Jailed Marine shares new details of life in Mexican prison during live appearance on the Glenn Beck Radio Program

Glenn has been following the story of jailed Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi for a number of weeks now. Sgt. Tahmooressi has been in a Mexican prison since March 31 when Mexican federal officers arrested him for weapons possession. Tahmorressi and his mother Jill have maintained he took a wrong turn and crossed the southern border by mistake. The 25-year-old decorated war veteran and Florida native was in the process of relocating to San Diego for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. He had been in San Diego for 10 days when he ended up at the San Ysidro checkpoint.

After being arrested, Tahmooressi was originally held in Tijuana’s La Mesa Penitentiary, where he was placed in general population and his life was threatened. He was then moved to solitary confinement and shackled to a bed for nearly 30 days. Last week, Tahmorressi was moved to a maximum-security prison about 40 miles outside of Tijuana. He faces a sentence of six to 21 years in a Mexican prison for carrying his registered AR-15 rifle, .45-caliber pistol, and 12-gauge pump shotgun in his car across the border.

On radio this morning, Tahmooressi and his mother Jill both joined Glenn via phone to discuss what has transpired in the 63 days since he was first arrested. Tahmooressi candidly explained in his own words what happened the night he accidentally crossed the border and shared some new information about the conditions he has faced.

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“It was 63 days ago that one of our heroes, one of the guys who has been fighting wars for us, was in San Diego… As the President makes a prisoner exchange – not a hostage release, a prisoner exchange – we have Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi still in jail in Mexico,” Glenn said. “We have released 60,000 Mexicans onto the streets, and yet he is still sitting there, and nobody’s even talking about it. For the first time, we have him on radio from his jail in Mexico, and his mom is also on the phone. She’s kind of conference called us and put us together.”

To begin, Glenn asked Tahmooressi to explain what transpired when he reached the San Ysidro checkpoint.

In my own words, I was spending the day in Mexico, and I was hanging out, having some good food and walking around. I was thinking about staying the night in Mexico. I got a hotel in Mexico and decided that it wasn’t a very nice hotel. It was dark and a little dirty, so I decided to go back to San Diego and be back with my friends cause I was missing my friends.

So I get a taxicab to the border, I cross the border, and I walk over to the parking lot where my truck is. I get in my truck, and I exit the parking lot. I make a left-hand turn followed by another left-hand turn that was – there was a road there that I was – I was – I got on that looked like it headed north back to San Diego, back to I-5 North. And I got on that road, and it happened that it turned, did a U-turn to the right, a swooping U-turn to the right and took me back on I-5 South heading to Mexico.

So I was driving nice and slow looking for a place to do a U-turn, but I couldn’t find one. So that road took me maybe like another half mile down south to Mexico. And I get too the gate that was the Mexican border that I wasn’t even sure if it was the Mexican border at the time. I figured it was, but I wasn’t positive. And there was a lady sitting like three gates over to my left. And I stop at the gate and I wave to her to try to get her attention to tell her that I don’t want to be in Mexico, but she waves me in like, you know, commanding me to go, go, come on, let’s go.

So I follow my – her orders and I go. I did hesitate. I got a green light, the gate went up, I hesitated for like maybe 10, 15 seconds, cause I didn’t want to be in Mexico, so once she ordered me in, there was three police officers, border police officers at a inspection table that are waving me in. So I drive to them. And put the car in park, and they ask me, ‘What is all this stuff that you have back here?’ I said I have all my stuff back here, clothes and things, and I have three guns. I told them immediately that I had three guns, and that I didn’t want to be in Mexico. So I walk around the back of the truck with them, and I point out where my guns are, say I have two back here, a rifle and a shotgun and I have my pistol in the front on the passenger seat. So they go about looking at my guns, and they put the guns back in the truck, and they tell me that they’re gonna help me out, that they’re gonna take me back to the American border. They told me to wait maybe 30 to 45 minutes and that they were gonna get an escort vehicle for me to take me back to the border. They even – they asked me, they said, ‘You think it’s gonna be okay with the American Border Patrol that I have three guns?’ And I said, ‘Yes, I think it’s gonna be okay. I have permits for them, you know, I – I own these guns, so, yes, I think it’s gonna be okay.’

