‘This is suicide’: Glenn reacts to new EPA regulations

On Monday, the Obama Administration laid out its energy policy for the remainder of Obama’s presidency. While President Obama did not personally present the damaging regulations he hopes to see implemented, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy sought to justify the EPA’s sweeping new regulation on power plant emissions during a Washington press conference.

McCarthy blamed climate change for rising medical bills, higher insurance costs, and an increased frequency in devastating storms.

“If we do nothing, in our grandkids’ lifetimes, temperatures could rise 10 degrees and seas could rise by 4 feet,” she claimed. “Climate inaction is costing us more money, in more places, more often. 2012 was the second most expensive year in U.S. history for natural disasters.”

TheBlaze Pete Kasperowicz reports:

On Monday morning, the EPA released its regulatory plan, which seeks to cut carbon emissions from power plants by 30 percent in 2030, compared to 2005 levels. Early assessments of that plan indicate that many power plants are nearly halfway to that mark, since the baseline of 2005 was before the recession hit.


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has said he would propose legislation this week to stop the EPA rule from taking effect, and called it a job killer that would also raise prices on Americans who use energy.


The EPA is planning for its rule to take effect in June 2015, and on Monday it started the process of taking public comments on the rule. The EPA plans to take comments for 120 days, and will hold hearings in late July in Atlanta, Denver, Pittsburgh and Washington DC.

While on the campaign trail in 2008, then-Senator Obama promised that under his energy policy “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” It now looks as though that promise is closer to becoming a reality. On radio this morning, Glenn took a look at the potentially crippling economic side effects of the new regulation.

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As Glenn explained, the quality of life in the United States is what we enjoy today largely because we have enjoyed relatively cheap energy prices. Once those prices necessarily skyrocket, the spending power of the American people will evaporate.

“Do you know we’re the only country really that’s buying the iPhone? This is why Apple is, in the end, doomed for failure… This is all about who can have the lowest price, not the highest price… My kids think that because we have the iPhone, the rest of the world does, too. No, it doesn’t. We are a unique group of people,” Glenn explained. “You get to decide whether you want to live that way or not, and we can decide together whether that is worth, you know, $1,000 or $600 for an iPhone or not… That’s for each individual to decide, but at least you have the power to make that decision in America. You have the spending power. And the reason why we’ve always had that is because we’ve always had cheap energy.”

Ultimately, Glenn fears what will happen if we have another summer or winter of extreme temperatures if the emissions really are to be cut as President Obama hopes:

Now, here’s the most terrifying thing that no one in the press has reported. Our last winter was so bad, we were one power plant away… from shutting the entire grid down. We were taking so much electricity out of the power grid to keep our homes warm… if we would have had one power plant go down, it would have spiraled the power grid in the Northeast, and the Northeast would have had a blackout for God only knows how long. We were one power plant down last year.

[President Obama] wants to reduce emissions by one-third.  There is no way for that to happen unless you turn off power plants, unless you say, ‘I’m just gonna turn this one off.’ That’s what he wants. That’s what he’s saying here. He’s saying, ‘You can have a power plant. You’ll just go bankrupt doing it.’ So what are they going to do? They’ll shut it off. Don’t you understand, America? It might sound fine and dandy, but by reducing the emissions, you won’t be able to charge your fancy iPhone or your fancy iPad. You won’t be able to have all of your TVs running in all of your big, spacious house. And you won’t be able to keep it warm. You won’t be able to keep it cold. You won’t have the power to do it.

More importantly, what’s going to power our universities? Nothing, I hope. What’s gonna power our businesses? How much more are the people who are using a lot of energy to make paper, to make plastics, to make anything – I’m trying to think of things that we make in America anymore. I don’t even know what we make here. How are you going to keep the ports open to be able to use the big cranes to get all the ships off from all the crap we purchased from China that we no longer make? How are you going to do that?  You won’t have the energy to do it.

“This is suicide,” Glenn concluded. “Suicide.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Anonymous

    The most lawless, damaging, human wrecking ball of a so-called president ever.

    • Bill

      Thanks for posting my post for me.

