Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell sounds off on Bergdahl’s release

As details about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl continue to trickle out, Glenn invited former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell to the radio program this morning to offer his insight into the controversial release. Luttrell discussed his own time in captivity and the ethos of the soldiers he served with as he questioned the Obama Administration’s motives.

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To begin, Glenn asked Luttrell if he would have been okay with the United States negotiating the release of himself in exchange for five high-level Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

“No, sir. Matter of fact, that’s what most people have been asking me and talking to me about. That thought never even crossed my mind when I was out there and when the Taliban had me,” Luttrell explained. “They didn’t have me for five years like they had him, but the thing that I held onto was that my teammates would come get me or I was going to die out there – not turn over some of the guys that were responsible for some of the worst atrocities that we’ve seen so far. So that one caught me off guard. I really wasn’t expecting that.”

Luttrell was in captivity for five days, and his life was constantly threatened. He was surprised to learn Bergdahl was able to surviving being held for five years.

“The part that kind of caught me off guard, too, was the fact that they held him. They don’t let them do that,” he said. “I mean the whole deal behind me was they wanted to cut my head off, and they were doing everything they could to try to get to me to kill me… There weren’t any sweet good-byes when I got out of there. It was an all-out gunfight.”

While Luttrell admitted he was been relatively out of the loop on the onslaught of news stories devoted to Bergdahl and his release, he has spoken to some of his friends in the military and no one seems to be pleased with the way everything has transpired.

“I am kind of out of the loop out here… so I haven’t been able to really get up to speed on what’s been going down other than the fact that I talked to a couple of my buddies who were over there,” Luttrell said. “A couple of guys that got killed actually trying to get that joker out of there, and they’re not happy. I mean they’re pretty upset with the whole fact that this went down the way it did.”

Much like Michelle Malkin said earlier in the program, Luttrell believes the Bergdahl release was orchestrated to divert attention away from the VA scandal.

“Look, I don’t ever talk bad about the president. You know that you’re not gonna get me to say anything ill about the office,” Luttrell said. “But I will say this: Good job on the politicians shucking off that VA scandal by doing the whole Bergdahl thing… even if it did backfire and releasing those guys is a bad move.”

According to Luttrell, the VA “is an incredible black hole,” and the only way to fix the colossal bureaucratic mess is to “shut it down and rebuild.”

“Let me tell you something. There was a reason why they put popcorn machines and coffee shops in the front of the VA – in the lobby – and that’s to mask the smell of death and feces and stuff like that,” Luttrell concluded. “There’s good doctors in there. There is. And there’s people busting their butts and trying to… get these guys what they need. But it’s not enough of ’em… I avoid that place like the plague.”

  • Anonymous

    What should be done is for all of the VA Hospitals to be closed.
    As a benefit for serving in the military the medical needs of the Veteran should
    be taken care of, by the doctor or medical facility of the Veteran’s choosing
    and then the bill should be sent to Uncle Sam to pay.

    • Joe W.

      I could not agree any more, sir. Get the government OUT of the delivery system and simply have them foot the bill for whatever medical care our veterans require. How can we possibly justify anything less?

      • Virginia Watkins

        I would like to see the govt taken out of the private sector’s healthcare all together. Veterans healthcare should be taken care of by the private sector and vets get to choose who takes care of them. BTW, does anyone know this…There is no regulatory oversight of the VA. Hospitals in the private sector are subject to an audit/inspection at any time and scheduled for every 2 to 4 years.

        • Frankye Mace

          Actually, the VA does have to go through the same audits/inspections/certifications that private sector hospitals do. If they fail entire units/facilities can be shut down.

          • Mike

            And yes, I see how the checks and balances work. It’s wonderful the bureaucrats audit themselves, inspect themselves, and give themselves a 4.0 report card. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

          • Anonymous

            By Who? The government????

          • Anonymous

            Obviously the inspectors are doing a very poor job, and probably are being paid off!

        • Stewart Candler

          Pardon me for asking, but did you know that the VA Hospital System gets inspected by JHACO every 2 years just like every other hospital out there in America? JHACO can and will step back in at any time they see fit to do so. I know because I work as a technician at a VA Hospital.

          • Anonymous

            And JHACO seems to be doing a wonderful job……

          • David Mclaughlin

            No chit. They do such a great job let’s defend the fact that they get inspected and still suck. People amaze me, well use to. I can’t believe how stupid our country has become. I’m sure since they hide all their own info the inspections are true and proper as well right? I served in the military as well but I’m not afraid to say our government and all the clowns running it need removed. Don’t just rebuild the VA rebuild our WHOLE GOVERNMENT. Releasing terrorists goes against everything we should stand for.

          • Anonymous

            JHACO does a great and thorough job in the private sector, but I’m sure even if a VA facility is not in compliance with JHACO you are not going to see it shut down. JHACO’s main threat is that if you are not in compliance they will shut off your ability to collect from Medicaid and Medicare. Does anyone think the VA will find that threatening? A private sector hospital would be out of business whereas the VA would be business as usual.

          • Anonymous

            And we can see how well that’s working…….

          • Anonymous

            Stew – What is JHACO?

          • Mike

            Google it! :)

          • Anonymous

            They are an independent inspectional company that ensures health care facilities are compliant in regards to patient care, safety and privacy

          • C.j. Clements

            Of course you’re going to stand up for the VA…you f**king work for them! Oh you work as a tech at a VA Hospital so you know every damn thing there is to know about how the VA is inspected and ran. Give me a damn break!

          • Lam

            Hahahaha. Well said brother. Well said!!!

          • Bill

            And you read a couple media reports so you know what really goes on behind the scenes

          • EdwardFromReality

            Self preservation much?

          • Del Kenneson

            I was terminated from the VA ahead of a JCAHO inspection for refusing to falsify sterilization records and for fear that I would point out other discrepancies that were being covered up.

          • Anonymous

            Then why is it you did not stand up and say something to some one? Why have you kept quit? That makes you as bad as them.

          • J Sarver

            You, as an employee at a VA facility, should know then that prior to any JCAHO visit and inspection that multiple hours are put in to pass the key elements of inspection then it returns to business as usual. Even if there is a finding, the facility can correct it and still be accredited. JCAHO can only catch bad facilities if they are reported by the patients not during the dog and pony show that facility administrators put on for the JCAHO survey team.

          • Kathy

            Well said, J Sarver!!!

          • Brian Kausek

            Except that JCAHO shows up unannounced and there is no time to prep. You either always abide by the standards or you get sighted when joint commission shows up. Yes, all facilities both VA and private have an opportunity to fix the issue before being sighted. The VA is not special there.

          • Daniel Larson

            The last hopital I worked at as a Security Officer, we knew practically the exact date and time of the JCAHO arrival, and yes EVERY Dept was running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get everything in order!

        • Brian Kausek

          That isn’t even remotely true. I work in Quality Management at the VA and my departments job is to help other departments comply with the standards we are held to under Joint Commission, OIG, and other agencies. We are governed by the same standards as other hospitals and then some. The VA even pays to be accredited by CARF which is voluntary and not required. Check your facts.

      • C.M. Hubbard

        I agree with what you are saying, but the biggest issue is the government basically decides the ratings that are given to Veterans. And based off that rating system no matter how broken the person is, is how they are treated medically and psychologically and then afterwards you still have to fight with the system to get the proper treatment.

        • Joe W.

          Why ‘ratings’?? Either a person is a veteran or they are not. My opinion is that ALL veterans be granted FULL medical care for the duration of their lives. Period. Those men and women went into harm’s way on our behalf, and all came back harmed in one way or another. We owe them much more than just medical attention. Just my thoughts as a 65 years old American. And no, I am NOT a veteran. I simply honor and respect them.

          • David M Kraft

            Really, I am a veteran and do you have any idea of the tax increase that will entail. Lifetime free medical care at the facility and provider of your choice regardless of service connection. What planet are you on. You could get rid of every other program and you would still bankrupt the economy in one day.

          • Mark Miller

            How you figure? Obamacare is set to deliver that very thing to millions of others…. Vets come first!

