CNN legal analyst: Obama clearly broke the law

The exchange of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five high-level terrorists has raised eyebrows on both the left and right because of the way the Obama Administration went about securing Bergdahl’s release. While Republican congressional leaders condemned the actions immediately, it now looks as though those who typically defend the President are questioning the lawfulness of the release.

During an appearance on CNN’s The Situation Room on Monday, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin told Wolf Blitzer President Obama “clearly broke the law” by failing to provide notice to Congress at least 30 days before agreeing to release five Taliban members from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Bergdahl.

“Here’s Jeffrey Toobin. Jeffrey Toobin is the leading legal analyst for CNN, so he’s not exactly a right-wing hack,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Here’s one of the two top senior legal advisors for CNN now saying the President broke the law, and it does matter.”

After discarding the Administration’s justification for its actions, Toobin explained a signing statement does not allow the president to disregard the rule of law.

“I think he clearly broke the law. The law says 30-days’ notice. He didn’t give 30-days’ notice,” Toobin said. “It is true he issued a signing statement, but signing statements are not law. Signing statements are the president’s opinion on what the law should be.”

Watch Toobin’s commentary below via National Review:

After listening to the exchange, Glenn was particularly struck by how quickly Blitzer distanced himself from Toobin’s assertion.

“Here’s what I’m hearing. I don’t know what you guys are hearing… but here’s what I heard,” Glenn said. “‘I just want you to know here, anybody who’s watching in the White House, I did not say that. That was Jeffrey Toobin who just said that. Do you realize what you’re doing, Jeffrey? I’m trying to help here. I’m distancing myself from you.’ What did you just hear?”

“I just heard him warn Jeffrey Toobin that he shouldn’t be saying that the president of the United States is breaking the law,” Pat responded. “‘You’re too respected a man to be saying something that incendiary. You better not do that.’ It seemed like a warning to me.”

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  • keith

    Give me a break he broke more laws since hes been president and this is what they are concerned about what a joke…

    • Vienta76

      It has to start somewhere on the left, the right crying foul has not been enough…it has to start somewhere, and this particular crime is pretty disturbing

      • olford

        Your correct. When are we going to stop complaining, mocking and crying foul with these people. That’s what they are counting on. Let’s stand up and start living lives honor, truth and integrity. Something these evil people don’t know anything about. Good will overcome evil.
        God Bless our people with truth and love. Drown out the evil. We are a honest, hardworking people. Stop letting them turn us like them.
        They are a lawless bunch minions, they are never going to do anything honorable. God will give you wisdom if you ask.

        • Anonymous

          There’s really only ONE way to get rid of this administration and that is come November. If America doesn’t kick these guys out of the senate, you’re going to see some REAL BIG scandals and nothing will be done. If repubs take over the congress and senate in a big way, watch what obama will do then. Besides, with what we know about Bergdahl, he should be charged and court marshalled ASAP. The truth has to come out, if America has any justice system.

          • Anonymous

            True – but to this point, all but one incumbent has made it through their primary. It will probably be a harder reality come November, but right now, the people of their own party aren’t getting it.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. There’s a whole laundry list of garbage they’ve been pulling and a whole slew of people sat back and let it happen. I wonder if these guys are doing an about face since the White House is in the hot seat now.

      • Anonymous

        What hot seat? Have you seen the headlines for this deserter’s homecoming? Obama dodges every scandal with a new one and it will continue as long as the benchwarmers in Washington keep supporting these crimes.

        • Anonymous

          I did notice that all of a sudden, the VA crisis is out of the headlines.

        • gagec1

          Did you hear that the father of this scumbag, claimed the White House for the Jihad? YEP, this family is a piece of work, and Obama making this Illegal Deal without Congress needs to be taken out for Treason.

        • Anonymous

          I say “hotseat” because Obama’s approval numbers are tanking, along with his partners in crime, and there are many who are finally starting to wake up. Question is, does anyone really have any plans on doing anyting about it? So much talk, so little action.

    • Anonymous

      BOB and his thuggs care nothing about rule of law, to a commie, the ends justify the means….

  • Anonymous

    How about droning a US citizen, the son of the US Citizen (also a citizen) and his friend? How about NSA spying on us? How about chaning the ACA many many times on his whim? This guy is a lawless tyrant and actions need to be taken by Congress ASAp to remove him and his criminal admin. Impeachment needs to be started now. I have never stated this before about any US president but there it is.

    • Anonymous

      First, with Harry Reid in the Senate, forget the “I’ word.
      In addition to that, do not think for a minute that both parties do not benefit from Obama’s dictatorial powers. Presently, the democrats have the advantage, but no doubt the GOP is waiting with baited breath for their turn at the bat. As the saying goes, what goes around, comes around.

