WATCH: Investigation into major security breach underway after video of Obama working out in Polish gym released

President Obama arrived in Poland on Tuesday to meet Ukrainian president-elect Petro Poroshenk and attend celebrations to mark the anniversary Poland’s first free elections. It looks as though the President also found time, however, to pump some iron and get in a quick workout on the elliptical.

According to the Daily Mail, an investigation into a major security breach is underway after a fellow gym-goer managed to shoot some video of the President exercising at a 5-star Marriott hotel in Warsaw without the Secret Service’s knowledge. The video was subsequently posted on Facebook.

Watch the video courtesy of the Daily Mail:

The President apparently spent about 30 minutes in the gym, and while he has always been showered with praise relating to his alleged athletic prowess, his actual skill level is debatable. In the workout video, it appears as though the President might be struggling a bit through the weight lifting.

Maybe he can blame it on the jet leg?

On Wednesday’s Pat & Stu, Pat, Stu, and Jeffy had a bit of fun dissecting the President’s workout regiment:

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  • Warren Wilson


    • Anonymous

      Obama clearly does not have an “American” mindset. One’s loyalties to country are formulated before the age of 12, unless some extraordinary circumstance occurs to engender gratitude to one’s country. Certainly the philosophy engrained in him fostered no loyalty to country. In this sense he is the first “foreign” President. He certainly knows how to take advantage of the current PC climate on race. He does what he wants– the Imperial President and if one raises opposition to his imperial decisions and policies, his special crowd simply cries: “Raciest”.

      • Anonymous

        I heard that description of him today too, very fitting. His Americanism doesn’t even go skin deep, much less to his core.

      • Anonymous

        well said

      • Anonymous

        you hit the nail on the head…too bad it wasn’t on her and his head. Talk about protecting the emotional president…someone needs to give him a fix for schizophrenia I truly believe he has big problems and Mrs. mama bear is helping him through it.

        • Anonymous

          This president has disdain for the Constitution. Remember, he said it is a set of “Negative Rights”. In other words it provides for limited “Enumerated Powers” which the Federal Government can “do” to us. Powers and rights not enumerated remain with the States and the People (Amendment 10– the last of the Bill of Rights approved by the States, and last for emphasis and good reason). As a comrade of Weather Underground Terrorists and enthusiastic fan of Saul Alinsky, he will do everything he can do to break the “Tablets of Law” to establish a new order– to fundamentally transform America. So he will always seek the opposite of what maintains our Constitutional order. Not having “line item veto” before a law is passed he simply does not enforce the law after it is passed by the people’s body. Not having the authority to release terrorists he simply does it because he knows Congress has no will to check him. Who really is to blame here? If half of your family made the decision to bring a cobra into your home and just a few members had the power to defang it– on whom do you put the blame? How can you blame the cobra– he is doing just what he does naturally. Those who have the power to defang him to protect the house are the ones I hold responsible.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, what a wuss.

    • Anonymous

      Judas, what wuss.

  • Anonymous

    This girly-man needs Hans and Franz to “PUMP” him up.

    • Tony Cavicchia

      No Hope Brother

    • sbut01

      Google him throwing out the first pitch at baseball games. He throws like a girl. It’s hilarious.

      • texastruthtweet

        I saw that one! LOL!! I’m no athlete, but I could do better!

        • sbut01

          My 74 year old mom could do better

      • Gloria

        Excuse me!!! Not even girls throw that way. PLEASE don’t insult girls!!!

        • Anonymous

          I don’t believe Hillary would have a hard time throwing that pitch through the hand of the pitcher and say “who cares and what does it matter now”.

          • Chuck Bump

            I guess you missed the video of her reacting at the shoe thrown at her.

        • Anonymous

          But “little” girls do throw that way at first—a 50+ MALE–not so much–he is just BAD AND PHONY AT EVERYTHING HE DOES!

  • Anonymous

    Is he really straining to wing those 5 lb weights?

    • Anonymous

      Same way he “throws a baseball….like a Wuss.”

      • Anonymous

        Or shoots a gun.

      • Robert Harris

        It’s the exact same way he treats everything. Weak and half hearted. If you look really closely you can the red line he drew daring the weights to be heavy, and if they were he was not going to lift them.

        • Tim

          Bin Laden, Beaatch.

          • Robert Harris

            Oh snap i was unaware that Obama was a Navy Seal. My bad.

    • Anonymous

      I betcha …Palin flex’s the 10lb weights

      • Anonymous

        I betcha Palin beats him at one-on-one in round ball!!

        “You betcha.”

        “I don’t think victory should be an option.”
        –Girly girl in our WH now.

        • jonsen

          No doubt in my mind she would beat him one on one in basketball, and lap him at least two times in a two mile run on the track. I bet her pitch would make it all the way to home plate as well.

        • sbut01

          She could kick his ass in about 4 seconds too.

    • Glennfriend67

      Pathetic, isn’t it? I’m crippled and out of shape, and I could do a better job. He’s not even doing it the correct way. He will wind up tearing muscle or tendon. Oh, no! He puwwed a muscle! Poor puddy tat! (emphasis on sarcasm)

  • JohnWolf

    BS, this was staged for the Obama supporter,

    They are trying to make him appear less wimpy.

    • Anonymous

      And failing miserably.

    • Anonymous

      Well they missed the mark, LOL!

    • Anonymous

      You mean they did this on purpose?? Who hates him that much?

    • Anonymous

      He did seem to be smiling at the camera at a few points in the video. Don’t know for sure that he knew it was there, but it did look like he was aware of it.

  • Ominous Prime

    Look at that body…look at the body…he works out!