  • joshuasweet

    just another means for the Obama administration to ruin our nations ability to manufacture, and compete in the world market the only question Obama ask of the EPA is will it further ruin the nation?

  • vadave

    Guess what? If the Bergdahl release hadn’t taken place the EPA regulations would have been the top news story but with the creepy Bergdahl dad and his milfy mom flashed all over the screen for the past 24 hours Mr. O slipped his EPA thing in and We the People barely even noticed.

    • Anonymous

      This has been standard MO

  • Anonymous

    The EPA is just one of many government agencies making law, supplied with the armed means of physically enforcing it and funded abundantly by the shirking congress to see to it that they do…..how’s that for a Representative Republic in action….???

    • Anonymous

      They also received substantial funding via fines and penalties. It’s a money making agency all while helping in the destruction of the economy.

  • Anonymous

    I realize we cannot pass legislation to fend off the President’s agenda, he’ll only
    veto it, but can’t we keep it tied up in the courts and use the power of the purse
    and congressional oversight to slow him down until the next administration is elected/? It’d our only hopwe.

  • Elena

    Oh the horror of it all! It’s a good thing climate has been cooling these past few years.

    • Shawn Cameron

      Which is why they stopped calling it global warming and started calling it climate change. It’s natural and it’s been happening as long as the Earth has existed. They’re full of schit!

  • Anonymous

    Will we are being ran by the Muslin Brotherhood – they are the dmocratic party
    Obama is not smart enough to do this on his own., he a follower and not a leader!

    • Anonymous

      Personally I am more a fan of the Linen Brotherhood … 😉

      • Anonymous


      • Bill Tilghman

        It all sounds like a bunch of sheets to me… Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

        • Watch it

          I agree, and it isn’t really material to the topic either.

    • Rob Evans

      I agree with you, the Muslim Brotherhood is most likely behind this, but Obama is indeed a smart man. He is also a strong leader, just not the head of the serpent in this endeavor. I can’t stand what he’s doing, but you have to give him credit, he is very intelligent. He has managed to completely bankrupt us and drive us into economical ruin (something Bush and Cheney began). Whether he is being directed or not, he is a capable leader. In my personal opinion, Obama is a terrorist and he needs to be impeached A.S.A.P.

  • George Wallot

    I installed solar on my home 1 year ago. I generate enough to eliminate my electric and pay for my gas. America has plenty of roof tops that can do the same thing. What do you think that would do to the need for coal fired electric plants.

    This is not rocket science. Encourage solar power and stop fighting it.

    My payback is 10 years and probably less if electricity prices go up as they are expected. You cannot eliminate coal power without replacing it with something else. Let the people solve your problem. More government incentives for solar would be a smart choice.

    • Anonymous

      What is powering your house at night ? With weather in the south solar isn’t feasible due to hail. Wind is also not feasible at night. And blows less in winter when it is cold.

      I am all for renewable but we are not at a point to stop using coal completely.

      Clean coal is what Obama and Biden ran on.

    • Anonymous

      Do what you want with your life. I’m going to continue with coal and whatever kind of light bulb I want to use, and drive whatever car I want to. I don’t make a lot of money, so I won’t hate you since YOU can afford the solar power. I can’t and won’t even try. There are plenty of rooftops in America, but there’s plenty of coal left too.

    • Anonymous

      In short, you like these regulations because they personally benefit you.

      I have a better idea:

      1. All persons currently living in the 50 largest urban areas shall be required to live there for the indefinite future.

      2. The top 30 urban areas in the United States are hereby de-electrified. The use of electricity in those areas shall be considered an imminent threat to the national security of the United States. The US government shall have the authority to prevent the use of electricity in those areas by any means necessary.

      This forces the Democrats to live with the consequences of what they want..

      • Bill Tilghman

        I like the cut of your jib, Ken.

