‘Are we dead inside’: Pregnant Sudanese woman sentenced to death for Christian beliefs

On radio this morning, Glenn read a disturbing report involving Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who was recently sentenced to death by hanging for refusing to renounce her Christian faith. According to her lawyers, Ibrahim, who is married to an American citizen, gave birth to a baby girl in a filthy prison cell in Khartoum, Sudan on Monday. After sharing the story Glenn had a simple question for his listeners: Are we dead inside?

Earlier this month, TheBlaze reported that Ibrahim and her 20-month old son were detained in a Sudanese prison after the 27-year-old refused to renounce her Christian faith.

Ibrahim became a Christian after her father, a Muslim, abandoned her family. After being raised by her Ethiopian mother, who is a Christian, Ibrahim adopted her mother’s faith. Ibrahim later married a Christian man named Daniel Wani. Wani is a U.S. citizen.

Shariah law in Sudan requires that children follow their father’s faith. Ibrahim was first arrested and charged with adultery in August 2013 and was later charged with apostasy in February 2014 after she said she was a Christian and not a Muslim.

The Daily Mail has spoken to Ibrahim’s husband, and he said he had been in contact with the American Embassy in Khartoum, but they refused to assist him.

“I thought this would be the one place which would help me, but they told me they didn’t have time to do anything. I was upset because now that I am American citizen I thought they would help me,” Wani told the Daily Mail. “I was threatened. They said ‘well your wife isn’t American, so we can’t help.’ I felt disgusted. My home is in America and still they won’t help. It’s getting uglier and it’s not going in the right direction.”

Furthermore, the Daily Mail lays out how these charges against Ibrahim came to be:

[Ibrahim’s] lawyer, Mohaned Mustafa Elnour, a Muslim, has received death threats for defending her but has already lodged an appeal. If he does not succeed at the Appeal Court, he will take the case to Sudan’s Supreme Court.

Mr Elnour said the case hinges around the testimony of two men who claim to be her brothers, and one woman who claims to be her mother.

In court they claimed that she had disappeared from the family home in a small village in the east of Sudan and then discovered her living in Khartoum, married to a Christian man.

But the lawyer said all three witnesses have proven to be liars because their evidence to the court has been highly contradictory.

He suggested that the trio are making up their story in an attempt to claim ownership of Meriam’s flourishing general store in a shopping mall on the outskirts of Khartoum.

Mr Elnour added: ‘We can prove that Meriam’s mother died in 2012 and that the two others are definite fraudsters. But the court is not interested in our evidence.’

Read the entire Daily Mail report HERE.

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“Will we in America do anything? Are we so dead inside,” Glenn asked exasperatedly. “I mean I got on CNN and I said, ‘I will stand with the people who are trying to stop the hetero-fascists in Russia that say death to all homosexuals.’ I will stand with people I really, really don’t like… much to their chagrin because we don’t do this to people. We don’t stone homosexuals. We don’t kill people because of their beliefs. We don’t do it.”

“If we don’t stand for this, what do we stand for? ‘Well, we can’t get involved in other people’s country.’ Okay, that’s fine. This is an American citizen,” he continued. “The father is going to lose the children because the father is Christian and the children cannot be raised by a Christian. I understand this is the Sudan, but these are Americans… We must stand for something.”

While everyone knows that this type of persecution is indefensible, Glenn feared man’s love for his fellow man has waxed cold.

“What is wrong with us? We just had a caller last hour. He said, ‘Our backs have been thrown up against the wall.’ You’re damn right it has. Everybody’s back is being thrown up against the wall – unless you are part of the elite power group,” Glenn concluded. “[But] you can only complain so long… Americans don’t give up on things. Americans also don’t strike out in anger and hatred… This is the truth. We are not here to slaughter you. We are here to have you realign yourself with truth.”

  • Tyler Davis

    Wow, I can’t believe that the comments are not pouring out over this. What a terrible tale. How can this happen? Why wasn’t this family helped? We should be holding up this woman as a hero to her faith. She stood true and put her faith to the limit. Her captors should have backed down and let her go, but no, they killed her over her beliefs. This is terrible.

    • lilolady

      She is not dead yet, though she has been given two months to breast feed her new baby before she is hung. Unless her
      attorney who is also an apostate, for defending a Christian,
      is hung as well. The two children, who by law take the religion of their father, are Christians and therefore, not protected by law and must be confined to prison with their mother. Future unknown.
      A nice family torn to pieces. Meanwhile her property, the store, is up for grabs.

  • Marge Eilers

    You can go to this site and sign a White House petition to bring it before Obama. Maybe a miracle will happen and he will actually do something. There are 20,000 signers as of now and they need 79,000. Please help Merian and sign the petition.


