Cruz on Bergdahl release: We’ve effectively put a bounty on our servicemen

On Saturday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) took 30% of the vote in a straw poll at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. He edged out Dr. Ben Carson for the honor. After appearing at the conference (you can watch his speech HERE), Cruz headed to New York City for several small fundraising events.

TheBlaze’s Mike Opelka attending one of the private events during which Cruz spoke about the actions the Obama Administration took to secure the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Opelka recorded a portion of Cruz’s remarks, and after gaining permission from the Senator’s camp, Glenn played the comments on radio this morning.

“He’s been bouncing all over this city doing fundraisers and talking to small groups… I sent it to Ted’s people and they didn’t have a problem with [playing] it,” Opelka explained. “I told them no faces will be seen, video is going to be shown, and no one’s identified in the group. You can just hear Ted speaking.”

Listen to the audio below:

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CRUZ: This morning I was on the George Stephanopoulos show. We spent a lot of the time talking about this exact exchange. Ambassador Susan Rice was on the show right before me saying what a wonderful, terrific thing it was, but it’s not like we’ve changed our policy that we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Now, it’s interesting. It had been U.S. pressure – we were pressuring the Taliban. ‘We won’t talk with you unless you renounce all ties to Al-Qaeda.’ The Taliban responded, ‘Hell, no.’ And we said, ‘Okay, never mind.’ So we are negotiating with people that are openly affiliated with Al-Qaeda terrorists and negotiated for the release of five senior Taliban terrorists.

Now, one question that I would ask is: How many soldiers lost their lives to capture those five terrorists? What would this sergeant say to the men and women in his company who are dead in Afghanistan because they risked everything to go after these people, who, I might remind everyone, were responsible for slaughtering over 3,000 innocents on September 11th in New York and Virginia and Pennsylvania?

And we’ve also set a precedent. Every terrorist who’s got someone at Gitmo, they want to set free. They know the way to do so: Just go find a serviceman. We’ve effectively put a bounty on our servicemen.

And so should we have gone after our soldier? Yes, we should have gone in there and killed the bastards that were holding him.


“I love that,” Stu said. “It’s hard to disagree with that statement.”

Glenn also agreed with Cruz’s sentiment, though he admitted his statements might not go over well in some circumstances. As Glenn explained, even Jimmy Carter attempted to extricate American hostages.

“That’s what the United States of America does,” Glenn said “You want your soldier back? The United States of America goes in and gets him. That’s what it does. I mean you don’t have a right to take our soldier.”

“Even Jimmy Carter made a lame attempt,” Pat added. “He gave it a shot. Not this guy.”

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  • Guest


    • Anonymous

      Nobody cares what you think.

  • Mitch Conner

    Ted Cruz 3:10-3:20 THAT is a Real leader right there! I am so F’ing sick and tired of the current politically correct pussified BS way of dealing with our enemies, our ENEMIES! You dont appease them! How do you negotiate with terrorists? By doing to them what they have no problem doing to us, our soldiers or any of our allies – blow them the F*** away and teach them to not F*** with us! Sorry for the expletives but seriously people. What the hell has happened to our society? God bless Ted Cruz and I pray if not him than someone else with real balls will become our next commander in chief and return our country to common sense. Lord knows we need it

  • dennis reilly

    obama just wanted an excuse to let them out, and he proves this by letting our ambassador and seals die and a marine rot in jail in mexico

  • Anonymous

    If I were President Obama in addition to the five detainees from Gitmo I would I tossed in Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Steve King and Sean Hannity

    • Equis

      Yep, and you’re a real intellectual, not….

    • Anonymous

      Be sure to brush your teeth after you pull your head out of your ass.

  • Krimsen King

    “And we’ve also set a precedent. Every terrorist who’s got someone at Gitmo, they want to set free. They know the way to do so: Just go find a serviceman.”… yes, there were no al qaida or taliban trying to ‘find a serviceman’ before…. nobody was trying to take our soldiers hostage before… good grief

    • Krimsen King

      I mean really… ‘just go find a serviceman’????? what, does he think they’re just wandering around the afghan countryside.. shopping in afghan malls.. ‘servicemen’ just being plucked from trees in Afghanistan?? hahahaha wtf

  • Anonymous

    Question helping free a soldier is it a ruse to aid and abet enemies of U.S with just a blatant lop sided trade ??? !!! While the’ enemies still conducting war against U.S soldiers and civilians in U.S ???? What took place here is like Germany during World War Two if they capture General Patton,Bradly,Eisehower,Mac Arthur, Monty of the allies if the Axis trade them for Sergeant Shutz the Axis would hang this leader for treason to the war effort and helping the enemies !!! Hey obama it take both side to make peace to have the war over!! I have not heard any cease fire from our enemies and come to the table for a true peace agreement !!! Impeach obama for aiding and abeting enemies of the U.S during war time ,no one is this stupid surrounded by advisors it was done on purpose to help our enemies to bring down our country!!!?? Our President don’t have his best interest for our country or our citizens,soldiers ,but seem that his best interest is for the radical Muslims world !!???
    Question how many honorable soldiers did our country lose in trying to find and capture these five war criminals leaders ??????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Question did Presidentcial candidate Hillary had any comments on this trade ??? If she did it most likely be something like this ?? ( What difference does it make if we greatly help our enemies war effort against the U.S and its citizens during their declare war on U.S and its citizens??? ) and Democrats lemmings and leeches will go along with this BS !!!??????????

  • Board Room

    Just as justice exists in the absence of injustice and peace exists in the absence of war, liberty exists in the absence of coercion.

  • MightyTravels

    I don’t think they can win either way… Don’t negotiate with terrorists and you’re leaving your fellow countrymen to die… Do negotiate and you’re putting more countrymen in harm’s way… It’s tough…

    Torsten @

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