    • Anonymous

      How many years is the “pay back” for the energy it “cost” to mine, transport and process the raw ores to get the raw materials to then be processed to usable materials then to manufacture the panels and all that goes with them, and ship the panels to you? How many gallons of fuel, oil, lubricants, and how much electricity was used to process and make your not efficient panels? Batteries? Inverter? It will take far longer to “pay back” the panel “costs” than you think or what you have stated.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Good for you George. Most of us cannot sustain the initial investment to go solar mostly because the rates we pay for our utilities have become a financial burden to the point we have nothing left.

      Government incentives are all well and good, but remember they cost us all despite our ability to qualify for them.

  • Glenn Coughlin

    While I am extremely happy that the President is making steps to protect our environment, I wish he could do more.

    • Anonymous

      What steps has the President actually made to improve the results of anything at all?

      • Anonymous

        Well, the president uses an electric golf cart, rather than flying from hole to hole on Air Force One like other presidents. That makes him nearly as committed to environmental causes as Al Gore.

        • Anonymous

          Since he golfs about as much as Phil Mickelson, this does make him committed!

        • Bill Tilghman

          “rather than flying from hole to hole ”

          I lost my coffee over that one!

      • Glenn Coughlin

        1. Eliminating Bin Laden
        2. Providing affordable health care
        3. Pushing for LBGT marriage rights
        To name a few.

        • Anonymous

          1. Seal Team 6 took out Bin Laden, 2. Health insurance is more expensive now, 3. He was against gay marriage like 2 years ago.

          • BlueMN

            1. SEAL Team 6 was acting under President Obama’s orders as Commander in Chief, they do not act as an independent agency.
            2. On average, health insurance premiums are less under ACA. Some people’s premiums went up if their insurance wasn’t worthwhile to have to begin with. The overall rise in health care costs has slowed since ACA.
            3. True, better late than never.

          • http://campaigngeneration.com iconicles

            1. Anyone would have given the order to go after Osama bin Laden. 2. Even if the cost of healthcare plummeted under the ACA, there comes a time when making people too dependent on the government will lead to disaster; Obamacare represents America’s most significant step down that path since the 1930s. 3. Those who believe that the sexual deviancy of less than 4% percent of the population represents an important issue are being dragged down a negative evolutionary path by appeals to emotion.

          • Glenn Coughlin

            Actually, GW Bush stated publicly that he would not pursue Osama.
            4% of the population comes to over 12 million people. Only 2.1% of the population is Jewish. Are you stating that we should deny them equal treatment and protection because they are only 2%?

          • http://campaigngeneration.com iconicles

            No, but they don’t choose to be Jewish nor does that actually speak to my point. It only continues the cycle of appealing to emotion.

          • Glenn Coughlin

            So you actually believe it is a choice?

          • http://campaigngeneration.com iconicles

            Being gay may or may not be a choice, but engaging in same sex coupling is definitely optional.

          • Bill Tilghman

            When did Bush state that? In 2006 he stated he was not actively pursuing him. You are so guileless that you assume this was a statement made for Americans to hear. This is a common strategic maneuver to misdirect the enemy. If you want the enemy to make a mistake and be vulnerable to attack you make a public statement that indicates disinterest – we have seen this many times, including the manner in which Patton was used as a decoy for the D-Day invasion. They had Hitler convinced he was coming and landing at Calais, but the real invasion came at the Normandy coast. Hitler believed the story about Calais and Patton, and fortified that area which left Normandy weakened and the rest is history.

            Again, your liberal bias interferes with a true analysis of fact and occurrence.
            Fact – Bush ordered the planning of a mission to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden in 2002.
            Fact – Opportunity to execute that plan did not present itself until a Pakistani physician volunteered to provide intelligence that located and identified the place Bin Laden was hiding in.
            Fact – Only then, was the OK given to execute Bush’s plan to get Bin Laden, and the role Obama played in the entire chain of events was only giving the execute order. He had absolutely nothing to do with the planning, training, or execution of the raid. ZERO-ZIP-NADA-ZILCH – no part whatsoever except turning the SEAL team loose to do their job.
            FACT – Obama and sycophants like you have been trying ever since to credit him with the operation. That entire op was planned well before he was even known about on the national stage. That is what we know to be true.