  • Guest

    I’m surprised CNN is saying anything negative about Obama. Thought they were so far up his behind and so far left. Shocking.

    • Anonymous

      Blitzer is steaming over it!

      • Santos Lebro Jr.


  • Anonymous

    Why hasn’t Obama been officially charged with any of these crimes? The answer is because Obama, like any president, has a team of lawyers advising him on what he can and cannot do. These allegations are merely unproven assertions made at such frequency that thay’re background noise.

    • kljakljf

      becauase we haven’t charged reagan for dealing illegally with iran, that’s why.

      • Jeff Ford

        You, are an idiot. First off, it’s really hard to charge, try, and convict a dead man. Secondly, because someone else did it does NOT give you the right to do it. Something called character, which no liberal person knows a thing about, is what causes a person to stand and do the right thing in the face of criticism or adversity. Obama simply believes that law does not apply to him and he will do what he wants whenever he wants to do it. Because the rest of our system is broken because of the infiltration of amoral people only interested in themselves and not the continuation, let alone the betterment of the country, nothing will be done to stop it. At least not until a new Declaration of Independence is required and we have to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants.

        • olford

          God Bless you Sir. Nice to hear plain simple truth. Amen

    • Barabbas

      100% incorrect. Barack Obama has not been charged with crimes and/or impeached for his criminal misconduct for one reason only: he is black. No one wants to go down in history as being responsible for bringing disgrace and failure upon the first black president. Moreover, everyone is aware that those who attack this president in a truly substantive way will be ruthlessly slandered and have their careers destroyed. The power elite are agreed and determined that the first black president cannot under any circumstances turn out to be a failure; not to the level of being impeached or indicted for crimes.

      • Anonymous

        There are plenty of Congressmen that would love to charge this president with a crime if they thought there truly was one.

      • BlueMN

        Good call. You never hear of a black male being arrested for anything, not in this country anyway.

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly

        Hi Barabbas

        I disagree, the color of 0bama’s skin is not the reason, that is merely an excuse for cowardice. If people are willing to let this country be destroyed for the sake of not looking racist and to save their own careers, then they are no better than 0bama’s lawlessness. Albeit with a slightly different flavor.


        “I shall stand by the Union, and by all who stand by it. I shall do justice to the whole country…in all I say, and act for the good of the whole country in all I do. I mean to stand upon the Constitution. I need no other platform. I shall know but one country. The ends I aim at shall be my country’s, my God’s, and Truth’s. I was born an American; I live an American; I shall die an American; and I intend to perform the duties incumbent upon me in that character to the end of my career. I mean to do this with absolute disregard of personal consequences. What are the personal consequences? What is the individual man, with all the good or evil that may betide him, in comparison with the good or evil which may befall a great country, and in the midst of great transactions which concern that country’s fate? Let the consequences be what they will, I am careless. No man can suffer too much, and no man can fall too soon, if he suffer, or if he fall, in the defense of the liberties and constitution of his country.” ~Daniel Webster

        • olford

          God Bless You Sir. This selfless character is the only way we will survive. With God’s help and guidance we will prevail.
          God Bless each one who will obey Gods commands.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Thank you, your words are deeply appreciated. We are indeed far beyond any political solutions. Yet there is still hope as Jesus Christ informs us in Matthew 19:26

            “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

            God bless my friend,


            “In times of difficulty and trial it is in the man of piety and inward principle, that we may expect to find the uncorrupted patriot, the useful citizen, and the invincible soldier. God grant that in America true religion and civil liberty may be inseparable, and that the unjust attempts to destroy the one, may in the issue tend to the support and establishment of both.” ~John Witherspoon

        • Anonymous

          IF, only if. When was the last time America had a president who stood by those words 100%?

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Hi yourpaled

            The “if” was based on Barabbas’ assumption that Republicans won’t impeach Obama based on skin color. The fact remains that they have done nothing to remove this lawless POTUS which is one of their constitutional Duties. Therefore they are complicit in the lawlessness.

            Take a look at how the GOP is conducting the Benghazi investigation:


            Do you really believe that things will change for the better as long as Republicans can gain control of both Houses of Congress? Nothing was reversed when they had control of all three Houses at times during George W. Bush’s terms in office. The very reason they lost control of Congress in the 2006 elections.

            We are not simply disputing over a difference of opinions or mistakes; but of principles, republican principles to be exact. Those who are honest and rooted in these principles will always return to them when finding themselves in moments of error, i.e. correct course. Those who are not continue marching us over the proverbial cliff while only paying lip-service to them.