So they moved my truck to another parking area, and they get my guns out at the truck, and they put ’em on the tailgate of my truck and they start getting all the ammunition out of ’em and all the ammunition out of my truck, and then they call on the radio, and I think what they said on the radio, which was in Spanish, that the – what the situation was that we have someone here with three guns, maybe they told them that I didn’t want to be or not, I’m not sure, but there was a – shortly after that, there was a – a military captain that came over, and he took charge of the situation from there. And – and he – they took my truck from that one parking area into a fenced-in parking area that was screened in with black screen all around so no one could see what was going on. It was like a little hidden area, and – and then he – the military captain, he was very, like – he was, in a sense, I think he was trying to scare me a little bit. And – and of course I was nervous because I had – there was like 20 people there with military people with rifles, watching me and, you know, making sure that I wasn’t gonna make any sudden movements or whatever, so I was – I was very afraid and nervous that they were gonna do something to me.

And I – you know, I think it was very – it was a very sketchy situation. There was something definitely not right there, and I think what it was was they were probably trying to get a bribe out of me, is what I think it was. What I’m pretty soon it was is that they were looking for a bribe, and they were trying to get me to sign some paperwork there that was all in Spanish, and there was no translator there to translate them. And I said, ‘No, I’m not gonna sign these paperwork – this paperwork. I don’t understand them. I’m not signing them.’ And then they were saying after that point, they were saying, ‘Well, we’re gonna take your truck. We’re gonna take all your possessions. We’re gonna take your guns.’ And then after they said that, that’s when I called the 911 call, and I let ’em know. I said, ‘Hey, I’m in a bit of an emergency here, I accidentally drove into Mexico. And I didn’t mean to be here, and I have three guns and they’re trying to take my guns from me.’ So that’s when that happened. And then – and then – and then – and then I was just more nervous, and I decided, you know, I’ll sign the paperwork ’cause maybe that’ll hopefully get me outta here, hopefully that will give ’em what they want and I could get out of here, and the lady who was translating who spoke broken English, she said that all the paperwork said was that I was in Mexico with three guns. I said okay, well, that’s the truth, so I’ll go ahead and I’ll sign these papers. But shortly after the papers, they apprehended me and arrested me.

While Tahmooressi is still unsure of what the papers actually said, he explained the dangerous conditions he faced at Tijuana’s La Mesa Penitentiary.

“I was put in a cell, a small cell that was meant for six people. There was about 15 to 20 people in there, and there was all kinds of bad criminals in there… There was murderers in there and kidnappers and drug dealers and all these people,” he explained. “They threatened to rape me, they threatened to kill me, and I was very fearful. I was fearful to the point where my heart was pounding, and I couldn’t have got a single word out if I had to yell for help.”

Fearing for his life, Tahmooressi attempted to escape, but he was apprehended and moved to solitary confinement where he was shackled to his bed.

I was just trying to get away, as far away as I could… [But] I was shot at by a lady on post. I surrendered… After that, you know, I got punished physically for maybe like 20 minutes to 30 minutes. And then after that I was stripped naked, and I was handcuffed – both my legs and my hands – around the post of a bunk bed there. I was there for maybe 12 hours, or maybe 10 hours, overnight, you know, shivering in the cold, naked. And then the next day they take me to another little cell by myself, and they cuff one of my legs to one wall and then they cuff my arm to the opposite wall about maybe two feet above my head. So I was there with my hand dangling above my head with… very minimum circulation going to my fingers there for… maybe 24 hours with no food, no water.

Then they take me off of the handcuffs, and… I was afraid that the prisoners were still gonna come and get me and that they were talking to the police officers, and that the police officers were gonna come and… torture me… and get information about my family. So I said I’m not gonna let them do that. There was a light bulb on… the ceiling, and I took this light bulb and I broke it and I stabbed myself in the neck cause I said, ‘I’m not gonna let them take my life. I’m gonna take my own life.’ That was my train of thought then, and I was there on my knees praying with blood pouring out of my neck, puddled on the floor.

Thankfully, thank God, the prisoners were outside of the door, and I think they heard the smash of the light bulb. And they came in, and I blacked out from there. Then I remember waking up on a bed in a room in the prison with IVs in my arms and with the doctor saying, ‘Andrew, come on, Andrew,’ trying to get me to wake up again. And thankfully I woke up again. They took me in an ambulance to a hospital, where they stitched me up, and then they took me back to the infirmary, the hospital in the prison, and then that’s when they handcuffed all four of my limbs to the bed for a month.

