these men in uniform know it and feel it too. If you knew this, would you fake an applause?

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    It is good he senses the lack of support from our Military.
    For they will defend The Constitution against Obama’s army!~

    • Patriot 10

      Some of the present leaders that Obama has put in charge of the military may be more loyal to him than they are of the country. An example of not caring for the country and military is the present secretary of the V. A. He is a kiss ass Obama follower and has been uncaring about taking care of our military’s health needs. This was not unintentional.

      • Mark

        Obama has transferred or fired just about every commander of the Strategic Air Command (the guys with the nukes), any General who voiced a opinion he disagreed with and is withdrawing Attack Helicopter from the National Guard Units, He is already stacking the deck in his favor.

        • Anonymous

          Mark the real big one is all the commanders / Generals who are being retired or fired because when given the new questioner form that asked if they will fire on American citizens if so ordered. If the answer is NO your gone,

        • srsanbo

          Stack it as he might, the armed U.S. populace is his biggest obstacle.

      • Anonymous

        Very true Patriot and it goes much deeper look at our attorney General, Secretary of State, etc. there are dozens of musli brohterhood members working in and for in our white house and the administration says ssshhhhh dont tell anyone

      • Rexas

        Very Bad Idea tho. Especially if you are trying to take over with IRS, Homeland security, NSA. Our Military would take them down really fast. I hope and Pray it does not happen tho.

    • Anonymous

      Hope your right I know allot of us on counting on just that

  • Anonymous

    “And the world is changing with accelerating speed.” Well Mr. Manchurian Candidate, it is you who is directing that change for the worse.

  • Anonymous

    That wasn’t a speech it was BS and blather, about 20% of the audience clapped for BOB the WH Faker when he took the lectern and the crap sandwich he threw to the cadets was unpalatable, it wasn’t even legible on his HUD, which is probably why he let his tongue move to the left……..notice he still did not bring along a valid copy of his BC to show he was relevant..

    • Anonymous

      The majority of Americans both dead or alive voted for this man twice. These are your fellow Americans…even if a few of them have been dead for years.

      • RedMeatState

        barely a majority, an election rife with fraud.

      • Patriot 10

        Yes, it is surprising how many fools there are in this country that do not have a clue about what this idiot is doing.

  • jesusknight

    May this be the wake up call our president needs to do the right things… but i’m not holding my breath!

    • racindavid

      No this just means he’ll fire more officers that don’t agree with him.

      • Anonymous

        Has anyone the list of top military commanders that have been axed
        by this impostor??/

        • Patriot 10

          He gets rid of those who will not go along with his vision of the world. What does a community organizer know about anything except how to stir up strife, division, and dissent.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to say, but he just does NOT have it in him.

      • jesusknight

        Yeah, I know.. which is why I’m not holding my breath. Its sad to see this state of affairs going on in our military. I’m ex-navy, and I have never really seen such disrespect coming from our prez. He deserves NO clapping, NO ovation, and certainly not any air time – the man is a disdainful person who was belittling them to their faces. SHAME!

    • resident

      an agent of evil is just that… evil. There is only divine deliverance. My prayer is for all Americans to be delivered from this pestilence. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD Psalm 34:17 ESV When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.Psalm 107:6 ESV Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress.2 Samuel 22:2 ESV He said, “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,Psalm 50:15 ESV And call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.” James 5:16 ESV Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.Jeremiah 1:7-8 ESV But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am only a youth’; for to all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you, declares the Lord.”Psalm 34:4 ESV I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. AMEN

  • Laddyboy

    Appearently the military is waking up. I am surprised that mr. obama did not ask the military to be prpared to fire on the American People when he tells them to FIRE. It is sad that this muslim islamist CULTIST anti-American was “voted” into office TWICE. I am praying that he, obama, will leave the Office of the President when his term expires, or is arrested for TREASON, instead of trying to become ‘king of America’.

  • Anonymous

    Respect has to be earned, it doesn’t automatically come with the position.

    • Patriot 10

      Only a fool would respect this incompetent boob.

  • racindavid

    Now go look up a Youtube video of W addressing a military group. Listen to the THUNDER when he gets in front of them !

  • Gena Rodgers

    Perhaps its good for the people if the military disconnect from the president in such a way. They’ll be less likely to fire on civilians in the event that this country sinks that far.

