The Daily Briefing: Where is the good news?

Where is the good news? That’s what Glenn asked his staff this morning. After all, pretty much everything he had seen on the news was either 1) negative or 2) a distraction. Glenn isn’t really interesting in showing people the negative anymore, and wants to show people stories of tangible hope. Where do those stories come from? Glenn explained in The Daily Briefing:

  • Doug

    I need some good news. Following the atrocity that is obama’s administration has been so very depressing.

  • Mickey Batin

    There is no hope because they are trying to take God out of our lives.

    • Anonymous

      Do you mind if I ask for more detail on who is “they” and how are “they” trying to take God out of your life? Personally, i can say that i took God out of my own life many years ago. But if i were still a believer, nobody could remove that from my heart. How exactly is this sinister plan to be accomplished? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


    How come everyone always looks so bored in these meetings?
    Disinterested at best. Despondent in reality.

  • ken.

    only after we win the coming revolution will we have good news.

    • Anonymous

      Would you mind giving us some details on the coming revolution please? I’m not being snarky, I am curious about what you envision specifically happening. A revolution where armed groups overthrow the government? Or a kind of popular uprising? Or a spriritual awakening type of thing? Thanks.

      • ken.

        when the corrupt government sends all the government agencies they are arming out to finish taking control of our country and destroying it and our constitution, we the people will stand up in defense and return power back to we the people. we the people are the government, not the politicians, we cannot overthrow ourselves, we can take back what belongs to us.

        • BlueMN

          “[W]e the people are the government, not the politicians.” Shows a lack of understanding of what a representative democracy is. Sometimes ken, your side loses. Buck up.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks! So you’re thinking that various agencies like IRS, EPA, Census Bureau, etc. are going to swarm out at some point and impose a dictatorship or the like by force of arms? I’m just trying to understand if you see this as a literal takeover, or something more metaphorical / fanciful (as when Glenn Beck claims that we are already living under a dictatorship)?

  • Anonymous

    Beck asks “Where’s the good news?” Not from him. Beck mainly preaches American cultural decline. In 2009, Beck lost a law suite against Eiland-Hall in which Hall parodied Beck’s form of negative commentary. Now, in Beck’s defamation law suit defense, he claims its his Constitutional right to endanger an innocent man’s life by wrongly and relentlessly accusing him of being a terrorist well after the person was known to be innocent. Beck’s lawyers admit the man Beck accused was innocent, so I guess Beck thinks he can mass publicize damaging accusations about anyone of anything and the Constitution will protect him. Beck reaches a significant amount of the listening population and with that should come responsiblity.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the link; hadn’t heard any details on that suit in a while. Has anyone seen if Beck has ever apologized for his attacks on Alharbi? Or at least acknowledged that he was wrong? (I guess that’s a question that answers itself…)

      • Anonymous

        I have never heard an apology or acknowledgement from Beck. I guess Beck will apologies when he thinks it will help cause less damage to his business than not raising more awareness of his actions.

  • Anonymous

    SO PLEASE SERVE YOUR COUNTRY Fight back against the federal MOB become a
    keyboard warrior and help us fight the war of ideas by sharing these

  • Dennis Ferguson

    Glen i want to make large zero point energy systems that are low cost and high energy output would you be interested in have free electricty.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Certainly, centralized control, abolition of private property, or both, are the most effective ways to force people to chase collectivist illusions such as “social justice” and “equality of condition”.

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