    • Anonymous


  • livefreeordiehard

    He is weak like little girl. -Putin

  • JohnWolf

    save the country

    • silentnomore

      Take nothing for granted! Need massive turnout cuz if close Dems will steal another election with lax voter ID laws, dead voters etc..Time to hit the “flea” with a “hammer”!

      • Anonymous

        got that right

    • Bladerunner9

      Yes! Save the country by voting for anyone who agrees with you.You would have made a wonderful Italian citizen in 1929.

      • Dale Waning

        And you vote for people who don’t agree with you? How is that working out for you?

      • fmcconnel

        Let’s start with these few options
        1. Put God back in our schools and take the schools our of Federal Gov. hands
        2. Stop MURDERING unborn babies (for you who want choice go to
        Medline Plus) see what you are choosing to murder
        3. Stop borrowing and spending money WE BORROW from our enemies
        4 Declare marriage as God made it to be, between a man and women

    • Nanette Jones

      You have to understand that it is not just Democrats, it is the infiltration of the Progressives into the Democratic Party … and subsequently the infiltration of the Progressives into the Republican Party as well. Voting out the Democrats will not stop the uber liberal Republicans like John McCain and John Boehner, Lamar Alexander, Mitch McConnell, etc., etc. and so forth. We must vote out all who do not have and hold a true moral obligation to uphold the office they seek. We must vote into office those who will uphold the constitution and who will work to overturn laws and regulations that bind us and take away our Freedom.

      • fmcconnel

        Let’s get rid of the commie’s FIRST and Do not be fooled by Billary and her war on woman crap

    • David Grim Wisner

      there are no democrats, only communists

  • JohnWolf

    Obama et al., most corrupt administration ever

    • Tom

      Actually, Grant’s administration was almost as corrupt. But then, Grant didn’t have a political schooling in Chicago.

  • JohnWolf

    Obama lied

    Americans died

    Fast and Furious

  • Anonymous

    Now I know where my four year old daughter’s weights for her Barbie Home Gym got off to!

  • Nathan Saylor

    Admit it: Almost all of us look that stupid at the gym.

    • Pam Dunn

      Speak for yourself idiot.

  • Kellie Alexander

    the music you added is priceless!

  • Anonymous

    My opinion of this man is fading fast with every strike he makes against our once great country. I can’t believe this man has gotten by with as much crap without an uprising from people who give a damn about America. What kind of wake-up call do we need to see something is not right with him and what he does? If this nation falls, it will not be because there was no evidence of foul play. It will be because we are walking zombies and asleep at the switch. You know like Hilter totally taking over Germany during WW II, and no one paid much attention and no one fought back. When stuff happens and no one acts, we deserve what we get.

    • Anonymous

      exactly, Germans went on about their lives while Hitler was taking all of them for the nastiest ride of their lives

      • Anonymous

        OB is sitting and fiddling while Rome is burning! This is entirely about his AGENDA to take this country down! Wake up folks. Write to your congressmen and senators, spread the word from the mountain tops. Go to Town Hall Meetings.

        Lord love Paul Ryan. I wrote comments about what is happening in this country, and he called me personally. That man is rated tops in my book. Plus he or his assistant answers every letter I have written and he will give his personal opinion on the subject and what he is doing about it. He would have made a wonderful Vice President or President someday. Keep up the good fight. As citizens, we need to stay in the game and fight and fight to win. Be part of the solution; not the problem.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly Old Glory. Sadly 50% of American citizenry dont give a darn about what happens with their governent.They dont realize that the collapse will hurt THEM too! ????
      good GOD how frustrating!

    • Anonymous

      Harry Reid controls the votes in the Senate. The Senate Dems outnumber the Senate Repub. and then there are the RINOs.

  • JohnWolf

    All of this is BS. They keep showing him with women. What a joke.

    All of this is staged.

  • Anonymous

    This looks like a much younger Obama…not even any gray hair…I’m dubious…

    • Anonymous

      You mean he was this pathetic when he was younger??

      • Anonymous

        He may not have been younger…he just looked it to me. At any rate, BUFF, he is not! 😀

    • averagejoseph

      Whooooaaaa. You mean this is a FAKED shot of a YOUNGER Obama??? He’s SCRAWNIER NOW??? My god, he must be getting wheeled into the gym in a bucket these days! Moochelle must have 90 pounds on him! And THIS is the guy we have to intimidate KGB Russian Bear Putin?????

  • jyrine


  • Anonymous

    He’s no Rocky Balboa, that’s for sure!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, more like Rocky the squirrel. But not as bright as Bullwinkle.

    • Anonymous

      He would have to improve to be the flea on Rocky’s dog’s rear end.

  • Wulf

    Yeah, this video was an “accident”. C’mon guys, I’m sure this was staged by the Obama admin. After all this time, how can Stu and Pat be this naive?

  • barb patton

    ROFLMFAO – at 73 I can do better than that!!!!!

    • Nadine Faber

      Me too. I haven’t done a lot in the gym lately, but I didn’t see him really sweat. He looked like he just did a little here and a little there, no real work out at all. It takes me 20-30 minutes to work up a sweat, but I am in good condition for an “old lady” or “grandma” the kids call me at school. I hope this person doesn’t get found out. The video is quit funny and sad too.

      • Doris

        That’s how he runs the country, Nadine: .. . a little here and a little there, no real work . . .

  • JohnWolf

    If this were a Republican President; the Republicans, the Media, and the Democrats would have supported/demanded impeachment, a long time ago.

    But since he is the first black president, no one holds him accountable for anything.

    What a disaster.

    • Tom

      Behold! America’s first Affirmative Action president.

      • Anonymous

        If he did 3 curls with 5 pound dumbbells would affirmative action kick it up to 50?

    • S Robeal

      I’m not too fond of his white side either, both sides are equally bad.