          • David M Kraft

            Really Mark? Where are the hospitals, clinics and primary care providers that will be delivering that to millions? Have you bothered to do anything beyond listen to Rush and the rest? Do some homework mark. The ACA sucks, but not for the reasons you purport to be facts.

          • Joe W.

            I doubt your numbers, sir, and I believe that if the federal government would cease and desist with welfare benefits, departments of education, BLM and a myriad of other non-essential as well as unnecessary expenses, the cost can be borne. It is a matter of priorities, sir. Abandoning Obamacare and associated costs would help as well. Again, I am not speaking of all servicemen and women. I am speaking of veterans of foreign wars. Those of you who saw combat. Hell, making Moochelle and the Dog Eater give up their vacations and other luxuries would pay half the costs.

          • David M Kraft

            Well Joe, in your first post you clearly state ALL veterans.

          • Joe W.

            David, the common definition of a ‘veteran’ is one who has served his country in war. That was clearly my intent, and if you wish to nitpick and parse words with me, I can only say sorry, I grow weary of sparring with liberal fools, and you are beginning to post like one. You come off as an arrogant, argumentative buffoon, David. Please simply leave me alone. I am sorry I offered my support to you. Jerk. Oh…Thanks for your service.

          • David M Kraft

            By statute, a veteran is defined as a person who served on the active military, naval or air service and who was discharged under conditions other than dishonorable. I am sorry if you are offended that anyone questions your generalizations. The common definition of a veteran is one who served honorably in the military. You, sir are referring to a combat veteran and if you desire to not be misrepresented should so state in your posting. If calling your inaccuracies into question makes me arrogant and argumentative I again am sorry for your thin skin.
            Reducing your stand to calling me a liberal fool shows just how little you really do understand of how the system works and those of us who question both sides. If you truly do offer support, volunteer at a va clinic or hospital if for no more than 8 hours a year. Yellow ribbons and hollow thanks does nothing to help those who have born the battle.
            A proud Combat Airborne Infantryman “Jerk”

          • Joe W.

            You know what, Son. I was not referring solely to your arrogant post to me…your posts to everyone here are rude, arrogant, and combative. As for your admonition to volunteer at a clinics as opposed to waving yellow ribbons? You simply prove my point. My brother served as a Green Beret in the 173rd Airborne in Viet Nam, Sonny. He saw more combat, I would wager than you could dream of. While he came back with a chip on his shoulder and his own set of demons, he was never the obnoxious, condescending whiner that you appear to be. I pity you, Son. I really do. Get some help for your PTSD. You obviously need it. Please honor my request that I made of you before. Simply leave me alone. I have no regard for you or your pomposity.

          • Leslie

            Wow really Joe? David disagrees with your comments and you attack him with insults? I’ve read ALL of his posts and he hasn’t attacked you at all and was not “combative” or “arrogant” as you claim. Less name calling and more discussion.

            Oh and you need to drink some SWEET TEA BECAUSE DAMN you have some major anger issues.

          • Anonymous

            Testify, my brother!

          • Edward F. Amezquita

            Why did we bail out the Auto industry and not the vets who were fighting, or got injured in service connection?

          • Dee Moo

            ask Bush

          • Anonymous

            It was Obama.

          • Edward F. Amezquita

            It was BOTH.

          • Beachgrammy53

            You are talking apples and oranges.

          • Anonymous

            Canadians and the EU do it.

          • David M Kraft

            First off, canada and the eu have universal single payer health care with controlled cost. Secondly, obamacare is not designed to do just that. Educate yourself first before you make red oculus replies Mark. Veterans who have service connected disabilities should be cared for and either a. Providing THAT care through private providers would be cost effective, or rebuild the system from scratch. I am sorry, but providing lifetime free healthcare to so,wone whò spent 3 years as a food inspector in DC for the ARMY whose highest risk was getting a paper it is absurd.

          • Bill Tilghman

            In reality there are two classes of veterans at the VA – those with service connected disabilities and the rest of the veterans who are not eligible for the top tier of care, and have to pay co-pays for care, treatment, and prescriptions.

            In some cases veterans are denied access to ancillary care if not service connected. For instance, dental care is restricted to service connected vets only – if you managed to not be wounded during your military career, you can’t get a filling or a tooth pulled.

          • David M Kraft

            If you managed to not be wounded during your military career? Really bill? What is the ratio of wounded to those having served? What would you do with the national guard and reserves considering how they are used now? I have no qualm with providing anything that is need to those who bore the battle and are service connected. If the government broke it, then the government should be responsible for fixing it. Otherwise, pony up and prepare to pay an unbelievable increase in taxes. You think there is fraud and waste in Medicare. Wait till you implement this monstrosity that you are proposing.

          • Bill Tilghman

            David, are you a veteran? The VA is not charged with simply caring for service connected veterans, but ALL those who have served in the military – that includes Merchant Marine personnel as of the GW Bush Administration. I am sure you have facts and figures to back up your claims that caring for all veterans would be an onerous burden on the budget, but considering slightly less that two percent of the population have served, and less so since the advent of the all volunteer military, it seems your comparing the figures to medicare is a red herring. I worked processing medicare payments to providers in a large state in the northeast, and the annual fraud associated with medicare has been consistently ranging in the tens of billions – the VA budget requested for 2015 is $163.9 billion. $498 billion went to Medicare in 2014.

            Considering the problem is not in caring for veterans but in how administrators at the VISNs spend the money they are allocated annually, the problem becomes one of managing the VA as one unit, rather than letting individual VISNs have control of the money they are allotted. The VA should be concerned with patient care costs, and in delivering patient care instead of repeatedly redecorating offices, paying bonuses to staff and in grandiose building projects when there are still many vets who are being denied care. That is the true problem with the VA, not the money. The VA budget has been consistently increased year after year, yet the veterans continue to have their care rationed and not on the basis of medical need.

          • kaspiahn

            Not really. I am rated 80%, service connected. I get no dental care from the VA.

          • Bill Tilghman

            I have been to VA facilities in three states, there is no uniformity within the VA. Each time I have moved to a new VISN I have had to start over with the new one. This is one of the problems with the VA – each VISN is run independently and if you change the state you reside in they have no electronic network for the entire VA. They still use paper records and transfer them by mail.

            In the two states I have been in that had Dental available, you had to be 100% service connected to get care. This is a long standing problem within the VA. It is the rationing of care based on disability that is what I feel is wrong. If you have no service connection there are a range of treatments that are denied you despite medical need. This is a fact, I have witnessed it myself in more than one VISN since I began using the VA.

          • C.M. Hubbard

            The Rating system has been around for many many years, I do not know when the system was actually implemented but this pdf gives you somewhat of a understanding as to how they figure out the rating they give to the Veteran.

          • Beachgrammy53

            As a veteran, a wife of a retired navy man (also disabled), and the mother of two who are military lifers, I say you are wrong. Two reasons:#1. All those in this war were volunteers.This was a job. Now if they have health or mental problem (s) from the time they served then yes, they should be treated. #2. If you were to give all veterans access you are then pushing out the very people who actually need the help.

        • Bill Tilghman

          A start would be to not base anything but compensation i.e. disability payments on service connection. Treat all vets the same and deliver uniform care levels to all honorably discharged vets.

          Another step would be to only allow veterans to use the system. I have seen non-veteran employees getting care at clinics in several different facilities. This is stealing from the vets in my opinion.

        • David M Kraft

          How would you propose that we come up with a rating system then?

        • Beachgrammy53

          Have been a patient at the VA? If not then how can you possibly say this?

          • C.M. Hubbard

            I have been a patient at a couple different VA Facilities here in North Carolina after serving 7 years on active duty.

    • Balls

      Here, here. As a former USMC grunt with three tours in Iraq who has to rely on the VA for certain things, I couldn’t agree more. It’s been a years long battle to get them to recognize real injuries (let’s not even get started on the invisible wounds) sustained while in theater and in combat. Even injuries sustained while in recorded and verified combat engagements (see: ’03 Baghdad, ’04 Najaf, ’04 Fallujah pt. 2, Ramadi, etc.)