  • racindavid

    November is coming.

  • Anonymous

    I watched bits and pieces off and on.I find it very hard to see an listen to him.
    There have been presidents that were not to my standards and point of view but this
    man creeps me out.What will our country be like and I wonder if we will ever be free

    • Wizzardly

      On May 17, Adm. McRaven delivered the commencement address at his alma mater, University of Texas at Austin. You wanna see passion and purpose and common sense and some serious lealdership? it’s on YouTube.

      • Patriot 10

        This was an excellent address. Adm. McRaven is the type of leader we need and not some nincompoop idiot like Obama.

  • Deckard426

    Obama got off on the wrong foot talking about snorkeling, believing he was in Key West.

  • Anonymous

    Yes the Obama “administration” is shocking and dangerous.

    Forcing out Christian observances and chaplains from military bases, while forcing in gays and pagans. Forcing out senior officers for no good reasons. Demonizing veterans. Abandoning our guys in the field, and after they come home.

    Arming our ENEMIES to destabilize the middle east. Militarizing state and local police agencies and a long list of federal alphabet agencies. Self-authorizing to attack Americans. Placing enemy agents in administrative positions. Para-military actions against American landowners…

    Commander in Chief, THIS guy???

    • srsanbo

      Billions in aid to countries that would just as soon see us burn, allowing the deficit (our largest security threat, btw) spiral out of control at the same time…

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stand to listen to his deceptions…he nauseates me greatly…I won’t waste my time listening to his lies and distortions.

  • jesustheonlyway

    How do you know Obama is lying? His lips are moving.

  • Anonymous

    That was worst AND better than when Romney got in front of the NAACP cronies.

    Worst for Obama because at least Romney stands for things even the NAACP can agree with, Like ACTUALLY improving the economy and ACTUALLY lowering the unemployment rate. Obama couldn’t say one thing to get a genuine cheer from some of our Nations Bravest Youth and their proud patriotic families. For shame.

    Better because when Romney made statements of his positions that the NAACP didn’t agree with he was heckled and Booed. When Obama stood up and ranted about his beliefs, no such disrespect occurred, despite the knot in everyone’s stomach growing the more this coward blabbed on. He got far more respect than he will ever deserve from our service members and their Families.

  • Anonymous

    I concur Mr.DarkWolfe.Nick Oz is obviously an in-mate at an insane asylum.So sad.

  • Anonymous

    As to Obama,and his wife.They are “CREEPY” NO!! they are beyond creepy.Does he get a resounding welcome anywhere he goes??I am a person who can not stomach looking at,—or listening to either one of the Obama’s!!’They make me nauseous.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    no one knows what he did in school, he sealed the records of his great accomplishments

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Well that is because Obama does not care and they know it.

  • Watch it

    This was supposed to be a commencement address, where the speaker is supposed to uplift, encourage etc the graduates, but as he has done in others, he is campaigning to push his policies. What a colossal narcissistic jerk.

  • Anonymous

    I read his whole ” speech”, since listening to his voice his unbearable to me,and my first thought throughout was,why is this once again about him? This is supposed to be a commencement address,hence it should be about the cadets and graduates,not himself. His disdain for his fellow Americans,by ignoring them,is astonishing.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntLsElbW9Xo FreedomTrickle

    stop encouraging violence against the goobermint, Glenn! don’t be such a domestic terrorist!

  • Anonymous

    It is disgraceful to have a TRAITOR speaking at West Point in the first place!!!

    Those graduates know that this time may come very soon that they will have to force him and his gangsta buddies out of Washington and into a very secure federal prison!

  • russell zinter

    this p.o.s! does not deserve any respect, remember when the bodies of the four dead americans from bengazi came home, and they told the family that the video was at fault

    • russell zinter

      this goes for hilllary too

  • thegermansrcoming

    the man is a cowardly lying garbage dump cant talk without a box telling him what to say he is just a damn idiot and the americans are bigger idiots for letting him stay in office destroying this country more than the last 3 presidents did

  • Randy Normington

    osama-obama is a disgrace as POTUS! Thank you for these military students to realize how dangerous the world is, because of this radical islam supporting, pathological lying,marxist, community agitator!