    • Anonymous

      Your right I am sick and tired of the president, his wife and the whizzes constantly playing this racist card. We need to inform ourselves on who we elect to the presidency and stop using the PARTY CARD…if we don’t know yet that they are ALL taking care of themselves by now somebody better get a shovel and bury us all. I never felt that we had anything worthwhile to vote for back 5 yrs. ago and I went with the third party actually throwing away my vote. Now I am reading up on Dr. Carson amongst others. Please let us not repeat history…we need to learn from history. Let it not be too late as it was in Germany.

      • JohnWolf

        Excellent Post

      • Charlie

        Playing the Hitler card, means that you have lost the argument…what makes you think that Obama is a Hitler? Don’t you realize that, whenever the President of a given political party is in office, the media tends to favor his party? For instance, during the 1980’s, most of Ronald Reagans mistakes were glossed over, because the media was predominantly Conservative, while in the 1990’s, NAFTA, which should have been an impeachable offense, was largely ignored by the media, because the media was predominantly Liberal…America will never become a dictatorial state, simply because both parties keep the “cows on the pasture” fat enough, for them not to revolt…

        • Glennfriend67

          I don’t know what planet you’ve been living on, but we have already BECOME a dictatorial state. We have a man who breaks Constitutional law right and left and does as he pleases with absolutely no regard for ANYONE.(Does the Bergdahl incident ring a bell?) What about that bakery in CO, where the employees must go to a Reeducation Camp, in order to be able to cater to the Gay Mafia, never mind that THEIR First Amendment Rights are being trampled upon. Our own government spies on its people on a daily basis for no reason whatsoever, except to find our if we are dissenting against our “Furher,” thus trampling upon the Fourth Amendment. Common Core is designed to make proper little drones of our children so that they will obey the government. If the government doesn’t like how you go about getting medical care for your child, they’ll take your child away, and perform Mengele-style experiments on them. Don’t believe me? Ask the Pelletiers, who are still fighting after a year and a half to get their daughter Justina back. And they’re not the only ones. Seig heil!

      • Anonymous

        Hitler LIED to the German people too just like EVERYTHING this foreign–illegitimate–mulatto–communists–socialist Marxist Muslim had done to the American people! Yes–if we don’t learn from history we are bound to repeat it–especially the bad part!
        With this last coup–the releasing 5 top Taliban commanders–for any reason is the last straw!! We the People need to stand up and loudly say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and have this SOB arrested!

    • Anonymous

      But he ain’t just black–I’m ashamed to say that he’s a mulatto–half black–half white! When I criticize him—which is very often–I’m criticizing his WHITE HALF so I’m NOT being racist at all!

      • Jenn

        just call him a “ZEBRA”…

    • bumpkin

      Wait, -wait, wait, wait, WAIT! I do! I (where is my UNDERLINE button???) I (eye) HOLD HIM personally accountable, and he will pay for everything he has done to try to destroy America. My wonderful GOD and my fellow patriots will see to that. For all its faults, we used to have a GOOD country. Now, we have a hellish hole that needs plugged. The water is flowing out fast. Alas. I am unable to do it on my own, but I spend my precious hours HERE and on other websites crying out the truth, crying out to warn, bravely voicing my opinion so that others might be strengthened- after all, if a little old lady can manage to stick her neck out there for the government to stab their pitchforks into, surely someone who is not crippled could do a BIT more??? Do you think that I LIKE sitting here wasting my day away to cry the alarm? Dont you think I KNOW that I am painting a target upon my own head by even so much as saying that Obama is nothing more than salt pork? Bad for you and full of poison? And you dont think that is brave, or is doing anything about him? I am doing more than I feel safe doing, by even drawing attention to myself. I have never in my life been so bold nor so socially integrated. I prefer my solitude. Until Obama. But, I want him accountable, so I scream it to the rooftops! He will be held accountable. You watch. At one point, the man will have some black person murdered, and he will no longer be the darling of the black voters, or of the liberals. (and the fool isn’t even black! He is not black until you get clear back to his grandma, -IF he is even telling the truth about her! He willl shoot himself in the foot. Stupid people always do. And this man is not bright, soits a given. The county came and GPS’d my house recently, and the neighbors’ houses. Yep. I am a target. dont think for one minute the bullsquat they tried to feed me about it that they needed to in case there was a fire even held water, because if there was a fire, they would see smoke and would not need my GPS co-ordinates to find me. So, if I die trying to protect my country for my grandchildren then so be it. maybe Zero will have some pimply-faced kid shoot me with a drone in my little house. I wont be the first person to die for my country. But so long as I have another breath in me, Obama will be held accountable for his evil, as will Holder, both the nasty Clintons, the nasty Janet Napolitano, and all the rest who are trying to destroy our Nation so they can install their stupid (and stupidly-thought-out) New World Order. – which brings me to a question: How can ONE city contain such a huge percentage of idiots? Washington Dumb Clods… Its contagious there!

  • Anonymous

    I feel like Hercules compared to that h o m o. Heck, even gay men are at least fit and can handle a few dumb bells. [pun intended]

    btw, Bush would clean his clock as he could bike ride like most people drink water.

  • JohnWolf

    If Hillary and Michelle run in 2016, I will be called a “racist” and a “sexist.”

    • Anonymous

      Same here John Wolf!

    • Anonymous

      Me too! Cause these girls are just biding their time to put the last nail in the coffin…and Pelosi will be there holding the nail and burping from the last baby she swallowed talk about the devil going to Catholic Church…uukkk

  • Anonymous

    Come on. Lighten up. Now, you have to really give him a break. Even if this is faked.

  • JohnWolf

    Hey, give Obama a break.

    He must be legitimate.

    He has four different birth certificates and three different social security numbers to prove it.

    • Anonymous

      I am rolling in laughter because those who voted for him have swallowed the canary whole…it is white, it is black and it is yellow.