      This whole thing smells. I don’t think it was just to take the heat off the VA, though. I think there is something deeper, darker, and more sinister at play here. He (le prez) already has real blood on his hands and doesn’t care. His highest levels of staff don’t care. And what can we do about it? Something has to be done. We can’t keep letting them do this to our country, for if our country bleeds, we bleed.

      Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more…

      • Bill Tilghman

        I hope it never comes to that, but we have to recognize it may. I agree with you, this has got to stop and the people have to have the resolve to do the job. We can start by demanding the resignation of the man in charge of the entire federal government. It is past the time he should have gone.

      • Dee Moo

        Former military that talks bad about the Pres…but he wasn’t the one in office when you served.

        • Peter R.

          I am former military and toured in Iraq during 09 and Afghan in 07.

          Serving under both presidencies had differences and the input of soldiers form other nations that I interacted with on both tours CERTAINLY put more into perspective over the U.S.’s ARROGANCE in government systems and in war. Unfortunately that is a topic for a different time.

          It does not take a service member to have served under a president for us to acknowledge if he is worth a grain of salt or not. We all have friends, families, brothers and sisters (blood or not) still in service and recognize and hear what is going on. Mr. Obama has done very poorly by the military and by the populace and all it takes is some common sense for people to understand and to remove their own metaphoric blind folds to acknowledge the truth.

      • kay tournay


    • psychenudity

      even better : close the VA. Allow veterans any healthcare of their choosing. Take a financial accounting of the total cost, after a solid year.Project costs for the next 30 years and apply that as a percentage of a reduced annual income for EVERY serving/retired/ & incoming politician. You think things would get “done” at that point? Of course, this is a pipe dream – politicians are the absolute lowest form of human life, they will find a way to never allow that to happen…much like managing a competent VA.

    • Something Is Wrong

      Unfortunately, some of us can’t avoid the VA like the plague because it’s the only option we’ve got. I agree with Marcus though, tear it down and start over. But when you do, leave politicians out of it and put veterans in charge; there are more than enough qualified veterans and we’re not nearly so helpless or broken as we’re portrayed.

      • kaspiahn

        No need to tear it down. The whole problem is with the bonuses and Performance Evaluations. Some upper management VA employees are more interested in getting the bonuses or a good evaluation rating. I have been happy with my care at my VA, but I know several vets that cannot say the same.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking exactly the same thing on my 3 hour drive home from the VA today. They should sell all their facilities to private healthcare companies and become basically a health insurance company for disabled veterans.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Our military veterans deserve way more. Welfare recipients sitting on their behinds get better care than our veterans do. This is what happens when the Government controls the medical care.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think there will be any improvement,at least not long term.Obamacare will turn into a single payer system then medical care for everyone will get considerably worse for everyone.When VA care is compared to a totally government run healthcare system veterans will wish they still had the substandard system they have now.

    • Doug R.

      I agree…

    • justin hughes

      Your right buddy, it should work like that. People on welfare and foodstamps and every other handout program the government offers, those kinds of people probably get better healthcare than veterans. I say decrease the welfare check payout amount and use the savings to fund more good doctors and equipment for veterans.

  • Elena

    True. The doctors and nurses are fine. The paperwork pushers are okay, too. It’s the folks who have forgotten that they are public SERVANTS who are to blame for the mess.

    As a gov’t employee, there are annual raises and step increases. Can somebody tell me why there are also bonuses for public SERVANTS?

    • Tinkabell

      there is a Union running the the place…need I say more?

      • American

        Wrong topic

      • Bill Tilghman

        SEIU is the union for most of the support staffers. I don’t know about the medical staff or the administrative staff. As a veteran you will never see any administrator or visit their office- the VA has police to keep you away from there.

        • kaspiahn

          AFGE is the VA employee’s union.

    • C.M. Hubbard

      There are “SOME” Doctors and Nurses that are fine at what they do in providing care for Veterans. And then there are some that do not give a crap, nor do they listen to the Veterans, they push a lot of medications on a lot of Vets and do not actually treat the problem.

      • Bill Tilghman

        This is all too true – add to that the fact that the VA drug formulary is ten years behind current therapy levels and you get a wonderful result of third rate care.

    • lulu.64

      I have asked the same questions over and over and still have not gotten an answer….when you find out let me know…

  • ScaryLogic

    Definitely something wrong here. Why in the world would they make this trade?

  • Anonymous

    This release was very well planned out. obama made that trip to Afghanistan and
    lo and behold Bergdahl’s released by his captives(?) is announced with his mother/
    father at the WH.obama wanted to let those miserable terrorist out of Gitmo.America
    will remember when we get hit again and more die.Such loving people aren’t
    they? Ask obama as he is one of them.

    • Darren Wilkens

      Of course Obama’s one of them. He’s given money and weapons to the enemy, only to have them (the enemy) use those weapons in Benghazi. Obama has blood on his hands and no one’s doing a damn thing about it.

      • Anonymous

        Artice 3, Sec.III US Constiution.
        Uphold and Enforce it NOW.

      • Dee Moo

        and when Reagan, Clinton, Bush did it?? even Carter??

        • Austin Dudley

          people forget all sense of history when it come to the Black guy… so no point in being realistic…. Dee Moo

          • Kellie B

            I hope that you are really not so blind as to think that people’s distaste for Obama is due to his skin color. This has nothing to do with his race, it has to do with his integrity. I believe we as Americans would like to have a President who is proud of this Country and wants to keep us safe and strong as a Nation. He made a decision to release 5 men that we will probably hear from again and it will not be good.

          • Beth Hill Wood

            I agree Kellie B. My dislike for Obama is based on his actions, not his skin color. He presents himself as an American but my belief is that he is anything but American. He nor his wife have any regard for the military, the rights of our citizens or the overall welfare of the United States. He feels entitled as president to do as he pleases, Constitution and laws be damned. He is a threat to our Country and our safety.

        • ByeByeUSA AsWeKnowIt

          Nobody liked it then, either.

        • DoomAndGloom

          Iran-Contra hearings drug on for months on end, was all the media talked about. Unlike nowadays with Obama and Benghazi and all his other scandals. not a peep on the Big 3 evening news channels.

    • Bill Tilghman

      He’s been trying to do this deal for more than a year. Congress has denied him at least once, so he broke the law and the timing is to throw the hounds off the scent of the VA scandal. As always, with Obama it is one criminal act to distract from the previous ones.

      • Austin Dudley

        actually they didn’t… just in february, mccain and several other congressmen/women made it clear we should do any and everything to get our soldier back home.. and everybody was happy he was home until it got political….

        • DoomAndGloom

          They are still happy he is home, where he can be held accountable, they are just not happy with the price paid to get him home.

        • Bill Tilghman

          It started political – that is all the law breaking president does. Congress passed a law to prohibit the president selling us out like he did, they turned him down three times before when he wanted to do this, and he just decided to do what he wanted anyway because no one will hold him accountable in this government. This is not how America works.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    You have no shame.

    • Duddioman

      And you have no sense.

    • Steve Orpin

      Who has no shame? Before I decide whether to rip you to shreds verbally, I want to be sure if you are accusing Beck (then I don’t really care,) Marcus Luttrell (you’ll open the worst can of whupa$$ you could imagine,) or someone else of having no shame.

      • Bill Tilghman

        That idiot is a full bore troll. He comes here to be a pain in the rear and never ever has any constructive contribution to make. Rip away, he deserves it.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Beck, Luttrell and you

        This whole thing is being coordinated as political attack. It has nothing to do with Bergdahl. Luttrell is shamelessly lending his name to it.

  • Spunky_1

    VA workers receive bonuses? How about the veteran who put their life on the line, some of my family members gave their all. I can’t believe the scum that we have in the government, & I mean that from that top trickling all the way down hill, you know what they say about stuff does run down hill. Can ya’ll say bulldozers?

    • Tammy Nicholas

      Yes they get bonuses. Many believe the reason for the fraud, second appointment lists, etc. was so people could get bonuses for doing a great job taking care of veterans. I do not believe they should get bonuses of any kind, especially not now that VA employees have proven they are willing to let veterans die so they can get a bonus.