  • Stuffed Llama

    My name is Barry Subud; I have a telephone and a pen.

  • scouch

    Well Valerie Jarrett wrote the speech. She is the real president.

  • John Crafton

    One of the reasons I decided not to reenlist after ten years was my Commander in Chief. He’s not only disrespectful towards his role and the roles of the military’s duly appointed leaders, but he’s also the most anti-military President I can imagine having. His hatred of us is worn on his sleeve, and his improper use of us has been nothing but disastrous. Even the Obama supporters in the military recognize him as the worst Commander in Chief we’ve had for a long, long time.

  • Anonymous

    With the reaction of the audience it gives me hope there will be leaders in the military that won’t turn against their nation and it’s citizens.

    • Anonymous

      Rest assured, there are many.

  • Hard Truth

    Fitting since the man has consistently shown his aloofness concerning foreign policy and toward our troops and veterans, merely seeing them as commodities for his political convenience. He deserved every bit of it.

  • Thomas A. Rice

    He gets the respect he deserves…

  • P. Harris

    My son was in the Naval Academy. I can speak from experience that the majority of the military despise Obama. He has done everything he can to cut the strength and power of the US Military and the results are evident in the Ukraine and throughout the middle east. The best deterrent is a powerful military. If he hasn’t learned this lesson from history (Reagan) he is either doing it through ignorance or will. It sickens me to hear Michelle and him give their empty speeches about “supporting our military and their families” as they cut benefits and freeze pay and incentives for those that sacrifice the most for so little as it is.

  • Firey Hooks

    Phuckck that nigqer.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t stand the guy, but that was unnecessary.

      • Firey Hooks

        I hate to break the bad news, but appeasement isn’t going to work against an adversary who desires the destruction of our country.

        Perhaps you should stop whining and get in the fight?

  • Troy Herman

    I agree. This POTUS is disconnected and it showed in this engagement. There were no campaign supporters to falsely applaud… this was a REAL audience, not artificial turf planted for the event. Scary. A Commander In Chief should NEVER lose the faith of his Armed Services.

  • Nanette Gray

    I can..and started to yesterday..but I won’t it is painful to watch and listen too! He lost me when he started talking about “others being partisan”

  • Anonymous

    Want to measure Obama’s respect for the military? Look at how he has treated the veterans.

  • Sue

    Glenn, you want him to speak from the heart? He can’t speak from something that he doesn’t have. Obama doesn’t give a damn about our military, and everyone knows it.

    • Hard Truth

      The man has been an empty suit for most of his political career. To expect that to change would be unrealistic.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’m not so sure it’s “sad and dangerous.” I’m leaning towards the complete opposite considering “how” he wants to use the military against the American people if there is ever “civil unrest.” From the sound of it, they may not be so gung-ho on following those orders. THAT makes me happy and a bit more secure.

  • Wen I

    As a former soldier with a sister that graduated from West Point, I was disappointed to see Obama as the speaker. I guess the Army lost the rock, paper, scissors game for graduation speakers.

  • John SP

    He is getting what he deserves.

  • not a liberal

    If we are not able to take the Senate, we will not be able to impeach this traitor. Because our population will not take voting seriously, approx. 10% is electing these asses. Here in GA in the primary for national Senate race, 200,000 decided republican primary for senate race. Despicable!!

    • dwiseman

      People/Americans MUST come to grips with what it takes to be an American……….VOTE!!!!

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    can we not, at least, take some comfort in knowing that our cadets have a clue about this president?

    his reception was ‘icy’ before he spoke. they know what he is and have access to american news unlike soldiers out in the field.

  • PaulAnn

    Glenn, sweety…NO, he cannot speak from an organ he does not possess..

  • chip griffin

    when the Jews refused to obey GOD, he sent in a leader to send them to the foreign lands. we are getting the same without leaving, the mark of the beast and complete control for a group of people who have lost there way. stand and die or live until hell takes you, this is you’re last choice. it is already law, just waiting to be enforced and believe me it will, because it is written. this is what is next…

  • Larry Shackleford

    He got his a$$ into it and now he can’t get it out. Sooner or later it will fall back on you. In this case the sooner the better.