  • defiant1

    So pathetic!

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, a just thought of the start of a great joke … a black guy, with scrawny, chicken arms walks into a polish gym…

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t a laxative been easier??

    • LEL

      Doubt it. I think this ummmmmm man would probably break eye vessels doing that.

      • Anonymous

        Good one!

  • JohnWolf

    This is BS. Remember, when Bill and Hillary were “caught” dancing on the beach.

  • Tony Cavicchia

    He’s pumping up for that 15 MPH rifle fast ball.

  • Anonymous

    My 79 year old mom and 81 year old dad go to the gym everyday, and I think they would tell him to get the lead out and quit looking like a middle aged woman on her first outing to the gym.

    Hey Prezbo, just call room service and have them to bring a box of Ho-Ho’s to your room and watch some old reruns of “Faulty Towers.” You’re making our muscular nation look girly.

  • Infiltrator

    Let me make this clear, I DO NOT like the Obama Administration nor the guy. That being said I firmly believe this is a made up video! Come on FOX, I’m your loyal fan but you got doctors at this subject, you know this is not true! But hey people believe what they want to believe. Watchers look at the video and use common sense, just do that, put your minds to work! Don’t let hate blind you! He is the worst leaders if all and he might not have a great fitness but this video IS made up! Glenn, Fox bad bad bad

    • Anonymous

      How is this ‘made up’??

    • Alan Jones

      What are you talking about? I don’t believe this is a FOX video, so why are you bringing up Fox? Loyal fan? Yeah right! Troll!

    • Anonymous

      Looks like a good night for trolling eh? Obamabot!

  • Anonymous

    I feel there should be limit to how much people can pry. I think we should keep the criticism about Obama in important questions and let him be when it is unimportant otherwise it is just a noise and nobody takes opposition seriously.

  • Sam

    What a wimp!

  • Anonymous

    Please, I workout harder and I’m over 70.

  • JohnWolf

    This is about as fake, as Obama talking with women.

    All staged. For the masses of useful idiots.


    He needs to do a couple lines of Larry Sinclair’s butt cheeks to pump him up.

  • Anonymous

    That is pathetic! But I understand he knows carrot-tea!

    I’m just wondering if he actually has someone that takes these videos as a means to make him look even more ridiculous than he normally appears. After all someone had to work pretty hard to make that obviously faked birth certificate he displayed on the White House website. Even my three year old grandson could have done a better job of it.

    I think this is all a big joke foisted on the American people to prove just how gullible the American voter is. No one can be as stupid as this guy and still take nourishment without outside assistance.

    Anyone out there that believes this video was made secretly is really in need of a brain transplant. It was taken with his full knowledge in an attempt to make him look like a real man. OOPS! Failed again!

    • Anonymous

      >>No one can be as stupid as this guy and still take nourishment without outside assistance.

      You oughta be ashamed of yourself!! I just passed an entire cheese sandwich up through my nose laughing at that one. Now I’m going to have to get debriefed by a priest or something ’cause it’s probably a miracle.

      “I don’t necessarily think that victory should be an option.”

      • Anonymous

        Now you have me rolling on the floor laughing

    • blackconservativesister

      LOL to the nourishment comment! If Obama were a white man and ran this country into the ground like he did during his first term, he would have never been elected to a second term. They continue to make sure that anything negative said about him is somethin racist. Now with Hilliary “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE” Rodham Clinton is gearing up to run for president, the montra will be that anyone who says something about her will be sexist.

      • Anonymous

        You seem to have an excellent grasp of the situation Sister!

  • Luke Matthews

    Is that Russian for Revolution in the background? Where is this…?

  • Anonymous

    This is just SAD. He’s such a freaking girl. He should’ve stuck with hanging curtains!

  • Gold Stars

    That is one of the most pathetic workouts I have seen in years!
    We used to own a fitness center and even the out of shape newbies did better than Obama!
    He has the elliptical set for a very short stroke, the mark of a very out of shape novice, with basically no experience on an elliptical.
    He is cruising the weights to find something light enough, once again the sign of a newbie, with very little to no experience.
    His form is beyond awful, but then I doubt anyone has the balls to correct him in his workout either!
    Overall, my short, older, overweight wife does a better workout, with heavier weights than this bozo! Kind of sad really. :(
    Want to feel better, watch any of Bush’s, either one, or Reagan’s workouts. Obvious that both of them devoted some time and attention to staying in shape! :)
    But then the poor quality of his workout is most likely Bush’s fault.
    Heck, I am pretty sure Barbara could whoop on Obama, workout wise, well really just in general she is a better person than Obama!!!

  • rickc

    This is a joke right, what was he doing looking for the lightest dumbbells. I am sorry but this is embarrassing.Putin must be laughing himself unconscious after seeing this.

  • Vinchenz

    It’s painful to watch – this wasn’t a breach in security – he wanted this to be shown – the guy isn’t all there.

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    The power of estrogen!

  • Patricia McGehee

    He’s the dorkiest AH I’ve ever seen.

  • arn

    Michelle must be so proud.

  • Anonymous

    I think we can all agree that ‘Pumping Iron 2′ will NOT be made anytime soon!

  • rbblum

    An ideological nerd that pales in comparison to Putin (in the gym) . . . just sayin.

  • Anonymous


  • Geo

    Talk about a national embarrassment. Hopefully Putin hurt himself laughing too hard.

  • Anonymous

    I did look a bit like a ‘girly’ work out.
    One would also have to wonder just ‘how secure’ the secret service wants this president (with a small p) to be, considering the security breach involving the interpreter at the Nelson Mandela funeral.
    Could they dislike him as much as the rest of the WORLD???

    • Gold Stars


  • Anonymous

    I seriously doubt that was him. If it were; he is more pathetic, than ever. Or, if It is him; it was yet another poorly staged photo op!!