  • Anonymous

    How about we divert ALL the medical resources and clinics now being over run by illegal alien criminal invaders and use those resources FOR OUR VETERANS.

  • Cathy Munson

    Sure it may have been to take attention off the VA, but more so to re-staff Al Queda. Sometimes I think they have more to do with running the presidency that the president does.

    • Balls

      Not Al Qaeda – the Taliban. Remember, Al Qaeda was created by US out of thin air as an alibi and a reason for our continued presence in the region for generations to come.

      • Bill Tilghman

        Your assumptions are erroneous. Al Qaeda was invented by Osama Bin Laden after the Soviets left Afghanistan and the boredom resulting from not having Russians to kill got to him.

        • Austin Dudley


          • ronnie gannon

            Get off your black guy stint. The list of reasons as to why this guy is dangerously incompetent and absolutely anti American go on forever. People don’t buy into the cause I’m black thing anymore so move on.

          • Austin Dudley

            u know, the only people who dont buy into it are the people like you who say a bunch of crazy ish but never ever really have a coherent answer and to the specifics of those things…. and dont worry ill wait for you to name a few of those things… and then i will provide actual FACTS as to why its complete bull… every single talking point is based on 3 main things, 1. he’s not one of us., 2. he’s unamerican., 3. he’s unamerican.. every single thing comes down to those.. and i guess you want to ignore the billboards that had him in a noose, or the dummy they just found hanging from a bridge with a obama mask on it.. or numerous tea party politicians and public figures that keep making obvious racial undertones… guess u wanna ignore all that.. but like i said, ill wait for you to give me 5 FACTS as to what makes the PResident of the united states any more unamerican than the other former presidents..

            READY. SET.. GO!!!!

          • Austin Dudley

            also while youre at it… explain how all these republicans were once for things, and then became harshly against them after obama supported them..??? You know, ROMNEYCARE, MEDICAID and MEDICARE, CAP and TRADE, IMMIGRATION, TARP, AUTO BAILOUT, INFRASTRUCTURE SPENDING, VOTING RIGHTS, MINIMUM WAGE, SOCIAL SECURITY.. I MEAN I could keep going… I mean we can talk about how many people were killed at embassies around the world under Bush.. and how now that 3 were killed its a big conspiracy, OOORRRR about how every president takes vacations, and had way more golf days than Obama, but now its OOOHHHH so baddd he always vacations.. orrrrrrrrr you know what ill stop and let you explain why they , REPUBLICANS, ALLL changed their views the day after OBAMA was elected… or why congress has yet to pass anything of relevance.. or why instead of saying, lets make this healthcare law that WE supported better, instead of having the publicity stunt votes to “repeal” it.. knowing it would never repeal…MAn I could do this all day.. but ill give you a chance to prove why this president is oh so unamerican..

          • ronnie gannon

            Nothing you’ve stated has any relevance at all. Your floating around the blogosphere defending Obama for one reason and one reason only. You voted for him for one reason and one reason only. Nothing this guy does “ever” will be wrong in your book no matter how obviously wrong it is. You will always alter reality, as does your media, to defend your icon. I could go on about the racist church he went to for 20 years, his millions spent on hiding all his college transcripts, his 20 something different social security numbers, fast and furious,bengahzi, his proven fake birth certificate while his own grandmother is on camera stating she was at his birth in Kenya,his mysterious ties to the Muslim brotherhood, the fake numbers he puts out regarding the growth of the economy,his handling of Russia,Libya,Syria,etc..,the internal rev scandal, the debacle of his health care roll out, his refusal to enforce the borders…… bla bla bla……… it would all be futile because you will alter facts, alter history then when you realize how foolish you sound you will in the end resort to the good old “cause he’s black”…….

          • ronnie gannon

            Oh yea, you might want to Google how many were killed in Bengali. Wasn’t 3. And while your at it find out if any other president rented out the Taj Mahal….. lol… I can do this all day as well! Also the stuff you said about the nooses and the derogatory racial slurs is pathetic behavior. Most people don’t act that way

          • Bill Tilghman

            You are correct about the mujahedeen – we armed and funded them via the CIA. What he did was not negotiation, it was the equivalent of capturing the enemy’s commanding general staff, and turning them loose on the field before winning the war. He is unconditionally surrendering to every enemy that we have. He can’t wave his yellow flag fast enough.

            The deserter wasn’t worth the price of paroling these killers and we will all suffer for this.

      • Anonymous

        The Mujahedeen was funded by the Carter administration. Read Zbigniew Brzenzinski’s boastful writings about how they began funding even before the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. The Taliban, largely created by the US got out of hand and the US went back to try to control the monster they created.

        The Taliban had largely stopped he heroin trade. Since the US went to war in Afghanistan the poppy fields are protected and productive.

  • Anonymous

    Why did Obama make this trade?? Something smells. What is really going on here? If Obama is really this stupid as to do this – just to cover up the VA scandal… Or is there something really important going on internationally that we don’t know about? Or is he just the anti-American law-breaker we continue to watch take one-after-another anti-American actions – who needs to be impeached?

    • Dee Moo

      Why did all the previous presidents throughout history negotiate??? nothing new. Stop acting like he is any different. Hell, Reagan even timed the release so he would look better. PLEASE…

      • ronnie gannon

        All the previous presidents did what! Are you serious? Stop watching msnbc. And stop altering history and fabricating things to protect this fool

    • Austin Dudley

      1st…. Dee1889 don’t be ignorant.. bush released 500+ prisoners from Gitmo, go google iran-contra, go back and look at all the times bush chose to bypass parts of laws… People try to demonize this president for no other reason than he is black and the establishment doesnt like it… Mccain as early as february was saying we should make the deal if the deal was there, now he’s zoo disgusted..?? Mccain said that we should isolate members of the russian government after we remove them from the G8 .. then Obama does it and now its a sign of weakness… man everything the president has done has been things that every other president has done double the amount of times Obama has trying to tie this to the VA scandal is double dumb considering the VA scandal disappear the DAY after the guy resigned…. come on stop being a sheep ……

      • DoomAndGloom

        Bush didn’t release these five in particular because they were they most dangerous.

  • capa760

    Why is our US Government giving bonuses to government workers, which are paid with the US taxpayers’ dollars to run an efficient economic system, NOT A PIT of Deadbeat IOUs for Mega-Trillions of Deficits? And robbing private deposits of our
    retirement accounts?

    • Bill Tilghman

      SEIU – that is why.

  • Sabrina Montayne Jones

    How did his father know that Bowe did not understand English very well anymore?

    • Anonymous

      How does a 20+ yr. postal employee in Idaho learn to speak perfect Pashtun?

      Is it just another coincidence that Michael Hastings’ last article prior to his untimely car explosion happened to be about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl?

      Obama outs the name of the Senior CIA official in Afghanistan, calls the war over, and does a prisoner swap for this guy all in less than 2 weeks……

      Skunks stink less than the Obama administrations recent activities.

    • Dee Moo

      His parents are not allowed to visit him, the hospital told them. Bowe is mentally and physically unstable. Very plausible that he was unstable over there too…leading to his walking off.

  • Wilecoyote

    How about the Veterans getting the same healthcare as our Congress?

    • C.M. Hubbard

      I like that, I have seen on Facebook “memes” posted saying to swap health care coverage with Vets and the Politicians and see how fast it gets fixed. I would love to see that but unfortunately they are more worried about keeping what they have instead of fixing the issues.

    • Bill Tilghman

      If we invert that you will see light speed change come to the VA – they would never put up with what my fellow vets do.

  • MetFan

    Can this guy get his story straight first he said that the taliban had him captured which wasn’t the case (he was rescued by villagers who refused to hand him over to the taliban) then two mins later he saids the Hassanis(taliban) didn’t have me. Which is it?

  • xxkingxx

    They can fix the VA MED in just 30 days. Just make all members of Congress and their families use the VA MED for at least one year.

    • Anonymous

      The VA should be the ONLY medical services available under taxpayer funded health plans for elected representatives in the US Senate, US House, and Oval Office.