            96 percent of the population are being bullied over gay rights issues that to them are immaterial. There is and has been an inordinate amount of attention on this “issue” and it is the result of activism rather than being a concern for the rest of the nation. We don’t care if you like same sex partners and never cared to know it. That is your business, but you are making it everyone else’s business by thrusting it into our faces and screaming and flailing about over it.

            This whole matter of LGBT issues is not anyone’s problem but those involved. I don’t believe it should be a matter for discussion in our elementary schools, nor should material be distributed to the entire US populace under the age of 8 in the public school system. It is inappropriate to propagandize children on such subjects, and it has gone much to far because of the bullying that activists engage in to promote the LGBT life. This is a matter for adults, but in many cases children are being programmed to accept it despite the fact that at their age sexuality is almost never a topic of concern to them.

          • Glenn Coughlin

            Well Said.

          • Bill Tilghman

            1. The SEAL team actions were planned under George W. Bush command, Obama didn’t give the order, he merely executed the existing plans made by his predecessor.
            2. Your propaganda is factually inaccurate. The ACA is the worst piece of legislation ever enacted, so bad in fact they had to hide the content from us and pass it on the sly at night on Christmas Eve.
            3. No one cares. The percent of people who benefit by this is less than 10% of the population. This is a smokescreen used by politicians to hide what they are doing in other areas.

          • Anonymous

            Number 2 here is a flat out lie from you. And who’s plans weren’t worth having? I recall about 5 million people got the plans they liked taken away from them. THEY thought the plans were worth having and they don’t care what YOU think of that. I wish your mom had been pro-choice when she conceived you. One less Communist lying moron in the world. I guess pro-choice can be a good thing when applied correctly.

        • Bill Tilghman


          1. Bin Laden was under house arrest in Pakistan – effectively not in control of anything, and all the planning and training for that raid was done well before anyone outside of Chicago had ever heard of Barack Hussein Obama.
          2. Affordable care does not come about by wrecking the health insurance system and skyrocketing premiums for the majority of Americans.
          3. LBGT marriage is a sideshow/fringe issue. Percentage wise this affects a single digit percent of Americans. This issue is just another distraction used by Obama to keep people from paying attention to what is really going on.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you take action on your own? Your computer is a petroleum-based product and uses electricity either to operate or charge. Unplug your computer, take it to a recycling center, and become your own personal hero. Or do you need Dear Leader’s orders to live by your hypocritical ideals? Or are you, like Dear Leader, so good in your intentions that the rules don’t apply to you?

      • Glenn Coughlin

        You made a wonderful argument here.
        You didn’t overreact, overreach or lower yourself to name calling.
        Next time try to make valid points instead of spewing your hate.
        Until you grow up, feel free to ignore my posts.

        • Bill Tilghman

          Many of us disregard your posts already since they abandon truth, fact and reason regularly in an effort to display your fanatical sycophantic support of this failure of all presidencies.

    • Bill Tilghman

      He could start by resigning – that would cut the carbon footprint of his office dramatically.

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

    Soon we will be taxed on every can of baked beans, then taxed again on the resulting flatulence. How ghastly!

    • Anonymous

      Or gas-tly.

  • Anonymous

    How can the EPA pass laws? They are one of the unconstitutional departments that some president needs to get rid of. I realize that the one we have now is in bed with them. All of them.

    • Anonymous

      The EPA is not passing a law, they are issuing regulations. The Clean Air Act (passed by Congress) authorizes the EPA to regulate pollutants.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I realize that they are not passing laws, but they, at this point have too much power. Turtles, minnows, beetles, there is no end in sight. It’s one of the departments that needs to go.

        • Anonymous

          Glenn would direct us to “Philip Dru: Administrator”

      • Anonymous

        Semantics. If it is enforce-able, it is a law. Take a step back, and explain how congress has the power to regulate the internal affairs of a state’s resources or environment? Without a constitutional amendment, they neither have the power to regulate directly, nor are they permitted to grant such power to a third-party.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed, but one way the Feds work around this is thru the funding states receive which always come with all sorts of caveats of regulations to qualify for the funding.

