WATCH: Susan Rice struggles through Sunday morning interviews following Bergdahl release

Former UN ambassador and current National Security Advisor Susan Rice should probably refrain from making the rounds on the Sunday morning shows in the aftermath of major foreign policy events. While her responses on Sunday to questions about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s release may not be quite as egregious as her now infamous insistence that the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya was in response to a YouTube video, she certainly didn’t do the Administration any favors.

During an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Candy Crowley asked, point blank, if the United States had negotiated with terrorists. Rice initially dodged the question, but Crowley asked again.

“I think the question now is,” Crowley asked, “and you point to the kinds of warfare we’re having now, that no longer can it be said that the U.S. doesn’t negotiate with terrorists?”

“I wouldn’t put it that way,” Rice said. “When we are in battles with terrorists and terrorists take an American prisoner, that prisoner still is a U.S. serviceman or woman.”

On radio this morning, Glenn played a portion of Rice’s appearance on ABC’s This Week. George Stephanopoulos grilled Rice on several points, but Glenn found his question about whether or not Bergdahl could face disciplinary action if it is found he did indeed desert his post.

Watch the interview below (applicable video begins at 7-minute mark):

ABC US News | ABC International News

“Wow,” Pat said disgusted.

Glenn was not impressed with Rice’s dismissal of the questions.

“What you say on this is,” Glenn concluded. “‘Look, we are glad to have any American soldier back. And because nobody needs to be held by somebody as brutal as this, we’re going nurse him back to health. It’s great to have him back, we have to do an investigation and we’ll take it from there.’”

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  • Deckard426

    Rice would better off doing something like cleaning hotel rooms, where she doesn’t have to think on her feet.

    • Lee Shoemaker

      you mean trade jobs with you!

      • turmn8

        Vote much? Or should I say how many times?

    • John Creal

      I think she should be working at a Snack Bar somewhere…

    • Bob Young

      Actually, I’ve had conversations with women cleaning hotel rooms that have more on the ball than this idiot Susie Rice.

    • Jake Wilde

      I agree, but she is a good little drone for Mr. O.

    • Marlene Wilkins

      she probably cleans as well as she talks, so the rooms would be worse than when she showed up.

    • mojaverat

      I think she’s better suited to suck farts out of bus seats.

  • ken.

    she needs a teleprompter so valorie jarrett can tell who what she’s supposed to say, just like obama.

    • Anonymous

      She did have a teleprompter. Don’t you think that they had known the questions in advanced and wrote the answers for a teleprompter.
      Watch again and see, she doesn’t look anywhere but straight into the prompter and her answers are like a person reading with a few ahhs and umms thrown in for effect.

      • Anonymous

        True, as she ‘regurgitates the regime’s answers to Already Known ???”

  • faxxmaxx

    All that was, was talking points. She didn’t address a single question, only repeated the words she was told to say. Why can’t a single moderator get these people to answer the question that was actually asked?

    • Anonymous

      That’s a ‘requirement’ to be a cabinet member in the Obummer administration.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that this person (I say person because she doesn’t really look or sound like a woman to me…just sayin”). Anyway, the fact that this clearly incompetent person still has a job with the Obama administration show just how inept Obama is. Or maybe it is actually difficult to find people who will so willing lie to the nation, and so you have to keep ’em around.

    • Anonymous

      These types are the ones Obama ALWAYS surrounded himself with-all his life.
      Thugs of the SAME ILK.

  • Anonymous

    I’m REALLY getting tired of this “Obama Bootlicking Liar, getting out there and doing Her Cheerleading for the “Liar In Chief”. She showed HER allegience to Him, when she carried out his False Story on Benghazi, but—-she got her reward by covering up for him…got her promotion. Sickening, and her dumb azz should have been fired, if this was NOT a second rate, criminal regime of DemoThugs.

  • Anonymous

    This woman lies with ease and has been very well compensated for that skill.

  • Dan H

    I’m so sick of Obama administration talking points. ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTIONS.

  • Gordon Harvey

    Don’t they still shoot traitors like this guy and the other POS.

  • Whymy Nameyouwant

    This has NOTHING to do with Iran, however she spends 3 mins discussing them. What a weak interview, and shame on Stephanopoulos for letting her get by with those canned answers.

  • Wade Cloyd

    Our men in battle in Benghazi weren’t treated with the same expediency.