  • Cowboy65

    Wanna fix the VA in a hurry? Make Congress and The House trade insurance plans with the vets that EARNED them. The “rulers” in this country from the Top Puppet on down nauseate me, and if we don’t do SOMETHING to get this country back on the straight and narrow, America won’t exist in 25 years. Get the career politicians OUT, set term limits, and get some new blood in there. If we don’t, we’re screwed.

  • lana timmer hunt

    I think there is more to it than us American People know. Hopefully we wont get attacked again.

  • Bill Tilghman

    In my time as a VA patient, I have seen many nice building improvement projects and lots of nice furnishings. The patient care has been rendered by excellent personnel, but the policies are the problem. Administrators running the show waste money on art and furniture and decor, while they grab all the bonuses they can whether they have to lie, cheat or steal them.

    In my own case, I have been to VA facilities in three states, and I have witnessed VA civilian staff being treated in clinics and given appointment slots that veterans are having a hard time getting. I have had interference and denials to benefits I was entitled to by administration personnel who after I got the American Legion involved were suddenly able to provide me with what I needed.

    I think it should be mandatory for all VA supervisory staff to be veterans themselves and the SEIU and other unions should be eliminated from the system. I once visited a VA Hospital where the handicap toilet on the main floor was broken – the actual toilet was cracked and parts were lying about. Two days later I returned and nothing had been done about it. This facility is a large one in a northeastern state where the maintenance staff is SEIU members and there is no shortage of money. So why was the toilet broken for over two days and not replaced as soon as it was reported? I got no explanation when I asked that question, but they did ask to see my veteran ID card and told me it had been broken for a week and was waiting for a replacement. The VA needed more than a week to replace a toilet in the handicap stall? Seriously, they pay a maintenace staff 365 days a year and in that time the could not move another toilet from some other restroom in a less used area of the hospital?

    This is the kind of malfeasance we need to root out of the VA.


    On the subject of the Bergdahls, they deserve to be charged, tried and sentenced for treason and the son should be court martialed for desertion and collaboration with the enemy. I cannot express my thoughts about this situation or the President’s lies and cheating and lawbreaking in this regard and remain able to post it due to profanity restrictions. In my opinion everyone involved in this sorry excuse for a prisoner exchange deserves to be prosecuted and the Commander in Chief should be forced to resign for his part in this outrageous subterfuge.

    • Redduke

      Since 2009 over $60 Billion in ADDITIONAL funds were made available to the VA. 59% of those funds went to middle management and bonuses. This is the issue with Public Union and government run organizations VA = Obamacare.

      • Austin Dudley

        i like how you try to tie the two together… but lets be real.. the VA has been in scandal since before Bush… #period

  • ed

    I would be “OK” with releasing all the bad guys,,,just put a chip in em,,wait till they get back to their “friends”,, then lock on a cruise misselle and blow up them and their associates

    • Bill Tilghman

      Not a bad idea. Unfortunately this administration isn’t interested in winning the war, they only want to retreat.

      • Austin Dudley

        just incase you haven’t really noticed.. we have been at war since 2002, meaning we have been at war for ummmmm 12 years… if we can’t win a war in 12 years, we aint winning.. the whole plan for going there was to be occupiers, we just got a president who wasn’t with that and is now getting our people home.. its no longer our war to fight.. period

        • Bill Tilghman

          The reason we aren’t winning is the surrender-er in chief does not want to. We have the military might to win, the tactical advantages, the best men and women on the battlefield and the best equipment any country has ever issued to it’s forces, but this fool couldn’t win in a hundred years because he lacks the resolve to do so.

    • Anonymous

      Does this include the known terrorist (‘rebel’ leader in Syria) and Muslim Brotherhood members whom Obama has met with at the White House?

    • 3Words: Fur Gun Son

      This is the plan, or rather this is already going on. Those chips really make it easy for the delivery trucks to find them and drop off their American Weapons (yes cruise missiles included) convieniently where needed most on the battlefield.

      Ohh, you meant fire the cruise missiles at them? Who us? Nah,

  • Deb Ostrander

    i believe anyone who has protected our president like our veterans have and those still serving should get the best of care at a hospital of their choice with va footing the bill its only fair otherwise let the president get care at a lesser quality care one himself he preaches equality yet doesnt give equality time he partices what he preaches.just like they say you do the crime you do the time well you serve your country you get top notch health care no ?`s asked./

  • Dee Moo

    Not talking bad about the office…he just did? This guy has a temper from what I read…my cousin was a seal…never talked about it…never bragged. I respect that. No one knew until his 20 year retirement.

    • Voice of Reason

      From what I read Luttrell didn’t say one negative thing about the office, nor about the weasel currently occupying it.

  • Jacqueline Dana

    I retired from the Shreveport VA, I am also a veteran. In my opinion they are one of the best hospitals in the area and the doctors are the best you’ll find anywhere. The biggest problem is all the political games the higher-ups play.

  • jenFLUSA

    VOLUNTEER’S POINT OF VIEW: I volunteered at my local VA Outpatient clinic serving 3 counties here in Florida. I was a nursing (RN) student at that time and specifically informed the volunteer director that I would like to be assigned in an environment where I can apply my skills. On my first day, I thought I would have to go through some kind of orientation/training to at least get acquainted with the whole clinic, but i ended up in front of a telephone (no headset and manual dialing) given approximately 300-400 vets to call to confirm their appointments. No scripts to say or anything of that sort. She said, “you are a very smart person and seems like you can do anything.” Thankfully, I had customer service background (outbound/inbound CS) so I was able to easily transition with the task… after all, it was just a matter of getting used to it. I called Vets, and some of them told me that I am the 2nd or 3rd call of the day confirming their appointment. However, there are a lot of numbers in the list that are either voice mail, cannot be reached, or wrong numbers too. MY ISSUES ARE (1) This PROCESS OF CONFIRMING APPOINTMENTS was something I had a hard time understanding, because I had to write down every change of information (numbers and addresses especially on that printed paper handed to me). So, I wonder if the people in that department updates it thereafter… it would be more efficient to edit the information right in front of the screen and put notes in the patient’s name/info. (2) DOING NOTHING WHEN A VOLUNTEER IS AVAILABLE. This is what extremely irritated me, because I felt like my presence helped them chit-chat nonsense topics while I numb my #$%$ off literally sitting there with dry throat already and sounding like a bad recorder. They should have just picked up the phone and helped me finish the task I am helping them do quickly. (3) LEAVING FOR A BREAK, BECAUSE A VOLUNTEER IS AVAILABLE. Yes, it was a continuation of my 2nd issue. I felt that I was invisible there… and they took their break/lunch time without minding I was there. I DID MY TASK DILIGENTLY and COMPLETED ALL CALLS (usually 3-5 hrs) TO MAKE SURE THAT THESE VETERANS ON THE LIST ARE CALLED TO LET THEM KNOW/CONFIRM THEIR APPOINTMENTS SO THEY WILL BE REMINDED TO COME! I may not be a citizen in this country just yet, but my grandfather, his 2 brothers, and 2 cousins served during WWII in the Philippines. Only He and a Cousin survived the Death March… so in spite of the annoyance/anger I felt during those times I was left here by myself, all I had in my mind was that…. I WAS THERE TO VOLUNTEER NOT TO SERVE THE PAID EMPLOYEE, BUT TO SERVE THESE VETERANS WHO HAVE SERVED THIS COUNTRY. It is just unfortunate that the hardworking ones are masked by dirty politics.

  • Jeffrey Varnish

    The Akron, Ohio VA is awesome…. Great Dr’s, everyone is great there.. Cleveland, different story–hard to get in when you need something !

  • Christopher Allen Peer

    I have been at the VA for over 10 years and have received EXCELLENT care. While there are some bad apples there my doctors have been superb. I had 2 bouts of cancer, both of which exceeded all expectations of care. I agree w. Marcus that the timing here seems too coincidental and has most definitely taken the spot light off the VA.