    Hope this gets you there.

    • OpenMinded

      I just tried that url and get a 404 page not found. Message says that the page is not available.

      • lilolady

        Thanks for the info. This is what happens to “Yesterday’s News”, just disappears.

      • choppy

        If you go to “Open Petitions” on the Error Message Page, the petition is still there but the cover page is not showing an accurate count of signatures. Another thought: This woman’s husband is a naturalized American citizen and his children would be if the paperwork were done. Perhaps if we contact our representatives in Washington, something could be done at that level.

    • AmericanMom


      • Marge Eilers

        The petition is still there. I just checked. After you reach the main page, go to “open petitions” and it is the 3rd one down on the right. Hope this works for you.

    • Elena


  • OpenMinded

    No better than the christans in the middle ages or any other radical group that says join, obey or die. Such groups and nations need to be stopped by the international community. Sadly I don’t expect much to happen.

    • Reliquary

      If your talking about Crusades …well that was Catholic, inspired by the Dark ages spawned in Germany. The inquisition…well actually later than the middle ages and also Catholic. There are many who consider Catholic to be a fringe group and not necessarily Christian. But hey lets not split hairs… if this were the middle ages i woudl be inclined to agree with you ..BUT ITS NOT.. this is the 21st Century and it is the Islamists who are the murdering, slaving, war mongering, throwback to civilized behavior… so get over your 1000 year old bigotry and grow up . Join the 21st century. Open minded …what a joke. You aren’t even open minded enough to grasp reality.

      • OpenMinded

        You misunderstood me. I meant that the Islamists like this are acting like it was the middle ages and not the 21st century. I’ll repeat “Such groups and nations need to be STOPPED”. It IS the 21st century and these barbarians have NO place here.

  • Dianne Blake

    Other than signing a petition or calling a congressman, what can we do? These are the things that make us feel helpless. So, I’m going to God in prayer because He is above all governments and principalities. He will use this awful thing meant for evil for good and in the end for His glory!

  • jesusknight

    Its our GOVERNMENT that is refusing to do anything. He went to the American embassy there and they turned him down; probably to save their own useless necks by not getting involved. Why do we have ambassadors there if they will not help U.S. citizens who are there? Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? If she dies, these ‘ambassadors’ should be severely punished and replaced, for leaving her out to dry in such a fashion.

    Maybe if he bribed them they would actually help – money talks big there.

    • Elena

      Indeed it does! It’s the motivator for the whole travesty.

      I have written my rep/sens and asked that she be granted US citizenship. Nada in return other than the std “we got your letter” drivel.

  • Jeff

    I feel bad for her. This is what you get when religion has its way in government…

  • Dan H

    Yep, the “religion of peace” right?

  • m4time

    Her husband should have moved her. Only reason to go to a middle eastern country is to hunt, predator style.

  • Hima Layan

    Given the incalculable amount of knowledge in our civilization, the amount of knowledge that a single mind can understand and use is just a tiny fraction of the total knowledge we make use of every day.

  • Dee Mayle Hallam

    If she were a Muslim, Obama would send troops after her!

    • Anonymous

      they wouldn’t be trying to hang her if she was a muslim. i bet you’re a comedian in real life

  • Amy Rickman Griffin

    What if all the Christians around the world joined in a day of fasting and prayer? We can invite other religions to join us if they so desire, but I beleive we have to put our faith where our mouth is. God can deliver this woman. Or he can send us a way to deliver her. Either way, what a wonderful way to show our faith and actually DO something.

    • Amy Rickman Griffin

      June 8th? Pass it around.

      • Liz Shearer

        I’m right with you Amy . I shall be fasting with you on June 8th and offering many prayers for the whole family in the meantime.
        What kind of crazy mixed up world are we living in…….

    • Chris Layton

      How can God who is perfect answer the prayers of such a conflicted audience? If the way is narrow (meaning that it is not subject to broad interpretations), and God wants as many as will come to walk in that narrow path, how can he make this situation such that he gains not only Ibrahim’s soul (who seems to be willing to sacrifice her life for her faith which is a mark of divine character) but also multitudes of others? Will he grant such a request which will in effect serve as a sign that all walks of faith and interpretations are justified? Can you find your way to a wedding that is to be held in Montana using a Colorado map?
      In WWII, German chaplains prayed over and blessed the German troops and yet American chaplains likewise prayed over and blessed the American troops so which prayers would God choose to answer and which ones to ignore? Physical death is tragic and it’s painful but in the larger scheme of things is it anything compared to being cut off from God’s presence?