  • hmmmmm

    He is PATHETIC!

  • Kathleen Pratt Cox

    Hey guys.. MAYBE JUST MAYBE the guy in the blue IS SECRET SERVICE – DUH!!

  • Anonymous

    you’re right what a girlie boy weakling, making, America a weakling, well actually, he is a spoiled child that has gotten anything he’s ever wanted…islam has one of their own in the whitehouse, and puppetmaster george soros is paving the way for his dictatorship of the “citizens of the world!” mr narcisisist-celebrity-in-chief of the dream utopia New WorldOrder OneWorldGovernment-islam caliphate!

  • Anonymous

    Too bad that when he was yawning one of those flies he seems to attract didn’t fly in. Ever notice how flies are attracted to all kinds of feces?

    • Anonymous

      yes so true. ever since he entered whitehouse flies locusts bees rats follow him from the gutter gang unions of the ‘hood!

  • vigilant2012

    We have the first African American and Female President, who knew?

    • BC

      Correction: Clinton was the first black president. Obama is the first female president.

  • Moira

    Yesterday I was a election official at a local precinct. Our precinct had a total of 1,328 registered voters. this was for a primary ..which sets up who you can vote for or who or what will be on the ballot in November. 98 people showed up to vote. So complain all you want .. if you are not part of the process.. you are just a sheep bleating in the field waiting to be turned into stew..

    Obama breaks the law, negotiates with terrorists.. does not even inform congress. believes he is the law.. and all we get from the citizens is these stupid comments..

    the dems do not want a pipeline, they do not want to encourage drilling or exploration, they do not want nuclear power, they do not want existing coal plants and coal mines and the thousands of jobs these industries represent to exist.. enjoy sheep..

    Obama rams this down our throat and the cost is very very high because the end game was never about covering 20 or 25 million uninsured – it was about taking control of the medical field to the point that we will end up with universal national health care.. all cheer here.. it will be just a good as the VA system.. buckle up.

    All this continues and all we get is these continuing stupid comments from the citizens

  • Anonymous

    Don’t swing those weights up Mr. Obama…you will just hurt your shoulders and elbows and won’t gain anything!

  • Infiltrator

    Alan, whats the name of this website? For whom dies he work? But don’t worry like I said people can believe what they want to believe, and what’s that? The principle of marketing. Now carry on but I will not get into the fanatic back and forward discussion. I just say what Zi know! Good day!

  • Dennis Lane Rijkstra

    Does 0bama think he’s Superman? What if that camera had been a gun!

  • PaC SGM (R)

    Not really showing much here other then a middle age man trying to workout and not knowing how to do it, millions of guys like that around the world, no reason to throw stones at the man.

  • ScaryLogic

    Yes, Obama’s weight lifting abilities is directly related to his ability to lead. These comments are better than comedy central.

  • Don AKA Big Papa

    Piss ant

  • Commenter

    What a joke!! LOL!

  • BC

    Lighten up, everybody!
    Obama just found out about all those heavy weights downstairs in the hotel gym, on the news that very morning. Same way everybody else did. And, boy is he PISSED about it. Just watch for the “First Grimace” at 0:34 and again at 1:11.
    I say it was staged.
    No way the Secret Service allows *anyone* else to work out with free weights only three feet away from POTUS. Sorry. Not buying it.
    At the very end of the video, the side of the face of the “undercover videographer” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) can be seen for a second. Time for the NSA to use their face recognition software to locate the offending hotel guest. Compare that to the passport photos of all hotel guests (and WH staffers) collected by the Secret Service prior to POTUS entering the building and VOILA!, mystery solved.
    Sad how low this WH will stoop to try to get an ounce of positive spin to keep the great unwashed low information voters (read: Obama supporters) fed.
    Say, do Obama phones come with cameras?
    Just sayin’

    • Bruce Terry

      I totally agree with you!

  • Judy

    Looks like a ballet dancer, to me!

  • BC

    Surely His Lordship “has people” to lift all those heavy weights for him. And little angels come down from heaven above to wipe away the tiniest droplet of sweat.

  • Anita

    What are those little 20 lb. weights? Puzzy boy needs moochia to show him how to act like a strong man.

  • bokang maphben

    the guy should learn from putin

    • BC

      Sure I’d have to pick myself up off the floor the first time I saw a pic of a shirtless Obama. LOL

  • Edie Nichols

    Maybe he and the wifey (or should I say woofey) have a little competition going on…….I’d bet she can out lift him!

    • Anonymous

      She probably outweighs him by 50lbs.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Compare this to President Bush’s ANNUAL 100 mile mountain bike ride w/Wounded Warriors. How pathetic but I have to give dude credit for at least trying to workout.

    • Anonymous

      Howcumzit that we’ve never actually seen that h o m o ever even shoot hoops??? I betcha Palin would drop that girly girl like a bad habit.

      “You betcha.”
      –Palin – a former round-ball champion and Governor of the largest state in America.

      “I think victory shouldn’t necessarily be an option.”
      –O’Lame-o – a community agitator disguised as the President.

  • Don

    well at least he is in the gym. I expected to see him in a Richard Simmons outfit..

    • Anonymous

      Too frail

  • Lee in Phoenix

    Perhaps the stories of his great strength and fitness are as exaggerated as the stories of his great intelligence

  • Tom

    Blame it on Bush! I don’t know how, but Obama and his guys are plenty slippery they can come up with a way to blame George Bush for it.

  • Matthew Brown

    Half reps don’t count Mr. President!!!

  • Anonymous

    Listening to “I Feel Pretty.”

  • Anonymous

    Put Obama in a jail cell with BUBBA so BUBBA can get a work out too

  • huy ton

    The real Obama without a teleprompter.