            “Now, more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave, and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature…

            If the next centennial does not find us a great nation… it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.” ~James Garfield

      • Leonard Suschena

        You all know the Constitution right? The House impeaches and the Senate tries the impeachment. Total waste of time to impeach in the House because Reid won’t even let the trial come to the Senate. But, wait and see what happens if the Dems lose control of the Senate come November.

        • Anonymous

          So, unless repubs hold both congress and senate, NOTHING will be done. If the change doesn’t happen in November, just watch what happens in those next two years.

        • Anonymous

          Please , God, be on the side of justice in November.


        These politicians could careless, either side, these people are power hungry and care about padding their pockets, not protecting the interests of the USA. If they weren’t they would have stood up to this nonsense and abuse of power by this President.

        If you stop and think about it, if politicians did what was best for the USA, and unemployment was as close to 0 as it can get, gas was cheap, food prices were affordable, poverty was all but gone, etc…how would a challenger defeat someone who voted for those things and they came to pass? Therefore the incumbents who beg for money do not need money so your voice can be better represented, they need money to cover up and distort the lies they have told to their constituents, so they in turn tell more lies.

      • olford

        Democrat communist party. Their agenda is to destroy this country.
        It’s not just obarry it’s 95 % of them.

  • Mark Reha

    So I just have to “sign” something first, then I can drive as fast as I want, and not stop at stop signs??? Laws and peoples willingness to “obey” them is the FABRIC of our society!

    • kljakljf

      If you are concerned about president breaking laws, then you should start with regan, then bush the greater, then clinton, then bush the lesser, and then obama. They all have invaded countries and authorized things illegally.

      • me2fun

        What countries have they invaded and authorized without Congress approval?

      • will

        Well there are those of us in the real world who actually know that we have but one president and his name is not Bush, Clinton or Reagan. it is Obama. Why do the others matter? Quit living in the past and hold the current administration accountable for something. Why is it that the left always uses Bush as an example of why we should be OK with what Obama does? In one sentence they will say they hate Bush and then in the very next sentence use Bush as an example of why Obama should be excused for his behavior. So if Bush does something its OK for Obama? Sound logic there. NOT.

        • Anonymous

          Sickening how Wolf Blitzer was so quick to add,”But Bush broke the law too didn’t he? Didn’t he? Huh? Huh?”

          • Anonymous

            That’s a typical ploy of leftists. Don’t anser the question, but turn and attack, as loud as you know how. If it’s done loud enough, the sheeple will believe it as truth.

      • Michael Esposito

        Yes, very intelligent, worry about the dead president first, then worry about the presidents who are out of power, and only after then we should worry about the president who is now in office making illegal decisions? They all may have broke laws, but what affects us now is the president who is in office now.

  • Anonymous

    I’m worried about an increase in hostage situations now that terrorists have learned there is a big pay off when they do it.

    • Anonymous

      It puts every American on foreign soil in huge danger, because where there was zero potential for gain, there is now a huge potential for gain. And that goes double for every soldier on foreign soil, and perhaps even here at home.

  • Resonantg

    Pretty obvious the entire federal government feels they are above the law. Particularly the whitehouse and congress.

  • Anonymous

    Blitzer is a twit.

  • Hard Truth

    Wolf Blitzer is a tool. The man has always been a shill for the progressive machine. Not surprising that he would take a step like this.

    It amazes me how complicit our media apparatus is in this country of ours. They offer this president more wiggle room on everything he does, even when it involves him clearly breaking the law like this situation. Imagine if President Bush had done this, do you think any of these so-called “denizens” of journalism would have taken that lying down? Heck no. The sad part is however that most don’t seem to think about that when viewing this tripe. People denounce the media many times, but yet will still listen to them and take to their talking points regardless of their truth or relevance.

    It has become clear…the media is not on the side of the people. The freedom of the press that was supposed to keep a check on a runaway state/government has now become a willing participant to it’s expansive reach and control. Until the populace wakes up and tunes out these sycophants and cronies, our republic will continue to suffer for it.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Obama is wanting his own set of rules, just like Hitler did when he passed the Enabling Act of 1933, which gave him power to enact laws without the involvement of the Reichstag.

    • Charlie

      Don’t you get tired of the Hitler/ Obama comparisons? Do you think that the Patriot Act was signed in 2009? It actually was signed in October of 2001…what government building has been razed to the ground? Where are Obama’s S.A. ? Does Obama have an elite S.S. ? And don’t give me that, “Obama hates Israel” b.s. , because Obama has actually appointed more Jews to his administration, that any political leader in U.S. history…

      • Anonymous

        No I don’t get tired of the comparisons, never will. Obama’s elite SS is the NSA and, yes, Obama does hate Israel. Just because he has appointed more Jews than any other leader in US history does not mean he loves Israel. I’m sure he’s thinking “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

        • Anonymous

          And do you wonder why so many Jews voted for him, both times?