    • John Wesley

      They weren’t Muslims either.

  • Christina Pepper

    Public speaking is a course in most universities. I do not believe this woman took that course. Uh uh uh…cannot listen to that, it’s like nails on a chalk board to me. Learn to pause and collect your thoughts instead of the uhs, uh m’s and ands repeated all of the time!

  • Lee Weber

    This lady is a dimwit…..she really did just memorize all the talking points and regurgitate….I don’t think she had an individual thought. BRAIN WASHED. …..and by the way – “served with distinction and honor?” Is that the adjectives used today for deserters? PLEASE, bring back the other Rice – CONDI!!!

  • UCBerkeley1995

    “He served the country with honor and distinction” – Rice

  • Anonymous

    watch her eyes. rapid blinking is generally a sign of dishonesty; like we need to be reminded that Rice is not a woman of character and/or integrity…

  • Timothy Wenners

    And to think, had we not invaded and started building bases there.. He would never have been captured to begin with…

    Imagine that..

    • Susan Warwick

      Are you kidding me? Quit drinking the Kool-Aid and get a clue!

    • Randy Mac Girl

      He’s THE ONLY ONE that was! What a coincidence. Imagine THAT!

  • cherise

    lying facist

  • cherise

    she has no credibility

  • cherise

    ahhh ahhha hhh ahhhha hhhhaaaahhhh to many ahhhs lying ahhhhs…she irritates me

  • Terry Lee

    So, great…now they will just grab our servicemen to trade for terrorists. Geez. And now we have ‘confidence’ in the promises made by terrorists. Surely they won’t slip away…like, tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    Glad I was smart enough to keep my blood pressure under control by not watching this very accomplished liar .

  • Dan Condon

    She like Carney, learned to dodge and weave, deflect and and blame, and of course lie from the master, Owebama.

  • Anonymous

    I would pay big bucks to have her do the same interview hooked to a lie-detector.

  • Bill Hunter

    Neither have credibility….two mega-liberals stroking each other without any common sense.

  • Bill Hunter

    Arrest this stuttering liar.

  • Marty Torrez

    She should just keep her mouth shut! she has done enough damage already……

  • Anonymous

    This estupida and her boss Obama ds not know the meaning of serving with honor.

  • Sol Rosenberg

    What a load of crap, how about our Marine being held in Mexico, lets trade 10,000 illegals for him.

    • Anonymous

      Oh come on. You know that we’ll take our marine back and insist they give us 34,000 more criminals. Send back 10,000 illegals…right

    • Anonymous

      Obama and the Progressives won’t give up that many votes

  • Kevin G O’Brien

    Ok Glenn, it’s nice to have an American back. Now what do we say to the families of the 5 soldiers who died looking for a deserter who has said he doesn’t like, and is ashamed of America?

  • PaC SGM (R)

    How is it that this guy “Just walked off the FOB” yet he has his PT jacket, the only way that could have happened is if he grabbed all of his gear and deserted his unit.

  • PaC SGM (R)

    “Do the utmost to bring back our men and women” yet we couldn’t be bothered to send help to the guys in Benghazi?

    • Daniel Hoffman

      or get one guy out of Mexico..

      • Anonymous

        Because neither would benefit the muslim cause

  • Craig

    Such an obvious ploy to make the “president” seem to care about the men & women in uniform after the continuing VA scandal
    But he does so with a traitor

  • Daniel Bartel

    I’m so lost Susan Rice is cool but Condalisa rice is not. we are standing up for a guy that betrayed his country and not for a guy who took a wrong turn at the Mexican borderwe’re proud of a father that looks like he could go star in duck dynasty and is happy about his son being a traitor and not Phil Robertson that took a stand for what the majority of america believes. What is going on with us? Have we become so cought up with our own lives that we just dont care what happens in the world much less locally. Have we gotten so disconnected that all we seek is cats playing piano?

  • John Perser

    Deserters were once shot for that act.

  • chaly

    She rode into the WH on her back. How else!

  • Bob Young

    In the old days, POW’s were captured fighting the enemy to their death. Here we have a traitor, who willingly joined the enemy and then began collaborating with the enemy to kill his fellow soldiers. I am not over joyed that this miscreant traitor is “home.”