  • Mike Barnes

    Be careful of those 5 lb’ers, tiger! And my mom shoulder presses more than 10’s.

  • NHBound

    How embarrassing . . .he’s not breathing correctly which means he’s never had a trainer . . .he’s holding his breath (a big no-no) . . .his wife has bigger biceps than he does . . .

  • sbut01

    I think he’s part girl.

  • UniqueSnowFlake

    not worth covering… just re-enforces republican stereotypes by calling weak and making fun. I don’t want some “douchey” Pres. that’s in there pounding 100lb dumbbells either! A pres. that has endurance to ride 100mi on a mountain bike is impressive.

  • pete mahoney

    no wonder they always remark about michelles arms, when she stands next to twig man! nyuk-nyuk

  • dennis reilly

    pathetic workout period.

  • Fco-James Garcia

    LOL all this hate…I wanna see what John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Hilary Clinton do at the gym XD

    • Anonymous

      Obama tries to appear as athletic. And he is horrible at all of them. Most of his athletics is smoking and partying with the Hollywood crowd. I read he was a benchwarmer at basketball in Hawaii at school.

  • Leigh Rich

    Impeach obama

  • csledbetter

    The real story here is the security breach, not the skinny guy trying to work out in a fancy hotel gym. It does not do any good to criticize Obama about things that do not matter in his job performance. That is what the junior high mean girls would do. There are so many legitimate reasons to criticize this inept community organizer that I hate to see digital space wasted on Facebook videos like this. I don’t care if he uses puny weights in his workout. I care if he violates the Constitution with his executive orders. A pen is much lighter than any of these weights, and he wields a pen as if he is the Hulk. Please, Pat, Stu, and Jeffy, get back on point.

  • Jo Anymouse

    This was intentionally leaked!!!
    Unless of course, the Polish girls were working on the Secret Services’ members or as regionally known as ‘kielbasas’.
    POTUS is disgracing people that actually try to keep fit. He should take his wife’s advice !!!!

  • Anonymous

    That was funny. haha!

  • C Bauer

    LOL! Were those 5# dumbbells? I noticed he put the larger ones away. He’s the most effeminate president we’ve ever had. No wonder he throws like a girl. He’s doing Curves workouts, for corn’s sake.

  • heynorm48

    Pumping iron, my a**! More like Mr. Milquetoast straining to lift balsa wood.

  • Moshe Levy

    Dear American friends, please do not laugh at your president, he is the most powerful man on this earth as long as he is the president of the USA. He does not need real muscles, just a hand signature or verbal command to shake this world.
    He is a Muslim, and is committed (as a good Muslim) to destroy the “Big Satan”.
    But as the Muslims can not destroy you nor us militarily, they visioned a plane to kill you from within using a Muslim president if they could come up with one.
    Muslim? go to you tube, and search for: “Urgent warning for Israel in 2014″ and watch 3 minutes (01.00 to 04.00) and see and here him say “my Muslim faith”
    Well, they succeeded to choose one that made it all the way and you are stuck with him and you almost can not overthrow him unless he does huge mistake.
    What will kill the US from within? Killing the US $ will do the job and that’s were he is heading. (It will also greatly shrunk the astronomical US deficit)
    The countries that will hold US $ will loose enormous amount of their investments.
    No room here to give you all the details, search for it on the web and find out for yourself. When the “Big Satan” will be on its knees, the small Satan meaning Israel will be exposed (so they think) to their strike so look for the Gog and Magog war that will happen within 18 month.

  • Jason Story

    It is very pathetic and childish to make fun of anyone for this reason. Glenn Beck, you disappoint me, i would expect you to show more maturity and class with the videos you post. You might as well go to high school while acting this way.

    • Anonymous

      I have to say once in a while we all need a laugh in these serious times. And it is on every conservative website in case you didn’t know.

  • Moshe Levy

    By the way Glenn, I met you on Fox News, fell in love with you after 1 minute and watched you every night (in Israel). I am so frustrated that I can not watch you now.
    Be well my friend and do well.
    Best wishes
    Moshe Levy

  • Val

    Obama the Traitor, I hate EVERYTHING about him. !!

  • capa760

    Our US Bank Account is overdrawn, due to Obama and the Congress, so why is He still flying Air Force One and Two, with a battalion of secret service-when He should be using electronic video equipment conferencing, and doing exercises in DC??
    This is a foreign student making up his own job descriptions, playing make believe President of the USA, in a very bad performance, and disobeying all of the rules and regulations. Allowing unsecured borders, allowing border jumpers from all countries,
    criminals, terrorists, releasing prisoners from jails, lying about deportation OUT of the US, releasing Gitmo Terrorists to the world instead of the United Nations International Court and is still calling for an Amnesty for all illegals, instead of using our US Dept. of
    Immigration Laws, quota per year, and selective thorough screening, AGAINST the wishes of 68% of the legal American voters. or more. America does NOT endorse the
    $564 Billion/ yearly costs for the US Taxpayers. Green Cards only. Trade Our US
    MARINE in Mexico Prison unjustly, back to the USA, in EXCHANGE for prisoners.

    • Anonymous

      Makes you feel kind of vulnerable, doesn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    Some way, somehow, it’s Bush’s fault.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, Pat and Stu remind me of “mean girls” So childish. Grow up

  • BC

    So hysterical I had to watch again.
    I concur with Stu and Pat that Mr. Blue Shirt sitting on the bench at 0:24 was videoing into a mirror. At 1:20 his blue collar is again visible. Just search WH staffers luggage to find the blue T-shirt. There’s your culprit. Bettin’ it’s Jay Carney.
    Worst of Obama’s legacy: The Allman Brothers are breaking up. ;-(

  • Anonymous

    Something I’ve never seen before, no biceps. Upper arm same dimensions as his forearm. We have as Commander in Chief hands down winner “wuss of the year”. He’s fortunate the 5 lb weights didn’t cause a compound fracture.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why he had on a warmup suit. People don’t work out in all that.
      Photo op IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is portrayed as being so athletictime and ‘cool’ all the , but this is the silliest and most half hearted workout imaginable. No wonder he throws the baseball like a girl. ‘Pump that iron! Sorta.. A coupla times.’ It was no mistake that he looked like a girly man on his bike with his little helmet on; no mistake at all.