          • Anonymous

            Enemies of the Jews aren’t all external. Jews have also been sticking it to themselves for over 3000 years. Obama could give Iran the plutonium to wipe Israel off the map and he’d still only lose 10 points off the Jewish vote. To many, liberal ideology far outweighs any solidarity with Israel.

          • Anonymous

            An “internal” perspective of Leon Trotsky (please listen):


          • Anonymous

            I’m scratching my head at that, just like I’m scratching my head at why
            black America votes Democratic when Lincoln was a Republican. The Civil
            Rights Act was passed in the House 61% Democrats to 80% Republicans and
            in the Senate 69% Democrats to 82% Republicans. The Voting Rights Act
            was passed in the House 78% Democrats to 82% Republicans and in the
            Senate 73% Democrats to 94% Republicans.

          • Peter R.

            Not to be offensive, but there are many reasons why minorities, illiterates, wealthy, and so many more “markets”, cultures and ethnic groups continue to vote for people like this man.
            1- The vocal promise of better living. – All that matters is the immediate payoff not the repercussions. “A cell phone for everyone under (specific income) will receive a cell phone.” Sounds great! Wait… where will the money to purchase this package deal come from? The middle class, those who strive to better themselves, and care for their families. In essence the marshmallow study. Eat it now or get two later. Ill eat it now and I dont care if you put poison in it.
            2- Lots of talk of fixing home the easy way. Lets open more jobs here through the government utilizing a proven (FAILED!) economic technique, Keynesian economics. (If you are unfamiliar with this concept read about it thoroughly and its applications, dont just “Wiki-it”) The brilliant idea was lets make more government jobs and place more restrictions on private sector businessmen who in a large point at some time or another followed the American Dream and worked to achieve success in “The Land of the Free”.
            3- The left clearly exceeds the right in the PR campaign. Here’s how: Study non-aggressive financial and Military policy syntax and grammar, incorporate as many big and pleasing words into your speeches and present. Bad mouth your competition by belittling their character and undermining their successes. Study young cultural trends and incorporate them into your PR campaigns (I.E. video game advertising, “hash-tagging, leading a better life the Martha Stewart way (Forgive my sarcasm but look at the Obama’s preaching to eat healthy while Michelle takes her kids to a candy store and over indulges) and lastly live luxuriously but overly done, meaning do not buy an H3 (its bad for environment) but purchase a more fuel efficient car that has excess cost incorporated and force America and to invest in said product to further ideals and goals.

            The right fails in comparison to the left in every facet of manipulating the media, the “masses”, and their own party. As a prior service member and veteran of 1 tour to both Afghanistan and Iraq I am often and was often ashamed of how our government handled crises and how the world interprets them. I remember in Iraq how my English counter parts would complain about Prime Minister Brown, the health care system in Germany (which ObamaCare will develop into) and many more topics. Today they are thankful that they do not have President Obama as their leader in government.

            America had a chance for an amazing leader, Mitt Romney and it really was and is such a shame that the right could not put themselves wholeheartedly behind such a man, and could not have come up with better PR campaigns and moves outlining his superb business track record, his character, and values. He came across as a very bland and reserved nominee and was judged solely based upon it therein.

            -End of rant.

          • Anonymous

            Do not be fooled by “party” affiliation. The money changers who help fund politicians will use either party to accomplish their gains.

            As for Lincoln, here’s an interesting perspective:


            As for communism and the battle for the black vote:


          • Anonymous

            because they are socialist leaning.

            Notice who’s involved:

            A really smart organization knows how to play both sides.