TheBlaze has done a good deal of research into Tahmooressi and the events that unfolded before and after his arrest, but Glenn asked Tahmooressi if there is anything else that needs to be known.

“No, sir. God is my witness that I was not there doing any criminal activity. I had no intent on doing any harm or or breaking any laws or selling any guns or anything of that sort,” Tahmooressi said. “I’ve never been like that before in my life… I’ve always been a peaceful, loving man, and I don’t break the law.”

The WhiteHouse.gov petition advocating for Tahmooressi’s release reached the necessary 100,000 signatures ahead of last Friday’s deadline, which means the Obama Administration, by law, is required to release an official statement. That statement will be the first from the Administration on the issue.

Glenn, meanwhile, asked his audience to continue to pray for Tahmooressi’s well being and safe return.

“Andrew, I’m going to ask for the audience to pray for you and pray that… you are encircled with truth. I admire you for not telling a lie,” Glenn concluded. “I will tell you that the only way God’s powers work is if you’re working with exactness, so tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God, and hopefully we will see his hand at work here. I’m disappointed in the hand of man, but never disappointed in the hand of God.”

  • USNbubblehead

    That border crossing sucks and has for years. I never wanted to get anywhere near it with a vehicle when I was stationed in San Diego. I’d take the trolley down and get a cab on the Mexican side. This crossing is so confusing that its no wonder more people don’t wind up on the Mexican side by mistake. Its sort of like driving in Boston; you have to already know where you’re going or you WILL get lost and wind up in the wrong place.

    Anyway, I see the Mexican authorities haven’t changed. You can’t trust them. Sign nothing. Agree to nothing.

    • Johnst

      I would have given up on the guns and tossed them the SECOND I realized I was in Mexico… he chose to hold on to them and take his chances, and lost the gamble.

      • GiGi

        Regardless, that county is worthless…bring him back!

      • Marty

        He did not take any kind of gamble. Why should he have to discard any of his possessions. The Mexican authorities are so corrupt that I am sure a nice mordida would have appeased them. My prayers are with him and hopefully our elected officials will move on this and help free him. Hey Obama just secured the release of a deserter why not for a true Patriot.

      • Right wing

        He is too honest and trusting for that. A truly Christian, Marine’s Marine, according to his best friend.

      • Anonymous

        He had no chance to toss the guns. When he realized for sure he was at the meskin gate he explained he was on the wrong road. I would have made a u turn and let them chase me back to the US side. Of course the way border patrol and homeland insecurity have become terrorist of their own he probably would not have fared any better.

    • Dee Hutt

      Never go to mexico, don’t spend us dollars there. Nothing in mexico I need or want. Too dishonest.

      • Linda Belle Lloyd Arfman

        Not true , Mexican people are warm and loving, just Boarder on both sides think they own world

        • Marty

          You are so right! The Mexican people are warm and loving but not the border pelados or anyone in authority. The only thing that matters to them is a generous mordida and that is the only thing that will appease them.

        • Anonymous

          The Ilegals also?

        • Anonymous

          They’re so ‘warm and loving’, they stole my pickup truck in
          Ensenada. I took a cab to the ‘police station’ where I filed a report. The police response? Nada. I later learned that the
          ‘policia’ were part of the stolen car ring.
          That was over 10 years ago, and I (a) haven’t been back since and (b) have no intention of returning to that country.
          As Dee Hutt posted, boycott Mexico. I can spend my dollars here that will benefit of Americans.
          As far as Obummer trading one American service man for 5 terrorists, I’m quite sure it was for the benefit of the 5 Muslim terrorists, not the American serviceman.
          If he were so concerned about our military, why hasn’t he stepped forward regarding Mr. Tahmooressi?

    • Anonymous

      He walked across the border – only got in his car when he was trying to go back north toward San Diego.

      • Mike Nelson


      • USNbubblehead

        No, according to what I’ve read, he parked his car on the U.S. side and went to Mexico on foot. He decided to go back, crossed over to the U.S. side on foot, retrieved his car from the lot, and then mistakenly drove back to the border again. Easy to do, and you would be able to see how if you’d ever seen this crossing, believe me. What appear to be U-turns to reverse direction back into the U.S. actually bring you to the Mexican border instead. There are only a few very small, graffiti covered signs to tell you where to go (again, like Boston). We used to joke that it was the Mexicans’ way of making SURE you came through, so they could fleece you.