  • Rebecca Schneider

    I would like to say my grandfather is a veteren, and he needed medical attention as he had a triple blockage in his heart and had to undergo bypass surgery, the VA hospital in Maywood Park Illinois told him that since he was walking around for a few weeks with it he could last another month before they did his consultation and then they would schedule his surgery, so dangerous right he could hardly walk without gasping for air. Luckily my sister has her bachelor’s in nursing and demanded to be on speaker phone when asked to speak with the heart doctor by my mom. When they found out my sister was in the health field they did his consultation that very day and his surgery was scheduled immediately the next week, because my sister knew how harmful it is and he was on the verge of having a heart attack. After a couple week that very hospital was on the news for making false waiting for veterans that needed immediate surgeries. These are the people that give their lives for our country and this is how you repay them? I love my grandfather to pieces if anything were to happen to him I would be devastated! The hospital name was Hines VA hospital in Illinois*

  • Orita Kirkman

    All my family & friends in the military now and in the past say what Marcus said, he is a really a HERO and all the special forces,

  • Anonymous

    I see Beck doesn’t seem to mind calling conjecture and hearsay news. I am disgusted that both sides have politicized this action. Right, or wrong this man is a United States Soldier, and we need to bring him home. If he has half of what they are claiming, he should be court Martialed and imprisoned by the U.S.A after he has been proven guilty. I see nothing in this article to prove wrong doing one way or the other.

    • Legirons

      He’s not a soldier, he quit.

    • DMoney

      Most people aren’t arguing that the Administration shouldn’t have TRIED to get this soldier back – it’s the fact that we negotiated with terrorists (and every single Hollywood production that includes a president tells us that the US does NOT negotiate with terrorists!), and the fact that the Administration chose to let loose 5 pieces of scum that would love to kill every single one of us.

  • Billie

    I hate it when a very important topic is covered with such poor grammar. It really does lead some readers away from accepting the content with sincerity.

  • Christianna Bonk

    To be fair, my sister was an exchange student in Japan for 10 months, and she began having difficulty with her English vocabulary. One example was that she described camouflage as clothing that lets you hide because she couldn’t remember the word. I can imagine that after five years, one might have significant difficulty at least speaking and composing sentences in English. (Though maybe not so much with understanding it.)

    • Anonymous

      My wife took Spanish in HS 35 years ago, I have never heard her speak Spanish in the 25 years we have been married. when I hear Spanish, on tv or out about town. I look to here and ask.. what did they just say? she tells me, or perhaps makes crap up. But it sounds pretty convincing.

      this “he forgot English” story is as phony as Hillary hitting her head and ducking off stage for the months following Bengazi. BS!

      • Bree Zee

        That’s not even close to being the same. I have a friend fluent in Spanish and spoke it frequently. Then the reason she spoke Spanish was gone and she hadn’t spoken it very much for about a year and had forgotten certain words or ways to phrase things. She recovered the ability quickly, but it wasn’t immediate. People like you think you know everything about everyone, regardless of the truth. You don’t. You might try to remember that before you decide how someone should react to a given situation which you have likely not experienced.

        • Anonymous

          My point was just because you spend 5 years in a crap hole prison cell, you don’t forget you native language you grew up with. If she can remember Spanish from 35 years ago, he sure as hell can still speak English. This “forgotten language” story is a phony and the President’s excuse for releasing those 5 killers, who will kill again, and again until we stuff an air to ground drone missile into their sorry a$$’s. Drone strikes seem to be the only tool we have left sadly.

  • Bryan Kennedy

    The sheep will follow whatever story the government makes up. To not do so, you’re labeled a conspiracy theorist.

    • Bree Zee

      You’re labeled a conspiracy theorist when you consistently think you’re being lied to with no proof to contradict the lies, or when you’re provided direct evidence that you’re wrong and still think you’re being lied to.

  • Anonymous

    I’m retired and used the VA upon my retirement. They diagnosed me with Hep C. After months of thinking I’m sick, I find out it was an error. The VA is worthless!

  • Anonymous

    Solution: Bring all the troops back home and protect OUR borders! No more VA problems and no more putting Americans in harms way. We’re creating more enemies than we destroy with the current (last 50 years) BS foreign policy which has only STRIPPED us of our freedoms more so than any backwards goat humpers from the middle east.

  • Dale Mason

    I have been years, with the VA Hospital in my area. It has some Doctors that are great, some you wouldn’t want doctoring your dog, and some too lazy to do much. The place is so top-heavy,and laden down with non-producers like Social Workers, Lots of Liasson type people, that I can’t tell if they do anything, Patient Advocates that really don’t Advocate much for anyone, some ok…Most nurses and CNAs are super achievers, and I’ve had a couple of really bad ones. They rely on Physician’s Assistants quite a bit, more than they should, because some of them are high on Broadcasting, but low on Tuning In. For several years they had the Emergency Room from Hell at night, but better on day shift. They waste resources by putting in expensive Landscaping, and not caring for it. The clean up, and some of the hygiene factors are good at spreading MRSA. They have a hospital police force way larger than the small cities around. I have spent so many miserable days in that place the last several years, I know it like the back of my hand, and I’ve seen some bad care for some vets that are not able to hold up for themselves, and I have some real horror stories of my own. I really do have the time in grade to comment, but I backed off once before when a “Progressive” Politician was having a dog and pony show there. Semper Fi

    • Mr Ghue

      I never did much time to amount to a hill of beans like a lot of you guys did. I got out after the first enlistment over 20 years ago cause I thought the system was terrible then. God bless you guys that stayed for retirement. I will do all the pissin and moaning for you that I can and hope that things change for the better for you all. I might need that system someday if the private sector can no longer cut it.

  • Woody Nelson

    Here is Obama’s quagmire. If he didn’t trade for this soldier and he died in captivity Obama would have got hammered for leaving one of our soldiers behind. He was in a no win situation and had to make the better decision from two bad decisions. Damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. Quite honestly, those released from GITMO will have no bearing on anything being released. There are thousands of terrorists lined up to do the U.S. harm. Adding these 5 to the fray will make no difference.

  • lil’ will

    What in he hell is with the spanish speaking commercials before every Beck video now???? Sorry, I don’t speak spanish. I live in AMERICA!!!

    • Kommissar Alexei

      Right?! And how about those commercials for medication for the elderly? Who cares about them? I’m young!

      Typical idiot who thinks he’s the only member of the audience.

  • Ian S. –

    1) Bergdahl Gets Scared of the War

    2) Bergdahl Hates America

    3) Wants to leave and go home, but can’t

    4) Becomes a Deserter and Goes AWOL to go and search for Taliban

    5) Finds Taliban, tells them how he hates America.

    6) Figures that he could be a bargaining chip for the Taliban. He could get himself traded for their leaders, who are detainees in Guantanamo, then he could go home.

    7) Because he hates America so much, decides to really befriend the Taliban and develop his hatred further.

    8) Decides to live there, becomes a Muslim, learns fluent Arabic. (It’s like he wanted to ‘water’ the seed of hatred in his soul)

    9) While there for 5 years, Bergdahl was most likely taking part in terrorist training exercises, to learn the ways he could better serve the jihad, after he returns to America and can start to operate from within our country.

    • Some.guy

      When you have proof for any of your claims, you might actually have a point.

      • Ian S. –

        Bringing proof to the public eye right now is difficult, because there is an excess of “Transparency” clouding events.

        • Some.guy

          How convenient for you.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with his assessment of the VA completely. Many fellow vets have encouraged me to sign up for VA medical care…I am on so many heart meds and have enough to deal with in stage III Congestive Heart Failure that it might be a relief to have a safety net. I recently had to stop taking a heart/statin med because I simply can’t afford $337.50 every time for a script. But the VA IS a black hole where vets disappear behind a curtain to die and I want to hold that off forever if I can. So long as I can afford to do what I’m doing the VA is NOT a part of my plans. IF they ever change??? Maybe, but it’ll have to be both a BIG change and a REAL change for me to get involved. If I die it’ll be on my terms in my bed and under the care of a doc who at least knows who I am.

    • Ian S. –

      Alan, Have you gone to the Drug Manufacturer’s website to check out their “Financial Assistance Program”? Depending on your situation, it could help with a big discount, or at times, you’ll be able to get your medication for FREE. Good Luck!