        • Charlie

          The NSA is the S.S.? Really? Where are the men in black uniforms, standing on virtually every street corner, sending thousands off to “undisclosed locations”, because they refuse to accede to a given political system/ ideology? Did you know that the Patriot Act was signed in 2001? Or, are you dismissing that, because at least, Bush Jr. was White, and you’re still angry that a non-White is President? Well, ask yourself this question: who truly rules this country? The answer, AIPAC, the Jewish Lobby…does that make me
          anti-Semitic for pointing out that obvious fact? Obama is not Hitler in any way, shape, or form: Obama is a terrible speaker, who inspire only self-loathing Whites and empty headed Commies, he has no vision for the country, for one can easily tell that, Obama has been “trained”…true tyrants aren’t trained, for they prepare for their “date with destiny”, years in advance…Obama is not a “man of action”, unlike the supposed tyrants of history, namely Napoleon, Lenin, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, etc…maybe you have a need to smear political figures whom you don’t like, by the playing the “Hitler card”…that is pretty much worn out, because if there truly was a Hitler ruling this great country, the prevailing theme of the day would be “fear and inspiration”…what territory has Obama conquered? Has Obama ever proclaimed “Anschluss”, or “self-determination” for a disaffected group, like Hitler did the Austrians and the Sudeten Germans? Do you have ever the faintest understanding of history? How much television do you watch on a daily basis? Do you read, and I don’t mean fictional literature? In reality, Obama is about as far removed from a dictator, as any political leader ever has been…if anything, he’s the exact carbon copy of one of Hitler’s contemporaries, one Neville Chamberlain…have you heard of him?

          • Anonymous

            Aren’t you tired of the race card? “still angry that a non-White is President”. Really, still playing that? I would support Ben Carson or Allen West or Condi Rice in an instant…oh, wait, they’re black aren’t they?

          • Anonymous

            Well, Chamberlain was of head of the Labor Party, so there is a commonality there.

      • olford

        Hi Charlie, Which union do you work for?

        • Charlie

          I work for the Social Endowment for Intellectual Unification…

      • mudslide

        Don’t you ever get tired of talking about the Patriot Act?

        Which BTW, was RENEWED under the buffoon’s term!

        • Anonymous

          And it was very much strengthened.

        • Charlie

          I don’t bow to the two-headed deity named “Republicrat”, like you do…

      • Anonymous

        Patriot expired and was signed back into law during the Democrat leadership in Congress. Under Bush, democrats did not support the ACT and then did a 180 degree turnaround at time of renewal.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, you heard him loud and clear, just as all Americans heard him when he said he will by-pass congress with his pen and phone in hand.

      • Anonymous

        And I still remember his little chuckle of regret shortly after he took office about how he had to go through Congress.

    • Anonymous

      State of Emergency; compliments of FDR. check into it.



  • Nick Monterosso

    So if the President can break the law someone who pretty much represents us to the global community I guess that means its ok for everyone in america to ignore the laws they don’t like right?


    Have you heard anything about the VA since this news broke? NO, end of story, they did not care about his well being or health, he was over there 5 years, and could have did this exchange at any point within that time frame.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, but according to the WH Faker and his thuggs, the urgency of Bergdahl’s condition again over rode the obeyence of mere law and a constructed agreement but failed to mention many months ago they could have recovered this AWOL disillusioned soldier from a no nation taliban terrorist group by use of the military…….but he was not a priority because they knew he deserted his post….you would think these useless clowns would choke on their own tongues or hope it was so….

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know what is the deal with health conditions. I have never heard of PW to be in good health and not in danger to their lives. Hagel just used it to save their face.

  • Anonymous

    It looks as Blitzer did not hear what he wanted and what he was anticipating hearing from Toobin.

    Also, if you read Obama’s “Signing Statement,” it refers to the President being able to negotiate with other “nations”; the Taliban is not a nation.

    Now, some are saying since Qatar was “involved,” that that constitutions another nation; however, none of the five Taliban members released were citizens or soldiers of Qatar. But, for many, this “Qatar’s a nation” reading is just another example of the admin stretching the truth.

    If the release of Bergdahl was somehow going to bring “joy” to all and deflect from the latest admin scandal, the VA, it appears, once again, those who work in the admin did not do their homework and sift through all the info available about how and why SGT Bergdahl became a “guest” of the Taliban.

    Nor did the admin even see the possible negative reaction from the military and military family members based on all the information, once again, coming into view of the American public about Bergdahl.

    It appears, that many of the inept members of this admin have created yet another scandal that it has to deal with.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the thing, Obama doesn’t care. Nobody is taking him to task and he knows it. I would contend that Obama releasing all those criminal aliens and now the five members of the Taliban are both part of a grand plan. “I have lived up to my promises of closing down GITMO and reducing the prison population in continental U.S.” Legacy before country. Ruining America.

    • OpenMinded

      Your first two statements are right on the money. He doesn’t care and our Congress is just a toothless lion who won’t do a thing.

      • Anonymous

        Your statement is heart breaking especially because the representatives in Senate leadership is complicit.