  • Pat Fucile

    He’s using Grannie weights! And he’s not even doing it right then! ROFLMAO

  • GinnyLee

    I want to know what he’s wearing. Is that his jammies?

  • Brian Baty

    Weak lol

  • Ian S. –

    It was setup, he’s attempting to be like Putin. *Strong Like Bull*

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    There is an expose here. Remember when Reggie Love was supposed to be his trainer? Well what the ef were they doing when Reggie was supposed to be training him because Obama is acting like a kid who has never been in a gym before.

  • Anonymous

    He even works out like a sissy, if can call that a workout.

  • Semprasectum

    He’s a sissy. .. just embarrassing

  • Anonymous

    what a wuss.

  • Anonymous

    How on earth did such an imbecile ever become president of the US? We have become half a ‘dumbed down’ nation. Wake up, the other half, in November!

  • zrevtom

    The only this person is capable of lifting is the Burger King hamburgers he sneaks out so Moochele does not see him, other than that he keeps his head up his butt so he doesn’t see how he has destroyed the morals, the finances, the security, the law of our once great country, or is this what he really wants. Once a Muslim always a Muslim, it is Sharia Law UNLESS you are helping to destroy their enemies like Hussein Obama is doing

  • JRossi3

    “In the workout video, it appears as though the President might be struggling a bit through the weight lifting.”

    Isnt that kind of the point?

    • Anonymous

      The point is IF someone could film him they surely could have shot him if they had a gun instead of a camera. Did he duck security for a little work out or a little down low time or was security asleep at the wheel?
      The whole world knows he’s a lazy weakling, just a little more proof of the yawner in chief.

      • JRossi3

        I failed to isolate the referenced sentence from the article well enough for you?

  • Anonymous

    If Obama spends all this time working out, when does he take the time to lead the country? Oh, right. He doesn’t.

  • Doris

    My “Chair Yoga for Seniors” ‘workouts’ are more demanding (I’m 68).

  • Anonymous

    I could care less what he does anymore. The only thing I want is for him to vanish forever. He’s a total disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    Amazes me that he actually got in a workout between golf games. At the gym I go to, we have little pink dumbbells for little weenies like him. I’m 66 going on 67 and have had bypass surgery. I take nitro every day. My workouts are much tougher than his AND I have more muscle mass. Look at him! Is it any wonder why no one respects our country?

  • Anonymous

    Pathetic, at best.

  • Anonymous

    This whole thing cries out for a Polish joke.

  • Von Arney

    I think he done some dis-speakable thing to this country and it’s people. But what I see here seems like a good workout for someone on the road and between golf rounds.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have the stomach to watch the clip above right now, but if it’s anything like it sounds in the story, it’s unbelievably sad. I’m tempted to stoop to the level of Beck and his flunkies but i’ll resist the temptation and just say this to them — guys, if you are feeling the need to mock somebody for lack of athletic prowess, perhaps you might want to take a look at your doughboy selves in the mirror first.

    • Anonymous

      Well, Stu does talk about weight…Jeffys, constantly. I believe Jeffy is such a kind hearted man and it really gets old. I can’t figure out why Stu is relentless. Stu is in his late 30’s and Jeffy is a lot older. Stu’s day is coming. But the point is, it’s so Juvenile like a junior high bully. I really am surprised that Glenn tolerates it. I have no respect for Stu. He really contributes very little. He needs to get off the video games and movies and try reading. It’s evident he doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Not Arnold Schwarzenegger but Arnold might say “Girlie man attempting a workout.”

  • jk911

    well, that footage was grainy, it looked like Steve Erkle to me. “Did I do that?”

  • Anonymous

    Wow…he looks like a dope!

  • VoteRepub

    He does look like a girly man…but he’s definitely more fitter than any of us fat conservatives. We have to be the fattest party in government. I mean look at Beck and Rush. Shame on us. Obama is probably more fit than 95% of people commenting on this. At least he’s working out besides just sitting on his fat butt like all of us are, making fun of him on here in front of our computers.

  • VoteRepub

    Lol! Look at that girly man… But he’s definitely more fit than any of us on here commenting on this, making fun of him. Most of us probably don’t even workout. We need to encourage our Republican party to start getting fit!

  • Anonymous

    At this point in my life I believe we need to look and scrutinize all of these elected officials. Implement a term limit so they do not become fixtures to the point they are dictators with a bunch of slaves, instead of representing the people. I just hope it isn’t too late…my concern is that Hillary is waiting on the side lines to finish putting the nail on the coffin. I would like to know more of Dr. Carson’s belief in the constitution and the precepts our forefathers set in place “A Nation Under God”. Martin Luther King was a good man, this is why he no longer is…God Bless him. We need to look at the people who have been given tenures to the judicial office…they need to be scrutinized as well since it is not unlikely that they were put into that office by present and past presidents with personal agendas…rather than looking to do the will of the majority of the knowledgeable voters. Too many of us voters have never informed ourselves on who we were electing. Instead we went with party which was not always right by the people but setting up there personal agendas.

  • Suni Godbold

    That was not obama. His ears were not big enough.

  • VoteRepub

    Vote out all DEMS! Republicans unite!