    • Anonymous

      Obama is using the EPA to further his agenda.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, these agencies were set up to answer to the Executive branch (compliments of FDR). Congress only passes legislation but it is the Agencies that create regulations within the confines of the law. And the Supreme Court has said they cannot rule on regulations; only laws. This is a backdoor way of the Executive having more power than congress.

  • MyOwnBiggestFan

    We could cut out our carbon footprint totally and STILL suffer the consequences of the rest of the globe…

  • InnovateNOTregulate

    Fact: The climate will always change, the period of cooling is called a glacial stage and the warming stage is inter-glacial. These stages may even have small temperate changes in each stage which can eventually help level off a cold or warm climate, the fact is we just do not know, the best thing is to prepare, not be scared. The ability of scientists to prove when and what the cycle change will arrive and do is impossible. Every 30,000 to 50,000 years is the estimated time change (scientific time not biblical time fyi) which is a rough measurement. The science behind global warming is all theory just like evolution, for a theory to become fact, it must have a hard scientific observation proved more than once, and must have a control. Global warming is nothing more than a theory with little or no evidence and no control. The best way to adapt around climate change is to innovate and work around the certain unstoppable changes that come our way, if anything these same companies that produce power are also putting research into new types of energy to be the next producer of future energy and stay ahead of the game, to make a profit. Free enterprise will allow us to adapt to climate change, not regulate a mythical theory of global warming.

  • Anonymous

    MAybe they should’ve used a free market economist with an environmental science background to design a better way to do this. WE should’ve had a technology race to see who is the first to get to a zero emissions technology for power plants and rewarded them generously. We’d have zero emissions so fast and would create so many jobs the left and Obama would’nt know what to do with themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Cost-benefit? There is none.

      Environmental benefit? There is none.

      Green is simply the new red.

  • Anonymous

    And the EPA has the power to regulate this how? Last I checked, congress doesn’t even have this power – so they certainly couldn’t delegate it to another agency (which is also not allowed by the constitution). The environment and resources of a state belong to that state. The federal gov’t could be involved in a judicial capacity if one state sued another for damages, but not to administer the internal affairs of state resources or environmental regulations.

    Time to say “No More.”

    • Anonymous

      You think this is bad? We’re seeing more gov,t agencies taking power to do their thing, just like the BLM did in Nevada, the IRS is doing, the NSA etc etc. Why do you think all these agencies are being armed?

      • Anonymous

        Obama told us he was going to use the EPA and any other agency he needs to to further his agenda. He is holding true to it.

      • Bill Tilghman

        Precisely – why do you suppose the USDA placed an order for weapons capable of burst fire? Since when did the agriculture department need firearms to do their job?

        Something is very hinky about this…

  • Anonymous

    Impeach Obama!

  • Tezza C

    If you want to see what this sort of policy does to an economy that’s smaller but very similar to the US, take a look at what the loopy left former government of Australia did with emissions etc – nothing happened except power prices went through the roof, and we similarly have historically enjoyed very affordable energy costs. By the way, we all have iPhones (or Samsungs).

  • Anonymous

    ” . . . a job killer that would also raise prices on Americans who use energy.” Are there Americans who don’t use energy?! If this is a quote from McConnell, it shows how much he lacks courage, won’t drop the hammer on this administration. Energy drives everything – food, transportation, utilities, travel, tourism! These regs CRUSH Americans and America. Everyone.

  • Pat McNees

    I’ve never actually heard someone yell “the sky is falling” till I read that dingbats statement on global warming.

  • Shawn Cameron

    The EPA is the absolutely worst of all government organizations. The IRS doesn’t even come close to being as bad. They have perpetuated the myth that they are the crusaders fighting fat cats who dump poison in drinking water. When what they really do is shut down small businesses for not having their trash labeled correctly.

  • Anonymous

    This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you had been listening. After the reelection, VJ and BO stood there and said if you were against us, you will pay, if you were for us, you will be rewarded. We are going to use the EPA and any other agency we need to further destroy industry in this country. And they are holding to it.
    If you don’t stand up now, prepare well.
    People need to realize just who it is that sits in OUR White House. Proven time and again, no love for this country, hates Christianity, women, class, money, unless theirs, favors Islam and Muslims over the people that built this country.
    Favors illegals over our veterans. Has continually tossed our military, SS, FBI and CIA under the bus. Hopefully, one day, we will wake up.