  • Vince Fox

    1st, why would a person who is sworn to uphold the constitution issue a signing statement that the bill he is signing into law violates the constitution? Isn’t that a clear violation of your oath?
    2nd, even if he believes a law is unconstitutional (let’s forget that he is the one that signed it into law) the proper channel for challenging the constitutionality of a law is in the courts. He doesn’t get to just ignore the law.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s forget about (for the moment) weather or not Obama broke the law, and instead focus on weather or not this was a good thing for the country. The answer is clearly NO. He basically gave the Taliban their 5 best guys back, and they gave us a guy who (along with his Dad) hates America and went AWOL to join the enemy. By ALL accounts this guy was NOT a prisoner of war, in the normal sense of the word.

    And by the way…why is this Muslim lover getting Obama’s help to the point of going over Congress’s head while a marine who REALLY fought for our country is being beaten in a Mexican prison for making a wrong turn. Where the hell is Obama on that one?

    Oh, that’s right – hes a Christian and Obama hates Christians. If he was a Muslim he’s be out in 5 minutes!

    That’s the real story.

    • olford


    • Pat McNees


      • olford

        Only truth matters, it’s not a spelling bee. God Bless you

        • Anonymous

          Not looking like an idiot matters too. But it could have been corrected MUCH more politely.

          • Pat McNees

            Sorry–I don’t believe in political correctness or last place trophies.

          • Anonymous

            Neither of which has anything to do with your response to paulie2. Illiteracy should be corrected, as should being an ass – or typing in all caps – or correcting spelling while at the same time misspelling numb nuts….

            Kind of makes you the idiot.

          • Pat McNees

            Sorry if I hurt your delicate sensitivities.Numb nuts.

          • Wayne Bursch

            But, you do believe in making fun of a small error in grammar ? So, what is numbnutz ? Would you like to show that somewhere from a book ?


            – no dictionary results

            No results found for numbnutz:, other than your name Pat McNees

          • olford

            I’m sorry, I didn’t intent to come across in a mean sounding spirit. Please forgive me. Have a Bless Day

      • Linda16

        Nit Picker

    • Anonymous

      Or to put it in terms that even his most obtuse supporters can understand, Obama traded 5 large prime ribs for a dried out corndog, and proclaimed that it was a wonderful deal.

      • Anonymous

        I’m thinking rather than ‘dried out corndog’ it should be a ‘dried out poisoned corndog.’

    • 8gary8

      WOW! Thank you for telling us how you really feel! Few should doubt we have a very dubious president demanding much public skepticism!

    • Quell Davis

      Gr8 analysis Paulie2 !
      Obama is a Muslim America hater so, what do we expect…

    • Adi Tani

      Its a bad move because now taliban has the motivation to kiddnap more soldiers in order to release terorists from prison. It is also braking the judges desigen and also give seconde thoghts to the soldiers that risk their lifes to cach someone and then he is out.
      But it is not suprise. Obama forced israel to release hundred arab killers.

  • Anonymous

    This under-cover crime smells like a transfer of money has been pre-arranged.

  • beast6228

    Let’s get some impeachment going Republicans. Obama has committed treason and has put our country in harms way by releasing these terrorists back into the world. The United States does not give breaks or deals to terrorists. This is why we are overseas fighting and spending billions of dollars, for the safety and freedom of terrorism.

  • Anonymous

    President G.W. Bush defeated the purpose of many laws with his signing statements. If he didn’t like a the law as it was written, he stated how he was going to administer the law to his satisfaction. I don’t know why it was legal for him to do, but not legal for President Obama to do also.

  • mossbergman


  • Anonymous
    • olford

      Your correct. And I pray our people will understand he has no intention ever of following any our laws. He’s evil, he’s not one of us.

  • StregaNonna

    If Hillary follows Obama we are facing 16 YEARS OF LAWLESSNESS; won’t be impeaching her because SHE IS A WOMAN

  • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

    Wolfie didn’t distance himself that much; he clearly re-iterated & agreed that it does matter, and the president should not be breaking the law.

  • Neda Bauer

    he is a product of the liberal media, they own him and his actions wether they like it or not.

  • Anonymous

    This “president” has done everything he can to support the enemy. I believe he is one of them. His taking liberties without congressional knowledge is wrong and he seem to feel he doesn’t have to clear any thing with them. He thinks he’s smart enough to make decision for us all all by himself. What an inflated ego. He’s selling us out….

  • framingham47

    Poor Wolf ,despite all attempts to defend his messiah, he clearly lost.

  • Anonymous

    When the hell are they going to impeach his ass??? He doesn’t belong in the White House. He belongs in jail.

    • olford

      Along with 90 % of all Washington DC.
      I petition God’s help in pray. Thank and Praise You Lord Amen

  • JohnWolf

    He would have followed the law, if it suited the Muslims.

  • Dave Stucki

    I think his tone was something like “Are you sure you want to say this? If so, I fear for your life!”

