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And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. – Mark 11:25

  • Robert Ditzler

    This is one of the hardest things that a person can do. I have worked on forgiveness every day of my life. Sometimes I fall backwards and feel the hurt that others have thrust upon me but know, I have to lift myself up. I forgive again and ask God to forgive me for being weak. I only hope to limit my shame as I stand before God when he calls me to Him………… Thank you Glenn for reminding me. I need the help…..

  • Youz Guys

    With moral standards as the basis for general rules of law, government’s coercive actions become more predictable and people are able to make rational decisions based upon them.

  • mtman2

    1)Mercy and forgiveness by expected rote and by right!!!
    Funny Government bureaucrats+ agencies(frontmen for politicians) count on almost total exemption from any serious consequences or even question, as if on a higher level plane of human rights and values.
    This is even being the fact that they are OUR employees WE hire and pay well with huge benefits+early retirement – to serve us.
    a)aka = We’ll get away with, cover and hide a continuous stream of violations as long as we can, and then obfuscate(spin), blame, deny, avoid, lie, get cover from union -limiting any real consequences or even any at all, probably get pd vacation, early retirement-(w/full-benny’s), a bonus +/or awards!!!

    2)Mercy or forgiveness by the same government bureaucrats or agencies?
    Yet if you or I mess up, forget, let it slip, misjudge, err in legal form; WE suffer even massive repercussion in fines, incarcerations, property seized, even children taken!
    WE are regulated, taxed, zoned, ascribed, led, pushed, excised, scrutinized, subverted, banned, censored, spied on, dossiers, lifelong files + records, judged by another’s set of narratives!
    a)aka = You will do as, when, where and what you are told, or ELSE!!!!

    “SOMETHIN GOIN ON OVER HERE, THERE”S A MAN WITH A GUN OVER THERE TELLIN ME I GOT TO BEWARE!” was the hippie song mantra of the 60’s……..

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