  • Anonymous

    He got exactly what he deserved just what did he expect after the way he has denigrated our military time and again. Preventing them from fighting the battle in the ME and from tossing them under the bus over and over. Then he tells them they won’t be needed, due to his UN agenda.
    Nope, no sympathy here, he got what he deserved, nada.

  • Obie Wan

    The fact is there’s a huge and growing divide today between progressive America and those of us who aren’t on that side. Obama’s speech here would have turned some Ivy League college or gathering of government labor unions ecstatic,but it leaves people who care about our country asking,”who the hell are you supposed to be leading,because it sure ain’t us” !!!

  • Leonard McCauley

    Barry Soetoro is so drugged up, It does not even know if it gets insulted.

  • Larry Hallett

    why should oblamer expect deserve anything more than ice cold reception at an event that is for the sole purpose of graduating military officers who may give the ultimate sacrifice for an act executive order p o t u s arrogantly signs with little thought as to the consequences. If po t u s wants applause and cheers he needs to make his next teleprompter speech at a zombie pelosi / scary harry combined inbred crime family reunion

  • Jim Keating

    I think I’d want to scream bloody murder after hearing this idiot YAK, YAK, YAK for 45 freakin’ minutes!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just what graduating cadets at West Point want to hear – Climate Change! The climate has surely changed in the Washington DC with Obama occupying the White House. It appears Climate Change was more like Global Cooling at West Point!

  • Anonymous

    gussy dont be fooled he has plans to use the military just not abroad, and blaineiac he’s been calling it HIS army since he was elected. I think now he believes it

  • newyorkjetfan1@aol.com

    Glenn wants Obama to ditch the TelePrompTer and “speak from the heart”. Is he kidding?

  • Wayne Standiford

    I don’t find it dangerous that the military is disconnected with Obama, I find it encouraging. Not in a military coup arena, but in a constitutional crisis arena. If Obama gets any more dangerous with his subversive actions against the law of the land I rest a bit more comfortable that the military would not stand with him, but for the constitution. That is their pledge. That is my hope.

  • tinwhistler

    That is what LSD and Crack will do.

  • Steve
  • Keith Pallo

    He didn’t even sound or act like he wanted to be there anyway!! Hence the response because there was no genuiness to the speech and all it sounded like as though he wanted a political rally. This wasn’t about Obama it is supposed to be about the graduates and their volunteering and knowing they are subject to being placed in harm’s way at any time!! The speech was horrible and these are people who actually THINK and are AWARE of the real world so his BS went no where!! He doesn’t like the military and they know it hence to get respect you have to earn it. They were “polite” but not overly enthused to be in his presence. Clearly they are not Obama Sycophants!! Contrast that to the last commencement speech given by President Bush at West Point. The crowd went wild! The speech was about them and his praise for their personnal sacrifice!! While I think Bush screwed up by diverting the mission to Iraq these men and women knew he would be supporting them and their families!! They know Obama has no such intentions and They do not trust him at all!! I find it somewhat comforting to know that because Obama does want martial law he will need these very graduates to comply and kill Americans if necessary and I don’t think they will comply!!

  • Joyce Fox

    Dear Glenn ~ Yes. It IS sad… but the pseudo-president did it to himself. He disconnected himself from the military by his “care-nothing, do-nothing” policies; The VA disgrace; Benghazi; IRS Scandals; etc. etc. He has disconnected himself not only from the military but also from most of the citizens of this country and, I hate to say this but, it’s too late to fix it now!

  • Sue Arnold

    They know him from what he has done and who he is. A president to wants to destroy the military, destroy America and has no regard for our veterans!

  • DuckU82

    How can a man speak from the heart when he doesn’t have one?

  • Earl Downing


  • Earl Downing


  • Seth MacDonald

    Thank you Glenn and Pat and the rest of the crew for listening (all of) and reporting about everything our President is doing. There are those who are manipulated, and those who are smart enough to avoid this man and only learn the truth from it.

  • Idahoman65

    Speak from the heart Glen said…to that I say he has no heart to speak from

  • Tim Holt
  • Anonymous

    “Extraordinarily dangerous” to what? Constitutional government? What Constitutional government?

  • Anonymous

    Here is A New song for the Federal MOB FROM GOD!