  • Randy Dutton

    Obama has telegraphed just how dangerous and numerous the criminals he will pardon in his last days.

  • Randy Dutton

    Demand your Congressional reps and senators speak whether they defend or condemn Obama’s actions.

  • Anonymous

    And there went Wolf, saying “Bush did it” and asking if Bush had broken the law. Signing a signing statement is one thing, acting on it is another. Bush may have signed them, too, but if he did not actually act on them, but used them as leverage with Congress, then no laws were broken. But to use a signing statement as leverage implies that he was at least working with Congress, which is something that this president has shown he is loath to do.

  • Thomas Trevor Lewis

    He clearly broke the law and he clearly does not care. Who is gonna arrest him. Nobody. That’s who. He is above the law.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that he broke a law is one thing. As bad as that is, we all know nothing will be done about it. What bothers me the most is what he actually did, legal or not. He just sold our country and our soldiers down the road. This “deal” increases the likelihood of soldier capture many times over and flies in the fact of logic. Would it be OK for him to deliver 100 M1A1 tanks to the enemy in order to get a soldier back? Of course not! So where do you draw the line? Most soldiers I know (and I’ve known thousands in my 30+ years military) would rather rot in a cell than sell their country out like that. It is what we signed up for, to defend our people, NOT be used as trading stamps for something worse than losing a soldier.
    That not withstanding the information that seems to point to his deserting his post and going AWOL in a combat zone. He will (or should be) tried for that and let that be what it is. Finally WHY were soldiers made to sign gag statement? Again the soldier is not always allowed the same freedoms that they swear their lives to defend for us.

  • Mike Barnes

    Jonathan Turley, another leftie with impeccable lib credentials, says he’s broken the law too. Numerous times. But BHO had learned there’s no downside for him. 90+% of the media doesn’t report his lawlessness and nobody will do anything to curb whatever he does. Of course, if a miracle took place and a GOP POTUS was elected and HE started doing the same things, they’d be shocked! shocked!

    NSA is watching, Toobin. Turley too. And the IRS. The Obama Gestapo knows whether you’ve been naughty or nice.

  • mudslide

    With a pen and a phone, who needs laws??

  • Anonymous

    Obama must be impeachd

    • Paper Boy

      The main stream media would have to be complicit if President Obama is ever impeached.

  • Anonymous

    If the Commie News Network said this about their Messiah that they went all out of get elected, this is not looking good for Obama. This is certainly not the first time Obama has broken the law but he always gets away with it. Nothing of any real meaning is ever done and he still sits in the Oval Office. Expect the same for this latest scandal.

  • Anonymous

    And yet NOTHING will be done. Why you ask? Because he is a ( half ) black man and it would be perceived by many as “racist”. It doesn’t matter if he’s committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Hell, he could be on VIDEO committing murder or raping a child and he would get away with it ( so would Bill or Hillary ) because they’re too PC to be found guilty of anything. Sadly, only history will tell whether he will be judged by a court…or simply his peers. If treason is the reason, then let THIS be that season for the pleasin.

  • jalina susan stutte

    I just came out that Obama outted a CI operative in Afganistan about a week ago because he found out about Obama trading thee dangerous terrorists for a deserter! Obama needs to be tried along with this soldier for Treason! Obama taught me one thing, how to hate!

  • Anonymous

    Fight back against the federal MOB become a keyboard warrior and help us fight the war of ideas by sharing these FREE SONGS!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    So what! Our President is above the law. It does not apply to him nor does impeachment. He has not come close to the bar of impeachment, where ever that is. Breaking and entering or receiving a BJ in the Oval office was grounds for impeachment, but not now. Hell, being responsible for the murder of four Americans does not reach the bar of impeachment nowdays. How high is the bar now?

  • Anonymous

    Prediction. Within the next two months there will be a kidnapping of an American. Most likely in a Middle East country and someone from an American Embassy will be selected.

  • Carol

    Glen made a comment not that long ago that I think is actually true. He said in order to change this country into what the Democrats want, it needs to be destroyed. This is just another sign of the destruction.

  • Linda16

    Odildo HAD to hurry up and get Bergdahl out because he was soooo sick. Thank God he was in the hands of the Taliban and not at a VA Hospital or he’d be DEAD.

    • Mark Alexander

      The excuse to get Bergdahl back without notifying Congress 30 days in advance falls flat when you look at the facts.

      They had intelligence, on the ground, who advised three months ago that they felt his health was in danger. Three months. I’ll let that sink in for a second.