      • Anonymous

        Negative, I hadn’t. Thanks for the advice…I will start checking that.

      • Anonymous

        Just checked and found that AstraZeneca has several programs for Crestor users. Unfortunately people covered by medicare are not eligible for their relief programs. The patents don’t begin to expire until 2016 so there will be no generics either. Nice. Thank you anyway. It was a good thought.

        • Ian S. –

          Alan, Damn. Is Crestor the only Statin that you’re able to take? Lipitor (atorvastatin) or Zocor (Simvastatin)?

  • Dany Tinnell

    I used to believe that all Americans should serve their country in some way or form. At this point in time I try o talk people out of servng their country until Obama is gone ad our government gets it act together. I also believe that anyone who wants t be president should have a military back ground. I did not like the fact that Clinton was a raft dodger and Obama was serving his nose with dope while our military was risking their lives. I have no respect at all for either of those 2 for those reasons. Obama’s wife was never proud t be an American before he was elected. I myself believe that there was a lot of backhanded illegal tactics that allowed him to be elected. Plus I admit that he is an excellent speaker and was able to completely brain the younger generation. I refuse to accept him as commander an chief. In my opinion he does not deserve that title. I always get sick in my guts when I see him being saluted. There is no way in the world I would ever salute him. Someone would have to kill me while trying to get me to. If anyone ever needed to be impeached I is him. He is destroying our country.
    I have no love for the VA hospital. I go out of the service in 1968. I did not work anywhere that offered insurance but it did not bother me cause I was under the misguided information that since I was a vet I could use the VA hospital. In 1988 I collasped in my driveway. I had my wife tae me to the VA in Rolla Missouri. I sure learned a hard lesson. I was told I could not use The VA since whatever was wrong with me was not service relate I wanted to know how they could know that since no on even bothered to check me out. To make a long story short, I got out of there and never ever went back. Then in 1994 They had a hostage situation at The VA hospital in Poplar Bluff. I was on the sheriffs dept and I ended up being the negotiator and got the hostages freed without incident. One of the hostages was one of their security guards. I was able to connect with the hostage taker because I like him was not happy with The way I was treated.After it was all over I was told by an administrator that if I wanted to be treated there he would make sure I would get treatment and even offered me a job in their security. Needless to say I was not exactly nice with him and let hi know I would rather die than us the VA hospital anywhere and still feel the same way today. A few months later I was given a acommendation from the department of Veterans affairs. I did not want it and di not want to go but was ordered to do so by my boss.

    • kaspiahn

      Up until “I have no love for the VA hospital..” I thought I was reading my own post. I would have written exactly what you wrote up to that point.

  • Anonymous

    Most here agree the Federal Government should get out of the healthcare business. I submit to you the Federal Government should get out of a whole lot more than just the healthcare business. I mean, Good bye Homeland Security. Good bye Department of Energy. Good bye Department of Education, Good by Enviromental Protection Agency, Good bye Welfare, and the list can go on an on! If the States can’t take care of their own, the Federal Government never will. The biggest waste of money – The Federal Government!

  • James Nelson

    The was a horribly written article! Who does the editing?

    • Bree Zee

      Apparently the same person who did your comment. :)

  • imthduke

    I am a combat Vietnam vet and agree with many here that something drastic has to happen to the VA, however, being 72 and seeing how government works or dysfunctions, I will default to the ole adage of President Reagan: “The closest thing to eternal life is a government program.” The VA has roots deeper than George Soros pockets and ain’t goin anywhere. They will put a fresh coat of white wash on it, change around some chairs, do a propaganda campaign, and it will be business as usual. Watch and see.

  • Chris Hoffman

    It takes an act of congress to build any new VA facility. Approval is varied and less paperworky though for upgrading existing facilities. The VA shouldn’t really be blamed for it’s current issues. The bureaucracy involved with acquiring property and building new facilities to provide healthcare for the influx of veterans from 2001 to present is what should be blamed. Additionally, the asshats in Congress should have had foresight that with two wars there was going to be a need for larger facilities to care for returning veterans. Once again now we have a reactive congress than a proactive congress. Their solution: give us more money. The VA already has a pretty healthy budget. Make it easier for us to build new facilities instead of renovating buildings from the 40s, which at the end of the day costs more than building new. We keep on electing the same democratic and republican terds to manage the institution that provides healthcare for the nations service men and women. Rant done. ‘Merica.

  • Freedom Fighter

    Hopefully if were all lucky this deserter/traitor finds some friendly fire somewhere before he gets someone else killed!

  • Anonymous

    I am a veteran who utilizes the VA. They have always treated me well and in a timely manner. Privatizing the VA is not the answer. My local VA already outsources some of their care to a local hospital ie MRI. When I went for the MRI the local hospital was not happy because they can’t charge the VA to exorbitant rates they charge insurance companies.

    If the VA is dismantled and services turned over to local providers, hospitals will designate X number of rooms for veteran care, once those rooms are full there will be waiting lists like you can’t imagine.

  • Mattie Palmer

    Great site Glenn, but some very careless errors in the text. A proof reader or editor should look over this work before it’s released. ” He was surprised to learn Bergdahl was able to surviving being held for five years.” “While Luttrell admitted he was been relatively out of the loop”

  • Christopher Kanas

    This has been very suspect from the beginning.

  • john Diamond

    remember folks dems used the VA as an example of how successful the ACA would be. They also used the seeming success of the VA as a bludgeon to shut up critics of the ACA, by saying look this works and repubs are just haters! The lacky press reported it as such. and another vet dies in anonymity

  • Joe Murray

    I would like to nominate Marcus to serve on the Veterans Administration Board of Directors. His unique experiences and true commitment to his fellow veterans would be a breath of fresh air. As a bonus, God help the administrator who presides over poor treatment on Marcus’ watch.

  • Tim jackson

    Obama needs to be prosecuted for sure for all the law breaking he has done. but lets not let that cover up the VA scandal. Our vets are still suffering needlessly.

  • Beachgrammy53

    Yes, Luttress is out of the loop. He’s commenting, just like every other talking head about something he honestly doesn’t know about. But of course, this is Glenn Beck so I shouldn’t be surprised that he has a guest that’s only making half ass opinions.
    As for the VA, my husband currently is a VA patient. Yes, some of the hospitals are over crowded and are not timely. But, that is not all the hospitals. For every one veteran that has a problem (which I hate to see there are many) there are 1,000 or more that have had excellent care in a timely fashion.

    • Route 66 West

      “For every one veteran that has a problem (which I hate to see there are many) there are 1,000 or more that have had excellent care in a timely fashion.” So how do you honestly know about that ?

    • Tim jackson

      Thats the liberal way, as long as it doesn’t effect me, to hell with you. Grammy you are the problem.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Luttrell is not merely giving an opinion – he was there, and you, not so much. It is easy to armchair events from afar, but living them is another thing entirely.

      I have been a VA patient in three states, and I can tell you in my experience they don’t center their efforts around the veteran. In NY they have so much to deal with that vets are not afforded much in the way of care unless they are service connected, and even then, my father in law who was wounded in WW 2 as a gunner on a liberty ship has been messed around by the VA for years regarding his percentage of disability. He lost the hearing in one ear, and only has 10 percent of his hearing in the other and the VA has been denying him coverage despite the fact that he was blown out of that 40mm antiaircraft gun emplacement by a Japanese bomb that hit 20 feet below him on the deck. He also has a fractured spine and lost several teeth when the blast fractured his jaw and skull. He never complains about it, but I have escorted him to appointments at VA facilities and have seen the mismanagement of those places and funding first hand. In one incident at the Syracuse VA, the toilet in the handicap stall on the first floor men’s room was broken off the wall, and they had a sign on the stall door that indicated it was waiting for replacement for two weeks at that point. You mean to tell me the VA can’t fix the toilet in the only wheelchair accessible men’s room in a major VA hospital in two weeks time? Seriously? That is inexcusable, and it is just one example of the problems with the VA.

      I also needed a replacement prescription med while on a trip to Louisiana and it took me sitting at the Shreveport, LA hospital for six hours to get it done.