  • BDunn

    Can we trade 5 captured drug lords for him?

    • Diana Dee

      So that they can continue bringing more drugs to the US? The US is the biggest customer.

  • Anonymous

    Bravo Beck for distributing Tahmooressi’s testimony. Odd that the Mexican police would torture Tahmooressi for some of the time, then let him spend so much time on the phone with Beck while being mass broadcast.

    • Susan

      I listened to the radio show, but not the part where Tahmooressi was actually on. Anyway, Glenn said that Tahmooressi had a scheduled phone call with his mother, and the only way to talk to the Blaze was for his mother to conference call them in once she was on the phone with Tahmooressi.

      • Redteam

        There is no US Marine in custody in Mexico. There is a FORMER Marine that is in custody.

        • Shawn Cameron

          Once a Marine always a Marine.

          • Redteam

            Yes, I understand Semper fi, but still he is not presently, in fact, a US Marine. Maybe in his heart, but he’s not getting paid to be on active duty. Or do you contend he is on active duty?

          • Bill Tilghman

            He is a Marine reservist, thus not a former anything. He is under obligatory muster orders which are currently suspended, but he has not been discharged so your point is inaccurate and moot.

          • Right wing

            He missed his official check out procedure because he is stuck in a cell in Mexico. He is honorably discharged after serving two tours of duty in Afghanistan and receiving two head injuries.

        • Bill Tilghman

          You speak of a fictional entity – there is no former Marine.

          • Redteam

            If he is discharged, then he’s not a reservist and therefore is not still a Marine. Semper fi is a fiction of the Corps, they all say it, but call them back to active duty and see how many are anxious. I served in the Navy and was discharged. I’m a former sailor. If he’s “a Marine” then he should be charged as AWOL and court martialed when he returns.

          • Guest

            For what? making a wrong turn? It really doesn’t matter if he is a Marine or a former Marine.He still served our country either way. He should still be honored and respected for that service. One day I saw a soldier walk in to the doctors office and I tried to thank him for his service but he never heard me even after 3 times of repeating it. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t looking for a response really just to know he heard me by looking at me. A few minutes later as I looked around the room, the older man that had been sitting 3 seats over from us the whole time was wearing a WWII vet cap on his head. I felt so small for not noticing him until then. My point is that a person who has served should always be honored and appreciated for that service but we tend to forget about those who are no longer in uniform except on Major Holidays like Memorial Day or Independence Day. Even then I think we have become more involved with the celebration of those holidays than in actually honoring and showing respect for our current and former military men and women.

          • Guest

            By the way Thank you as well for your service to our country.

          • Redteam

            Well, thank you very much for mentioning it.

          • Redteam

            You are entirely correct as pertains to current active duty and veterans. People still thank me for my service and it gives me a real sense of pride when that happens because I know I am in the minority as to how many have served. I considered it an honor to serve in the US Navy.

          • Melanie Haywood Gilbert

            I think I am missing the point in arguing over the question of former or current Marine. He served our country regardless of that status. It seems to me you think he is guilty of something. I think he and the heavens are the only ones to know the truth. I don’t quite understand why you think he would take such a huge risk over 3 guns registered in his own name. I read comments that he should have made a u-turn before getting to the border but that would only make him look even more suspicious. He said that he told them he had the guns so if he was trying to do something illegal, why would he tell them he has them? Do they automatically search for weapons? I have never been to Mexico or anywhere outside the USA.

          • Redteam

            There is quite a difference in whether a person is current active duty military personnel vs having served in the past and still having the News refer to you as if you are still active duty. I served in the Navy over 50 years ago. If the Mexicans held me for something, do you think the news should refer to me as a US Navy sailor? I have no problem with them referring to him as a former military person, but to refer to him as a US Soldier is totally incorrect.

    • Shawn Cameron

      Seems as though you really want to doubt this soldiers story. I can understand taking anything Beck says with a grain of salt. Is it possible that (as you said on the other article) that the State dept. is already involved and he is now receiving better treatment allowing the phone interview.