  • Anonymous

    The ‘petition’ page to get the wh to do something has been taken down…

  • Jerri Eagle

    Did Glenn just say he isn’t a Christian?

    • Liz Shearer

      I think Glenn meant that as he is LDS, he is sometimes falsely accused of being non-Christian – so maybe a little touch of sarcasm from him there ?

      • Maxi

        LDS definitely are Christian; we just aren’t Protestant. But let’s not go off on a tangent here. Meriam Yehya Ibrahim is the subject of discussion. Not to mention Sudanese hypocrisy. If the law is that children follow the religion of the father, then these children should be returned to their father to be reared as Christians. Fat chance, without our government’s involvement. But I wonder whether the Sudanese will really go through with the execution. They can’t afford the international outcry. And how will they handle their own people asking what it is about Christianity that this woman is willing to die rather than renounce it? That said, we all should be bombarding our senators and representatives to get involved. And continuing to pray.

  • Boo2

    Not only is our president ignoring this, but our lame stream media is suppressing it! Has anyone read about this in ANY newspaper or online? (Besides the conservative news sites).
    As some have said, Prayer is the only answer!

  • NathanandJessica Erickson

    yes! What can we do???

  • Equis

    What is really shameful is that we fund these countries with tax payer dollars. This should stop and we should give those billions to our VA to treat those that served us proudly. This government is run by imbeciles and it is disgraceful.

  • Susan Cutaia

    We must put enormous pressure on our Congress and the WH to help Meriam Yehya Ibrahim. We cannot just let her die or continue to remain in what appears to be a horrible prison as she attempts to nurse and raise two children…Surely our government can exert pressure for her release.

  • Matt Musal

    It’s not we are dead inside but we have leadership that can’t lead. Obama isn’t going to do anything because he would be going against Muslims and he doesn’t want to anger them.

  • Ron L. Harmon, Author

    Now you said all the right things Glenn, but maybe to the wrong audience. Did not BHO profess to be a Christian coming in to the Presidency? This is bigger even than America! Do you and the rest of us profess to be Citizens of the Kingdom of God? All of us have big circles of concern, and small areas of influence. Now, Glenn, you have big areas of influence. Lead the charge in demanding our Congress and our Christian President prove his Faith by intervention of this beautiful Christian Lady who has more courage than any of us Christian Americans are showing. If we do not demand the President take action in any matter for her release, we do not deserve to be labeled American or Christian. If she dies, her blood is on our hands, and none of us deserve mercy, not from anyone, especially God! Now Go Glenn, and put your words into Action!!! Lead the crowd for justice and righteousness! http://www.the7thdayreturnofthelord.com

  • Johnathan Read

    From a song by Aaron Tippin…

    “You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.”

  • Chris Layton

    And what would you have us do Glenn? Sign petitions? Protests? Lawsuits? And if so how would you enforce the outcome? Would you have us go to war with that country? What do you think will make a difference with a determined enemy with a warped viewpoint? I’d say that this is exactly the kind of response you get out of an emasculated population that would be handcuffed to a love everybody, let’s bind ourselves to all walks of life ideology. You’d send soldiers to war with wiffle bats and the white flag of surrender and compromise. The reason why you are frustrated with this situation, is because you have no clear cut vision. No one would follow such a flimsy general and if anything, If you were given command you’d be more of a liability than an asset.

  • IT IT IT IT 9

    “Have you NOTICED?
    ————as things MASSIVELY deteriorate here!
    ——————as the ENTIRE economy —-DISAPPEARS!
    ————and GANGS USURP what used to be our governments,
    —————————–ALLLLL the emotive topics
    —————given to you by he ‘media’
    ——————————are —-OVER! ———–THERE!”
    Informed radio

  • Route 66 West

    If you want to sign the petition for her go to: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitions .
    It is still there and needs signatures.

  • Gary Cauble

    I see all this about the wife and kids which is sad but why are they even there? The husband works there or did they move over there from the US? Not sure why anyone Christian would want to live and raise their kids in a prejudice Muslim country… Sounds like they are half the problem too…

  • Deckard426

    The silence of the feminists is deafening.

  • Glenn Coughlin

    To begin, I do not support or condone any person, group or country punishing anyone for their religious beliefs.
    That being said, what could the embassy do? Glenn implies that she is an American Citizen, but the only proof I have seen is that she is married to an American citizen, which does not automatically make her a citizen.
    Now, if the child is Daniel’s then the baby is a U.S. citizen and the embassy should throw its full weight behind obtaining their release.
    Yes, this situation is horrible, but to twist it to simply blame the WH is pathetic.

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