      At a Michigan VA hospital the main clinic area was remodeled and the ER was rebuilt in a different area of the facility instead of remodeling it in the current location, and they spent a ton of money on that. The result is we have a new ER that is decorated with stone and metal sculptures and waterfalls, and the sign out windows in the main clinic area were resituated in the middle of the waiting area from the sides where it was and where it functioned. Now we have booths for the clerks that take up space where veterans used to sit waiting to be seen. They reduced the seating area by half and now veterans have to stand and wait for a seat that can take up to an hour to be made available.

      The VA is a mess, and the people running it are all bureaucrats who are only interested in getting their name on a plaque on the wall. Nothing is really being done to make it better for the veterans in the three facilities I have documented here and it isn’t just my opinion – it is the factual basis of my experiences within the VA.

  • Shane

    Marcus is a good man, to say the least. Best part is he sticks to his beliefs, morals, and virtues. Even under pressure of an interview.

  • Richard Travis

    most people who comment on the VA medical centers have no real experience with the VA……most of this is political propaganda trying to influence public opinion.

  • tina

    let’s make every Senator and Congressman have to start going to a VA hospital to get their medical care and not foot the bill for a private doctor….see how fast the VA murder system would be restructured.

  • Barbie Harris

    I am an LPN and worked at the Madison and Milwaukee VA Hospitals in the 1980’s. I worked with amazing, nurses and Doctors. I gave my Vets the best care. We were under staffed and over worked, but I loved it. I went into the Air Force in 1986 and served 4 years as a Medic. Proud to of served and proud to of worked at the V

  • Brian Rich

    I have yet to read an article in which mistakes aren’t constantly present. Please audit the Editors of this magazine. I want you to be successful. “He was surprised to learn Bergdahl was able to surviving being held for five years.”

  • Carroll Jack Benjamin

    My VA hospital has served me better than I ever expected. Quick, efficient, thorough, proficient and always cheerful and helpful to me and other vets I find there. They could a better budget to work with but other than that they are great. I would NEVER turn this over to some pathetic private hospital corporation and become a profit motive to them.

  • Kathy

    Look at what the government has done to the VA. How deplorable the care and conditions are in some facilities. Now, think Obamacare!!! People, we’ve got to get this “monkey” off our backs. For those who can’t afford/acquire private insurance, make it possible for them to receive Medicaid.Our entire healthcare system did not need to be monopolized by the government. Those who had good insurance (like me) who lost it, should be able to restart prior coverage or get quality coverage thru the private sector. We should never stand for “too much government control” under any circumstances

  • Anonymous

    What a load of manure, top to bottom. The right wing’s reaction to this soldier returning home is best summed up in this stolen quote. “There is nothing as anti-American as being anti-American”. “Nuff said.

  • Steve Davies

    When i first joined the VA system on 2010, I took note of something the presenter said. The VA will only go as far as You. If you do not stay in Contact, Ask Questions Poke and Complain The VA won’t take extra steps. This bothered me some. I can’t even fathom what this nations past warriors like my Father and Grand father would have to go through. As for the trade, I think we got Jip’d bad trade, they got their “A-Team”. We got a wiggling Mud Puppy who thinks it’s a kitchen table.

  • kebbles

    Before judgement is totally passed stay on the VA inpatient units and see how hard every one of the staff from the aide to the nurse to the people who clean the rooms to the kitchen staff that brings meals takes care of you. Then you have the right to pass judgement

  • Rockin Rod

    Don’t EVEN close the VA hospitals. A majority of these young vets are coming home to no job and no benefits, and the VA centers are the only health care access many of them have. A better solution is to revoke elected officials benefits that they currently enjoy, and let them have a health care package like the REAL public servants are relegated to……. at their closest VA Medical center. You’d see the VA centers turn into the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics overnight.

  • Anonymous

    If our gov’t can issue EBT credit card type devices for every illegal alien and their family then they can damn sure do something similar for Veterans. Shut down all the VA hospitals,sell off those assets. The latest figures show that over 50% of the 154 billions dollars spent every year on VA is consumed by administering this black hole known as the Veterans’ Adminstration and only 30+% is actually used to help vets. Any business in the world would have kicked the plug out of the wall on a losing business model such as this. Vets should be able to walk into any health care center or hospital in this country, present his or her VA medical card, swipe the damn thing and be seen immediately. They were PROMISED they would have that benefit and they damn sure deserve it. I am retired Navy and you could not drag me into a VA hospital. My brother died waiting on the VA and fought those bastards for over 15 yrs. They constantly were “losing” all his records and sending him to facilities far from his home when there were VA facilities right there as well as several military hospitals.

  • Aaron Herndon

    I read ” lone survivor” Marcus never said he was held by the Taliban in the book. So why is he saying it now. He was a great soldier and I’m glad he made it home, but don’t change your story to push a political agenda, it is a disgraceful act. Maybe he left it out of the book, and if he did. I will humbly regret stating what I said above.

    • 3Words: Fur Gun Son

      He was declared a captured war prisoner by the enemy commander. They were physically in control of him for a couple hour incriminates. Not to mention that village was being surrounded more and more everyday because in the Taliban controlled mountains not safe, you could consider yourself a little bit as held by them

  • Diane Birdwell

    Wow, the idiocy never ceases to amaze me. For those who think you can just cook up a release of Gitmo prisoners overnight, get a life. Did it take attention away from the VA scandal? Yeah, for about 2 days.

    Iran Contra was all about trading arms for hostages, and your St Ronald Reagan was all into that.

    So, think of it as following the Gipper’s example.

    • DrJonnyChepe

      Uppa you gigi…

  • Norman Trzaskowski

    The only reason that man is back in the U.S.A. is because they now have another one of their own in country here.

  • Anonymous

    “I was out there and when the Taliban had me,”

    When was he captured by the Taliban? Embellishment anyone?

    He was held by Pashtun villagers, who hid him from the Taliban.

    • 3Words: Fur Gun Son

      He wasn’t being hid by any means. He was taken once from the villagers and start to the road and trucks to another village. The villagers followed them out with guns. I think that was the first encounter, after he pointed his gun at the Taliban captain, who told his Lieutenant to convince the villager and everyone that he was military capture, but they were told he was being guarded under PASHTWA or wtf ever.

      Taliban came back wayyyyy more threatening without the warlord captain to ponder he strategic implications.

  • Anonymous

    My dad, the WW1 and WW2 vet was let down by the VA..He opted to have VA insurance instead of the Aetna that my mother took…He could have had that too..In the end he wanted me to go with him to the docs and find out what was going on…Not possible in VA…I was able to see him when he died during his operation at the VA hosp…They were wheeling him out of surgery when we finally found the right floor. I got to see him in another room after they cleaned him up…He died on the table of course…They were kind to me…..I regret I could not have been help to him as I was for my mother to the end….We, the family, never knew exactly what was going on with him medically…

  • Anonymous

    Give all the vets the very same medical coverage that they give the President..They deserve it more than he….

  • Anonymous

    Long ago when this country was still America, I remember hearing glowing accounts of the VA hospital…I myself was in a trailer along the side of the VA hosp and had a test in the main building…I was there for two weeks. The care was good, except the doc put me on a diet in there when I was 9 and preparing for my growth spurt. It gave me an eating disorder from that day. I was not fat. I have pictures at that age. That did me great harm…But my point is that I heard glowing accounts of the VA hospital in those old and good days of our blessed country…I want them back…But do give the vets Obama’s healthcare plan…They are much more deserving…Give the pres and the reps the current VA please…That is justice.

  • Anonymous

    There was no odor in the VA hosp whenever I was there. My father died there in the 80’s.

    • 3Words: Fur Gun Son

      Sorry Mary-Ann but your father, having never actually removed from where he lay. He is, or rather was contributing to the smell.

      And he died in there (maybe killed) and you take the side of the hospital?

      • MARYANN33

        Most patients die from aortic aneurysm. We viewed his body as they wheeled him out…he did not smell. He was cremated and tossed at sea. Our nephew died of that in reg hosp in his 30’s. We are visiting a VA hosp this month. I will let you know how it is…

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