      • Anonymous

        I guess the soldier’s story is true. I would assume diplomatic efforts have made it easier for Tahmooressi. I still think it’s odd that Mexican officials would want testimonial of human rights abuses coming from within its prison.

    • SerfsUp

      This could really backfire on Tahmooressi. Do you think the prison officials understood and knew that Beck was in on this call?

    • deskjockey91

      From what it sounds like, he didnt really get on the phone with Beck. He got on the phone with his mom and she connected them. Who even knows if they understand what he is saying.

    • Marty

      They probably got their mordida. Believe me those corrupt guys will not do anything decent unless they are getting something for it.

      • Anonymous

        Could be.

  • Johnst

    Moral of the story, don’t drive around with a bunch of guns, if you are close to Mexico and can’t read those big huge signs talking about entering Mexico….

    • Marty

      Again a nice mordida would have taken care of the situation he found himself in. So I believe the moral of the story is if anywhere near Mexico have plenty of mula for the corrupt pelados.

      • Trisha Holmeide

        The problem with that is there are severe penalties for trying to bribe an official and they can always take the “mula” and then arrest you for trying anyway!

    • Right wing

      The signs were covered with graffiti and unreadable. Because of construction, only a small, unlighted (it was night time) Uturn sign sat on the ground that was barely noticeable. Greta Van Sustern drove the same route and showed this on camera. She said she would have made the same mistake because the turn is counterintuitive. The sign has now been changed.

      • Redteam

        “Because of construction, only a small, unlighted (it was night time)” where did you hear that? He said on Greta’s show that it was 3 in the afternoon. Look at street view, there are dozens of signs and he couldn’t have not known where he was.

  • Jess

    It is against Mexico’s law to bring guns into Mexico. Even though it was an accident he broke their law. We have to let him go through their process of their laws. In America we have the right to a speedy trial but it isn’t the same in Mexico. Our Government should step in if he goes through the process and is given a punishment of gun trafficking or smuggling because it is clear that isn’t the situation.

    • CactusJohn5

      I have been saying this the WHOLE time, you can not go to a foreign country and be ignorant of their laws. If this happened in the US i am positive we would throw them in prison for years before letting them out.

      • Bean

        NOT True!! a close friend of ours worked 30years for Customs, had a Mexican Police officer do the same thing, with his gun accidentally end up in California. They checked his story, checked his gun detained him for a couple of hours and personally escorted him back over the boarder with his gun! We don’t act like that and we don’t wait for a payoff. We might be corrupt in some things but this is inexcusable …

      • Right wing

        You’re kidding, right? Considering we just let thousands of illegal CONVICTED murders, rapists and drunkards out into the American general population because their own countries would not take them back?

      • Dave Mace

        Oh yes.. we have millions of Mexicans that have broken our laws in prison… Oh wait… no we don’t. We just let them cross over ILLEGALLY, bring guns, drugs, and diseases with no penalty at all… We don’t even send them back an more. In fact… We have recently released convicted illegal alien criminals in to US society only to have them commit murder. You are severely misinformed. …and we do bare some responsibility when citizens end up in Mexico accidently because the signs and turn around are confusing.

        • Redteam

          That entry point is not confusing at all. Go to google maps, satellite view and then hit street view. He had to be retarded to not know he was entering Mexico. Dozens of signs saying it is entry and last exit, etc. According to his own story, he had been to Mexico 3 times prior to that day and then he had been in Tiajuana that same day and checked into a hotel. Then decided he didn’t like the hotel so he left, went back to the US then turned right around later that afternoon and went back. He had to know where he was and what he was doing. Suppose he was carrying the guns over to sell them? Just wondering.

          • Betty Bryant

            He walked into Mexico then took a cab. His car was parked on the US side. I have seen people driving this route to show how confusing it is. A google map is nothing like the real thing especially when construction is going on and it was dark.

          • Redteam

            It’s not a google map, it’s ‘street view’. It’s very clear. If he walked into Mexico and took a cab, how did they arrest him with guns? It was the earlier trip that morning when he took the cab and rented Hotel room then returned to US, got into car and drove back into Mexico. It was early afternoon when he drove in, not after dark. (at least that’s what he said on Greta’s show). He made the early run scouting the situation then thought he could slip by the border agents, but got caught now is hoping for sympathy and government to get him out of trouble.

