President Obama arrived in Poland on Tuesday to meet Ukrainian president-elect Petro Poroshenk and attend celebrations to mark the anniversary Poland’s first free elections. It looks as though the President also found time, however, to pump some iron and get in a quick workout on the elliptical.

According to the Daily Mail, an investigation into a major security breach is underway after a fellow gym-goer managed to shoot some video of the President exercising at a 5-star Marriott hotel in Warsaw without the Secret Service’s knowledge. The video was subsequently posted on Facebook.

Watch the video courtesy of the Daily Mail:

The President apparently spent about 30 minutes in the gym, and while he has always been showered with praise relating to his alleged athletic prowess, his actual skill level is debatable. In the workout video, it appears as though the President might be struggling a bit through the weight lifting.

Maybe he can blame it on the jet leg?

On Wednesday’s Pat & Stu, Pat, Stu, and Jeffy had a bit of fun dissecting the President’s workout regiment: