Fellow soldier on Bowe Bergdahl: “I just don’t think he cared for America anymore.”

The release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from Afghanistan over the weekend has generated a lot of controversy. Many are questioning President Obama’s decision to negotiate with terrorists and exchange four prisoners for Bergdahl. Other soldiers are claiming that Bergdahl was a deserter whose selfish actions cost others their lives. In order to help shed some light on the subject, Glenn was joined SPC Josh Fuller, who served with Bergdahl in Alaska and was close with people who knew him during his service in Afghanistan. Fuller tells the story of a man who was a bit of an oddball, a soldier who left his post and whose actions put the lives of others at risk.

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Glenn: I want to go now to the soldier that I talked to on the radio this morning. He’s not the only one that is questioning the motives for Sergeant Bergdahl’s release. Joshua Fuller, he met and served with Sergeant Bergdahl while the two trained in Alaska.

So how did you know him at all?

SPC Fuller: We were both in the same brigade back in Alaska. I was stationed in the 509th, and he was stationed in the 501st, and so we were both stationed in Alaska together.

Glenn: Okay, and then you went to Afghanistan together, but you were close but not –

SPC Fuller: Yes, sir. So we were in two sister battalions, two airborne sister battalions, and he was stationed at an outpost a couple clicks away from where I was at. And I was stationed at another one.

Glenn: And one of your best friends was his roommate or bunk mate?

SPC Fuller: Bunk mate, yes, sir.

Glenn: So tell me what you saw and what your friend saw on what he said.

SPC Fuller: When we were back at Rear D back in Garrison, he seemed a little oddballish and would say stuff like, you know, like what you were talking about earlier, about America was a superpower and shouldn’t be, and we’re trying to bully around the world and stuff like that, just oddball comments like that. I didn’t think too much of it until whenever this stuff happened over there, whenever he ended up leaving and deserting the post.

Glenn: So is it normal? I mean, you didn’t think much of that. Is that normal to hear people say things like that?

SPC Fuller: Yes, we’ve got quite a few oddball people. It actually happens quite a bit, but usually like when we’re in war, we’re pretty short staffed, so you can take what you can get. And so a lot of people have, you know, said stuff before. We’ve taken the bolts out of people’s M-4s before because they started to get a little crazy, and then a week or two later we think they’re okay, so we give them their bolt back to put back in their gun.

Glenn: Wow.

SPC Fuller: You get what you can.

Glenn: Okay, so when he left, and he walked out by himself, there are people that say that he asked if he could take his night vision goggles with him, which no, you can’t.

SPC Fuller: Right.

Glenn: The enemy would pay a lot for night vision.

SPC Fuller: Right.

Glenn: Any reason he was out, he left? I mean, can you think of any reason why he left his post?

SPC Fuller: I just don’t think he cared for America anymore. I think his agenda was to help those people, just like what his father was stating about wanting to help the Afghans a little bit more.

Glenn: Okay, help me out on this because I heard his dad. And I want to give his dad the benefit of the doubt. I mean, you went over to protect America, but also you don’t have anything against the Afghanis.

SPC Fuller: Not at all.

Glenn: Right.

SPC Fuller: They were very cool to me.

Glenn: Right, you want to help them too. Why do you interpret what dad said as anti-American?

SPC Fuller: I don’t know, it seemed a little strange. It seemed a little strange to me.

Glenn: Now, he leaves the base, and you guys have to go out and try to find him.

SPC Fuller: Yes, sir.

Glenn: What happened there?

SPC Fuller: When he had left the base, the next day there was already people going out to search for him, different platoons from different companies out of different battalions. They were already going on this thing called dust off, so when somebody either gets captured or goes missing, we start sending out patrols. Helicopters will go out and look for them.

Our platoon was going to be the next one to go out, and that was on July 3. And our bird got scratched to go look for him. Luckily it did, because the next day our outpost was almost overrun by the Taliban on July 4, so luckily we didn’t go. So I didn’t get to go on that mission to go look for him because we were getting overrun.

Glenn: And you say that the Taliban had information that they shouldn’t have had, that you think that he gave them.

SPC Fuller: Yes. To that point, whenever he had left the base, right after he had left, we started getting hit in spots that we didn’t normally get hit in because we’ve got a thing called POO sites, which are point of origin sites, and so we’ll know at some points where we get attacked from so we stay away from those areas. The areas that we trained with to go on certain areas, we started getting attacked on those areas. IEDs were placed strategically on the routes of trucks where we knew we would be going to hit those certain spots, stuff that the Taliban shouldn’t know about. Ambushes, we were getting hit from.

Glenn: Okay, so playing devil’s advocate again, what makes you think that he wasn’t tortured and gave all that information up through torture?

SPC Fuller: He could have, absolutely. He could have went over there with his best intentions, thinking that hey, I’m here to help you, and the Taliban said, you know, yes you will, and they still could have tortured him for that stuff.

Glenn: What’s your gut say? I mean, you drove in. I talked to you this morning. We asked you, “Can you come to the studios?” And you got here right away. And when I first saw you before we went on the air, you said a lot of us are, this has been eating you alive.

SPC Fuller: We got told from a higher up that was in charge of the brigade not to talk about it, but we didn’t –

Glenn: Back then?

SPC Fuller: Yes, sir. In OEF 9 through 10 or Operation Enduring Freedom 9 through 10, we were told to keep it on the quiet, on the DL, and from that point on, they were telling his family that he was a POW, telling the media he was a POW, and that was not the case.

Glenn: How does it make you feel, the president just…I’m not a soldier obviously, but I know enough, and I know people like Marcus Luttrell who have actually been held. And there’s no way Marcus Luttrell would want the president to negotiate for five really bad guys.

SPC Fuller: I wouldn’t allow it, even if it was myself, no way.

Glenn: Thanks a lot, Josh.

SPC Fuller: Yes, sir.

Glenn:  Appreciate it. Thank you.

  • Robert Correll

    Why is this traitor not hanging from the gallows already? It goes without question now that our dictator Obama will go out of his way to protect those who share his view on American values. I was sick to my stomach listening to a true American soldier SPC Fuller describe this coward. My prayers go out to the families of those who lost their lives trying to locate this scumbag. They are the true heroes in the story because they are the one who made the selfless sacrifice as true American soldiers and I am proud to have men just like them protecting my freedom. More of out service men and women need to speak out against this horrible decision and maybe we can send him back to where he belongs or at least where he feels more at home…back to an Afghanistan prison.

    • Elena

      Innocent until proven guilty by a court-martial.

      We are still (supposed) to be a nation of laws not vigilantes.

      • teatime

        The jury is in, I’ve herd all i need to know! he is a traitor!

      • Mike Nelson

        Under UCMJ you are NOT innocent until proven guilty. It’s different for service(wo)men, especially under combat conditions and in an active combat zone.

        I don’t expect that most without military experience understand this, but if you search UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) you will find relevant information.

  • Anonymous

    Those that pay any attention to this absolute propaganda, poor propaganda at that will be driven insane by it. Those that ignore it and live reasonable lives, make good decisions will live a good life. A person would almost think the propaganda was created for this purpose.
    Makes perfect sense to me. I have read far to many history books to involve myself in politics, so I don’t vote, I don’t consider people that hate America odd-balls, I don’t agree with violence in any form unlike a very great number of beckers on this site.
    Life is good, people just need to focus on themselves for a while and not worry so much of what others say or do. I know you couch warriors will disagree, but, I could care less. Life is good and I refuse to infuse the toxic end of world, sign holder, zombie spew into the peoples lives around me. The majority of highly political people I meet I sure don’t wont to end up like. What a waste of a perfectly good life! I also don’t fault the propaganda creators, when you have such a gullible, group, America, why not make some money off them.

    • Anonymous

      I am happy to see you’re enjoying la la land. Hang in there Petunia, life is good in the desert.

    • Bryan Roberts

      We’ll since you don’t vote and you don’t consider people who hate America “odd-balls then SHUT UP.

    • Sue

      You don’t agree with violence? How do you think you have the “wonderful” life you are living? Justice in the end would be US soldiers being asked to defend the people of this country, and being given the option to tell you that you’re on your own.

    • Maria

      So how long have you been off your meds??? You don’t vote? You are ok with people hating America? I hope you are not a young person, I hate to think you will be around a long time living in your cowardly world.

    • Sharon Kay

      @Eric…are you on Obama’s payroll???

    • Crassus

      Must be some killer weed you’re smoking, hippie.

    • Anonymous

      Re: Your purported sane good life led by avoiding propaganda and focusing on yourself. Aren’t you doing yourself a disservice by wasting time on this site?

  • ken.

    obama will have him promoted to general and in charge of protecting our homeland.

    • asas


  • markymarvin

    You know I’ve read a lot of comments on a lot of boards. When are we going to start calling it what it really is… He didn’t ‘walk away’ he went AWOL. He deserted. Quit sugar coating it it.

  • Maria

    What made this AWOL coward so important to the POTUS that the idiot in the WH broke our own rule and negotiated with terrorists????!!!!

    • Sunshine43

      He was a fellow Muzzie!

    • nod gardner

      because bo is a muslim

    • suzyshopper

      Broke our own rule, he not only did that, this president broke the LAWWW , I myself have asked that same question, why this guy, was the president even willing too break the LAW, to rescue him, theirs something going on here behind the scenes, that we don’t know.

  • landofaahs

    You have to be careful Glenn, there are things called black op’s and I’m not saying this is, because I doubt Obama is concerned enough about terrorism for him to go along with the possibility of this guy being a mole to get information. It would be comforting to think the 5 released terrorists were RFID’d to lead us to the terror cells. But then it’s fun to think about. Anyway, what I’m saying is that when it comes to government rarely is anything what it seems to be on either count.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Last I read 22 vets a day are committing suicide. Many have come back broken in many ways. Alcoholism, spousal abuse, homelessness are often the result of post traumatic stress.