          • Reliquary

            Seriously? two rifles and a handgun…Registered in his name ..and you think he was trying to sell them…. do us all a favor and put the crack pipe down for a while…sheesh

          • Redteam

            So, you tell us why he made two separate trips into Tiajuana that day, and registered at a hotel on the first trip when he had taken a taxi in, then went back to US, got his car and went back (accidently) into Tiajuana. Look at street view and tell me how anyone could get lost. Assuming they have all their faculties of course.

          • Reliquary

            Well, we have heard his story and it has been verified by several credible sources. I don;t engage in making up poorly contrived and ill thought out scenarios. I simply point out the stupidity and ignorance of some of these posts when i see it. But since you ask , perhaps you would be best suited to give us an alternative and ignorant conspiracy to ponder.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmmm, just like all those ILLEGALS crossing over all the time?

      • Betty Bryant

        He wasn’t going to Mexico. He made a wrong turn and was trying to make a turn to go back to the other side. Why should he be punished because he made a driving mistake? There should be some leeway here. We allow millions of the Mexican citizens to break our laws everyday and they can’t give an inch for this decorated Marine?

      • Reliquary

        Ummm you are wrong…. It does happen all the time. Mexican Nationals cross our border with drugs and guns and are simply returned with the contraband, or set free. So if you have been saying this the whole time maybe you should shut up and listen to what is really going on…

    • Anonymous

      You need to read the entire post before you make any comments. “It is better to remain silent and thought a fool; than to post and remove all doubt”.

    • Melanie Haywood Gilbert

      The question is why should he have to go through all that before our government will step in to help him get out of a mess made over a mistake?

  • Ed Love

    I think we should take a battalion of Marines and go get him.

    • coolpaint

      Yea, and on the way, drop off about 1000 illegal Mexican’s~ Tell them “we’re trading”!

      • Daniel Hoffman

        Only 1000 ?

  • Guest

    Geed grief! I hope this stunt of Glenn’s doesn’t cause problems with those idiotic Mexican prison officials. This was not a well thought out stunt. Look what happened to the Pelletiers when they went on Glenn’s show and got themselves all riled up. That really backfired on them badly. Glenn strikes again.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Victor, put a sock in it.

  • SerfsUp

    Good grief! I hope this stunt of Glenn’s doesn’t cause problems with those idiotic Mexican prison officials. This was not a well thought out stunt. Look what happened to the Pelletiers when they went on Glenn’s show and got themselves all riled up. That really backfired on them badly. Glenn strikes again.

  • Li Tyler

    I am paying for his safe return home!

    • Anonymous

      How much???

      • friendsforever

        If we don’t protect and support our military and vets, who by the way are AMERICANS! Then are we Americans? We are only Free because of so…. many who have spilt their blood for us. We need to listen to what ever the Lord is tellilng us to do. We must not only Pray with all our hearts but we must not sit still and hope somebody is going to do something. We are somebody and we need to listen to the Lord and take action as we are inspired. Maybe we need to group together and march down to Mexico or to DC (I don’t know about you, but I have very little faith in DC) and do some negotiating! Stand up for the things that are right like “Cliven Bundy” is. When do we draw the line in the sand?

      • Anonymous

        That was funny. I didn’t want to laugh but i did grin and chuckle a little bit.

  • happy chick

    Can I also add, a prisoner exchange for a person who went and walked away from his unit. We get a soldier back who turned his back against his unit and our country. But hey exchange him for 5 members of the Taliban. Does anyone else see a HUGE problem with that & leaving this poor man in Mexico?

    • Bill Tilghman

      Add to that the five men who died looking for the deserter in Afghanistan. This administration is doing as much as it can to distract from the many scandals that have been a plague to them. Of course if you don’t want to deal with scandals, not engaging in them would be a logical first step.

      I agree with you – this situation is unbelievably out of control, and we know where to focus the spotlight to ID the real perpetrator.

  • Sheeple

    There are 10,000,000 Mexicans that could and gladly be traded for 1 US Marine.

    • Anonymous

      Over 11,000,000 at last news report on the subject. Of course not all are Mexican.

  • Ruth Tolman

    THANK YOU GLENN for interviewing our hero!!! We need to keep up the pressure and bring him home!

  • Linda Belle Lloyd Arfman

    I too many years ago , accidently drove thru the boarder, meant to exit at last exit and park, however continued on and went to the Airport, to drop of relitives, tried to tell guards just wanted to turn around they would not listen ,, anywya went back after drop pff and went back to boarder, had to explain to the guard what i was doing in Mexico after 30 mins wait they let me thru , This was before 9 11 , First time I had driven thru another country , , have been to Mexico many times bit never drove thru again, would be nice for them to let you turn around when Mistakes happen

    • Marty

      Yes it would have been nice of them to just let him turn around but those pelados don’t know the meaning of the word nice; well, only if you grease the palm.

    • Jess

      They my have been nice but he broke the law with the guns.

      • Anonymous

        Read the whole story before you make crazy posts.

  • Anonymous

    This is a sad state of affairs and it should make every American Citizen who loves this country, start putting demands on the table to our Congress to remove the traitor we have sitting in white house and pretending to be President. We just saw SGT. Bowe Bergdahl traded for the release of five terrorist Afghans held at Guantanamo Bay, by Obama which was again an overstep of powers and against military regulations. Claims that the Sgt. was ill and might die were used as an excuse. Obama always has a piss poor excuse for everything. Now we learn that the Sgt. may have been AWOL and that he was ashamed to be an America. He spent five years entertaining the enemy while most captives get instant death. WHY? We also learn of correspondence that the Sgt.’s father was working to free all prisoners from Guantantanamo.
    Now looking at this story about SGT. Andrew Tahmoorissi, we as American Citizens, need to know: Why has our government been quiet on this and taken no action. Here is a true decorated American soldier who served and loved our country and now at his time of need, we turn our back. Here is an American soldier that served his country and now is locked in a Mexican Prison where he has been abused for over two months and without any help from our government. Why has Hagel kept quiet on this and not demanded release of Sgt. Andrew? Why hasn’t Hagel sent in a special forces team to free the Sgt.? How can any American Citizen trust our corrupt government under the Obama administration and WHY does our Congress sit idly by instead of doing what they get paid to do.
    I would suggest that Congress make another trade to get Sgt. Andrew back home.
    In this trade they should exchange Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Rice, all democrat congress and Senators, Christie, all of the Obama cabinet, Bush, McCain, McConnell, and throw in Clinton along with all the illegal Mexicans in exchange for one good patriot Sgt. Andrew Tahmoorissi.

  • Bill Tilghman

    Here’s an idea – when our troops return from deployment, why don’t we build a series of forward operating bases like in Afghanistan, and then assign them there for training in preparation for future deployments. As long as it is for training they can continue to patrol our territory and thus secure the Rio Grande and the rest of the border with Mexico. It is time for us to stop the flow, stop being apologetic to Mexico for ensuring our border integrity, and enforce our old, tried and true immigration policies.

    We do not need more workers, we do not need to accommodate Mexico or it’s citizens, and we need jobs for all the returning US military personnel that will keep them razor sharp should problems erupt in the future. It is past the time when we should exhibit a little self interest as a nation. Every nation on this planet has much more border security and more strict immigration policies. It is time we met the world’s standards, and possibly led the way in this area.

    On the subject of the man in prison in Mexico, we need to take steps that this never happens again, and we need a government that will not tolerate this gamesmanship that Mexico is engaging in. We invaded Mexico once, we can do it again if necessary, and someone needs to convey that message to the Mexicans.

    • Anonymous

      Tell that to obama, maybe you’ll get some action.

    • Trisha Holmeide

      I am not going to agree to having military patrol or enforcement of local jurisdiction(s) laws. We are already near becoming a police state with SWAT teams in military vehicles using military equipment to do no-warrant searches and deliver neighbors complaints about a dog barking. What we really need are the sheriffs of our counties to stand up and enforce their constitutional perogatives and duties–even if the feds don’t like it! As to our wayward Marine, we need the US to ensure accidental tresspass and carrying contraband cannot occur on all our highways and border crossings into Mexico the same as we do with our Canadian neighbors. When was the last time you heard about the Canadians having to arrest an American who “accidentally” crossed into Canada with contraband?