  • Anonymous

    Watch the speech that President Bush gave in 2008 his last for West Point and the standing ovations and cheering what a difference. Bush was a true Commander in Chief and it was reflected in that speech and the response was at is should be. Wish Glenn would have posted that for comparison

  • Mike Spanjer

    none of the military past or present has any respect for this fool who does not respect America he has failed in every way posible

  • 8gary8

    Is it not, kinda-sorta, obvious Obama’s partisan, regurgitated, rhetoric has allowed him to be an accomplice to his own deception?

  • James Fontana

    Too bad they just didn’t escort this POS right to the brig as a traitor. He had no business addressing the graduates. He has no knowledge of the military, just hatred. Time for his reign to end, this would have been a perfect time and place.

  • Orion the Hunter

    It was a terrible way to begin an honorable career for those graduates. Imagine that you worked for years, and in many cases suffered, fought, and struggled, only to be greeted by this sort of leadership. They know leadership when they see it. They are taught it. They exemplify it. Then, there was this…

  • Anonymous

    These young adults look at the economy, the continued purging of senior officers, and treatment of return Vets and wonder what is in store for them. They know Obama is anti-military and an ultra-liberal. I wonder if the names of the cadets that didn’t respond were recorded for further reference. I hope we have the same wakeup call to citizens as a wholle.

    • Mummified_hotdog

      Right. So you would rather that Obama spends billions of dollars wasted on the military like Bush did – contributing to the faulted economy? Or waste a couple more billion on wars here and there? Yeah sure, that sounds like a more bullet proof plan.

      • Anonymous

        You’re dishonest and deflecting. Obama is horrible for America, our military knows it just like the rest of Americans who support our unalienable freedoms. Bush loves America, always supports our troops and puts God at the forefront of his life. You don’t understand that because you are void of discernment.

        • Mummified_hotdog

          Oh really? Do you want me to lay out the consuming HOLE of wasted money Bush spent on having the military overseas in places we’ve never should have even been? And I am the dishonest one? Please. You’re such a good “christian” to wrap yourself in a little warm blanket called Ignorant Bliss, while thousands of soldiers (and people) died for absolutely nothing under the Bush administration.

          • Anonymous

            So 0bama’s numbers in Afghanistan (nearly 2000) are ok by you? His increase by +660% of drone strikes are ok?

            What is WRONG with people that the minute someone says something about the emperor they IMMEDIATELY trot out decade-old numbers of the previous President, as if that makes the abysmal failure of 0bama any less.

            The failures of this president go far beyond anything we’ve ever seen – and continuing to blame Bush really isn’t working, sparky.

          • Ted H.

            It’s how they troll, CAmom.

            There’s nothing ‘progressive’ about them, just finger-pointing douchenozzles who constantly cry wolf.

            The only way to make themselves look good is to continually decry how bad it was before them. Nothing says LEADER more than “Bush’s fault”….

      • Anonymous

        Well Bush is history. Obama is now. Time to stop blaming Bush for all Obama’s failures and his failure to lead. He let Nancy and Harry run the show instead of leading the pack. Then his wife tells children to rat on their parents and adults who don’t act politically correct. Obama and the liberal mob uses the race card at every opportunity to keep this country divided. This ultra-liberal stuff does not and never has worked. Before you start up again, I don’t believe the ultra-conservative stuff will work either. This country is out of balance and the government and citizens need to act to bring it back into balance. Competing groups need to stop the BS and start working together instead of trying to get one up every chance they get.

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  • Anonymous

    “Just speak from the heart, man. Can you not just speak from the heart?” The man has no heart. “The emperor has no clothes.”

  • Andre Martel

    What an embarrassment to this country.

  • Brian Ehni

    The reason Obama gets no respect is because respect is earned. The Army will respect the OFFICE, but not this man occupying it.

  • militaryguy80

    I as a service member fail to see how the military’s disconnect from the president is a bad thing. Upon joining the armed forces we all took an oath to defend the CONSTITUTION against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. Domestic can (and should in my opinion) include the president and his administration. Glen, if you fear a military coup in the US you really shouldn’t. There are so many alternatives to that, which are already underway. The Convention of the States is one such method.

    You know I remember your reaction to the Bundy/BLM issue and I have to say that it concerned me. If it comes to blows, so be it. I hope it doesnt come to that but veterans and patriots will not be walked on or run over by a lawless administration. We will not be ruled.