  • Anonymous

    I think the EPA regulations should be followed to the letter of the law, with the same rigor that the Obama administration lives by. In other words, the regulations should be ignored.

  • Andrea Clark

    Where the hell do they get these scientists who agree to this crap anyway?

    • Paper Boy

      They teach in the universities across the nation. It is perfectly coordinated communications with government and idealism.

  • Julie Whiton Modica

    Agenda 51 coming true!! Better get on our energy boards!

    • Paper Boy

      Agenda 51 already?! What was Agenda 21?

  • Anonymous

    SO SERVE YOUR COUNTRY Fight back against the federal MOB become a
    keyboard warrior and help us fight the war of ideas by sharing these

  • not a liberal

    It is very arrogant for man to think that he can produce enough CO2 to destroy the planet. Mother earth has been here long before we were ever even born. Mother Earth will take care of itself – we are like a virus and if we do something so tragic, Mother Earth will wipe us from the face of the earth – just like she did the dinosaurs.

  • Ericka S. Williams

    invest in woodstoves, sunlight generators, grow a company out of that if you are in the north east and midwest areas. Americans are more resilient then you think. They will and can find a way out of this too.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. “global warming and oceans rising 10 feet” Al Gore still has beachfront property in Malibu.

    • Anonymous

      He also jets around the world sucking up huge amounts of jet fuel – Mr. gloom and doom certainly doesn’t walk the talk.

  • Greg DeMarco

    I like the part that says, “2012 was the 2nd most expensive….”. With major storms actually decreasing, they have to bring up the cost factor hoping no one will see this pretty big fact…. back when humans started recording storm records, how much technology do you think there was? Tech products are way more abundant now and to compare insurance claims from before tech and after is a stupid way to compare a storm by its cost to recover from. Everyone has some sort of technology in their homes. EVEN PEOPLE ON WELFARE! Cellphones, flat screen TV’s, newer home innovations, that once installed, you can practically control your whole house with a remote or smart phone. Think about all the people that a severe storm effects. It’s not just poor people. Storms don’t target. There are plenty of income levels in any path of a storm and it all costs money.

  • Anonymous

    The absence of science in the science is incredible. Carbon is a pollutant, carbon dioxide is not. I assume that you all have noticed that the climate alarmists now use the word carbon for carbon dioxide emissions. Molecular carbon is a solid, we call it soot when it is a fine particulate in the atmosphere – we call it diamond when it is heavily compressed into a crystal, and “lead” when it is the graphite in our pencil. You don’t want to breath in carbon, it will clog your lungs.

    But carbon dioxide is a gas, two oxygen atoms and one carbon atom joined together. There is no “solid” carbon in it, solid carbon is carbon atoms that crystallize together. Trees “breath” CO2. The great fiction of the alarmists is that they now speak of “carbon emissions” when they are actually taking the atomic weight of the carbon in CO2 as tons of carbon. CO2 ain’t soot.

    CO2 is a greenhouse gas, but so is oxygen and also nitrogen. Our atmosphere is 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. Oops, that makes it 100%. The actual percentage varies a bit and amounts to abouy 99%. Argon, an inert gaseous element is about 8% of the remaining 1%. CO2 is about 4% of the 1%.

    Without greenhouse gasses. the entire atmosphere, we would be on the moon, or Mars. Our nights would be nearly as cold as outer space and our days would boil an egg in a second. The Clean Air Act, in its original form, is a good thing. The particulates and some gasses released by incomplete combustion are poisonous. An easy example is carbon monoxide, not enough oxygen in the combustion process to make the normal CO2. I’m not happy with the idea of breathing in SO2 (sulfur dioxide), another product of incomplete combustion. These matters have already been solved, the clean burning of coal works when combined with electrostatic precipitators (which I used to design).