      • Anonymous

        Don’t think he was saying military patrols. He said training facilities along that 80 mile wide stretch of border obama has posted for US citizens to stay out of. I used to run coons, bobcats, and coyotes near the Chocolate Mountain bombing area. If i even drove down the road next to the installation i was greeted by armed US Marines. I think that is the kind of patrols he was referring to. However like you i am extremely leary of giving the government any more excuse to ride roughshod over American citizens that would like to utilize that scenic area of America.If we can just get the government to enforce laws, regulations of existing immigration law we could eventually eliminate the problem. Scale way back to the numbers that are already on the books for legal immigration, and no benefits for non US citizens as well as immediate lock up and deportation. Would be cheaper to fly them all the way to Tuxtla Gutierrez just north of Guatemala and pay them to jail them until they have served their sentence.

  • Anonymous

    How about trading 11 Milion Ilegals for Mr Tahmooressi?

  • jesustheonlyway

    Mexico is our…friend?

  • santaman

    Boycott Mexico. All products and Trade

  • Anonymous

    You can conduct radio interviews from the phone in a Mexican prison?

    • Anonymous

      Read the freakin story! There was no radio interview. It was a call to or from his mom who used the app on her phone to make it a conference call.

      • Anonymous

        I heard the freakin interview this morning on the radio.

        • Anonymous

          No you didn’t ; you heard a three way phone conversation.

          Carl n Irene’s baby boy:

  • Guest

    let my people go! mexico trade you 500,000.00 of your own people for one american solider! #freesgtandrewtahmooressi!!!!!!

  • Amanda Northrup

    let my people go! mexico trade you 500,000.00 of your own people for one american solider! #freesgtandrewtahmooressi!!!!!! #freetahmooressi!!!!

  • Peter Heerschap

    Seriously why doesn’t Obama do something about it, he could threaten to use military action and change their tone immediately. We expect that kind of stuff from Al Qaeda but mexico is different. Lets show mexico that we won’t stand for this kind of nonsense. Its just ridicules if you ask me.

  • Alex Mullins

    So we can trade 5 detainees from gitmo to get one AWOL and questionable American back from the enemy, but we cant get a hero back from our Neighbor? Where is the logic here.

  • In_the_OC

    Every day, and in every way, it becomes embarrassingly clear that president (small “p”) Obama doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about the man in Mexico who has been CHAINED UP to a WALL for having done NOTHING WRONG, except get on the on-ramp for Mexico.

    Let me just say now that I THINK MEXICO STINKS! It STINKS. It SUCKS. It is NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE TO HELP IT IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. It is run by P’sOS, and I don’t see why ANY AMERICAN would be agreeable to spend one dime down there. MEXICO SUCKS!! They are NO FRIEND of the U.S.. They only want all the people THEY CAN’T MANAGE and are INCAPABLE OF providing for in their OWN country to come here and take what’s NOT THEIRS!

    MEXICO SUCKS BIG TIME! And Obama is USING IT for his own radical purposes.

  • CandyGram

    You folks that suggest trading some Mexican illegals for our loved soldier would be a good trade fail to realize that the Mexican government doesn’t want those illegals back. They have no value. They want $$$. Now the Taliban wants their guys back because they were leaders and can be again in the war to kill our soldiers and capture others for more ransom.

  • Anonymous

    Would happily trade 11M illegal aliens for one marine!!

  • Organix

    While the impersonal nature of the natural pecking order may seem unfair, we all benefit when innovations are first tried by others.

  • wormhd883

    Ok we can leave this kid there and bring home a traitor and deserter…. makes me sick !!!

  • Jacqui Dunbar

    Bob Sanders, founder of Baja Christian Ministries. A call to prayer for tomorrow’s hearing.

    “Dear Partner in Prayer!

    Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi’s court hearing is tomorrow, Wednesday, July 9th. As Andrew puts his hope in God, he needs our prayers, the prayers of many for his deliverance (2 Cor 1:10-11).

    Please be intentional in prayer for him, his mother Jill, Benito Luis Juarez, Phil Dunn, and Andrew’s new attorney, Fernando Benitez. Pray that God would fill Andrew and attorney Fernando with wisdom and conviction. Please also pray for God’s appointed judge to reside over this case with the kindness of a father, tender mercies, insight, wisdom and understanding and God’s favor to gladly release Andrew with joy!

    Let us believe, worship God, and pray together as the “many” for victory tomorrow!

    Thank you and God bless you!

    Bob Sanders

  • TR0LL

    He was tryin to sell guns in Mexico beotces!! What a lame excuse, hahaha. Republicans are fools.

  • Mason Vannice

    Free him now!!!

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