  • ken.

    not dangerous, it’s real hope that our constitution and our country will be restored and returned to we the people.

  • Kitcrsn

    I’m tired of all the phony Obama speeches already. For five long years all we’ve been plastered with non-stop Obama campaigning and speeches, nothing more, while America is sinking down the tubes.

  • Kitcrsn

    Let us not forget, Barry O was the only presidential candidate in history not to have been vetted by our traitorous leftist media. They the media and leftist apologists invested plenty in getting this fraud elected, simply because it would give them the opportunity to shout RACIST each time someone dare question Barry’s failed policies.

  • IT IT IT IT 9

    90’s show ‘normalcy bias’ —‘DISS—traction’

    RED CHINA handover

    for those just joining us – – –

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    and TAG! —-YOU are about to discover YOU’RE an IT!

  • Anonymous

    Simple explanation: Obama is anti-American!

  • Christine L.

    Those are the new guys too. Just think of what kind of reception he’ll get if he ever addresses the VFW or American Legion.

  • Bro Raphael Pattarozzi

    What a crappy commencement speech! Mr. President still sou
    nds like he’s on the campaign trail..

  • Jeremy Williams

    Why is it dangerous? They are waking up which is a good thing.

  • Bill Jones Sr.

    I’m wondering if the few,very few, people that did applause were his people, in the mix to stir the crowd, they do do it on talk shows, get one or 2 ppl to jump up and others do it instinctively

  • ken.

    sad and dangerous, wrong! i say happy and safe!

  • Anonymous

    The US Constitution refers to a well-regulated militia. They were not speaking out of turn, but from long experience with tyrants. We’ve never had a coup in America, and sincerely hope we never do. But we HAVE dealt with tyrants before.

  • DiskusSux

    Obama doesn’t CARE. He’s here to destroy these United States, the pave the way for the oligarchic tyranny we are nearly enslaved by. If his policy hurts the USA, then HE IS DOING HIS JOB. Why everyone keeps freaking out about the fact he’s NOT DOING THE JOB OF PRESIDENT amazes me. It should be patently obvious to ALL that he’s an ENEMY, not a president.

  • DiskusSux

    If you guys think tweaking the commie/progs is fun, jaunt over to Raw
    Story dot calm. It’s a commie party propaganda site, where they do this
    soikle joik, telling each other how compassionate and intellectually
    brilliant they are.


    It was great fun to troll them. I was banned in under two hours JUST FOR TELLING THE TRUTH! HAHAHA!!

    It was great fun. Hop on over, and troll hell outta them in their own echo chamber!

  • Bev

    Also sick and tired of the crowds he selects to stand behind him during most of his speeches….obviously hand picked. Maybe that was his problem here….not allowed to do that at West Point. God forgive us for allowing our land to become so weak with his leadership.

  • Anonymous

    When you have our leaders in the white house lying to the citizens of the United States, sweeping scandal after scandal under the carpet, traveling abroad, making statements about racism, not respecting the constitution, the first lady making laws regarding our school children’s lunches,providing arms to the Mexican Cartel and Al Quada. putting our soldiers in harms way without passion. When our military asks for help and doesn’t get it, and we lose lives as a result…………….what do you expect., If I had been in that graduation, I would have called in sick and went to the dispensary.

  • Murph Johnston

    I’ve found knowledge to be my edge and this a useful tool for staying sharp: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous

    It’s about time the military stops a politician from using them as a photo op, or their reaction to him/her as a sign of approval to his/her policy’s. It’s nice to see.

  • Alex Avedikian

    it’s very clear that the microphone is only picking up the nearby clapping. When the President honored Lt. White you don’t hear louder applause than when he came out, unless they are reacting “icily” to a man who lost his leg in Afghanistan.

  • Gail Miller

    Just wow… But I can not say I am surprised. The military knows he does not like them, will not help them and does not respect them. He has gotten rid of the vast majority of military leaders that were good and has replaced them with ones that will bow down and kiss his a$$ .. The day we are rid of this imposter the better we will all be as a free nation. I hope America wakes up soon.. We need them too

  • jficorp

    Too bad nobody took a shot at the fraud…

  • Anonymous

    the u.s military: the most successful post-WWII experiment of state communism.

  • Anonymous

    Obama has shown his dishonor and disrespect to the military many times. The latest by not immediately stepping in and firing the guy in charge of the vet’s facilities when this latest scandal became known. To not do so, showed the world that our vets – the best people we have – are not worth his attention. The man is a total disgrace and a shame.

  • plumberskid

    I would like to point out to all of the libs out there, that, despite the fact that the majority of the class did not want him delivering their commencement address, nobody protested or had temper tantrums and demanded that he be un-invited and replaced with a real military leader. They allowed him to ramble on and spew his BS without shouting him down, This is what the First Amendment looks like.

  • Michael Redente Michaud

    Sounds like someone just got a slap in the face from the firm hand of reality.

  • Shut up and read

    Reality check Mr. Pres. How you like the US citizens now! ROFL!

  • Dee Dunbar

    What heart Glenn? The guy lacks EMPATHY! something a normal human has!

  • Anonymous

    In way we should be happy that citizens in U.S are wakening up finally !!!! They are no longer acting like dumb lemmings following without thinking when they said a resounding NO with their non clapping action !! But also show how weaken our country is with such a weak president without the people trust and without a good portion of the citizens backing !! Which obama has earn this cold reception hands down with his lies and acting in the best interest of our enemies and not of our country or our citizens/dividing our country and giving away our nation sovereignty !! People are starting to stand up now with their actions and non actions and speaking out let hope it be a tidal wave of ground swell in saying no to obama and the progressive agenda!!! We all should join the bandwagon of self thinking people and get off the bandwagon non thinking lemmings bandwagons of political parties and their set views and agenda’s !!! Instead of taking the easy road letting others do most the thinking for us and we following them blindly on subjects which your ‘re making yourself into a mental slave to them by controlling on the way you think on subjects ! You should be a individual with the freedom of thoughts and reason so you have control of your own life and how you chose to live it not giving the control of your life to others who don’t have your best interest because it easy to do ,not time consuming, !!!! Our country and our citizens will be far better off and more content with life if we all gave as much attention to what going on around us as we give to sports and American idol etc !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Our President obama is dividing our country to bring it down or for his evil agenda to make the country a Communist or Muslims police state or for his selfish political gains !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think his cold reception is well deserved. It would be sad and dangerous if these brave men and women cheered, as a courtesy. It is time somebody, somewhere, let this incompetent man know how his amateur anti-American policies are putting our military in danger every day.

  • Magic John

    Geez, looks like 2nd lieutenants are getting smarter!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    … Can you not just speak from the heart?”

    No, he cannot just speak from the heart … he (or his handlers) have finally learned that when he “goes off prompter” he invariably puts his foot in his mouth. Even tho he and his handlers erred in their expectations re: the response the prompter words would bring and he wound up with a mouthful of toes, speaking “from his heart” would have guaranteed it.

  • ConservativeSenior

    Glenn, he can’t speak from the heart. He doesn’t have one. He hates the military and they know it.

  • Rani Rich

    When a U.S. president sets up our armed forces to be slaughtered, neglects to save the lives of our sick and injured Vets while his gives ultimate protection to the enemy, I would say Obama is exactly where he placed himself…..without a country! We are without a president at this point, just a dictator-wanna-be that american’s totally reject!

  • https://www.facebook.com/ ron erkkila

    With questions about his legitimacy there is no reason to wonder why. Would you stand for a man you doubted is your true commander in chief?…

  • Anonymous

    Soldiers instinctively understand who is on their side and who is not.

  • Gail Lowery Briggs

    Obama does not speak from the heart for the simple fact….he has none .

  • crawfordjim@bellsouth.net

    obummer has never shown anything but total disdain for anything connected to American values, heritage or responsible conduct. He has deliberately desecrated everything having to do with Christianity, patriotism, self-responsibility, honesty and American exceptionalism. The biggest “red flag” indicating his lack on character and sincerity is that silly teleprompter…any president worth two cents should be able to look into the audience/camera and speak to Americans from the heart, as Glenn says.

  • Mark Power

    The era of nation-states is coming to an end. See Iraq, Crimea etc. Coming soon to the US. Get ready. Look up 4GW.

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