  • Anonymous

    WHAT A WIMP……for a terrorist…and he is

  • Noits Notmyrealname

    Hey.. cut it out.. How a man looks in a gym has nothing to do with how well he can run a country… well… usually anyway… sigh.. I think Hillary could lift more.. but then again.. she has more testosterone….

  • Nathan Beard

    I fully respect what yall do here at the Blaze, and I am in no way, shape, or form a supporter of Barack Obama. However, I wish yall would not have published anything about these pictures, including Pat & Stu poking fun at his workout. He is an American that deserves privacy just like you and I, and lifting “light” or “small” weights is nothing to poke fun at. In fact, people who lift the larger weights and have tacky form are the ones who should be critiqued.

    I lose respect for The Blaze when you stop being professional and respectful, just to attempt to be more of an entertainment news source. We have plenty of those out there.

    Much thanks,

    -Nathan Beard

    • mudslide

      You know what – you’re right.
      Except that this was put out all over the media. Not just here…
      If you really want to respect someone’s privacy, maybe stop reading articles about them.

      Half the BS we see about this buffoon is irrelevant in the first place, but the media continues to put it out there – then people whine about it afterwards.
      You know – great stories like what clothes they wear or one of their daughters getting a drivers license.

      Maybe address your concerns to the press – that is, if they can stop drooling long enough.

  • Anonymous

    Yes; I remember Ronald Reagan in his 70’s chopping firewood.

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually amazed that the guy was able to get video even while Obama was facing him. He’s like a ninja with his camera phone.

  • Anonymous

    I guess there were no golf courses that were willing to shut down a mile radius around it so he could play his nearly 250th round. So instead he went to “play” in the gym.

  • Anonymous

    I am 78. I have one prosthetic leg. I had polio in 1945 and am now afflicted with post polio syndrome in the other leg, I lost 25% of the spinal motor nerve capacity on my left side and the remaining nerves with deterioration from age no longer support much muscle. My left leg tires in a 100 yard walk.

    I can lift more weights with less effort than this wimp. I drink my beers and smoke my cigarettes and don’t have to breathe as hard as he does. In 1945 I was told I’d never walk, by 1968 I was a ski instructor. I no longer exercise the left side, it is counter indicated as the weakness is not lack of muscle tone but lack of nerve connections to support the muscle, and I can still lift more easily with my left arm that he was doing with effort.

    And this is a family that is telling us to stay in shape?

  • Anonymous

    From 01:47 to 01:59, does the face of the man in black trunks appear copied and pasted from elsewhere? Could it have been digitally-retouched by PHOTOSHOP?

  • Rick Tomei

    He looks strained working out with those 20 lb weights.

    • Anonymous

      Most people think they are 10lbs. He was yawning also. He’s not known for being an early riser. Lots of funny stuff about this on Breightbart.

  • Anonymous

    Hey looks more like the regular girl doing Jane Fonda.

  • Anonymous

    So someone sneaked a camera in and took photos of him. Does that mean his security is really weak and he is vulnerable to other kinds of dangerous things? That’s serious bro.

  • mudslide

    Hey now – one has to be in good shape to wield a pen and a phone!

  • Chuck Bump

    Video is now restricted

  • JohnWolf

    This is a media setup. This is similar to the Clintons dancing on the beach.

    The Democrats realize that Obama is a wimp. This is a PR stunt

    • art7

      Of course it is. Obama is a wuss.

  • KirkSuth

    This was not a leaked video. It was an intentional candid (fake) promo to show Obama being healthy and fit. Granted, his workout was the equivalent of a 3rd grade school-girl gym class, but you played right in to his plans by airing it on your show and website. This is Obama vs. Putin. Comical as that is.

  • E Faler

    You know, I’m not a fan of Obama. I STRONGLY dislike him. But I’ve got to say that I’m not sure this is something worth ridiculing him about. It bothers me that the media tries to paint him as much more athletic than he really is, but the fact that he’s not much of a fitness freak is not cause for me to dislike him even more than I already do. He’s a terrible president in so many areas, but I do not judge the ability of a president based on how much weight he can bench press. In fact, I’ve got to bring up the point, though grudgingly, that it’s obvious he doesn’t really want to be there, but he’s exercising anyway. Besides, what kind of stamina can be expected when he was a heavy smoker for 30 years! Let’s keep the focus of politics where it really matters.

    • Anonymous

      He still smokes, I’ve no doubt. People that stop smoking after years typically gain weight. He is thinner than ever. It was a photo op. People don’t work out in their warm up jacket. He does like to look cool. And he really doesn’t care about this country, our military, etc. he’s made that clear.

  • Native Pride 1973

    Ok wow. Has Glenn Beck really become TMZ?

  • Anonymous

    Working out with weights is a great method to work off anger, relieve depression, get out of yourself.

  • Anonymous

    What think all you — Work out for competition with meeting Putin?

  • Radiance Epica

    The video you are trying to watch is currently unavailable.

    Please try again later.

    Error code:

    Obama had NSA remove it?

  • ??whoreallycares??

    just a photo op…trying to show his manly side…FAIL…

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t know how to be president and he doesn’t know how to exercise!
    If he’s not embarrassed by his presidency he SHOULD be embarrassed about how he “works out”!!! Pumping iron! They’re probably aluminum. Light weight!

  • MarVista509

    Is the fairy taking a piss?
    They moan that no female was voted President,
    what do they call this girly “man” ?

  • fmcconnel

    So Obama and NSA have removed this video but I saw him on TV and Laughed until I fell over. My 6 year old grandson can lift heavier weights then him

  • Ann CuppyCake Corrado

    Obama makes Richard Simmons look like Vin Deisel

  • G26

    Patriots and Citizens: Slice through the illusions conjured up by clowns like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart:

  • Todd McCuistion

    I wish that guy in the blue shirt was an assassin

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