    This one may have broken too.

    • Elena

      This one should have been int he Peace Corps not the Army if he wanted to help the Afghans and see other cultures.

      Broken does not excuse his poor conduct before the enemy.

    • Anonymous

      Or convoluted rules of engagement where deserters are protected and solders court marshaled for defending comrades overwhelm vets with despondency.

      • Anonymous

        This administration continues to vilify those who are working hard, coming in at or near the top while at the same time giving praise to those who have contributed nothing. This is America being redefined from a great country to a third world country. Where third place is as good as first place. These jokers will remain in power because of all the entitlements being given out. Those entitlements equal votes. The media has been transformed over the last twenty five years and they are not doing any investigative reporting – unless it is on someone on the right who they wish to vilify.

  • Deckard426

    A military deserter. Wow, he could have been Obama’s son.

    • Rad Radagain

      And you are a propagandist for the greediest most vile political party in the history of the world.

  • defiant1

    Told to be quiet about Bergdahl?; and here we are with more coverups………….. I feel for the men who lost their lives trying to find Bergdahl and the men who survived and had to be quiet and swallow what was taking place. What really happened??? Considering 5 bad men were released for Bergdahl, we are owed the truth.

    • Anonymous

      Good point…’told to be quiet’. Who gave them that order, and who gave that person the order. Who and from how far up the ladder did that order come from?

  • Antony

    Glenn, don’t you think that the reason that this was done was because United States, rather then retiring their troops back to their homeland, releasing 5 bad ass Taliban guys, will maintain the war alive? I don’t know but to me it seems kind of add that United States, will negotiate with terrorist after what happen on 9/11, and to trade 5 for one simple soldier, is kind of add. I don’t know that’s my opinion, but let me tell you something, those Talibans, that you guys release, are some pistoff Talibans, that they are coming out seek revenge.

  • Anonymous

    He joined the Taliban. We trade high profile terrorist for a low status terrorist. Total ignorance. Or purposeful plan so Obama could let his comrades go.

    This Bergdahl should be directly sent to Guantanamo asap. Obama trade five for I. Obama should go with him.

  • Anonymous

    SO Fight back against the federal MOB become a keyboard warrior and help us fight the war of ideas by sharing these FREE SONGS!

  • Ama Zohn

    While genetic traits are inherited from the two parents, cultural traits are learned from influences such as family, friends, and media.

  • Bill Tilghman

    Sgt. Bergdahl deserted his post in the face of the enemy, a death penalty offense under the UCMJ. His father is aiding and comforting the enemy, which is a treasonous act, again a death penalty offense in the US Code. These two men have caused the deaths of US Army troops directly by their collusion with the Taliban, and now we have a president who seems to be content to play along. What does that say about this situation? This Bergdahl family is on parallel with the Walker family in the damage they have done to America – the Walkers did it for money, the Bergdahls motivation is that they are anti-american.

    In my opinion both father and son should be prosecuted and convicted for their crimes, just as was the case with the Walkers. The president stumbles into this situation and makes it even worse by giving the Taliban the five detainees that were captured on the battlefield actively engaged in combat with US troops, and the administration doubles down on it by again sending Ms. Rice to the Sunday news shows to sell us a pack of lies – her role as a paid liar for the president should be acknowledged and she should be held accountable for it.

    There are so many federal offenses being committed by members of the Obama administration that they deserve equal billing with the Bergdahls on the witness stand in federal court. I have seen a lot of criminals come and go in my adult life, and the people of the United States of America deserve to see them pay for these outrageous acts.

  • chip griffin

    i hope and pray they are not selling the bible cure stuff. the complete bible, the one with 7 books which were removed for the truth seekers tell how to heal many things. can be read without help from anyone. for those who want the whole truth need the whole bible, yes the catholic one.

  • suzyshopper

    Did anyone hear the news, that now, the State Dept is saying, that if congress had been notified ahead of time, that the Taliban would have killed Bergdahl, does anyone believe that, there trying to cover for this president,because his stupid move backfired .Wow I guess that shows how reliable Congress can be, with military secrets.

  • kate

    Did anyone else notice that Bo was dressed in white and had his head shaved? Muslims perform this ritual of shaving their entire body before suicide missions to be “pure for Allah”. I find it interesting that Bo was dressed and shaved in that manner also.

  • Rad Radagain

    Oh yes I trust Glenn Beck about as far as I can spit. This is his style of yellow dog non-journalism. What Sargent Bergdahl did or did not do will be determined by the military. What is a FACT is that he was serving in time of war trying to follow orders in what is one of the most brutal and longest wars America has ever fought.We all owe him a debt of thanks for that and we should be applauding the man America elected as their Commander In Chief who had the courage to bring another American home from that conflict.

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