      Now, if they knew his health was bad three months ago, why didn’t the President notify Congress three months ago that he was planning to remove these five detainees and use them to get Bergdahl back? Why was it critical to do it with a five HOUR notice right before it happened. It sure wasn’t because of his health…or maybe it was, and he was just on that secret waiting list which took three months to be seen like the VA.

      Anyway, Glen was spot on with his comments about Wolf. Wolf was clearly trying to distance himself from a comment he was AFRAID to agree with in public.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    “That may be constitutional but it is not what the law says”. Jeff Tobin doing a CYA; wouldn’t want to go against the president.

    Hello? So, can we also say that laws are passed that may not be constitutional but have never been challenged in federal court.

    Leaving that aside, please do keep in mind that we are still under state of emergency, giving the Executive much power regardless of the Constitution.

    “Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a continuous state of declared National Emergency — and, those are the two magic words: National Emergency. Federal law gives the president a whole host of otherwise unconstitutional powers during a declared national emergency. Only the president can declare a national emergency and claim these extra-Constitutional powers. And, of course, presidents want these extra powers. Therefore, each and every president since Roosevelt has signed the directives necessary to keep us in a continuous state of emergency.” more at:

    The Obama administration is using his authority. 911 creating an endless state of emergency is the perfect storm to change the US into a full social democracy. Kiss your Constitution goodbye because the time this so-call war is over, people will have already become acclimated to this new style govt. Wilson was the first stage, FDR the second, LBJ the third and now Obama can take us into home plate.

    “The crisis [the Great Depression] discovered a great man in Franklin
    Roosevelt…None too soon he has carried America forward to the second
    stage of democratic realization. His New Deal involves such collective
    controls of the national business that it would be absurd to call it
    anything but socialism, were it not for a prejudice lingering on from
    the old individualist days against that word…Both Roosevelt and Stalin
    were attempting to produce a huge, modern, scientifically organized,
    socialist state, the one out of a warning crisis and the other out of a
    chaos…” –
    H.G. Wells The Fate of Man 1939

  • Jeff Noncent

    he’s been doing that ever since he came the president what’s new?

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter…. because Obama and his administration are DOING EXACTLY WHAT THEY INTEND ON DOING! There are no mistakes, just another piece of the puzzle to promote their agenda.
    If you really want to find the Terrorist you can find him Washington!!!!!!

  • Bill Tilghman

    This president has broken or has given the orders to break so many laws since his first inauguration that most people have lost count of the total. I never liked the man because I spotted his lying propagandist technique early on – he reminds me of Mussolini. Same head thrown back posture, same grandiose manner, same theatrical speaking style, and the same politics.

    Our problem as a nation will be in recovering after he is gone. One thing that would go a long way to accelerating that process would be for him to be impeached and prosecuted in federal court for all the times he’s acted without regard for the law. He assumes powers no prior president has ever approached thinking about, much less carried out, and the complicit members of the press and the democrat party, as well as a fair number of hard line leftists who are endowed with massive fortunes, have all contributed to his narcissist pursuit of being king of the United States of America.

    He has done everything except order a coronation with all the pomp and circumstance of royalty, probably because he knows that would end his reign of terror. As a proxy king he can exercise the power of royalty without dealing with the public outrage. The Constitution and the law mean nothing to this man, and he has done everything possible to make that abundantly clear to those who pay attention to such matters. The people who voted for him and support him do so out of intellectual laziness and a twisted sense of perspective that comes from adolescent thinking – do what you want to despite the rules or the reasons behind them, and rationalize it when questioned. Most of the democrat liberal politicians skillset involves rationalization through false parallels and manipulation of facts and statistical information, which is manipulated to the point it no longer equates with the reality of the situation.

  • chip griffin

    glen has lost his mind. wolf is in the same worthless bag as glen. afraid of losing their nice payday for the truth. just crap all of them. sorry people i will stop coming and downing glen. i keep hoping he gives us something worth hearing,,,nope not yet or ever. time is too short

  • Jack Reacher

    Obama acts like a whiny five year old. What an embarrassment.

  • Anonymous

    With this kind of nonsence it’s no wonder he wants to disarm the citizens of this country…it’s just a matter of time before someone snaps……at him. And to all those monitering us it’s not going to be me. Jus sayin………

  • Anonymous

    If Obama clearly broke the law – why hasn’t he been arrested? Why do we continue to talk about the lie upon lie he has told when people turn their heads? He is getting a very clear message that it doesn’t matter what he does – no wonder he think he is a god. UGH It disgusts me to hear about this over and over and over when it accomplishes NOTHING.

  • Irv Spielberg

    Google “Obama: The 3-in-1 Deity!” It’s a knock-out piece!

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