    It doesn’t matter what you burn as long as you burn it completely and remove the particulate from the stacks. The private market has already gone to efficient burning, the more energy you get from the fuel the more efficient and profitable the operation.

    • ken.

      if i remember right it’s 16% oxygen 79% nitrogen.

    • Bill Tilghman

      These idiots call carbon dioxide a toxic substance, but the plants that thrive on it and produce our oxygen we find equally essential to life never enters into their thinking.

      To these intellectual dwarves, a lump of coal and CO2 are essentially the same thing.

      The whole blasted global climate chage/warming religion exists because of propaganda and manipulated data being presented on equal footing with the factual evidence – and the zealots, the former whack job environmentalists and herbal medicine crystal rubbing crowd, have suddenly been given pseudo legitimacy because of Al Gore’s inconvenient pack of lies.

      As to the stacks, many of the boiling white emissions are attributable to simple water vapor, which is harmless. These morons think if you can see it it must be toxic. The truth is most toxic gases are colorless and cannot be seen in the atmosphere. They could be breathing highly toxic substances and never know it, but they will scream at the top of their lungs about steam. Why? Because they erroneously assume that opacity equals toxicity.

  • Anonymous

    Well, back in the 1920’s and 30’s, the starved people out. Today, being so dependent on energy and infrastructure, take away a major energy source and think how this can affect our food supplies.

  • Billy Beefcaked

    I have been trying to figure who is a bigger traitor to America. Obama or Braghdal.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Both equal sides of the same two headed coin.

  • http://www.inkitall.com Stephanie Beard Mcdaniel

    So why don’t we do as the president would do. Ignore the law. He has no clue how to run this country. We need to help him find his way out and send him over there with his Taliban buddies. That’s my opinion.

    • Bill Tilghman

      I feel, and fear, we are not far from that. Many of us are disgusted with the administration’s treatment of the people and the onerous regulations and laws coming from these people, and if we ever were close to open revolt this is the closest I remember – and I am a Vietnam veteran. I never thought things would ever get worse than the late sixties/early seventies in this country, but sure enough along comes Obama and complete and total disruption of rule by and for the people occurs in five years time.

  • Dennis Plasse

    He is the distroer, VOTEVOTE

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, we’ve gotta singlehandedly save the world from global warming/cooling/change so that we aren’t inundated by a four foot sea level rise.

    Yeah, and it will happen only to us.

    Meanwhile, China, India and so on, keep on building coal-fired power plants, and nothing bad will happen to them, as a result of our global warming/cooling/change that will affect only us, according to the weather experts.

    So, Obama will protect us by necessarily skyrocketing energy costs, by shutting down those nasty ol’ coal-fired power plants.

    Wow. Isn’t he taking such good care of us, or what?

    Meanwhile, on the so-called news that is being quietly ignored and buried — Who said, “Stand down” in Benghazi?

    Laus Deo

  • Brad Scott
  • Paper Boy

    When President Obama proudly proclaimed, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” While he did not elaborate on the changes he envisioned, we now know his changes will hurt people.

  • suzyshopper

    Exactly and that’s the plan, to bankrupt the economy and put as many ppl on the govt dole, as he can, total control!!

  • Anonymous

    I just watched the video clip posted by ucs75 2 days ago, perfect.

    Isn’t it amazing that the “Greens” are against the very gas that makes the earth green.

    Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, but so are all gasses – and thank god for that. Without the “greenhouse effect” we would be frozen at night and cooked during the day – actually we wouldn’t be, as we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

    We often speak of our fossil fuel as coming from the dinosaurs, but much, if not most, of it comes from decayed plant life from early epochs when the CO2 concentrations were much higher and the plant life was gigantic (come to think of it, that is why the herbivorous dinosaurs got so big – they had plenty of food).

  • Sam Sung

    Recognizing that free markets will not supply law enforcement well does not imply that free markets should be cast aside in other instances.

  • Kentucky red

    No agency like the EPA should make laws! If this excuse for a president wants them laws then let him go through the house and congress. The EPA should only investigate to see if the laws are being followed. If they think its their job to make laws they need shut down.

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