  • Guest

    On a different not, George Stephanopolous has not been aging very well, has he? His noes seems to be competing with

  • Bob Young

    On a different not, George Stephanopolous has not been aging very well, has he? His noes seems to be competing with WC Fields or BJ Clinton.

    • Anonymous

      comes from not being smacked in the face from softball questions.

  • Anonymous

    5 years and suddenly it was urgent? There is something wrong here.. no all wrong here.

  • Mike

    Right Wing Wacko’s are so stupid it’s sad that you people are so um-informed and clueless.

  • Jason Wagner

    Susan Rice, same liar that pushed the Benghazi stories about the attacks being a result of a film protest. She, like her boss, is a disgrace to this Country. Why would anyone trust her, or for that matter, have the audacity and stupidity of using her as a mouthpiece for this illegally brokered terrorist transaction with the Taliban. This joker Bergdahl was a malcontent, and a turncoat. He walked away from his post. 5 of his follow marines in his deployment lost their lives, trying to recover him from the enemy. Anyone remember the Rolling Stone magazine reporter, Michael Hastings, who was killed by the Feds last year in a fiery ‘car crash’ that occurred in his new Mercedes Benz as he was somehow going 130 miles per hour on surface streets of Santa Monica, CA at 3 am, the day after he had emailed colleagues about needing to lay low, because the Feds were investigating his story on the NSA? Yea, that guy. That same reporter was actually being investigated because of some ‘controversial reporting’ he was involved with, which included ….wait for it, THIS GUY, Sargent Bergdahl. Hastings’ report reveals private email excerpts. According to Hastings’ story, Bergdahl wrote the emails. The excerpts include comments about being “ashamed to even be an American,” and the threat that “if this deployment is lame, I’m just going to walk off into the mountains of Pakistan.” Now that we see this guy Bergdahl at the center of a very controversial prisoner exchange, which was carried out illegally by the POTUS, not having prior approval to do so from Congress, and we have given up 5 known Taliban terrorist leaders for this guy…I have to start connecting the dots and saying to myself, something REALLY stinks here. Who is going to investigate the FBI, or for that matter, the DOJ? When we have crooks running everything, who will make them accountable?

  • Anonymous

    she lies well enough to be the new press secretary.. better than Carney….

  • Anonymous

    I dont see how she struggled. The questions were pretty much softballs, as you would expect, but this is pretty light tap dancing for this administration.

  • Equis

    All I can say is that she is ignorant and does not have what it takes to effectively hold that job description.

  • Anonymous

    aye yohhhh Rice, these prisoners are thousands of miles away, do you seriously think that they will abide by it?? they are terrorists its not like they care.

  • jay jay

    I’m surprised that these freed terrorists weren’t dropped off at a bus stop in Phoenix.

  • Anonymous

    there isn’t a human being on the planet who makes me sicker to hear, than susan rice. You left Chris Stevens behind, and yet preen like a peacock to broker a “deal”, to bring back, by the descriptions at the time, a deserter. How many Americans had to die looking for that piece of garbage? You’re a despicable waste of carbon mrs rice. You, and the entire administration, and you become more despicable every day you let Sgt. Tahmooressi sit in a Mexican prison. You go to hell.

  • Anonymous

    she doesn’t seem very bright, just a 1st impression

  • Terry G. Taylor

    Arrest all of these low life imposters of this administration. They are all traitors… I can not believe we as Americans elected the worst excuse for a president this country has ever seen… and that is saying alot if any of you were around when Carter was in office.

  • scotsman1207

    rice, obama and holder should—— oh, that would be racist

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, why is she so embarrassed? Very strange

  • Et Th


  • Trisha1480

    Taken in battle?? She lies as much as Obama does. Bergdahl was a deserter, and was AWOL. He is not a POW at all. He is a traitor, plain and simple. He was ashamed of being an American, sympathized with the Taliban, and went in active search of the Taliban to join and help them.

  • Jonathan Doucette

    You can see Susan Rice blink 754 times in the first video.

  • Jonathan Leibowitz

    Citizens: Knowledge is the best antidote against the superstitions and illusions of the totalitarians in our midst:

  • Anonymous

    What about the soldier in Mexico? Is that going to take 5 years and he is really innocent

  • Anonymous

    LOL they didn’t learn after her Sunday TV Benghazi talking points disaster, they send the same goat out again on a new one?

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